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Ken, I am Tammy Rushing Dunaway:

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Because you care more about people going through this than anyone I know

y…ou are  a personal Hero of mine.  🙄    

I was dying… I did not know anything at all about what was happening to me. I went         at least 6 times with tears rolling down my face begging for help. I was turned away.

Further into it when I knew what I was dealing with, I took the list of symptoms,      pictures of Stachybotrys from my house etc.

Preview YouTube video Stachybotrys in My Home: Now What?


I was thinking that doctors…. they will be able to know how to help me now.
Instead, I felt like they didn’t believe me. Nothing was done, no questions nothing just silence and moved on. In the third and final stage of Mycotoxicosis… I made one last try… I knew I was dying.
While at the Drs office I contracted Strep. SO I called them back… I was so sick,                but I felt like it was still thought to be my overactive imagination.
It is a horrible thing to go through. Zero support, I could not find help.                                       I had family members who thought I was making it up too.
When I found your group, Just knowing someone out there cared and I was not the only one kept me from totally falling into despair. May 2, God gave me divine intervention. I have improved to an almost normal life. I just have to detox, probiotics like you told me and a few supplements.
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MY Ionic Foot Detox is the bombdiggity. Some of us just don’t detox. I had fibromyalgia and other symptoms for years… it turns out it is because I’ve been toxic the whole time.       I apply Oregano Oil on bottom of feet every night! I use Frankincense. Drops under the tongue… plus B12 and I just get the GNC brand of probiotics.
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Another item one might want to consider is testing
How does the ERMI mold test work?  What will the results tell you about the safety of          your environment?  We offer helpful information for determining your next step when toxic mold is suspected in your home, school, or workplace.
Ken my whole Life has been of a survivor that’s all I know,
this is my story and I’m gonna be honest. ♥️🙏♥️
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I started this music thing at the age of 4. It is all I’ve ever known or done.
When I reached my 20s, I was beating my head against the wall trying to “make it”….
I did not know God at the time but it was so hard I got frustrated and began to be angry with Him … because I had given my life…. and I could not get any help…  So I moved to Nashville in 1989 and became the “starving musician”. Fail… fail…  wound up coming        full circle.
There is a lot more to this story….. but it will have to be in a book 😜
Because of that pursuit of a dream for so many years and so many disappointments. So many bands, contests, more banging my head against the wall, tears, downward spiral…and the mess it brought into my life…. in 1992 I gave up. I was spent and empty and lost.
SO I went into a bathroom with a loaded gun. I was done. But at that moment God spoke to my thoughts… He said ” If you are really done with that life, why don’t you give it to me.”

That was my turning point. I repented and turned my dream over to God. I meant business and I started getting rid of everything in my life that was not pleasing to Him. He knew the desires of my heart, but the only way that was acceptable to God was to let Him do it, or not do it. I just went back to the little things… faithful to church, faithful to use my talent in a small way, faithful in every thought and deed that I could be.

Little by little ….  as I walked with God,  He was faithful too.  It was a journey with lots of twists turns valleys and hills…. In 2002, now along with daughter and husband. A national network put our music on the air for the first time. The song was He Kissed My Heartache. It went straight to #1 on that network. We got picked up by a national distributor and then our product went in Christian bookstores nationwide.

Not for the sake of saying look at me, but I’m going to leave a look back at the LOOK AT WHAT GOD DID years…. This is the only way I know to tell someone how to have true success. The Bible says if you lose your life, then you will find it. The star belongs to Him. When you lay that at His feet, he does great things with your life, and the talent HE gave you….

This is my advice. Being honest, I do know people, but that door is sealed. Only God can open that door.  I just gave you the only key to it.   ♥️  After my dream died and I allowed Gods dream to be born in my life… here are some of the things… He did. It’s Proof that it works! The real blessings of life are people, family, friends, and our relationship with God. When God chooses to allow us to accomplish things in our lives, the key is HE always gets the glory.
 We could never do anything on our own apart from Jesus making it possible. Thanks to whoever was responsible for giving us these memories. Most are nominations, but to us that is a great honor. Thank you for these trophies Lord, but we lay them at your precious feet.
  If the source of my ambition is the treasure I obtain, If I measure my successes on a scale of earthly gain; If the focus of my vision is the status I attain, My accomplishments are worthless and my efforts are in vain.

So I lay aside these trophies to pursue a higher crown,
And should You choose somehow to use the life I willingly lay down;
I surrender all the triumph for it’s only by Your grace,
I relinquish all the glory, I surrender all the praise.

Writers: David Moffit and Reggie Hamm

2015 AGM Country Recorded Album of the Year “Church In The Kitchen”

2014 #1 Song Absolutely Gospel Church In The Kitchen

2013 Top 10 SN Didn’t I Walk On The Water
“Making three genre top seller lists at Amazon.com”

2012 “It’s A God Thing” Top 20 in national sales

2011 AGM Country Song of The Year​ When There’s No Hope, There Is Grace​​

2011 Nominated Song Of The Year Absolutley Gospel​​

2011 #1 Song Singing News Mag When There’s No Hope There is Grace​​

2011 #1 Song Absolutely Gospel When There’s No Hope There is Grace​

2007 Nominated Bluegrass/Country Album of the Year Sogospel News Awards

2005 Nominated Favorite Mixed Group Sogo

2005 Nominated Top 5 Sunrise Award Diamond Awards

2004 Nominated Favorite Alto Tammy Dunaway Sogo

2004 Nominated Favorite Soprano Kanah Dunaway Sogo

2004 Nominated Favorite Mixed Group Sogo

2004 Nominated SGMG New Artist of The Year

2004 Nominated Horizon Award/Diamond Award

2004 Top 5 Horizon Group Singing News

2004 Top 10 Horizon Individual Kanah Dunaway

2003 Nominated Album of The Year Sogospelnews Awards

2003 Nominated Country Bluegrass Song of The Year (Beautiful Day)                       Sogospel News Awards

2003 Nominated Country Bluegrass Album of The Year (Beautiful Day)                     Sogospel News Awards

2003 Nominated Female Vocalist of The Year (Kanah Dunaway)                                  Sogospel News Awards

2003 Breakthough Artist of The Year Sogospelnews Awards

2003 Nominated Mixed Group of The Year Sogospelnews Awards

2003 Mixed Group of The Year Sogospel Awards

​2002 Nominated Horizon Award/Diamond Award

2002 Nominated SGMG New Artist of The Year

The Dunaways Official Audio YouTube Release

Prayers for my Good Friend Connie Copeland
may her soul rest in peace  😇
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The Healing Source Within

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Chronic stress accelerates the spread of cancer, Australian researchers have revealed

in a study that could dramatically change the way people with the disease are treated.

The Surprising Relationship Between Emotions And Brainwaves

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MY Journey From Within

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MY Journey began February 24 2005 when I came home from work and received the news that I didn’t want to hear. MY father went to OHIO State James Arthur Cancer Center that afternoon  and they told him the cancer would have to run it’s course.

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All thoughts that could possibly run through your head did so at that very                  moment for me.  My LIFE Stopped AS did all time & thought!!!

The Frazee triplets — Megan,  Molly  and Moriah,  were the keys to the success of 23-1 Xenia Christian. Marion will need to contain the trio to keep their chances for a second state title in three seasons alive when the teams play tonight at Vandalia-Butler High School


MY plans for the evening …. were to go watch the Frazee Triplets play my High School  alma mater at the regional finals in Vandalia.  Thereby,  I went to the game and after the game couldn’t remember a single play.  HOWEVER,  Vaguely could remember watching the  triplets bona`fide unity  on the court.  To this day I remember those thoughts racing through my head as I tried to enjoy the game. How can this country that can send men to the moon. WITH THE first astronaut being Neil Armstrong born only 50 miles down the road but not have a cure for Leimyosarcoma.

True Story: During the 14 months … I watched as my father for the first time in his life       win Solitaire Game by walking through the hand with the 4 aces remaining in his hand     14 times. Ohio State said a year and my father he lasted 14 months. In his time with US    he was a 3 time cancer survivor for 14 years.

IS this all coincidence: I believe when your time is up it’s up But  To this day I still wish that I had researched cancer then …. like I do today. I felt so guilty at times it could have made all the difference in the world. However, through the years since. I came to realize Life Does Have an Expiration Date But No Dumbass Doctor Has The Right To Tell You “The Cancer Must Run It’s Course.”

While my father brutally went through a few rounds of chemotherapy before he quit      that barbaric approach without supplementation for his survival.  I started to make frequent visits to mass  at the National Shrine  and  Carey Ohio  for a peace of mind.       As my father became gravely ill… February of 2006. I prayed more and more for the  answer to his cancer.        AND WHAT I LEARNED BACK THEN!!!!

Nothing Positive Comes From Negativity

When our neighbor at the time brought to our door information about Aloe Vera             and cancer. When my father heard of this he wanted to know more about this and              as we listen to the CD learned that most of the Research was taking place in Texas.

I discovered through research about Aloe Vera and Frankincense as my nephews and nieces began tutoring my how to use computers and the internet. Yep …at that time…         I was 45 years old and they heckled me about being no smarter than a second grader         ( I was computer illiterate.)




Shortly before my father passed away while down at Half Price Books in Centerville Ohio.    I was sitting on a stool in the Health Book section  a Chinaman from Kettering  “Mant Prowg”  come running up to me  and out of the blue asked,  “what I wanted to    know that he was researching Cancer for 7 1/2 years as I was floored at the time of his dedication.”

In our conversations what Mant provided me was foundation what I believe is the          best method of battling cancer.  As Everyday …. of my Life our “cancer cluster” small     town cemetery becomes a reminded of that. Most are treated conventionally in OHIO. Eating and drinking what they like and doing chemotherapy and radiation before they pass without blood testing, detoxification and supplementation

As more visions and people came into my life there was always someone else that      helped me achieved the next step. I can remember what our group was like when              we first started it and what it has become. Our Initial Talk was chatting herbs.

As my understanding completely changed when I had a chance to chat with Jake The Amish Healer in Holmes County.  When I asked about herbs & cancer he scoffed it off    and told me that only a few herbs work for cancer. Healing cancer requires a complete cleanse of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Within this my 11 year journey my high and low point was one in the same.

Rosa Parkin when she entered our group was unable to walk do to a 4cm polyp in            her uterus.  With renewed Hope through learning about new options and support         from others.  An eight months later she flew from the UK to Portland Oregon and             we met for Memorial Day Weekend 2015.

I remember our Saturday stroll through the streets of Portland Oregon shopping for a juicer. Within that stroll: I received a first hand experience of Rosa’s unique personality and thoughts about the hand that was dealt her. Rosa was one that performed magic all over the world … as she made a spoon disappear while in a restaurant wondering why cancer wasn’t as easy to make disappear.

Only with her return to the UK with stress and the fears of losing her battle and                  12 year old son Manu. Rosa lost her battle September 21st 2015.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) was pioneered by Dr Aaron T Beck in the 1960s, while he was a psychiatrist  at the University of Pennsylvania.  After his research showed that psychoanalysis did little to help patients with depression, Then Beck tested a different approach. Today, CBT is most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, but can be useful for other health problems.

Individuals with cancer often have many fears and misconceptions about the disease, its outcome,  its treatments, and their own ability to cope.  Cognitive behavioral approaches can help patients to identify negative beliefs …. that may hinder their ability to accept the diagnosis and cope with the disease. Once dysfunctional beliefs are identified, individuals can challenge these negative thoughts, develop more rational responses, and think more positively, particularly regarding their role in adjusting to the disease.

The ability to examine negative thoughts objectively and to replace them with more positive, adaptive thoughts greatly enhances quality of life. Cognitive therapies are also used to help individuals who are terminally ill to accept or reduce their fear of death and dying. Other cognitive strategies involve imagery in conjunction with relaxation training.

Group Support

The role of group support therapy in facilitating adjustment to cancer is clearly upheld. There are many support groups for cancer patients and/or their families offered through the  American Cancer Society,  local  hospitals,  cancer  treatment  agencies,  and mental health agencies. Group also allow individuals to feel a sense of community and to realize that they are not alone in having cancer. In addition, group settings allow for individuals to be exposed to positive role models who have successfully dealt with the disease.

For more information or to find a therapist:

Please feel free to photocopy or reproduce this fact sheet, noting that this fact sheet was writen and produced by ABCT. You may also link directly to our site and/or to the page from which you took this fact sheet


Every day in Australia 360 people learn they have cancer. It goes without saying it’s a   very stressful time. Stress as a cause of cancer has not been convincingly proven but recently researchers have been looking at how stress drives the spread of an existing cancer from the original tumour. They’ve identified pathways caused by stress that facilitate the spread of breast cancer cells around the body. What’s more remarkable,      the researchers may have found a way to prevent it.                                                               Guest reporter, oncologist Dr Ranjana Srivastava investigates.

Preview YouTube video STRESS AND CANCER

SO What magic can we become, right now to be the energy of what you are creating?           Be only that!

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You have to grow from the inside out.

None can teach you, none can make you spiritual.

There is no other teacher but your own soul.

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There is a time for every season. When your season is up it’s time to move on!



Love can do powerful things. Here are ten ideas:

1.)  Get with some people you love and hug them, and cry with them, and let them          love you back.

2.)  Drink water, eat well, move your butt, get some sleep—take care of you.

3.)  Have some honest conversations—with folk who think like you AND with your family member who voted for Trump. Ask them about their dreams and listen carefully. This is where our revolution will need to find traction.

4.)  Imagine that you are building a bridge. With whom do you need to build it? Bridges are desperately needed right now! One way to start building that bridge is to pray.

5.)  Whatever your spiritual practices are, practice them. I am praying for you right now, and I am going to sing in a minute, just to keep it flowing.

6.)  Go see the movie Everything, Everything. It will help you cry some of the tears         that are inside you. They need to flow.

7.)  Create time for singing and loving and reflection and emergency hugs.

8.)  Take time for worship, lament, sing, and pray. Have a conversation with yourself about your feelings and how you can be used by God to make our nation a more perfect union.

9.)   Fierce music will create beauty from the places our world feels broken & work for freedom for all.

10.)  Remember that you were created in love, by a God of love. Remember that you ARE love and know that we can–with our love–make it better place.

This is a hot-mess time,  friends,  a time for which love is the only antidote.  Now more   than ever, love is the only way forward. SO Love Your Life, Love those within the friendly confines of your life and have some fun!!!

Lament is a faithful practice. Lament looks at a broken world and says it ought not be so. Lament demands something more than quotidian injustice. Lament rages. Lament shames. Lament mourns. Lament is a faithful practice.

Anger is a faithful practice. Anger that reflects God’s righteousness is necessary in a world so full of oppression. The temptation, of course, is that our anger reflects our fears, not God’s righteousness. This is why we need each other as the Spirit speaks within, with, and through us as we discern God’s future. Anger is a faithful practice.

Hope is a faithful practice. Hope eschews naivete. Hope rejects facile happiness.        Hope is not just a bandage. Hope is radical, fierce and hard. Hope is a faithful practice.

Listening is a faithful practice. Listening requires us to center on someone’s else story, someone else’s pain. Listening, real listening, faithful listening is dangerous because it is transformative. It can change you because the story of another just might change the way you see the world. Listening is a faithful practice.

Lament with those who lament. Rage with those who rage. Hope with those who hope. But most of all,  listen.  Listen. LISTEN.  Listen to the pain and fear our neighbors of color are feeling. Listen to the hopelessness of the bullied and the rejected. Listen to the anguish of our LBGTQ kin, for they also know the bitterness of isolation. Listen to the believer, the doubter who calls out to God, “Help my unbelief.” Listen because we never want to in this place again. Listen because tomorrow we must rise as Jesus himself rose from the depths of death.

SO What did I discover about myself: what I have learned through the trial and tribulations of this time frame within my life is that true healing comes from a stern self belief in ones own instincts. Listen to your inner voice it won’t misguide you. If you talk    to 100 different people you will only learn 100 different ways. And What I have learned from Alyssia Sadé Jack Kungel  Paula Doyle-Weigel  Elyn Jacobs  Carl O. Helvie and so many others is priceless.

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   Therefore the first fifty blog post in the website displays those truths that I know them   to be.  This blog will Always  be Free Access because I believe those with cancer SHOULD  NOT have to pay for the right to know the best options. With the high cost of doctor visits  today and the cancer patient leaving that visit not sure.  The support that we can find through social media is vital !!! 

Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less travelled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching.  March to the beat of your own drummer.  And  stubbornly refuse to fit lose.”

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Preview YouTube video CBT for Cancer

with lyrics Martina McBride.

I’m Gonna Love You Through It with lyrics Martina McBride.

 You Through It with lyrics Martina McBride.

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This is an Outrage!

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Path to Alternative Therapies Is Littered With Obstacles

Instead of taking that advice, Ms. Klenke, who lives in Green Bay, Wis., decided to fight.


      She researched other doctors  and alternative therapies  until she hit upon the             Block Center for Integrative Cancer Care in Evanston, Ill., which uses an approach        of traditional and holistic therapies to treat cancer patients.

After undergoing intense chemotherapy along with proper nutrition, nausea and     stress management therapies at the Block Center,  Ms. Klenke’s cancer went into remission and has stayed that way. 

So where is this anecdote heading? Glad you asked.

As a Patient Money columnist, I don’t pretend to have that expertise.

Instead, my purpose here is to provide financial guidance for those who, like Ms. Klenke, choose to take the medical path less traveled.

Besides learning the ins and outs of complementary and alternative medicine, Ms. Klenke has also become something of an expert on how to pay for these treatments. With the help of the Block center  and her own research and persistence,  she persuaded  her insurance company to cover  her entire course of treatment  and  the follow-up treatments  that  she continues to pursue, as she puts it, “to boost my immune system and keep me cancer-free.”

So-called complementary and alternative medicine — or CAM, as it is known by practitioners and adherents — is becoming  more mainstream every day.   In 2007,        more than one in three adults and nearly one in eight children, according to a federal  study sponsored by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine,      a division  of  the National Institutes of Health,  used some form  of  CAM — from self-prescribed nutritional substitutes to repeat visits to alternative health care practitioners.

So commonplace are the alternative providers that chiropractors and acupuncturists,      for example, are now licensed by most states. At the same time, many traditional medical doctors, recognizing patients’ demand for alternative therapies,  and have signed up for training in alternative therapies or added alternative professionals to their staffs.

     Alternative medicine is also a big business. Americans spent nearly $40 billion out of pocket on alternative therapies, according to that same 2007 study, to pay for practitioners as well as vitamins and supplements.  Often,  the treatments aren’t cheap.  A session at the acupuncturist  can  easily  run  $100.  And  also  with  pharmaceuticals,  vitamins,  herbal supplements and homeopathic remedies have a huge price range — from a $12 bottle of vitamins to supplements costing hundreds of dollars.

More insurance companies are now offering full or limited coverage, or arranging discounts, on these treatments. But, as Ms. Klenke learned, getting even limited coverage can be time-consuming and tricky.

And most people pursuing alternative therapies should expect to pay some, if not all,   costs out of pocket,  says Mark Stengler,  a naturopath in the La Jolla area  of San Diego   who is licensed in California.  Whom also holds a doctorate from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, now called the National College of Natural Medicine, in Portland, Ore. Naturopathic training is often similar to the training conventional doctors receive and includes holistic training.  Dr. Stengler is the author of several books and the Bottom Line newsletter on natural healing. If you venture forth, here’s advice on how to make the most of your insurance coverage and find the best prices for the highest-quality alternative treatments and medicines.

INSURANCE INS AND OUTS Before you do anything, be sure to read your health insurance policy thoroughly. It may spell out some of the alternative practitioners and treatments it covers, for example, 50 percent of all acupuncture and chiropractor visits.

More often, says Linda Bourdosis, a patient advocate at the Block Center, coverage is  more subtle. For instance, your insurer may pay for certain specific treatments & massage therapy  for muscle strains,  for instance,  or fish oil supplements to reduce inflammation from arthritis — if they are prescribed by your primary physician for a diagnosed ailment and coded correctly. Many require preauthorization from the insurer.

Diane Klenke used alternative therapies and even got her insurer to pay some of those costs in treating her pancreatic cancer, which is now in remission. Credit Darren Hauck for The New York Times!!
Keep at it, Ms. Bourdosis says. Getting the insurer to pay “doesn’t always happen the first time,” she said. “It can take two, three or four claims. You’ve got to be persistent.”

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with your insurer and your provider, particularly when treating serious illnesses. Ask to speak to the claims manager or your case manager.      In Ms. Klenke’s case, the Block Center was willing to discount its rates 25 percent in return for being considered part of the network that Ms. Klenke belonged to through    her husband’s group insurance plan.  

In her case, Ms. Bourdosis at the Block Center negotiated with her insurer, but sometimes the patient needs to be the middle man to get an insurer and health care provider to agree.

Or, you might want to try to find an alternative practitioner who is part of a larger group of traditional doctors, or vice versa, Dr. Stengler says. That way, if you need lab tests or other diagnostics, your primary physician can prescribe them and they will be covered — even if alternative treatments are not.

FIND AN ADVOCATE The insurance maze can be time-consuming and difficult, especially in the face of illness, Ms. Klenke acknowledges. But there is help.

Most large hospitals and clinics, especially those with integrative medicine programs,     like Beth Israel in New York, have an advocate in the billing or coding department that  can help with prequalifications, appeals and other paperwork.

If you have a major illness like cancer, your insurance company may have also assigned you a separate case manager. Ensure the advocate and insurance manager are talking to each other.

BUY ONLY WHAT YOU NEED If you swear by the chiropractor or acupuncturist but your insurance doesn’t cover the treatment, you’ll need to make some spending decisions.

One important caution from Dr. Stengler is this: Avoid paying upfront for a package          of visits, say, 10 to 15. “If you’re not seeing improvement in two to three visits,” he said, “then that therapy probably isn’t right for you.”

Ask your practitioner if you can agree to only two or three visits, with the idea that you’ll continue the therapy if you see results.

CARE WITH SUPPLEMENTS A big part of alternative medicine is herbal and vitamin supplements. These are not as closely regulated by the Food and Drug Administration as prescription drugs and, as a result, there are many cases of supplements being sold with high levels of toxic substances or even prescription drug ingredients not listed on the labels. What’s more, many fraudulent brands sell high-priced supplements with minuscule dosages of the effective ingredient.

Your first step is to ask your doctor for recommended brands.

    (But see the caveat further on.)  You should also do your own research on Consumerlab.com, a comprehensive independent site that does thorough testing of unregulated health products of all kinds. Without federal regulations, buyer beware prevails.

    SHOP BIG BOX OR ONLINE.  Once you’ve found a brand you know you can trust, compare prices. Chances are your local health food store isn’t going to have the best prices. Both Costco and Sam’s Club have started selling supplements aggressively in recent years, and many times they have the best deals.

In addition, try Web sites like Vitacost.com, says Dr. Stengler, which can offer products  for 40 to 50 percent less than bricks-and-mortar retailers.

Think twice before buying directly from your practitioner, says Dr. Riley. Many doctors,   he said, “make huge margins by selling supplements right in the office.”

Correction: November 20, 2009
The Patient Money column on Saturday, about ways to pay for alternative medical procedures and nutritional supplements, misquoted Dr. David Riley, a medical doctor who is editor of the journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. Dr. Riley said he was not aware of any mislabeling problems involving the nutritional supplement glucosamine. He did not say that a supplement promoted as supplying 100 percent of a daily dose of glucosamine might actually contain only a microscopic amount of the ingredient. The article also referred incorrectly to the Food and Drug Administration’s jurisdiction over nutritional supplements. The F.D.A. does in fact regulate nutritional supplements, although it does not oversee the supplements as extensively as it does prescription drugs.


Information on Insurance and Financial Assistance

We have started researching organizations that may be able to provide financial assistance, insurance, or help with flights to a clinic. If you are aware of other organizations that helps those with limited funds, please email us details at info@cancure.org.

Visionary Alternatives, Inc.
6022 NW 32nd Court,
Boca Raton, Florida 33496
or e-mail: Jane Tobal, President

Visionary Alternatives, Inc., a Florida not-for-profit, federally tax-exempt corporation was created to provide the opportunity for individuals with life threatening illnesses to receive the treatment of their choice.

They will help with the necessary funding for proven unconventional treatment when insurances are lacking and personal finances have been exhausted, or they may be able to get you into a clinic at a discounted rate.

Cancer Coalition
9396 Richmond Avenue, Suite 307
Houston, TX

The Cancer Coalition of America (CCA) is a nonprofit organization that provides grants to patients who can no longer afford the treatment that is helping them. Their goal is to ensure that when a patient is responding to a treatment—whether it be traditional, alternative, or experimental—funds are available if the patient no longer can afford to continue paying for that treatment. The CCA provides grants to patients for various aspects of care that health insurance does not cover. They provide assistance for people who are already in a program but who might have to quit the therapy because of a lack of funds.

Insurance Information

More and more health insurers and HMOs are covering alternative therapies, including Blue Cross of Washington and Alaska, Blue Cross of California, California Pacific, Catholic HealthCare West, HealthNet, Kaiser Permanente, Mutual of Omaha, Oxford Health Plans, and Prudential. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to see if they now cover alternative therapies or if they plan to.

We understand that some insurance companies will cover some of the therapies listed on this site. We even understand that they will cover some clinics even outside the United States. For example, we heard that Klinik St George treated one patient for prostate cancer and their insurance picked up some of the charges. So it is worth checking. You should be prepared though that most clinics outside the US require cash upfront to begin treatment.

Medicare and Medicaid plans are accepted at some of the clinics in the U.S. If you do not have funds to pay for treatment and have been diagnosed with cancer, you can apply for medicare to help cover the costs. Then you can contact clinics or us to see if they will accept Medicare.

You may want to work with an insurance coordinator. One company is Health Insurance Claims Filing Services in Houston, Texas – Phone 713 937 1875 or Fax 713 937 1921. We understand many alternative clinics use them to help get your treatments covered. They do charge 10-15% of the monies recovered as payment. They have the experience and know the codes to use to get some of the alternative therapies approved, so you might want to consider using them.

Help with Flights to Clinics

There are a couple of organizations that will fly patients who can’t afford the airfares, but most have arrangements with conventional hospitals. We found one that will also fly to alternative hospitals. Contact The Air Care Alliance for details.

Do you remember when you first heard about global warming? Do you remember when you could drink water out of a tap without a second thought, before it came in a bottle? When we could breathe the air without worrying about what it would do to our health?
When you hear the word “cancer”, it immediately brings to…


Learn how to find the right health care team, and how to manage financial and insurance issues.
Cancer Financial Assistance – Information about cancer financial assistance to cancer patients in need of financial…
If you can’t afford treatment, here’s an action plan.
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The Pieces of the Puzzle

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🙋🙈  An Alkaline State of  Mind is All About Attitude!!!

If your body temperature is around 35°C, your immune functions will decline. Do you know about Bio mat function thermotherapy at home to treat cancer instead of in a costly clinic. Importance of detoxing the liver 🙂

. Hyperthermia

If heat gain exceeds the ability of the body to lost heat, then body temperature increases above normal levels, a condition called hyperthermia. Hyperthermia can result from exposure to hot environments, exercise, fever, and anesthesia.

Exposure to a hot environment normally results in the activation of heat loss mechanisms, and body temperature is maintained at normal levels. This is an excellent example of a negative-feedback mechanism. However, prolonged exposure to a hot environment can result in heat exhaustion. The normal negative-feedback mechanisms for controlling body temperature are operating, but they are unable to maintain a normal body temperature. Heavy sweating results in dehydration, decreased blood volume, decreased blood pressure, and increased heart rate.

Individuals suffering from heat exhaustion have a wet, cool skin because of the heavy sweating. They usually feel weak, dizzy, and nauseated. Treatment includes reducing heat gain by moving to a cooler environment, reducing heat production by muscles by ceasing activity, and restoring blood volume by drinking fluids.

Heat stroke is a breakdown of the normal negative-feedback mechanisms of temperature regulation. If the temperature of the hypothalamus becomes too high, it no longer functions appropriately. Sweating stops, and the skin becomes dry and flushed.

The person becomes confused, irritable, or even comatose.  In addition,  to the treatment  for heat exhaustion, heat loss from the skin should be increased. This can be accomplished by increasing evaporation from the skin by applying wet cloths or by increasing conductive heat loss by immersing the person in a cool bath.

Exercise increases body temperature because of the heat produced as a by-product of muscle activity. Normally vasodilation and increased sweating prevent body temperature increases that are harmful. In a hot, humid environment the evaporation of sweat is decreased, and exercise levels have to be reduced to prevent overheating.

Fever is the development of a higher-than-normal body temperature following the invasion of the body by microorganisms or foreign substances. Lymphocytes, neutrophils, and macrophages release chemicals called pyrogens (pi’ro-jenz) that raise the temperature set point of the hypothalamus. Consequently body temperature and metabolic rate increase.

Fever is believed to be beneficial because it speeds up the chemical reactions of the immune system and inhibits the growth of some microorganisms. Although beneficial, body temperatures greater than 41 degrees C (106 degree F) can be harmful. Aspirin lowers body temperature by affecting the hypothalamus, resulting in dilation of skin   blood vessels and sweating.

Malignant hyperthermia is an inherited muscle disorder. Drugs used to induce general anesthesia for surgery cause sustained, uncoordinated muscle contractions in some individuals. Consequently body temperature increases.

Therapeutic hyperthermia is an induced local or general body increase in temperature.      It is a treatment sometimes used on tumors and infections.


If heat loss exceeds the ability of the body to produce the heat, body temperature  decreases below normal levels. Hypothermia is a decrease in body temperature to             35 degrees C (95 Degree F) or below.

Hypothermia usually results from prolonged exposure to cold environments.

At first, normal negative-feedback mechanisms maintain body temperature. Heat loss        is decreased by constricting blood vessels in the skin, and heat production is increased     by shivering.

If body temperature decreases despite these mechanisms, hypothermia develops.           The individual’s thinking becomes sluggish, and movements are uncoordinated. heart, respiratory, and metabolic rates decline, and death results unless body temperature is restored to normal. Rewarming should occur at a rate of a few degrees per hour.

Frostbite is damage to the skin and deeper tissues resulting from prolonged exposure to the cold. Damage results from cold injury to cells, injury from ice crystal formation, and reduced blood flow to affected tissues. The fingers, toes, ears, nose, and cheeks are most commonly affected. Damage from frostbite can range from redness and discomfort to loss of the affected part. The best treatment is immersion in a warm water bath. Rubbing the affected area and local dry heat should be avoided.

Therapeutic hypothermia is sometimes used to slow metabolic rate during surgical procedures such as heart surgery. Because metabolic rate is decreased, tissues do not require as much oxygen as normal and are less likely to be damaged.

     Harvard educated physician Sara Gottfried M.D. believes for overall health, an infrared sauna can’t be beat.  Not only does it make the skin radiant, it’s also a great way to distress, which is important for well being. Unlike a traditional steam heated sauna, which warms the surface of the skin with sweltering 220* F temperatures. An infrared sauna uses pulses of light to heat the body more deeply — and at much cooler temperatures (typically around 150*.)
  The heat from an infrared sauna penetrates the skin, causing cellular water molecules to vibrate and raise the core body temperatures explains, Gottfried. This forces the body to work to keep itself cool: an effort that can torch as many as 600 calories … in just 30 minutes.  Revving metabolism is just one way infrared saunas slim. The targeted heat also stimulates the circulation and triggers sweating, which helps the body purge toxins and excess water weight through your pores.
  This detoxifying effect frees up the liver to fire up fat burn — and keeps the calorie furnace burning, even after the sweat session has ended. Spending just 15 minutes in a sauna daily helped over weight adults lose 11% of their body weight in just 10 weeks. Thereby, relaxing in the heated chamber also recharges cells at the genetic level, while switching on genes that makes the body act as though it’s years younger.
   Therefore, how fast or slow you age is the product of how well the body is able to sweep up the damage of daily living, says Gottfried whom has an infrared sauna in her home. “Sitting in a sauna for just 20 minutes activates the genes that prevent and reverse that damage by boosting stress resilience, anti oxidant production and DNA repair.” As a result, the skin looks brighter and tighter, under eye circles and wrinkles diminish and energy levels soar.
   Also in a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology spending just 15minutes daily in a sauna for 14 days improved heart health by 40 percent by dilating the blood vessels to provide  gentle workout for the cardiovascular system. ALSO With increased blood flow and intense warmth has also been shown to soothe and relax muscles to ease tension and keep joints limber. If you can’t afford a Sunlighten model. recent research at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom suggests that taking a very hot daily bath may offer benefits similar to the spa practice 🔝💯🔥👄😎🎯

Near infrared lamp saunas are the BEST detoxification method I have ever encountered. These saunas have many health benefits, including cancer treatment and prevention, detoxification, killing infections, etc. If you have a lack of energy, brain fog or are suffering from a chronic disease or condition, I guarantee you that toxin accumulation is contributing to the problem.

All types of near infrared saunas can be found in the Live to 110 Store.

I use a near infrared sauna to detox, but my main motivation for sweating it out daily in my home near infrared sauna is to kill cancer cells before they have a chance to turn into a tumor. My father died of cancer. Watching him die was a grim reality check into what is happening to most families around the world. One in three women get cancer, while one in two men are afflicted with the disease. These statics are a call to action for you to begin thinking about cancer and disease prevention – NOW. Today.

Many don’t realize that everyone harbors mutated cells – cancer cells.

Dr. William Pawluk has stated that we have 100 million cancer cells in our bodies at any given time! Whether it turns into a tumor or not is determined by your immune system’s ability to kill the cancerous cell before it multiplies and possibly becomes carcinogenic.     In a healthy individual with a robust immune system, this process happens often and naturally.

It is only when your body is overwhelmed by heavy metals, hundreds of chemicals, chronic infections, fungus and parasites, exacerbated by nutritional deficiencies, which everyone has to varying degrees, that you reach a point where your immune system simply doesn’t have the energy or resources to kill these mutated cells any longer. When a mutated cell is allowed to grow unabated because the immune system is dealing with so many issues, you may very well be the one diagnosed with cancer when the tumor becomes visible on medical tests a few years down the road. This can be avoided.

Near infrared sauna therapy resolves all burdens to the immune system, directly and indirectly preventing and healing cancer as a result.  Many viruses, bacteria, parasites and tumor cells have poor tolerance to heat compared to normal healthy cells and are easily killed with near infrared saunas. But let’s be honest. You don’t get something for nothing. You must be dedicated to your health to prevent cancer and other health issues. It takes 1-3 years of daily sauna use to rid your body of the bulk of heavy metals, chemicals and chronic infections built up over your lifetime. And after this period of intense sauna therapy, one must continue to use a sauna twice a week to rid the body of new environmental onslaughts.

Near infrared lamp saunas should be part of any cancer treatment protocol, as they can aid in tumor shrinkage. Allow me to make it clear that near infrared sauna therapy is not a stand-alone cancer therapy, unless combined with other therapies. Tumors tolerate heat poorly. Raising body temperature hastens their death. Infrared saunas also rid the body of the toxic body burdens contributing to cancer formation in the first place. Bottom line: Near infrared saunas kill cancer.  https://liveto110.com/near-infrared-saunas-kill-cancer/ 

Infrared Sauna Detox Pt 1


Enzyme Therapy for Cancer & Digestive Diseases

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Born: December 28, 1947, United States of America

Died: July 21, 2015, New York City, NY

enzyme therapy holistic retreat

Enzymes are natural proteins that stimulate and accelerate biological reactions    in the body. Enzymes, many of which are made in the pancreas, break down food and help with the absorption of nutrients into the blood. Metabolic enzymes build new cells and repair damaged ones in the blood, tissues, and organs.

Though the American Cancer Society says that there have been no well-designed studies showing that enzyme supplements are effective in treating cancer we need look no further than the benefit that comes from stimulating and accelerating so many biological reactions.

Most alternative health professionals understand the importance of taking digestive enzymes. This becomes critical for many people as they age. Most people think of enzymes (if they think of them at all) as necessary only for those who deal with digestive problems such as GERD, hiatal hernias, ulcers, etc. Enzymes though are extremely important for treating cancer and should not be overlooked.

Enzymes allow one substance to be turned into a different substance            and support the pancreas, liver, and immune system’s function.  🙂

In the early 1900s Dr. John Beard from England discovered that pancreatic enzymes destroyed cancer cells. In 1911 he tested pancreatic enzymes for stopping cancer in mice and it worked. Decades later Dr. William Donald Kelley, a Texas dentist, read about his work, and cured himself of cancer using pancreatic enzymes and started treating and curing cancer patients using pancreatic enzymes.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, sent to investigate Dr. Kelley, liked what he saw so much that he, still to this day, treats cancer patients using pancreatic enzymes.

Having cured himself, and with the same therapy, In 1981 Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, was        a second-year medical student at Cornell University Medical College, when he had the opportunity to meet Dr. Kelley, who at that stage had for 20 years been treating cancer patients with complicated nutritional therapy based on Dr. Beard’s enzyme treatment.   Dr. Kelley is known for curing more than 33,000 terminal patients of all kinds of cancer without surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.  Dr.  Gonzalez practiced in New York City   and is one of the authors of the study, “Pancreatic Enzyme Extract Improves Survival in Murine Pancreatic Cancer” (Pancreas. 2004 May;28(4):401-12).  http://drsircus.com/cancer/enzyme-therapy-for-cancer-and-digestive-diseases/

Juicing Delivers Enzymes plus ups your pH Level 🙂

As we enter into our 40’s:  it’s important to realize our liver slows down in 90% of all  of us. And it’s this congested liver that causes many of the chronic illness we see in middle aged Americans. And as hormones go haywire the liver becomes more overwhelmed …it’s  a vicious cycle to say the least.

  According to researchers in Italy certain bad bacteria in the GI tract excrete endotoxins — inflammatory compounds that enter the blood stream and must be filtered out by the liver. That’s  problem because adding this energy intensive task to the heavy work load of filtering  these hormones leaves the liver less motivated to perform it’s other important duties. Including fat burning and detoxificationver,
   Also the liver uses choline to beak down fats and when fat enters in the liver , the organs metabolic and detoxification functions are further impaired. “This in turns saps physical energy and focus — while triggering weight gain. DR. Ibrahim Hanouneh believes it is liver burnout that cause estrogen and progesterone to become imbalanced.
   The Good NEWS: populating the liver with good bacteria quickly restores liver health. Beneficial bugs curb the output of endotoxins so the liver has more energy to filter excess estrogen and progesterone and greater enhance its ability to detox. In a pilot study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition choline makes it hard for the liver to hold onto fat. When bad gut flora is reduced choline is able to be routed to the liver where it helps the liver to shed it’s fat stores.
   In one study at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rogue Louisiana, over weight women seen a 93% greater reduction in belly fat when they were they increased choline to the liver. As liver function improves, hormones come into balance, which leads to fewer body aches, improves mood and mental clarity. Also when researcher from France studied the effects of two probiotic strains in humans, the results were astounding.
   After just  30 days of supplementing with the duo of Lactobacillus helveticius and Bifidobacterium longum, the subject showed a 50% decrease in depression and a 55% improvement in anxiety scores. As well as reductions in self blame and improved problem- solving skills. The scientists posted that the probiotic strains work together to strengthen the link between the brain and gut axis.

   Reseed Your GUT:  maintaining a wide variety of beneficial probiotics in the gut    helps crowd out bad-acting bugs which increases the livers access to choline. Probiotics also help reduce levels of low grade inflammation that aggravate the liver.  In addition       to getting a variety of beneficial bugs from fermented food,  consider supplementing.

Try combining:  Renew Life Ultimate Flora Everyday ($22 for 30 servings) Life Extension Florassist Mood ($25 for 30 servings) which contains the combination of strains present in the study.

Gut Bacteria Used to Detect Cancer Risk!!!
Researchers believe they have discovered a new way to identify who is most at-risk for developing colon cancer. The technique involves studying a patient’s gut micro biome — in essence, the bacteria located in their stomach and intestines.

Recently, a research team from the University of Michigan collected stool samples from   30 healthy people, 30 people with precancerous intestinal polyps, and 30 ppeople with advanced colon or rectal cancer. The team discovered that each of the three groups had a different gut bacteria composition and that studying gut micro biomes was more effective in detecting precancerous polyps than examining faecal occult blood samples (another type of stool sample test).

Study author Patrick Schloss, an associate professor in the department of microbiology and immunology  at the University of Michigan,  says examining gut micro biomes may     be a very effective way of identifying the people most at-risk for developing colon cancer.

“If our results are confirmed in larger groups of people, adding gut micro biome analysis   to other faecal tests may provide an improved, non-invasive way to screen for colorectal cancer,” Schloss said.

However, Schloss feels the new tactic is unlikely to replace existing methods for detecting cancer in this part of the body.

“Our data show that gut micro biome analysis has the potential to be a new tool to non-invasively screen for colorectal cancer,” Schloss noted. “We don’t think that this would ever replace other colorectal cancer screening approaches, rather we see it as complementary.”

The University of Michigan research team’s report has now been published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research.

Minerals Nutrition for the body – The List and Types Of Essential Minerals Your Body Needs in Food!Minerals are inorganic substances which exist naturally in the earth, many of which are critical to the growth and production of bones, teeth, hair, blood, nerves and skin. These minerals are known as “essential” nutrients, which are: calcium, chromium, copper, fluorine, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium and zinc.


Macro Minerals:  How about Intravenous Vitamin c for cancer 🙂

Calcium is the most important mineral to add to our diets, since our bodies cannot product it. Calcium, along with magnesium, vitamin D, phosphorus and fluoride strengthens the bone.

Iron is critical for the delivery of oxygen to the cells, is necessary for the production of energy, necessary for the synthesis of collagen and function of the immune system. Iron    is normally deficient only among children and pre-menopausal women, but also excess iron is more common in men and post-menopausal women.

Magnesium is crucial for maintenance of the acid-alkaline balance in the body, healthy functioning of nerves and muscles, and the activation of enzymes to metabolize blood sugars, proteins and carbohydrates.

Phosphorus is stored in the bones at normally a 1:2 ratio to calcium, and is also a component of soft tissue and cells, where it contributes to the body’s chemical processes, for example to provide the energy necessary for metabolism.

Zinc is required to support the immune system, protein synthesis, and reproductive health, particularly in men.  Deficiencies are common,  and can adversely affect the   ability to heal, physical growth, nerve health, and the skin.

Trace Minerals:

Chromium is essential to several enzyme systems, including that which works with insulin in the processing of glucose (sugar). Insulin is necessary in the metabolism of triglycerides (the primary form of fat in the body). Therefore, chromium assists with maintaining triglycerides due to its control of insulin.

Chromium deficiency has been shown to be linked to blood sugar imbalance and improper metabolism.

Copper is important for the health of the cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems, liver, skin joint and blood. It is most concentrated in the liver and brain, and a crucial component in the absorption and utilization of iron and zinc.

Iodine is essential to the function and development of the thyroid gland. Deficiencies result in enlargement of the thyroid, and during pregnancy and infancy can cause brain development and growth issues in the child. The most common source of iodine is table salt.

The Importance of Iodine!!!!  🙂

Image result for Parveen Sangha first for women

Parveen Sangha (47) was bogged down with fatigue, GI Woes and Joint Pain —
then she found the simple solution that made all the difference

Manganese is critical to the metabolism of bones, and is essential for enzyme reactions, and healthy brain, thyroid, and nervous systems. rains.

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant which works in concert with vitamin E to support the operation of antioxidant enzymes,  and may reduce the risk of abnormal cell growth,  as will many other antioxidants. It supports cardiovascular health and supports the thyroid and nervous system. Thyroid disorders are a growing concern in the US, and obesity and low thyroid are directly related.

Molybdenum is necessary for the proper function of important enzymes. Deficiencies occur most often in those with metabolic conditions, while excess amounts can cause   poor copper retention. Sources include whole grains, beans and dairy products.

Fluoride protects tooth enamel from acid forming bacteria, and strengthens bone and tissue. Sources include fluoridated water, also tea, and canned salmon and mackerel (because of the bones processed with the fish).

Non-Essential Trace Minerals:

There are other trace minerals not yet recognized by the health authorities, but which     are believed essential for human health such as silicon, arsenic, boron, and vanadium.

Boron has been shown only recently (since the 1980s) to play an important role in the motabolism of other minerals, partcularly calcium and magnesium.

Silicon is involved in the formation of cartilage and skeletal system. It is common in    most unrefined produce (grains, vegetables and fruits).

Vanadium has been found to be important for metabolizing fat, and maintaining a   healthy cardiovascular system by inhibiting cholesterol synthesis.


Electrolytes are essential to maintaining healthy electrochemical activity. Water, along with sodium, potassium and chloride. Sodium and potassium are positively charged, while chloride is negatively charged.

Potassium, along with Sodium, is responsible for the regulation of fluids inside of the cells.

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Types of Minerals
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16 Essential Minerals

Minerals Nutrition for the body – The List and Types Of Essential Minerals Your Body Needs in Food!…

There is a growing body of evidence which shows that omega-3 has a crucial role                in cancer prevention and possibly even cure.

a) Inflammation:

As we mentioned above, one important role seems to be that of reducing cellular inflammation – the precursor to cancer. This may be in the gut bacteria profile, since certain bacteria are known to produce highly anti-inflammatory short-chain esters,   and/or it may be through a direct effect on your cells.

Nobel prizes have been won in this field starting with Sir John Vane in 1982. Chemical substances have been found in the cell nuclear envelope, which can both affect cellular health, or bring on cellular death. These substances are hormones called eicosanoids.

Like all hormones they are powerful chemicals,  but unlike other hormones that are made in specific glands, these are made by every cell in your body. They only ´last´ from 1.5 to 6 or 7 seconds but are very powerful.

Open quotesSome eicosanoids are good, some are badClose quotes

Some eicosanoids are good, some are bad, and some that are good in low volumes, are    bad in excess! There are over 120 different eicosanoids in total. One enzyme (called Cox-2) can encourage the production of the bad eicosanoids, rather than good ones.  This enzyme is stimulated by substances such as steroids, insulin and cortisol (the stress hormone).

However long-chain omega-3 seems to inhibit the Cox-2 enzyme, cutting the production   of bad eicosanoids and allowing the production of a greater proportion of ´good´ local hormones. Other natural compounds that can reduce Cox-2 include aspirin, aloe vera, ginger, garlic and curcumin.

Eicosanoids provide the last link in the chain that delivers messages from your brain         to Iocalised cells in your breast or prostate. So be, if your brain feels stressed this will be communicated (via cortisol for example) to the nuclear envelope in your breast cells and so your breast cells will be feel the effects of that stress too.

Also eicosanoids and Cox-2 are known to play a role in the pathways involved in malignancy.

Eicosanoids play a key role in cell signalling, primarily in oxidative pathways. Cox-2 plays a role in cell growth, and human tumour cells have high levels of Cox-2. Cox-2 also plays a key role in the synthesis of prostaglandins, which are found mainly in inflammatory and immune cells.

While, prostaglandins and other ´bad´ eicosanoids bring about tissue responses such as wound repair and inflammation, but in excess they are implicated totally in many modern diseases e.g. atherosclerosis, rheumatic diseases, Alzheimer´s and cancers.

Cox-2 levels are high in 85 per cent of colon cancers (Dubois, Vanderbilt), and also in breast cancer. Work is underway on drugs, which block Cox-2. However why take drugs       when the fundamental answer lies in increasing your long-term intake of omega-3?

The International Journal of Cancer in March 2002 reported on a study with 250 women with breast cancer and the findings that women who are cancer-free have much higher omega-3 fatty acid levels in their breast tissue! This research seems to be repeated all around the world every few months!

By 2010 it was the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle who followed 35,000 women over a number of years and showed those who supplemented regularly with fish oils had a third less breast cancers. In between   those two studies there were similar findings from Perth to Harvard!

Harvard Medical School have shown similar findings with men and prostate cancer.

Possibly the most significant   work with colorectal cancer where there is now a large, consistent body of evidence that shows omega-3 and fish oils can reduce inflammation  and the size of polyps that are usually the precursor to colorectal or bowel cancer.

In 2010 Leeds University Medical School led a study involving a number of cancer   centres, where patients took a concentrate of omega-3 and hereditary high-risk targets   for colorectal cancer saw large reductions in their development of polyps.

Several studies show this polyp reduction to be the case even where the patient has  already had a colorectal cancer.

b) Blood oxygenation

Dr Joanna Budwig was a physicist, biochemist and cancer expert.        She was a leading expert on fat and oil metabolism and showed that consumption of bad fats could lead to fatty deposits in the heart and arteries blocking circulation, damaging heart action, inhibiting cell renewal and disrupting the normal flow of blood and lymph fluids.      She also noted the loss of essential lipoproteins and phosphatides in    the Western modern diet, and the link to increased levels of cancer.

Dr Budwig also showed that the blood of cancer patients especially those in the later   stages of the disease was a greenish, yellow rather than a red, due to the lack of iron-carrying oxygen haemoglobin.

In her own research studies she showed that after treating the patients with flaxseed oil, daily for several months, the oxygen carrying capacity increased due to the increased presence of lipoproteins and phosphatides. Furthermore, in clinical trials she actually showed that tumour size decreased.

You can read more about the Budwig Diet Protocol by clicking here.

Flaxseed and lignin consumption shows up in the urine. And women with the highest levels  in their urine  have the lowest levels of breast cancer,  a finding shown in studies  from America to Japan. Secoisolariciresinol (SDG) is the natural lignin found in flaxseed. Research shows SDG has a direct effect on human oestrogen metabolism and also on its receptor sites. Oestrogen fuels the fire of many cancers. Research also shows SDG stops the action of oestrogen in stimulating cancer cells.

SDG also increases the production of Sex hormone binding globulin. This binds oestrogen, reduces the free oestrogen in the body, and reduces the stimulatory effect of oestrogen on cell division. Also  In research where animals were given a high fat diet and with cancer cells, flaxseed reduced the levels of cancer found when it was also added to the mix. Animals with a highly potent metastatic cancer line had their tumours reduce in size and metastasis almost stop when given high levels of flaxseed.

Two studies covered in Cancer Watch with animals given a cancer-inducing chemical for 13 weeks, showed less cancers and smaller tumours, if the animals also took SDG one study reported 46 per cent less cancers if pure SDG was used.

Post-menopausal women given flaxseed supplementation for seven weeks showed increased levels of properly metabolised oestrogen in their urine. Another test on women newly diagnosed with breast cancer showed that factors associated with tumour growth fell 33 per cent in the group taking flaxseed.

Revitalize Your Thyroid Fast!!!

Don’t under estimate the power of your thyroid and this tiny butterfly shaped gland in your neck. Which pumps out the hormones that control everything from energy levels to appetite. However, our chances of developing a sluggish thyroid inches up every year after 50. Hypothyroidism has all kinds of harsh effects, including fatigue, weight gain, depression, and even hair loss.

To keep your thyroid functioning properly and at optimal levels: Your thyroid uses Iodine to convert the hormone T4 to the more potent T3, which controls every cell in your body. Since your body can’t make Iodine you must get it from your diet. Also you have to consider getting enough selenium for keeping your thyroid functioning efficiently.

Selenium is so important, in fact, that in one recent study found that when women with hypothyroidism supplemented with selenium. The level of thyroid harming antibodies in their blood stream took a nose dive. With two brazil nuts a day providing all the selenium you need to shield your thyroid says, Rebecca Scritchfield, R.D.N. author of Body Kindness.

Scritchfield also explains, consider investing in a reusable, self filtering water bottle (such as the Epic Water Titan bottle which cost $39.99 Amazon.com) which siphons off 90% of the fluoride and can be refilled for years. AS fluoride levels build up in your body they inhibit your thyroid from converting T4 to T3 and it’s this imbalance that can lead to troublesome symptoms in your body.

You have been told over and over to eat cruciferous vegetables with brussel sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage being healthy. But eating large qualities (raw or undercooked)  can hamper your thyroid hormone function.

“These vegetables contain goitrogens, which can block the body’s absorption of Iodine,” says Scritchfield. Luckily cooking these vegetables break down goitrogens, making these vegetables completely safe to eat.

How to Make a Homemade
Electrolyte Drink

Most people think of that sweaty athlete drinking a colored sports drink when they hear     the word electrolyte. On the contrary, there are many ways to get fresh natural electrolyte replenishment from foods such as oranges, coconuts and honey,  plus,  save a few dollars by preparing your own sports drink that your body will embrace.


Water is the main ingredient as it will act as the primary carrier of the electrolytes. It    must be as clean as possible to work optimally.  If you do not  have the luxury of a home bottled water dispenser, simply boil water in a tea kettle. Incidentally, distilled water–the captured vapor from boiling water–is the best. It is very close to pure water, having almost all trace elements such as minerals,  pollutants  and other contaminants,  removed.  If you want distilled water, it’s best to purchase it because collecting the vapor is difficult to do at home. Sometimes you can ask your bottled water carrier if they offer distilled water instead of spring. Tap water should be your last resort.


Electrolytes are basically salts. Salts keep your body’s electrically conductive to maintain cell voltage for receiving or passing along information. Regular table salt works fine as long as it contains sodium chloride, which almost all salts are made of. Some also have potassium iodide, which is also excellent for your cocktail. If you can locate fine grain salt, it dissolves much faster. Using a mortar and pestle on regular salt work just as well.


Oranges, grapefruits, tangerine, lemons and limes–try to always have these on hand          as they are the best ingredients for electrolyte replenishment. Oranges are a particularly good choice.  This is why  you may have seen many athletes gorging themselves on juicy slices.  Citrus fruits are great,  even alone, for electrolytes.  However, adding some other ingredients can enhance the effect.

Containers and Recipes

When you make your electrolyte drink, make sure that you’re using a container that       you like to travel with. If you like your container it will increase the chances that you       will indulge in your drink concoction more often.

The Lip Twister – tart and sweet

1/4 cup of lemon juice
1/4 cup of lime juice
1 teaspoon of salt
1 whole squeezed orange (or one frozen can of orange juice)
1 liter of water

Easy Sweet – not too sugary

2 cups of coconut milk
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of Stevia (natural sweetener) or honey
1 liter of water

Mix It Up – use a blender

2 bananas
3 cups of coconut milk or 2 cups of strawberries
1 cup of water and ice
1 teaspoon of salt
Juice of 1/2 of a lemon

Fast and Dirty #1 – bare bones approach

2 lemon halves squeezed into a glass
2 orange halves added
Squirt of honey
Four shakes of salt
Fill the glass with water and gulp down

Fast and Dirty #2

1 bottle or can of V8 vegetable juice (any flavor)
1 cup of water
1 cup of orange juice

The American Institute for Cancer Research suggests avoiding processed meat and limiting red meat to no more than 18 ounces per week. Based upon a 3-ounce serving,     these weekly recommendations translate into eating three, four or six servings weekly. ALSO  Avoidance  other Cancer Causing Food Preservatives Especially If Your Doing CHEMOTHERAPY!!!

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans advise that red meat is a nutrient-rich food to include in your diet. The key is choosing lean cuts of meat so you benefit from the nutrients while reducing …

The Ionic Foot Detox: Fact or Myth?

ionic foot detox

A recent fad has been sweeping the country: ionic foot detoxes. You may not recognize    the name, but you probably have seen the infomercials about foot patches or foot baths that pull all the toxins out of your body through your feet,  leaving you with a patch or   bath full of brown liquid (aka the toxins).  But is it all just a scam?  Or is there actual scientific proof to support these claims?

I decided to try it out for myself with Pacific College Alumna and Oncology Specialist Christine Adamo, LAc, and see for myself what the scoop is all about. Christine is a supporter of “true” ionic detoxes and uses them in her practice, particularly with her cancer patients to help with the side effects of chemotherapy.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into topics like alternative and traditional Chinese medicine,
learn about becoming a student in one of PCOM’s acupuncture, massage therapy or holistic nursing programs.

First off, I say “true” because Christine warned me upfront about the many false companies out there who claim that the brown water produced in their bath or patch is  the result of toxins coming out of the body. “This is NOT true,” Christine said. The water changes color naturally because of the chemical reaction between the electricity and the salt water, not because of toxins. So don’t be fooled by the infomercials; it’s actually the debris that begins to form in the water that are the toxins.

Don’t just take Christine’s word for it; the scientific evidence speaks for itself. “We can do a test and you can see for yourself if you’d like?” asked Christine, before we began the detox.

“Why not!” I said. Afterall, what better way to determine a treatment’s efficacy than with a scientific experiment?

We decided to do a urine pH test before the detox and then another pH test after the  detox to compare the results. My first pH test showed to be more on the acidic side of normal. I was ready to see if this detox would really change my pH level in just 30 minutes.

The main point of these foot detoxes is to make the body’s pH more “alkaline,”                  but what exactly is the importance of being alkaline?

An alkaline body is crucial to a person’s health. Diseases thrive in an acidic environment. So basically, the less acidic your body is and the more alkaline, the less prone you are to contracting a disease, such as osteoporosis or cancer, according to Christine.

The Center for Disease Control reports that up to 85% of all illness are caused by toxins and pollutants in our bodies. The human body functions best when the ions are balanced at 80% negative and 20% positive. So how do we achieve this?

What we put into our body, such as the foods we consume, have either acidic or alkalizing properties.  Check out the food charts for yourself here.  The more of the higher alkaline foods you can incorporate into your diet the better. An ionic detox, helps to facilitate the alkalization process through the process of ionization, which removes “free radicals” from the body.

How do ionic foot detoxes fit into Chinese medicine?

Traditionally, we think of acupuncture and herbal medicine as being the main components of Chinese medicine.  However,  These ionic foot detoxes we see today are a more modern invention, but magnetism itself has been used to accompany traditional Chinese methods medicinally in China for over 2,000 years.

Acupuncturists use a variety of modern tools now adays, that weren’t invented yet back     in ancient Chinese times. Tools besides the ionic detox machine, such as the electrical stimulation machine work to accompany acupuncture. Both of these tools work with acupuncture to clear heat in the body.

“Every physician has a set of tools in his/her tool bag; sometimes you have to branch out to find more tools,” said Christine.

So, the crucial question: Did it work?

The pH test says: Yes! My post detox pH levels were right in the middle of the spectrum, as they should be, and noticeably more alkaline than before the detox. Christine says that the detox continues to alkalize the body up to 48 hours after the treatment, via urination and sweat, which is an added benefit. One should not eat/drink acidic foods after a treatment, to help better facilitate the detox process.

It’s important to aid in your body’s alkalizing process. “You can’t just come in and ‘get fixed’. You have to take ownership in your health. The work I do with a patient has to be part of a team effort,” Christine said, which is why the food alkalinity chart is so important. Christine suggests bringing it to the grocery store with you to help in purchasing alkalizing foods.

Other scientifically measured effects of this detox, besides alkalization, are lower blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol levels.

Is the ionic detox good for anybody?

Yes! Most people can benefit from an ionic detox. It is especially good for those suffering from GI disorders, skin conditions, fungal or yeast infections, and cancer.

The ionic detox is contraindicated for those who have a pacemaker and open sores or lesions on his/her feet. People with Diabetes Type I should use this therapy with precaution.

The benefit of this form of detox is that it is,  “gentle and safe,  and not compromising because it bypasses the gastro-intestinal system,”  Christine said.  The detox also works   well when accompanied with acupuncture, to stimulate blood flow, in treating peripheral neuropathy.

The best time to detox for people who are not suffering a specific ailment is during the transitional seasons: Spring and Fall.

http://www.pacificcollege.edu/news/blog/2015/04/24/ionic-foot-detox-fact-or-mythChristine Adamo is a board certified Oriental medical physician in the state of California. She practices various forms of Eastern medicine including herbal medicine, nutrition, natural supplementation, acupuncture, and detoxification.  She is a graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. Her passion is in integrative oncology, providing specialized care for patients with cancer.


Find Christine on her website: www.EastWestIntegrativeMedicine.com

Find her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/eastwestimed

If you’re interested in delving deeper into topics like alternative and traditional Chinese medicine,
learn about becoming a student in one of PCOM’s acupuncture, massage therapy or holistic nursing programs.
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Laetrile–Cancer Treatment used Sucessfully by Dr Carl O Helvie 33 years ago when he was given 6 months to live.

Although Laetrile has been a very a successful, non- invasive and non-debilitating treatment for cancer for many years it has mainly been ban from the United States by      the powerful drug companies and FDA. It is a simple and inexpensive treatment that is still available in a few areas of the United States and in Mexico.

In my case I used Laetrile when my doctor said I would be dead in 6 months.

Consequently, with that prognosis I decided not to subject myself to chemotherapy and surgery that would lead to pain, expense, and debilitation in what the doctors said would be my remaining days. However, the treatment was successful and I am alive and healthy 33 years later.

Laetrile is also called vitamin B17 and is found in differing amounts in many foods such    as lima beans,  bean sprouts,  berries,  nuts such as cashew  and macadamia,  some seeds    and grains. Apricot kernels are one of the best sources and 33 years ago these were readily available at Health Food Stores but today these have also primarily been eliminated from the United States.

The theory behind the use of Vitamin B17, Amygdalin or Laetrile is that it is a nutritional deficiency in Cancer patients and this theory was developed from research by Dr Ernest T. Krebs, Sr. who was   a prominent physician and researcher.  One discussion of this theory for the interested reader can be found in Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work by Tanya Harter Pierce which was just published.

In my case as discussed on the Holistic Health Show last Saturday (and later on my website) I used a variety of physical, mental and spiritual interventions to supplement     the Laetrile. Today there are additional interventions supplementing this intervention as discussed by Dr Eslinger. From a discussion with Tanya Harter Pierce who will be on this show in a few weeks it is possible that Laetrile is not as effective by itself as it was 33 years ago because of the depletion of nutrients in the soil and other changes in our environment. Or it may be that these other interventions better facilitate the utilization of the Laetrile. Regardless, laetrile continues to be a successful treatment for many types of cancer-listen to the interview with Dr Eslinger or read the chapter with case histories in Outsmart Your Cancer as two examples.

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One Response to “Laetrile–Cancer Treatment used Sucessfully by Dr Carl O Helvie    33 years ago when he was given 6 months to live.”     http://cancercompassalternateroute.com/therapies/vitamin-b17-laetrile/ 


#B17 for cancer  Sandi Rog  😉

 My interview with Klaus Pertl (partner of Lothar Hirneise who wrote Chemo Cures Cancer and the World is Flat ) in Germany who you referred to me will be broadcast Saturday. I can put a link on your page if you want.  ALSO,  Lothar visited over 100 cancer centers and based their cancer center on those experiences as well as 4 years with  Dr Johanna Budwig.   He says most people do not understand how to use the Budwig Diet.  Best, Carl O. Helvie

Klaus Nigel Pertl (German-Canadian) was born in 1960 in Canada. One year later he moved to Germany where he was raised and where his formal education started. Initially trained as a Banker, he worked in…
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  Ivelisse Page  is a young and vibrant wife and mother of four. She is also a stage 4 colon cancer survivor. Her journey begins long before her diagnosis. Her father died of colon cancer when he was in his late thirties.

She knew that family history put her at higher risk of developing colon cancer at a young age and was diligent about getting regular colonoscopies, eating organic and exercising. Despite this, she developed colon cancer more than a year before she was due for her next colonoscopy. She was just 37.

A week after diagnosis, Ivelisse had 15 inches of her colon removed along with 28 lymph nodes. The pathology report would later show that the tumor had perforated the colon wall and that the cancer was present in one of the 28 lymph nodes, “a very good sign” according to the doctors.

Obviously the presence of cancer outside the colon wall necessitated further treatment. Jimmy and Ivelisse  consulted a variety of doctors,  did much reading and research,  and bathed the whole process in prayer. They concluded that conventional chemotherapy did not offer the best success rate. In her case chemotherapy would only increase her survival rate by only 10-13%. Instead they chose a complementary and alternative approach. Surprisingly, her oncologist agreed to continue to monitor her despite refusing chemotherapy.

Ivelisse was about a week into her immune therapy when she went in for her 5 week post operation appointment. Her oncologist gave them the shocking news that the cancer had spread to her liver. This put her at stage IV colon cancer. Ivelisse went in for surgery once again to remove the tumor. They removed about 20% of her liver. After surgery, Ivelisse began her prescribed protocol by her complementary and alternative doctor which included daily alternating injections of mistletoe and thymus, cimetidine, homeopathic remedies and additional supplements. Ivelisse beat the 8% survival rate of stage IV colon cancer and is completely cancer free today! She is still following her protocol under the care of her complementary and alternative doctor, and monitored by her oncologist, GI doctor and OBGYN.   http://believebig.org/ivelisses-story/

 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.
Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord
your God will be with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1:9 NIV
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I AM With this Rainbow 🌈.

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Dr. Caroline Leaf. She’s a neurologist (I think) who is a brain expert. Her books are terrific, and she talks about how changing our thoughts literally desires our brains            and changes our lives.
  Change your thoughts and your world will be forever changed!!!
German New Medicine was discovered by German internist Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer, who, for the last twenty years, has provided us with ground-breaking empirical research about the origin, development and healing of diseases. To understand the true nature of breast cancer, I will first introduce you to the basic principles of German New Medicine.
What Dr. Hamer found … was that every disease starts … with a shock experience that         catches us completely off guard. He called such an unexpected event DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome), named after his son Dirk whose sudden tragic death initiated Dr. Hamer’s own cancer.

Such an unanticipated event doesn’t always have to be spectacular. It can simply be triggered when we failed an important exam or when somebody hits us with a harsh remark. It is important to understand that a DHS differs greatly from a psychological problem.

A DHS is a biological event that not only occurs in the psyche but simultaneously in the brain and on an organ. At the very moment we suffer a DHS the conflict shock impacts a specific brain area causing a lesion that is clearly visible on a brain scan as a set of sharp target rings.

Since each area in our brain is connected to a particular organ, the location of the brain lesion determines which organ will be affected. In other words: specific biological conflicts cause specific physical responses in the body, such as cancer, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, etc. Based on our knowledge of the evolution of man, Dr. Hamer discovered that these responses were programmed into our brain as a result of a biological adaptation process that took place over millions of years.

Since every human being is born with these age-old programs, German New Medicine refers to them as “Special Meaningful Biological Programs of Nature”, in clear opposition to the term “disease” which implies a disorder and malfunction of the organism. According to Dr. Hamer’s findings, every Biological Program (“disease”) runs in two phases provided that there is a resolution to the conflict. Let me illustrate this two-phased development with the example of breast cancer.
Let’s say, a woman is walking on the sidewalk with her child. Suddenly, the child runs into the street and is struck by a car. Naturally, the mother is in total panic. She suffers, in biological terms, a “mother-child-worry-conflict” and instantly the Special Biological Program for this particular conflict is switched on. With the conflict shock she enters the first phase, the conflict active phase, with very definite symptoms: mentally, she is totally preoccupied with what happened, she can’t sleep, she can’t eat, her hands and feet are cold – that’s why the conflict active phase is also called the COLD phase. If the woman is right-handed, the conflict will impact in the right side of the cerebellum (old brain) in the area that controls the breast glands in her left breast.
If the “worry-conflict” would be over a partner the right breast would suffer the consequences. With left-handed women it is reversed. Since the brain plays such an integral part in German New Medicine, laterality is a decisive factor. At the moment when the conflict impacts in the brain, the affected brain cells send a command to the corresponding body cells to stimulate the production of specialized breast gland cells to produce more milk for the ailing child.
Even if the woman is not breast feeding the event still triggers the onset of this response as it has been doing so over millions of years. As long as the mother is conflict active the breast cells will keep multiplying, forming a “glandular breast tumor”. By systematically analyzing hundreds of brain scans of patients with breast cancer, Dr. Hamer clearly established that cancer of the breast glands always has to do with worries or arguments within what a woman considers to be her “nest”, e.g. her home, her children, her partner, her pet, her workplace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zYWtzq4XBk
Image result for the greater your storm the brighter your rainbow GIF

With the resolution of the conflict, when the child is well again, the second phase begins. In the healing phase the woman will be very tired, her appetite will return, her hands and feet will become warm again – that’s why the healing phase is also called the WARM phase. Unfortunately this is also the phase in which a patient develops inflammation, fever, infection and might suffer considerable pain. In the organ we also see an instant change: with the child being safe and sound, there is no reason to produce more of these precious breast gland cells. The tumor will immediately stop growing and the now superfluous cells will be decomposed with the help of special bacteria that are on standby for exactly that task.

Since microbes are so indispensable for our survival, their different assignments were   also programmed into the brain that now controls their many activities in our body. German New Medicine refutes the standard view that microbes are our enemies that        are out to destroy us. On the contrary, given the purposeful co-existence of man and microbes, microbes are identified as our loyal helpers that maintain our organs and            our tissues.

While the glands of the breasts are affected when a woman suffers a “mother-child-nest-conflict”, the milk ducts will react when she encounters a separation conflict, for example if her child, or her mother, or her partner was “torn from her breast”. Since the milk ducts are controlled by the sensory cortex in the cerebrum (new brain),  the tissue will respond differently: during the conflict active phase, where the milk canals show small ulcers with the biological purpose to widen the diameter of the ducts to aid the discharge of milk that is  no longer required.

As soon as the conflict is resolved the ulcerated tissue will be replenished. Conventional oncology calls this cell proliferation that occurs during the healing phase an “intra-ductal carcinoma”. German New Medicine offers a different view. After having carefully observed Nature’s biological laws for more than two decades, Dr. Hamer can assure us that such a “healing tumor” is a harmless lump that will slowly degrade during the healing process.

© 2006 by Caroline Markolin, Ph.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv9JRgBHOM0    🙋🙈😛😘 
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Stress is a part of life. You feel it when you’re preparing for the holidays, stuck in traffic, worrying about a friend’s health. While a little stress is nothing to fret about, the kind of intense worry that lingers for weeks or months may make it hard for you to stay healthy.

“Stress has a profound impact on how your body’s systems function,” says Lorenzo   Cohen, Ph.D.,  professor of General Oncology and Behavioral Science,  and director of      the Integrative Medicine Program at MD Anderson. Health experts are still sorting out whether stress actually causes cancer. Yet there’s little doubt that it promotes the growth and spread of some forms of the disease. Put simply, “stress makes your body more hospitable to cancer,” Cohen says.

Not all stress is equally harmful

There are two different types of stress, and only one seems to be really bad for your health, says Anil K. Sood, M.D., professor of Gynecologic Oncology and Reproductive Medicine at MD Anderson.

Short-term or acute stress, like the type you might feel before giving a speech or fighting holiday shopping crowds,  tends to subside as soon as the event passes.  “It’s stress that comes from situations you know you can manage or will be over at some set time,” Cohen says.

But long-term or chronic stress is more damaging. That type of stress springs from situations that last many weeks or months with no definite end point. “Caring for a sick loved one or dealing with a long stint of unemployment are common causes of chronic stress,” Cohen says.

This type of no-end-in-sight stress can weaken your immune system, leaving you prone    to diseases like cancer.  It will also ups your risk for digestive problems and depression. “Chronic stress also can help cancer grow and spread in a number of ways,” Sood says.

Stress hormones can inhibit a process called anoikis, which kills diseased cells and prevents them from spreading, Sood says. Chronic stress also increases the production     of certain growth factors that increase your blood supply. This can also speed up the development of cancerous tumors, he adds.

Find healthy ways to manage stress

What can you do about stress? Removing the cause is the clear answer. But that’s not always possible when it comes to the types of things that cause chronic stress, Cohen says.

Even if you can’t rid yourself of the source of your stress, you can learn to manage it.

This can help you keep a lid on chronic stress. It also can help you prevent minor sources of stress from lingering to a point where they’re affecting your health. Below, Cohen shares stress-reducing strategies.

Talk to a professional

A psychiatrist or psychologist can teach you healthy ways to manage your stress.

Strategies may include talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). These can help your brain uncover the connections between your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. “CBT can provide you with mental tools to manage the types of worry and anxiety that screw up your immune system and increase your disease risks,” Cohen says.

Practice meditation or yoga

Mindfulness meditation and yoga have been proven to combat stress. These movement-based activities give your mind a break from stress. They also can improve your mood   and quality of life.

Aim for at least two 20-minute periods a day of meditation or any similar relaxation techniques, Cohen says. That time shouldn’t include stimulating activities like watching television. “Sit quietly and try to keep your mind off any concerns. Think about visiting your favorite vacation spot or a quiet, safe place like your garden.”

Mediation and yoga also can help your brain soften the links between your thoughts,     your emotions and unhealthy biological changes, he says. Put simply, these practices dampen your brain and body’s reactions to stressful events.

Get adequate sleep

“Getting eight hours of sleep each night is a great defense against stress,” Cohen says. Why? A full night of sleep is essential to proper immune function. It also affects your mood, memory and ability to focus, experts say. Sticking to a regular sleep schedule, avoiding TV in bed and exercising regularly can all help you sleep more soundly.

Take stress seriously

It’s important to understand the negative consequences of stress, especially when it   comes to your cancer risks. “Chronic stress is not something anyone in our society    should take lightly,” Cohen says.

If you feel crankier than usual, you don’t have the energy you once had or you’re     sleeping poorly, all of those could be signs of stress, Cohen says. Take steps to fix            your problem before it affects your health in more serious ways.

Welcome to the world of Biological Medicine - We treat the whole person, not just the symptoms

Modern medicine has many triumphs, but its treatments for chronic and degenerative disease are not among them. Reliance on conventional drugs, surgery and radiation does little to address the causes of the condition, with the result that treatment too often only slows the progression of the disease – sometimes with very little benefit – and too often at   a terrible cost in quality of life for the patient.

Here at Paracelsus, we take a very different approach, relying instead on our ability to reinvigorate the body’s own life forces, which include its ability to heal and regenerate.    We call this practice “Biological Medicine.”

Its methods arise from the distinct medical tradition of Switzerland and Southern Germany, which in the 500 years since the experiments of the original Paracelsus          have evolved a more holistic and natural science of health.

Biological Medicine focuses on the body as a whole, instead of just treating symptoms,     to determine why you are ill. We use the techniques of Biological Medicine to uncover the true causes of an illness so we can provide a comprehensive wellness solution. This is not simply a way to alleviate symptoms, but an approach that understands the way the body   is supposed to function and restores the body to equilibrium, thereby ending symptoms and optimizing health.

At Paracelsus, we have been practicing Biological Medicine… for over 50 years in a comprehensive wellness center located just east of Zürich. It is a place where people     come to be made whole again – also where they find the support their bodies need to     detoxify, strengthen their digestion, and build a healthy immune system, and all are     cornerstones to maximizing healing and maintaining health.

And Biological Medicine isn’t just for those battling a chronic illness. We have many programs aimed at prevention and aging well. The basic fundamentals of our approach can help you ward off a host of medical conditions, and also ensure you enjoy all of your  golden years to their fullest.

In our clinic we are not miracle workers, but we see miracles nearly every day. Patients who were given only a year to live a decade ago and are now thriving. Patients who came  to us in wheelchairs who now enjoy dancing. Patients who have rediscovered their joy of living along with their newfound health.

For over 50 years, we have treated such people at Paracelsus, real people who have changed their lives with our help. This is very gratifying work that I am fortunate to share with a remarkable group of nearly a hundred doctors, therapists and staff in our clinic in Switzerland. I invite you to use this website to learn if we can help you, too.

Thomas Rau, MD

Interested in learning how we can help you or your loved one?

The American Center For Biological Medicine 9312 E. Raintree Drive Scottsdale, Arizona 85260. United States (US) (888) 982-2260 info@thebiomedcenter.com   https://thebiomedcenter.com/what-is-biological-medicine/

🙋🙈😛😘  https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/living-with-cancer-8-things/

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 I am with this rainbow 🌈.

Preview  The Eva Cassidy Story – on ABC Nightline

The Eva Cassidy Story – on ABC Nightline

Preview  Eva Cassidy – Over The Rainbow

Eva Cassidy – Over The Rainbow
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The World In Front of Me

No automatic alt text available.                                         Sometimes you gotta quit thinking so much.

   If it feels right, it probably is.

         So just go with it!!!!” 



MATTHEW 22:37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

Dr. Robert Lanza is the man. His stem cell research is ahead of anyone else. Then there      is “Biocentrism”,  Consciousness is the answer. The double slit experiment screams out, look at me, figure out why this is so. And if we can, I think we will jump light years ahead.
I do not care if the interviewer agrees with Lanza or not, but it would have been nice if he at least understood what the was trying to say.
Lanza for his part doesn’t seem to know how to explain things in a way the interviewer         can grasp though I think he is actually being clear.  He is saying the big bang is only an extrapolation based on the way we think, the logic of which totally breaks down when         you go all the way back,  and I have to assume he is saying that,  therefore,  wasn’t an actual event.
The interviewer himself says that before the big bang there was no matter so there was no time, parroting the view of our present paradigm. But then he insists the “moment” before the big bang is an important question.  I wanted to grab him by the ears and say, dude, you just said there was no time before the big bang so how can there be a moment before the big bang?  When you are talking moments you are talking about time, and that is what Lanza is saying; the logic of the old paradigm totally breaks down if you run it back to its supposed beginning.
  Lanza is saying neither our minds nor our languages are smoothly up to the task of dealing with reality at anything but the Newtonian physics level, the world we live in as animal beings.  The rules and logic we operate on at that level are not reality but mental constructs, most basically space and time.  Space and time are not things “out there.”         They have no existence apart from being tools of our minds, hence we create space and time.
This is simply the mode in which we express our experience.  It isn’t “the reality.”
  We are taking some of the evidence we see and forcing into these limited constructs,      extrapolating back by the logic of those constructs we arrive at the big bang.  That’s the only way to come to the big bang theory, but if so then the big bang was not an actual happening but merely a deduction of certain bits of evidence from the perspective of the prevailing paradigm.
 I say based on certain “bits” on information because you have to ignore other bits of information to make the present paradigm hold water, such as those that come from the experiments Lanza mentions in which things happen that contradict the logic of the present paradigm.  The way physicists have tried to escape these contradictions is to say, well there is really two sets of scientific laws both of which are true though the contradict each other.  Lanza is saying no, that is nonsense.  There is only one reality so one of them isn’t reality, and he is saying it is the one based on space and time as things out there.
  He is proposing that what the evidence suggests is that a theory of everything not be sought on stuff based physics because essentially it has already proven itself to be wrong if we care to notice these other bits of information.  He is proposing a new paradigm based on life and consciousness, which this information is suggesting. I think it is an important thought and a step in the right direction.  Lanza is in the unenviable situation of having explain to others concepts that he himself is struggling to express.  This way of thinking is in its infancy.  We lack the language to express ideas that are as yet foreign to our present way of thinking.
 We lack the reference points needed to understand more fully.  The reasons this path needs to be explored I think are quite clear.  It is going to be a difficult path.  Here we feel like strangers in a strange land. Lanza avoids, rightly so I think, dealing with how this impacts ideas about God in biocentrism, but if life and conscious is that which all other things arise, then the idea of a super being, a super consciousness is certainly not out of the question.
 In my own thinking that is were I have been for some time; that we are part of that consciousness and that as a whole that consciousness is self aware be definition, and if you want to call it God, then I have no objection, though I would hesitate to connect the concepts of any religion with that being, though certainly some spiritual concepts up around which religions grew may certainly aid in our understanding if only by analogy.
 Whether or not we see true reality clearly or not, it must be true that it is all around us, and as we ourselves are conscious, living beings that we might glimpse pieces of it and have our thoughts influenced by it seem unavoidable. I certainly think Lanza is right about one thing (and likely many): the idea that the consciousness we are ends at death is absolutely absurd.
 Anthony Terry the chemical compound for empathy is serotonin and theres other cells that cause mirror image connections in the brain which in turn cause people to feel what they are seeing in others.. They find in serial killers that most of the time they lack empathy, as a result of extremely low levels of serotonin .. I personally believe serotonin and endorphins cause morality or humanity.. Personally, I have no empathy..at all..I feel nothing, never have,maybe never will, without use of drugs.. but when I dis take m.d.m.a it caused a flood of the chemicals I lack(,serotonin,endorphins) causing me to feel things for the first time ever, empathy being the main feeling I had.. I do believe chemicals are the reason for why we feel anything at all.. An evolutionary trait to stop us from killing off one another and causing us to instead work together to thrive.. Nature changed from survival of the fittest, to everyone works together to achieve the common goal of survival. All this, just by evolving a chemical into the human brain.

 So, this also means the dinosaurs weren’t actually there until a conscious being found their bones, which weren’t actually there either. Does that mean that the conscious being made up the bones and decided there were dinosaurs?

There’s no compelling evidence of a big bang, and complexity theory says there’s no way we’ll ever know. Per Halton Arp’s work, red shift indicates youth, not distance, though most distant objects are seen in their youth. So there probably is no inflation at all. And big bang hangs entirely on inflation, and of course a miracle, where “nothing exploded”.

Kaku’s latest book is The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind (http://goo.gl/kGrVaR).

The Universe in a Nutshell: The Physics of Everything
Michio Kaku, Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics at CUNY

What if we could find one single equation that explains every force in the universe?         Dr. Michio Kaku explores how physicists may shrink the science of the Big Bang into an equation as small as Einstein’s “e=mc^2.”  Thanks to advances in string theory,  physics may allow us to escape the heat death of the universe, explore the multiverse, and unlock the secrets of existence. While firing up our imaginations about the future, Kaku also presents a succinct history of physics and makes a compelling case for why physics is the key to pretty much everything..  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NbBjNiw4tk 

What I really don’t understand is why, if consciousness is the center of everything (that is, us and other animals), why are the creators of physical reality stranded on earth? Why is the universe so inimical to our survival? Why are there so many inhabitable planets, etc.?
I think the key factor of what Lanza is explaining about Biocentrism is that the matter        of the moments before the big bang was the correlation between the creation of this universe and a universe before us. I recently read an article notifying that the MU-theory (multi-universe) now holds up with concrete evidence. Now for what I believe Lanza tries to explain is the just as the universe expands in formation couldn’t another universe do the same once it’s end reaches. And as the old metaphysical and philosophical thought is they something cannot be created without a thought of it and to then craft.
These may apply to a living universe (consciousness/universe possessing life) have to expand to create more space. In doing so it reaches and end to a new thought/edge of space, so it expands by creating a new one. The thought for me came when I looked into Thermodynamics and saw how the laws apply to the outlook on God/consciousness/ universe, are possibly relative.
 There could be a infinite universe that started all others but it is of living form. Though      to make more room it expands; another science subject I read was that these German physicists were studying an atom in which while doing so discovered the atom was “aware” of them watching and calculating. (Don’t take that as it was talking and eating either), but interesting as that is, I also found the plants react to environments along with genetics.
 This being said I am trying to explain that there are discoveries showing all that we say do not possess a consciousness or intelligence have been shown to posses some. This is more than likely over looked. I believe the academia schools must get out of their comfort zones and understand that we must focus on a big picture instead of reminiscing on old subjects. So yes I believe biocentrism is true to the science. There are numerous of studies that hold many contradictions but are overlooked.
 If I had a computer to show you links I would, but mobile use is unable to use it. Hope I gave a well synopsis, I would more than certainly like to help explain more. But for now I’m going to keep studying on what I need to know more on physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, anthropology, and metaphysics.
Inline with this footage, it seems the difficulty arise in the acceptability of the idea where this ‘conscious’ stands? There is a ‘reality’  cloaking_this_phenomenal_material_body of 135 chemical elements(as per present level of observation and experience–yes Science). As long as this ‘reality’ put our physical body on, physical body remains active and ‘express’ all emotions, satis_factions, e.g.,love, anger, starvation, appreciation, despise to name a few.
 When this ‘reality’ put physical body off ( exactly the same way as we put on/off our garments), nothing left in material body. All perception/conscious or whatever we name it….is simply disconnected. Can anyone guess any state in normal living life style, where we experience the temporarily disconnection of  this ‘reality’ with the physical body? that is when body stop acting/reacting to any thought?
 Asleep is one state where every individual go through this experience. Interestingly every individual live about 50% of their life in this state and learn nothing about this state, even never question it…. why?  Just like the way we are taught and learn  to live in a wakening state.
Everything is the same energy, This energy is what is always happening. This one energy can appear as two, it can appear as a me that is here and a you over there. It can appear to have an experience in which it experiences itself as a separate entity or as an individual person which tries to know and understand things. It pretends to be a person who can make choices and has views and opinions, and is also living on a plant called earth. It can also appears to know the difference between right and wrong and out that it then goes on constructing an artificial reality believing that what it observes is real including thoughts and emotions.
  In a way it’s playing a game of separation in which everything appears separate from the one source. Because believing that we are separate is deeply unsatisfying we are always seeking wholeness in one way or another. But when there is no you or I, all there is, is wholeness. It is an infinite mystery that can never be worked out or attained. The only thing that gets in the way of what is longed for is the energy of “I am a separate person that is separate from everything else.
Ramana Maharshi understood all of this via his direct experience. He taught that all of us can gain the same experience/understanding by delving into our own consciousness. The way is to investigate the silence of the space between thoughts. This /communication/ between quantum particles and every 3rd dimensional object in our reality is a “4th dimensional spime” constructed of infinity compacted plank frames that stretches from the beginning of the big bang through the 5th dimensional plane of infinite probability factors and parallel realities.
Our reality or perception/consciousness is /decided/ or experienced somewhere between theses two dimensions. Our consciousness is a confluence and product of a 10D reality that is fully capable of violating linear causality and, as mentioned, on the quantum level, even capable of temporal retroactivity. True Story folks…. and much more eloquently and coherently explained by Rob Bryanton.
31:00 the conversation has me thinking:  As dinosaurs began to sprout feathers millions of “years” ago,to eventually evolve & leave the ground in flight as we see today – so we, as humans may evolve to command time & space from within ~ outward. Certainly, this could happen.
Between 1963 to 1984 the north american psychic medium, Jane Roberts channeled an “energy personality essence” who was called Seth. The Seth Material describes soundly and elegantly all what biocentrism propose and much more. I very recommend it to those who want to understand the nature of reality and our role in it.
Logic didn’t exist until we did, so to think of a logical time before the brain is illogical.
  We cannot experience our own reality unless that there is an observer.  Truth can only be know when we allow ourself to be removed from the discussion. Truth is nothing more than a consensus.  A true objective reality is very hard to prove; it seems critical in its application to scientific thought, but a greater understanding of the nature of existence cant exclude subjective, sentience, experience and perspective.  Yes, as humans we all share the same consciousness. But what people don’t understand is Robert is referring to ALL life on Earth, that is why you see fossils as that was life that came before humans, but even dinosaurs had consciousness as well.
Well, it may seem so. But “we are all the same”? Certainly not. “The same” means identical. And that is not the case. Observation tells us that there are in fact differences and there are similarities. What we all have in common, humans that is, are destructive impulses. Only in that respect are we “all the same”. Look around and convince yourself whether this is true or not.
And in answer to your question, “how come we all see the same things”, the simple answer is AGREEMENT. Reality comes about by agreement. We all, or life for that matter, agrees that things are perceived a certain way which brings about the reality we all see. It is not conscious process, mostly so. But that, in short, is about the underlying principle.
I would like to see Dr Lanza sit down with Mehran Keshe and see who has a better understanding of things in this regard.
The point of consciousness evolution is to lower the entropy thru experience and love INFORMATION IS NON PHISICAL AND SUBJECTIVE AS CONCIOUSNESS IS NON PHISICAL AND SUBJECTIVE. IT IS THE COMPUTER. INFORMATION IS THE MEANING. It takes consciousness to process the information. EMOTIONS ARE THE FEEDBACK MACHANISM FOR CONCIOUSNESS. Prayer is your focused intent that changes your future probability. God, Jesus, Buddah, Mohammed, Babaji are just interpretations of the LCS larger consciousness system. Sounds like blank cheque isn’t it?… mmmmm lrt me think… I am not completely sold on Metaphysics.
The non physical realities cannot be proven scientifically with 3D tools because they are not part of this reality. Subset cannot define a larger superset. Same what Thomas Campbell says too. To measure it, you have to go there thru personal experience. The ultimate theory of relativity is every reference frame is relative and solid in your reality. That is why dreams seem so real. Depending where you are that is your ‘solid” reality or objective. There is not fundamental objective reality, is all relative. The only fundamental reality is ONLY consciousness. squirrel in the tree analogy makes me think about Robert Lanza on Biocentrism. Listen to Thomas Campbell that has same analogy. Tom Campbell in Calgary: Theory of MBT (Sat) 2/3

 Preview YouTube video Robert Lanza on Consciousness (COMPLETE)

Robert Lanza on Consciousness (COMPLETE)
Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie
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The Ultimate Q&A of Life


Reasons Why 42 May Actually Be the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything Else !!!

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 The Great Question  is never explicitly stated either, which makes perfect sense in           this context as well.  It is very easy to talk about the existence of a Great Question,            the answer to which contains understanding of Life, the Universe, and Everything,          but it is  impossible to formulate such a question or even suggest what it might be     without sounding silly.

 Humanity is capable of amazing feats of intelligence, but we probably don’t posess           the intellectual chops to distill the universe down to a single question, nor to interpret       the “infinte majesty” of the answer even if it were so simple as “42”.
What the number 42 really represents is the inability of the human race to ever truly understand the “Answer” or even really formulate “The Great Question” if there ever          was to be just one. What Adams does … is deliver that misunderstanding in way that            can be immediately processed and remarked upon.
When it comes to speculation I tend to think something similar.
 It’s an idea that I’ve been playing around with for sometime.
 Consciousness can be broken down into quanta, one moment of conscious thought lasts for 0.042 seconds. I wouldn’t be surprised if what we were seeing was the manifestation     of matter in its most basic it’s simplest form.
    When you factor in time being individual packets of 0.042secs you can rule out time flowing in any way. See as long as what’s encoded in that 0.042 is every memory needed     to make the next in the sequence of experience,  “what we feel as time moving forward” seem perfect then despite our hard wired views of time and for all we know each moment exists at the same time.
 If this is true then I think what we are seeing in experiment is the illusion of free will    play out, infinities are strange, and i’m probably already very wrong but if I was to have a bet, each possible 00.42 already exists, think of every 00.42 you’ve ever had or ever could have and then think of every possible 00.42 you could of had instead.
Free will seems to be the part of consciousness that interacts with the wave function.
Until you decide to do something the wave function is just that a probability wave, the moment you decide to do something the wave function essentially hands you everything encoded in your next 00.42.   So in life … if our brain receives a conscious thought every 00.42 of second can these thought become disorganized with the meaning of life and cause dis~ease.

What the number 42 really represents is the inability of the human race to ever truly understand the “Answer” or even really formulate “The Great Question” if there ever      was to be just one. What Adams does …is deliver that nonunderstanding in way that           can be immediately processed and remarked upon.

 The Great Question is never explicitly stated either, which makes perfect sense in           this context as well. It is very easy to talk about the existence of a Great Question, the answer to which contains understanding of Life, the Universe, and Everything, but it is nigh impossible to formulate such a question or even suggest what it might be without sounding silly.
 Humanity is capable of amazing feats, however, we probably don’t posess the intellectual chops to distill the universe down to a single question, nor to interpret the “infinte majesty” of the answer even if it were so simple as “42”.

#42 simultaneously represents the elegant simplicity of the universe, and the infinite complexity that is beyond human understanding.

 “Two physical constants in the universe are the speed of light and the diameter of a proton. It takes light 10 to the minus 42nd power seconds to cross the diameter of a proton.”   Google says so. 

The most common definitions of meaning in life involves three components.  First, Reker and Wong  defined personal meaning as the   “cognizance of order, coherence and purpose in one’s existence, the pursuit and attainment of worthwhile goals, and an accompanying sense of fulfillment” . Recently, Martela and Steger have defined meaning as coherence, purpose, and significance. In contrast, Wong has proposed a four-component solution to the question of meaning in life. The four (4) components are purpose, understanding, responsibility, and enjoyment (PURE):

  1. You need to choose a worthy purpose or a significant life goal.
  2. You need to have sufficient understanding of who you are, what life demands of us, and how you can play a significant role in life.
  3. You and you alone are responsible for deciding what kind of life you want to live,      and what constitutes a significant and worthwhile life goal.
  4. You will enjoy a deep sense of significance and satisfaction only when you have exercised your responsibility for self-determination and actively pursue a worthy       life goal.

Thus, a sense of significance permeates every dimension of meaning, rather than stands   as a separate factor.

If a tree falls and nobody is around to hear it does the tree really make a sound!!
***** Our reality is an illusion in every conceivable way. (you know about the theory that the universe is a hologram projecting 4D reality from the edge? there are many, many alternative theories that indicate irrelevance of time) If time is indeed not real, well thats a whole extra area that Ive spent way too much time thinking about. There is no smallest unit of consciousness.
 ***** Conscious thought in you takes longer than a conscious thought in another entity. And the nature of time means that this 0.042 is PURELY subjective, relative to your journey through spacetime. Forget quanta of consciousness. (Although that is interesting I’ve never heard how long thought takes) To find ultimate reality you have to take everything to its most extreme conclusion.
Do you know Anthony Peake’s work? Its a gateway into this sort of stuff. It’s not perfect by any means but there are some very interesting points.
 ***** Photographic memory, dreams that occur in an instant to explain the noise that woke you, the way your brain filters information and gives the conscious you only a select distribution of relative data, and many many more indications tell the story that the conscious mind and the mind that gives you consciousness are 2 entirely different parts of you, both operating on different time scales.
The one that we THINK is us, is basically a moron who see’s nothing next to his more intuitive, learned friend! You are made of electrons, there is no delay in communication between every electron in your entire body and every single other electron in the entire Universe, thats an indisputable fact.
     The conscious thoughts you entertain are only a small part of what it means to be you. But your brain, that you think creates these thoughts is a conduit built out of precisely this material. In reality, We are all connected instantaneously to every possibility its just we don’t have a way to tap into the connection with our conscious mind, dominated as we are by our conscious Left Brain thoughts.  Look into theories about Déjà vu which is a feeling of familiarity,  and déjà vécu (the feeling of having “already lived through” something) is a feeling of recollection.
 You understand about how the conscious mind creates perception I assume if you have studied consciousness (all electromagnetism, electricity and pressure waves). Nothing is real! Light is generated internally in your brain, we don’t see anything that exists beyond the light created by photons hitting atoms and releasing different photons inside our own head.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide follows the story of a hapless human called Arthur Dent, who is saved from Earth’s destruction by aliens with just seconds to spare by his good friend Ford Prefect. Prefect, who Dent at first believes to be human, actually turns out to be an alien working for something called the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — sort of a combination travel guide/Wikipedia for intergalactic travelers roaming about the universe by grabbing rides on passing spacecraft.

Dent and Prefect wind up on a ship stolen by President of the Galaxy Zaphod Beeblebrox. Along with another human runaway and a depressed robot, the crew find themselves in a serious of perilous adventures one after the other and it’s all good fun with a great story that holds up in its own right while also poking a lot of fun at the generally very serious science-fiction genre.

Anyway. In celebration of Hitchhiker’s 35th birthday, here are 35 things you learn from reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “trilogy”:

1. If you’re ever stuck on a question, you know the answer is, of course, just “42.”

2. Forget “Keep Calm and Carry On.” The book teaches this motto: Don’t Panic, written in very friendly letters on the front of the actual Hitchhiker’s Guide.

3. You learn to always know where your towel is, because that thing can save your neck in more ways that you can count.

4. Dolphins are smarter than humans — but they’re still thankful for all that fish.

5. Earth, despite its nuclear weapons, war, bacteria and so on, is really just Mostly Harmless.

6. The secret to understanding all the universe’s languages is putting a tiny creature in your ear called a Babel Fish — and you also know that’s where the online translation service got its name.

7. When you rock out to Radiohead’s Paranoid Android, you know the band was referencing Marvin, the chronically depressed robot with a brain the size of a planet — voiced by Alan Rickman in the 2005 film adaptation.

8. This killer restaurant at the end of the universe.

9. Time is an illusion — and lunchtime doubly so.

10. The universe’s creation made a lot of people very angry and was widely considered a bad move.

11. Anyone who can be elected President shouldn’t be trusted to do the job.

12. If a Vogon ever, ever tries to read poetry to you, you should turn tail and run immediately.

13. Ford Prefect isn’t just the name of a British car.

14. You’re not the only one who could never really get the hang of Thursdays.

15. You can understand that an alien sent to study life on Earth would think cars were the dominant life-form.

16. But not why people spend so much of their lives wearing digital watches.

17. When in a bar in outer space, the best thing to order is a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

18. If somebody suddenly thinks they’re a hedgehog, the best thing you can do is give them a mirror and some pictures of a hedgehog, and they’ll figure it all out soon enough.

19. Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is, to be honest.

20. Mice aren’t actually mice at all. Instead, they’re insanely hypersmart beings from another plane of existence. Also, they’re smarter than dolphins. Who are still smarter than humans.

21. That one can find tea on a spaceship. But it’s not really tea, it’s rather something almost but not entirely unlike tea. (Also, if you count the movies, there’s a tiny lightsaber that toasts bread while you slice it. Handy!)

22. You can spend a year dead to dodge your taxes. Good tip.

23. Sometimes your friends turn into penguins. Or sofas. It’s all a little weird.

24. Every once in a while, it’s absolutely terrific when somebody’s trying to kill you — it means you’re on to something.

25. The only thing that can break the speed of light is bad news.

26. Life is like a grapefruit, and some folks have half one for breakfast.

27. Ships can hang in the sky, but bricks can’t.

28. That you should always, always, always stay abreast of plans posted at your local planning department in Alpha Centauri.

29. That if you ever discover why the universe is here, it could be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

30. And that might’ve already happened.

31. It’s possible to be your own great-great grandfather, if something goes wrong with a contraceptive and a time machine.

32. One of the greatest sources of power in the universe is Restaurant Math. Oh waiter, check please!

33. Anything that happens, happens.

34. You don’t want to go to Heaven with a headache.

35. #42

Preview  42  and  Douglas Adams – Numberphile

42 and Douglas Adams – Numberphile

Life, The Universe and Douglas Adams
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Yoga Therapy Beats The CancerMindset

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Yoga therapy can cure every disease and disorder, even cancer, says a Delhi-based yoga therapist but warns against the mass teaching of yoga – including popular pranayams  like kapalbhati and anulom vilom, saying they “can cause complications”. “Yoga cannot  be universalized … like prescribing a paracetamol tablet,” says Subhash Sharma,  a yoga therapist who spent 19 years in a gurukul in Rajasthan and is also a post-graduate from the Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. 

Sharma told IANS: “People have different physiologies and each person’s response to   yoga is individualistic. Therefore, there can’t be standardisation of yoga for any particular disorder.” Sharma, who describes himself as a pioneering yoga therapist and runs a busy practice in south Delhi, says even a step-by-step book on yoga can be “fatal”. Recounting   a particular case, he says one gentleman had come to him with a problem – he had lost  the sensation of the nerves to the anus that tell us when to pass faeces. “He had learnt     the steps from a book and started practising ‘nauli kriya’, or rotating of the intestines.   This paralysed the nerves to the anus. He did not know when he was passing stools, he would only make out from the bad smell.”

Bhastrika, a popular yogic pranayam that many people do while following an expert on television, can cause asthma, warns Sharma. “In bhastrika pranayam you pump the lungs. It can hyperventilate the lungs and people can also asthma.”  Another popular pranayam, kapalbhati, is “dangerous, especially for women”, he warns. “If kapalbhati is done without ‘bandhas’, or shutting the anus and vagina, and the pressure will fall on the visceral organs (internal organs) and they will be pushed downwards. Women can develop uterus prolapse (where the uterus can sag from its normal position).”

Each of Sharma’s patients is given yoga therapy. While  keeping in mind their body       type and problem.  The patient’s response is monitored closely and changes are made accordingly. Anulom vilom, perceived to be a simple pranayam in which you breathe in through one nostril and breathe out though the other, is also not advisable for all, he says.

“When we force in air from one nostril and exhale from the other, it upsets the respiratory centre of the brain which controls breathing,” he says, adding, “Lots of precautions should be taken before going in for anulom vilom.” Sharma has crowds of people coming to him with all kinds of problems, ranging from arthritis, asthma and blood pressure to cancer and even cases of muscular dystrophy. Sharma says he has cured many cancer cases, including blood cancer, brain cancer and breast cancer.

He recounted the case of a British woman with brain cancer who had undergone surgery and been given three months to live. “It is four years since she has been cured,” he said. Bhavna Singh is full of gratitude to Sharma. Her mother, who was diagnosed with stage 3B cancer of the uterus two years ago, is “doing perfectly fine now” with the disease in remission. Doctors had given her mother 25-30 percent chances of survival. They did chemotherapy and radiotheraphy sessions simultaneously with Sharma’s yoga therapy, which included a diet regimen. “My mother is doing absolutely fine…I’ll give the whole credit to Sharmaji,” Bhavna told IANS, adding that her mother did not lose even a strand of hair despite intensive chemotherapy.

“There is a yogic asana for anything and everything – one only has to have faith and patience,”  says Sharma,  who has worked with cancer patients at All India Institute Of Medical Science AIIMS for many years. Among his many patients is Priya Narayanan, a patient of multiple sclerosis, an auto immune disorder. Priya, a trained Carnatic singer, was doing her PhD in chemistry around 20 years ago when she noticed she was losing the use of her muscles. Many rounds of doctors and hospitals later, and with no hope left, she arrived last year at Sharma’s clinic.

“Priya has begun to show some control over her muscles,” her mother Veda Narayanan told IANS.  According to Sharma, Priya, who cannot walk without help, will be able to walk on her own in three years.

He says true yoga can be practised only by yogis who live aloof from society. Normal, social human beings running the material race suffer from psychosomatic disorders and diseases – and for them therapeutic yoga is the only answer, he says.  Sharma is keen that the Indian government “amalgamate the study of yoga with the study of human physiology – to develop yoga therapists”. “The government should teach yoga and medicine together, and create yoga doctors,” he says.

The Art of Yoga

The reality of the self is to be found not by means of an objective use of the mind, but by a suppression of its activities and penetration beneath the mental strata with which one’s ordinary life and activity conceal his diviner nature. Though the seed of spirit is present in everyone, it is not realized by a person’s consciousness which is too busily engaged with other things. One must undergo a severe discipline before he can achieve the redirection of his consciousness.

The Yoga philosophy urges that the necessary inhibition of mental states is brought about by practice and conquest of desire. While the latter is the result of a life of virtue, the former refers to the effort towards steadiness of thought, which is gained by purificatory action, continence, knowledge and faith. Vairagya or passionlessness is the consciousness of mastery possessed by one who has rid himself of thirst for seen or revealed objects.

Such a one is supremely indifferent to the pleasures of heaven or of earth. In the highest form of Vairagya, where the discernment of the self arises, there is no danger of any subjection to the desire for objects or their qualities. This leads to the ultimate freedom, while the lower form of vairagya, which has a trace of rajas (and so pravrtti) in it, results  in the condition of absorption in prakrti.

The human organism consists of the physical body, the vital dynamism, the psychic principles, and the purusa. The purusa is hidden behind veils of corruptible flesh and restless mind, all of which offer hindrances to the method of Yoga. The close connection    of body and mind is associated with pain,  despondency,  unsteadiness of the body,  and other distractions. Though physical health is not the end of human life, it is still one of its essential conditions. Moreover, the body is the instrument for the expression of spiritual life. So, instead of renouncing the material basis, the Yoga accepts it as part of the spiritual problem.

To overcome the hindrances, the Yoga proposes the eightfold method, consisting of yama ( abstention), niyama (observance), asana (posture), pranayama (regulation of breath), pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), dhyana (fixed attention), dharana (contemplation), and samadhi (concentration). The last three are direct or internal (antaranga) aids, while the first five are indirect or external (bahiranga).

Although all these were originally included in one Yoga scheme, later these were classified as Karma yoga (the system of salvation by work), Bhakti yoga (perfection through devotion to God), Jnana yoga (perfection through wisdom), Raja yoga (training of the mind and its psychic powers) and Hatha yoga ( methods of bodily control, breath regulation and mantra).

The Yoga has developed a system of physiology which relates to (1) nadis (or infinitely small nerves) which traverse the body (more than 700 million in number), (2) psychic centers or cakras, and (3) a hidden energy known as kundalini, said to reside at the base of the spine, which, when aroused, stimulates the cakras to activity. The human body has two main parts, the upper and the lower. The center of the body, in human beings especially, lies at the base of the cerebro-spinal column, which supports and controls the two parts of the body.
The nerves and ganglionic masses of nervous matter are arranged in two great systems, the sympathetic and the cerebro-spinal. The brain and the spinal cord contained within the bony cavity of the skull and the spinal column are the great centers of the cerebro-spinal system. Brahmadanda or Merudanda of Hindu physiology is the spinal column. It is the seat of the nadisusumna, which extends from the muladhara, or root support at the base of the vertebral column to the Sahasrara lying within the cerebral region.
The other four cakras (plexuses) are Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata and Visudha. The spinal column contains three yoganadis of special significance, namely, ida, pingala and susumna. The last is the chief of them. To the right of it pingala, and to its left ida. This nadi has six subtle centers called padmas or cakras (invisible to the senses) that could be experienced through the eyes of Yoga.


Citta is the first product of prakrti and includes intellect, self-consciousness or ego, and mind. It is subject to the three gunas, and undergoes various modifications according to the predominance of the gunas. It is essentially unconscious, though it becomes conscious by the reflection of the self which abides by it. Citta, including the mind, undergoes modifications when it is affected by the objects through the senses. The consciousness of purusa reflected in it leads to the impression that it is the experiencer. Citta is really the spectacle of which the self is by reflection the spectator. Citta, as cause, is all pervading like akasa, and there are as many cittas as there are purusas, since each purusa has a citta connected with it. Yoga does not admit a separate subtle body in which the citta is encased.

It is the aim of the Yoga discipline to turn back the citta to its original status of all-pervading karana-citta, by the suppression of rajas and tamas. The Yogin acquires omniscience when all-pervading state of citta is restored. When it becomes as pure as the purusa itself, the latter is liberated. It is by means of citta that the self (purusa) becomes aware of objects and enters into relation with the world.

Citta exists for the sake of the purusa, who is deeper than thought, feeling and will. It is the reflection of the self acting on it that makes it perceive what is presented to it, because it cannot itself perceive what it sees due to its own unconscious nature. Getting knowledge about an object relates to the modification in the citta, and since citta can undergo only one modification at a time, the self knows only one object at a time. Similarly, two different ideas can not arise simultaneously.

Impressions produced in the citta leave behind certain residues, which are the causes of interests and desires, new births and further experiences. The functionings of citta produce potencies, which, in their turn, cause potencies; so the wheel of samsara goes on perpetually. From these relations passions and desires arise, and the sense of personality is produced. Life in samsara is the outcome of desires and passions.

Deliverance consists in severing the relation of self and citta. The purusa in true nature is merely the spectator of the mind’s activity. When the mind is active, the self seems to experience various conditions, and when mind becomes calm in meditation the self abides in its true form.

Mind is an arena of conflicting forces, which require to be subdued to some unity. There are some desires that seek satisfaction, some vital urges of life, such as those of self-preservation and self-reproduction, which refuse to be easily controlled. The obstacles to concentration are said to be the different forms of misconception (representing the general attitude of life unfavorable to concentration), namely, ignorance (avidya), egoism (asmita), attachment (raga), aversion (dvesa), and clinging to life (abhinivesa). Others, or those obstructing the process of concentration, are sickness, languor, doubt, heedlessness, laziness, worldliness, erroneous perception, and failure to attain concentration and instability in it when attained.

Image result for when you can't find the sunshine be the sunshine quote

Think of this.. What is life?  For you and for all humans,  life = our memories and consciousness.  However,  do we really what life is?  It is what we all collectively defined life to be. So, if our definition of life itself is wrong, don’t you think there is never an end to life? You always exists, whether in a human form, or in the form of a particle.
 These are some things which are pondered upon in some of Hindu scriptures and ancient texts. It is kind of easy for me to think in these lines because we have been brought up thinking about such possibilities. Our ancient texts which are also responsible of various meta sciences like meditation, yoga, pranayama are meant to truly ease a mind into rising to a level of consciousness where it can question, ponder and understand itself…

The universe is filaments of galaxies in all directions with apparently no limit, not a spherical shell of exploded matter. They had no idea about strands of galaxies in 1927 when the Big Bang was proposed (by a priest).

Even a scarier idea then bio-centrism is solipsism. In that idea every conscious being lives in their own private reality and everything they perceive is an illusion. Matter may be nothing more than a mental construct although as sophisticated as it may seem. Somehow that seems more plausible to me although it sounds terrifying if true. How many conscious beings are out there? Who knows? There could be only one perhaps. And maybe that one is YOU.
 Biocentrism, as far as I understand it, is nothing new. this concept has been around forever. Is this not the same as “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”. Eastern yogis/mystics have always told      us  life is an illusion.  Isn’t this the basic concept  of  The Holographic Universe (Micheal Talbot), and What the Bleep Do We Know? Is this not the basis of The Secret…. you create your own reality. ? Maybe it is new to mainstream science,     but certainly not a new concept. Energy is everywhere and within all things. ‘
 In the double slit experiment, the wave collapse happens when a camera observes the experiment. Clearly a camera isn’t conscious. All evidence points to the universe existing billions of years before anyone was around to observe it. If I put a time bomb in your kitchen, it will still detonate and kill you even if no one is observing the kitchen. Your brain generates consciousness, damage it, its ability to perceive the universe is impaired, destroy it, your consciousness ceases to exist.
  Everything is alive and so everything Is observing each other and causing it to collapse We don’t need other people to watch … these experiments are being conducted in vacuums We create a matrix together with waterdrops and organisms in the air and everything around us So we can’t change it and this is so stupid observed by who?
We are contained in awareness, rather than the other way around…our mind too is contained in this awareness.
Lanza has come up with nothing at all new, as anyone who had taken a freshman philosophy college class would know. He is merely rehashing “solipsism,” which has been presented, going back to ancient India and the Hindus, and by the ancient Greeks, more than 2000 years, ago. http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Solipsism
The Universe does exist outside our observation, but only as probability, and since everything is made up of energy then everything is a probability wave existence. Also discussed were the spooky actions at a distance, where a photon was split into two separate entities that have an entanglement property relationship. Showing that there is no space or time these two entities have an instantaneous reactionary relationship. The unobserved twin will switch to whatever its observed twin has become, even if the unobserved twin experienced its double slit experiment before the observed one, thus cancelling out the concepts of ‘before’ or ‘after’.
He seems to say that we would continue to exist after death. Because energy cant   be destroyed, we would continue in some fashion. I just can’t grasp this. While I agree that energy cant be destroyed, I don’t think it is the raw energy it self that gives me self-awareness and the ability to recall memories of past events. We are largely shaped from memories and experiences. Reality is nothing more than a combination of all our collected consciousness creating it.. If we all collective believe red is actually blue than that will be so. ..
Self consciousness is something that emerges out of the void whether we want it or not it seems…lol.
+Onetruekeeper …   If solipsism is reality, imagine how futile it is that we should ever feel self-conscious.
It’s a cold world to live in when you are warm blooded & full of heart and soul. The universe and people like to test me but it’s whatever ; gotta keep moving ! If you don’t like something about your life CHANGE IT. It’s a dog eat dog world. Put yourself before everyone else, always.

Preview  Yoga For Cancer | Healing Yoga | Therapy, Exercise, Workout | Part 1

Yoga For Cancer | Healing Yoga | Therapy, Exercise, Workout | Part 1

Yoga for cancer
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The Future Looks Much Brighter NOW

Teenager Credits Cannabis Oil To Beating Her Brain Cancer

Student With Brain 3 Teenager Credits Cannabis Oil To Beating Her Brain Cancer

Since age six, Taylor Rehmeyer has been battling with ganglioglioma, a rare brain tumor that required her to have radiation treatment.  But according to Taylor and her mother, Karen Owen, it’s cannabis that finally cured her.

  From Radiopaedia.org:



Figure above: cerebellar ganglioglioma. Cross section through the cerebellum.                 Top right of image is the tumor with some involvement on the opposite side.

Gangliogliomas are uncommon low grade (WHO Grade I or II) CNS tumors. They are, however,  the most frequent of the neuronal-glial CNS neoplasms.  Epilepsy seizure activity,  is a common clinical presentation  since this tumor has a typical occurrence in    the temporal lobes, although they have been described in all parts of the central nervous system.


Children and young patients are usually affected, and no gender predominance is     recognized. It accounts for around 2% …of all primary intracranial tumors, and up             to 10% of primary cerebral tumors in children.

Clinical presentation

The most common presentation is with temporal lobe epilepsy, presumably due to           the temporal lobes being a favored location.


Gangliogliomas are composed of two cell populations:

1. ganglion cells (large mature neuronal elements): ganglio-

2. neoplastic glial elements (primarily astrocytic): -glioma

It is the grade of the glial component that determines biological behavior. Dedifferentiation into high grade tumors does occasionally occur, and it is usually           the glial component (into a glioblastoma multiform or GBM). Only rarely is it the   neuronal component (into a neuroblastoma).

They are closely related to gangliocytomas,  which contain essentially only mature      neural ganglion cells, and ganglioneurocytoma which in addition have small mature neoplastic neurons.

[​IMG]                                                     Image of a ganglioglioma (white region).

The above image shows how large these tumors can become.                                         Literally crowding out other brain structures in this case.                                                      Tumor is at 11 o’clock.

Treatment and prognosis


The very best solution for cure is surgery if at all possible. Local resection is the treatment of choice and determines prognosis. In the brain where a reasonable resection margin can be achieved, prognosis is good with at least an 80% five-year survival. In the spinal cord where this is not possible without devastating deficits local recurrence is very common.

If only incomplete resection is achievable, or tumor recurrence occurs then radiotherapy may be of some benefit but will not cure it.

Although considered a low-grade malignancy this tumor is anything but benign.                 It can continue to grow and obliterate brain structures and eventually cause death.

Most importantly is the ability of the surgeon to remove as much tumor as possible            to prevent recurrence. In the brain that occasionally can be done.


Case continued: When Taylor was only six years old on All Hallows Eve, she suddenly    and quite unexpectedly lost consciousness and fell out of her chair. From there she fell  into a deep sleep for the rest of the evening. By the following morning …. Taylor began vomiting and had her first seizure.

Subsequently her doctors found a brain tumor of unknown type the size of a golf ball.

She was scheduled for surgery (2006) which went well. WELL At least technically. The        surgery did affect her brain causing her to slow down in certain areas such as learning   new concepts. And her peers never let her forget it by referring to her as “tumor girl,” stupid and retarded were terms commonly thrown about.


Finally, after her brain was allowed to recover she gradually could feel everything getting back to normal. Of course, that’s when the tumor returned as well. That was October, 2010. She had her second brain surgery in October which appeared to have gone well.


Then quite unexpectedly the tumor again resurfaced in 2011 with more novel and aggressive tumor features.


…it was larger and more intertwined with her brain tissue than before. Between November and April, it doubled in size. Surgery was no longer an option because too much of her brain would have to be removed.


It was really upsetting. I kind of broke down when they told me the news. It’s hard to  think about going through all of that again, but compared to some kids, I have it easy…


At this point she was ready to give in. No more surgery, no more radiation. She made a deal to receive a new form of treatment called proton beam therapy. In September 2012 she was scheduled for proton therapy.

Taylor, 13, also is a pioneer. Earlier this summer, she became Roberts’ first patient with     a ganglioglioma — a rare form of brain tumor — to undergo proton beam therapy. The procedure shoots a precise beam of protons at cancer cells, sparing surrounding tissue from the lethal effects of X-ray radiation.

The 10-week regimen of weekly treatment inside the “gantry” — the sealed tunnel where the powerful rays worked away at her tumor — were hard to endure. But Taylor, her family and doctors believe it may be the only way to finally beat a tumor in her left temporal lobe when it appeared a third time.

Taylor relates how the painful wire mask on her face, needed to keep her immobile,        was cutting into her face. This mask is bolted to the table prior to initiating the proton   gun. She will need to endure a ten-week trial of proton therapy. Then after that, months later, they would evaluate Taylor and see if it was successful.

Targeting the tumor: Winlock teen becomes pioneer in painful proton treatment

  • By Natalie St. John / The Daily News

There were hours when Taylor Rehmeyer couldn’t move. She lay on her back, pinned         to a hospital table in the Roberts Proton Therapy Center in Philadelphia.

A plastic mesh face mask immobilized her head and dug into her flesh as she waited to receive an emerging high-tech cancer treatment that would target the tumor in her brain.

Whether it worked won’t be known for months. But what Taylor and her mother               do  know is that the cutting-edge treatment provides her the best hope for recovery.

Staff members gave her pain medication and did their best to keep her spirits up, sometimes to little effect.

“It was physically painful. The mask would literally push my face down,”                             the Winlock middle-schooler said last week.

Her neck and head ached under the pressure of the mask, which was bolted to the table. She grew restless as the beam slowly burned exposed skin over her ear, where her hair had fallen out.

“She came out looking like net woman,” said her mother, Karen Owen.

Taylor, 13, also is a pioneer. Earlier this summer, she became Roberts’ first patient with     a ganglioglioma — a rare form of brain tumor — to undergo proton beam therapy. The procedure shoots a precise beam of protons at cancer cells, sparing surrounding tissue from the lethal effects of X-ray radiation.

The 10-week regimen of weekly treatment inside the “gantry” — the sealed tunnel where the powerful rays worked away at her tumor — were hard to endure. But Taylor, her family and doctors believe it may be the only way to finally beat a tumor in her left temporal lobe when it appeared a third time.

Symptoms suddenly emerge

During Halloween 2005, when she was 6, Taylor suddenly fell out of a rocking chair. She fell into a deep sleep. The next morning, she began vomiting and started having seizures. The seizures became more frequent. She began sleeping erratically, fidgeting and making odd noises. A scan found an unidentified mass in her brain.

Within a few weeks, the diagnosis arrived: Taylor had brain cancer. Surgery to remove the tumor was scheduled.

“We were all really freaked out by all this. Was her brain frying while all this was going on? We don’t know,” Owen recalled.

The “resection” surgery removed a tumor the size of a golf ball along with some surrounding brain tissue. When she woke from the operation screaming, her family was glad she could still walk, talk and see.  But before long, they realized she would never be the same again.

“I had this feeling like they were going to cut her head open, and everything that she was, was going to pour out of it.  And that’s kind of how it was. …. This child looks like Taylor. She walks like Taylor. She talks like Taylor. However,  this is not the child that went into surgery,” Owen said.

Taylor looks and acts like a typical kid. She loves art – music. She plays basketball. But words slip out of her grasp, new concepts are hard to retain and reading is hard work. After her surgery in 2006, her peers made fun of her.

“They called me ‘Tumor Girl.’ They just teased me, calling me ‘stupid, ‘retarded’.         Really mean words,” Taylor recalled.

In 2010, just as life felt like it was finally returning to normal, the tumor returned.     Taylor had a second surgery in October 2010.

“That’s when I really started to panic, wondering, ‘Was she was ever going to get             past this?'” her mom said.

‘I’m just going to die’

When the tumor reappeared for the 3rd third time in 2011, it was larger  more intertwined with her brain tissue than before. Between November and April, it doubled in size. Surgery was no longer an option because too much of her brain would have to be removed.

“It was really upsetting. I kind of broke down when they told me the news. It’s hard to think about going through all of that again, but compared to some kids, I have it easy,” Taylor said.

A way to limit the damage.

Unlike X-ray radiation, proton beams don’t spread to surrounding tissue. Because their impact can be more easily limited, they can be an ideal treatment for growing children, who often become susceptible to secondary cancers or deformities when treated with  other forms of radiation, according to the National Association for Proton Therapy.

In June, the center’s staff began by making Taylor a plastic mask that would immobilize her head while she underwent treatment — a vital step in ensuring that the intense rays would target her tumor and as little else as possible.

“They took me into a CT scan room, and they laid me down on a table and soaked this piece of plastic paper,” Taylor recalled, describing a piece of white mesh that became flexible in water. The doctors stretched the mesh over her head, molding it to her face.

“To be honest, it felt like a wet pancake being stretched over your face,” Taylor said.

The weeks in Philadelphia felt “like a vacation where you do something very serious,” Owens said. Between treatments, they tried to visit family and sight-see, but Taylor was often too sick to do much.

“There were times when she just threw herself across the bed and said, ‘Mommy, please just take me home!’ She missed everybody,” Owen said.

Encouragement from the warm, caring staff helped Taylor stick it out. A therapist who Taylor nicknamed “Little Man” “always made me laugh and giggle and stuff,” Taylor said. “He practically made it fun for me.”

Back home

After returning to Winlock  just in time for the new school year,  Taylor and Owen,          who runs a business selling clothing on eBay, focused on readjusting to everyday life.

For Owen, the return to Winlock feels a bit surreal.

“I almost felt like like I’ve jumped out of one life and into another one again,” Owen said.

Taylor is attending school part time, but the after-effects of radiation have left her “with     a general feeling of ‘ick'” so overwhelming that she sometimes sleeps 20 hours in a day. Her brain is still recovering, so many of the physical activities she loves remain off limits. And her future is uncertain.

They won’t know for sure whether the PBT worked until February, when they will return  to Philadelphia for Taylor’s six-month brain-scan.  For Owen,  the months between now and then are filled with “scanxiety,” but for Taylor, being able to focus on school, friends, errands and homework is a relief.

“I couldn’t ask for more. Just to be a kid again and not have to worry about this,” she said.


The high-tech treatments worked — for awhile (sic). Taylor’s tumor shrunk after initial radiation sessions but started growing again last August.

That’s when Owen, determined to heal her daughter, turned to marijuana oil therapy.

Taylor’s mother Owen made that decision after hours of research on the tumor shrinking abilities of cannabis. They also live in a medical marijuana legal state which makes curing your disease a thousand times easier. 

15 Year Old Cures Her Brain Tumour Using Cannabis Oil


I absolutely had concerns about it. This is definitely out-of-the-box thinking, but we didn’t have any other choices,… We also knew we would be under a microscope. Everyone had an opinion on what we were doing. But, with all the research I did, I knew it couldn’t hurt her.

A gram of the oil costs about $50, but Owen gets the marijuana oil for free from a manufacturer in the Tacoma area. 4

That’s a serendipitous event for sure since the cost of treatment using cannabis oil is about $1,000-$1,500 per month at least. Perspective needs to be maintained. When comparing it to conventional oncology the cost is closer to one percent of the average cost of chemotherapy, radiation and hospital stay.

Cannabis oil,  also known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO),  is a flourishing alternative       cancer treatment. Research into the science of cannabinoids provides several bona fide mechanisms by which cannabis can actually cause tumors to shrink.

Many scientists have reported that THC the psychoactive component of cannabis, and CBD a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana, can kill or inhibit the growth of some types of cancer cells, according to the American Cancer Society.

Many patients who have “cured” themselves of deadly cancers will testify to the power       of whole cannabis preparations such as RSO.  It’s very important  to a use full-spectrum cannabis oil like RSO. This way you will not miss out on the synergistic “entourage effect,” from all seventy or so phytocannabinoids.

Until more research is done unraveling which cannabinoids do what, it’s best to take    them all, stoned or not. My article published last month entitled THE REASONS WHY MARIJUANA KILLS CANCER lists five powerful antitumor properties of THC.


1. THC is anti-proliferative. Meaning that it inhibits cancer cells from reproducing.         One of the hallmarks of cancer cells is that they keep replicating, they are immortal and unstoppable, that’s the problem. “THC inhibits protein synthesis so that tumors cannot grow.” (Dr. Donald Tashkin Pulmonary and Critical care UCSF)

2. An antiangiogenic effect. Here THC inhibits the ability of cancer cells to grow new   blood vessels. Stop blood vessel formation and you prevent cancers from feeding and oxygenating thus encouraging their demise.

3. Anti-metastatic effect. THC prevents cancers from spreading from the  tumor into    other parts of the body. Keeping a primary tumor from metastasizing is of paramount importance in reducing death rates in cancers. The mets are which generally kill the patient by disrupting organ function and starving the patient of vital nutrients.

4. THC has a powerful apoptotic effect.  Meaning that the THC induces cancer cells to     commit suicide. This is a feature of normal cells but malignant cells have lost that ability so they live forever. This effect hastens the death of cancer cells while leaving normal cells untouched.

5. THC stimulates CB receptors on tumors to produce ceramide. Ceramide is a compound that enters cancer cells and inactivates the cell’s energy source the mitochondria.            This leads to cell death.

taylor Teenager Credits Cannabis Oil To Beating Her Brain Cancer

Starting the treatment was no easy task. According to Owen, Taylor was experiencing hallucinations that would last about 10 hours. For this reason, she had to be carefully monitored by a naturopath (an alternative medicine practitioner),

It’s not an easy treatment. It’s not fun. It is a very strong medicine, and that’s why it’s medicine. It’s not recreational.

Because the medicine was so strong, Taylor had to be removed from school. But nowadays, she is certainly improving.

Today, Taylor is monitored every six months, rather than every three months. She is also now able to return to school, though she only attends four days a week for three hours each day.

For the rest of her life, Taylor will have to take a daily dose to keep cancer at bay, according to Owen. However, the future is brighter than ever for the family.

Instead of planning for the next MRI, Taylor and her mom and planning family vacations. And although Taylor’s oncologist at St. John Medical Center in Longview gives cannabis no credit, both Taylor and Owen fully believe it was cannabis that cured her.

Oncologists at St. John Medical Center in Longview did not want to comment. Taylor’s oncologist at Seattle Children’s was unavailable for an interview, but Owen said he didn’t credit marijuana oil for eliminating the tumor.


Taylor started taking marijuana oil at a rice grain-sized dosage, building up her tolerance to 1-gram capsules for 3 months. A naturopath (an alternative medicine practitioner) monitored Taylor’s dosage, but she would still experience hallucinations that lasted about 10 hours, Owen said.

I love the thought of (the marijuana oil) being natural. It really changed my life, but it did give me some trouble…I lost who I was.

Owen said her daughter seemed like she was in an “altered state” on the medicine. However, Owen said she did not want to equate the medication to being “stoned.”

It’s not an easy treatment. It’s not fun,…It is a very strong medicine, and that’s why it’s medicine. It’s not recreational.

The medicine was so strong that Owen pulled Taylor out of school last November — about the same time the tumor started shrinking. 5

Taylor Rehmeyer

 Taylor Rehmeyer glad to be back in one of her favorite trees at home in Winlock, cancer free, with her mother Karen Owen


Winlock 15-year-old Taylor Rehmeyer has battled an aggressive brain cancer for   nearly a decade with chemotherapy and radiation. But she and her mother say it        was marijuana that finally cured her.

Her mom (Karen Owen) relates that Taylor’s last MRI was done in May, showed            no major abnormalities. There was no evidence of any tumor left in Taylor’s brain.

Karen Owen: the doctors at Seattle Children’s Hospital don’t want to admit it was cannabis, but I don’t care. She’s cancer-free, it’s more than we could have ever hoped.

Taylor was diagnosed at age 6 with a rare brain tumor that has returned three times. She had two brain surgeries and one proton therapy session. For nine years Taylor has been in and out of hospitals. Each time thinking things were going to improve, but they never were able to cure her or put her into remission. Not until she completed a three-month course of RSO at one gram per day which appears to be the average cancer busting dose once you build up your tolerance to the potent psychotropic effects.

I believe the cannabis oil played an important role in her “cure.” Although this brain   tumor is not an aggressive malignancy like GBM, it is still a rapidly growing cell type.         It is noteworthy, in some cases these tumors may regress into deadly and destructive      cell types such as glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is one of the most aggressive brain tumors in existence.

Taylor’s case is another example of why we need clinical trials on human volunteers.

Dr. Christopher Rasmussen
Dr. Christopher Rasmussen MD,MS, an anesthesiologist with a Master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine, is a professor, lecturer, seminar provider, and world authority on preventive medicine.
For more information on preventive medicine see

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