Just as the title of my book in progress suggests; through the experiences of Sacred Illness my soul needed to die to awaken.  I am sure some of  you are saying  WTH are  you taking about,  while some are nodding their heads saying YES I get that I to have experienced this very thing. So let’s dive deeper into what this means to me personally.

  When I received a Cancer diagnosis in 2012 I knew immediately that I was being   called to higher action. I asked the Universe, the Gods whatever spirits would listen,     the question ” What do you want me to do and what do I need to change in my life”.         If you want to know  the truth.  I already knew deep in my bones  what  I needed to    change and I just was not prepared to do that.

   I had fought internally with why I was here and what my path should look like since     I was a child. I knew I was called to heal, it would come up in my life over and over and  I would stuff it down deeper with every other emotion.  I was not  prepared  to  look  at head on. It took my Mom’s passing to the other side (from Cancer) five months after my diagnosis to almost give me permission to start the journey to become the person I was meant to be at this time on earth. 

   I had hung onto a job that left me unfilled  and depleted of  energy  until  my  Moms passing. Her death was catalyst to the first answer I received from my spirit when first diagnosed and asked the question “What do I need to change”. I heard the words, “Your job, you need to quit your job”. Like I said previously I ignored what I heard, like many times before. I was not prepared to what I viewed as,  losing my independence.

  I later realized it was about identity as well. I had been nursing for a very long time  and loved the patients, caring for and teaching  them. The thing that did not align with my soul was not being able to do what I needed to do in order to empower the people to take responsibility for their own health care. This really wore on my soul.

  Fast  forward 10 months after starting this journey my husband convinced me to quit that toxic environment and just BE,  just  focus on healing.  You could say I was  freed up from a job so I could meet the dark side of my soul and do REAL healing,  not just taking supplements and drinking juice.  Personally I believe there is much more to healing than the physical aspect.

    For 8 months I was on 1 – 1.5 grams of high THC cannabis oil. I could do nothing but  be couch locked and go within. I disconnected from family, from friends, essentially from the outside world.  At times I was very fearful  I was losing my shit  and  would end up in a straight jacket with the medical industry pumping me full of psychiatric drugs. (I chose no poison to treat the Cancer) I cried  for 8 months straight  from morning until night.

   I  felt  I was crying for humanity and the earth. I felt like chunks of me were literally being ripped off of me.  I was stripped of everything I ever knew.  I again had an innate knowing that this was a process  I needed to experience  in order  to truly heal  my Holy Trinity. Cannabis oil another catalyst to assist me to go into the spirit world and “see”. 

   I was on my knees more than my feet. Again looking back on this time I truly began     to understand that I needed to die in order to live.  I did die a couple of  times  and  had the choice to stay or go.  I chose and choose a healing path that is not an easy one.  But one of exploration, and one of deep journeying to places unknown and of love, so much love.  There are and never will be bandage approaches for me.  I am inquisitive and want to know things  from a deeper level.    YOU CAN GET IN CONTACT WITH MY FRIEND PAULA THROUGH HER BLOG ….  :)

Until I write again,

Big Love


Preview  Michael Bolton video – Soul Provider

Michael Bolton – Soul Provider

~Nightcore – I’m coming home with Lyrics~


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Energy Medicine


  The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base         of the spine to the top of  the head.  In various traditions chakras are associated with multiple physiological functions, an aspect of consciousness, a classical element, and other distinguishing characteristics.  The chakras are thought to vitalize the physical body and to be associated with interactions of a physical, emotional & mental nature. They are considered essence of life energy, which is thought to flow along pathways.

   Things like mineral deficiencies are important  and knowing what  functions in the    body they are important for.  For instance:  If we don’t have enough Iodine to activate   the Thyroid to produce the hormones that activates the mitochondria in our cells.  Your body will go from an oxygen respirating metabolism to a sugar fermenting metabolism system that produces cancer.  One must know about the re·per·cus·sion of  the  additive  toxins we ingest is our diets in this day n’ age !!!!

   The function of the chakras is to spin and draw in or release this energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional     and physical health of the body in balance. It is said by some to reflect how the unified consciousness of humanity   (the immortal human being or the soul), is divided to manage different aspects of earthly life (body/instinct/vital energy/deeper emotions/communication/having an overview of life/contact to God). The chakras are placed at differing levels of spiritual subtlety, the top chakra concerned with pure consciousness, and at the bottom being concerned with matter, which is seen simply as condensed, or gross consciousness.
   Rudolf Steiner  considered  the chakra system  to  be  dynamic and evolving.  Steiner    also suggested this system has become different for modern people than it was in ancient times, and will in turn be radically different in future times. Steiner describ a sequence of development that begins with the upper chakras and moves down, rather than moving in the opposite direction. He gave suggestions on how to develop the chakras through disciplining the thoughts, feelings, and will.


  While westerners  consider it New Age Medicine,  it has been central to many cultures and healing traditions for millennia. In Chinese medicine, subtle energy is called chi or qi. It’s mana to Hawaiian kakunas, prana to Indian Yogic practitioners and in Ayurveda, ni to Native Americans, num to Africian shamans,  biofields to American scientist and morphic fields to a growing renegade breed  of  international physicists and biologist.  In Australia the  aborgines believe that people attune to subtle energy can also heal and telepathically communicate.
   Belately, Western science is catching on.  We’ve all seen Einstein’s famous formula  e=mc2  with energy  and  mass interchangeable.  While recognizing the importance of balancing our bodies  (mass)  and spirit to prevent disease.  Most revolutionary,  though,  is Cambridge University physicist Stephen Hawking’s  “brane theory.”  Which  proposes  that the world we experience is perched on a thin membrane separating us from other vast energetic realms.
   Knowledge is power: it’s the language of energy.  When you deviate from your inner voice you leave your true self behind. Our energy issues are solvable. But we can’t afford to get caught up in the issues of today. Your intuition dictates whom you meet, where you go, your job success, your happiness and your state of current events.
   Therefore,  one must meet his or her fears head on,  while  banishing  self- loathing, anger, worry and shame.  FEAR is the biggest  ‘energy robber’  there is  and  preys on our vulnerabilities. If you expect the worse that creates a negative force around you. We don’t mean to,  but we inflict emotional trauma  onto ourselves  when we allow our dark side to run amok.  Also fear drowns out our intuition  and  Life is only uncomfortable when you fear it.
   To overcome fear you must pronounce your fears, realize them and listen to your heart. Loving Life overcomes fear while breaking the trance that fear puts you into. One must visit places that feed your soul, make a gratitude list of those places that make you happy. While you heal from energetic scars from your past and avoid absorbing other peoples scars by distancing yourself from those fears.
   Self Loathing: never pity yourself. Know who you are and what you stand for in   human form. Never accept anybody’s negative dictate that has been made about you. That’s there hang up and they usually say that about you because that is how they see themselves.
   Anger in your world: intense sense of displeasure and antagonism. We get angry at those whom let us down. Anger can be physically destructive when it gets channeled into psychokinetic energy. The power of energy that affects the energetic pandemonium and wreak horrible stress on the body. Breathe your anger out of the emotional energy center of your solar plexus.
   Don’t be a worry wart: anticipating the negative, nothing about it expands energy and nothing positive comes from being negative. When we connect with a Higher Power, when we realize that even excruciating painful events can help our spirit grow, worry makes less sense. When you worry to much you are less creative, less compassionate and also less discerning and creates suffering.
   Shame creates inner torment: and sense of worthlessness that drains our vitality and makes our spirit cower. Society inflicts shame on us (about being to obese, not pretty enough or to old.)  To feel our best,  our shame must come to the surface,  identified and healed. Don’t let renegade negative vibes undermine your energetic progress, vitality and good health!!!

Preview YouTube video Dr. Michael Whelan on Network Spinal Analysis

Dr. Michael Whelan on Network Spinal Analysis
 Dr Dominic Smorra (Caldwell,NJ)

Network Spinal Analysis for Health Professionals PART 1 of 2 Dr Dominic Smorra (Caldwell,NJ)
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The Human Experience

Boost Your Immune System With Subconscious Mind Power

Did you know…that a LOT of people get well on their way to the doctor?

We have two different minds: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Some of    us have learned how to control our conscious minds, but our subconscious minds are a     bit more difficult to manage.

Your subconscious mind power has been downloading belief systems since you were in your mother’s womb.  You were particularly susceptible  to other people’s influence for   the first 6 years of your life,  when  your high – level brain functioning  was  too  low  to express conscious thought.

If a child is told, “You’re sick and we have to take you to the doctor,” there subconscious mind interprets that as, “I will not get well unless I go to the doctor.” This belief that can play in the background of your thoughts for a lifetime, regardless of what your conscious mind may later choose to believe. subconscious mind power

 Without this subconscious interference, the body heals itself remarkably quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, the subconscious exerts a powerful influence on our bodies, and healing stops in the blink of a thought.




What is so interesting is that as soon as we make the commitment to go to the doctor, healing begins. Why? Because the subconscious says it can.

The Conscious Versus Subconscious Mind Power

The effects of the conscious mind on the body are easily measured. When you are afraid, your heart beat races and chills run down your spine.  When  you  focus  your  conscious mind you can change your body temperature,  also your heart rate  and even your blood pressure.

The subconscious controls these same faculties, but to an even greater degree. ALSO The conscious mind controls our brain 5% of the day, whereas the subconscious mind has a hold of our thoughts 95% of the time!  Even  if  your  conscious mind thinks,  “I am healthy,”  your subconscious mind may be running a different,  and much more powerful program in the background, such as “I have bad genes and my family history has cancer.”

Less Than 5% of All Cancer Cases Are Caused by Genes

The old paradigm of thinking—that genes determine health—has shifted dramatically.  Science  has  found that the mind exerts a much more powerful influence.   In fact,  less than 5% of humans receive inadequate genes. 95% of us are blessed with perfectly acceptable genes, then why do the rates of chronic illness continue to rise?

Consider a study that found that children adopted into families in which cancer was part  of  the lineage demonstrated  a high risk  for  developing the disease,  even though, these children had no history of cancer in their biological lineage. Researchers discovered that cancer was not determined by genes, but by behavior and thought patterns passed down through generations.

Genes are merely a blueprint to health, but our minds are responsible for interpreting     the blueprint, and it is up to us to decide how we want our health blueprint to manifest.

How do we do that? By managing our thoughts and emotions.

A Marriage of Mind and Body

The hypothalamus is the area of the brain responsible for translating emotions into physiological responses. It regulates appetite, blood sugar levels, body temperature and bodily systems—such as the heart, lung, digestive and circulatory systems—by receiving emotions from neuropeptides.

Neuropeptides are chemical hormones that carry emotions back and forth between         the body and the brain. Neuropeptides essentially link the thoughts in your brain to        the other organs in your body, thereby impacting every bodily system, including the immune system.

When your thoughts are negative, fear-based, or stress-induced, your body responds by turning off the immune system, but if your conscious and subconscious mind powers are aligned with positive thoughts your body responds with enhanced healing and health.

The Power of Visualization

The University of Arkansas medical faculty recently demonstrated this concept by testing the effects of visualization on the immune system. A woman who had previously had chicken pox received an injection of the virus. Her immune system responded by developing a nickel-size bump at the sight of the injection.

She was tested several more times in this manner; each time researchers saw a significant increase in her white blood cells. For the next round of injections, researchers asked the woman to visualize fewer white blood cells; the bump was not as large and her white blood cell count was significantly lower!

Visualization is just 1 technique for controlling your conscious mind and reprogramming your subconscious mind power. ALSO The key to good health starts with rewriting those limiting belief systems that are negatively affecting your health.  The first one to go?  “I will not get well unless I go to the doctor.”  Now watch, as your body heals itself as it was naturally designed to do.   http://www.learnmindpower.com/articles/how-mind-helps-heal-body/printable/
I remember talking to John the Son of a Faith Healer from Ireland 1 night on Facebook. He told me and it always stuck that her father told him the sure fire way to beat cancer is through Love for Life. My first thought that night was how in the world can Love for Life cure cancer. Then he went onto say Fear is the opposite of Love and Love overcomes the fear of having cancer. Which may have suppressed your immune system in the first place and lead to a perfect breeding ground for cancer (then I started to think of my three favorite cancer survivor stories on the internet.)
   Cheryl L. Broyles is a wildlife biologist who at the age of 33 was diagnosed with what        is considered terminal cancer a grade IV Glioblastoma Multiforme. Sixteen  years later,  she is beating the statistics and is still alive living in Oregon with a wonderful husband and two great sons. Her purpose in life now is encouraging others that are going through hard times, to see life’s blessings and to never give up hope. Cheryl’s web page: www.cherylbroyles-gbm.com
    Diagnosed in June 2000 Told she had only a year to live, Cheryl did everything she could to stay alive. In May 2014 having her  5th GBM recurrence and went through her 6th brain surgery with Dr. Berger … Go to YouTube, search for Cheryl Broyles and you will find it. Today, still breathing, having climb Mount Shasta to celebrate survivorship. Cheryl describes the similarity between climbing mountain trails and living through life’s trials. She gives hope for reaching each peak, seeing life anew and loving each day through the good and bad times.
  Sean Swarner from Willard OHIO: he isn’t just a cancer survivor; he is truly a medical marvel. He is the only person in the world to have been diagnosed with both Hodgkin’s disease and Askin’s sarcoma. He was diagnosed in the fourth and final stage of Hodgkin’s disease at the age of thirteen, when doctors expected him to live for no more than three months. He overcame his illness only to be stricken a second time when a deadly golf ball-sized tumor attacked his right lung. After removal of the Askin’s tumor, Sean was expected to live for less than two weeks. A decade later and with only partial use of his lungs, Sean became famous for being the first cancer survivor to climb Mount Everest.     http://www.amazon.com/Keep-Climbing-Cancer-Reached-World/dp/0743292065
  Sean’s successful summiting of Mount Everest was driven not only by his desire to reach the highest peak in the world but also by his determination to use his accomplishment as      a way to bring hope to others facing seemingly insurmountable odds. By showing those affected by cancer how he has conquered some of the most difficult obstacles life could offer, Sean inspires others with the will to live. Living proof that cancer patients can and do recover, his story will encourage those touched by cancer to dream big and never give up. Despite life’s setbacks, Sean believes those dreams are always in reach.
  Sean’s story is not just about illness, heartache, and pain; it’s about something greater. It’s about hope. It’s about helping others and never quitting. It’s about personal battles with the elements and coming out on top of the world . . . literally.  The 29,035-foot giant known as Mount Everest tortures its challengers with life-threatening conditions such as 100 mph winds, the dramatic loss of oxygen, snowstorms, and deadly avalanches. Climbers of Everest are faced with incredible dangers, but for Sean Swarner the obstacles he overcame prior to his summiting Everest make his story even more compelling.
  And for Kris Carr it was heartache, romantic plans gone awry, and some very sweet moments too. But February 14th, 2003 changed that day forever. Life stopped, and then transformed Kris. Valentine’s day is a very different celebration now today.  I call it my cancerversary, a day of deep self-love, reflection, gratitude and re-birth. It took me over a decade to get to that sacred place. But I’m here now and if you’re newly diagnosed, trust that you will get there too.
  In her blog Kris states: Thankfully a kooky oncologist gave me the wrong expiration date. According to him, I should have croaked a while ago. Not so fast, hot shot! If you’ve been given one of those statistical projections, there’s an extremely good chance yours is wrong too. Once I found a better doctor for my disease, my entire world opened up. As you may know, I have a weird slow-moving (could get aggressive one day) sarcoma. And though I live with cancer, I do it in a healthy, harmonious way. In fact, as of my last scan, a handful of my tumors are smaller. Hip, hip cheers! – See more at: http://kriscarr.com/blog/11-tips-for-cancer-patients/#sthash.oAOC8b2Z.dpuf

Preview YouTube video Cure all illnesses using the power of your mind!

Healing illness with the subconscious mind | Danna Pycher | TEDxPineCrestSchool


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How A Doctor Healed His Own Cancer

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber (April 21, 1961–July 24, 2011) was a French physician, neuroscientist and author.  He was a clinical Professor of Psychiatry,  University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He was also a lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine of Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, a French-born neuroscientist, becoming an advocate harnessing the body’s own defenses  fighting cancer after learning he had a brain tumor twenty years ago. He turned his personal journey into books that changed how the disease is viewed and treated.

July 27, 2011|By Kim Willsher, Special to the Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Paris — When he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor 20 years ago, David Servan-Schreiber, the French-born doctor, neuroscientist and later bestselling author, took the phrase “physician, heal thyself” to heart.

Submitting to the punishing traditional treatments of chemotherapy and radiotherapy,    he still felt there was something more he could do to enhance his chances of survival.

Armed with his will to live and a belief that the human body had little-known cancer-combating capacities of its own, he set about looking into a better understanding and    way in which  we battle the disease. From his own research came the successful book  “Anticancer:  A New Way of Life,”  published in 2007,  tha t sold 1 million copies and      led to a sea change in how cancer was viewed and treated.

Servan-Schreiber’s near two-decade exploration of the science of cancer was a personal and professional journey that took him from the verge of death to good health and back again twice before ending in his death Sunday at a hospital near his family’s home in Normandy, France. He was 50.

Even when told last year that the brain cancer had returned and would almost certainly kill him this time,  Servan-Schreiber refused to give in, continuing to promote the idea that,  parallel to traditional medicine,  healthy eating along with meditation, yoga and ”        a new way of life” could extend the lives of cancer sufferers.David Servan-Schreiber was born  in  the  wealthy Paris suburb  of  Neuilly-sur-Seine on April 21, 1961,  the son of a celebrated French family with Prussian Jewish roots. David was the eldest son of Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber,  a respected journalist,  essayist and politician,  who died in 2006.

He studied medicine at a children’s hospital in Paris, finishing his medical degree at Laval University in Quebec in 1984 before specializing in psychiatry in Montreal and moving to a research post at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he earned his doctorate.

In 1991 he went to Iraq as a volunteer medic with the French-based Doctors Without Borders, the nongovernmental organization that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999,      and later co-founded the U.S. branch of the charity.

The story goes that he discovered he had a brain tumor only when in 1991 a research patient failed to turn up for an MRI scan and Servan-Schreiber took his place.

He underwent treatment but had a relapse a few years later and began to seriously turn  his mind and his work to the effects of diet and lifestyle on the incidences of cancer and depression.

His first book, “Healing Without Freud or Prozac,” titled “The Instinct to Heal” in the United States, was published in France in 2003, translated into 29 languages and sold    1.3 million copies. “Anticancer” followed four years later.

Certain critics dismissed Servan-Schreiber as a “new age guru” who proposed quack theories that more vegetables, more exercise and less stress were a cure for cancer.  On   the contrary, he was quick to admit that traditional methods such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy were the first and most important salvos in the battle against the disease. However, he believed the body harbored a number of natural defenses that could create     a terrain in which cancer would find it hard to thrive.

Said Ursula Gauthier, journalist and coauthor of his last book, “We Can Say Goodbye Several Times”: “He wasn’t a great thinker, a philosopher or a mandarin of science or medicine. He described himself as a scientist and a human. He was a mixture of heart   and head, intellect and emotion.”

Servan-Schreiber was told his cancer had returned when a brain tumor, which he called the Big One, was diagnosed in May 2010.

At the time he said: “Death is part of life. It happens to everyone. Profit from now, do the important things.

“I am convinced that ‘Anticancer’ has played an important role in the fact that I survived cancer for 19 years when the first diagnosis gave me only six at the most.”

Survivors include his wife, Gwenaëlle, and three children.

When I read this article

How A Doctor Healed His Own Cancer With Food

He set out to find a cure for his malignant tumors—and came back with dinner


I thought I was onto the answer than I realized that David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D. eventually died on in a hospital near Fécamp,  Normandy at the age of 50.  I find Servan-Schreiber most likely had glioblastoma multiforme, which is what I would have guessed as the most likely type of brain cancer just playing the odds given that glioblastomas are the most common malignant brain tumor.  In any case,  after the successful resection of his tumor, according to Servan-Schreiber, doctors told him to eat what he wanted because it “won’t make much of a difference.”

Five years later, Servan-Schreiber’s tumor recurred. This time around, he underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, during which time he became a convert to “alternative” therapies. Ultimately, he wrote his book and became a leading promoter of “integrative” medicine. To his credit, he always told people with cancer that they should seek out scientific medical treatment. Unfortunately, in the process, he also promoted the idea that diet could protect you from almost all cancers, also that cell phones cause brain cancer, and that a number of other dubious health modalities could produces a “terrain” that was hostile to cancer, even though evidence supporting such claims was equivocal at best. Even so,  his  book Anti-cancer  became phenomenally successful, being translated into 36 languages and spending several weeks high on the New York Times bestseller list in 2010, while Servan-Schreiber gave interviews in which he said things like this in describing his conversion to “natural” therapies after his cancer relapse:

Servan-Schreiber refused to simply accept his fate. He embarked on his own research and developed a method for helping his body protect itself from the disease. It drew heavily on natural defense mechanisms and a new lifestyle based on a changed diet and plenty of exercise and optimism. But it did not offer total protection, as he told Ode in an interview. “I’m not saying we can prevent cancer, because we may get cancer for reasons that are beyond our control. Even if you do all of the things I talk about in my book, there’s not a guarantee that you’ll prevent cancer. It’s about 80 to 85 percent protection, which is still enormous.”

Does Servan-Schreiber’s death mean his method didn’t work? Or did it mean that it did work and held his disease at bay longer than anyone would have thought possible. Or was Servan-Schreiber a man who was fortunate enough to have a less aggressive form of brain tumor that responded very well to conventional therapy and was very slow to relapse, taking this latest time 15 years before recurring and then leading to his death? Most likely, it was the latter, because there just isn’t any strong evidence that Servan-Schreiber’s methods are anywhere near as effective as he claimed they are.

One thing that needs to be understood is that glioblastoma is indeed a nasty cancer. Untreated, the median survival is on the order of three months. Even treated maximally, fewer than one in four patients with the disease survive longer than 2 years and fewer than 10% survive five years or more. However, it is known that there are types of glioblastoma with a prognosis that is not quite as grim, although it is grim enough. For instance, younger patients tend to survive longer, as do patients with methylation of the promoter of O-6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase. In the end, however, little is known that can accurately predict who is likely to survive long term after the treatment of glioblastoma and why, much as little is known that allows us to predict accurately which women with advanced breast cancer will survive for long periods of time and why, other than very crudely and unreliably.

What this all means is that Servan-Schreiber, for all his scientific prowess, nonetheless ended up behaving like Suzanne Sommers, Lorraine Day, Hollie Quinn, and any number of other cancer patients who were successfully treated with conventional scientific medical therapy and also chose pseudoscience, after which they attributed their good outcome more to the pseudoscience than to the real medicine. Fortunately for him,    he did very well and lived a lot longer than the average brain tumor patient. Unfortunately, during that time he promoted a profoundly misleading view of cancer therapy.

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD, was a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh and co-founder of the Center for Integrative Medicine and member of the board of the Society for Integrative Oncology.

The book ‘Anticancer’ is a New York Times bestseller and has been translated into       more than thirty languages.


These are the simple rules the of diet and lifestyle that must be followed according              to Dr. Servan in order to avoid becoming ill from cancer or successfully fight with it:

Dietary rules

1) Go back to retro meals. Your main meals should consist of 80% vegetables and    20% animal protein. Meat should be used as a supplement in small quantities for adding flavor and not as a main course.

2) Eat a variety of vegetables: Eat different vegetables from meal to meal or within each meal. Broccoli is effective anticancer food but is even more effective in combination with tomato sauce or white, or red onions. Bring in the habit of adding white and/or red onions in your meals or cooking.

3) Eat organic: Choose organic foods whenever possible. However, remember that it is better to eat broccoli that have been exposed to pesticides than not eating broccoli at all. (This rule applies to all anticancer vegetable)

4) Spice up your food: add turmeric (curcumine) and pepper in salads and cooked food. This yellow spice is the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory ingredient. When you can and mediterranean herbs in your food: thyme, oregano, basil, rosemary, mint and so on. These herbs besides giving flavor, helps in reducing the cancer cells.

5) Avoid potatoes: potatoes raise blood sugar, which stimulates inflammation in the body and cancer growth.   Potatoes often contain high amounts of pesticides.

6) Eat fish: Eat fish two or three times a week. Sardines, mackerel, sardines contain  much less mercury in their bodies than larger fish such as tuna. Avoid swordfish and shark, which contain high concentrations of harmful substances.

7) Remember not all eggs are created equal: Eat only eggs that are formed predominantly of omega-3 ingredients or otherwise avoid the yolk. Chickens are often     fed with corn and soybeans that contains 20 times more omega 6 fats which cause inflammation unlike than omega 3 fats.

8) Change the type of edible oils: Use oils that do not contain a lot of omega 6 fats.   So use olive oil instead of sunflower, corn and soybean oils.

9) At all costs, avoid white flour and its products (pastries, donuts, baguettes,      white bread, etc.). When cooking pasta use the al dante way of shorter cooking so that   you do not overcook the pasta because it raises the glycemic values of the food.

10) Reduce sugar intake to a minimum and avoid the use of soda drinks, fruit juices and candies and cakes. Replace them with fresh fruit and variety. Read the content of the product carefully and if the first three ingredients are any type of sugar, glucose syrup and similar do not use them. If you have a burning desire for sweets you can use a couple of squares of dark chocolate containing 70% or more cocoa.

11) Go for green: Instead of coffee or fruit teas, use 3 cups of green tea per day. The regular use of green tea is associated with a significant reduction in the risk of cancer.

12) Make exceptions: It is what you consume every day and not what you sometimes  eat or drink.


1) Be active: Make time for exercise, walking, running, dancing;  Define yourself at least  30 minutes of any activity five times a week.  This can be the most ordinary walking to work or to the store. Choose an activity you enjoy and there is greater chance that you    will be practice it.

2) Accept the sun’s rays: Try to be at least 20 minutes in the sun without protection or glass between you and the sun. This will boost your natural production of vitamin D. Otherwise, take vitamin D3 as an addition after consulting a physician.

3) Get rid of chemicals: Well ventilate your clothing if you take it to the dry cleaners often. Don’t heat up food in plastic bottles and containers. Avoid cosmetics that contain parabens or patal. Do not use chemical pesticides on houseplants or in the garden. Throw out your damaged-teflon cookware. Do not keep your cell phone near or against the body when not in use.

4) Contact your friends: Call and hang out with friends especially when you need support or when you are stressed even if it is over the internet. Hug people that are dear to you.

5) Remember to breathe: Learn some basic techniques of relaxation through breathing and use them whenever you are stressed

6) Learn how you can help your community and the people in it and do it. Because of that, you will feel good.

7) Make sure you do at least one thing for yourself that you love whenever you can.

 Preview YouTube video Dr. David Servan-Schreiber’s Remarkable Story

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber’s Remarkable Story

 Preview YouTube video Anticancer_a new way of life

Anticancer_a new way of life
 ALSO Dr. Donald Abrams of UCSF sifts through the complex data on the relationship between nutrition and cancer and endeavors to help separate fact from fiction in this quickly moving field. Series: Integrative Medicine Today  [Health and Medicine]
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Healing Cancer Naturally

Healing Cancer Naturally - A Holistic Approach

In 1971, President Nixon declared a war on cancer. In the ensuing decades, tens of billions of dollars have been spent on the cause yet a cure by orthodox means remains elusive.  By  any standards  this  campaign  has been  a  failed endeavour;  or worse, a shameful fraud.  Progress is a myth, and sustaining hope  for the development of a safe and effective cancer drug is pointless.  It’s up to each individual to empower themselves with  knowledge  of  the  myriad ways  to  eradicate cancer  without  harming the body. Although  it’s  easier  to prevent cancer  than to reverse it  once  it  has  taken  hold,  it is nevertheless reversible with holistic therapies addressing imbalances of the body, mind and spirit.  This is not my opinion; it is a statement of fact that’s based on this author’s first-hand experience.   http://foodmatters.tv/articles-1/healing-cancer-naturally-a-holistic-approach

A comprehensive approach to healing cancer includes at least the following eight factors:

  • 1. Proper nutrition and clean water
  • 2. Detoxification
  • 3. Immune building
  • 4. Oxygen therapy
  • 5. Natural chemotherapies
  • 6. Lifestyle changes: adequate sleep, sunlight & exercise
  • 7. A positive attitude
  • 8. Spiritual cleansing

Regardless of the cancer’s aggressiveness, the body will respond to this holistic approach – the speed and degree to which it does so is commensurate with the diligence and extent to which these eight factors are applied. No cancer treatment, conventional or otherwise, comes with an iron-clad guarantee;  however,  it’s  important to consider  that  orthodox treatments ravage the body  and  can  ignore the underlying causes …. while alternative treatments strengthen the body and address its healing requirements. Reason and logic side with alternative therapies.

These guidelines are merely an overview of what a comprehensive holistic protocol would include.  The  term  “cancer survivor”  refers  to  those  who  have been diagnosed with the disease  and are still alive — whether  they  are  in  remission  or  not.  The cancer survivor should  adopt  as many of  these strategies as is  feasible,  slowly incorporating  them  into one’s lifestyle  and  working  with a naturopath  if  necessary.  However,  A holistic healer can  be  located  through  the  help  of  a reputable chiropractor,  acupuncturist  or  other practitioner of the healing arts. A health food store may also provide contacts.

It’s useful to determine whether the body’s chronic stressors include specific nutritional deficiencies, absorption problems and/or the burden of  toxic heavy metals.  This insight   is possible through analysis of hair,  urine or blood test,  and  will help determine  which supplements and therapies will enhance treatment. Without addressing these conditions, optimum healing may be delayed or prevented.

1. Nutrition

Proper nutrition and pure filtered water is critical to a successful anti-cancer strategy. Diet alone can make or break the effectiveness of any cancer treatment and is therefore the most important strategic point. Knowing which foods feed cancer cells, which interfere with the treatment, and which assist in healing is vital.

Refined sugar feeds and strengthens cancer cells and should be the first substance to be eliminated.  Sugar substitutes,  refined flour  and  trans fatty acids  damage the body and numerous  studies  link  them to cancer.  Dairy  and  all mucus-forming foods should also    be avoided. Processed foods, carbonated beverages, coffee, alcohol, chlorine and  fluoride fall into the category of foods and substances that interfere with healing and may fuel the cancer’s growth.  Conversely,  a diet of  nutrient-rich  foods  will enhance all levels of  the healing process.

All plant foods contain nutrients that aid healing. Herbs, fruits and vegetables also      have  properties  that  protect  against  and  inhibit  the  proliferation  of  cancer while strengthening, cleansing and repairing the body. These include green leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.), sea vegetables, and  fruits (especially berries and dark grapes with seeds and skins), garlic, ginger, turmeric and green tea, among many others. A diet containing an abundance of organic plant foods provides layers of nutritional protection.

Concentrated fats from flax oil and olive oil may be used unheated while coconut oil can  be used for cooking.  Although these healthy oils as well as fats from whole  foods such as avocados,  also nuts and seeds  provide the essential fatty acids necessary for oxygenation of cells, they should nevertheless be kept to a minimum (approximately 15% of diet) since  fat slows digestion and in large quantities  may accelerate tumor growth. Once the cancer is stabilized this restriction may be relaxed.

Animal protein should be eliminated if possible;  we all of different constitutions, so for those who must consume flesh,  it should also be  restricted to small amounts of organic, pasture-fed beef or poultry,  and wild-caught fish.  Beans  and  legumes  are  an excellent source of  fiber  and many important nutrients and may be consumed in moderation.

While whole grains also contain fiber and nutrients, there is disagreement among experts as to their place in a healing diet.  Due in part to their sugar and gluten content,  and their digestive load  they place on the body already burdened by cancer,  should  be  eliminated or restricted to gluten-free varieties,  at least until the condition is stable. Likewise, many natural sweeteners and honey  and  should also be restricted while cancer remains active.

The cancer survivor should aim for a diet that is at least 80% raw.  This will ensure an alkaline environment as well as an ample supply of enzymes for healing processes. Oral supplementation of digestive enzymes with meals and systemic enzymes on an empty stomach will further aid healing.

2. Detoxification

Effective healing requires  the  removal of  accumulated toxins  and  metabolic wastes. Being mindful to eliminate or minimize the ingestion of processed foods, substances, and environmental toxins that inhibit the healing process is of primary importance.  It’s also beneficial to begin a healing regimen  with a cleanse of  the  kidneys,  liver  and  colon to remove stored toxins.  There are many effective cleansing formulas and procedures that can be found at health food stores, the internet, or through a holistic healer.

In addition  to  consciously  avoiding  toxic  exposures  and  cleansing  the  organs  of elimination, there are various therapies  and  other practices  that  will  purify the body. Some include daily stretching to release acids from tissues; while  rebounding on a mini-trampoline to move lymph fluid,  flush waste,  and will increase the number and activity   of white blood cells.  While perspiring in a sauna  to purge toxins through the skin;  and  juicing to alkalize and cleanse tissues, and castor oil packs to enhance circulation, and stimulate the immune system and aid in detoxification.

Toxic build-up can also be released through fasting, which helps to heal and rejuvenate  the body.  The practice of coffee enemas  should also be considered,  since it prevents the reabsorption of toxins,  cleanses the blood and liver,  and  counteracts the symptoms of a potential healing crisis. To be clear on how to proceed with a fast or enema it may also be necessary to speak with a health care professional.

3. Immune Building

The immune system  is  our  body’s natural defense  against harmful substances  and abnormal cell development. Any cell within the body can mutate in response to negative stressors,  however,  a healthy immune system  will  stop  its growth  and defend against an uncontrollable malignancy. There are various groups of white blood cells that possess an innate intelligence for healing. Thereby, their functions include identifying, attacking, destroying  and  finally removing abnormal cells  through  the body’s lymph system and organs  of  elimination.  Strategies  to  strengthen  and  build  these  natural  defenses  to prevent or treat cancer include a diet rich in nutrient-dense foods and supplementation. Chlorella,  mushroom extracts,  aloe vera,  and  milk thistle  are  just a  few of  the many supplements that strengthen the body’s natural defenses.

4. Oxygen

The more toxic the body,  the less oxygen  is  delivered to cells.  Oxygen starvation at        the cellular level leads to disease; in fact, it’s an undisputed fact that cancer cells cease   to grow when blood  and tissues are sufficiently oxygenated.  There are many ways to oxygenate the body, including a highly alkaline diet (80% raw). This raises the body’s internal pH level  which enhances  the transport of  oxygen to cells.  Regular exercise,  deep breathing, and adequate consumption of pure water are other simple methods to increase oxygen uptake.

Ozone, which is activated oxygen, may be used therapeutically in the home by drinking ozonated water and using ozone saunas. Hospitals in Mexico, Europe and Malaysia administer intravenous ozone infusions with great success. There are also clinics in the United States; however, they operate under threat of FDA reprisal and confiscation of ozone equipment. For more information about oxygen therapies and ozone visit (www.oxygenhealth.com) , (www.colecenter.com) , and (www.ozonehospital.com) .

5. Natural Chemotherapies

There are many natural, non-toxic chemotherapies that directly or indirectly kill malignancies. None of them are stand-alone treatments, and should be considered one component of a comprehensive protocol. Amygdalin, also known as laetrile or vitamin B17, selectively targets and destroys cancer cells while healthy cells remain unharmed. The substance is naturally occurring in many plant foods, including apple seeds, bitter almonds and apricot pits,  and  obtained  through  oral supplements  or  administered intravenously.  Four decades worth of  clinical evidence  and  case studies  attest to its efficacy. Supplements may be found online, and many hospitals in Mexico and Europe administer intravenous laetrile;  however,  the FDA has deemed this therapy illegal in the States.  Other treatments  that  indirectly kill cancer cells  includes  shark liver oil, shark cartilage and melatonin, all of which cut off the blood supply to tumors.

6. Lifestyle Changes

Deep, restful sleep is an important part of an effective healing strategy. During sleep   our  bodies  undergo  the  processes  of  rebuilding,  detoxifying  and  healing.  The liver works during the deepest level of sleep, and the delta level, to break down and eliminate carcinogens. Additionally, sleeping in complete darkness contributes to healthy levels of melatonin,  a hormone secreted by the pineal gland  that  promotes restful sleep.  Eating three hours before sleep,  especially protein, should be avoided since it diverts the body’s healing efforts to digestion. The value of adequate sleep should not be overlooked because without it our healing efforts will be compromised.

Other lifestyle changes  include  sunlight exposure  and  daily exercise.  Some Research  links indicate adequate sunlight to certain cancers and vitamin D from sunlight has been shown to shrink tumors.  Adequate exposure during the early morning  or late afternoon hours is the safest way  to  obtain  the  restorative benefits of sunlight.  The  darker  one’s pigmentation, the more exposure is necessary.  Avoid over– exposure during the hottest part of the day as sunburns can damage skin and promote cancer.

Regular exercise speeds up the elimination of toxins and is necessary to keep the body oxygenated  and  to improve lymphatic function  while  building immunity.  Also these therapeutic benefits can be achieved through moderate exercise at least three times per week and gradually increasing duration and/or intensity as new thresholds to reach.

The body, through resilience, will heal itself when given what it needs. Its sustenance however is not the end of the story.  Addressing  the  mind  and  emotions is the second component of the holistic approach that should not be overlooked.

7. A Positive Attitude

Developing  a positive attitude  will  reduce psychological stress  and  profoundly aid        the healing process.  A cancer survivor  can achieve  this in part  by becoming proactive through researching alternative options.  This  is  an empowering strategy  and  gives  a firm sense of control. There are innumerable books and websites that outline alternative cancer therapies. One of many extensive sites and a good place to begin research is (www.cancertutor.com) .

There are also many inspiring books and success stories written by cancer survivors – including A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm, The No-Dairy Breast Cancer Prevention Program  by  Jane Plant, PH.D.,  and Cancer:  Curing  the  Incurable  Without  Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation, by Dr. William D. Kelley, DDS,  to  name  but  three.  These encouraging stories give one a strong sense of hope which is essential for survival.

Each individual  has  the power to control their own destiny though attitudes,  thereby, creating their reality. A constructive outlook perceives a cancer diagnosis as a necessary life-changing event and an opportunity to transform one’s life.

8. Spiritual Cleansing

Spirituality is the third aspect of the holistic paradigm and refers to our sense of peace.  It involves  settling unresolved conflicts,  forgiving  and  asking  forgiveness,  liberating toxic emotions such as anger,  bitterness,  hatred,  resentment,  regret,  and  fear,  while embracing our capacity  for love,  compassion and joy.  Spiritual cleansing is a process that can be achieved through various means, including meditation, affirmations, visualization and/or prayer.

These strategies should  be embraced  by  the cancer survivor  as permanent lifestyle changes.  Occasional diversions are to be expected,  but one should try  not to lose focus. Although it may at times be difficult to remain faithful to the holistic protocol, its benefits over conventional treatments  are beyond measure.  Furthermore,  the regimen becomes increasingly rewarding  once healing begins  and  measurable results  are achieved.  The holistic protocol creates a physical, emotional and spiritual environment that simply will not support cancer.

Source: www.naturalnews.com

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Healing Cancer Naturally — A Holistic Approach || Health Tips

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Cancer – The Forbidden Cures Documentary – Healing Cancer Naturally


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Labeled Cancer Survivors

  When He hung in agony on the cross,  death must have been the one thing Jesus longed for.  Not because it would relieve His suffering,  but because it would relieve our suffering forever:  “The punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

The Master Key – Unlocking the Hidden Truth !!!

Published on Mar 6, 2014

Ruth Heidrich,  Megan Sherow,  Kris Carr,  David Lingle,  Chris Wark,  Carl O. Helvie, Courtney Campbell,  Kay Hahn,  Ann Cooper and Larry Brown are the ten featured self healed cancer survivors. With Links to more information on them, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, and Dr. Greger of Nutritionfacts.org.

Ruth Heidrich;
And, her latest book, which I reviewed (2nd review)

Megan Sherow;

Kris Carr;                                                                                                https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZVSosX4SmI       http://kriscarr.com/products/crazy-se…

David Lingle;                                                                                                    http://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/david-refused-chemo/

Carl O. Helvie, world longest lung cancer survivor.

Courtney Campbell;

Kay Hahn;

Ann Cooper;

Larry Brown’s email to me;
“Hi Randy, that is an issue I can certainly relate to. It has been eleven years, 2003, since I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I think I shared my story with you. I was starting to think about robotic surgery by 2006 at the James Cancer Center at Ohio State.I met with the director of robotic surgery,Dr. Patel and suggested to him a second biopsy might be a good idea first. Dr. Patel took the biopsy samples.When I returned some days later for the results, Dr. Patel looked at them in a puzzled way and said there is no cancer here-but it has to be there somewhere,it just doesn’t go away. I was hoping he would celebrate with me, but that was not the case.Even though that is supposed to be a research center no one ever contacted me or asked what I might have been doing.What I had been doing was refining my essentially vegan diet to eliminate the little “junk” food I occasionally ate,taking some immune boosting pill I read about in ALTERNATIVES,taking some vitamins,saw palmetto,and exercising regularly.After that, I quit having PSA tests done or any exams and decided to live rather than always be apprehensive about test results. Best Wishes and Good Luck with all your efforts. Larry”

Dr. John McDougall:

Dr. T.Colin Campbell;

Dr. Gregor, Nutritionfacts,org;

Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

Great new video from Dr. Greger:

What the cancer industry doesn’t want YOU to know:

Another great video from Chris Wark on how Jill healed her cancer, about 40 years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Bqfb…

Yet another GREAT video from Chris Wark and Melyssa on Thyroid Cancer. This is what I had, but “follicular”, with standard treatment in ’04.

Yet another great survivor story, must read, with commentary from Dr. John McDougall!



Randy Kreill

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10 Self Healed Cancer Survivors: Ruth  …

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From a Cancer Survivor:Top 3 Things that everyone can do everyday to stay Healthy


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The Psychedelic Impact to Cancer

High tides and also low tides come and go, as the level of the sea goes up and down.  Tides are really all about gravity,  and when we’re talking about the daily tides,  it’s     the moon’s gravity that’s causing them.  As Earth rotates, the moon’s gravity pulls on different parts of our planet.  Even though the moon only has about 1/100th  the mass     of Earth,  and  since it’s so close to us,  it  has  enough  gravity to move things around.     The moon’s gravity even pulls on the land,  however, not enough for anyone to really tell.                                                        

When the moon’s gravity  pulls on the water in the oceans,  however,  someone’s  bound       to notice.  Water, being a liquid and all, has a much easier time moving around.  It bulges toward the moon, and that bulge follows the moon as Earth turns beneath it. If the moon’s gravity is pulling the oceans toward it,  how can the ocean also bulge on the side of Earth away from the moon? It does seem a little weird.

Gravity is the major force causing tides, but inertia is playing a part too. Inertia is matter’s resistance to change.  It wants to keep  doing whatever it’s doing,  whether that’s moving in a straight line or staying still, until another force acts on it.  While  the water closest  to  the moon is getting pulled,  the water farthest from the moon is staying right where it is.  Both sides are experiencing gravity and inertia, but one always overpowers the other.

On the side by the moon, gravity wins. And on the side away from the moon, inertia wins. If the moons lunar pull can change ocean tide why can’t the energy from personal conflict cause cancer?

 Lisa Park does not have telekinesis — However if you ignore the black sensors wrapped around her head and watch the pools of water below, it looks as though       she’s pulling off some serious Carrie-style mind manipulation.

In Eunoia II, Park controls 48 pools of water using just her brainwaves. The rippling  water appears to move through sheer will, but it’s actually the result 14 EEG sensors capturing Park’s emotions and translating them into sound waves.

The music pipes through speakers attached to the bottom of each plate which causes           the water to vibrate. On command Park can increase the volume of music or change the intensity of vibrations in the pools of water.  Think of it as a direct visualization of what Park is feeling at any given moment.

Eunoia II is a continuation (and expansion) of Eunoia, a similar installation Park created last year  while  a student at New York University’s ITP program.  In the previous iteration of the installation,  Park also controlled the five pools of water, each of which had speakers underneath to induce the vibrating.  The  goal  in the original Euonia project  was  to make her mind as still as possible—any motion you saw in the water was evidence of Park’s mind beginning to wander. Euonia II is all about expressing emotion. The 48 speakers are a nod to the 48 emotions the philosopher Baruch Spinoza described in his book Ethics.

Park’s project isn’t a reflection of all 48 of Spinoza’s emotions.  Rather,  she  focuses  on    just a few to control the water’s movement. For example, increasing her frustration levels modulates the volume of the music;  the more frustrated  Park becomes,  the more intense the vibration of the water. When Park is calm or meditative, the frequency of the vibration slows down.  She pans sound waves  around  the room by controlling levels  of excitement and engagement.  In that way,  Park is effectively choreographing the movement with her mind.

It’s not a perfect science—water moves unexpectedly as the mind reacts to its environment. But you can imagine that the better Park becomes at controlling her thoughts and feelings, the more complex the instillation has the potential to become.

Eunoia is far from the first project to translate neural feedback into art. We recently featured  a project  that allowed people to create Pollock-esque paintings with brainwaves by popping a balloon full of paint. Other artists have also harnessed EEG headsets to paint with digital paint brushes, they’ve created knitted clothes based on brainwave patterns and plenty of musicians have created EEG-enabled audio installations.  Lisa Park’s work is just another example of this exploration, but it feels intensely visceral compared to most.

In Eunoia II you can practically feel Park’s thoughts radiating from her brain straight to the pools of water. If only all human emotion were this easy to read.                   https://vimeo.com/112387261

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, born in 1935 in Frisia, Germany, studied medicine/theology at the University of Tuebingen. At  age  22, he completed his master’s degree in theology and then, four years later, received his professional license as a doctor of medicine. Dr. Hamer established that every disease originates from a shock or trauma that catches an individual completely by surprise. The moment the unexpected conflict occurs, the shock strikes a specific, predetermined area in the brain causing a lesion (later called Hamer Focus or HH – Hamerscher Herd), visible on a brain scan as a set of sharp concentric rings.
The brain cells that receive shock (DHS) send a biochemical signal to the corresponding body cells causing the growth of a tumor, a meltdown of tissue, or functional loss, depending on which part of the brain is involved. The reason why specific conflicts are irrefutably tied to specific areas in the brain is that during the development of the human organism each brain area was programmed to respond instantly to situations that could threaten survival.  While the brainstem, the oldest part of the brain, is programmed with primordial conflicts related to breathing (death-fright conflicts) reproduction (procreation conflicts) and food (morsel conflicts), the cerebrum, the youngest part of the brain, correlates to more advanced matters (separation conflicts, territorial conflicts).
Dr. Hamer also discovered that every disease progresses in two phases: first, a conflict-active phase, characterized by emotional distress, a lack of appetite, and sleeplessness, and then, provided the conflict can be resolved, a healing phase. This is the period in which the psyche, the brain and the affected organ undergo the phase of recovery, an often difficult process marked by fatigue, headaches, inflammation, “infections”, and pain. ALSO Firmly anchored in the science of embryology and in full accordance with evolutionary logic, Dr. Hamer called his findings “The Five Biological Laws of the New Medicine”. Over the years, he was able to confirm his discoveries with over 40,000 case studies.
Dr. Hamer’s research radically upsets the many existing theories of conventional medicine. His explanation of disease as a meaningful interplay between the psyche, the brain and the corresponding organ refutes the view that disease occurs by chance or as a result of a mistake of Nature. Based on sound scientific criteria, German New Medicine shatters the myths of malignant cancer cells or of malevolent microbes and identifies “infectious diseases” as well as cancerous tumors as age-old emergency measures designed to save the organism and not, as we have been taught, to destroy it. Diseases such as cancer lose their frightening image and are recognized as meaningful biological survival programs every human being is born with.

Co-founder of Brandplay, a brand strategy firm, Stacey Kramer also founded Word          for Word, a naming and branding consultancy serving national and global companies  from big, recognizable names to next year’s newsmaking startups.

In 2009, Kramer found herself confronting a terrifying diagnosis: a CAT scan revealed    she had a brain tumor — the size of a golf ball. She told her remarkable, personal story at TED2010.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKbet4RdSo4

Linda J. Ferguson shares her video series for improving your Emotional Intelligence         in a five part series. Focus on the strategies you are using to meet your needs. Sign-Up      at www.lindajferguson.com  to  receive  more  information  on living a life of balance,   moving through your stresses quicker, and creating the life you desire.
Part 1 Self Awareness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e12aG13qsgE
Part 2 Self Regulation 
Part 3 Self Motivation
Part 4 Empathy for Others https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY5v0S9urCE
Part 5 Strategies for Emotional Intelligence

For my information checkout these Google Links:

Stress hormone cortisol and cancer!!!!!!!!!

Which part of the brain controls emotional behavior?

Which part of the brain controls emotional reactions?

Which part of the brain controls emotional responses?

Which part of the brain controls emotions and feelings?

Which part of the brain controls emotional experiences?

Which part of the brain controls emotional intelligence?

Preview  Dr Caroline Leaf Switch on Your Brain Can We Control Emotions and Feelings


 SPreview YouTube video GNM and the Five Biological Laws – Part 1 of 7

GNM and the Five Biological Laws – Part 1 of 7

witch on Your Brain Can We Control Emotions and Feelings

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The Indisputable Connection:

Understanding acidity: The common denominator for all cancer growth!!!

Studies conducted at the University of Bari in Italy clearly demonstrated that a hallmark  of all tumors,  regardless  of  their  origin  or  background,  is  their acidic environment: it  is true that cancer produces lactic acid, however, and all disease is created from Acidious something  ‘psychedelic’. anything that has a hallucinogenic or surreal quality.

“This perturbation in pH dynamics rises very early in carcinogenesis and is one of the most common patho-physiological hallmarks of tumors,” the researchers say.

Cancer cells, they conclude, prefer an acidic environment. In truth, there are many factors that can create acidity in the body but basically, all of them have to do with stress in some form or another.

The 3 main ways stress happens in the body

1) Eating acidic foods – such as meats, dairy, sugar and refined grains.

2) Extreme physical exertion.

3) Mental or emotional stress.

What is the ‘domino effect’ of acidity?

Dr. Keiichi Morishita, director of the Ochanomizu Clinic in Japan and the head of the International Natural Medicine Association,  explains  in  his book The Hidden Truth of Cancer, that when the blood starts to become acidic, the body will begin to deposit acidic substances, usually toxins, into cells to allow the blood to remain slightly alkaline.

These deposits cause the cells to become even more acidic and toxic, which results in a decrease in their oxygen levels (hypoxia); destruction of respiratory enzymes and DNA damage.  Morishita goes on to theorize that when acidity happens, some cells die while some may survive by becoming abnormal cells.

These cells,  he postulates,  “grow indefinitely and without order.”  They are cancer cells.    In addition, acidic environments are also ripe for pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and yeasts to thrive.

Increase alkalinity and oxygen to stop cancer

If you have developed a condition like breast cancer,  one of best way to begin your    healing  journey is through adopting an alkaline diet.  This consists primarily of eating organic cruciferous vegetables while avoiding acid-producing substances such as sugar, dairy, wheat and high-gluten grains.

Research conducted at the University of Arizona, department of Pharmacology supports alkalizing the body  with baking soda as a natural treatment for breast cancer.  With their research with laboratory mice showed that oral intake of baking soda (NaHCO3) increased the pH of cancer tumors, significantly reducing the spread of metastatic breast cancer.

You can use baking soda at home in order to increase alkalinity in your body in a safe yet effective way. Simply mix a teaspoon of baking soda with 8 ounces of clean water, adding the juice of an organic lemon for flavor.

Repeat up to two times a day (for a 154 pound person). Since the stomach must maintain acidity for the digestion process, be sure to drink the solution 30 minutes before eating or 2 hours after.

The Onco-Metabolic Syndrome: the Link between Blood Sugar and Cancer

Metabolic syndrome is a constellation of symptoms that have been linked to increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In the last decade, cancer has been added to the list of increased risks.

The symptoms that make up the metabolic syndrome are:

  • Impaired ability to regulate blood sugar (glucose) and insulin
  • Increased waist size (women > 35 in., men > 40 in.)
  • Increased fasting glucose
  • Increased triglycerides
  • Low HDL
  • Elevated blood pressure

You may have heard the saying “sugar feeds cancer” – what that means is that blood    sugar levels, insulin and insulin-like growth factors influence cancer. Whenever your  blood sugar rises your body produces insulin and insulin-like-growth factor 1 (IGF-1). These growth hormones have also been found to promote the growth of solid tumors        in the breast, lung, and prostate.

Across the board, cancer mortality is higher in those with metabolic syndrome,    increasing with the more symptoms one has.

How does metabolic syndrome influence cancer?

  • Increases risk of recurrence
  • Increases risk of post operative/post treatment complications
  • Increases inflammation
  • Influences immune response
  • Increases circulating estrogens

Blood sugar levels are important because advanced cancers consume more glucose           to  keep up with their rapid growth spurt. To make matter worse, high levels of insulin  and IGF-1 can block chemical activities in the body making cancer cells less responsive      to  chemotherapy.  For  hormonally  related  cancers,  such  as  breast,  endometrial or uterine cancer, IGF-1 can stimulate estrogen receptors on cancer cells.

To reduce elevated insulin and blood glucose, consume low-glycemic index foods so      that blood glucose levels are minimally raised.  The glycemic index tells you how fast a particular food (carbohydrate) raises the blood sugar level. The glycemic load of a meal takes into account all of the foods in a particular meal.  For example,  sometimes eating higher glycemic foods  along  with  lower glycemic foods  can  blunt  the  rise  in  blood glucose when eaten together.

Tips on lowering insulin and IGF-1

  • Eat low glycemic index/load foods. Refer to this list for foods meet this criteria: mendosa.com/gilists
  • Avoid or limit refined carbohydrates (starchy foods).
  • Because IGF-1 in animal meats and fats is identical to IGF-1 in humans,            eliminate red meat, poultry, and dairy to reduce your personal IGF-1.
  • Increase fiber in your diet.
  • Add healthy fat, protein, and lemon or vinegar to help lower glycemic index                and load of a meal.
  • Get plenty of exercise to lower blood sugar, insulin, and ILG-F.
  • Reduce stress since high stress levels promote cortisol and insulin production.

Examples of high glycemic index foods

  • Glucose: 100
  • Table Sugar (sucrose): 65
  • Whole Wheat Bread: 74
  • Instant Oatmeal : 79
  • Cornflakes: 81
  • Boiled Potato: 78

Know your numbers. Ask your doctor to check your fasting blood glucose and insulin levels. Most doctors consider a normal glucose level to be between 70-100 mg/dL, but between 70-80 mg/dL is optimal. Levels above 100 mg/dL might indicate prediabetes      or even full-blown diabetes. Insulin can help your doctor check for insulin resistance.

Cancer patients need to understand the threat of oncometabolic syndrome

These warning signs of cancer are so predictable that there is even a term for it:          Cancer metabolic syndrome or oncometabolic syndrome (OMS).

Nutritional oncologist Dr. Jean Wallace was the first western doctor to see these signs holistically.  She describes OMS  as “a cluster of nutritional and metabolic factors that    can influence the growth and progression of cancer.”

The good news is that the majority of these factors are completely controllable by you:

1. High blood sugar

High blood sugar, or hyperglycemia, is an overabundance of glucose in the bloodstream. In most cases, high blood sugar occurs after years of eating high-carb, high-sugar processed-foods. Obesity and type 2 diabetes, two conditions that go hand-in-hand with hyperglycemia, have been shown to be risk factors for cancer.

This makes perfect sense. Cancer cells use sugar, not oxygen, in order to survive.                 A 1985 animal — based breast cancer study found that the higher the blood sugar,            the lower the overall immune system function, unfortunately, the higher the death        rate.

2. Increased estrogen levels

High estrogen levels can trigger breast cancer for both men and woman alike. Without limiting toxic exposure through eating an organic diet and detoxing regularly, chances    are you, like the majority of Americans, will have high estrogen levels at some point in your life.  There are just too many ways for xenoestrogens,  aggressive chemical toxins  that mimic natural estrogen, to get into your system; everything from the commercial meats you eat and the chemical-ridden sundry products you use to the toxic air you breathe contains it.

The healthy function of your liver is key to not only metabolizing natural estrogens. However  in removing excess aggressive estrogens as well.  This is why establishing              a regular detoxification program,  among other things, is vital if you wish to reduce       your estrogen load.

3. Compromised immune system

Since the majority of our immune system cells reside in the digestive system, this is            a logical place to start in order to repair it. In the intestines, organisms such as bad bacteria, yeasts, parasites and viruses could be the initial cause for ‘immune system overload.’

Your immune system may be so preoccupied with fighting off all of these “bad guys”          in your gut,  that  it  does not  have  the energy to prevent cancer cells from growing.             In no other area of your body,  however,  do  you  have more control  over regaining   health than in your gut.  Eat for gut health  in order to restore the proper balance of        good and bad bacteria and find ways to reduce the stress that may be adding to your       gut woes. Then watch your overall immune health soar!

4. Nutrient deficiencies

Here is a true statement: Every client that I have worked with, over the last year,           has    been deficient in either vitamin D or iodine (or both).  First  and  foremost,               be sure to get tested for deficiencies in these 2 essential nutrients before any tell-             tale signs begin to appear.

For iodine deficiency, one of the first signs that something is acutely off may come in   form of hormone imbalances, such as slight hypothyroidism. For vitamin D deficiency, signs could be achy bones, depression, GI problems, excessive sweating (especially on    the head), and excessive weight gain.

Minerals such as magnesium, zinc and selenium are also key nutrients to watch.

5. Inflammation

Inflammation is present wherever there is stress in the body. It is usually created as a result of a stressed lifestyle, lack of proper sleep and poor diet. Inflammation in the gut caused by foods that you may have an allergy to, however slight, is especially dangerous.

Polyunsaturated fats, commercial meats and foods with high sugar and carb content act   as irritants to the gut. Not only will they affect your immune system, as mentioned above, they will eventually wear down your intestinal lining, leading to leaky gut (and even more immune system problems). This trickle-down effect, as well as the presence of inflammational byproducts, can lead to unchecked cancer tumor growth.

There was a time  when I ignored the warning signs my own body was giving me. Then        I was stopped dead in my tracks when  I discovered I had breast cancer.  The next time  you have a hunch that your body is trying to tell you something, listen closely.  It could    just save your life.

About the author: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (“Dr. V”) is a best-selling author and specialist in Chiropractic, Bio-Energetics, Meridian Stress Analysis, Homeopathy and Digital Thermography.  After  30 years  in active practice,  she decided to  “retire” and devote her time to sharing her personal, non-toxic Breast Cancer healing journey with others.  Her years of experience  and  research have culminated in “The 7 Essentials, “        a step-by-step coaching program that unravels the mystery of healing the body. In her website  and  personal healing  journey have touched the lives of thousands of women around the globe.  To get your F.R.E.E.  7-day mini e-course and to receive her weekly inspiring articles on the power of natural medicine – visit: BreastCancerConqueror.com


Preview YouTube video Why heavy metals are so toxic to your body: lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic

Why heavy metals are so toxic to your body: lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic

Acidious – Toxic


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The Science of Cancer


  There are many  Known  and  Probable Human Carcinogens in the world today.  However, when one researches cancer it’s human delight for refined carbohydrates   may be the leading cause for cancer in the United States.     Allow Me to Explain. :)

   Cancer strikes individuals, affects many families and also causes economic hardship.   The burden of  cancer will rise globally in coming years due to a growing,  aging world population. This  free access website is designed for people who may be unfamiliar with science but are interested in developing a sound understanding of  cancer and how it is diagnosed, treated, prevented and studied.

     In 2012,  an estimated 14.1 million people developed cancer,  and 8 million people       died from it. The numbers of cancer cases is expected to grow to 22 million over the next   20 years  due  to  the  growing  and aging of the world population.  Cancer  treatment  can certainly be a challenge for some in high-income countries. However, 60% of cancer cases and 70% of cancer deaths – occur in low-and middle-income countries in Africa,  Asia and Central and South America, which have much fewer resources for cancer care.  This rising number of cancer cases presents a serious global problem that requires an equally serious commitment to cancer prevention.
   A better understanding of cancer by all could help initiate and promote cancer prevention efforts by both individuals and nations.
Important concepts explored in this blog post  include:

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   Cancers are a group of diseases in which abnormal cells uncontrollably develop        and will spread in the body. More than 100 different types of cancer affect humans. Internationally,  it is the second leading cause of death, accounting for one in every  seven deaths worldwide.

Cancers develop as a result of outside forces — and exposure to radiation or toxins in          the environment  (including tobacco  and alcohol),  poor diet habits, insufficient exercise, and infections—or internal factors—genetic makeup,  immune deficiencies, and hormonal changes—or a combination of more than one factor. A third of all cancer deaths worldwide stem from modifiable or preventable risk factors, such as smoking, obesity, and infections.

Cancer cells grow faster than the body’s own healthy cells.  This is one of the reasons why the disease is able to spread so quickly around the body once it has gained a foothold.

Now scientists at the University of Copenhagen have identified a mechanism that helps explain why cancer cells grow so rapidly.

The mechanism is caused by a faulty placement of essential enzymes in the cancer cells, which causes changes in the proteins on the surface of the cancer cells. This mechanism plays a part in the growth of the cancer cells.

Although the findings are still at a basic research level, one of the researchers behind      the study believes that the mechanism may become a possible target in the fight against cancer:

“This places us in a good position in the fight against cancer.  The moment you realize         a process plays an important part in the development of cancer,  you can start to consider how you can influence the process so that the cancer cells cannot make use of it,” explains Professor Henrik Clausen, who heads the Copenhagen Center for Glycomics at the University of Copenhagen.

The study is published in the journal PNAS.

Sugar boosts cancer growth!!!!

The researchers studied a special property of cancer cells that distinguishes them from healthy cells.

We have identified a possible mechanism behind the shortened sugar molecules. We also discovered that when we made changes to the mechanism, we reduced the rapid growth of the cancer cells.

All cells have proteins on their surfaces, which are coated with sugar molecules known as O-glycans. These surface proteins act as the cells’ sensor.

In healthy cells the sugar molecules form long and complex chains, whereas in cancer cells these chains are short and simple.

Scientists have known about this since the 1980s, and many attempts have since been made to use this special property in cancer cells to come up with ways of identifying cancer in the body.

The new study, carried out in collaboration with researchers from Singapore, reveals      the short sugar chains are not only a special characteristic of cancer cells; they are also involved in the rapid growth of the cancer cells.

The researchers also found how the cancer cells produce these short sugar chains:

“We have identified a possible mechanism behind the shortened sugar molecules,” says  co-author Catharina Steentoft, a PhD student at the Copenhagen Center for Glycomics.

“We also discovered that when we made changes to the mechanism, we reduced the rapid growth of the cancer cells.”

Understanding the mechanism!!!

The repositioning of the enzymes from their original location in the Golgi apparatus to the endoplasmic reticulum somehow plays a role in cancer cell growth.
Catharina Steentoft

Here’s how the mechanism works:

  • All cells contain enzymes that are involved in the formation of sugar molecules on the cell’s surface proteins. This process is known as glycosylation.
  • In healthy cells, the enzymes are located in the part of the cell that’s known as the Golgi apparatus, which is a type of membrane system inside the cell. In cancer cells, however, the enzymes are located in another membrane system called the endoplasmic reticulum.
  • When proteins are formed inside the cells, they pass through both of these membrane systems, where the enzymes attach sugar chains to the proteins before they are transported out to the cell’s surface.

There are, however, differences in how the enzymes attach sugar molecules to the proteins in the two membrane systems:

“The difference between glycosylation in cancer cells and in healthy cells is that the enzymes are located in different parts of the cell,” says Steentoft.

“This means that healthy cells have long, complex sugar chains attached to their surface proteins, while cancer cells get short and simple ones attached to their surface proteins.”

Why cancer cells grow so fast…

In the study, the researchers tested the mechanism and its effect on mice.

Having injected cancer cells into the mice, they observed that the mice that had been given cancer cells in which the enzymes in the endoplasmic reticulum were put out of action survived longer and had smaller and fewer tumours.

“This means that the repositioning of the enzymes from their original location in the Golgi apparatus to the endoplasmic reticulum somehow plays a role in cancer cell growth,” says Steentoft.

Study increases our understanding of cancer…
The newly-discovered mechanism is one of the possible explanations of why the sugar chains in cancer cells have the short structure and what this means for the growth of the cancer cells says Catharina Steentoft.

The new findings provide the researchers with an insight into one of the characteristics of cancer cells that makes the disease so difficult to control.

The research is still at a very early basic research level, and Steentoft is reluctant to say when the new findings will be used in the fight against cancer, or whether the mechanism will even become a target for cancer treatment.

”Our findings increase our understanding of cancer. The newly-discovered mechanism      is one of the possible explanations of why the sugar chains in cancer cells have the short structure and what this means for the growth of the cancer cells,” she says.

”But I would also like to point out that we’re still very far from finding a cure.”


Enzyme That Regulates Sugar Metabolism May Help Treat Cancer….

Scientists from the University of Montreal Hospital Research Center (CRCHUM) have discovered a new enzyme, which could be developed as a treatment for obesity and type 2 diabetes. Dubbed glycerol 3-phosphate phosphatase or G3PP, it can zap excess sugar from the body.

The researchers found that the enzyme can stem the toxic effects of sugar to various organs in the body. It also plays a major role in glucose control and fat utilization.

G3PP acts like a detox compound that stops the body from being poisoned by the chemicals produced when the cells are overloaded with sugar.

“When glucose is abnormally elevated in the body, glucose-derived glycerol-3 phosphate reaches excessive levels in cells, and exaggerated glycerol 3 phosphate metabolism can also damage various tissues,” said Professor Marc Prentki of the University of Montreal and the study’s lead investigator.

Prentki added that the study paved the way for the discovery of the enzyme and its ability to break down a great amount of excess glycerol phosphate to glycerol and divert it outside the cell. In turn, the insulin-producing pancreas,  along with other organs of the body,  are protected from the effects of high glucose levels.

Altering glucose utilization in the cells can cause disturbances in several physiological processes that can put an individual at risk for certain conditions like obesity, cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes (type 2).

Insulin secretion by the beta cells in the pancreas, glucose production in the liver, digestion of nutrients for the production of energy and fat storage in adipose tissues        are all governed by glucose utilization.

For instance, beta cells produce insulin, which is very important for blood glucose control. Insulin also plays a central role because this enzyme carries glucose to the different cells for energy production. With little or no insulin to carry the glucose, blood sugar levels spike.

An excess of sugar levels can damage the pancreas, leading to dysfunction and diabetes. Based on the study, by diverting glucose as glycerol, the enzyme averts fat formation and storage. It can lower overproduction of glucose in the liver, which is one of the main problems associated with diabetes.

The researchers are positive that their discovery is a very significant contribution to future treatments for obesity, diabetes and eventually, metabolic syndrome. They are presently in the process of looking for small molecule activators of G3PP. It involves developing a medicine to activate the enzyme.

The study still has a long way to go since it needs confirmation through animal model first, before carrying on developing drugs for human consumption.

The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

‘Detox enzyme’ which stops sugar being stored as fat identified by scientists

This discovery may mean that guilt-free sugary snacks could become a reality

Relish the idea of sucking down a fizzy drink or biting into a doughnut with no consequences?

Imagine never having to start a diet in January again.

This could be the future after scientists at the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre identified the G3PP enzyme – which could offer fresh hope for obesity treatment.

This enzyme can ‘zap’ excess sugar from the body, stopping it from being stored as fat.

The ‘detox’ enzyme also stops the body’s cells being poisoned by chemicals produced   when the body’s cells are overloaded with sugar.

    Dr Marc Prentki,  one of the researchers leading the study,  said:  “We  found  G3PP          is able to breakdown a great proportion of this excess glycerol phosphate to glycerol and divert it outside the cell, thus protecting the insulin producing beta cells of pancreas and various organs from toxic effects of high glucose levels.”

This discovery, as well as treating obesity, could stop people from developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Insulin is an important hormone for controlling glucose and fat utilisation but when beta cells are presented with excess glucose and fatty acids, the same nutrients become toxic and damage them, leading to their dysfunction and diabetes.

When glucose is being used in cells, glycerol-3-phosphate is formed, and this molecule      is central to metabolism, since it is needed for both energy production and fat formation.

Senior Scientist Dr Murthy Madiraju said: “By diverting glucose as glycerol, G3PP prevents excessive formation and storage of fat and it also lowers excessive production of glucose in liver, a major problem in diabetes.”

“We identified the enzyme while looking for mechanisms enabling beta cells to get rid       of excess glucose as glycerol.

“This mechanism has also been found to be operating in liver cells, and this enzyme is present in all body tissues”.

The findings published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences offers a new therapeutic target for obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

The researchers are currently in the process of discovering “small molecule activators        of G3PP” to treat cardiometabolic disorders.

These drugs will be unique in their mode of action and first of their kind in this class          of drugs.

Further lab tests are needed before clinical trials with new drugs can take place.

     Identification of a mammalian glycerol-3-phosphate phosphatase:     Role in metabolism and signaling in pancreatic β-cells and hepatocytes

In the early 1920s, Otto Warburg observed that cancer cells were highly fermentative.    Hypothesized that it was due to a metabolic injury.  Since the discovery that cancer cells produced large quantities of lactic acid  and that extracellular/intratumoral acidification has recently been shown to be a major and fundamental factor in local growth and in the metastatic process, NaHCO3 and other alkalinizing agents have been proposed for the treatment of cancer almost a century later.

Most of the enzymes  related to nutrient metabolic pathways  discovered  and studied       in 1950s to 1970s. After this period there was a shift in research towards understanding genome function and a revolution in molecular biology followed.  At that time … studies related to metabolism and metabolic enzyme were not of major interest.  However, once researchers realized the importance of metabolism in metabolic diseases and also cancer, their interest was re-ignited.

Hypoxia refers to the condition where cells are short of oxygen. Since oxygen is necessary for maximum energy production from glucose, they must respond to this condition. One way they respond  by making a transcription factor known as Hypoxia Induction Factor 1 (HIF-1). HIF-1 activates transcription of genes that are involved in glucose transport and glycolysis.  Cancer cells are frequently hypoxic and induce HIF-1,  as well.  Another way cancer cells battle hypoxia is to stimulate the growth of blood vessels to them by making another factor known as angiogenesis.  Blocking HIF-1 and angiogenin are anti-cancer therapies.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-bfrF0Y3fc

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The Metabolic Processes Song – A Biology Project

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Spice Cells – ‘Wanna be’ (Citric Acid Cycle)
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What Does One Really Believe

                      Ryan D’Leulf  https://www.facebook.com/doyouownyourlife

When I read about Altaf Hussain’s cancer healing testimony recently. I was impressed      how something so simple can work for one cancer patient but not the next (Given the type, class, grade and staging of  ones cancer.)
First diagnosed with hodgkins in 2001 and treated with the Chi/PABLO in the LY09 trial. Then relapse in December 2011, thereby,  I did my own research and cured my own cancer by refusing chemotherapy the second time. I discovered so much but this was my basic protocol.
The first thing I did was “stopped: consuming sugar, meat and anything processed. I began drinking carrot juice three times per day with blackseed oil everyday for three months. I also ate 30 to 40 grapes at breakfast with seeds. Plus 30 to 40 apricot seeds, no more then six at a time  per day. While also eating papaya, pineapple, dates & avocado as I understood how these foods worked inside the body.
Pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromalain which is a proteolytic enzyme which breaks down protein. The principle was that to boost the amount of proteolytic enzymes would serve to empower the body’s enzyme resources to demask the protein fibrin membrane surrounding the cancer, allowing the immune system to recognize and attack the exposed tumour. Of course this was not to be seen as the silver bullet cure all for cancer, but it functioned as part of an overall holistic regime to create a bodily environment that was hostile to cancer. www.cancer-acts.com
  My vitamin supplements included vitamin C 2000mg & Zinc 17mg and pancreatic enzyme tablets 6 per day reducing to 2 which I take today. I also still today take blackseed oil with carrot juice.
  When you consider something as simple as the fore mention testimony other patients may need something more aggressive for them to be cured of their cancer. Recently I have heard about the success rates of Coley’s Toxin.

Coley’s Toxins: The History Of The Worlds Most Powerful Cancer Treatment


Coley’s Toxins

The facts are hard to dispute. From 1891-1936 Dr. Coley had a higher success rate treating most cancers than we do today. Over 100 years later, Dr. Coley is considered the father of immunotherapy.

Coley’s Toxins Combined With Our Other Treatments

CHIPSA hospital has been using Coley’s toxins combined with other immuno-stimulating and detox protocols since 1996.  For the last two years of his life the famed Dr. Josef Issels came from Germany  and also trained the doctors at CHIPSA to treat cancer patients with  combination of Coley’s toxins and his famous Issel’s Autologous vaccine.  They combined these protocols with Gerson Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, PUVA Photophereses, Hyperthermia, Insulin Potentiation Therapy and Dendritic Cell Vaccine to have the most complete Integrative protocol to treat cancer and other degenerative diseases.

At CHIPSA hospital we have been giving hope to the hopeless and saving countless lives for 37 years.  If you’d like a second opinion  please fill out the form to the side and one of our staff members will contact you to set up a phone consultation with one of our doctors.

Coley’s Toxins Success

Also, to see the success Dr. Coley had treating cancer patients look at the chart below.  Note that this is with Coley’s toxins alone and not combined with all of the other treatments we do.

In House Cancer Treatment Financing

nytimes_top_1908_coleys (1)CHIPSA Gerson Hospital Coleys Toxins

Preview YouTube video Coley’s Toxins: The History Of The Worlds Most Powerful Cancer Treatment

Coley’s Toxins: The History Of The Worlds Most Powerful Cancer Treatment

 Preview YouTube video CURE FOR CANCER – Dr. William Coley’s Fluid

CURE FOR CANCER – Dr. William Coley’s Fluid
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