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This Memorial Day Weekend I remember my father whom would have been 95 years young (May 28,1921) today. In honor of him and a Former Facebook Friend Rosa Parkin. Whom we finally met one year ago this weekend in Portland, Oregon. While trying to Slay The Dragon …. which is called Leiomyosarcoma which took my fathers life and eventually Rosa’s a few months later.

I remember last Memorial Day Weekend it was an awesome trip to Portland Oregon to meet up with Rosa Parkin. Shortly there after … times started to change for the worse for Rosa. But this trip looking back gave me the opportunity to look at cancer in a whole new light. Rosa was always positive and upbeat, however, once I arrived in Oregon.  I saw the toll cancer was taking to Rosa’s insides,  not only, in her own mind her body and in spirit (emotions), but also, the financial pressures and stress was mounting.

  What eventually came of this trip was an insight: I pondered how much does stress and emotions dictate your chances of getting cancer. Also if  don’t have cancer. What impact does traumatic experiences or stressful situations on your health or if you have cancer could this stress cause cancer to metastasize.
Stress and Your Thyroid: What’s the Cancer Connection?

Stress: A word that seems all too common in today’s society. Not only can chronic stress wreck havoc on your overall health and well-being, but it can affect your thyroid too.

Stress and Hypothyroidism

Your thyroid works in tandem with your adrenal glands. The adrenal glands, which are above your kidneys, can handle small amounts of stress well. When you encounter stress they release cortisol, which enhances various bodily functions.

The impact of stress on the thyroid occurs by slowing your body’s metabolism. This is another way that stress and weight gain are linked. When thyroid function slows during stress, triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) hormone levels fall. Also, the conversion of T4 hormone to T3 may not occur, leading to higher level of reverse T3.

Insulin resistance and issues balancing blood sugar often occur alongside hypothyroidism. Increased levels of glucocorticoids lower the levels of TSH in the blood. A delicate balance between stress hormones and cortisol must exist for proper thyroid function. If this delicate balance changes, your thyroid symptoms may increase.

Lab tests cannot always depict the right picture of how you’re feeling, and medications cannot always keep up with the changes that stress causes. Chronic stress can cause problems in your body for years before lab tests show a problem. All the while, you may experience hypothyroid symptoms, such as fatigue or weight gain. This prolonged stress may crop up as depression or anxiety when both are actually hypothyroid symptoms.

The thyroid is the main system regulator- it produces two main molecules- T3, and T4-which contain iodine — and these molecules regulate metabolic processes with glucose. Your body has to build a billion cells a day — if you are under stress your body will use Coriolis- de-stress your life so that the thyroid is used properly.

Stress Relief Tips

You can help your overall stress levels and thyroid health by making some simple    changes in your daily life.

Eat Right

Fighting Cancer with Food

Whether you are currently fighting cancer or simply want to cut your risk, diet—specifically a diet heavy on plant-based foods—plays a crucial role in fending off    this disease.  According to a study in JAMA Internal Medicine involving Seventh-Day Adventists— 35% of whom are vegetarian, compared – with 4% of the distinct general population—people who eat plant-based diets live longer and have fewer cancer occurrences.

One way eating a mostly vegetarian diet helps …. fight cancer is by helping to keep        your weight down. That’s important: Excess body fat has been found to be metabolically active, promoting the kinds of cell changes that can contribute to cancer development.

Plants also provide the kinds of nutrients that help retard malignancy development.       For example,  the folate found in dark leafy greens such as kale and spinach  (as well as asparagus and other foods)  plays a role in maintaining DNA,  and low levels of folic acid   in the blood have been linked to higher rates of colorectal cancer. Lycopene, a carotenoid found in foods such as tomatoes, pink grapefruit, red grapes, watermelon and papaya, has long been believed to help reduce prostate cancer risk; recent studies indicate it may lower the risk of kidney cancer as well.

If you do eat animal foods, your best bet is to concentrate on seafood, especially wild-caught species that tend to be low in mercury such as salmon, sardines, squid and shrimp. Besides providing high-quality protein,  salmon  and sardines  also  supply vitamin D (as does small amounts of the daily sun exposure on unprotected skin).  The National Cancer Institute reports,  “In studies  of  cancer cells  and of tumors in mice,  vitamin D has been found  to  have  several activities  that might slow  or  prevent the development of cancer, including promoting cellular differentiation,  decreasing cancer cell growth,  stimulating cell death and reducing tumor blood vessel formation.”

If you are currently undergoing cancer treatment or have been diagnosed with cancer       in the past, speak with your healthcare provider about the ideal diet for your needs.

A healthy, balanced diet looks different for everyone. In general, plan to eat three well-balanced meals full of fruits, vegetables, and protein each day. Start your morning off with a good breakfast,  one low in sugar but higher in protein and fiber.  While reducing alcohol consumption, caffeine, and sugar within your diet will help with your overall energy levels. Also,  think about how you’re eating.  Make sure to take the time to sit and enjoy the  meal, which will help your body digest food better. While this may seem tough to do in your busy lifestyle, your body and thyroid will thank you for it.

Think About Vitamins

You may want to consider adding thyroid supporting vitamins and minerals to your daily routine. An iodine deficiency is the most common cause of hypothyroidism. Adding other essential vitamins and minerals, such as:

  • selenium
  • zinc
  • iron
  • copper
  • vitamins A, B, C, and E

Talk to your doctor before starting these supplements.

Are you tired or toxic?  That is a fair question since many symptoms of toxic overload      are commonly mislabeled as digestive issues,  insomnia,  chronic fatigue or even allergies. Listen to Dr. Rostenberg explain how toxins are impacting your body and what you can do to fix it. If you or someone you know is sick and tired of being toxic, please share this video with them! For help with healthy detoxification to revitalize your body and mind

Sleep Well

Getting enough quality sleep at night can be tough with hypothyroidism. Stress makes getting a good night’s sleep tough too. But aiming for a good night’s rest can have a huge impact on your thyroid health. Try adopting a strict bedtime and avoid technology in the hours before bed. Slowing down before you sleep allows the adrenal glands to lower the stress response and rest.


Taking time to reflect or meditate can help the body relax. In turn, relaxation leads to reduced stress and less impact on your thyroid. There are many ways to relax. For some people, making crafts helps to calm their bodies. For other people, deep breathing exercises, yoga, or simply being outside is enough.

You may not be able to remove all the stress from your life, but supporting your body    with healthy foods, adding vitamins and minerals, sleeping properly, and trying some relaxation techniques can help you balance your overall health as well as your thyroid.

Healing The Adrenal Gland:

When you think of the adrenal glands (also known as suprarenal glands), stress might come to mind. And rightly so—the adrenal glands are arguably best known for secreting the hormone adrenaline, which rapidly prepares your body to spring into action in a stressful situation.
But the adrenal glands contribute to your health even at times when your body isn’t under extreme stress. In fact, they release hormones that are essential for you to live.
Anatomy of the Adrenal Glands
The adrenal glands are two, triangular-shaped organs that measure about 1.5 inches in height and 3 inches in length. They are located on top of each kidney. Their name directly relates to their location (ad—near or at; renes—kidneys).
Each adrenal gland is comprised of two distinct structures—the outer part of the adrenal glands is called the adrenal cortex. The inner region is known as the adrenal medulla.
Hormones of the Adrenal Glands
The adrenal cortex and the adrenal medulla have very different functions. One of the main distinctions between them is that the hormones released by the adrenal cortex are necessary for life; those secreted by the adrenal medulla are not.
Adrenal Cortex Hormones
The adrenal cortex produces two main groups of corticosteroid hormones—glucocorticoids and mineralcorticoids. The release of glucocorticoids is triggered by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Mineralcorticoids are mediated by signals triggered by the kidney.
 When the hypothalamus produces corticotrophin-releasing hormone (CRH), it stimulates the pituitary gland to release adrenal corticotrophic hormone (ACTH). These hormones, in turn, alert the adrenal glands to produce corticosteroid hormones.
Glucocorticoids released by the adrenal cortex include:
  • Hydrocortisone: Commonly known as cortisol, it regulates how the body converts fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to energy. It also helps regulate blood pressure and cardiovascular function.
  • Corticosterone: This hormone works with hydrocortisone to regulate immune response and suppress inflammatory reactions.
The principle mineralcorticoid is aldosterone, which maintains the right balance of salt and water while helping control blood pressure.
There is a third class of hormone released by the adrenal cortex, known as sex steroids or sex hormones. The adrenal cortex releases small amounts of male and female sex hormones. However, their impact is usually overshadowed by the greater amounts of hormones (such as estrogen and testosterone) released by the ovaries or testes.
Adrenal Medulla Hormones
Unlike the adrenal cortex, the adrenal medulla does not perform any vital functions. That is, you don’t need it to live. But that hardly means the adrenal medulla is useless. The hormones of the adrenal medulla are released after the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated, which occurs when you’re stressed. As such, the adrenal medulla helps you deal with physical and emotional stress. You can learn more by reading a SpineUniverse article about the sympathetic nervous system.
You may be familiar with the fight-or-flight response—a process initiated by the sympathetic nervous system when your body encounters a threatening (stressful) situation. The hormones of the adrenal medulla contribute to this response.
  • Epinephrine: Most people know epinephrine by its other name—adrenaline. This hormone rapidly responds to stress by increasing your heart rate and rushing blood to the muscles and brain. It also spikes your blood sugar level by helping convert glycogen to glucose in the liver. (Glycogen is the liver’s storage form of glucose.)
  • Norepinephrine: Also known as noradrenaline, this hormone works with epinephrine in responding to stress. However, it can cause vasoconstriction (the narrowing of blood vessels). This results in high blood pressure.
  Enzymes are natural proteins:  that stimulate and accelerate biological reactions in the body. Enzymes, many of which are made in the pancreas, break down food and help with the absorption of nutrients into the blood. Metabolic enzymes build new cells and repair damaged ones in the blood, tissues, and organs. Though the American Cancer Society says that there have been no well-designed studies showing that enzyme supplements are effective in treating cancer we need look no further than the benefit that comes from stimulating and accelerating so many biological reactions.
   Most alternative health professionals understand the importance of taking digestive enzymes. This becomes critical for many people as they age. Most people think of enzymes (if they think of them at all) as necessary only for those who deal with digestive problems such as GERD, hiatal hernias, ulcers, etc. Enzymes though are extremely important for treating cancer and should not be overlooked. Enzymes allow one substance to be turned into a different substance and support the pancreas, liver, and immune system’s function.
Sep. 21, 2013 – 6:54 – On today’s A Healthy You & Carol Alt, Carol welcomed Doctor Gonzalez,  the author of “What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial and Enzyme Treatment of Cancer.”
The digestive (or gastrointestinal) system (see page Overview of the Digestive System), extending from the mouth to the anus, is responsible for receiving and digesting food and excreting waste. This system includes not only the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine, which move and absorb food, but associated organs such as the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder, which produce digestive enzymes, remove toxins, and store substances necessary for digestion.
  The Liver is an organ as well that the Chinese state: if you keep cancer out of this vital organ you won’t die of cancer. You can not live without a proper functioning liver.  The Liver is known as the great detoxifier and The active ingredient — the one protecting the liver — is milk thistle also known as silymarin — a chemical extracted from the seeds. Silymarin is actually a group of flavonoids (silibinin, silidianin, and silicristin), which are thought to help repair liver cells damaged by alcohol and other toxic substances.

Preview YouTube video The Stress Response- Fight or Flight

The Stress Response- Fight or Flight

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Adrenal Gland Function


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Stress and Cancer Progression:

Once a tumor has developed, stress may modulate neuroendocrine pathways and affect numerous mechanisms that can also  potentially lead to the progression of cancer:
•Stress hormone stimulation of beta-adrenergic receptors (present on all cells) increases tumor growth rates
•Stress hormones increase tumor blood vessel growth
•Stress hormones suppress natural killer (NK) cell activity (immune suppression)
•Stress hormones reduce the cancer-killing effects of chemotherapy on tumor cell apoptosis (cell death/suicide)
Stress may be present from diagnosis to the survivorship period, and can be associated with behavioral comorbidities and diminished quality of life (i.e. depression, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and cognitive dysfunction.) Medical complications or side effects of cancer and treatment can further exacerbate these symptoms.
Chronic stress is a major culprit in women’s lives, contributing to ongoing cycles of fatigue, poor nutrition, waves of exhaustion, mood swings, and hormonal imbalance.
by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN, NP.
 When I ask my patients what they think is the reason for their symptoms, their answers have one common thread:  too much responsibility that is impossible to manage. Trying to help themselves through each day, many women find themselves overloading on caffeine, sugary snacks, alcohol, and even sleep aids to manage stress, all of which can disrupt our body’s normal rhythms.

Research shows that when we experience chronic stress, our adrenal glands, or the tiny glands that moderate the stress response as well as regulate other hormones, will suffer. The adrenals, which are the size of walnuts, have an enormous job. They produce many hormones that regulate our body’s functioning, including cortisol, a hormone activated when our stress levels rise, signaling our body to enter a heightened state of emergency. But high cortisol levels are intended to be short term, not remain elevated. Since our adrenals do not know the difference between stressors, they can continue to work hard to do their jobs, whether we are stressed due to a true emergency or are simply stressed out.

When our cortisol levels stay elevated, it interferes with many functions in our body, including immune function, digestion, sleep, and even the ability to produce other essential hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid hormones. This can lead to high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess abdominal fat, and inflammation. In the meantime, our health is compromised, along with our moods, and even our sex drive.

SS Woman Adrenal Glands Color FrontWhen the adrenal glands continue to be compromised long term, they have a decreased ability to produce cortisol, and instead produce extra adrenaline, causing us to feel irritable, shaky, lightheaded, and anxious. Adrenal fatigue is a syndrome that can, over time, cause low blood pressure, allergies, and pure exhaustion.

These issues, although very concerning, can also be relieved when adrenal dysfunction is healed. And the good news is, it can be healed. Along with decreasing chronic stress, adjusting our emotional responses to stressors, and changing what, when and how we eat, we can reverse adrenal fatigue. Let’s take a look at some of the dietary approaches we can utilize to not only support our adrenals, but also improve our energy and promote better sleep.

First:  Time Your Meals and Snacks

When we go for long periods without food, our adrenal glands work hard to release more cortisol and adrenaline, to try to maintain the body’s normal functioning. When our blood sugar dips for extended periods, this creates a stress reaction, taxing the adrenals. It’s important to know that our body always needs energy, even when we are sleeping. Cortisol works to moderate blood sugar in between meals and at night, so regulating our cortisol levels by eating timely, healthy meals and snacks is key.

Food Clock Silverware Timing MealsCortisol levels follow our natural circadian rhythm. It begins to rise around 6 am, peaks around 8 am, and then throughout the day naturally rises and falls as needed. It tapers off at night, and reaches its lowest levels while we are sleeping.

Timing our meals, and how much we eat, can help regulate cortisol and its natural cycle. Eating larger meals earlier in the day naturally helps support cortisol levels, while eating smaller, lighter meals at the end of the day helps maintain hormonal balance.


SS Mature W Exercise Ball DumbellsExercise will also increase cortisol levels, so enjoying lighter   activities while trying to heal adrenal fatigue is important. Also to keep cortisol levels as smooth as possible, heavier exercise is recommended in the morning or early afternoon when cortisol is higher, and lighter exercise, such as walking or gentle stretching such as restorative yoga, is better in the evening.

 If Cortisol Is Higher In The Morning, Why Am I Not Hungry?

The old adage about breakfast being the most important meal is actually true. Eating a nutritious breakfast that includes protein within an hour of rising will help balance your metabolism and cortisol throughout the entire day. But it’s hard to eat when we don’t feel hungry, even if we know it’s important.

Here are reasons we may not feel hungry in the morning:

  • Corticotrophin-releasing hormone (CRH) levels can dull the appetite when it enters the bloodstream at a fast rate first thing in the morning.
  • Decreased liver function can accompany adrenal fatigue, which also can quell morning hunger.

Here are some tips to help support your natural cortisol cycle:

  •  SS Tortilla Wraps Chicken VegTry to eat breakfast within an hour of getting up, or by 8 am to restore blood sugar levels that were depleted during the night.
  •  Eat a healthy snack around 9 am.
  •  Try to eat lunch between 11 am and noon to prevent a large dip in cortisol levels.
  •  Eat a healthy snack between 2 and 3 pm to help off-set the natural cortisol dip that occurs around 3 or 4 pm. Many people notice this dip every day and reach for extra caffeine or carbohydrate-loaded snacks, which will actually impede hormonal balance.
  •  Try to eat dinner between 5 and 6 pm and although it may be difficult at first, try to  eat a light meal. Eventually your body will enjoy digesting less food in the evening.
  •  Eat a nutritious, light snack an hour before bed, but be sure to avoid refined sugars. Nut butters with fresh fruit or cheese are ideal choices.

When we properly time our meals and snacks, we can prevent dramatic drops in blood sugar and support our body’s natural functioning. Our adrenals will not have to continually work to produce cortisol and can instead perform many of their other important secondary functions. We will also have more energy and more happiness throughout the day!

Next:  Choose The Right Foods and Beverages

Young Woman Eating Strawberries Healthy SnackIt is natural to crave sweets when we have low blood sugar. Fighting adrenal fatigue is exhausting, and reaching for quick, easy, and even tasty snacks such as cookies, doughnuts, candy, colas and coffee drinks is common.  Unfortunately the energy we get from these types of foods is short-acting.  This quick spike in blood sugar followed  by a spike in insulin levels clears from our bloodstream so fast that we refer to this process as a “crash.”

Stress and exhaustion, when combined with hunger, can impede our ability to make healthy choices. When we aren’t aware of the effects that too much caffeine and refined carbohydrates have on our bodies, we may not realize we are affecting our hormones and how they function, as well as our sleep patterns by consuming them. I often recommend a gluten-free diet and limited caffeine to my patients who are suffering from adrenal fatigue.

In addition to cortisol levels, our serotonin may also be off balance, signaling our body to rest. That doesn’t always mean sleep — sometimes deep breathing or a 10-minute walk outdoors can help boost serotonin and ward off fatigue.

Ways to Eat to Support Adrenal Health

  •  SS Mature Mother Daughter Food ShoppingUse fresh, whole foods, preferably organic, locally grown, seasonal food for meals and snacks.
  •  Avoid preservatives, added hormones, artificial colors, dyes, and chemicals.
  •  Include lean protein with each meal and snack to help stabilize blood sugar and stave off cravings for refined sugars and caffeine.
  •  If you buy prepared food, try to buy it at a health food store or grocery offering natural, whole foods.
  •  Try to prepare extra nutritious snacks to have on hand so they are ready and available when you are having cravings.

Beverages also make a difference in supporting adrenal health. Here is a chart showing the alternatives.

Adrenal draining

Adrenal restoring

Drinks that contain caffeine Ginseng [Panax sp.] Eleuthero/Siberian ginseng [Eleutherococcus senticosus] (in the morning)
Alcohol Herbal teas like chamomile, passionflower, valerian
Gatorade Vegetable juice (with salt), like V-8

Tip:  If coffee is a must, try to have one cup in the morning with a nutritious breakfast.

A Note On Salt and Adrenal Imbalance

SS Coarse Salt in SpoonsMy patients are always surprised when I tell them to give in to their cravings of salt during periods of adrenal fatigue. Salt cravings in adrenal insufficiency are related to low levels of a steroid hormone called aldosterone. This hormone helps the body maintain salt and water as a way to help regulate blood pressure. When cortisol goes up, aldosterone goes down. Like cortisol, aldosterone fluctuates throughout the day, and is also influenced by stress. Chronically low levels of aldosterone can impact electrolyte balance, and sodium intake is one way to help correct this imbalance.

If you experience lightheadedness when you get out of bed in the morning, or when you get out of a hot bath or shower, you may have hypotension or low blood pressure. This is a common side effect of adrenal insufficiency, so adding good quality-salt, such as Celtic sea salt, could be helpful to manage those symptoms.

A Final Tip On Choosing The Right Foods and Beverages

When we make necessary dietary changes, we may often feel stress, which of course does not help break the stress-patterns that have already depleted our adrenal glands. This is when I remind my patients to not feel bad if they veer off course once in a while. Feelings of self-disappointment that are associated with bingeing may lead to a desire to abandon the course of action. Doing your best 90 percent of the time is all I ask, because guilt is not a healthy way to support your adrenal glands!

Other Nutrients Valuable To Adrenal Health

Vitamins and minerals and micronutrients found in a pharmaceutical-grade supplement (Click here for information on Women to Women’s high-quality, specially formulated supplements) are essential to restoring adrenal health, and supporting the entire endocrine system. Not only can they help the healing process, but they can provide extra nutrition to our cells, and support proper adrenal functioning every day. Here are some important ones.

  •  +  Vitamins C, E and all the B vitamins (especially pantothenic acid and B6) help regulate stress hormones.
  •  +  Magnesium provides energy to the adrenal glands.
  •  +  Calcium and trace minerals including zinc, manganese, selenium, and iodine provide calming effects in the body.

Herbal support is also a consideration when treating adrenal fatigue. Adaptogens are herbs that actually adapt to the individual needs of your body, providing the additional essential support your adrenals need. Begin with the first two herbs listed below, along with B vitamins. If you do not notice improvement within a few weeks, be sure to consult with a naturopathic or functional medicine provider for evaluation and a program that evaluates your specific needs.

  •  SS Herbs Mortar and PestleAshwagandha (Withania somnifera)
  •  Eleuthero / Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus)
  •  Astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceus)
  •  Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis)
  •  Rhodiola rosea
  •  Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

It’s amazing to think that the adrenal glands have so much power over our functioning. When they are working properly they offer balance – providing us with energy when we require it, and helping us feel relaxed when it’s time to rest. The burden is great on our adrenals, and they can become impaired under the heels of long term stress. But we can make small choices that can dramatically impact their functioning for the better. With proper nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and sleep, our body’s natural rhythms will be supported. By reducing stress levels, our adrenal glands will work in harmony with us, and our energy and vitality will be renewed.

For more information, read our many informative articles in our Adrenal Health Section and take our online Adrenal Health Assessment.

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Understanding the Stress, Thyroid, Hormone Connection & Prioritizing Systems

 Preview YouTube video Webinar Dr Heyman: Biotoxins & Inflammation

Webinar Dr Heyman: Biotoxins & Inflammation


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A Cancer Action Plan

Your doctor tells you, “You have cancer.”  What’s next?

By Linda Melone.

For Sharon Blynn, severe stomach pain was the first sign of something amiss.

She blamed the sharp pains across her abdominal area on drinking too much orange   juice. When the attacks began lasting up to 18 hours, however, she sought help from           a gastroenterologist. “He told me I had irritable bowel syndrome,” says Blynn.

After a week of following a very strict diet, she had another attack. Blynn then wondered   if the problem was gynecological in nature; one doctor thought she might have either endometriosis or fibroids. She had neither.

When her next doctor suggested she seek help from an oncologist, Blynn knew he suspected cancer. “I tried to put it out of my mind,” says Blynn, 28, a women’s cancer awareness advocate who splits her time between Los Angeles and New York City. “My doctor said there was no way to know what was going on unless he went in surgically.”      A fertility specialist and oncologist performed the surgery together,  prepared to take whatever approach they deemed necessary based on the results.

They found a large tumor on Blynn’s right ovary that also affected her bladder. A cancer diagnosis of any type is frightening but ovarian cancer is especially deadly: Although accounting for only about 3% of cancers among women, it causes more deaths than any other malignancy of the female reproductive system, according to the American Cancer Society.

Vague symptoms such as bloating and the abdominal pain Blynn experienced are often  the only signs, making a late-stage diagnosis more likely.

First Steps

A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event. The initial fear of what lies ahead, on top of  the many decisions that must be made—often quickly—can make taking the next step   even more intimidating.

To create a central point of contact for patients, hospitals now often use nurse navigators or care coordinators,  and professionals trained in coordinating care between doctor and patient.  By translating complicated instructions,  setting up tests (such as biopsies)  and otherwise acting as a liaison between the patient and doctor, a nurse navigator also helps the patient coordinate his or her care when dealing with multiple providers.

Stacey Ferrante, RN, MSN, OCN, lead nurse navigator for the Cancer Prevention and Treatment Center at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange,  California,  helps newly diagnosed cancer patients assemble their healthcare support team. “It starts with the primary care doctor who ordered the original lab tests,” says Ferrante. “That person then refers you to   a specialist such as a medical oncologist, if they think it’s cancer, or breast surgeon, etc., depending on the type of cancer.”

Ferrante refers to herself and other nurse navigators as the “center of the wheel,” communicating with the doctors and acting as the “glue” for the program. They also help patients interpret information and dispel unfounded fears.

“The first time a person is told they have cancer it could be two weeks before they get to see their actual doctor,” says Ferrante. “In the meantime they talk to neighbors and go online and find out a lot of misinformation. Even reputable websites may have only some of the necessary information, which creates unwarranted anxiety.”

Creating a healthcare team includes getting the following people on board, says Ferrante:

• Social worker: helps in dealing with lifestyle and social changes

• Dietitian: determines nutritional needs or tube feeding if necessary

• Oncologist: determines and provides chemotherapy approaches

• Radiation oncologist: if radiation is required

• Surgeon: if surgery is part of the treatment; they specialize in various areas

As for choosing a doctor or other specialist, “most decisions are insurance-driven,” says Ferrante. Nurse navigators such as Ferrante can offer advice and recommendations for doctors they feel may work best for a particular patient’s needs.

Integrative Medicine Options

Acupuncture,  herbal therapies, also music therapy, Reiki and other practices can be incorporated into a care plan, but these are best used in combination with traditional medications and approaches, says Ferrante. “Also, these must be first discussed with    your doctor, as some herbs can interfere with chemotherapy.”

If a patient has gone through all standard treatments or is having many side effects it    may be helpful to consider integrative therapies, says Mahesh Seetharam, MD, medical oncologist with Arizona Oncology, which has locations throughout the state. “Although     if you’re dealing  with  a cancer  with  a high rate of cure,  such  as  testicular cancer  or lymphoma,  and  you’re  considering alternative therapy,  I consider that an inefficient approach.  But if you tried  four or five  other treatments and you’re not getting better, integrative therapy may be an option to try.”

Blynn used a combination of traditional surgery, chemotherapy and hormone replacement along with Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, yoga and meditation, which she credits for her being in remission more than 13 years. “I call it my everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach,” she says.

An integrative approach also worked for Leslie Kibota, 54, of Fountain Valley, California. In early 2015, Kibota went to her doctor after experiencing pain in her side and lower back. After ruling out kidney infection and diverticulitis, doctors sent her for a CT scan, which revealed cancerous lesions on her spine.

“The doctors told  me  you  can’t get cancer  of  the  spine,  it  always  originates  from   another part of the body,” Kibota says. Although they suspected lung cancer (Kibota gave up smoking the year before), doctors could not find the original site, declaring it a cancer of unknown primary or CUP.

Since knowing the primary site enables doctors to determine the best course of treatment, a targeted approach was not possible (the original site has never been determined). “I had to move fast since the cancer had spread to my spine, a dangerous area,” Kibota says.

Treatment involved two different types of chemo to target all of Kibota’s organs; she sought a second opinion before the second round. “The new doctor recommended the same course of treatment I was on except for the addition of a trial drug that had scary side effects, so I stayed with my original oncologist,” she recalls.

Kibota worked with a nurse navigator,  who  helped  her  decide  on  a radiologist  and oncologist. “I did not consult with a nutritionist, though,” she says. “I just ate what tasted good. But everything tasted like metal.”

Through her own research, Kibota found an acupuncturist she thought might be able to help.  After  her  oncologist  gave her the go-ahead,  Kibota  began  receiving treatments three times a week. To her and her oncologist’s amazement, tumor markers (substances produced by cells in response to cancer that indicate cancer activity) that had been stagnant for a while began to drop.

“My oncologist could not believe it. The acupuncturist told me the treatments wouldn’t ‘cure’ the cancer but it would help my numbers go down, and they did. I am a believer,” Kibota says.

She also drank tea made from freshly crushed turmeric root, noting, “It seemed to give    me energy and ease my nausea.” Now in remission, Kibota plans to continue with an occasional acupuncture treatment as part of her ongoing self-care.

If you want to try an integrative approach such as acupuncture, herbs or spices, your oncologist  may  be hesitant  if they’re not up  to  date  with all the research,  according to Ajay Goel, PhD, director of epigenetics and cancer prevention at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. “Safety is the biggest concern along with effectiveness. You can’t assume it’s all safe,” says Goel.

In-Home Help

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is very stressful both for the patient and family,  before, during and in the aftermath,  especially the initial 100 days,  says Julia Bucher, RN, PhD, associate professor of nursing at York College of Pennsylvania and co-editor of American Cancer Society Complete Guide to Family Caregiving: The Essential Guide to Cancer Caregiving at Home (American Cancer Society).

Answering calls coming into the home and sending thank-you notes for flowers, food and gifts can be overwhelming. Plus, managing everyday household needs, such as cleaning, child care, buying food, doing laundry and preparing healthy meals, can all add to stress. In many parts of the country cleaning services for people with cancer are offered free of charge. Websites such as,, for example, all offer free services and help for cancer patients.

A visit with a social worker may be offered but often does not happen right after a cancer diagnosis, says Bucher, who adds, “As with any other chronic disease diagnosis, most families cope on their own.” They may also find support through online discussion forums with others in similar situations or through in-person groups through the American Cancer Society (

At other times it helps to talk with veterans or survivors of a cancer like theirs, says Bucher. “Nurses can be a source of emotional support, although they are not usually found at home unless the person gets a visiting nurse referral for home help of some kind, such as a dressing change, lab work or medical instruction.”

Relying on close friends and family is usually the most sought-after help. Church members, neighbors and friends from work or other social groups are also often asked to lend a hand.

“Different people bring different skills to help, so people with cancer and their families may need various types of help at different stages of cancer,” says Bucher. “Many helpers can lend an ear, too, and offer good wishes and listening support.”

Deeper emotional support can be tougher to find. Ideally, the patient and immediate family members should each have one trusted confidant to stay in touch by telephone or on the computer if not in person. Professional help is available but is not a free service until hospice services visit the home, says Bucher.

“It’s important for families to agree that using practical and emotional help from others does not signal weakness or that they themselves cannot cope,” says Bucher. “Home-based support for the whole family helps the person with cancer know that networks are there to strengthen all of them and knowing this is, in itself, an intervention.”

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis. That’s why putting an action plan together that covers all aspects of treatment and daily living concerns is important.

Finding a Complementary  Practitioner

The best way to start looking for an acupuncturist, herbalist or other practitioner is the same approach to finding an expert in any field: personal referrals, including anyone your conventional doctor may recommend. Keep in mind, though, that just because your best friend raves about someone doesn’t mean that professional is the best choice for you. Try to set up an initial appointment in which you can ask the practitioner about his or her training and experience—especially in consulting with cancer patients—and to get a sense of how that person may fit into your healthcare team. Another way to find someone is through practitioner associations like the ones listed below; they all have Find a Practitioner links (sometimes under another tab).

American Association of
Naturopathic Physicians
Training similar to conventional MDs but
focused on natural therapies; can also search through state associations
American Association
of Acupuncture and
Oriental Medicine
Both acupuncturists and professionals licensed to practice both acupuncture and Chinese herbology
American Herbalists Guild
Practitioners of Western botanical
medicine; some may include herbalism from other traditions as well
American Massage Therapy Association
Listed professionals offer various types of massage (i.e., Swedish, deep tissue) and similar forms of bodywork
National Association for
Holistic Aromatherapy
The use of essential oils to promote health and well-being, often as part of services such as massage
National Ayurvedic Medical Association
Practitioners of India’s system of traditional medicine; based on keeping one’s basic constitution in balance


Linda Melone is a certified trainer and a health and fitness writer. ALSO In addition to Prevention, she writes regularly for Health, Livestrong, Shape, NextAvenue and many others. She lives in California but pines for her New York roots. Follow her on Twitter: @LindaMelone or visit her at



 Preview YouTube video Jewel Who will save your soul Video

Jewel Who will save your soul Video
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The Terrific Tips

In the three years we have had our group on Facebook many ideas have come and gone.   In this blog post,  I thought I would write about the main stays  I feel might warrant any ones consideration  whom is dealing with cancer.  With so many different options on the internet and through social media sometimes it can be so overwhelming.  Also what may work for one may not work for the next. The placebo versus nocebo effects and magnitude of your beliefs is a big part of your cure along with genetics and when the cancer is located, grade and stage. The earlier your cancer is diagnosed serves you well. 
If you want to save your lifeyou need to take it into your own hands. Do the research!  You  can  start  by looking up the book World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin. The first time I was on B17, my cancer went into remission. When I got off it because of the “cyanide scare,” my cancer came back. After discovering that B17 is a concentrated form of apricot kernels,  I learned  that  it can’t be dangerous  if  taken in the appropriate doses. So, I refused chemo (which is FAR MORE DANGEROUS than B17, by the way). After two months passed with no conventional treatments at all, I got back on the B17. Within TEN weeks of taking 500 mg twice a day, the B17 wiped out FIVE tumors, and I am now CANCER FREE!”   ~Sandi Rog ~ 
Also when considering any type of treatment for cancer.  Cannabis is the main type that comes to mind.. it comes with red flags and many contradictions … for instance the solvents needed to extract the cannabinoids (a.k.a. THC is often debated food grade grain alcohol versus Rick Simpson’s Naphtha.

   Dr.  Allan Frankel is an internal medical doctor and one of the world’s leading  authorities on dosed cannabis medicine.  With over 35 years experience in Internal Medicine, Dr. Frankel applies his knowledge of all aspects of the cannabis plant and         its therapeutic value to the treatment of multiple serious medical conditions.

   In addition to graduating second in his class from the UCLA School of Medicine, he    was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honors society.  For 3 years,  Dr. Frankel was selected by his peers as one of LA magazines “Top Internists”. He was also a Clinical Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, for eighteen years.

The Chartscape medical software program used by the UCLA Bowyer Cancer Center      and the eScript medical software utilized by Kaiser Permanente Health System were      both developed by Dr. Frankel.  He  is  also  the founder of GreenlifeDocs and is the       CEO of GreenBridge Medical Services, Inc.

Dr.  Frankel has presented multiple CME accredited Grand Rounds lectures on internal medicine and therapies in medical cannabis.  He  has  also  participated  in  round  table discussions on the topic of future therapies and research for medical cannabis sponsored by the California Medical Association and the Los Angeles County Medical Association.

In his video he states, I don’t believe I ever cured anyone of cancer. I just made the time they had left better…

My feelings on cannabis oil changed tremendously last June 1st when the natural world lost Dr. Tamara. One can’t not say cannabis did not work for her because it has helped others. Dr. T was the ultimate type A persona always on the go always off to help her next cancer patient while living the harried stressful life

   In  this  interview  Carl O. Helvie  interviews  Dr.  Francisco Contreras, MD  whom     serves as director  and chairman of the Oasis of Hope Hospital. A distinguished oncologist and surgeon,  Dr. Contreras is also renowned for integrating conventional and alternative cancer treatments, with emotional healing and spiritual care, to provide patients with the best possible treatment outcomes.  One highlight of the interview  is  when Dr. Contreras states, Laetrile Injections are still one of the most successful treatments he administers.

   After graduating from medical school at the Autonomous University of Mexico in Toluca, Dr. Contreras specialized in surgical oncology at the University of Vienna in Austria, where he graduated with honors.  Also Dr. Contreras has authored and co-authored several books concerning integrative therapy including 50 Critical Cancer Answers, The Hope of Living Cancer Free, The Coming Cancer Cure, Beating Cancer and Dismantling Cancer.   See the Fore mention cancer survivor Sandi Rog ….Apricot seeds!!!
Published on Feb 8, 2016

   An in-depth interview with Dr. Patrick Kingsley, author of The New Medicine, on healing cancer and optimal nutrition for cancer patients.

As a physician, he practiced nutritional and environmental medicine, worked in Anaesthetics then Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He worked in a pharmaceutical company for eight years, finally settling into single handed, rural dispensing, general practice. This is where Dr. Kingsley really began to learn why people get sick and what it truly takes for them to get better.

Dr.  Patrick Kingsley shares so much information about healing in this interview, including: homeopathic remedies for chemotherapy and radiotherapy, how to reduce the undesirable effects of conventional treatments while increasing their effectiveness, the five (or seven, however you count it) foods that you must eliminate while healing, the causes of cancer, what to take in terms of supplements, the optimal cancer diet and a ton more tips and wisdom.

Michael and Margie Baldwin founded the Marion Institute in 1993 and  are co-founders    of the store How on Earth in Mattapoisett, MA.  Their vision,  energy,  determination and tireless dedication to the programs and  at BMN are an inspirations to us all. The Baldwins learned  about  the  Paracelsus  Clinic  and  Dr.  Rau  during a  search to find help for their son Nathaniel,  within  whom  was being treated for leukemia.  In 1993,  when he was about  to  turn  thirteen Nathaniel  was diagnosed with cancer.  He  underwent  three rounds of chemotherapy, followed by a bone-marrow transplant from his sister, Lena.

   When he developed complications from the transplant that reduced his lung capacity   50%, the Baldwins began to search for ways to reverse the loss and rebuild Nathaniel’s immune system. They read about the Paracelsus Clinic in a magazine article, and after much research, became convinced it could improve the loss of Nathaniel’s lung function that was declared permanent by his physicians at home. They spoke with Dr. Rau and decided that when Nathaniel was well enough, they would travel to Switzerland and visit the clinic.
   On that visit and three subsequent visits,  they experienced an intense immersion into the Paracelsus Biological Medicine model.    Since that initial visit, Nathaniel has graduated from college and lives a normal, healthy, active life with an astonishing 97% lung capacity. He continues to have annual check-ups at the Paracelsus Clinic with Dr. Rau.   For a more in-depth look at the Baldwin’s story see the PBS Body and Soul Series: “Healing Places”. – See more at:
~ Dr. James Forsythe’s Century Wellness Clinic: 877-789-0707 (Toll-Free) in Reno NV – See more at:  ~ The video discusses results of a new homeopathic supplement, Salicinium, that blocks sugar absorption in cancers, starving cancer of the blood sugars it thrives on. Used alone in clinical trials, Salicinium has initiated an effective healing response in 72% of Dr. Forsythe’s patients, and of those, in 78% of his breast cancer clientele.
NOTE: An effective healing response in clinical trial terminology is defined as: stabilizing the disease progression (ie. no worsening) – causing remission of the disease – or a total cure (ie. complete remission) ~ The new treatment protocol Dr. Forsythe is using…Salicinium combined with Poly-MVA…has initiated an 89% healing response rate in stage 4 cancers patients. Compare this to the less than 3% response rate over a 5 year period of patients treated with aggressive chemo-therapies in both the USA and Australia. – See more at:  

Internal Medicine specialist Dr. Wolfgang May has degrees in physical and rehabilitation medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy and advanced training in acupuncture and environmental medicine. His diagnostic skills and warm caring manner make him a favorite with the patients at Hufeland Klinik. When I inquired about the Klinik in Germany I was tol…d it would cost about $12k for the 2 of us to go, which covers everything except airfare (includes transportation to/from airport, spa-like lodgings, and all meals).

They also claim a 95% success rate with the other 5% needing a second treatment. I would guess that the more aggressive or metastasized cancer patients have to do a second round. They work with an organization that will, later, attempt to recoup some of that from your insurance company.

My hubby has a very aggressive prostate cancer that we have been working with and he may have to do a second treatment at a higher temperature and other protocols that the Dr. wants to introduce as well. We will know after testing in the new year if a second trip   to Germany is necessary and this treatment does one of two things.  We  also  know  the protective protein coating that the cancer cells build around themselves.

Well this coating is their armour and the German treatment not only heats, it also has        a very high ultrasonic vibration that shatters the protein coating therefore allowing the heat to get into the cell and kill the cancer. This technology was created in Canada and    big pharma banned it. So the Germans bought the technology in a heart beat. With the Marinus website stating between 5000 – 6000 euros  including food and lodging for 8  days. Everything included even picked up at the airport. So thats about 5500 to 6500      US dollars. I dont think any insurance plans would cover it. but who knows.

Their treatment is based on a well-established concept developed by Dr. Josef Issels – predominantly a biological approach which rebuilds the body’s immune system.

Holistic therapy of tumors and cancers of all kinds and stages using fever therapy, hyperthermia and immunobiological medicine. Includes detoxification, homeopathy, peroxide,  Chelation  therapy,  oxygen/ozone therapy,  colon  hydrotherapy,  thymus extract,  antigens,  supplements,  Proteolytic enzymes, biological response modifiers, immune therapy,  also diet,  microbiological therapy,  Neural therapy, electrotherapy, visualization, and acupuncture. Surgery, low-dose chemotherapy or hormones, is used      if urgently needed to halt tumor growth. Chemotherapy, when used, usually employs a single agent in lower than conventional doses, and may be combined with fever therapy. On rare occasions radiation therapy is recommended but not given onsite. Hormonal therapy is often used. Pain treatment is done if needed.
They treat late stage cancers and those considered incurable. However, they will only accept who are not too weak and are able to walk unaided and are not confined to bed,  and those with acute leukemia. They can treat all other cancers.

The first aim of their therapy is to detoxify the body and to strengthen the defense mechanisms and patient’s whole condition. The second aim in the therapy is to try to    stop tumor growth and then to reduce it; the third aim is to prolong the patient’s life      and to improve the quality of life.

Therapy continues at home after a 3-6 week stay at the clinic.

Hyperthermia therapy is a treatment used in battling cancer by heating tumors. The Heating is about as warm as a hot tub. Research has shown that heat can damage or kill cancer cells in some tumors while also making radiation and chemotherapy more effective.  While it has been known for hundreds of years that fevers can kill cancer, only recently has technology been developed that can control and focus heat specifically on tumors.

Local hyperthermia treatment (heat applied to …a very small area, such as a tumor)           is a well-established cancer treatment. Primary malignant tumors have a bad blood circulation, which make them more sensitive to changes in temperature.

“Our own clinical experience and the results of numerous published studies are highly encouraging in that increased use of hyperthermia will improve the quality of life for cancer patients and improve control of cancer recurrences.”

Dr. Gerald Sokol, New Hope Cancer Center, Hudson, FL.

“Hyperthermia is offering our patients new hope. We are often seeing faster          responses, better cancer control, and fewer side effects.”

Dr. Leland Rogers, GammaWest, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Hyperthermia gives us a method to treat people when there are few other alternatives.   It’s an additional form of treatment that can be done in difficult cases, usually without serious side effects or complications.”

Dr. Steven Stroup, Centennial Hospital, Nashville, Tenn.

“When the tumor is of larger size, it is unresectable surgically. Also, radiation has less effect on the center part of the tumor, which is deprived of the oxygen blood supply and the nutrients. By increasing the temperature of the tissues from 42-44 degrees centigrade, (hyperthermia) increases the circulation, increases the oxygenation, so that the radiation is more effective.”

Nasir Syed, Long Beach Memorial Center, Long Beach, CA

Other avenues in the United States:

How Alternative Therapies for Cancer Help Heal the Body and the Mind

Cancer is a frightening enough diagnosis on its own. And the standard treatments are often distressing. For instance, many cancer patients undergo chemotherapy. While this can be effective, chemotherapy harms the body and may cause debilitating nausea and exhaustion. Some patients simply cannot undergo such trauma due to age or preexisting conditions. Other treatments, such as surgery and radiation therapy, bring their own kinds of problems.

Some people expect more from their cancer treatment. They believe that therapy should help them feel better, not worse. They want to live life to its fullest even if they do have a serious illness. This is why alternative treatments are growing in popularity.

These treatments attempt to restore a holistic physiological balance. Instead of performing surgery or irradiating the body, the doctors at Bio-Medical Center work to improve the patient’s sense of well-being through diet plans, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, and counseling, to give just a few examples. A person who feels healthy will be better able to fight off an illness.

Bio-Medical Center does not reject modern medicine. Conventional treatments may still be used. However, they are implemented in conjunction with a holistic approach, allowing for a more comprehensive treatment regimen. The alternative methods can strengthen a patient’s immune system, making it easier for the body to heal itself. This, in turn, helps the body fight the disease and recover from potential side effects.

High-Quality Alternative Therapies for Cancer

Bio-Medical Center provides the very best in alternative healthcare. Many treatments take the form of natural tonics. Others are powders and pastes that doctors apply externally. All of these help restore the body’s natural sense of wholeness and health.Also known as the Hoxsey Clinic, Bio-Medical Center has a long history of offering wellness-based alternatives. The Hoxsey tonic and other holistic treatments have helped our patients improve their health and well-being. Contact us today for more information.    Mexico:   


There is a significant difference between standard (x-ray) radiation treatment and proton therapy. If given in sufficient doses, x-ray radiation techniques will control many cancers. But, because of the physician’s inability to adequately conform the irradiation pattern to the cancer, healthy tissues may receive a similar dose and can be damaged. Consequently, a less- than-desired dose is frequently used to reduce damage to healthy tissues and avoid unwanted side effects. The power of protons is that higher doses of radiation can be used to control and manage cancer while significantly reducing damage to healthy tissue and vital organs.

Understanding how protons work provides patients and physicians with an insight into this mainstream treatment modality. Essentially, protons are a superior form of radiation therapy. Fundamentally, all tissues are made up of molecules with atoms as their building blocks. In the center of every atom is the nucleus. Orbiting the nucleus of the atom are negatively charged electrons.

When energized charged particles, such as protons or other forms of radiation, pass       near orbiting electrons, the positive charge of the protons attracts the negatively charged electrons,  pulling  them  out of their orbits. This is called ionization;  it  changes  the characteristics of the atom and consequentially the character of the molecule within which the atom resides.  This crucial change is the basis  for the beneficial aspects of all forms of radiation therapy. Because of ionization, the radiation damages molecules within the cells, especially the DNA or genetic material. Damaging the DNA destroys specific cell functions, particularly the ability to divide or proliferate.

Enzymes develop with the cells and attempt to rebuild the injured areas of the DNA; however, if damage from the radiation is too extensive, the enzymes fail to adequately repair the injury. While both normal and cancerous cells go through this repair process, a cancer cell’s ability to repair molecular injury is frequently inferior. As a result, cancer cells sustain more permanent damage and subsequent cell death than occurs in the normal cell population. This permits selective destruction of bad cells growing among good cells.

Cancer patient credits electrical procedure, positive attitude for survival

Douglas Foe’s deadly pancreatic cancer – that he’d managed to survive for more than six years – returned for a second time recently, spreading to his adrenal gland. But the positive Foe – whom his wife calls “highly abnormal” – thanks his upbeat attitude for licking cancer again. Well, that, and progressing technology.

Douglas Foe, NanoKnife PatientFoe, 69, was one of the first persons in the state to undergo irreversible electroporation, better known as the NanoKnife®. Swedish Medical Center recently became the first hospital in Colorado to offer the procedure, which, according to Foe’s follow-up CT scan, appears to have done its job. And compared to more traditional chemotherapy and radiation, which Foe has had his share of, the NanoKnife®was “pretty much a walk in the park,” the retired Highlands Ranch resident says.

Foe’s procedure, performed by Charles Nutting, DO, FSIR, an interventional radiologist with Swedish and Sky Ridge medical centers, involves placing probes, similar in size to IV needles, strategically around a tumor site. Generally, two to four probes are inserted, using an ultrasound or – as in Foe’s case – a CT scan to accurately measure and guide the probes.

About the NanoKnife®Procedure

Patients must be completely still for the procedure and so are placed under general anesthesia. Once the probes are set, a current is sent that travels between the probes, opening up the pores in the tumor, which eventually kills the cells. “The reason we chose this procedure for Mr. Foe was that his tumor was close to the diaphragm and other critical structures,” Dr. Nutting says. “The unique thing about this therapy is that it spares normal tissue, so we can use this deep inside of the liver or in other areas that are adjacent to critical structures with less chance of damaging healthy issue and blood vessels.”

Not everyone is a candidate for NanoKnife®. “We generally want tumors less than 5 centimeters in size and fewer than three in number,” Dr. Nutting says. The technology is still in its infancy, but is approved for soft-tissue ablation. It’s also been used in the pancreas, prostate, kidney and liver, Dr. Nutting’s chief area of expertise.

Dr. Nutting, Interventional Radiologist, NanoKnife Specialist

The procedure takes less than an hour, and patients are generally kept one night for observation. “I didn’t experience any discomfort,” Foe says. “I spent the night in the hospital, but nothing ever hurt. My wife looked, and you really could hardly see a thing, maybe a little pin-mark.” Foe says medical technology continues to amaze him. “Yeah, they’ve come an awful long way. I imagine 10 years ago, I wouldn’t be alive with pancreatic cancer. Plus, my wife keeps saying there’s something abnormal about me. I’ve gone through this whole thing with pretty much a positive attitude. I think that’s part of beating anything. You have to maintain your attitude.”

Allen died on Dec. 20, 2012 because the cancer cells spread to his liver and bone. The following is from the card his wife Maria sent   me after his death: “Dear Dr. Willow Liu, thank for all that you had done for Allen. With your help he was able to live a better quality of life before he went home to the lord. With deep appreciation, Maria”

Dr. Liu greatly appreciate this patient for willing to public this video so that more cancer patients can benifit from t…he combined treatment of Chinese Herbs & acupuncture.

More treatment stories of Dr. Liu and informations about prevention and treatment of diseases can be found through You are welcomed to give comments and join the discussion there. Also feel free to email Dr. Liu with additional questions (

Dr. Liu don’t treat cancer patients with only herbs. She recommend combination of chemo with Chinese herbs, if possible also acupuncture. The chemo is to kill the cancer cells, the herbs are to relieve the side effect of the chemo (vomitting and poor appetite) and help to regain energy and raise the lowered blood cells so that the chemo won’t be stopped due to the severe side effect and too low blood cells.

Don Knigge shares how he healed his stage 4 stomach and throat cancer at Total Health Institute. Don also shares how his energy is better than it has been since high school. Other side benefits of his healing include the grey in his hair is gone and the hair on his head which was receding is now growing back.

Dr. JoeEsposito’s lecture on how to build and support a strong immune system through the right kind of nutrition.

Come visit Dr. Joe in person at Health Plus Wellness Center!
Call today to schedule your free consultation, and visit our website for more information.
(770) 427- 7387

Dr. Thomas Lodi has always been something of a brilliant enigma within the oncology community.  His  take  on  integrative,  alternative  and  nutritional solutions  to  treating cancer has been viewed as radical. The rather direct stance he takes regarding empowering his patient to understand their body’s ability to heal using his program leaves some, if not many estranged. Despite all of this, his treatments have revolutionized the integrative side of the oncology industry worldwide and led many patients with cancer to the root of real healing and health restoration.

  Nine years ago, Dr. Lodi founded his practice at An Oasis of Healing in Mesa, Arizona.     At the time, few if any other centers provided a true mix of conventional and alternative medicine to help patients actually heal from their cancer. Add to the mix an organic whole foods diet, whole body cleansing, and spiritual healing, Dr. Thomas Lodi pioneered what has now become the definitive route for those unsatisfied with the modern cancer treatment system.
  For the first ten years of his medical career, Dr. Thomas Lodi worked in conventional settings as an internal medicine specialist, urgent care physician, and as an intensivist in ICU  and  CCU departments  of  various hospitals.  Subsequently, Dr Lodi  continued  his  search for more effective and less toxic therapies by training around the world from Japan to Europe to Mexico and all around the US. Although he occasionally sees patients with a variety of medical conditions, Dr. Lodi,  has  narrowed  his  scope  of  practice through specific training and extensive experience over the past 12 years to Integrative Oncology (caring for people with cancer).

Learn more at or call us at (480) 834-5414.

Dan’s wife Anna was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that had spread to her lungs and upper torso and she was given 9 months to live. She traveled to Mesa, Arizona to learn how to Stop Making Cancer with the doctors and staff at An Oasis of Healing. Ten weeks later Anna was working out every day, feeling great, and her cancer makers were within normal range. And Dan saw a big change in his own health. At An Oasis of Healing we call it Second Hand Health!

  Thomas Lodi, MD (H)  presents information about how a regimen of proper diet provides the energy and raw materials to build new, healthy and vibrant cells which mitigates or eliminates certain cancers.
In meditation when closing eyes, its in total darkness yet theres very subtle realities unfolding from moment to moment. In the Pali language, this is called Vipassana. Its understanding that all that we identify as a self, is based on codependances, and that all of these things whether subjects or objects are trasncient in nature, unstable, constant influx. Our perceptions, conciousensses, the attachment to forms, and mental actvity are what is falsely given the description of a Self or an Identity or an Ego.
 But in reality, these are delusions, because we are clinging to them. When we are no longer desiring to cling to these impersonal states of phenomena, the delusions gets reduced, ignorance becomes reduced and the awakening process occurs. Its bit like a Surgical procedure. The delusioins of the Mind, are like Puss, which needs to be expelled and cleansed out. So too does meditation and attaining insight or vipassana.
So in this sense, in darkness one does have greater insight of these subtle patterns of the unconciouss mind. But as soon we create terms, concepts, ideas …then we are drowning back into the delusion. Words and language creates more craving of thinking, and this is why our Mind becomes easily agitated. We are clinging to concepts, but all of this needs to be understood as it truly is ….nothing is permanent, nowhere in the universe. Not even God or gods world.
Just hearing the word cancer can be a frightening experience. When you are fighting your battle against cancer, you want people on your side who are knowledgeable, practical and proactive who also taking into account the whole person. There are many people out there with alleged cures for cancer and far-reaching promises, most of which are untrue. Many of these approaches are ineffective and may even be dangerous. We can help you find your way through the woods. There are many wonderful therapies that are designed to help you fight your cancer. Let us help you find the ones that are best for you.
  • We treat any stage or type of cancer
  • Our treatment is tailored to you – and the specific type, stage and presentation of your cancer
  • We do testing to assess heavy metal toxicity and immune system status
  • We take the time to get to know you, not just your cancer
  • 1 hour initial visit
  • We are happy to talk to and work with your oncologist
  • Visits may be covered by your insurance, please ask

We use research-based natural therapies to:

• actively fight cancer

• prevent the development of cancer in people at high risk

• prevent recurrence after successful cancer treatment

• increase the effectiveness and decrease the side-effects of chemotherapy

• increase the effectiveness and decrease the side-effects of radiation therapy

• decrease the risk of metastatic spread during biopsy or surgery

• speed recovery from surgery

• detoxify heavy metals and solvents that are associated with cancer development

• enhance the cancer-fighting parts of the immune system

Your personalized anti-cancer program will include some or all of the following:

• Specific Anti-cancer Diet Guidelines

• Vitamins and minerals

• Oral enzymes

• Anti-cancer Herbs and medicinal mushrooms

• IV Vitamin C and other IV therapies

• Counseling

• Far-infrared Sauna treatments

• Art Therapy

We’ll also tell you what foods and vitamins you need to avoid when you have cancer!

GET HEALTHY! Visit Paracelsus Natural Family Health Center in Pasadena, California – a natural medicine clinic specializing in general medicine, chronic illness, pediatrics, cancer support, rejuvenation, prevention, and more. Any number of natural medicine modalities may be used for treatment including IV therapy, vitamin injections, nutritional counseling, detoxification programs, osteopathic manipulative therapy and other highly effective nontoxic and noninvasive therapies. For most patients, following the treatment plan means their symptoms fade, they’re able to reduce or eliminate their reliance on drugs, and their health and energy returns. Many patients have shared their success stories, and you invited to read them on the website

Paracelsus offers a free 15-minute consultation to help you decide if what we offer is right for you. If you would like to learn more, or schedule a free consultation, please contact us at 626-794-4668.
Paracelsus Natural Family Health Center
740 North Lake Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91104


Dr. Thomas Rau, M.D., studied medicine at the University of Berne, the leading medical school in Switzerland, and began his career in Rheumatology and Internal Medicine. He soon progressed to become the medical director of a rehabilitation clinic in Switzerland where he treated patients with various degenerative disorders.During that time, Dr Rau first began to notice, as he puts it, “With classical medicine, my patients weren’t getting better.” He became interested in the alternative therapies, particularly homeopathy and dietary changes, used by those patients who were getting better. Using these new therapies, he found his own patients began to show remarkable progress.

Dr Rau became a lifelong student of alternative medical methods, including Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, as well as the great holistic practitioners of the Swiss and German traditions. He studied with the leading European practitioners of his age, and gradually formed his own theory of restoring health to his patients based on detoxification, nutrition and digestion, and upbuilding of the immune function, which he calls Biological Medicine.

Dr Rau became the medical director of the Paracelsus Klinik in Lustmühle in 1992. Already recognized as a center of holistic medicine, Paracelsus has since become the premier clinic for Biological Medicine in the world. Dr Rau continues as medical director, in addition to his writing, lectures and teaching.   In this video Dr. Rau speaks about Alkalinity & acidity, intestinal system and Regulat

For similar treatment here in the United States:

What are the Right Treatment Options

Our treatment options are unique to each patient’s case. Most diseases are the result of a long process of living in an unhealthy (unbalanced) state. While the resulting disease will be in a single category, such as cancer, the process that caused that disease to develop is unique to each person. Biological Medicine focuses on interrupting the disease process and restoring the body’s ability to heal itself. Our treatment options are unique to each patient’s case.

A ‘one size fits all’ treatment does not work any better than a ‘one drug cures all’ treatment.

Biological Medicine & Treatment Options

Our diagnosis does not focus solely on the disease; we study the internal biological process that is unique to each person. Biological Medicine doesn’t treat cancer (or any chronic disease), it treats the unhealthy state that has allowed the cancer to survive in the body. The American Center for Biological Medicine uses many different forms of treatment.

Every day most patients receive a standard protocol of Biological Medicine treatments as well as treatments specific to their condition.

American Center for Biological Medicine

9312 E. Raintree Drive

Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

United States (US)

Phone: (888) 982-2260
Fax: 480-767-2745

I also  found the work of this incredible individual, Dr. Bernardo Majalca. After doing so, I discovered that he had passed away in 2010, but not before providing a blue print on how to fight cancer using an all natural alternative therapy.

One of the most incredible points of this story is that this doctor, in-spite of the medical and pharmaceutical industry, spoke out and even printed literature on his discoveries of processes that help to prevent and get cancer to go into remission.

You may find a lot of information on this incredible individual, but I believe the most important is the documenting of cases who have come to him, most in stage 4, and have experience a complete turnaround in their struggles with cancer.

Below you will find a couple of videos and a downloadable blueprint on how to implement his life saving process for fighting cancer using an all natural alternative therapy. This process has been proven to work on most, even after conventional therapies have failed.….0…1c.1.64.hp..0.13.1355…46j0i131j0i46j0i3j0i10i46j46i10.4qh61YvAjlI


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Rewrite Your Wrongs

“Life stories do not simply reflect personality,” according to psychologist Dan McAdams   of Northwestern University.  By early adulthood we have developed narrative scripts that we follow,  respond to  and what controls our lives.  We continue to update the narrative and refer to for guidance when we encounter challenges.
   Therefore, if our stories tell us we are resilient, we will be. It they tell us we’re not up     for the fight, we likely won’t be.  An approach  at improving our outlook,  then,  literally  ask us to rewrite our stories.  A growing body of research finds that, on paper or out loud, reviewing setbacks with the fresh eye of distance can help people come to terms with who they’ve been, better envision who they want to be and find better ways to correct it in the future.
    Reframing helps people see events as opportunities or way points to improve their lives. We can’t not change our past and if we relive it will haunt you. Much like if we think about the future it will scare you so live it in the present. If we tweak our experiences and what it tells us. We can change how it affects us and who it makes us.
    In our relationships, through our life choices, or at our jobs. We can recognize what       is coming in the future and redirect that story from happening to us again.   Therefore,  Rewriting Your Present No Matter Your Past.” The results are remarkable, can be even hard to believe.  James Pennebaker of the University of Texas  had  assigned  half  the   group to write about a traumatic experience and half to write about a neutral topic.
   In total, those students that Journaled for only a hour spread out over a few days about their traumatic experiences  had a better sense of well being then those that wrote about the neutral topic. Was it a fluke? No. The benefits of rewriting your wrongs, not only, improves your moods, but also, has been demonstrated in numerous studies can boost your immune system
   Rewriting helps you organize your thoughts and feelings and helps to put them into words. This, in turn, helps you gain perspective,   sort out your emotions, and increase your narrative coherence — your understanding of who you are, what you have learned through your life experiences. How you became the person you are and where you are going in your life
   Avoid rewriting when you are in the middle of the crisis,  step back,  reflect what you have learned.  Focus On post-traumatic growth – the fact is you can always learned something from bad experiences.  Such as,  increasing empathy for others, while realizing that others may have it worse off than you have it.  Realizing also that you may have more inner strength than you thought, while also recognizing and identifying what your true priorities in Life really are…      Namaste Brothers & Sister  🙂

Preview  The Art and Science of Personality Development (with Dan McAdams)

The Art and Science of Personality Development (with Dan McAdams)

Preview  Ride OF Your Life Interview with Dr. James Pennebaker

Ride OF Your Life Interview wth Dr. James Pennebaker


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Doorway to the Divine

My journey with breast cancer began in August 2007.  After  a  roller  coaster ride  from    hell, I thought it was over after 6 months.  But 5 years later,  it reared it’s ugly head with a frightening terminal diagnosis of Stage IV metastatic cancer. By 2012, tumors had crushed several vertebrae in my neck and spine and split my sacroiliac joint apart. I lost the use of my legs and one arm. I had lesions on my liver, lungs, and lymph nodes.

   With nothing to lose, I threw everything I could at healing. I employed a strict naturopathic regimen, received chemotherapy and radiation, and meditated on spiritual healing. I worked hard to rebuild joints and muscles and  survive the cancer and toxic medicine. 13 months after diagnosis, most of my tumors were gone and I had regained    99% mobility. Although still considered terminal, I felt like I was going to live forever.

Then, Halloween of 2013, they found a rare and dangerous type of brain metastases with an average survival of  2.8 months after diagnosis.  The tumors were inoperable,  nor were they eligible for radiation,  most chemotherapies couldn’t penetrate,  and the blood-brain barrier prevented the targeted immunotherapy that had been keeping me alive from entering my brain to kill the cancer within. I had to get creative.

I’m still alive… for now… and I am NED/NAD (No Evidence of Disease/No Active Disease) !!!!! 

I am indebted to all healers who have helped me on my path… even those who, at first look, appeared negative and obstructionist.  I learned from them as well. By sharing my journey,  I wish to encourage  and empower you to take charge of your life and to defeat  the obstacles that may face you. My path is just that… what I chose as being right for me. Perhaps reading it will spark you to take note of your own experiences in a new way. One that will allow you to incorporate the lessons  you are learning into a formula for positive change.  Only you truly knows what is best for you. No one will ever care as much as you about saving you, you have a lot to live for… go to it!

Cliff Notes version of Diagnoses, Western Medicine Treatments, and alternative remedies of note:

• October, 2007 – Diagnosis of DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ – stage 0)
• March, 2008 – Preventive unilateral (right) mastectomy, MD Anderson. 6 sentinel lymph nodes unremarkable except for slight trace of cytokeratin
• October, 2012 – Diagnosis of Stage IV metastatic breast cancer, HER2+, ER/PR-.      Mets to lungs, liver, lymph, many areas of spine and pelvis. Prognosis less than 2 months survival.  Lost full use of legs  and one arm  from tumors crushing vertebrae  and splitting sacro-iliac joint in hip. Began strict changes to diet and ingestion of naturopathic remedies (see “What I did and do and why” blog).
• October – January, 2013 – Carboplatin (5x), Taxol (13x), Herceptin (4x), Zometa (4x). Radiation treatments to pelvis (21x), to neck (15x), to T11 mid-spine area (10x). Against doctors’ orders, joined fitness club, and began to work out carefully.
• January, 2013 – present – Herceptin & Perjeta every 3 wks, Zometa every 6 weeks         (now every 6 mos).
• November, 2013 – 9 metastases/tumors identified in parietal lobe and cerebellum. Leptomeningeal involvement implies just weeks to live. 1 dose of intrathecal Methotrexate administered.  I WAS Not expected to do anything but perhaps buy time. Tried Tykerb (crosses blood-brain barrier, Herceptin and Perjeta don’t) but liver,  pancreas,  and heart couldn’t tolerate it and so I had to quit. I also Quadrupled daily ingestion of CBD tincture, removed infected root canal tooth, and focused on intensive daily meditation.
• December, 2013 – Largest tumor (parietal) and 3 mets gone without a trace!                        1 more IT Methotrexate dose administered.
• March, 2014 – Of remaining 5 mets, 3 stable, 2 show significant progression.                      1 IT dose Methotrexate.
• May, 2014 – 5 stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) treatments to cerebellum.
• September, 2014 – Brain MRI NED (no evidence of disease)
• January, 2015 – PET scan and Brain MRI – NED!!
• June, 2015 – PET scan shows hot spot in left breast, Brain MRI shows suspicious mass
• July, 2015 – Mammography shows left breast hot spot to be anomaly. Brain MRI with spectroscopy splits opinions. One radiation oncologist thinks it is new metastatic activity, another thinks it is scar tissue from SRS.
• Present – I believe it is scar tissue.  I believe I am still NED.  We are watching & also  waiting.  Oh, and I am not only NED, I hike, ski, and scuba dive!  Kaiulani Facciani  🙂

Here is a link to my story in Radical Remissions

Preview Dolores Cannon Communicating with the Subconcious Mind


Preview YouTube video I’m Gonna Live Till I Die (Frank Sinatra – with Lyrics)

I’m Gonna Live Till I Die (Frank Sinatra – with Lyrics)
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Starving Cancer Cells

Kill Cancer By Restricting Methionine-Rich Foods

Jul 9, 2014


Although I’m hardly surprised, it is a tragedy that that there has yet to be a single,        high-quality clinical (human) trial conducted to investigate a very promising anti-      cancer phenomenon that researchers have known about since 1959.

It was discovered that if you try to grow cancer cells in a medium with little-to-no methionine  (an essential amino acid),  often  the cells  would  stop  growing,  dividing          and  they would undergo apoptosis  (“cell suicide”.)  Similar findings were subsequently reported in many studies using animals implanted with tumors. When fed a methionine-restricted diet  their  tumors  grew  more  slowly,  spread less often  and also the animals survived longer then those fed a regular diet.  Importantly, harmful effects due to short-term methionine restriction were rarely seen in the animals or normal cells studied.

These studies discovered that a wide-range of cancer types require methionine to grow  and divide (this is called “methionine-dependent”), such as:

  • breast cancer
  • bladder cancer
  • pancreatic cancer
  • lung cancer
  • brain tumors
  • stomach cancer
  • leukemia
  • lymphoma
  • head and neck cancer
  • melanoma
  • sarcomas
  • etc…

Methionine restriction has been shown to be safe in at least one study with cancer    patients who were placed on a low-methionine diet for 17-18 weeks. The patients lost on average 0.5 kg per week while on the study.  But it is not known whether this weight loss was due to the diet (0.6-0.8 g of protein, 25-35 kcal, and 2 mg of methionine per kilogram per day) or cancer progression since all the patients had advanced disease (metastatic cancer.)

How Does Methionine Restriction Cause Anticancer Effects?

Methionine is an important amino acid that is used as a building block for proteins that are essential for cell development and growth. This is particularly important for cancer cells that are rapidly dividing (whereas normal cells tend to grow more slowly and require less methionine.) This amino acid is so critical that there is even a complex biochemical process that is named after it called, the Methionine (or Yang) Cycle.

Additionally, it is now believed that methionine-dependent cancers have mutations in important tumor growth suppressor genes (genes responsible for stopping cancer cell growth.) If these genes are mutated the cancer cells grow without inhibition. That’s not a good thing.

How Do You Restrict Methionine In your Diet?

Methionine in foodsIf you are willing to switch to a vegan diet you will dramatically reduce your consumption of methionine-rich foods. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheeses, soybeans, sesame seeds and brazil nuts are high in methionine (see table), whereas most vegetables and fruit are low in methionine.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Will this diet help improve my cancer outcomes?

  1. We don’t have human studies to guide us on this.
  2. Not all cancers are methionine-dependent and unfortunately we don’t have a simple test to determine if your cancer is susceptible to this diet.

Is it safe for me to follow this diet?

You need to ask your treating oncology team “if ” they think it is safe for you based on       your specific circumstances. If you are actively losing weight it is not advisable to start a diet which could accelerate additional weight loss.  Reassuringly,  although methionine is an essential amino acid (meaning your body requires it), it’s very uncommon for someone following a vegan diet to develop problems due to a methionine deficiency. Just make sure you are consuming adequate calories and a wide variety of plant foods.  So that you can better ensure you are receiving the full range of nutrients your body requires (vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates.)

What foods can I eat that are both low in methionine but high in protein?

Since many protein-rich foods like meat,  poultry,  fish,  and  certain  beans  that  are           high in methionine you may be wondering what foods you can eat that will allow you to consume enough protein to meet your daily allowance are also low in methionine.  The best website I have found to help me answer questions like this is (see this link for a list of foods that are high in protein and low in methionine.)

The Bottom Line:

If your cancer is methionine-dependent, it is possible that by switching to a vegan diet (inherently low in methionine) or a diet that is predominantly plant-based with limited amounts of meat, fish, eggs and poultry (i.e. Mediterranean diet), you might be able to take advantage of this promising anticancer effect.

Since there are no simple tests that you can easily order from most labs to tell you  whether your cancer is methionine-dependent you may not get any anticancer benefits from methionine-restriction. That said, switching to a plant based (or predominant) diet will still provide you with many other anticancer properties regardless of the cancer’s dependency on methionine:

  1.  Whole plant foods are full of cancer-fighting phytonutrients, antioxidants and         anti-inflammatory compounds, and
  2. Whole plant foods generally have a lower glycemic load (meaning they don’t cause        a large and rapid rise in blood sugar and insulin levels after consuming them…read Sugar and Carbohydrates 101 to learn more.)

Before you start any dietary changes discuss it with you oncology care team.

Watch this excellent (5 minute) video by NutritionFacts.Org on this topic:

Preview YouTube video Starving Cancer with Methionine Restriction

Starving Cancer with Methionine Restriction

 Preview YouTube video Methionine Methylation connection

Methionine Methylation connection

I would like to give credit to Jack Kungel for being the first person                             bringing  this information to my attention 🙂


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  Just as the title of my book in progress suggests; through the experiences of Sacred Illness my soul needed to die to awaken.  I am sure some of  you are saying  WTH are  you taking about,  while some are nodding their heads saying YES I get that I to have experienced this very thing. So let’s dive deeper into what this means to me personally.

  When I received a Cancer diagnosis in 2012 I knew immediately that I was being   called to higher action. I asked the Universe, the Gods whatever spirits would listen,     the question ” What do you want me to do and what do I need to change in my life”.         If you want to know  the truth.  I already knew deep in my bones  what  I needed to    change and I just was not prepared to do that.

   I had fought internally with why I was here and what my path should look like since     I was a child. I knew I was called to heal, it would come up in my life over and over and  I would stuff it down deeper with every other emotion.  I was not  prepared  to  look  at head on. It took my Mom’s passing to the other side (from Cancer) five months after my diagnosis to almost give me permission to start the journey to become the person I was meant to be at this time on earth. 

   I had hung onto a job that left me unfilled  and depleted of  energy  until  my  Moms passing. Her death was catalyst to the first answer I received from my spirit when first diagnosed and asked the question “What do I need to change”. I heard the words, “Your job, you need to quit your job”. Like I said previously I ignored what I heard, like many times before. I was not prepared to what I viewed as,  losing my independence.

  I later realized it was about identity as well. I had been nursing for a very long time  and loved the patients, caring for and teaching  them. The thing that did not align with my soul was not being able to do what I needed to do in order to empower the people to take responsibility for their own health care. This really wore on my soul.

  Fast  forward 10 months after starting this journey my husband convinced me to quit that toxic environment and just BE,  just  focus on healing.  You could say I was  freed up from a job so I could meet the dark side of my soul and do REAL healing,  not just taking supplements and drinking juice.  Personally I believe there is much more to healing than the physical aspect.

    For 8 months I was on 1 – 1.5 grams of high THC cannabis oil. I could do nothing but  be couch locked and go within. I disconnected from family, from friends, essentially from the outside world.  At times I was very fearful  I was losing my shit  and  would end up in a straight jacket with the medical industry pumping me full of psychiatric drugs. (I chose no poison to treat the Cancer) I cried  for 8 months straight  from morning until night.

   I  felt  I was crying for humanity and the earth. I felt like chunks of me were literally being ripped off of me.  I was stripped of everything I ever knew.  I again had an innate knowing that this was a process  I needed to experience  in order  to truly heal  my Holy Trinity. Cannabis oil another catalyst to assist me to go into the spirit world and “see”. 

   I was on my knees more than my feet. Again looking back on this time I truly began     to understand that I needed to die in order to live.  I did die a couple of  times  and  had the choice to stay or go.  I chose and choose a healing path that is not an easy one.  But one of exploration, and one of deep journeying to places unknown and of love, so much love.  There are and never will be bandage approaches for me.  I am inquisitive and want to know things  from a deeper level.    YOU CAN GET IN CONTACT WITH MY FRIEND PAULA THROUGH HER BLOG ….  🙂

Until I write again,

Big Love


Preview  Michael Bolton video – Soul Provider

Michael Bolton – Soul Provider

~Nightcore – I’m coming home with Lyrics~


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Energy Medicine


  The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base         of the spine to the top of  the head.  In various traditions chakras are associated with multiple physiological functions, an aspect of consciousness, a classical element, and other distinguishing characteristics.  The chakras are thought to vitalize the physical body and to be associated with interactions of a physical, emotional & mental nature. They are considered essence of life energy, which is thought to flow along pathways.

   Things like mineral deficiencies are important  and knowing what  functions in the    body they are important for.  For instance:  If we don’t have enough Iodine to activate   the Thyroid to produce the hormones that activates the mitochondria in our cells.  Your body will go from an oxygen respirating metabolism to a sugar fermenting metabolism system that produces cancer.  One must know about the re·per·cus·sion of  the  additive  toxins we ingest is our diets in this day n’ age !!!!

   The function of the chakras is to spin and draw in or release this energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional     and physical health of the body in balance. It is said by some to reflect how the unified consciousness of humanity   (the immortal human being or the soul), is divided to manage different aspects of earthly life (body/instinct/vital energy/deeper emotions/communication/having an overview of life/contact to God). The chakras are placed at differing levels of spiritual subtlety, the top chakra concerned with pure consciousness, and at the bottom being concerned with matter, which is seen simply as condensed, or gross consciousness.
   Rudolf Steiner  considered  the chakra system  to  be  dynamic and evolving.  Steiner    also suggested this system has become different for modern people than it was in ancient times, and will in turn be radically different in future times. Steiner describ a sequence of development that begins with the upper chakras and moves down, rather than moving in the opposite direction. He gave suggestions on how to develop the chakras through disciplining the thoughts, feelings, and will.


  While westerners  consider it New Age Medicine,  it has been central to many cultures and healing traditions for millennia. In Chinese medicine, subtle energy is called chi or qi. It’s mana to Hawaiian kakunas, prana to Indian Yogic practitioners and in Ayurveda, ni to Native Americans, num to Africian shamans,  biofields to American scientist and morphic fields to a growing renegade breed  of  international physicists and biologist.  In Australia the  aborgines believe that people attune to subtle energy can also heal and telepathically communicate.
   Belately, Western science is catching on.  We’ve all seen Einstein’s famous formula  e=mc2  with energy  and  mass interchangeable.  While recognizing the importance of balancing our bodies  (mass)  and spirit to prevent disease.  Most revolutionary,  though,  is Cambridge University physicist Stephen Hawking’s  “brane theory.”  Which  proposes  that the world we experience is perched on a thin membrane separating us from other vast energetic realms.
   Knowledge is power: it’s the language of energy.  When you deviate from your inner voice you leave your true self behind. Our energy issues are solvable. But we can’t afford to get caught up in the issues of today. Your intuition dictates whom you meet, where you go, your job success, your happiness and your state of current events.
   Therefore,  one must meet his or her fears head on,  while  banishing  self- loathing, anger, worry and shame.  FEAR is the biggest  ‘energy robber’  there is  and  preys on our vulnerabilities. If you expect the worse that creates a negative force around you. We don’t mean to,  but we inflict emotional trauma  onto ourselves  when we allow our dark side to run amok.  Also fear drowns out our intuition  and  Life is only uncomfortable when you fear it.
   To overcome fear you must pronounce your fears, realize them and listen to your heart. Loving Life overcomes fear while breaking the trance that fear puts you into. One must visit places that feed your soul, make a gratitude list of those places that make you happy. While you heal from energetic scars from your past and avoid absorbing other peoples scars by distancing yourself from those fears.
   Self Loathing: never pity yourself. Know who you are and what you stand for in   human form. Never accept anybody’s negative dictate that has been made about you. That’s there hang up and they usually say that about you because that is how they see themselves.
   Anger in your world: intense sense of displeasure and antagonism. We get angry at those whom let us down. Anger can be physically destructive when it gets channeled into psychokinetic energy. The power of energy that affects the energetic pandemonium and wreak horrible stress on the body. Breathe your anger out of the emotional energy center of your solar plexus.
   Don’t be a worry wart: anticipating the negative, nothing about it expands energy and nothing positive comes from being negative. When we connect with a Higher Power, when we realize that even excruciating painful events can help our spirit grow, worry makes less sense. When you worry to much you are less creative, less compassionate and also less discerning and creates suffering.
   Shame creates inner torment: and sense of worthlessness that drains our vitality and makes our spirit cower. Society inflicts shame on us (about being to obese, not pretty enough or to old.)  To feel our best,  our shame must come to the surface,  identified and healed. Don’t let renegade negative vibes undermine your energetic progress, vitality and good health!!!

Preview YouTube video Dr. Michael Whelan on Network Spinal Analysis

Dr. Michael Whelan on Network Spinal Analysis
 Dr Dominic Smorra (Caldwell,NJ)

Network Spinal Analysis for Health Professionals PART 1 of 2 Dr Dominic Smorra (Caldwell,NJ)
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The Human Experience

Boost Your Immune System With Subconscious Mind Power

Did you know…that a LOT of people get well on their way to the doctor?

We have two different minds: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Some of    us have learned how to control our conscious minds, but our subconscious minds are a     bit more difficult to manage.

Your subconscious mind power has been downloading belief systems since you were in your mother’s womb.  You were particularly susceptible  to other people’s influence for   the first 6 years of your life,  when  your high – level brain functioning  was  too  low  to express conscious thought.

If a child is told, “You’re sick and we have to take you to the doctor,” there subconscious mind interprets that as, “I will not get well unless I go to the doctor.” This belief that can play in the background of your thoughts for a lifetime, regardless of what your conscious mind may later choose to believe. subconscious mind power

 Without this subconscious interference, the body heals itself remarkably quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, the subconscious exerts a powerful influence on our bodies, and healing stops in the blink of a thought.




What is so interesting is that as soon as we make the commitment to go to the doctor, healing begins. Why? Because the subconscious says it can.

The Conscious Versus Subconscious Mind Power

The effects of the conscious mind on the body are easily measured. When you are afraid, your heart beat races and chills run down your spine.  When  you  focus  your  conscious mind you can change your body temperature,  also your heart rate  and even your blood pressure.

The subconscious controls these same faculties, but to an even greater degree. ALSO The conscious mind controls our brain 5% of the day, whereas the subconscious mind has a hold of our thoughts 95% of the time!  Even  if  your  conscious mind thinks,  “I am healthy,”  your subconscious mind may be running a different,  and much more powerful program in the background, such as “I have bad genes and my family history has cancer.”

Less Than 5% of All Cancer Cases Are Caused by Genes

The old paradigm of thinking—that genes determine health—has shifted dramatically.  Science  has  found that the mind exerts a much more powerful influence.   In fact,  less than 5% of humans receive inadequate genes. 95% of us are blessed with perfectly acceptable genes, then why do the rates of chronic illness continue to rise?

Consider a study that found that children adopted into families in which cancer was part  of  the lineage demonstrated  a high risk  for  developing the disease,  even though, these children had no history of cancer in their biological lineage. Researchers discovered that cancer was not determined by genes, but by behavior and thought patterns passed down through generations.

Genes are merely a blueprint to health, but our minds are responsible for interpreting     the blueprint, and it is up to us to decide how we want our health blueprint to manifest.

How do we do that? By managing our thoughts and emotions.

A Marriage of Mind and Body

The hypothalamus is the area of the brain responsible for translating emotions into physiological responses. It regulates appetite, blood sugar levels, body temperature and bodily systems—such as the heart, lung, digestive and circulatory systems—by receiving emotions from neuropeptides.

Neuropeptides are chemical hormones that carry emotions back and forth between         the body and the brain. Neuropeptides essentially link the thoughts in your brain to        the other organs in your body, thereby impacting every bodily system, including the immune system.

When your thoughts are negative, fear-based, or stress-induced, your body responds by turning off the immune system, but if your conscious and subconscious mind powers are aligned with positive thoughts your body responds with enhanced healing and health.

The Power of Visualization

The University of Arkansas medical faculty recently demonstrated this concept by testing the effects of visualization on the immune system. A woman who had previously had chicken pox received an injection of the virus. Her immune system responded by developing a nickel-size bump at the sight of the injection.

She was tested several more times in this manner; each time researchers saw a significant increase in her white blood cells. For the next round of injections, researchers asked the woman to visualize fewer white blood cells; the bump was not as large and her white blood cell count was significantly lower!

Visualization is just 1 technique for controlling your conscious mind and reprogramming your subconscious mind power. ALSO The key to good health starts with rewriting those limiting belief systems that are negatively affecting your health.  The first one to go?  “I will not get well unless I go to the doctor.”  Now watch, as your body heals itself as it was naturally designed to do.
I remember talking to John the Son of a Faith Healer from Ireland 1 night on Facebook. He told me and it always stuck that her father told him the sure fire way to beat cancer is through Love for Life. My first thought that night was how in the world can Love for Life cure cancer. Then he went onto say Fear is the opposite of Love and Love overcomes the fear of having cancer. Which may have suppressed your immune system in the first place and lead to a perfect breeding ground for cancer (then I started to think of my three favorite cancer survivor stories on the internet.)
   Cheryl L. Broyles is a wildlife biologist who at the age of 33 was diagnosed with what        is considered terminal cancer a grade IV Glioblastoma Multiforme. Sixteen  years later,  she is beating the statistics and is still alive living in Oregon with a wonderful husband and two great sons. Her purpose in life now is encouraging others that are going through hard times, to see life’s blessings and to never give up hope. Cheryl’s web page:
    Diagnosed in June 2000 Told she had only a year to live, Cheryl did everything she could to stay alive. In May 2014 having her  5th GBM recurrence and went through her 6th brain surgery with Dr. Berger … Go to YouTube, search for Cheryl Broyles and you will find it. Today, still breathing, having climb Mount Shasta to celebrate survivorship. Cheryl describes the similarity between climbing mountain trails and living through life’s trials. She gives hope for reaching each peak, seeing life anew and loving each day through the good and bad times.
  Sean Swarner from Willard OHIO: he isn’t just a cancer survivor; he is truly a medical marvel. He is the only person in the world to have been diagnosed with both Hodgkin’s disease and Askin’s sarcoma. He was diagnosed in the fourth and final stage of Hodgkin’s disease at the age of thirteen, when doctors expected him to live for no more than three months. He overcame his illness only to be stricken a second time when a deadly golf ball-sized tumor attacked his right lung. After removal of the Askin’s tumor, Sean was expected to live for less than two weeks. A decade later and with only partial use of his lungs, Sean became famous for being the first cancer survivor to climb Mount Everest.
  Sean’s successful summiting of Mount Everest was driven not only by his desire to reach the highest peak in the world but also by his determination to use his accomplishment as      a way to bring hope to others facing seemingly insurmountable odds. By showing those affected by cancer how he has conquered some of the most difficult obstacles life could offer, Sean inspires others with the will to live. Living proof that cancer patients can and do recover, his story will encourage those touched by cancer to dream big and never give up. Despite life’s setbacks, Sean believes those dreams are always in reach.
  Sean’s story is not just about illness, heartache, and pain; it’s about something greater. It’s about hope. It’s about helping others and never quitting. It’s about personal battles with the elements and coming out on top of the world . . . literally.  The 29,035-foot giant known as Mount Everest tortures its challengers with life-threatening conditions such as 100 mph winds, the dramatic loss of oxygen, snowstorms, and deadly avalanches. Climbers of Everest are faced with incredible dangers, but for Sean Swarner the obstacles he overcame prior to his summiting Everest make his story even more compelling.
  And for Kris Carr it was heartache, romantic plans gone awry, and some very sweet moments too. But February 14th, 2003 changed that day forever. Life stopped, and then transformed Kris. Valentine’s day is a very different celebration now today.  I call it my cancerversary, a day of deep self-love, reflection, gratitude and re-birth. It took me over a decade to get to that sacred place. But I’m here now and if you’re newly diagnosed, trust that you will get there too.
  In her blog Kris states: Thankfully a kooky oncologist gave me the wrong expiration date. According to him, I should have croaked a while ago. Not so fast, hot shot! If you’ve been given one of those statistical projections, there’s an extremely good chance yours is wrong too. Once I found a better doctor for my disease, my entire world opened up. As you may know, I have a weird slow-moving (could get aggressive one day) sarcoma. And though I live with cancer, I do it in a healthy, harmonious way. In fact, as of my last scan, a handful of my tumors are smaller. Hip, hip cheers! – See more at:

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