Sean Swarner

The first cancer survivor to stand on the top of the world!

With only one functioning lung, a prognosis of fourteen days to live, and being in a medically-induced coma for a year, Sean Swarner is the first cancer survivor to stand       on top of the world… Mt. Everest. Sean has broken through defined human limitation       in order to redefine the way the world views success.

Sean having grown up in Willard, Ohio was diagnosed with two deadly, different, and unrelated forms of cancer,  once at the age  of  thirteen and again  at the age of sixteen.  After an incredibly poor prognosis,  and  being read  his last rites,  Sean astounded the medical community  when  he  survived  both  these brutal diseases.  He  realized  that      after defeating cancer twice,  no challenge would ever be too great, no peak too high.

Sean proved his theory when he crested the peak of Mt. Everest. As the first cancer survivor to do so, Sean decided to continue climbing and has since topped the highest peaks in Africa,  Europe,  South America,  Australia,  Antarctica,  and North America,   thus completing the “7-Summits”.

With the completion of the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, Sean has his      sights on trekking to the Poles at the top and bottom of the world.

As Sean continues to defy the odds, test his own endurance and inspire and motivate people around the world,  he shares his message of healing,  hope,  and triumph with cancer patients worldwide.  Sean also serves as a source of inspiration as the founder       of  the non-profit organization, The CancerClimber Association, as author of the book     “Keep Climbing,”  and as a motivational speaker to corporations,  universities,  and     other organizations around the globe.

Sean Swarner will continue to Keep Climbing and defy boundaries in order to change     the way people think.  He has been called  the  most powerful inspirational speaker ever    by such companies as IBM, Roche, Amgen, and countless organizations and universities around  the globe.  He has an uncanny ability  to  empower  people  to  climb  their  own Everest in both life and in business. After hearing Sean speak, your life will never be the same.   ♡♡♡♡♡

February 16th, 2016

Hope to It: ‘Cancer climber’ has scaled Kilimanjaro 12 times

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Edie’s Mission ~ A Walk of Joy

      Cancer sufferer Edie Littlefield Sundby (with her husband Dale)

Published on Feb 16, 2013

To celebrate six years of being alive, fighting Stage 4 gallbladder cancer with metastasis to liver and lung, Edie Sundby walked the 800 mile El Camino Mission Trail … Edie walked on average 14 and a half miles a day over a 55-day period. “I am fighting to stay alive not because I fear death, but because I love life. I thank God every day for this life, and I want there to be more, though that’s not known. What is known is that I’m alive today, this minute. And that’s pretty much what we all have – this day, this moment.”

“I walked the old unmapped old mission trail that stretches from San Diego to north of San Francisco to rid myself of the terror of cancer, and to overcome the fear of it coming back. It took hundreds of miles walking to just begin to rid my heart of six years of fear. That fear may never completely fade, but actively engaging life – whatever that may involve – reminds me of the joy each day can bring.”

“The long walk was a slow remembering of how profound and wonderful life is; along     the old trail God is everywhere and in everything. Wherever I look I am looking at God.”

“I came to realize that we are held in the hands of God and are utterly perfectly safe –        in life and in death.”

Cancer patient Edie Littlefield Sunby on losing health-care coverage!!!!

Nov. 11, 2013 – 5:31 – Entrepreneur and cancer patient Edie Littlefield Sundby shares her story of why her health-care plan was cancelled.

NY Times “Walking 800 Miles Away From Cancer”:

Facebook: Edie’s Mission Walk – Daily Journal


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Mallory Davenport

   Hello this is Mallory Davenport and I just had my 30th Birthday June 18 and        times always haven’t been this happy for me.  I would like to brief you “why this blog has come about.”  In Sept. 2011, I was diagnosed with stage ll Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age    of 25.  I had just gotten married that April to my best friend and soul mate.  🙂  My job     as an independent insurance adjuster  was going great,  I was making good money and traveling the U.S. SO Getting diagnosed with cancer was like being blindsided by a truck.
   I decided to do chemo in Fort Worth where I had my house at the time, since Jack and    I hadn’t been married that long and we worked on the road, I hadn’t officially moved into his house…. in Daphne, Al.  So I started chemo in Fort Worth, Texas in November 2011, the standard treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma (ABVD).  SO This is how my experience  began:  While arriving at my first chemo not knowing what in the world was going to happen to me.
   The One thought that still burns in my mind from my first chemo, Is when I went into the chemo room…. and as I picked out the chair…. I would sit in for the next few hours.  Something inside me yelled,   “Your body is too strong for this chemo,  it’s not going to work”. So I pushed that thought away and didn’t think about it again until my first PET scan, when I was told my cancer wasn’t responding like it should.
    I stayed inside for months, my blood counts were always low and I wasn’t allowed to    be around people, due to the risk of getting sick. I spent a lot of time in the bed with bone pain, and body aches. Some days I would go into my closet and cry out to God, “What did   I do?” “Why are you doing this to me?” “Why did you let me meet my soulmate to take it away from me, and are you going to let me die?”  I was also embarrassed that those words came out of my mouth, because it was me a year earlier that asked God to change my path and redirected to a more righteous path.
    Those weak moments where when I would questioned God’s plan — because I didn’t understand why this path… why me, why cancer? That answer came a year or so later, when the pieces started to fall together!!!
  When I went on to complete ABVD chemo in Fort Worth and they did a PET scan to see what was going on. The doctor I had in Fort Worth came in after my PET scan to tell me that my cancer had gotten more aggressive and there was nothing he could do for me, he was sending me to MD Anderson in Houston. After three rounds of in-patient ICE Chemo treatment.
  Having been told I had to go to MD Anderson, my thoughts told me to move to Houston next to MD Anderson for four months while being prepped and sent through a stem cell transplant, this was in July 2012. At this time, I have an idea of natural therapies and had randomly met people that had cured Hodgkins naturally. I wasn’t convinced I could heal anything naturally and continued on with conventional treatment. In October 2012, I was able to go home…. this time….. I would go home to Alabama. This is when I started to wake from my American slumber.
  While waking up from this rude awakening trying to figure out. Why in the world would I think I could be healed by poison being pumped into my body killing my immune system? Because I was told doctors are there to help you and studies have been done to prove the effects of chemo treatment are usually counter active… But it did the opposite for me, it made my cancer worse?
  After the chemo didn’t respond: I had also been told that I would have to wait 2 years for stem cell to see if I was in the clear. 2 years was their magic number…  two whole years is when most people relapsed.  I was never really in remission,   I went back over all my scans they all show activity under the left arm before stem cell and after. See chemo can not kill cancer stem cells, the stem cells protein is too hard to penetrate.
   They kill every other cell making it appear like the cancer is shrinking,  when actually    the cancer stem cells are creating their own food supply and blood line, like a little tumor village (what I like to call it). The immune system can not see or detect these cancer cells, they are rouge and go unnoticed. During the “two years” they had time to grow and build back up their little tumor village under my left arm, it wasn’t a lot of growth but enough to make the MD Anderson team want to poke at it.
  At this point I was sick of being poked, had PTSD everytime I crossed the Texas border headed for MD Anderson. They had drilled into my hip bones six times within a year for bone marrow biopsies. They don’t put you out while their drilling into your bones,  your wide awake and can feel it. All my other biopsy had been taken in 15 mins intervals at the most. I was becoming a pro at this! And this last one was different, I passed out from the pain and threw up…. as this pain was excoriating. As all my cancer buddies kept asking why I had so many bone marrow biopsies.
  I have never had any traces of cancer in my blood or marrow, so I wasn’t really sure why   I had so many. I just did what ever the doctors wanted without questioning anything. I didn’t want to go back after that biopsy and I wouldn’t have gone back but my mom and mother in law knew that my stem cell team wanted to do another biopsy on my tumor (that was barely there), I was weak and gave in.
   May 2014, This was my 3rd biopsy on this one spot, usually I was in and out and awake through the entire procedure. I liked watching the needle go in and puncture the small node, it was fascinating. Fascinating and horrible because I was like an experiment! The node was so small and so hard that the needle couldn’t penetrate it, for 30 minutes they dug around in my under arm trying to chase down a small lymph node not big enough to biopsy.
   From my own vantage point …through the eye of an Alabama hurricane… this is what happens when you penetrate the thick protein of a cancer cell. When the needle is removed it leaves an open hole in the cell wall allowing the cancer to spread. Going through years of chemo and a transplant doesn’t leave much of an immune system to fight off anything. The tumor that I could feel at the time of the biopsy was the size of  two quarters by June 2014. My granddad died of chemo toxicity on June 28th, thats when I kicked it into gear. I blew up on the doctors.
  I knew from my granddad’s experience what had happen was wrong and he was healthy before he started chemo and radiation, he was only in his 70s.  I also remember being in    a room with my Mom, Aunt, and my brother, the doctors came in to explain what would happen next and that he would slowly die. I knew what was going to happen I had went through it with my granddad!!!
   They had blasted him with so much radiation and chemo in such a short time it shut his body down, one organ at a time. My mother and brother had not seen this side of me before, I was always the shy little country girl. That shy girl I once was left that one day, never to return. I left that day and didn’t go back to the hospital, Granddaddy had chemo before he went into cardiac arrest, so I knew that on the third day after his chemo that the organs would shut down because thats when chemo hits the hardest.
  Before I go any further some of you will get upset and think I’m anti-doctor…. blah – blah, I don’t care what other people chose to think and do. That is their choice not mine.     I have friends that did well on chemo and are healthy and happy, and I’m grateful for that. I wish my body could have handle chemo and treatment that way, but not everybody’s body is created the same.
  We have different individually with different blood types, some of us may have weaker immune system than others. Are bodies are all different, thats what makes “studies” “group studies” have no meaning to me. Also the “studies” only follow the patient two years at the most. There is that special number again “two years”! My clinical trail study only went 60 days post transplant, but what about the here and now? The clinical trial failed may also fail after their 60 day window!!!!
  Also do you know how a PET scan works? It uses glucose to feed the active areas of cancer so they can see it on a scan, telling them where the cancer is. They know that cancers lives off sugar, if they didn’t there wouldn’t be a PET scan. Do you know that every body has cancer cells in their bodies thousands each day, our immune systems in their natural healthy state fight them off.
  After all these trials and tribulations of life they had forced me through during this “two years.” I began researching and studying until I couldn’t see straight and knew the path that I wanted to take. I began realizing that every body has cancer cells in their bodies 1000x’s each day and for the most part our immune systems in their natural healthy state fight them off. Its when our bodies get bogged down by life, food, and stress that our bodies immune system… won’t preform like they should. Which gives cancer a wonderful breeding environment to grow and thrive!
  At this point I started wondering why if the  the immune system being so important for our survival.  Why are these doctors so determined to attack and damage it with poison or radiation.  Some people will tell you, they know what they are doing they are killing the cancer with the poison and radiation. So if this is true why are we killing the cancer with the body, but we haven’t even addressed what caused the cancer???
  With all that said I have just written I am faced with fighting Hodgkin’s and I decided after failed conventional treatment that fighting it naturally is my best option. There is no easy cure, it takes a commitment to make a lifestyle change for a healthier mind and body. Every day is a new battle, our bodies are all different, you have to find your own balance and learn your body…. SO  If we create a healthy environment and take the time to work on ourselves it creates a better body to fight off cancer and diseases.

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Ivelisse Page

Study: Mistletoe Effective Against Colon Cancer


Mistletoe gives the kiss of death to cancer

In a new study, Zahra Lotfallani, a researcher at University of Adelaide in Australia,
(that’s her in the pic) found that one type of Mistletoe extract called Fraxini, when compared to chemotherapy, was more effective against colon cancer cells and less toxic.

“Mistletoe extract has been considered a viable alternative therapy overseas for many years, but it’s important for us to understand the science behind it,” says one of Ms Lotfollahi’s supervisors, the University of Adelaide’s Professor Gordon Howarth, a Cancer Council Senior Research Fellow.

“Although mistletoe grown on the ash tree was the most effective of the three extracts tested, there is a possibility that mistletoe grown on other, as yet untested, trees or plants could be even more effective,” said Howarth.

Read the full story here

Now this is really not a new discovery as mistletoe has been used to treat cancer for nearly 75 years (mostly outside the U.S. of course). One survey showed that over 60% of German cancer clinics use mistletoe in some form, and often in conjunction with standard treatments.

It is always encouraging to see more evidence of its effectiveness. Not that we necessarily need any more evidence…

There are over 500 published studies on mistletoe and cancer on pubmed

FYI: The most commonly used form of mistletoe used for cancer treatment is a homeopathic preparation of European Mistletoe called Iscador, which is made from lacto-fermented extract of mistletoe and is also one of the alternative cancer therapies used and popularized by Suzanne Somers.

Speaking of Suzanne, her book Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer–And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place is a great read and features the wisdom of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, Dr. James Forsythe, Burton Goldberg, and more.

Another FYI: Dr. Thomas Cowan in San Francisco is a U.S. doctor who treats cancer with Iscador. Here’s his site:

How Ivelisse healed stage 4 colon cancer with mistletoe

Here’s a terrific new interview with 5-year stage 4 colon cancer survivor Ivelisse Page.

Ivelisse refused chemo after surgery and adopted a natural protocol which included hardcore nutrition and injections of mistletoe (aka Iscador).

Now she is raising money for clinical trials on mistletoe through her organization     Believe Big.

You may be surprised to find out who is on board.

Watch this interview!

As many of you know, I am very critical of (and do not support) most cancer charities,
but this is one I can definitely get behind.

Please go to to learn more and find out how you can help this noble cause.

Read my other post about mistletoe and colon cancer here.

Iscador: Mistletoe in Cancer Therapy by Christine Murphy

Mistletoe Therapy for Cancer: Prevention, Treatment, and Healing                                        by Dr. Wilkens Johannes  Another Shout Out to Chris Wark for this blog.

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Fiona Shakeela Burns

How Fiona healed leukemia, sarcoma and stage 4 cervical cancer!

In 1976, Fiona Shakeela Burns was diagnosed with leukemia and sarcoma at 11 years old, and was cured with Gerson Therapy.

30 years later, in 2009, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer that had metastasized to her ovaries and brain. She refused conventional treatment and healed that too.

I broke our interview up for you into two sections to make them easier to watch and share:
her childhood cancer story (7 min) and her adult cancer story (36 min).

Scroll down for the full version with show notes.


Part 1: Curing leukemia and sarcoma with Gerson therapy at age 11 (7 min)

Part 2: How she healed stage 4 cervical cancer in 2010 (36 min)

Full version (43 min)

Full Version Show Notes
Fiona is diagnosed with sarcoma and plasma cell leukemia at 11 years old

The wise (and brave) advice that a naturopath gave her parents 2:55

How her parents got her to do the Gerson Therapy [4:40]

How long it took her to get well [5:26]

The circumstances surrounding her cervical cancer diagnosis in 2009 [7:07]

The healthy vs. unhealthy response to traumatic stressful events in life [8:21]

How Fiona essentially diagnosed herself [12:49]

Her CA 125 was over 9000! (Normal is under 35) [14:25]

Fiona refuses conventional treatment [15:49]

Her modified approach to Gerson Therapy [17:19]

Doctors refuse to monitor her [20:38]

Her experience at a German cancer clinic [21:10]

Insulin Potentiation Targeted Low Dose Chemotherapy (IPTLD) [23:48]

Her brain tumor causes a brain hemorrhage [25:00]

Doctors tell her she’s dying and recommend palliative chemo [26:13]

Fiona makes plans to commit suicide, then has an epiphany [27:34]

Her hardcore herbal protocol [30:59]

How long it took to get well [25:30]

The results of her scans [32:20]

The power of making a plan [34:40]

How cancer can change you for the better or for the worse depending on your perspective [36:25]

How she helps cancer patients now [38:43]

How opposition forced her to move a 3-day health conference to another city [40:58]

Selected links from the interview
Bruce Lipton

Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment by Ingrid Naiman

St. George Hospital in Germany (IPT, hyperthermia, ozone therapy, IV vitamin C, etc.)

Fiona’s websites

Cancer-U-Can blog

Gerson Therapy Resources
To watch more of my interviews with experts and survivors who have healed cancer with Gerson Therapy click here

Dr. Max Gerson, M.D. wrote two books:

A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer

Gerson Therapy Handbook: Companion workbook to A Cancer Therapy

The Gerson Therapy: Healing “Incurable” Illness Instructional DVD set

Documentary films about the Gerson Therapy:

Dying to Have Known: The Evidence Behind Natural Healing
The Gerson Miracle
The Beautiful Truth: The World’s Simplest Cure for Cancer

You can also get all three documentaries on Blu-ray plus Charlotte Gerson’s book
“Healing The Gerson Way” in a combo pack here.

Credit to

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Jack Kungel

Jack Your Fabulous

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Ann Cameron


This  Woman  Cured  Her  Stage  –4-  Cancer  With  Only  One  Ingredient!!!
Her name is Ann Cameron, an author of 15 children’s books. On Tuesday July 30th, 2013 she had CT scan for malignant tumors on her lungs. On Thursday August 1st 2013, she got the results: “NO EVIDENCE OF CANCER.

She believes that carrots can cure cancer and rapidly,  without radiation,  chemotherapy,   or other dietary changes. Everyone diagnosed with cancer should try this remedy, because the result show up very fast.

Her husband’s died from lung cancer in 2005 despite chemotherapy and this was her first encounter of this cruel disease. So she refused to go the same way and refused chemotherapy.

“Chris beats cancer” is a blog for people who have found alternative ways of treating cancer to share their experience, and Ann is one of them.

“In June 2012, I was subjected to surgery for colon cancer, and after that I refused chemotherapy treatment.  Every day I felt better,  but after six months,  the control examination showed the cancer had spread to the lung,  and colon cancer, entered          in the fourth stage”, -says Ann.

She was very distraught  after her doctor  told her she has only two  or  three years to          live without chemo. Then she started reading everything she could find on the internet about alternatives of curing cancer without chemotherapy and radiation. Her husband  had tried some of those alternatives but they didn’t help.

While researching she hit upon a letter saying that drinking five pounds of carrots juice daily had helped people with variety of cancer.

SO She juiced 5 lbs. of carrots per day.

After two weeks there was no improvement.

Then after eight weeks drinking the juiced carrots, the growth of the tumors had stopped.

And after six months there was no evidence of cancer.

 Unlike some supplements drinking carrot juice is not prohibited during conventional treatment. Carrot juice is perfectly compatible with chemo and simultaneous radiation. But Ann didn’t want the recommended chemo because of the side effects.

So she had no radiation, no chemo, no other treatments only carrot consumption.

She believes that a newly diagnosed person like her,  still  in  good health,  could  safely      put off chemotherapy and see if five pounds of carrots daily will halt the growth of cancer, and hopefully will eliminate the cancer entirely.

Based on her extensive reading in scientific journals focused on nutrition and cancer,     her ground-breaking book describes the details of the carrot treatment and the scientific evidence for its power.

In this book, she shares little-known research that is revolutionizing scientific thinking about cancer and how to treat it.  The  research  comes  from  the  exciting  new  field  of epigenetics–the study of how chemical switching mechanisms  in our bodies change the expression of our genes.  Our  environment,  the foods we eat,  and the way  we  live  can silence pro-cancer genes or turn them on, set anti-cancer genes on alert or turn them off.

Genes aren’t our destiny. Neither is cancer.

Cancer develops when the body loses its ability to recognize and eliminate rogue cells–cells that take over the body if they don’t quit dividing. In some cases–probably many–carrots can restore the body’s natural power to regulate growth and kill defective cells.

The scientific information in this book could be a life-saver and a beacon of hope for you or someone you know. Equally helpful, it offers the practical knowledge Cameron gained from her  journey through cancer and back to health–how to use the internet to research proposed treatments and the quality of hospitals and doctors;  how to reduce the cost of cancer care; and how to arrive at individual treatment decisions that are best for you.

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Paula Doyle-Weigel

Live Life With Unconditional Love


   With  the  intentions  now  of  writing  blog  post  for  Cancer  Patients      and  Survivors,  this  amazing blog post comes  from Paula Doyle-Weigel.  Having estrogen- progesterone driven breast cancer removed only to see      it  comeback  six  months  later.  As women enter middle age  this natural phenomenon tips toward estrogen driven.

   For a second time six months later it had to be a huge disappointment. Deciding not again,  Paula decided putting her Faith in GOD’s hands and everything will be alright.  Living in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, with the pollution quality average and the oil tar sands to  far to equate. Paula lived a clean  “vegan”   lifestyle  keeping  her  pH “alkaline”  balanced and thinking it can’t happen to me.

   However,  being a Critical Care Nurse (22 years) and enduring  family crisis with a brother  and  a H1N1 outbreak.  With a mother passing away     1 year later after a year and one/half battle that broke her heart and soul. After being ran down  from personal lost and  finishing her  first iron man contest that “stress load” caught her.

   Thereby,  being diagnosed six weeks after her second and training  for a third just 12 weeks later…. as it never happened.  Now  today  looking back: believing this awakening is taking her longer to heal  because her thoughts were a bit scattered and unfocused.  Today she is developing a mode of  self reflection and realization.

     The Angels slowed me down to wake me up to “why” “I am” here today. Having Blue days of  wanting to let it all go.  Cancer has a mind of  it’s own.  Cancer has days when you get tired of the pills and the emotions that define cancer. You wake up some days being sick and tired of  being sick and tired. Some days it’s a lonely days thinking a blues days.

    While  also being burnt out trying to  figure out why me or why anyone.   You also get a chance to learn  from  your  own mistakes  and that cannabis doesn’t work  for me.  It was a period of  eight months of  my life taken away (I could not  function and I won’t do it again  ~  it’s  not  for everybody.)  For now…. she has turned to plant based nutrition ( juicing eight times/day in a Modified Gerson Diet.)

     With  coffee enemas daily,  tons of  supplements,  herbal teas, energizer equipment,  infrared saunas,  rebounding,  acupuncture and massage.  Also looking back on it today, Paula believes disease is blocked energy. Reiki will  move that blocked energy around in your body- it will balance you. She also feels she was not balanced mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    Being one therapy doesn’t  fit all… everyone reacts differently to therapy. Paula  found a Total Body Modification Chiropractor that does (Mind/ Body in Spirit technique.)  If I die it’s not from being idle and not doing everything I can possibly do.  It’s believing everything  for a reason, everybody  for that reason and everybody in your life having a reason.

   If  I live  it’s because the universe conspired to bring it all together.  And I will sure be able to relate better to a lot more people on every level.  Thereby, one must have unconditional love,  not be overly critical  and  judgmental as life is a reflection of  what your  feeling. While letting go and never worrying about the outcome  for  it  will  paralyze  you  and  that’s the energy blockage that causes dis=ease.  

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Jassy Pyke

The Metaphysical Realm

“Dear Cancer, it’s taken me a lot longer than I would have liked but finally I’ve got rid  of  you.  It’s been a bit of  a roller coaster ride  and at one point     I thought you’d beaten me but winners never quit  and  I’ve whipped your arse. Goodbye, good riddance and don’t come back.”

     Hi you all, just wanted to share with you my good news.  In July 2013,        I was diagnosed with stage 4a cervical cancer. I followed the conventional treatment route because I didn’t really know I had any other choice.  To be fair it served me well but never fully gave me the all clear.  It culminated in October 2014,  when they told me …. it had come back in para-aortic lymph nodes with increased activity in the cervix and they could only further offer palliative care.

   I sought other opinions,  became a member of  the Solitarius Facebook  group and with the help of your articles,  posts  and other peoples stories      & comments. Putting into place certain protocols  and changes in my diet completely which became a commitment. Thereby, January scan showed   no presence in the lymph nodes  and reduced  focus  in the cervix,  Then in April scan was totally normal.  With the only thing  I have done different     is diet  and supplementation.  Without  those  changes  I’m  sure my story would have been different.

So for everybody who is interested this is what I did:

I can’t fail to mention, however, I had 32 fractions external beam radiation, 6 of  brachytherapy  at Mount Vernon Hospital  and  5  concurrent  cisplatin chemotherapy treatments at Churchill Hospital in Oxford near London UK.

  Feeling this natural protocol helped  with  those  conventional treatments.     I  eliminated  any  form of  processed  food  or  meats  and  anything  having sugar in it which included fruit juices. Restricted fruit intake to the morning and ate a minimal amount of high sugar fruits such as pineapple, grapes etc. every morning drink water with 2 teaspoons of organic lemon juice and half teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, supplement with AloeVera juice, vitamin D (I had a test to show I was deficient as all Cancer patients tend to be.)

    While also taking 1000mg vitamin C,  turmeric,  zinc,  pine bark tablets  and omega 3 tablets. I tried to eat apricot kernels disguised in nuts so they were less disgusting. Drank mainly green tea. Tried to eat as little red meat as possible  and  minimised white carbs  (as they are basically  just  sugar). Where possible eating organic vegetables  (again avoiding  too  many  root vegetables as high in sugar,  with the only exception being carrots as pros  out weigh cons there) and whole grains.

  I didn’t cut out dairy completely but cut back.  I had a probiotic to help digest all these changes  and initially used milk thistle as a liver cleanse.        I also cut out alcohol and drank more water which was filtered. I took a nutritional course so I could understand what the changes I was making were doing. I think good nutrition was the key and eating organic.  As I wasn’t too  fussed about organic meat as in UK antibiotic use is strictly regulated and hormones are banned.

 I decided to hedge my bets on good nutrition and boosting my immune system.   Seems like it worked. Oh and lots of fresh air and exercise was    also part of it too.  I also had kinesiology and Bowen treatments to help      my body defend itself. With some long distant healingI know it must    have been radionics. Our genes aren’t what control our health, you do.      Scientists prove DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies!  Thank you all and most of all never give up hope.                                                    My Regards,

Jassy Pyke 🙂

Knowing how the brain works in health and in disease

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Doris Parreno


My Testimony, Health Schedule and Other Links


    Over n’ over again I hear cancer patients through their own research     and  natural therapy decisions.  It is  what  it is  and this website is about exploring the possibilities  and being curator you gain  firsthand account. Within my Facebook friends list: I learned another impressive experience from Doris Parreno of  Toronto,  Ontario,  Canada. This is the  first blog post        I talked openingly about a product,  however,  this warrants consideration?

   Doris having tried everything imaginable, even German Homeopathic Intense Therapies of  Caresang (American ginseng), Mistletoe, vitamin c, B17  and chelation. Imparted this piece of  advice:  learn when it comes to what  you put in my body now especially  for healing.  So choose only the best even  if  you have to pay little more… it surly beats IV therapy.

Therefore….  this  is  Doris Parreno’s  Experience:

After  having  some  cramping  in  my  stomach,  having  a little blood  come from my nose on a regular basis and feeling pretty tired on a daily basis where I felt like a needed a nap and sometimes the nap lasted a couple of hours,  I decided to go to doctor for a routine physical. I did mammogram and in November, 2011  was  diagnosed  with Breast Cancer, Triple Positive, Estrogen Positive, High Grade 3, DCIS, Invasive, Aggressive Carcinoma. 

I  was  sure  there  had  been  a mistake because I was always relatively healthy,  never smoked or drank and never thought I would get cancer.  After several opinions, it was not a mistake and I was prescribed  a very heavy treatment  including Lumpectomy,  Chemotherapy,  Radiation,  Herceptin and Tamoxifen for 5 years. I did get the lumpectomy!!!  As the rest of the treatment was all so very scary considering it was referred to as  “preventive treatment”

I knew that treatment was going to knock me out,  potentially to kill me or cause more problems     in my body and immune system. I figured if this is what I need to do then I may just have to do it. Before my scheduled chemo date, I did a lot of research as to various options but was hesitant to try anything else because I figured the hospitals know best.  In the process of my research, I also heard Suzanne Somers talk about ‘chemo sensitivity test’.

I thought it all made sense “if ” I have to do chemo I better do that test.  So I did the test and  the discovered that the chemo  I was going to be given  had a very high chance of not working. I have seen friends go through ‘chemo’ that did not work; and it could have been recipe for disaster. So, I asked oncologist if I could have the chemo that was going to work based on the chemo sensitivity test.

She told me  that they do not customize treatment  for patients  and what I was offered      is what I would have to take. I was petrified at my potential future. The test also offered alternative therapies,  that were non toxic,  and seemed to work for the circulating tumor cells that I had. I didn’t have choice but to go the alternative route. As soon as I started to follow that route I started to get better.

In 1 month  my area of inflammation  went down 75%  and my numbers improved;   so it was working and didn’t have to compromise my immune system. I now also had a lot more energy.  I went through a very intense program to fight the battle with cancer…. intense IV therapy,  supplements,  needles, German acupuncture, Gerson Therapy and essential oils.

I did everything it would take to get better. It was not easy and a full time job, I just knew I had to drop everything when death was staring me in the eyes.

One year after my diagnosis,  I can say that I am on my way to full healing. This has been a very costly and self-sacrificing journey,  but one worth it for the quality of life… I was able to carry on, with no toxic side effects. I heard about the oils and put a couple of drops here and there, clearly I was not using the right dosage,  once I bought  Terry’s program  I began to understand how cancer worked and the right dosage but was reluctant to depend on the “oils,”  it just sounded too good to be true.

I started to tell some other girls at the clinic where I was going about the oils and they got on them right away full force (now that I knew the right dosage)  needless to say in 5 weeks one of the girls tumor in her ovaries  totally disappeared  and the other lady her circulating tumor cells went to normal after 2 months on the oils and Terry’s programs. As I started to take the oils more seriously, after 2 months of the sacred frankenscense and the raindrop I was pretty much cancer free and started to save money and make money… thank you!

My Protocol

I can share my 7 Step Program with others:

Get a thermography  (at right place – to see where I was at and to monitor progress)           (Dr. Zoya Voitenko is great source for this.)

Get  circulating tumor cell test  and nk test  and protols that would best treat those CTC’s and to monitor progress of treatments(seems can detect cancer even before tumor is present)

Get PH Strips to monitor Acidity/alkaline levels in body (at health food store costs approx. $15)

Get extensive blood work done to identify exactly where you are at

Take care of dental issues and have silver fillings removed by IOAMT approved dentist….  I did it at a place but it is important to deal with any bacterial issues in mouth…this looks like a good place….  I will go here for more in depth analysis of dental issues just to make sure this is properly taken care of….  (watch this youtube video below for more information)

I got on Gerson therapy diet, coffee enemas and supplements

  • German accupunture (optional)
  • Parasite cleansing and Organ cleansing and detoxing
  • Get health coach-
  • Feel free to contact me at or 416-885-0888

This is the kind of stuff that I have done and still do and not intended to treat, diagnose or cure and only what I have done.

If  finances are an issue…. A simple formula that I would use:

1)  Drink 1 litre of lemon water in the morning before getting up from bed

2) Eliminate all junk/processed food and animal proteins – milk- cheeses and eggs

3) Check out this site… …lots of great info. – go through all the videos and do fruitarian diet and cleanse and detox

4) Cleanse and detox organs, starting with colon cleanse, parasites, yeast, liver, kidney – Young Living has a great product line….

Understanding the body in its simplicity

Here is the link on the Ningxia Red Juice =

Here is the link for raindrop technique that has helped people with MS, parkinsons and this helps with so many other things….

Start with the Ningxia juice and you can also order the frankenscense at this site too…

To buy essential oils wholesale: oils and non toxic products: To register for young living products my member number for reference is 1264691. You can order online or by phone and  become a distributor  so  you  can  get the bonus products and discount.  You can also register and order via telephone at 1-800-371-3515 ,  via fax at 866-203-5666,  via email at, or via our Live Help feature at

Meet International Featured Documentary Cancer Expert, Terry Tillaart.  Here he summarizes Cancer in a nutshell.

Please note I am not a Doctor so whatever I tell you take it with a grain of salt, this is only what I would do and have done and has worked for me.

A really good Dr. that can help is Dr. Sabina DeVita Ed.D., DNM, NNCP, 905-451-5036 she can give you more information or if you want to talk to other practioners I can give you some names…she can offer some very inexpensive options compared to the ones I have done….

here is the video about vitamin D and MS

Watch this!

Here is another good site:

Let me know how is you have any questions….

Doris Parreno

Sales Representative

Royal LePage Maximum Realty Corp

o –416-324-2626 x706 or 905-265-3088

c – 416-885-0888


f- 905-265-3089

Heal Yourself, Heal the World includes . . .

• Historical information on Dr. Max Gerson never before presented on film
• In-depth explanations from scientists, researchers, and nutritional experts on the science behind the Gerson Therapy
• Reports from doctors who use the Gerson Therapy to heal their patients
• Personal stories from Gerson patients who healed themselves of cancer and other diseases using the Gerson Therapy
And More …

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