A Vital Metabolic Pathway

    This  weekend  as we  think  about  the resurrection 0f  Jesus our Savior, another resurrection 0f  sort  is the cancer survivor story 0f  a  fella Ohioan Sean Swarner being from Willard Ohio. When he was a teenager and given the prognosis 0f  3 months to live with Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Sean learned  the importance 0f  strong bones  and muscles.  While there after eventually also climbing the seven  Summits  (including  Mount Kilimanjaro  9 times  -  the  Hawaiian  Ironman  Triathlon ) while with only one   functioning lung.    He  learned  that  no challenge is high enough  when you have the desire to succeed.

  Therefore, this blog post is about strong will and bones through knowing   what supersedes the human spirit. Calcium the most likely deficiency in the human body and average diet.  Calcium salt  makes  up about 70 percent of  bone  by weight,  giving  that  substance  the strength  and rigidity  to climb the highest mountains.  About  99 percent of  calcium content  in the human body is held in the bone and teeth.

    With  the remaining 1 percent  circulating in the bl00d stream  where it performs a variety 0f  important functions. It helps to contract muscles and regulates the contractions of the heart. While also playing a vital role in the transmission of  nerve impulses and in the clotting of  blood.  As it regulates secretion of  various hormones and aids in the  function of  various enzymes within the body.

    The most efficient absorption of  calcium is dependent on the pressure in the  body of  vitamin D. Which is a key ingredient  in various hormones that enable  calcium to pass  from  the digestive system into the blood, bones and teeth.  Similarly,  there  are optional ratios of  phosphorus  to the amount of  calcium consumed  that also permits calcium to be more completely utilized.

  Hormonal secretions of  the parathyroid and thyroid glands,  whereas the parathyroid hormone and calcitonin, respectively, helps maintain a calcium equilibrium in the blood.  These regulatory mechanisms also help to prevent  a deficiency  in calcium  from  developing  in  the blood stream.  When such a deficiency  does  develop,  the  parathyroid  hormone  and  vitamin D  acts  to transfer calcium  from the bones  in order to maintain the minerals presence in the blood stream.

   The result of  a mild insufficiency of  calcium over the long term maybe a  factor in osteoporosis.  Which is a disease  characterized by the thinning of  the bones.  Recent research points  to calcium deficiency  as being a possible  cause of  hypertension  (high blood pressure)  and  all types of  cancer.  Also by combining unbalanced calcium and vitamin D connection with faulty fat, faulty carbohydrates and  faulty lipid metabolism.

   You can see a reason  for cancer  and once you do the leg work research     for this vital metabolic pathway. Any and all vitamin - mineral deficiencies should  be  taken  into account if  your looking  for  ways  to prevent cancer.

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Cancer Recovery Testimonials

   Within every testimonial you will  find positive and negative  feedback. That of  the like of  Ronnie Smith the Cannabis Oil Activist  whom recently passed away of  Leukemia  after  helping  over  300 cancer patients. While other success stories being Tamara St. Johns whom searched Alternatives because she was without Medical insurance and prevailed.

   With Chris Wark and Kris Carr having success through green vegetable juicing  and  neither  really  seeking  the conventional approach.  However,   the reason  for this blog post comes to me  from Maria Melnyk whom stated  she is having great success with Blackstrap Molasses and Baking Soda. She is  convinced  BM & BS  is  the way to go  with her rare type of  tumor called,  Gastrointestinal Stromal (which she convinced me it’s working… the tumor is shrinking.)

   Enter Vernon “Vito”  Johnston of  Birch Bay, Washington who I haven’t had the privilege of  meeting  and while some say he passed away recently with cancer.  He has a Facebook page  with a recent post on it.  Vito claims    a  combination  of  baking soda,  blackstrap molasses  and  deep breathing techniques cured  his prostate cancer  and bone metastasis.  Known as the   ‘poor mans’ cancer treatment,  baking soda has shown to positively lower acidity and alternately raise alkalinity levels in your body. 

    Diagnosed with bone cancer  in March  2008,  Johnston  said  he  was going to originally try celsuim therapy. But his order got lost in the mail?  So instead he turned his attention to baking soda and blackstrap molasses and his cancer is history.  In a technique where you raise your pH balance  to 8.0 to 8.2  for 2 weeks  and back off  a week…. this rids your body of any toxins and cancer.  In addition,  Johnston  began  deep breathing exercises, called  “PTA breathing”  that allowed extra oxygen into his lungs.

    One of  the leading health experts  into Blackstrap  and Baking Soda is      Dr. Mark Sircus  whom  has knowledge of  the importance  on the usage of  Sodium BicarbonateDr. Sircus says, “one should always consider baking soda as one of  the greatest medicines” to improve a broad range of  health conditions.  Although one should  always test the urinary levels  versus the saliva level because urinary levels respond quicker than saliva levels.  Also Hilary Butler in her article Lucy’s Miracle also states the importance of the cancer – fungus connection and suggest…. baking soda as the cures all.

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Synopsis On Cancer

  Cancer is an individual disease: what works  for one individual may not work  for someone else. While talking to others many similarities in belief    a bound.  In a world of  shrinkage  in  health care insurance  and a broken system with many cancer patients  being their own witch doctor.  Its such sadness,  but its the truth.  With my wish…. global leaders would get their act together  and  hit  the  problem  from  the  front end  and  not keep rear ending people that need the treatment most.

  With office expense, tuition  for doctors sky rocketing out of  control  for  start ups  making it impossible  for  family practices. Our  fearless leaders should subsidize doctors  for tuition  and office expenses,  maybe the times would  take care of  themselves.  We  should  start spending our tax money more wisely  with Foreign Aid  spent  here in the United States.  Not on the  Advertisement  to sell Obamacare,  which some estimates state could be in the  area of  750 Million  and  800 Million USD  on a computer system that still has its glitches  ( it’s Financial Armageddon.)

   With some of the self administrating secrets that seemingly working for many being cannabis oil.  While people…. enter into  this  with uncertainly. Cannabis Oil  has a lot of  controversy,  however,  a lot of  research  is made   available  through the internet. With some cancer patients  succeeding and   others losing on an individual basis… some win while others lose. It maybe important to detox: getting the dead cancer cells out.

   That said,  some of  my greatest  finds over the last eight years: one must keep  track of  pH balance,  sugar  and protein levels.  While regarding your copper and estrogen as enemies and ten other factors as equally impressive:

    1. A Macrobiotic Diet:  combine elements of  Buddhism while  finding the yin - yang harmony. With the principles based on simplicity and avoidance of   ”toxins”  that  come  from  eating  dairy products, meats  and  oily  foods. The standard macrobiotic diet today consist of  50 to 60 percent organically grown whole grains,  20 to 25% organically grown vegetables and  fruit at a 5 to 1 ratio  and  5 to 10% soups  made  with  vegetables,  seaweed, grain and beans with  fermented soy products.

   2.  Juicing with beta carotene and usage of  Aloe Vera Juice: some people will argue carrots are rich in sugar  and shouldn’t be used. However, others use carrots juice with impressive results and some use green juicing as well. Beta carotene regulates the growth of cells,  keeps membrane lining in your nose,  respiratory tract healthy and controls the production of  protein.  All carotenoids possess antioxidant abilities.

      Aloe Vera Juice:  scientific research shows strong immunotherapy and anti tumor properties  for Aloe Vera polysaccharides.  That  means  the  aloe gel helps boost immune system function while destroying the cancer tumors. One study published on International Imuuno Pharmacology (1995) showed  Aloe Vera polysaccharides  exhibited potent macrophages.  While activating activities including producing increased volumes of  nitric oxide (which has anti tumor potential.)

    3. Mushroom complex: many websites discuss using mushrooms to treat cancer. Studies have also looked at whether mushroom complex can prevent cancer, stop the growth of  cancer cells, reduce cancer treatment side effects or  help  people  with advanced cancer  to live longer.  In 2000,  a report also published  at the University of  Strathclyde in the U.K.,  reported  the extract appeared to reduce side effects of both chemotherapy and radiation (which included nausea and hair loss.)

    4. Coconut Oil: Mary Newport M.D., director of  the Neonatology unit at Spring Hill Regional Hospital  in Florida;  is a  firm believer in the power of coconut oil for the treatment of neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and  Parkinson’s disease. Which  she  should  know…. because her husband suffered with Alzheimer’s  for  five years. Before she discovered coconut oil and with the aid of this miraculous oil he has made a remarkable recovery. While other claims state it helps diabetics,  cancer, liver & kidney  function, vitamin and mineral absorption, metabolism, digestive problems, immune function and weight loss.

     5. Cell Food:  A normal healthy cell burns oxygen  and glucose  (sugar)     for energy and releases carbon dioxide. While an unhealthy cell also burns sugar, releasing lactic acid and carbon monoxide instead of carbon dioxide. These  cells  function  anaerobically —  with  no oxygen  present  cancer  and viral infections etc.,  flourish in this environment  (little or no oxygen and a low  pH  balance.)  Anaerobic cells,  must work harder than aerobic cells to  produce energy  from the glucose they metabolize.

    6.  Drink Alkaline Water:  it keeps your blood alkaline which makes any disease difficult to prosper. Ionized water works on cancer in 3 major ways:  1. Because it is a good antioxidant it neutralized  free radicals making many oxygen molecules available…. slowing cancer growth or killing cancer cells.  2. Unlike hydrogen peroxide:  which  adds  oxygen  molecules, ionized water  adds electrons that has distinct advantage because it removes free radicals.   3. In addition, ionized water removes toxic waste products from the body.

     7.  Flor Essence  by Flora:  Flor essence (Essiac tea) are said to detoxify  the body and strengthening the immune system. While down grading pain, improving quality of  life and may reduce tumor size and prolonging life of cancer patients with various types of  cancer.  The individual herbs with in  Essiac Tea or Flor essence Formulas have been shown to contain molecules  have anticancer,  anti-inflammatory, antioxidant  or immuno stimulatory  activity.

   8. Take 400 IUs of  vitamin D:  In  the 1960′s  vitamin C  held promise as a remedy  from common colds  to curing cancer.  However,  present day belief vitamin D  is rapidly becoming known  as the vital vitamin. Vitamin D levels influence cancer development  based  upon its  role  helping regulate various cellular  functions  (it discourages cell proliferation, encourages natural cell death and differentiation, hinders the growth of  new blood vessels that  feed tumors and supports immune function while reducing inflammation.) I have known people  to take 2,000 to 3,000 IUs  and upwards of  10,000 IUs  to get their levels up with doctor supervision.

    9.  High Doses  Liposomal Vitamin C with bioflavonoids: various studies   on  the internet exhibits the importance of  vitamin C,  on prevention,  in the treatment of cancer. Putting vitamin C, or any of the water soluble nutrients in Liposomes can reportedly deliver as much as 90 percent absorption of the nutrient  into  the cells of  our bodies.  For reference:  intravenous vitamin C reportedly  gives about 20% absorption into cells.  So it bears repeating that Liposomal vitamin C works better than high doses of intravenous vitamin C at delivering vitamin C inside cell membranes and far better than tablets.

    10.  Systemic Enzyme SupportWobenzym  assist  the  body’s  various regulatory  and communication systems,  specifically the immune system.   A balanced immune system  working  in harmony achieves  overall health. Enzymes play a critical role in the body and are involved in an astounding number of  metabolic processes. Scientist suspect that 15,000 enzymes are  at  work in our bodies on a daily basis.

   Enzymes are involved in a variety of  bodily  functions including growing, breathing, digesting, producing energy, conducting nerve impulses, clotting blood,  recovering  after exercise  or balancing  the complex processes of  the  immune system.  Always take any and all supplement under the supervision of a medical professional atoned to nutritional based science. I would like at this time to thank Angel,Lene, Meredyth, Nikki and Pamela for contributing  this blog post.


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Complement Cascade

   In this time,  day  and  age  in  a culture  with some are being left out,         this website serves a purpose. When I think cancer awareness and how        to prevent this dreadful disease, so many won’t have to suffer in the not       so distant  future.  The main reason  may indeed be kidney insufficiency    and  the reason  for it is adrenal exhaustion.  Which  is a common cause          for health problems.

   When you push yourself,  it creates stress… any  form of  stress cost      energy  –  the  adrenal  glands  supply energy  to the kidneys. Thereby    when  the adrenals are exhausted — the kidneys will be one of  the  first organ systems that suffer.  As  their  function  slows down  which leads          to incomplete removal of  uric acid  from the blood.

    In case after case:  biophotons signals  have been linked to arthritis             to a malfunction of  the kidneys. Which are suppose to remove uric acid    and  other  toxins  from  the  blood.  As  the  circulatory  system  tries  to dump this waste as  far  from the vital organs possible and with the first places in the body being the hands and  feet.

  With the hands and  feet being the most common sites of early arthritis symptoms.  And  if  the situation continues, more and more joints, will be affected.  If the kidneys  aren’t up to the task,  the uric acid  will remain in the blood  and will eventually be deposited in the joints. Where it triggers chronic inflammation as uric acid over loads in the joints.

    Whereas,  the blood will then dump it into tissues; thus creating worse    symptoms called  rheumatism.  We’re  a society  filled  with  inflammation and  with 304 words  ending  with the letters “itis.”  Its important to know   how  your body works  and the reason  ”why”  detoxification  is important.

    In  2011,  the  Associate  Professor of  Immunology  and  Rheumatology, William Robinson  and his colleagues at Stanford University carried out a study showing  Osteoarthritic  joint tissues  containing a larger number of  migatory inflammatory cells… that secrete certain substances early in the progression of  the disease.

   The presence of  these substances  also triggers the complement cascade.   Which is a chain of molecular events that eventually escalate into an attack mounted  by  the body’s own defense system.  Usually only depleted against invading micro organisms  against  the  joint itself.  Doctors have witnessed evidence of  inflammation in the cells of  arthritis patients.

   But the Stanford team discovery of a heightened number of inflammatory   cells  in  the early stages of  the disease, before it causes symptoms.  Suggest that inflammation could be the central ‘driver’ of osteoarthritis as well. This means osteoarthritis…. like rheumatoid arthritis,  is in  fact an autoimmune condition. Whereas the body begins to attack itself  due to an enhanced gene expression that activates inflammatory proteins.

   Therefore,  when the researchers examined how the process could lead to osteoarthritis.  They discovered:  a cluster of proteins called,  the membrane attack complex (MAC.)  While a breakdown product of  cartilage destruction called,  ’fibromodulin’  keeps switching  the  compliment system on,  thereby, creating a continuing cycle of  destruction.

   Its this low grade complement activation that contributes to the death of     healthy cells  and  the development of  degenerative disease.  And  a  process which Robinson considers, the paradigm shift  and how medicine deals with  these diseases.  Whereas,  these  findings  have an implication how medicine deals with them.  Rather than treating  the conditions  as an inevitable part of  growing old.

    This  research  also suggest that individual lifestyle,  might be analyzed       to determine what’s causing chronic inflammation. Thereby, checking such  factors as being over weight, while having an imbalance of  fatty acids and  considering  food intolerances  from  common allergies or dangerous  food   preservatives that might be culprits to chronic inflammation.

   Some doctors may never even mention these factors as a cause, make sure you ask the doctor to consider your alkaline balance, electrolyte/potassium levels.  Therefore, being able to recommend  multi vitamin/mineral complex, and B complex with at least 25 mg. B5 (pantothenic acid), B3 (niacinamide), zinc 50 mg., vitamin C up to 3000 mg., vitamin E 400 IUs, selenium 200mcg. and vitamin D 2000 – 3000 IUs (if deficient in any.)

   Also  a  person  might  want  to  consider  systemic enzymes,  glucosamine  3200mg - chondroitin 3600 mg -MSM 1200 mg, SAMe 1200 mg, Pyenogenol, Undenature   type II  Collagen   10 mg,   Hyaluronic acid  40 mg,   Bromelain 90 mg 3 times daily, Soybean/Avocado Unsaponifiable (ASU) and Curcumin 400 – 800 mg and Peptamen.   (Seek out  a Naturopathic Practitioner. ) 

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Mind Over Matter

    Our thoughts,  feelings and emotions play a big part in our health….       you can actually think yourself well.  A healing attitude can sometimes        be more powerful than your illness. As a research team of  psychologist       at the Ohio State University, had demostrated  with  227 women whom  were recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

   The researchers discovered psychological therapies could reduce the      rate of  recurrence.  However,  they also wanted to take  the  study  one     step  further;  they wanted to learn ”if ” this same procedure worked on       62 women whose cancer had returned to live longer with the disease. It    was not surprisingly,  that all the women  were  feeling  distressed that       the cancer might come back.

   However, it was noted the immune system responses rose rapidly in         the women whom undergone psychological therapy, and by the end of        the 12 month  follow  up period.  Most of them were still alive, although  these results may be perplexing. They’re sure not surprising…. that the  body and mind has a connection

   These  findings are the latest in along tradition starting in the 1960s, demonstrating our mind  and especially our moods, thoughts,  feelings     and belief are every bit as powerful as prescription drugs. In the 1960s psychiatrist George Solomon, monitored patients whom were suffering  from rheumatoid arthritis;  and noted their condition worsening when    they were depressed.

   Being it seems difficult to understand how our thoughts and  feelings       can affect our body. It’s even more incomprehensible how other peoples thoughts can influence our decisions. Its a given that thoughts,  feelings   and efficacy through prayer can influence our health.  In a study by the    late Jeanne Achterburg,  which takes us a little closer to understanding    this belief.

   While recruiting eleven  faith healers: the eleven recipients were also    hooked up to be scanned by  functional magnetic reasonance imaginery ( fMRI.) When they were isolated from any contact with the faith healer,   the healers sent healing thoughts at two minute intervals, although the recipients brains were activated at exactly the moment the healers were sending prayers through a engaged mind.

   With response  being rated at 10,000 to 1,  research has demonstrated        our thoughts — whether they are mood states, beliefs,  emotions,  anxiety    or depression — can directly affect the immune system. Specifically these thoughts seem to lie at the heart of  a complex interplay between immune system,  endocrine system and central and peripheral nervous system.

    Neurotransmitter,  hormones  and neuropeptides  acting as transport mechanisms across these systems and deliver actual negative and positive thoughts  while believing in self  toward the various systems,  especially to the immune system. In what looks like a supportive inter – relationship by immune cells communicating with nerve tissues… through the secretion of  various signaling molecules called cytokines.

    That said,  in other words….  “how does the brain  impact the centralize nervous system in the first place?”  When researchers at the Veterans Affair Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri, believe that the physical  and also the physiological effect meet the blood brain barrier (BBB.)  Which is the gates keeper between the immune and central nervous systems.

   Professor J. Edwin Blalock, at the University of  Alabama in Birmingham, believes  that the complicated process is more easily understood  if  we think of  the immune and nervous systems as the body’s ‘sixth sense.’  Dr. Blalock, believes this can explain the placebo effect, whereas, the brain triggers a low level reaction in the hypothalamus. That impacts the susceptibility to health even when the pill is a sugar pill, although research needs to answer ‘why?’

   While  my  friend Angel Howeron  was  put  on  a  past roller coaster ride, bedridden  from painful injuries and a severe accident. Through experience of  using massage therapy,  positive thoughts,  yoga,  and  meditation.  She also shared this list of  the supplements she thought best  for pain:

Curcumin,  MSM,  Wobenzym,  Magnesium,  Zyflamend,  Capsicum,  Omega 3,  SAMe,    DMSO,   Silica,  Valerian  and  Ginger.  Also  Homeopathic Remedies Arnica,  Rhus Tox, Magnesium  Phosphate,  Hylands Homeopathic  Great Pain Relief Remedies.   And  also Essential Oils: Helichrysum, Birch Oil, Peppermint & Frankincense. With the ointments  working best:  Magnesium Gel,  Arnica Gel,  MSM Gel,  Traumeel Cream.   Lady  Slipper and Flower Essence for nerve pain when you want to avoid the harsh side effects of pain medicine.  As always  Angel Howeron  is easily made accessible  on her Facebook Page…

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The Toxic TRUTH Theory

   Even though some of  the people that know me have a grudging respect    for Solitarius. This blog post comes with a message I read in the magazine “What Doctors Don’t Tell You.”   There is theory that states, “the effects of       butterflys flapping its wings in Hawaii can be  felt in London.” Also in the magazine article, in which Chris Woollams, tell the story of  how he came    to start the website CancerActive after his daughter being diagnosed with     brain cancer.

  From the moment Catherine’s cancer was diagnosed, he stated that his personal gearbox clicked into over drive. During this experience he spoke   with experts  from London,  France,  the United States and even one  from Mexico. Chris even spoke with the top brain tumor specialist in the world  Dr. Henry Friedman at Duke University in North Carolina. In which they   all told him the same thing: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and death.

    From this, Chris started reading developing and avid interest into the options available. Therefore,  he started scouring the internet  and began talking to complimentary and alternative therapy experts. Thereby  from that he wrote a diet plan for his daughter.  By a quirk in  fate,  friends  of  friends,  were  in prominent positions  at St. Thomas Hospital  in London, England, so he knew the prognosis was six months max.

   Catherine’s oncologist  was a troubled soul:  stating how do you  fight  when  you  have no weapons?  The “blood brain barrier“ was designed to  not allow chemicals to cross over into the brain!  However, the inevitable didn’t happen…. At six months Catherine was still alive and kicking, And with  every three months  scan showed improvement.  Easily passing the   “18 month record“  that  St. Thomas  Aquinas had  from his disease.

   Catherine herself was a force to behold within herself,  displaying the discipline,  wisdom,  always caring  for others, never complaining about  and curious mixture of  resignation and determination. Even suggesting      to Chris  write a magazine of  his experience.  Instead he wrote the book: “Everything You Need To Know  Help You Beat Cancer,”  therefore after,     the  magazine “icon”  (Integrative Cancer  and Oncology News ) helping others define their learning curve.

   With visits to John of  GOD in Brazilmeeting  Dr. Francisco Contreras        of  the Oasis of  Hope in Mexico. Whom he interviewed  in South Hampton and talked about Vitamin B17, which he became infamous,  said it doesn’t work  for brain tumors. Dr. Contreras also stated, “he uses the  full range    of  chemotherapy,  radiotherapy with nutrition and other complimentary therapies. Whereas, he also pursues newer alternative therapies and one,  Ozone Therapy  started  to  show great promise.”

  When it was mentioned to their London Oncologist, they were trying to decide,  contemplating going to Mexico.  He told them people go to Mexico and never comeback. Thereby upon hearing this, Chris remember reading an article about how glucose,  was not only,  the  favorite  food  for cancer cells,  but also,  the only  food they needed to survive,  and that he thought that cancer cells are inflexible. 

    When he suggested  to the oncologist that they reduce his daughters   blood glucose levels.  Because after each operation… they  fed her a diet          of  ice cream  and soda pop.  The Oncologist  turned to his colleague and  said,  “Chris wants to cure Catherine  stopping glycolysis…. has anyone heard of  anything so stupid.  Whereas,  Chris wondered  how  does  this  close mindedness help a cancer patient?”

     Reminded Chris began his website in 2001,  in 2012 report published        by  the American Cancer Society  stating, “since 2006  there has been an overwhelming  explosion  in  research into complimentary therapies such      as diet,  weight control  and exercise  can indeed increase survival and the prevention  of  cancer  returning.”  Therefore,  in  trying  to  save  his  own daughters life and  flapping his butterfly wings.  While  learning  through his own research Chris was a little ahead of his time.

  This his own experience: Chris  founded a new website in his daughters honor,  Canceractive  which has became the top cancer charity in the U.K. While also publishing the magazine  icon  to help aid the many patients of   cancer to understand there options and alternatives. Although his website has been targeted by skeptics his cause still remains philanthropic. As his, like mine,  wanting to remain squabble  free because it doesn’t help cancer patients overcome the many obstacles they confront everyday    :(


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NATIVE ANGELS HOLISTIC PROTOCOL: THIS IS WHAT I DID HOLISTICALLY TO  HEAL MY BODY FROM A RARE AGGRESSIVE STAGE 4 MMMT CARCINOSARCOMA UTERUS CANCER,  GIVEN THREE WEEKS TO LIVE AND THAT WAS JUNE 19, 2010.  I’ve been cancer free for over two years.   I  beat  stage 4 cancer,  ”you can do it too!”          This is along overview…. so know what’s right for you?   :)

This is my 12 STEP PROGRAM TO OPTIMAL HEALTH.  (1) Truly Positive Thoughts            (2)Prayer (3) Juicing (4) Keep body alkaline (5) Eat healthy (6) Herbs and supplements       (7)Have purpose (8)Exercise/deep breathing (9)Get plenty of sleep (10)Keep a gratitude journal  (11) Laugh/humor  (12) Let go of all negative thoughts/emotions which includes fear,  anger,  resentment and grief.


I Drank Four CUPS  of the 8 Herb OJIBWA TEA  ( SHEEP SHOREL,  BURDOCK ROOT, SLIPPERY ELM ROOT,TURKISH RHUBARB, KELP, BLESSED THISTLE, REDCLOVER, WATERCRESS.) you can also…. get it in the already made Tea…. called Flo-essence made by Flora.  Also you could substitute  with the 4 blend tea called Essiac Ojibwa Tea that has anticancer herbs which together harmonize, cleanses the blood and is a gentle body detox which kills fungus and cancer cells.

The following is also a list of  the supplements that should be taken everyday:

Take 10,000 IU vitamin D3, probiotics,  systemic enzymes (Wobenzym), vitamin B 12,    omega 3, beta glucan, turmeric, Spirulina,  MSM and alpha lipoic acid.  MAGNESIUM, POTASSIUM,  CELL FOOD take 10 drops three times a day  they’re full of minerals and amino acids  to keep your body  OXYGENATED  (cancer and fungus can’t live in oxygen environment.)  ”BIOPLASMA CELL SALTS.”  You must also keep your liver strong…. so  take phosphatidylcholine,  milk thistle,  Dandelion root  also FRANKINCENSE OIL.”

It’s  VERY  IMPORTANT  TAKE  PANCREATIN  AND  WHOLE  FOOD  VITAMIN C BEFORE YOU GO TO BED.  THIS WILL BREAK DOWN THE PROTEIN WALL THAT SURROUNDS AND PROTECTS THE CANCER CELLS. “The essential oils good to take   are the following: Frankincense oil, lavender oil, THIEFS oil, blood orange oil, sage oil, cedar oil,  lemon oil and peppermint oil.”

After three months…. I cut down  to 2 cups  of Ojibwa tea  and  would  add two of these    other cancer and fungus killing herbs to my protocol: Cats Claw,  Pau D’Arco,  Armensia, Summa, Bitter Melon, Aloe Vera Juice, Gold Thread, Periwinkle, Marshmallow, Graviola or goldenseal/echinacea,  olive leaf extract,  grapefruit seed extract,  mushroom complex,   Noni juice,  Mangosteen,  Collidial silver,  HEMP OIL,  OREGANO,  Chapparal and IP6.

You can take  high doses of  liposomal vitamin C  with bioflavonoids  and  high doses           of Lysine.  I believe if I changed my protocol every three months it will keep the cancer from growing back.  And also to get toxins out of the body  and  to get rid of the die off. After twelve weeks I would take extra àloe vera, bentonite clay, cilantro, coffee enemas      or take chlorella.

Make  sure  you  consume  enough  fiber.  Things that help with the fiber are chia seeds psyllium husk, flaxseed. The goal is to have regular bowel movements which helps remove  toxins and dead cancer or fungus cells from the body.  And also if your having trouble with constipation consider magnesium citrate or red clover from a health food store.

You must also make sure you consume: no white rice or pasta…. refined sugar…. alcohol,    for these all convert to sugar in the body.  No wheat or rye  because they carry mycotoxins which can cause cancer, maintain a gluten-free vegan diet. STAY AWAY FROM ALL GMO AND  PROCESSED  FOODS.  Drink alkaline water  this  keeps  your body alkaline ….drink  lemon water twice a day is beneficial as well.    (Selenium  &  Zinc for strong immunity.)

To help keep protein levels up I took  Alive protein drinks once a day.  With 1 tablespoon   of  Maca with Spirulina.  I was extremely ANEMIC:  so I took Hema Plex and 2 teaspoons  blackstrap molasses  and  beet root capsules.  FOR PAIN RELIEF:  turmeric,  Wobenzym, ginger, frankincense, omega 3s,  Bromelain,  Velerian Root,  MSM,  arnica gel, magnesium gel. ESSENTIAL OILS good for pain: Frankincense,  Helichrysum,  birch, peppermint and homeopathic Arnica and also Bromelain Enzymes.

Sleep being vital important….  so I take Velerian,  passionflower,  hops or melatonin.           I know that cancer cells and fungus cells always want to grow back.  Because my body was compromised:  I took this stuff  to build my immune system and make sure no – cancer or fungus cells could live in my body. I’m going to always juice, stay on a gluten-free diet and stay positive…. also meditate and be grateful to God for each day I am alive.

Sorry if this seems long but I do believe that you have to take stuff that kills the cancer cells then you have to get all of the dead cells out of your body and then rebuild your body. WHILE ALSO HOLISTICALLY HEALING…. Your  MIND, Your BODY  and  Your SPIRIT, “THIS IS THE NATIVE AMERICAN WAY”. EVERYTHING ON EARTH HAS A PURPOSE, EVERY DISEASE A HERB THAT CURES IT AND EVERY PERSON HAS A MISSION.

My mission is to share my journey of healing and understanding with all who wish to listen,  the most important thing you can do is have positive thoughts and never give up.    I AM A HOLISTIC COUNSELOR,  AROMATHERAPIST  AND  A  NATIVE AMERICAN HERBALIST YOU CAN CONTACT ME on Facebook ANGELANDMIKAELHOWERTON   OR CANCER CURES FROM HEAVEN.   Lets spread God’s love,  light and blessings.


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Nothing Aprils Fools About It

   When I visualized this website eight years ago at the end of  my  fathers battle with cancer.  With a thought  wouldn’t  it be wonderful “If “  one site would make a difference with cancer awareness. When I would go with my father to doctor appointments,  I would pick up magazines  and tell myself how much difference would cancer rates be “if ” everybody would read this or that article.

  Thinking wouldn’t it be cool to search a website and be able to eventually  find  all  the answers to cancer (prevention through awareness) in one site. However, in this blog post while going to town to pay off  a few bills.  Enter the lady I talk to each month  as she tells me about a neighbors crack baby. As we begin talking about all the crack,  heroin and meth labs in the locale anymore. After reading a three part series in the newspaper last week that was headlined  I’m  Addicted  to  Heroin.

   Then after getting back in the house: picking up the newspaper and read   about  Teens being under duress  with stress.  What  with  the mess we read about each day in Washington D.C.  Stress today causes one - third teens to feel sad or depressed, while one – third  feel tired all the time and 1/4th say, “they skip meals because of the stress in their lives and life in their family.” With only 16%  saying,  “they  felt their stress declined in the last year.”

   Teens learn  from their parents… and how their parents deal with stress will sometimes dictate how they deal with stress. If  parents don’t handle it well chances are the teen  will  handle it the same way. When the parents in the house are stressed out  the teen will be as well.  As more  and more teens fall victim to their addictions it becomes a vicious cycle. Parents should also schedule breaks to talk to their child and take a walk with them.

    Dr. Caron Farrel,  a pediatrician  and also a pediatric psychiatrist at the  Seton Mind Institute thinks, teens experiencing a lack of  down time, even at home  is the main problem.  The Social Norm today,  has teens always on the go…. with very little time  for  thought. While navigating themselves around peer pressure and never getting a break to find their true identity. It is these middle school  formative years that’s important to  figure out yourself.

    As the level of  school activities increases, these teens are pushed to excel beyond reproach. Everything becomes more complicated  and with so much coming at them all at once…. in every direction.  Their problems to an adult will  seem trivial but sometimes they are not to them (they are learning and growing  and it’s important to them.)  Teens  know  sleep deprivation  while requiring 9.5 hours a night. They’re wired to just keep going staying up late and sleeping in ….while sleeping their weekends away.

   With the message one providing  to them should be no – one person needs   to be perfect…. it’s okay to be you every once in awhile. As kids should try to do their best but you don’t have to do what others do. Parents  should  be  on the look out for warning signs… such as,*changes in sleep, mood  and eating patterns  *emotional reactivity  * feelings about being overwhelmed  * while being  with  drawn  and depressed   * grades  slipping   * lack of  motivation *stomach upset or head aches.

   One Key To Success: have your teen put down their cell phones and cross    off the little things on that to do list. Living the big project  for last. With the brain having a tendency to work in numbers, not levels. If  you cross off  the  5  little things  before the big project  you will  feel like doing the big project. Because  the stress level is down  and that big project  won’t seem daunting, as they  find the time to really want to do the job .

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The Devine Proportion

Any objective observation  we make must include a discussion of  proportion  for it’s the rule of proportion…. in the examination of nature  that causes us to observe an organized universe and a universe in chaos,  rational and irrational numbers, harmony and discord, truth and falsity. These descriptions are merely proportional effects of the opposition that is inherent in all things.

We see harmony expressed by the emotions,  feelings,  and characteristics present within ourselves. This harmony is then viewed within nature as the Divine Proportion. The Divine Proportion ascribed to our collective state of observation has been expressed, “For of three magnitudes, if the greatest (AB)  is to the mean (CB)  as the mean (CB)  is to the least (AC), they therefore all shall be one.”

This proportion corresponds to the mental vibrations that are within us and dictate our sense of pleasure and pain,  beauty and ugliness,  love and hate et cetera. The result is we are held captive by these memories  fixed by both body  and mind.  Therefore,  the Divine Proportion presents itself  in the very physical nature of Creation.  It is seen as the beauty and organization within the cosmos. It is the harmony and glue that holds the unity of the universe.    https://www.google.com/the+lotus+birth+is+a+miracle

 In an age of Global Socialism where Americans may have  false hope they will  be  better off  with  The New World Order  or under Agenda 21.  A book   I read back  in the late 1990′s  in which Tom Brokaw detailed The Greatest Generation. This generation united, not only, by responsibility  for oneself and  common purpose,  but also,  common values — religion,  duty,  honor,  economy,  courage,  service,  love of  country  and  family.

  Therefore, within the pages of this book and on page 203 Brokaw details Luis Armijo while stating,  “in New York (1939) the site of  the World Fair” which included; a dazzling exhibit demonstrating the possibilities of  mass travel by highway & through the air. General Motors, General Electric and Westinghouse demonstrated travel, electric power and communication.”

    Which  was great  foresight  in 1940  with  only  54 percent of  the homes    in America having complete plumbing, private baths and  flush toilets with the rest of  the population gaining water from true cisterns. Economist also estimated back then homes had only 1,000 square  feet of living space (with that number increasing in the last  fifty years.)

    What the greatest generation  also accomplished  was pulled themselves out of  the deepest despair. While establishing “new terms”  like inflationary and  unemployment rates while using common sense.  These numbers where never  fudged by a government official to gain votes. But where tried n’ true, so the Americans had a barometer to go by and weren’t  filled by Temporary positions.

   Within Solitarius  when  you  reframe cancer,  you began to see illness as more of  a challenge than a threat.  The challenges of  this illness also means understanding the disease versus not knowing. In a real sense, the challenge and message of cancer, is an opportunity  for personal growth. Could cancer be a message signaling you to make changes in your life.

   Many  survivors  view  cancer  as  a call  for personal reformation.  As the wise patients uses  the  experience of  cancer as  a turning point.  In much the same way as the Greatest Generation ridded themselves of  a negative aspect of  their lives  to make  a life better  for their children.  A cancer patient needs to replace ineffective methods, while substituting healthier lifestyle, exercise more all the while nurturing relationships and pursue spiritual growth.

   Many patients who sincerely explore the message of  illness often discover  a link between their physical,  emotional,  even their spiritual well being and the onset of  their illness.  Many cancer patients…. are keenly aware of  their uncontrollable misfortunes  and urges  that presented themselves  before the cancer. With a reaction of internal conflict, disappointment, and unresolved grief  from a death of a love one, divorce or loss of  a job.

   Financial setbacks are obvious candidates  for a life adjustor or ongoing stressors.  It’s  about carrying the right attitude with you  and the ability to express your emotions or you may enter into  depressed state. Did you give yourself  time to mourn the loss and did you put your needs ahead of others without responding to the circumstances that triggered the stress.

   Norman Cousins,  in his 1981 book “Anatomy of  an Illness stated, “that laughter is like internal  jogging…. as  he emphasized  laughter as the best medicine.”  Since that time… science having confirmed  even something as  simple as a laugh  or smile carries with it  a positive biochemical response.   A negative perception of the treatment can stand in the way of your body’s ability to respond  favorably.

   Your mind is key: go out and kick cancers ass with a smile on your face. Also by employing  a type of  visualization athletes  have successfully used   in training.  In your minds eye:  see the cancer shrinking, also  feel all your  strength returning at the end of  your imaginary treatment. You  feel  good about your chances and will enjoy the gift of  renewed health, its  faith and greater well being that will have you soaring again.

  Therefore, if  you do this visualization exercise with optimism  frequently throughout the course of  your treatments. The evidence suggest your body, mind  and spirit will respond to the actual treatment with maximum output and minimal side effects.  Also when you become “a cancer survivor”  in the end, you will embrace a better you with a more spiritual perspective as you  repeatedly will speak of  seeing life differently.

    Cancer survivors  always  grasp  the high value of  “living the moment,”   as they undergo a spiritual renewal that is quite deep. This transformation is not a religious issue, as much as actively cultivating an inner peace, its a serenity, a quiet confidence with a more grateful  and  joyful way of  living. Cancer gives patients  a chance to re-evaluate a wide variety of  life choices especially the support network.

     This is helpful because much of the work of getting well again depends and takes place within the patients social support network.  In a very real sense, survivors have come to realize that GOD has worked a miracle. And   its  this  miracle  that  they  are suppose  to relay to others.  So much so like the Greatest Generation that made life better for themselves and the others around themselves through the next generation.

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Fasting Away Your Cancer

  Thoughout my research of  cancerI have always been astonished with new options.  While researcher  Dr. Valter Longo  brings  delightful insight as Director of the University of  Southern California’s Longevity Institute is more then enough. In his research concerning why we age  and approaches that may reduce the risk of  developing age — related diseases.

  While Dr. Longo has been studying  fasting  for many years and is keenly adherent  to  it.  He  lives by what  he preaches through  a low protein, high  vegetable diet  and here’s the reason.  Through his grand parents  lived in a part of  Italy,  that has an extraordinary high concentration of  long – lived people and he always had a curiosity to the reason why.

   It wasn’t until he started to study ”Dwarfism in Ecuador,”  and a genetic defect called, “Laron Syndrome;”  which is an extremely rare condition that  affects  fewer  than  300 people  in the entire world.  One - third reside in the remote mountain side of  southern Ecuador.  Those  with ”Laron Syndrome” have a mutation  in their growth hormone receptor (GHR)  and a low – level  of  Insulin – like growth  factor – 1   (IGF – 1.)

  Dr. Longo says, ”through his study he has never came across a single case of  someone with L.S. ever dying of  cancer. Disappointing,  however, is  that anyone expecting that IGF – 1 will provide a secret of  immorality… you may be gravely mistaken.  Those with Laron  Syndrome  usually never practice a healthy lifestyle and live no more than 85 years old (while being disease free years.)

  This  hormone  known  as  IGF – 1  and the sex hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone;  which is associated with a greater risk  for cancer. Its this connection having been recognized  for many years.  That plays a key role in tumor growth, whereas, reducing IGF – 1 levels by dietary constraint is now considered by scientist to be an effective cancer preventive measure.

   Being IGF – 1  is crucial  for growth  and development in childhood, it also  speeds aging,  reduces  immune  function and promotes cancer. Our nations mistaken over emphasis on protein and resulting elevation of  IGF – 1 levels, having clearly played a destructive course in the exploding cancer epidemic. And with the path that Obamacare is taking,  someday this blog post and the information maybe vital when cancer becomes home remedy.

   Therefore, excessive intake of  refined carbohydrates can have an adverse   effect on IGF – 1  levels as well.  The intake of  those  carbohydrates can lead to an increase in production of  insulin. Which regulates energy metabolism (increasing IGF -1 levels  and decrease production of  IGF – binding protein) which can cause diabetes and cancer.

   Type II diabetes in which the body  can’t properly use the insulin there is,   and this is associated with breast, colon and pancreatic cancer.  Being there  is evidence, insulin meditated stimulation of  IGF – 1  production is partially responsible for this increase in cancer.  Due to decrease secretion of  growth hormones (GH)  and IGF – 1 levels naturally declining with age.

   It’s this effect of  reduced IGF -1 and low levels of  systemic inflammation, that has been proposed as the mechanism by which centenarians (those 100 years or older) are protected  from disease. Cellular inflammation is caused by  excessive  “free radicals”  and  “reactive oxygen species”  and can be also prevented by proper nutrition. So in general: if  you want to live and thrive, it requires low levels of  IGF -1 hormones  combined with high levels of  anti- inflammatory molecules.

  Gene signaling to enhance cells DNA repair mechanisms to  fight changes  that could lead to cancer are supported by high levels of  anti inflammatory  molecules and plant micro nutrients lower levels of  IGF -1. It’s this combine effect of a high phytochemical diet that reduces inflammation and oxidative stress. Couple with reduction in IGF -1 is the source to maximizing longevity and oxidative stress.

   Thereby, it is plant protein that works best at reducing circulating levels    of  IGF -1  through  fasting.  Which appears to switch  on a number of  repair  genes that helps provide for disease protection. Another important aspect is caloric restriction, for example, what caloric restriction does is switch your body  into a process called autophagy. Which breaks down and recycles old and tired cells…. so in terms of survival ….fast away your cancer?

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