Can You Think Yourself Well !!!

Lissa Rankin on the School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

I encourage you to have an open mind, and learn more about the scientific research presented by Dr. Lissa Ranking in episode 13 on how you can heal yourself.

Whether or not you believe that your mind has the power to heal your body is irrelevant for listening to this episode.  I simply want you to know that this is some interesting (and scientific) information and when you finish listening you can take from it what you like.

Her book, Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof that You Can Heal Yourself is extremely interesting and well worth picking up a copy.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • All the terrible health problems Lissa was saddled with growing up
  • How Lissa changed from skeptic to a believer that the mind can heal the body
  • More about her transition from western medicine to a new age approach
  • Where to find studies of people who should have died, but got better
  • How to activate the bodies innate self-healing mechanisms
  • A new perspective on the placebo effect
  • How the no-cebo effect and the data behind it
  • How our innate stress hormones can cause problems
  • How the people from Roseto and how loneliness effects health
  • That happy people live 7-10 years longer
  • Optimists are 77% less likely to die from heart disease
  • How and why to develop a gratitude practice
  • Why “healing yourself is not for the faint of heart”
  • The balance between common sense and self healing
  • Ideas for modulation of stress responses to improve your help
  • The 6 Steps to Healing Yourself
  • Plus much more…

 Preview  The shocking truth about your health | Lissa Rankin 

Tking truth about your health | Lissa Rankin | TEDxFiDiWomen
What if you had the ability to heal your body just by changing how you think and feel.
By Lissa Rankin
When people are doing everything “right’ and what they should be doing — eating veggies, avoiding red meat, processed food and alcohol, exercising, sleeping well and so forth — we should expect long life, right? So why is it many health conscious people end up sicker than those that pig out on pizza, guzzle beer and park themselves in front of the Tv watching football.
For Dr. Lissa Rankin that is just part of the equation. With her experiences with patients and all the lab test results she has studied.    Dr. Lissa became motivated to solve the puzzle “why” these “healthy” patients were so sick. So instead of focusing her research on the conventional method (family history and traditional factors. She went outside of the box and began looking at personal lives.
She began asking questions to her patients personal questions: What do you love about yourself? What’s do you feel is missing from your life?  What do you appreciate about your life? Are you in a Loving relationship? If so, are you happy? If not, do you wish you were? Are you fulfilled with your work? Do you feel your life has purpose? Do you express yourself creatively? Do you feel yourself financially stable or are you stress about money? And if your fairy God Mother could change one thing about your life, what would you wish for?
 What these questions gave Dr. Lissa was more insight into “why” they were sick than anyone lab test or health exam could. For the most part they were sick because they had a lonely feeling, sense of lost, miserable in a relationship, heart broken over a split, stressed out about work, freaked out about their finances or profoundly depressed. What stress does is suppresses the immune system 🙁
 On the flip side she learned that those that ate junk food, never take supplements, rarely exercise and enjoyed extremely perfect health. Their responses revealed their lives were filled with love, fun, interesting hobbies, meaningful work, creative expression, spiritual connection and other traits that differentiated them from the sick crowd.
 Therefore she concluded and she ask patients at their appointments. These two questions: “What do you think lies at the root cause of your illness?” and “What does your body need in order to heal?” Occasionally they would answer by saying, “I need an anti depressant” or “I need to lose 20 pounds.”
 However, more often than not, they said introspective things, like “I hate my job,” “I need more ‘me’  time,” “I must divorce my spouse,” “I need to make more friend,” “I need to forgive myself,” “I need to respect myself,”  0r  ” I need to stop being such a pessimist.” Although many patients weren’t ready yo do what their intuition told them their bodies needed.
 Some quit their jobs, others left marriages, some move to other locales and others chase suppressed dreams. The results of these patients achieved were astonishing. Sometimes , a list of illnesses would disappear, often quickly. Even smaller steps helped, like talking to a boss about “workplace problems” or “job overload” helped.
 But for Lissa Rankin she wasn’t surprised, in her 20’s she was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and precancerous changes on   her cervix. At 33, she was burned out in a busy obstetrics and gynecology practice. She wound up leaving her job, selling her home, and liquidating her retirement account.
 They moved from San Diego to a small town in Northern California, where she dug deeply for root causes into her many illnesses. While diagnosing what needed changed and mustering up the courage to take action. As a result her health conditions either completely resolved or drastically improved.
This is not meta physics here the scientific evidence and medical journals back Lissa. The body doesn’t fuel how we live our lives. Instead, it is a mirror of how we live our lives. Remember a relaxation response counteract the stress response and never respond to stress in a stressful way. If your sick and tired of a job chances are that job will make you sick, tired. and depressed.  
SO Remember:  If your not feeling right despite doing all the right things. Take a deep breath and ask yourself  “what lies at the root of my illness?”  and  “what does my body need in order for it to heal?”   Trust your Inner Pilot!!!!  Also strolling in nature is a  bit of a stress reducers. One Japanese study found a link between chemicals released by trees, called phytoncides helps lower stress hormones.
When one exercises this increases cortisol which helps turn off inflammation in the body. However prolonged stress makes immune cells insensitive to the hormone regulatory effect. As a result the inflammatory response goes into over drive and suppress the immune system and this may lead to anything from common cold to, over the long haul cancer, heart attacks, stroke, auto immune disorders to a 45% higher risk of Type2 diabetes.
I believe the reason some become survivors and thrivers and others do not. Is define by one word… tonight I have been researching this topic “Mindfulness” and its ability to heal. And This weekend I will prove to you… it works 🙂
In this video, Teal Swan brings back a ‘golden oldie’ of spiritual practice. And The practice of stepping into the perspective of the observer self. She demonstrates a mindfulness meditation for the viewer to try. Mindfulness meditation enables us to step outside the ego and into the perspective of the soul.

Preview YouTube video How to Heal Yourself With Thoughts

How to Heal Yourself With Thoughts

 Preview YouTube video National Geographic: The Science of Stress

National Geographic: The Science of Stress
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Let Your Light Shine!

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In the beginning it was said “Let there be light.” In considering the body, before anatomical structure, before cellular or even molecular structure, there is light. Light as an energy form has unique signature (or soliton wave-length) specific to strength and pattern of that light signal.  At the sub-molecular level are particles of light called bio-photons. The electromagnetic frequency patterns of bio-photons are found in every living organism. All cellular life, likewise then, has a unique cellular light/energy (or bio-photon) signature.

F. A. Popp, Ph.D. is a leader in the study of the bio-photonic energy. Popp monitored and was able to confirm that living cells not only emit or radiate small bursts of light, they also absorb light. His studies showed that healthy cells will store light longer than unhealthy cells. He also discovered that a healthy cell*(cells with proper resonance) radiate coherent light, while a diseased cell radiates chaotic light.

Cells communicate by converting signals (the soliton wavelength of bio-photons) into electromagnetic oscillations of resonant frequencies. Bio-chemical messengers carry these specific frequency signatures (or pass codes of information) between cellular structures that provide the specific genetic instructions behind every cellular function, not limited to but, most importantly including DNA/RNA signal messaging. Each receiving cell must receive the correct information and be able to properly recognize and utilize that information.

A state of “dis-ease” exists when the cellular light/energy signal is chaotic or NOT       in resonance (canceling frequencies) creating essentially incorrect information to be transferred between cells.  The receiving cell  then performs its’ function according to the erroneous message.  The  resulting  function  and  ensuing message is passed on, now altered to a greater degree  and  causing  even  greater dysfunction  at  the  next cellular stop. This process is multiplicative. And this cycle of altered messaging is what continues to the point where mass cellular structures are passing on, and functioning according  to,  exponentially  damaged  instructions.  Ultimately,  this  progression is what produces illness. Our over-exposure to environmental electromagnetic interference, chemical

poisoning, irradiated or processed foods and electrically dead water   (not necessarily in that order) are among chief causes of “dis-ease.”

The Future of Medicine
Everything in the universe is now understood to be made out of energy; to our perception it appears physical and solid, yet in reality it is all energy and energies interact. When you interact in your environment you are both absorbing and sending energy at the same time. You are probably more familiar with terms such as “good vibes” and “bad vibes.” Those are the waves at which we are all vibrating. We are all energy. The energy in your body is reflecting the energy around you because the atoms in your body are not only giving off energy, they are absorbing energy. Every living organism communicates with these vibrations. Animals communicate with plants; they communicate with other animals. Shamans talk to plants with vibrations. If you are sensitive to the differences between “good” and “bad” vibrations, you would always be leading yourself to places that would encourage your survival, your growth, your love, et cetera, and staying away from situations and places that would take advantage of you or cancel who you are.

When we are not paying attention to our vibrational energies, we are missing the most important readouts from our environment. Understanding of the new physics says that all energies are entangled and interact with each other. Therefore, you must pay attention to these invisible forces  that are involved with what’s going on in your life.  While medicine does not train its doctors to recognize  that  energy is part of the system,  they very easily adapted to using the new scan systems to determine what is going on inside the body. It is humorous they read their scans as “maps,” but don’t have the fundamental understanding that their maps are direct readouts of the energy present in the body.

For example, in a mammogram revealing a cancer, one is you are visualizing a characteristic emission of energy distinctive of a cancer. Rather than cutting out the cancer, what if you applied an energy that, through interference patterns, would change the energy of those cancer cells and bring them back to a normal energy? Presumably you would get a healing effect. This would make sense out of thousands of years of what is called “hands-on healing.” The recipient is getting an energy that is interacting with their body through interference and through that interference, changing the character of the energy reflected in the physical matter because the matter is the energy. This is the future of medicine although we are not there with it right now.

Quantum physicists reveal that underneath apparent physical structure there is nothing more than energy, that we are energy beings. That means that we interact with everything in the field. This has an important impact on health care. Quantum physics reveals that energies are always entangled with each other. In an energy universe, waves are always flowing through and interacting with all other waves. We can never separate someone fully from the environment they live in. Quantum physics says the invisible energy is one hundred times more efficient in conveying information than are material signals (e.g., drugs). What we are beginning to recognize is that there is an invisible world that we have not dealt with in regard to understanding the nature of our health.

In other words, rather than focusing on matter, in a quantum world we focus on energy.  In the mechanical world we said we can understand everything by reductionism. But in the newer quantum understanding  of  the universe we have to understand holism:  you cannot separate one energy vibration from another energy vibration. We have to recognize that in the world we live in we are entangled in an unfathomable number of energy vibrations and we are connected to all of them!

Here is my definition of the environment: it is everything from the core of your being to the edge of the universe.  It includes everything in close proximity to you as well as the planets and the sun and what is going on in the entire solar system.  We are part of this entire field.  To summarize  the significance of this let me give you a quote from Albert Einstein: “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.”  What he says is this:   the field, the invisible energy, is the sole governing agency of the physical reality

© 2007 by Bruce Lipton. This article is Part 1 of a three-part presentation derived from The Wisdom of Your Cells, How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology, published by Sounds True as an Audio Listening Course on eight CDs, (link is external).

Therefore according to Dr. Bruce Lipton. A person’s perception, not genetic programming, is what spurs all action in the body:  And It’s actually our beliefs that select our genes, that select our behavior.

In his book Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton seeks to show evidence that the common idea of DNA controlling body processes is flawed, instead proving that there must be another prime mover behind the DNA: signals received outside the cell, including our thoughts.

How can we do this? Meditation has been shown to be the key ingredient in one’s daily habits to achieve a state of mind-body connection. A regular practice in meditation will allow one to enter the deeply relaxing alpha and powerful, trace-like theta brain wave states. In these meditative states, we can open the channels of communication between thoughts and cells.

With regular meditation, we can experience an intimacy with our own bodies as never before, such as the realization that we are comprised of trillions of cells, each their own universe with their own experiences. We can then build a bridge of communication between thought and body to heal minute issues that lead to disease. The emotions arising from this process assist by stimulating the release of hormones by the endocrine system.

This mind-body connection is similar to the Eastern philosophy of oneness. The ancients understood that all life is derived of energy, and therefore our consciousness has energy. With clear intentions, we can achieve physical healing, using the emotions which arise to physically respond to the thoughts in our consciousness.

For further depth, check out what Dr. Lipton has to say on this subject in his own words:

The human body is comprised of 50 to 65 trillion cells. Cell functions independent of DNA and its perceptions of environmental stimuli affect DNA. This also applies the same principles to the human body as a whole, showing the power our perceptions, our beliefs, have over DNA.

The following is a simplistic summary of “The Biology of Belief”. For more details, you may visit

5-Step Explanation

1. The cell is like a human body and it functions without DNA….

The cell is like a human body. It is capable of respiration, digestion, reproduction, and other life functions. The nucleus, which contains the genes, has traditionally been viewed as the control center—the brain of the cell.

Yet, when the nucleus is removed, the cell continues with all of its life functions and it can still recognize toxins and nutrients. It appears the nucleus—and the DNA it contains—does not control the cell.

Scientists assumed some 50 years ago that genes control biology. It just seemed so correct, we bought the story. We don’t have the right assumptions.

2. DNA is controlled by the environment…

Proteins carry out the functions in cells and they are building blocks of life. It has long been thought that DNA controls or determines the actions of proteins.

Here I propose a different model. Environmental stimuli that come into contact with the cell membrane are perceived by receptor proteins in the membrane. This sets off a chain reaction of proteins passing on what could be described as messages to other proteins, motivating action in the cell.

DNA is coated in a protective sleeve of protein. The environmental signals act on that protein, causing it to open up and to select certain genes for use—genes specifically needed to react to the current environment.

Basically, DNA is not the beginning of the chain reaction. Instead, the cell membrane’s perception of the environment is the first step.

If there are no perceptions, the DNA is inactive.

Genes can’t turn themselves on or off … they can’t control themselves. If a cell is cut off from

any environmental stimuli, it doesn’t do anything. Life is due to how the cell responds to the environment.

3. Perception of the environment is not necessarily the reality of the environment….

In a 1988 study done by John Cairns, published in the journal Nature titled “The Origin of Mutants,” he showed that mutations in DNA were not random, but happened in a predetermined way in response to environmental stresses.

In every one of your cells, you have genes whose function it is to rewrite and adapt genes as necessary. In a chart illustrating Cairns findings in the journal, environmental signals were shown to be separate from the organism’s perception of environmental signals.

A being’s perception of the environment acts as a filter between the reality of the environment and the biological reaction to it.

Perception rewrites genes!

4. Human beliefs, choosing to perceive a positive or negative environment….

Just as a cell has receptor proteins to perceive the environment outside the cell membrane, humans have the five senses.

These are what help a person determine which genes need to be activated for a given situation.

The genes are like programs on a computer disk. These programs can be divided into two classes: the first relates to growth, or reproduction; the second relates to protection.

When a cell encounters nutrients, the growth genes are activated and used. When a cell encounters toxins, the protection genes are activated and used.

When a human being encounters love, the growth genes are activated. When a human being encounters fear, the protection genes are activated.

A person may perceive a negative environment where there is actually a supportive or positive environment. When this negative perception activates the protection genes, the body’s response is the programmed “fight or flight.”

5. ‘Fight or Flight’

Blood flow is directed away from the vital organs to the limbs, which are used for fighting and running. The immune system becomes of lesser importance. If you picture the responses we once needed for running from a lion, for example, the legs would have been infinitely more important in that immediate situation than the immune system. Thus, the body favors the legs and neglects the immune system.

So, when a person perceives a negative environment, the body tends to neglect the immune system and vital organs. Stress also makes us less intelligent, less clear-minded. The part of the brain related to reflexes is given more prominence in fight or flight mode than the part related to memory and other mental functions.

When a person perceives a loving environment, the body activates growth genes and nurtures the body.

For example, in Eastern European orphanages where children are given lots of nutrients, but little love these types of institutions have found to have stunted development in terms of height, learning, and other areas. There is also a high incidence of autism. Autism in this case is a symptom of protection genes being activated, like walls being put up.

Beliefs act as a filter between the real environment and your biology. Thus, people have the power to change their biology. It is important to keep a clear perception because otherwise you won’t develop the right things biologically for the real environment around you.

Perception: The Power of the New Biology
We perceive the environment and adjust our biology, but not all of our perceptions        are accurate.  If  we  are  laboring  under  misperceptions,  then those misperceptions provide    for a mis-adjustment of our biology. When our perceptions are inaccurate we can actually destroy our biology.  When we understand  that genes are just respondents  to the environment  from the perceptions  handled by the cell membrane, then  we  can realize that  if  life  isn’t going well,  what we have to do is not change our genes but we must change our perceptions. That is much easier to do than physically altering the body. In fact,  this is the power of the new biology:  we can control our lives  by controlling our perceptions.

We are holding “truths” about science that are actually untruth and they are actually “assumptions,” and false assumptions at that. Until we correct those assumptions, we are misunderstanding our relationship to the planet, to nature and the environment around us. As a result we are destroying that which has provided us life, the environment.

False assumption number one is that the universe is made of matter and its understanding can be attained by studying matter.  While Our perception  of  a material-only biology and environment is no longer scientifically accurate.

Another assumption is that genes control life. It is actually our perceptions that control life and by changing our perceptions we can get control over our lives. I will discuss more about this later.

Assumption number three is a very dangerous assumption: that we arrived at this point     in our evolution using  the  mechanisms of Darwinian theory,  which may be summed up as “the survival  of  the  fittest in the struggle for existence.”It turns out in the new biology that evolution is based on cooperation. Until we understand that, we keep competing with each other, struggling and destroying the planet without recognizing that our survival is in cooperation and that our continued competition is the death knell of human civilization.

 When we use The Emotion Code and The Body Code we are using inspiration that came from years of prayer and practice. We have seen that hearts, minds and bodies heal as we connect to the source of light, healing power and love. You may see miracles. Dr. Bradley Nelson  often says, “I just work here,” which is his way of stating that God is behind this work. We have found that God is there for us. Heaven’s light uplifts, inspires and teaches us so that we can be effective as instruments in the healing that happens. What an amazing gift! Those who develop a personal relationship with God using prayer have much to gain. With these thoughts in mind, just think of what we can all do together for this world when we roll up our sleeves to work and pray to God for his light and blessings.
So where better to receive answers to problems than from the source of light? As we make a connection with God through prayer and ask for help to clear dark energies from those who struggle, we are actually dispelling darkness with light. Just as darkness leaves in the presence of light in a physical sense, darkness is overcome by light in a spiritual sense as well. Love, prayer, focused intention and faith bring light from above. Those who experience our healing methods often describe feeling lighter, like a burden has lifted. They are brighter, happier, and more peaceful after a healing session. We see countenances and attitudes change as balance is restored. Pain often dramatically decreases.

Preview  Bruce Lipton – Fear vs Love State and Stress’s Effect on Your Body

Bruce Lipton – Fear vs Love State and Stress’s Effect on Your Body

 Preview Biology of Belief – The most important hour of your life – Bruce Lipton

Biology of Belief – The most important hour of your life – Bruce Lipton

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From Hell to Inspired

Another goal has been reached!
It is such a sweet feeling to be able to climb your way to the top, when you were not even supposed to be able to walk on your own too feet!  People were looking at me like I was a bit off, and I am! I walked the whole way to the top barefoot! Obviously far from “normal”. Now they have something to talk about.  A few people asked me why  and I told them that it was healing and regenerating, and they sounded intrigued. Next time who knows?          A new trend might be on its way!
3 years ago I had to use a wheelchair to move more than 10 feet to go anywhere.  I spent several years in bed,  being  wheeled  around  from  the  car  to  my room,  when I was well enough to be carried on to a plain. I broket hat spell by travelling to Forida by myself, now camping alone in the wild, and today,  stretching even more.  Reaching higher and higher. The body has no limit. I am growing younger. More on that later ladies. Being 51 is the new 30 for me!
I know alot of people are suffering, having been told they have a chronic illness. I know it is hard to believe that health is possible when everybody tells you otherwise.
Nothing beats feeling empowered by your own accomplishments. Nothing beats feeling your body fall back into place, from having been suffering for a really long time. Pain and immobility, not fun. I am eager to find out how my body feels in the morning, but I did it!  I am sure it will feel somewhat sore, and that is more than fine. I am growing.
I am a health nut, and proud of it. It took me to the top and back, while what seems to be the “normal” way of living, took me to hell. Not back. I did that.
Always stretch your comfort zone.
Never let fear stand in our way. Never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do.

I would have been DEAD, or close to it, had I listened.
I didn´t.
I was stubborn.
I did it MY WAY.
I became FEARLESS.
I didn´t give a dam.
I took back MY LIFE.

To become more of who you really truthfully are, requires stretching and bending. Limits have to be pushed. Comfortable has to step aside for uncomfortable.  Uneasy has to be ok for awhile, and the safety net will have to go. This is not about jumping off a cliff, or doing something far from your interest or calling,  on  the  contrary,  it is about moving closer to your passions and your purpose.  Although stepping somewhat  out of character  now and then will build some muscle,  this  is  about stretching to grow more into who you already are. Like polishing that diamond, and learning your most hidden potentials. Stretching is most often not extreme, it is more like a widening of the horizon. The comfort zone will grow in the process.

“Expand you zone so that you can spread you wings.” Hilde

I wrote my whole story down, so that you will not have to suffer like I did.
Make sure you scroll down for your free copy.

#healing #chronic #autoimmune #illness #healing #rawfood #detox #walking #nature #razy #RA #health #lovelife

Preview  Heal your life, no more lies! Hilde Larsen

Heal your life, no more lies! Hilde Larsen

 Preview   Hilde Larsen  &  Dr. Morse Discuss Hilde’s New Book  “From HELL to Inspired”

Hilde Larsen & Dr. Morse Discuss Hilde’s New Book “From HELL to Inspired”


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Cancer Free Lifestyle

Pam Powell James's Profile Photo This week  I had a great suggestion from Pam Powell James in our Facebook Group. Pam wanted to know about Nutrition, keeping ourselves healthy, cancer fighters & anti-toxin supports.   This Got Me Researching This Info From Natural News.

International health experts foresee a doubling in the global rate of cancer deaths by 2030. Cancer diagnoses  have  been  steadily  rising around the globe  and are expected to hit  12 million this year, with deaths from cancer logging in at 7 million. By 2030 this appalling toll will hit 27 million diagnoses and 17 million deaths. What can you do to make sure you are not among the gruesome statistics?  Assuming you do not smoke or drink excessively, here is a list of the top 10 steps for avoiding cancer.  Anyone who has had cancer can use these steps to prevent a recurrence.

Dean Ornish talks about simple, low-tech and low-cost ways to take advantage of the body’s natural desire to heal itself. ornish on healing?language=en

Make high quality  food a priority!!!

The quality of the food supply is very poor, being grown in depleted soil, transported long distances, stored, processed, and packaged. There is very little nutrition left in such food. Yet high quality nutrients are required by the body to keep it free of cancer. Food is a lot more than just calories. It is the bedrock of the body’s defense, so only the highest quality, most nutrient packed food should be eaten. High quality food is not about what tastes the best, but what will make you feel the best.

It is up to us to be as proactive as we can when dealing with what life has offered if we hope to retain our health. Eating locally and organically grown and produced food is the best way to get maximum nutrition.  Since everyone does not  have access  to this kind of food, the next best thing  is to make a commitment to eat whole foods …. that retain their integrity and have not been processed. Whole foods are things like apples, celery, potatoes and chicken legs, items that have not been altered from their natural state.

Food prepared at home is best because restaurant food is low on nutrition and high on toxic chemicals. However,  stay away from packaged foods and other products of the food technology.  They are processed,  low on nutrients,  and usually chocked full of chemicals. They have been created to benefit the  food company  that manufactures them for profit, not the person who has to eat them.  A plant based diet  that places primary emphasis on vegetables and fruits eaten raw offers the highest level of cancer preventing compounds.   A diet that places primary emphasis on processed carbohydrates like pancakes , bread, cake and snack foods offers the lowest level of cancer protection.

If avoiding cancer is the goal, eat the highest quality food that can be found and afforded. When times are though, think of an investment in high quality food as something that can never be taken from you, and will never lose its value. High quality food will enhance your looks and appeal to a much greater extent than a new outfit, hairdo or manicure. There is nothing that creates a radiant appearance like the glow of good health.

A diet that frequently includes known cancer fighting food is of tremendous value in the quest to remain cancer free. The Budwig protocol is the only well documented food cure for cancer. It consists of flax oil mixed with cottage cheese. With other known potent cancer fighters are berries, apples eaten with their seeds,  almonds,  Brazil nuts,  broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, green leafy vegetables, beans and other legumes, garlic, tea, grapes, red wine, avocados, and tomatoes.  Most culinary herbs have cancer fighting properties so use them whenever possible. Turmeric, ginger, rosemary, cumin, and cayenne are among the richest in cancer fighting compounds.

Stay as chemically free as possible

When the body is chemicalized,  the immune system  is so busy dealing with the toxic chemical onslaught that it cannot do the jobs it was meant to do.  One job of the immune system is to make sure the cancerous cells produced  by the body  every day are identified and eliminated before they can turn into a full blown cancer. The immune system will also perceive toxic chemicals as just what they are, foreign invaders that do not exist in nature. It responds by trying to oust these invaders from the body. While it is busy doing that, a few cancerous cells can slip by unnoticed and a cancer can begin.

We are living in a time of chemical assault like never before. Our food is full of chemicals, the air we breathe is polluted, and the water supply contains industrial waste and pharmaceutical residues. With Our personal care and household products are a toxic chemical soup.  ALSO Add to that the threat from electro magnetic fields (EMFS) such as produced by power lines,  computers,  cell phones and even electric alarm clocks, and the total environmental threat we deal with on a daily basis is mind boggling.

Anyone who has been on the standard American diet, taking prescription drugs, and   using personal care and household products from traditional retail outlets has a huge  store of toxins in the body that need to be eliminated before they can contribute to the development of cancer.  This  can  be accomplished  by  practicing yoga  and  using the breathing techniques prescribed by yoga masters, or by deep tissue massage.  For the    first few times, each should be followed by a general purpose antioxidant supplement    like R-Lipoic Acid, and the drinking of plenty of pure water. Both will flush out toxins. Cilantro juice is another way to flush out many toxins including heavy metals. Follow     the juice with chlorella or IP6 to escort them from the body.  There are many other      detox formulas on the market.

It is relatively easy to find personal care, cosmetic, and household products that are free   of toxic chemicals. Non-toxic products can be easily ordered on line and shipped to your home. Install a water purification system, preferably one that uses reverse osmosis to get the toxins out of your drinking water  and  the water in which you bathe.  These are also available online.  Let fresh air  into  your  home  or  workplace  whenever  possible. Use houseplants to keep the air in your environment free of pollutants. One medium sized houseplant for every 100 square foot of space should do the trick. Larger plants provide even more natural air cleaning.

Do the best you can to rid your environment of EMFs. For starters, never sit with a    laptop computer on your lap. Get rid of those old style televisions and computer monitors that emit huge amounts of radiation.  Throw out your microwave ovens. Also If you aren’t buying packaged processed foods,  you  won’t  need  it.  For a quick heating device,  get an inexpensive toaster oven.  Move the alarm clock from next to the bed to across the room. Do not use a cell phone unless you have to, and then use it only with a headset or in the speakerphone mode. Never carry electronic gadgetry mounted on your body.

Learn to read labels. If you do not recognize the ingredients as compounds that occur in nature, do not buy the product.

Keeping yourself and your family as free of toxins as possible requires a new way of thinking and approaching life. One of the first priorities for making a purchase should be how much the product will add to the quest for a long and healthy life. When thoughts go in this direction you will begin to see how people are being manipulated and used by many of the large corporations.  Producers  that  make products containing  toxic chemicals are showing no regard for their customer’s health or the well being of their families. They will use people however then can to enrich their bottom lines. As people become aware of this, their criteria for a purchase evolves to the point where they naturally purchase only products that will enhance their health.

Run away from prescription and over-the-counter drugs

Socrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”. If he were alive today he would  be appalled by a society ….that is tightly in the grip….  of pharmaceutical companies. These companies sell patented toxic chemicals that do little or nothing to keep people well and healthy on any sustained basis. These products also mask symptoms that should be given attention.  Symptoms are a wake up call that something is wrong.  They need to be traced back to their cause, so the cause can be addressed and corrected, not covered up and ignored.

Whether it is a prescribed medication or an over-the-counter drug, the affect on the body is the same as with the toxic chemicals in food and other products. Drugs are lab created and do not exist in nature.  If you put a drug into your body,  your immune system has to deal with it as though it too is a foreign invader. Drugs also raise the level of toxicity in the body and must be detoxified  by  a liver already stressed  from trying to deal with the high level of environmental toxins.

No one gets better taking pharmaceuticals, and there is no healing. The side effects that are produced by one drug frequently lead to more prescriptions for more drugs in what becomes a vicious cycle. If people take enough drugs their bodies become chemical waste dumps where cancer can easily flourish. The reliance on drugs has diverted attention from the real issue, which is how to care for ourselves and keep ourselves healthy.

Once people become truly health conscious, they resent the drug companies because they know that these companies do not have people’s best interest at heart with the products they sell.  They are just like the companies that make chemicalized  foods,  trying  to  get people’s money without given anything of value in return. People who have wised up to the harmful effects of patent medicines see the constant barrage of commercials for drugs as blatant manipulation and brainwashing.

There are natural alternatives to drugs that do not just mask symptoms but actually produce healing. There is an abundance of natural compounds that can keep people in good health. These substances leave the immune systems and liver strong and able to provide protection from cancer.

Keep your gut healthy and happy

People have trouble with their stomachs and digestive tracts and write it off as an inevitable result of stress or aging.  Yet many natural healers  say  death begins in the gut,    a statement that underscores  how  vital the health of the gut  is for overall well being. When the gut is not healthy, food cannot be properly processed  and assimilated into the body, leaving people unable to have access to the wealth of nutrients that high quality food provides. Since it is these nutrients that provide protection from cancer, it becomes imperative that gut health be a priority in any anti-cancer effort.

The deterioration of the digestive system occurs over a period of years and can be signaled by sounds of a thunderstorm coming from the gut. Other symptoms include headaches, increased susceptibility to infection, gas, bloating, constipation, indigestion, and falling energy levels. Failure to address declining gut function creates an opportunity for cancer and other degenerative diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, lupus, arthritis, and psoriasis. Many chronic diseases start with gut deterioration.

The four pounds of bacteria that live in the gut are the backbone of the immune system. They are our unpaid personal bodyguards, willing to go to war against the aberrant cells, bacteria,  viruses,  pathogens and foreign invaders to defend us.  They also help out with digestion and make sure nutrients are absorbed so they can be used by the body to keep     it healthy.

One of the worst things that can happen to ruin the happy relationship between people and their bacteria is antibiotics. They kill off the bodyguards along with the enemies, leaving no defense against unfriendly bacteria that would like to inhabit the intestinal tract. After a round of antibiotics, it is essential to take probiotics to reestablish friendly bacteria in the gut. Kefir, a culture that can be started in any kind of milk including coconut milk, offers powerful protection to the gut and as a result, to the entire body.  Kefir culture is available online.

Even if no antibiotics have been taken, the herd of friendly bacteria in the gut can become depleted to the point where it can no longer do what it is meant to do.  Pesticides in food are lethal to intestinal bacteria. Even if the skins of fruits and vegetables are well washed, pesticides remain because they work systemically and will be contained in the body of the produce. Chlorine is meant to kill bacteria in water and will kill off the bacteria in the gut as well. Eventually the gut becomes so depleted that it will be as though antiobiotics have been taken even if they have not. When this happens, unfriendly microorganisms are free to set up shop in the digestive tract.

Probiotics are friendly bacteria similar to the bacteria found in the guts of breastfed infants who have been provided this natural protection against many diseases by their mothers. Almost every supplement company sells probiotics in capsule form. Although they don’t work as well as kefir at restoring depleted levels of bacteria, they are good for maintenance of a healthy digestive system.  Yogurt will also help preserve the health of    the digestive tract once it has been established, but it won’t do much to help repopulate     a digestive tract after antibiotic use or years of general neglect.

Restore declining hormones to optimal levels

For women and for men, achieving and maintaining hormonal balance is probably the single greatest intervention that can be taken to preserve health. Hormonal decline can start as early as the late 20’s for women and the mid 30’s for men. It is an opening door that leads to aging and degenerative diseases like cancer.  While women  and men have their hormones in abundance and in balance,  they are vital,   vibrant and reproductive. Nature has a use for them and wants to keep them around. When hormones decline and are not replaced, a powerful message is sent to nature saying these people are no longer necessary in the great scheme of life.

Hormones control mental and physical well being. Energy level, metabolism, brain functioning, skeletal integrity, mood, motivation, and zest for life are orchestrated by the hormones. All the hormones work together to keep us healthy and functioning at our best. If one hormone is not up to par, repercussions will manifest through all the body systems. If people do not feel well and at their best a large part of the time, chances are pretty good that at least one hormone is not at the level it should be. If they have trouble sleeping, feel depressed,  gain weight without increasing food intake,  have low energy during some part of the day, or have lost interest in sex or cannot perform, with hormone levels are probably declining and out of balance. For anyone who already has cancer or any other degenerative disease, hormonal imbalance is almost a sure thing. Until hormones are replenished and balanced, real sustainable recovery will be impossible.

The only way to achieve hormone balance is with bioidentical hormone replacement that restores hormone levels to where they were at the prime of life. Teenagers and people in their early 20’s usually feel good and energetic most of the time. They do not have cancer. This is because they have a full complement of balanced hormones.

Achieving this level of hormonal balance and the vibrant health, joy of living and freedom from worrying about cancer and other diseases that goes with it, and requires the help of a physician trained in anti-aging medicine or hormone balancing.  Many traditional doctors have never heard of bio-identical hormones or if they have,  they will advise their patients not to use them because they are not drugs.  Since many bioidentical hormones are made at compounding pharmacies, this is a good place to start the search for hormone balance. Ask who they recommend.

Find additional information about the wonderful benefits of kefir at

Find additional information about the Budwig protocol at and

Statistical information from…

Add anti-cancer compounds to your diet

Have you ever sat outside an office building or hospital where traditional medicine is practiced?  If so,  you have undoubtedly noticed the condition of the people going in and out. They are a graphic portrayal of what unhealthy people look like, and a glaring testimonial  to  the  failure  of  medicine  as  practiced  in the U.S. today. These people are receiving care from the great American medical system, but they look terrible. Their faces portray their misery, their bodies are contorted, and they move as though their cellular energy is about to flicker out. Traditional medicine ruins cellular energy.

The Western diet does not do much to enhance cellular energy either. Much of the food eaten involves  the  cooking  or  boiling of oils.  The consumption of such foods lowers the voltage in the cells,  while depriving them of the energy  they need for proper division and replication of DNA. The successful completion of cell division and also DNA replication is critical to the avoidance of cancer.  Omega 3 fatty acids  help  insure cells divide and DNA replicates without a hitch.  Omega 3 fatty acids are also necessary for healthy blood to be able to carry needed oxygen to the cells because cancer cannot thrive in cells that are fully oxygenated.

One primary source for omega 3 fats that enhance cellular energy and function is fatty  wild caught ocean fish,  such as salmon.  An alternative to eating fish is supplementing   with high quality fish oil containing high amounts of omega 3s. Norwegian Cod liver oil supplies cancer stopping vitamins A and D along with small amounts of omega 3 fats.

Flax oil mixed with sulfurated protein such as organic cottage cheese is a proven              and  documented cancer preventative and cure.  The works of Dr. Johanna Budwig documenting the cures she performed with a bottle of flax oil and a carton of quark, a European cheese similar to cottage cheese, are readily available from online booksellers. Johanna cured hundreds of cancer victims who had been sent home to die, and was nominated for several Nobel Prizes.

Yet our traditional doctors have never heard of the Budwig protocol. Mix a tablespoon of organic flax oil for each 100 pounds of body weight into a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of organic cottage cheese until it is bonded and no oil is left standing. What you will have then is the most proven, highly documented cancer cure and preventative on earth. It’s just that simple.

This mixture of electron rich fats from flax oil with sulphurated protein from cottage cheese creates water solubility allowing electrons from the flax oil to be carried right into the cells to reenergize and oxygenate them. When cells are energized and oxygenated, cancer cannot get started and any tumors that are there melt away.

Vitamin D is another powerful cancer preventative. Studies are popping up almost daily about the wonders of this vitamin in preventing and treating breast, lung, prostate, skin, and other cancers as well as lymphoma. Almost all Americans are deficient in vitamin D because they have been manipulated by corporate interests to stay out of the sun and apply toxic sunscreen to their bodies. Sun exposure is the best way to get vitamin D, but since this is not always possible, supplements of cod liver oil or vitamin D 3 are an alternative. There is not enough vitamin D in fortified dairy foods to make a dent in vitamin D needs. Vitamin D occurs naturally in salmon, tuna and other fatty fish, and organic butter fat.

Several studies have shown that people with high vitamin D levels have lower rates of cancer. Vitamin D stifles abnormal cell growth, helps cells die when they are supposed to, and curbs formation of blood vessels that feed tumors.

One good way to make sure you get any nutrient in which you might be deficient is to use whole food supplements contain most or all nutrients. Taking isolated nutrients crammed into a multivitamin capsule  offers nowhere  near the same level of nutrition. With One of the best  of  these is bee pollen,  nature’s whole food supplement that provides …. complete nutrition. In bee pollen these nutrients exist in perfect synergy enhancing each other to the fullest and creating high bioavailability.

Bee pollen has been shown in studies to prevent and treat cancer. Avoid low quality bee pollen tablets because many of the nutrients are compromised in their processing. I prefer take American Health & Nutrition…  Others choose bee pollen granules,  preferably locally produced,  that can also be eaten by the spoonful. Chlorella, spirulina and alfalfa also offer broad based whole food nutritional support and are super immune system boosting cancer fighters. Drink organic green tea, and spice up your food with turmeric and other herbs and spices. Have a glass of (low sugar) red wine every day and enjoy cancer prevention.

Supplements of DIM, and chrysin combined with bioperine help keep estrogen ratios and processing at healthy levels. Saw Palmetto helps keep the conversion of testosterone to DHT at a minimum. To find out if any of these supplements are needed, see a physician who specializes in anti-aging medicine or hormone balancing for testing of hormone levels. If this is not possible, there are several labs that perform saliva testing by mail that can be found online. They supply a test kit for providing samples, and a complete report of their findings along with recommendations. Remember that hormonal harmony is one of the best defenses against cancer.

Get a handle on stress

It seems like stress is the number one gross national product, and these days stress     levels for most Americans have been turned up one more notch. A little stress is good as   an energy booster. Too much stress results in a continuous cortisol response in the body. Cortisol is the ‘fight or flight’ hormone produced in the adrenal glands. It’s great to have high cortisol when we need to run away from a tiger. However  continuously high levels    in response to continuous stress produce weight gain and digestive issues, two high risk factors for cancer.

Hundreds of studies have documented how stress impacts the immune systems and compromises its ability to fight off foreign invaders and aberrant cells.  In a recent study, norepinephrine,  another  stress  hormone,  was shown to increase cell proliferation,  and induce interleukin-6,  and  vascular endothelial growth factor,  all are believed to promote cancer. Researchers have found that supforaphane, a compound found in high amounts in broccoli sprouts inhibited this process. Sulphoraphane is found in lesser amounts in all the cruciferous vegetables.

Hormone balancing and omega 3 fats are also highly effective treatments for getting stress under control, even if there is no escape from the stressful situation. Having an activity you enjoy can offer stress-free periods in an otherwise stressful day.

Exercise sends a power message about who you are

When we laugh, dance, run, jump, and play we are sending a message to ourselves and to Mother Nature. This message says we are young, robust and full of life. It is a message that implies the ability to reproduce. The repercussions of this message are considerable to our overall health and the joy we get from being alive.

Of course, exercise is also good for the lymph system, the drainage system the body has   for removing waste. When waste builds up inside the body it weakens the immune system, making it easier for cancer. A lymph system that is not flowing as it should increases toxic build up in all the organs and systems, and ends up dragging down the entire body. Breast cancer, lymphatic cancer and lymphoma are often the result of a clogged lymph system.

The lymph has no pump to keep it moving. It depends on physical movement to create the force to keep lymph fluid freely flowing.  When people are living sedentary lifestyle,  there   is little movement of lymph and problems begin. Even when a person is unable to exercise because of having a job that requires sitting in a chair all day, lymph can be gotten moving by taking a walk around the building or jumping up and down in place.  Doing  this  for  a few minutes every hour allows the lymph system to do its job. Improved mental focus and energy level is the result. Keeping lymph moving sends a message that you really are still alive after all.

Moving the lower part of your body is great, but don’t forget about your upper half.       Most  of  the filtering of lymph fluid  takes place in the upper part of the body. Get up         and fling your arms around for a few minutes to get lymph moving. Orchestra leaders   have the greatest longevity of any group of people.

Yoga is a wonderful exercise for the cancer conscious. The deep stretches of yoga flush   out toxins from joints, and also since yoga is a total body workout it really gets the lymph system moving. The deep breathing taught by the yoga masters sends massive amounts of oxygen to the cells to chase away any forming tumors. Yoga is great for fat burning too.

Find an exercise that is enjoyable, and commit to it. Pretty soon exercise will become second nature and you won’t want a day to go by without it because it makes you feel so good. There is nothing like exercise for stress relief, and for a time to let thoughts flow freely. Exercise improves mood and outlook on life.

Sit in the sun whenever possible

The sun is the orchestra leader for the dance of life. Every living thing on earth vibrates to the energy of the sun, including people. ~Barbara Minton ~~ Health Editor

For a long time people have been victims of a huge scam that made them think they were supposed to hide indoors or under a blanket of sunscreen while the rest of life basked in the glory of the sun. Now they are catching on that they too need the sun’s life giving force.

The positive effect of the sun on the body is due in part to photons in sunlight which are the purest from of energy. That people are meant to be in relationship …. with the sun is indicated by their high level of photons that concentrate the energy of the sun in the cells of the body. This concentration is improved by eating the flax oil, cottage mixture that is the Budwig protocol, because the mixture helps attract the electromagnetic waves of the sun

Frolic in the sun to your heart’s content. Just be careful not to get sunburned, as sunburn produces free radicals that promote aging.

Get a good night’s sleep (that’s 8 hours or more)

Remember when you were a youngster and your parents made you go to bed shortly      after dark and you slept  for  9 or 10 hours?  You woke up full of energy,  vim and vigor.    This could be you again if you will only go to bed.  Going to bed shortly after dark is the key to reestablishing the circadian rhythm of life and a way to get back in sync with nature.

Hitting the sack two or three hours before midnight gives the body a chance to complete the melatonin, prolactin cycle so essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and fighting cancer. According to the National Institutes of Health, three hours of melatonin production followed by six hours  of  prolactin production is what is necessary to achieve  fully functioning immune system that produces adequate T-cells and Natural Killer cells. Chronic lack of sleep results in exhaustion, depression, weight gain, and stress. These are the perfect conditions for cancer to begin.

Taking a sleeping drug may produce a stupor that resembles sleep but it is not sleep.    None of the required body maintenance gets accomplished in this drug induced state, so a sleeping pill is a real waste of time.  Sleep is critical to well being, but almost impossible if you are hormonally out of balance. Instead of asking for a prescription for a sleeping drug, find a doctor that specializes in hormone balancing or anti-aging medicine.

It’s important to get these Z’s in a room that is completely dark. Even the tiniest bit of  light can cause melatonin production to cease and cortisol levels to rise. Obviously this precludes going to sleep with the TV on, and midnight raids on the refrigerator.

A cancer diagnosis is the worst moment in a person’s life…

The cancer industry is big business at its worst. It recruits patients by telling them the lie that they have no control over whether or not they get cancer.  The cancer establishment likes to have people think that cancer is a magical disease that comes out of nowhere and randomly singles them out. It wants everyone to also believe there will be no cure for the disease until the drug industry magically finds one.  This will never happen because the drug industry benefits from people having cancer, just as the cancer establishment does.

Those who have been diagnosed with cancer say it was the worst moment of their life, not because they were afraid of death, but because of the treatments. A diagnosis of cancer is so terrifying that it strips people physically, mentally and emotionally, leaving them just where the cancer industry wants them. Vulnerable. In a vulnerable state most people will agree to do as they are told.

The cancer industry depends on this vulnerability turning people into patients who think   if they do not do as they are told, right away and always, they are doomed. Fear is also the mother’s milk of the cancer industry.  This is why cancer doctors ` love to quote statistics that frighten and bewilder. And this is why cancer treatments are so torturous and scary. As long as the cancer industry has people too scared to think straight it has a steady stream of dependable revenue.

More people die from the treatments for cancer than of cancer itself. The treatments destroy the immune system and organs so that people may remain alive for awhile but   will never achieve good health again.  For them life  becomes a constant battle against other diseases and the side effects of the toxic treatments and follow up. Radiation and chemicals cause cancer. They can never cure it.

Cancer really can be prevented and cured

People can prevent cancer and cure it. This has been proven and scientific case studies are there. Hormonal imbalance, chemicalization, lack of proper nutrition, unhealthy digestive tract, reliance on drugs,  too much stress,  lack of exercise,  and  not enough sleep have all been shown to cause cancer. People who choose to address these areas of their lives will be on their way to living long, happy lives that are cancer free.

Summary:  To reduce these cancer risks it is important to make high quality food a priority with less chemicals enhancements. Also avoiding over the counter drugs when unnesicary and keeping hormones at a balanced level. “When the body is chemicalized, the immune system is so busy dealing with the toxic chemical onslaught that it cannot do the jobs it was meant to do.

One job of the immune system is to make sure the cancerous cells produced by the body every day are identified and eliminated .. before they can turn into a full blown cancer.” This effects many familys because food that the consume on a regular basis may not be the most healthy option. With 0ur society becoming very focused on fast pace can’t wait life style so competition has driven chemicals into a popular “advantage”.

For more information:

Basic Principles Of Healing

“The laws governing the physical nature are as truly divine in their origin and character as the law of the Ten Commandments. Man is fearfully and wonderfully made; for Jehovah has inscribed His law by His own mighty hand on every part of the physical structure.”—16 Manuscript Releases, 60 (Letter, August 5, 1896).

“ ‘Have I not a right to do as I please with my own body?’ —No, you have no moral right, because you are violating the laws of life and health which God has given you. You are the Lord’s property,—His by creation and His by redemption. Every human being is under obligation to preserve the living machinery that is so fearfully and wonderfully made.”—Healthful Living, 10 (Letter, May 19, 1897).

Preview  The Bible, Health and Natural Cures for Cancer with Dr. Kent Hovind (FULL)

The Bible, Health and Natural Cures for Cancer with Dr. Kent Hovind (FULL)

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The Quest For The Cures…Continues Episode 2: Your First Line of Defense

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The Importance of Nutrition During Cancer Treatment – Dr Linda Isaacs
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Unsinkable Determination

Image result for amy van dyken 1996 olympics

In 1996, swimmer Amy Van Dyken was preparing to compete in her first Olympic Games. Though fiercely competitive by nature, she wasn’t expected to emerge as an olympic star — while, becoming the first U.S. woman to win four gold medals in a single Olympics.  In the 2000 Games, Van Dyken added two more golds to her collection. She was dominating her sport.

Then, in June 2014, Van Dyken’s spirited nature and active lifestyle were tested when a near-fatal ATV accident left her paralyzed from the waist down.

Published on Jul 14, 2014

A month after suffering a severe injury to the T11 area of her spine that has rendered her   a paraplegic, former Olympic swimmer Amy Van Dyken isn’t letting her accident slow her down.  Van Dyken is channeling the drive and determination that got her to the Olympics into her rehab, and hoping to inspire others in the process.  Barry Petersen reports.

In the years since the accident, Van Dyken has channeled all of her energy into her recovery, telling “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” how her experience as an athlete has helped her endure.

“Being an Olympian … every single day was a grind. Every single day, you pushed your body to the limits to see what it could do, you pushed your mind to the limits every single day,” she says. “That gave me the drive that I have now.”

I was only supposed to win one bronze medal in the Games. I walked away with six gold medals. So don’t tell me what to do.

That drive kicked into gear almost immediately, Van Dyken adds.

“I stated first thing that my goal was to walk. Everyone thought that I was absolutely crazy,” she says. “But guess what? I was only supposed to win one bronze medal in the Games. I walked away with six gold medals. So don’t tell me what to do.”

With the help of braces, a walker and the staff at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Van Dyken has indeed been walking. (You can see her take steps in the above video.) It has been a challenging recovery process, but the former Olympian doesn’t waste much time feeling sorry for herself.

“I’ve never been angry that I’m like this, And I’ve never looked back and said… ‘What if?’ Because  ‘what if’ didn’t happen. This happened,” Van Dyken says. “This happened for a reason.”

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her moments.

“Sure, there are days  …. when I wake up and I’m in so much pain, I can’t even handle it.      And there are days when it is so hard to get in and out of this chair that it’s just ridiculous. And there are days when I am sad,” Van Dyken says. “I take that moment, I look at it, I try to learn from it and then move on.”

And there is still plenty that Van Dyken wants to do.

“My hopes and dreams for the future are to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

Personally, I [want to] get up and walk. I want to become a rock climber. I want to start getting competitive in another sport — rowing, kayaking, who knows?” she says. “That’s what I see for the future: rocking and rolling.”

The same work ethic that carried Van Dyken-Rouen to gold is being put to use in her.

Preview YouTube video Olympian Amy Van Dyken — Standing On My Own … ‘Biggest Accomplishment Of My Life’

Preview YouTube video Amy Van Dyken Video Highlights of CSU and Olympics

Amy Van Dyken Video Highlights of CSU and Olympics

Olympian Amy Van Dyken — Standing On My Own … ‘Biggest Accomplishment Of My Life’


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Are You This Tough

Gabrielle Anderson – She is that tough!

Posted in Runner/Coach Profile by Andy Chan on May 4, 2010
Tags:  Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma

Gabrielle Anderson (photo courtesy of Gary Wilson)

Gabrielle Anderson was a Minnesota state champion in the 800 meters and earned all-state honors four times in cross country while attending Perham High School. She earned scholarship  to  the University of Minnesota,  and where she qualified for the NCAA Cross Country Championships three times, the NCAA Indoor Track & Field Championships two times, and earned All-Big Ten Conference honors five times.

Gabrielle, or “Gabe” as her friends call her, developed a reputation for having a tough look on her face at the end of races when it was time to dig deep and keep fighting despite the pain. This was dubbed “Gabe Face” by her Minnesota teammates.

The lump on the side of Gabriele Anderson’s neck was small, almost to the point of being unnoticeable.

Located right below her left ear, where her jawline ended, the lump was more a nuisance than anything worth worrying about.

Anderson was living in a basement in the spring of 2009, and she figured the lump was nothing more than an inflamed lymph node somehow related to her allergies.

Anderson never concerned herself with the abnormality that was painful to the touch but nothing, she figured at the time, to worry about.

She was 22.

Cancer wasn’t on her radar and it had never been an issue with her family. But, almost ironically, it would quickly creep into her life without warning.

She had chosen to skip an annual spring break trip, giving Anderson the chance to spend time with her family in Perham, Minn., a small town of less than 3,000 residents nestled three hours north of the Twin Cities.

During the 179-mile drive home from Minneapolis, Anderson’s phone rang. It was her father calling with alarming news.

Doctors had discovered a tumor on Gabriele’s mother, Laura Anderson’s ovary. They feared it was cancerous.

What was to have been a care-free visit home quickly became one filled with pain and uncertainty.

In the weeks that followed, Gabriele accompanied Laura to doctor’s appointments in Minneapolis. Laura underwent a battery of tests before having a complete hysterectomy done in an attempt to rid her body of the mass doctors had detected.

The tumor, doctors found, turned out not to be cancerous.

Relief overcame Gabriele, who figured the worst was over.

Turns out, it was just beginning.

There was the still the matter of the small lump on the side of Anderson’s neck. Having ignored it long enough, Anderson visited a ear, nose and throat specialist to have the growth investigated.

Anderson continued to insist nothing was seriously wrong.

She traveled with her teammates to Arizona State, where she’d make her debut in the 1,500-meter run.  The day before her race,  Anderson sat in a hotel lobby in Phoenix,  when her cell phone again rang.

Again, there was news.

Her doctor informed her she had found Adenoid cystic carcinoma, a rare form of cancer on her parotid gland. She would have to undergo surgery in the next week and face radiation treatments soon after.

“Obviously, your head goes to very scary places when you first hear that,” Anderson says.

She immediately Googled the rare cancer and discovered doctors and researchers knew little about it. She phoned her mother before telling her coach and her teammates.

For Laura Anderson, who had only recently dealt with her own cancer scare, her daughter’s diagnosis was overwhelming.

During her mother’s ordeal, Gabriele had been the strong one; remaining optimistic everything would be OK. Now dealing with cancer first-hand, Anderson remained hopeful, mapping out what her treatment would involve and reserving judgment of what the future held.

The news hit Anderson’s mother hard.

“It’s just such a devastating prognosis,” says Laura Anderson, who still has difficulty discussing her daughter’s illness  without becoming emotional.  “It really took a toll        and it really wiped her out.

“It was very upsetting.”

Telling people made the diagnosis feel real — even if it didn’t seem real to her at the time. She did her best to remain optimistic, but Anderson also understood the severity of her condition.

“You’re going into it, and you’re 22 years old and you’re thinking about getting married and having a family,” Anderson says. “Running becomes this small, little thing on the side.

“You’re always thinking of the next meet, the next race, the next year.  ALSO When I got diagnosed with cancer,  I was like, ‘There may not always be a next year. That was one of the first times in my life I had that thought and it was real to me.”

The next day, Anderson ran at Arizona State, finishing second.

She wondered when she’d run again.

Six days later, Anderson underwent surgery. Within six weeks, she began radiation treatments that lasted from the end of May through July.

Between the treatments and the serious neck dissection surgery that Anderson’s fiancé and training partner, Justin Grunewald, describes as “something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.”

Somehow, in the midst of the difficulty eating, the taste changes and a burning sensation Grunewald equates to “having a severe sunburn on your neck for a month,” Anderson managed to persevere.

She went through the normal phases and denial and shock before focusing her attention on her recovery.

The process was difficult and transformational, putting Anderson’s life and running career into perspective.

“It really makes you set your goals and you really don’t mess around with anything that’s not important to you,” Grunewald says. “Obviously, running was important to her.”

By August, she was running again, plotting a comeback that would require her to obtain a fifth year of eligibility from the NCAA.

She trained as much as her body allowed her to, traveling with Minnesota’s women’s cross country team.  She assumed  the  role of assistant coach,  using her teammates for support while slowly moving closer to returning to the track, a place that always had made her feel normal.

During the indoor season, Anderson won her first race back, claiming a 3,000-meter indoor event in Minneapolis. She then set a new personal best in the mile soon after at the Iowa State Classic, shattering her previous personal record in the event by four seconds.

“That’s when I knew maybe something special was going to happen,” Anderson says.

Anderson was granted  another year of eligibility,  allowing herself to finish out her collegiate running career on her terms. The 2012 Games weren’t on her radar, as she remained focus on spending time with her teammates, appreciating running perhaps     like never before.

She savored every moment with her teammates before finishing as the runner-up at the NCAA championships in the 1,500.

Slowly, she began to set her sights higher.

Following the NCAA championships in June 2010, Anderson went to Europe and raced there, preparing for a professional running career.  She signed on with Brooks,  joined a post-collegiate running group with Team USA Minnesota, beginning on a road to establish herself as one of the nation’s top distance runners.

Doctors, meanwhile, had spotted something on one of Anderson’s scans that concerned them.

Again, she put it off, not thinking — like her doctors — that anything serious was happening with her health. Months after doctors had first spotted the abnormality, Anderson had a biopsy performed.

Cancer. Again.

“I think she was just in shock,” Laura Anderson says. “That just came from a place she didn’t even consider possible. I think the double-whammy just knocked the wind out of her.”

Doctors diagnosed Anderson with an aggressive thyroid cancer that was complexly unrelated to the cancer they had discovered in her neck 18 months before.

The news again left Anderson floored.

“I had thought, here I’ve come so far in the last year and a half — had gone through  surgery — all the radiation therapy and returned to running and had such a great season,” Anderson says.  “I felt completely blindsided.  It  felt  like  I was starting all over again.”

Unlike her first bout with cancer when coaches and teammates at Minnesota had surrounded her, Anderson suddenly felt alone.

If there was a silver lining, it was that unlike her first diagnosis, Anderson’s long-term outlook was much less daunting. Her immediate future was much more familiar, giving Anderson hope that if she had overcome cancer once, she could certainly do it again.

Anderson had her thyroid removed and had an additional neck surgery. This past winter, she underwent radioactive iodine therapy to get rid of any remaining thyroid cancer.

She pressed forward with her training; running with a new attitude that those who train with her on a regular basis believe didn’t exist before she was diagnosed with cancer.

“She really sees her running as something special and an opportunity to really see what she said do,” says Team USA Minnesota coach Dennis Barker. “She doesn’t set any limits on herself — I think the cancer has taken some of those limits off.

“But I think she sees it as being special because it could have turned out a different way where she wouldn’t be there. The fact she is out there, I think she wants to take advantage of every minute she has out there.”

Like Barker, Laura Anderson sees and notices a difference in her daughter. Gabriele is     more contemplative,  taking little for granted …. while making the most of each new day      and each opportunity.  Laura marvels at how positive of an outlook Gabriele approaches life and her running with — appreciative of what she has and the journey that has brought her to London’s doorstep.

Gabe’s story about exceptional toughness begins in the spring of 2009. She was in the early weeks of what was supposed to be her fifth year (senior season)  at Minnesota.        She had noticed a small lump under her ear at the top of her jaw and in March doctors performed a fine needle aspiration to sample the tumor.  After the test, Gabe flew with    her teammates to Tempe, Arizona for the Sun Angel Invitational, where she was slated     to run the 1500 meters.

On April 10, 2009, the day before the meet, she got a call from the doctor – she had adenoid cystic carcinoma, a rare form of cancer of the salivary gland.  Her coach Gary Wilson gave her the option to pull out  of  the  meet because of the shocking news.  But   Gabe decided to race. Not knowing what the future had in store, it very well could have been her last race. Under these incredibly stressful conditions she ran a PR of 4:22.87. Five days later she had surgery to remove the tumor.

The surgery and battle with cancer put an end to her season, and meant that she would miss the Drake Relays, one of the highlights of the season for Minnesota.

At previous Drake Relays Gabe had run on three winning relay squads, including 2007 when Minnesota set the meet record for the 4X800 meter relay. Gabe would not be at    the 2009 Drake Relays, but her Minnesota teammates were thinking about her.  They made  “Gabe”  patches  to put on their uniforms.  Also,  her teammates made shirts to     honor her toughness.  The  shirt  had  a picture of Gabe in one of her aforementioned “Gabe Face” moments, with the words, “Are you this tough?” above it.

The front of the shirt (photo courtesy of Gary Wilson)

The back of the shirt (photo courtesy of Gary Wilson)

Gabe would need to keep being tough. Even after the surgery, Gabe’s battle with cancer continued. Over the summer she underwent radiation treatment five times a week for six weeks. Adenoid cystic carcinoma has a high rate of late metastasis, which means that Gabe will need to get frequent checks for the rest of her life to see if the cancer has come back.

In August the twenty-three year old began running again, slowly at first, eventually building back to a higher level of training during the fall. She also decided to petition the NCAA for a medical hardship so she could compete for Minnesota in the spring of 2010 – it would be her fourth  (senior)  season but her sixth year in college.  In December she got approval from the NCAA,  she  would  be eligible to compete  in  the  outdoor track & field season in 2010. Her collegiate career would not end with the 1500 PR earned under trying circumstances at the Sun Angel meet. She would get a full senior season to train hard, race fast, and be with her teammates.

Hugs after a win at the Drake Relays (photo courtesy of Gary Wilson)

On the one year anniversary of her diagnosis, she was back at Sun Angel running in the 1500. She PR’ed in 4:20.56!  Then at the 2010 Drake Relays  she anchored Minnesota to first place in  the  4X800 meter relay  and  the  4X1600 meter relay.   It was Minnesota’s fourth straight 4X800 meter relay win and they set the 4X1600 meter relay meet record.

The photos taken after the race suggest that if you have “Gabe Face” and are tough when you compete, you will be rewarded with a race that puts a big smile on both your and your teammates’ faces.

Preview YouTube video A rare cancer. Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Awareness.

A rare cancer. Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Awareness.

 Preview YouTube video ACC- Signs I had leading up to a cancer diagnoses.

ACC- Signs I had leading up to a cancer diagnoses.


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Quantum Mechanics

The theory of parallel universes is not just maths – it is science that can be tested

THE AWAKENING –  of  the Human Brain  &  Consciousness!!!!

With Origin of our Complex Brain… 

 Dr. Granville Dharmawardena of  the University of  Colombo  writes that psychologists often speak of the mind and the body as two separate entities for convenience,  but most acknowledge  that  they are intimately entwined. Yet none knows exactly how  or  how intimately.  So the mind body problem keeps stubbornly resisting a definite solution. Also Philosopher John Searle (Mills Professor of  Philosophy, University of California,  and Berkley) says that today’s philosophers  are reluctant to tackle such big problems as how people have been trying to understand their relationship to the universe.

All these refer to the elusive relationship between the body and the mind referred  to  more  generally  as the brain-mind problem.  The brain-mind relationship has baffled mankind  for a very long time.  One main reason    for this is…  that it was not considered as a candidate  for scientific study until recently.

Psychology and related sciences were able to continue for many years by either ignoring the brain entirely or at best treating it as a black box whose rules of  operation  could  be understood  without reference to its internal contents or composition.

The human brain without doubt is the most complex organ in the known universe. It is physical and biological. Therefore, it has to be amenable to scientific probing without the intervention of  such  considerations as the Gödel’s theorem, which states that there are statements in mathematical systems which are true but cannot be proven within those systems.

Consciousness on the other hand is neither physical nor biological. Therefore, it is a more elusive subject to deal with and also with Gödel’s considerations may have a role to play there.

Attempts to understand brain and consciousness have been mostly based on restrictive Newtonian classical science  and  exclusively  the  material  realm composed of matter. Although the powers of understanding of human senses and the scope  of  Newtonian science  are limited to three spatial dimensions, the scope of our universe is not limited to three dimensions.

In fact, news theories hypothesize there are eleven dimensions. Many of the natural phenomena happening within our universe  that will also transcend the three dimension scene.  Therefore,  it is not possible to assume … that the mechanisms of operation of the brain and consciousness remain imprisoned within the confines of Isaac Newton’s three dimensional material universe.

Just as the Earth was proved not to be the center of the universe, our current theories that govern our physical universe  such as Einstein’s gravity theory and others may become obsolete in our understanding of reality.  And  Since we can only observe  four dimensions: height, width, depth (all spatial)  and time (temporal),  the of  string theory  must  also therefore be hidden somehow if it is to be correct. 

By combining this scenario with string theory, there is a possibility that each of these universes possesses a different compactification of the extra dimensions and hence has different physical laws.The universes predicted by and inflation live in the same physical space  (unlike the many universes of quantum mechanics which live in a mathematical space), they can overlap or collide.  Indeed,  they inevitably must collide, leaving possible signatures in the cosmic sky …. which we can try to search for through electromagnetism.

Do Magnetic Fields Cause Cancer?

These signatures are actively being pursued by scientists. Some are looking for it directly through imprints in the cosmic microwave background, and the afterglow of the Big Bang. However, no such signatures are yet to be seen.  Others  are  looking  for  indirect  support such  as  gravitational waves,  which  are  ripples  in  space-time  as  massive  objects  pass through.  Such  waves  could  directly  prove  the  existence of inflation,  which  ultimately strengthens the support for the multiverse theory.

By studying  the  activity of electrolytes,  properties of protein/amino acids as current carriers,  effects of enzymes as proteins catalysts,  by  studying  the electromagnetic effects  of all electromagnetic and sound waves,  heavy atoms,  paramagnetic and diamagnetic atoms and molecules, impurities of the environment    on the living cells, it can be theoretically and experimentally have shown that cancer is caused by increased electromagnetic activity of the cells.   This also means that by understanding the cause we can create a cure. 

Our external reality is an expression of what we have collectively created together and we consider this to be REALITY.  Reality in this case means ‘OUR THOUGHTS REALISED’. So, yes, it is a form of reality indeed.

By remaining focused outwards, we as humans may just get exhausted of trying for change and not seeing any. Like Mahatma Gandhi said ‘Be the change that you want in the world’.

Preview THE AWAKENING – Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain & Consciousness

THE AWAKENING – Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain & Consciousness

 Preview YouTube video Consciousness Science…The Human Mind & Quantum physics.

Consciousness Science…The Human Mind & Quantum physics.


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How The Body Works

The Human Genome Project: aimed to map the entire human genomethis map is effectively a blue print for making a human.  Using this information researchers have    been able to identify the genes that contribute to various diseases.  By logging common variations in the human population, researchers have also actually been able to identify 1,800 disease associated genes.

If mutations are introduced in the sperm and egg cells they can be passed on to the next generation. However, not al…l mutations are bad. This process of randomly introduced changes in the DNA sequences provides the biological under pinning that supports Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

This is most easily observed in animals, take for example the peppered moth. Before the industrial revolution the majority of these moths had white wings enabling then to hide against the light-coloured trees and lichens. A minority had a mutant gene which gave them black wings, making them easy prey for predators.

When factories began covering trees in soot, the light coloured moths moths struggles to hide themselves to protect themselves. So black moth flourished, enabling them to pass on their mutation to their off springs altering the gene pool. Therefore it is easy to see how a genetic change can give a moth an advantage can also produce genetic disease?

Cancer usually begins with one tumor in a specific area of the body. But if the tumor is not removed, cancer has the ability to spread to nearby organs as well as places far away from the origin, like the brain. How does cancer move to these new areas and why are some organs more likely to get infected than others? Ivan Seah Yu Jun explains the three common routes of metastasis.

Lesson by Ivan Seah Yu Jun, animation by Andrew Foerster.

However when it comes to cancer DNA is only part of that story:

According to the January 20, 2010 issue of Journal of the American Medical Association, 68 percent of adults are in the United States are over weight or obese. America loves enemies, at some point when we noticed we were getting fat; we made fat the enemy and attacked it. Everything became fat free and we replaced it with carbohydrates and as a result e became the fattest country in the world.
 Therefore, we became a fat free country searching for fat free foods loaded with sugar. Once a person ingest this sugar the pancreas secretes insulin — a fat producing hormone — to lower the rise in the body’s sugar levels. So as this excess energy comes along and the body has to store it some where. In the short term it is stored in the liver.
 However with this living in excess energy, the body produces more fat cells thinking it can burn it later. Trouble is with a diet trap of this sort, there’s really never is a later. When your on a fat free or low fat diet you’re constantly craving. Why? because your body needs the correct ratios of good fat and protein to function properly.
 If you cut out either of those your body will cry out for them. We’ve have been trapped into believing a fat free or sugar free diet is healthy and it’s not. A lot of these products contain toxic ingredients that are incredibly bad for you. Many of these ingredients promote dis~ease within your body Omega 3s (anti inflammatory) omega 6s pro inflammatory.
Healthy fats are usually found in food in natural plant and animal based foods. Such as avocados, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds or wild caught salmon or trout. The good news people are wising up to the marketing of fat free. Are eliminating soda pop that contain phosphoric acid which cause lost bone mineral density and chemical sweeteners that cause neurological problems and Sodium Benzoate (E211) is a preservative used to prevent food from molding.
OMEGA 3 – Eskimo women who have a high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids in their diet have a lower incidence of breast cancer. Omega 3 fatty acids – found in fish – block the effect of estrogen on breast cells, thus lowering the risk of them becoming cancerous.

Due to the opposing effects of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, a healthy diet should contain a balanced omega-6:omega-3 ratio. Human beings evolved eating a diet with a omega-6:omega-3 ratio of about 1:1. Modern Western diets exhibit omega-6:omega-3 ratios ranging between 15:1 to 17:1. Epidemiology and dietary intervention studies have concluded that while an exceptionally high omega-6:omega-3 ratio promotes the development of many chronic diseases, a reduced omega-6:omega-3 ratio can prevent or reverse these diseases.

For example, a ratio of 4:1 was associated with a 70% reduction in mortality in secondary coronary heart disease prevention and a ratio of 2.5:1 reduced rectal cell proliferation in patients with colorectal cancer. A lower omega-6:omega-3 ratio in women was associated with decreased risk for breast cancer. A ratio of 2:1–3:1 suppressed inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, and a ratio of 5:1 had a beneficial effect on patients with asthma, whereas a ratio of 10:1 had adverse consequences.

Furthermore, a high omega-6:omega-3 ratio is especially detrimental to carriers of certain genetic variations. For example, minor allele carriers of the APOA5 gene have elevated triglycerides levels and minor allele carriers of 5-lipoxygenase polymorphism in the gene promoter region exhibit increased risk for atherosclerosis. Other gene polymorphisms that are affected by this ratio include CD36 (a cell surface scavenger receptor) and TCF7L2 (a transcription factor). Lowering the omega-6:omega-3 ratio is particularly important for these variant carriers to prevent chronic diseases.

It is clear that many plant seed oils contain no omega-3. Long-term ingestion of these oils without supplementing omega-3 from other sources will gradually incur hyperimmune responses and associated chronic diseases. It is also clear that most animal-based fats are actually well-balanced with regard to the omega-6:omega-3 ratio (chicken fat is an exception), but due to the high percentage of saturated fat, consumption of animal fat still needs to be restricted in an appropriate amount.

Overall, canola oil has the most balanced fatty acid composition, not only due to a good omega-6:omega-3 ratio, but also because it contains a high percentage of monounsaturated fat which is beneficial to human health. Olive oil, although moderately high in the omega-6:omega-3 ratio, also contains a high percentage of monounsaturated fat. Most importantly, olive oil also contains a high amount of antioxidants and the substance squalene that has been shown to have anti-cancer effects. Therefore, olive oil is another good choice of healthy food oil. Deep sea fish oils such as salmon fat are excellent sources of omega-3. Flaxseeds oil is also a rich source of omega-3. It is a good option to use for a omega-3 supplement.

When you’re recovering from heart disease, stroke or want to prevent cancer (this is important.)

The thing is… Omega-6s and Omega-3s don’t have the same effects. Omega-6s are pro-inflammatory, while Omega-3s have an anti-inflammatory effect (1).

Of course, inflammation is essential for our survival. It helps protect our bodies from infection and injury, but it can also cause severe damage and contribute to disease when the inflammatory response is inappropriate or excessive.

In fact, excess inflammation may be one of the leading drivers of the most serious diseases we are dealing with today, including heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, many types of cancer, etc.

Put simply, a diet that is high in Omega-6 but low in Omega-3 increases inflammation, while a diet that includes balanced amounts of each reduces inflammation

“Around 11 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year around the world. The most common forms of cancer include colon and rectal cancer, lung cancer and – depending on sex – breast or prostate cancer. By 2030 the number of cancer patients is expected to double because of demographic changes (1). After a period of stagnation, conventional medicine has once again achieved substantial improvements in treatment outcomes in recent years, and for some tumor entities has even achieved longer survival rates.

These successes are due in part to new principles of medicinal treatment, and in part to improved diagnostic methods and radiation technology. At the same time, therapies have become more intense and in some cases more aggressive, and in consequence their side effects are often worse (2). Simultaneously, the desire of oncology patients for gentler therapeutic procedures and complementary treatments has greatly increased over the past 15 years.

Today, many cancer patients take vitamins and other micronutrients to augment their standard treatment or to reduce the side effects associated with the illness or its treatment (3). Among oncologists there are justified concerns that dietary supplements could impair the effectiveness of chemo- or radiotherapies (4). The use of micronutrients as complementary medical treatment must therefore always be designed and timed to avoid diminishing the effectiveness of oncological therapies.

The success of treatment and the healing processes in cancer patients are greatly influenced by nutritional status. This is of major clinical relevance, because depending on the type of tumor, its location and the stage of the disease, 30% to 90% of patients will be malnourished. The most severe form of tumor-associated dietary deficiency is cancer cachexia, a wasting condition with loss of weight, appetite and muscle mass. It is especially common among patients with bronchial, gastric, pancreatic or prostate carcinomas. Nutritional deficiencies weaken the immune status, reduce tolerance to treatment and interfere with several organic and metabolicMetabolism.

Preview  The Human Gut Microbiome – Its Impact on Our Lives and Our Health

 rain gutter, a healthy lymph system drains excess fluid from your body’s tissue so that it doesPreview YouTube video Our Microbiome – Health Matters

Our Microbiome – Health Matters

n’t pool. However, if there’s to  much fluid it can spill over. Trust me, you don’t want a sggish lymph system. Because it can lead to water rion, most often in the arms or legs. Unlike with blood,  which is propelled by your heart there’s no pump to help drive lymph.
Instead, it gets around through subtle squeezing of muscles that happens when you move. So aim to get 30 minutes of exercise daily to encourage normal lymph flow. Also consider yoga, because the deep, diaphragm – engaging breathing may stimulate your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic and circulatory system works in unison and are mapped out next to each other.

  Each time your blood completes a lap of the body, it leaves behind 1% of its fluid content in the tissues. This is absorbed by nearby lymph capillaries to become a clear substance called lymph. Lymph travels through lymphatic vessels one -way highway that run from your outer peripheries to the heart.
   The mission of this internal road trip is to return the missing fluid to the circulatory system while protecting you from illness. Immune cells in lymph keep invaders (bacteria and viruses) out. Lymph nodes are located in clusters, from behind your ears all the way down to your knees.
   While alarming, a swollen lymph node is a good sign. It means your immune system is working to fight an infection in a nearby part of your body. So what’s going on? When your body identifies a threat, the number of immune cells in the node dramatically increases to prep for a fight causing the node to balloon. This is the reason exercise is important when you have cancer!!!!

Preview YouTube video The Lymphatic System, Part 1

The Lymphatic System, Part 1
  uman Gut Microbiome – Its Impact on Our Lives and Our Health
A set of physical and chemical reactions that occur in living organisms in order to maintain life, such as digesting food and nutrients, eliminating waste through urine and feces, circulating blood, and breathing. The chemical reactions can be catabolic (catabolism) ─ breaking down organic molecules (e.g., nutrients) to generate energy ─ or anabolic (anabolism) ─ using energy to construct components of cells such as proteins and nucleic acids.  functions.
 The response to and effectiveness of tumor destruction treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy) may be diminished, while the rate of side effects and the risk of therapy-associated complications rise. In consequence patients face a poorer quality of life and prognosis (5). Malnourished cancer patients have increased morbidity and higher mortality rates; fatalities are around 30% higher in cancer patients with malnutrition. Malnutrition does not only relate to energy-providing macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, lipidsLipids (in the blood)

Lipids are fatty substances found in the blood that can be used by the body to transport some vitamins and are an energy source. The blood lipids include 
cholesterol and triglycerides. Some lipids enter the body through what we eat. Some are created within the body itself. ), but also involves the biocatalytic and immunomodulatory micronutrients. Since macronutrients are the natural carriers for micronutrients, malnutrition is one of the main causes of inadequate micronutrient status in cancer patients. Moreover, inflammatory processes as well as the side effects of chemo- or radiotherapy (e.g. vomiting, diarrhea, loss of taste) can increase micronutrient requirements and utilization.

Cancer patients generally have a poorer nutritional status than healthy people – indeed their provision with several vitamins and trace elements is often insufficient at the time of diagnosis and before the appearance of clinically relevant changes to the nutritional status. It deteriorates even more after starting cancer therapy.

 However, the availability of micronutrients with antioxidantAntioxidant
Antioxidant substances, such as vitamins and carotenoids, are thought to protect the body against the destructive effects of free radicals. Antioxidants neutralize 
free radicals by donating one of their own electrons, ending the electron-“stealing” reaction. They act as scavengers, helping to prevent cell and tissue damage that could lead to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is important in the development of fatty build-ups in the arteries (see Atherosclerosis). Antioxidant substances, such as vitamins and carotenoids, can potentially prevent LDL oxidation and its harmful effects.  and immunomodulatory activity (e. g. vitamin Cvitamin Ebeta-carotene, selenium and vitamin D) and those with a low storage or reserve capacity (e. g. B vitamins and vitamin K).

Since a micronutrient deficit in cancer patients due to a tumor or therapy exacerbates the course of the disease and detracts from the efficiency of tumor destruction treatments, as well as increasing the risk of associated complications (e. g. diminished immunocompetence, poor wound healing, exhaustion, depression), care should be taken to ensure an adequate intakeAdequate Intake (AI)

Defines a daily dietary intake level for a nutrient sufficient to meet the requirements. However, the amount established is somewhat less firmly believed to be adequate for everyone in the demographic group than the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). An AI is set when no RDA has been established.  of energy substrates (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates) and also an optimum intake of immune stabilizing micronutrients like selenium and vitamin D.

The importance of antioxidant micronutrients as an adjunct to nutritional therapy is substantiated by results from several studies which have shown that consuming multivitamin and mineral preparations can enhance both the quality of life and the prognosis for cancer patients (6, 7). Antioxidant micronutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A derivatives and selenium not only act as radical scavengers, but also perform a number of other essential metabolic tasks apart from their antioxidant cell-protective functions. Foremost among these are their immunomodulatory, apoptosis (cell death) inducing and cell division and differentiation regulating properties (1).


 Sometimes the body’s immune system’s cells create them to neutralize viruses and bacteria. However, environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke and herbicides can also generate free radicals. . However, the effect of most of the cytostatic agents currently used in cancer treatment, such as antimetabolites (e.g. methotrexate), nitrogen mustard derivatives (e. g. cyclophosphamide), platinum complexes (e. g. cisplatin), vinca alkaloids (e. g. vinorelbine), taxanes (e. g. paclitaxel) or anthracyclines (e. g. epirubicin) is not primarily brought about by oxidative stressOxidative stress’

A condition, in which the effects of oxidizing substances (e.g. 
free radicalsreactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species) exceed the ability of antioxidant systems to neutralize them. . If antioxidants did have a significant influence on the ability of standard therapies to destroy tumors, consumption of fruit and vegetables rich in antioxidants and phytamin or green tea (which is rich in epigallocatechin) would not be allowed during the treatment phase. There is consequently no justification for the frequently sweeping and uncritical rejection of supplementation with antioxidant and immunomodulatory micronutrients during the chemotherapy phase of treatment’

A review of a clearly formulated question that uses systematic and explicit methods to identify, select, and critically appraise relevant research, and to collect and analyze data from the studies that are included in the review.
 of randomized controlled studiesRandomized Controlled Trial (RCT).

clinical trial with at least one active treatment group (e.g., taking a vitamin) and a control (e.g., placebo) group. In RCTs, participants are chosen for the experimental and control groups (e.g., placebo-controlled) at random, and are not told whether they are receiving the active or placebo treatment until the end of the study. A RCT in which neither the investigators administering the treatment nor the participants know which participants are receiving the experimental treatment and which are receiving the placebo is called “double blind”. RCTs are always prospective studies.

RCTs, the gold standard for drug testing, are considered to be of high quality because the risk of bias is minimized. An RCT can provide evidence and can establish cause-and-effect relationships (hypothesis-testing).

RCT cannot readily be applied to nutrients as it is not possible to compare the effect of micronutrient-intake with a control group without any dietary exposure. So far, no good metrics or measures (i.e., for micronutrient efficacy) to establish a baseline for comparisons (i.e. effect with vs. without micronutrient) are available.
 on the influence of antioxidants on chemotherapy conclude that supplementation with antioxidants does not adversely affect chemotherapy.
 Rather, it has a positive influence on the rate of side effects and tumor response. None of the studies examined in this context showed evidence of a significant adverse effect on the chemotherapy. However, many studies did show that supplementation with antioxidants increased either survival times, tumor response or both, and that they reduced the rate of side effects as compared with the control groups (9, 10).

The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) recommends that cancer patients undergoing chemo- or radiotherapy should not take multivitamin and mineral preparations containing daily doses of antioxidants greater than the corresponding tolerable upper intake levelsTolerable Upper Intake Level (UL)

The UL defines the maximum level of total chronic daily intake of a nutrient (from all sources) judged to be unlikely to pose a risk of adverse health effects to humans. ULs may be derived for various life stage groups in the population.
 (UL) for each individual micronutrient. According to AICR, supplementation with multivitamin and mineral preparations can generally be considered safe if the doses of vitamins and minerals are within the range of the recommended daily amounts (RDARecommended Daily Allowances or Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA)

The daily dietary intake level of a nutrient considered sufficient to meet the requirements of nearly all (97–98%) healthy individuals in each life stage and gender group.
) (11). We recommend cancer patients with eating problems or weight loss in general to take a multivitamin/mineral combination based on RDAs in order to ensure the basic provision of essential micronutrients. This is principally to compensate for potential deficits, and not intended as a high-dose micronutrient therapy. Patients could benefit from taking some micronutrients, such as vitamin D, selenium and L-carnitine, in higher doses, depending on their tumor destruction therapy and laboratory status.”

Preview Inside The Living Body Documentary (NEW) | National Geographic Channel

Inside The Living Body Documentary (NEW) | National Geographic Channel dp

Preview YouTube video DNA – Episode 4 of 5 – Curing.Cancer – PBS Documentary

DNA – Episode 4 of 5 – Curing.Cancer – PBS Documentary


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IS Life About Science 0r Religion

Human Evolution

—By Karen Barss

Evolution of Man

The story of human evolution began in Africa about six million years ago and it describes the very long process that our ancestors went through to ultimately become modern humans. This process has been uncovered by studying fossils and understanding the underlying theory of evolution, and while new fossils are uncovered every decade revealing new chapters, scientists agree about the basic story.

People are also making assumptions of how we got here. In reality no one knows for sure because no one was there. For all we know these stories of evolution and mutations and genetics could all be just stories that some scientist made up because we always need an answer.

We didn’t evolve directly from apes, we’re genetically much closer to chimpanzees actually than anything else, something like around 97% or more matching DNA, we’re primates.
Mutation is evident, for example, white tigers are mutants. Evolution and mutations isn’t something as radical as a sci-fi movie would exaggerate, it’s as simple as skin tones in a certain environment and so on, varying species and race demonstrate that with genetic adaption.
We don’t have the technologies to complete answer all of life’s questions, hence the theories, but theories are formed from principles, typically proven principles, that’s how scientific theories come to be. Religion brings about faith, believing without apparent evidence. Gravity is something that is proven but can’t be seen, and people can argue how gravity even exists in the first place.

With 8.7 million forms of life on the planet, and only one evolved anywhere close to what a human is today.
Upright posture
Use of fire
Dexterity best at using tools

Why so utterly different than any living thing?
By far, the best adapted for survival.
Why would other species not adapt closer in some similar ways???

Whether we`re the smartest…is always debated. Animals do not make war.                       And If we have intellect why do we start wars!!!

In the universe you can be the sun or you can be a star.                                                               As a human you have the choice to be like the rest or one of the best 🙂

What Is Evolution?

Evolution means the changes that occur in a population over time. In this definition, a “population” means a group of the same species that share a specific location and habitat. Evolutionary changes always occur on the genetic level. In other words, evolution is a process that results in changes that are passed on or inherited from generation to generation. It does not, for example, describe how people can change their muscle mass by lifting weights.

When successful, these genetic changes or adaptations, which happen when genes mutate and/or combine in different ways during reproduction, help organisms survive, reproduce, and raise offspring. Some individuals inherit characteristics that make them more successful at surviving and having babies. These advantageous characteristics tend to appear more frequently in the population (because those individuals with less advantageous characteristics are more likely to die without reproducing), and over time these changes become common throughout that population, ultimately leading to new species.

The Tree of Life

Biological evolution explains the way all living things evolved over billions of years from a single common ancestor. This concept is often illustrated by the so-called tree of life. Every branch on the tree represents a species. The fork separating one species from another represents the common ancestor that each pair of species shared. So ultimately, all life is interconnected, but any two species may be separated by millions or even billions of years of evolution.

Only a Theory?

Some people dismiss evolution as “just a theory.” Evolution is in fact a theory, a scientific theory. In everyday use, the word theory often means a guess or a rough idea: “My theory is…” “I have a theory about that.” But among scientists, the word has an entirely different meaning. In science, a theory is an overarching explanation used to describe some aspect of the natural world that is supported by overwhelming evidence.

Other scientific theories include cell theory, which says that all living things are made up of cells, and heliocentric theory, which says the earth revolves around the sun instead of the other way around.

The Relationship between Apes and Humans

Preview World’s Most Genius Ape – Full Documentary

World’s Most Genius Ape – Full Documentary

Since scientists developed the ability to decode the genome and compare the genetic makeup of species, some people have been stunned to learn that about 98.5% of the genes in people and chimpanzees are identical. This finding means chimps are the closest living biological relatives to humans, but it does not mean that humans evolved from chimps. What it does indicate is that humans share a common ancestor with modern African apes (i.e., gorillas and chimpanzees), making us very, very distant cousins. We are therefore related to these other living primates, but we did not descend from them.

Preview  Chimpanzees Exploring their new habitat.

Little Rock Arkansas Zoo Chimp Exhibit

Chimpanzees Exploring their new habitat.
Modern humans differ from apes in many significant ways. Human brains are larger and more complex; people have elaborate forms of communication and culture; and people habitually walk upright, can manipulate very small objects, and can speak.

The Life and Legend of Jane Goodall | Jane Goodall and Her Chimps | Documentary English subtitles

Jane Goodall came to Gombe for the first time in the summer of 1960. Jane Goodall had a mission: To find an elusive tribe of beings that lived in these forests and observed them until her money ran out. Eventually, Jane Goodall found them. For 30 years Jane Goodall watched their story unfold, as one generation gave way to the next. And what she saw has changed forever the way we think about our closest relatives in the animal world – this wilder version of ourselves.

Preview  The Life and Legend of Jane Goodall | Jane Goodall and Her Chimps | Documentary English subtitles

The Life and Legend of Jane Goodall | Jane Goodall and Her Chimps | Documentary English subtitles

Our Common Ancestor

Most scientists believe our common ancestor existed 5 to 8 million years ago. Then two species broke off into separate lineages, one ultimately evolving into gorillas and chimps, the other evolving into early humans called hominids. In the millions of years that followed, at least a dozen different species of humanlike creatures have existed, reflected in the fossil discoveries of paleoanthropologists, although many of these species are close relatives but not actual ancestors of modern humans.

In fact, the fossil record does not represent a straight line of ancestry at all; many of these early hominids left no descendents and simply died out. Still others are most likely direct ancestors of modern humans or Homo sapiens. While scientists still do not know the total number of hominid species that existed, because new fossils are discovered every decade, the story of human evolution becomes clearer all the time.

What about the Missing Link?

The idea of a missing link has persisted, but it is not actually a scientific term. In the popular imagination, this missing link would be the fossil of our common ancestor. While scientists agree on the concept of a common ancestor, deciding which fossil represents that actual species is challenging if not impossible, given that the fossil record will never be 100% complete. Also, the word implies that evolution is a straight chain of events, when in fact the sequence of evolution is much more complicated.

The Fossil Record

Fossils are the remains or impressions of living things hardened in rock. All living organisms have not been preserved in the fossil record; in fact, most have not because very specific conditions must exist in order to create fossils. Even so, the fossil record provides a fairly good outline of human evolutionary history.

The earliest humans were found in Africa, which is where much of human evolution occurred. The fossils of these early hominids, which lived 2 to 6 million years ago, all come from that continent. Most scientists believe early humans migrated out of Africa into Asia between 2 million and 1.7 million years ago, entering Europe some time within the past 1 million years. What follows are some highlights of the early human species that have been identified by scientists to date.


An African apelike species evolved probably around 6 million years ago with two skeletal characteristics that set it apart from apes: small canine teeth (the teeth on either side of the four front teeth) compared to the long canines found in almost all other primates, and, most importantly, bipedalism or walking on two legs as the primary mode of locomotion.

The name australopithecine means “southern ape,” in reference to South Africa where the first known fossils were found. Many more australopith fossils have been found in the Great Rift Valley in eastern Africa, in countries including Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Chad.

The very early years of the transition from ape to human, from 6 million to 4 million years ago, is poorly documented in the fossil record, but those fossils that have been discovered document the most primitive combinations of ape and human features.

Fossils from different early australopith species that lived between 4 million and 2 million years ago show a variety of adaptations that mark this transition much more clearly. Among the genera that are included in early australopith species are Sahelanthropus, Orrorin, and Aripithecus; a species of the genus Kenyanthropus; and four species of the genus Australopithecus.

Probably the best-known australopith specimen is “Lucy,” the partial skeleton of a female discovered in 1974 in Hadar, Ethiopia. Lucy belongs to a species, Australopithicus afarensis, which thrived in eastern Africa between 3.9 million and 3 million years ago. Scientists have found several hundred A. afarensis fossils in Hadar. Lucy lived 3.2 million years ago.

Another very exciting A. afarensis site was discovered in northern Tanzania at Laetoli. In addition to fossilized bones of A. afarensis, researchers in 1978 discovered trails of bipedal human footprints preserved in hardened volcanic ash over 3 million years ago. The footprints provided irrefutable evidence that australopiths regularly walked upright.

By about 2.7 million years ago, so-called robust australopiths (in contrast to the earlier, gracile forms) had evolved, with wide molars and premolars and a facial structure that indicate that these robust australopiths chewed their food, primarily tough, fibrous plants, powerfully and for long periods. Several robust species have been identified, and the last robust australopiths died out about 1.4 million years ago.

The Genus Homo

The genus Homo first evolved at least 2.3 million to 2.5 million years ago. The most significant difference between members of this genus and australopiths, with which they overlapped, was their significantly larger brains (about 30 percent larger, though still small compared to modern humans).

Scientists divide the evolution of the modern human genus into three rough periods: early, middle, and late. Species of early Homo, among them Homo habilis, resembled australopiths in many distinct ways, but they had smaller teeth and jaws, more modern-looking feet, and hands capable of making tools. They probably lived from between 2.5 or 2.3 million and 1.6 million years ago.

The middle Homo species, including Homo erectus, evolved anatomically to be more similar to modern humans but their brains were relatively small (though bigger than australopiths). They probably overlapped with earlier Homo species, as they developed perhaps between 2 million and 1.8 million years ago. Homo erectus was a very successful species of the middle period; fossils have been found throughout Africa, Europe, and much of Asia, and the species may have survived for more than 1.5 million years.

The final transition, from the middle to late periods, happened about 200,000 years ago. Late Homo species, including Neanderthals and Homo sapiens, evolved large and complex brains, leading eventually to language, and developed culture as an increasingly important aspect of human life.

Homo sapiens

Scientists have dated the oldest known fossils with skeletal features typical of modern humans from 195,000 years ago. Early anatomically modern Homo sapiens fossils have come from sites in Sudan, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Israel. Many scientists have therefore concluded that modern Homo sapiens evolved in Africa and began spreading to other parts of the world 90,000 years ago or a little earlier, although whether, how, why, and when this happened is still in dispute. And it was not until about 40,000 years ago that anatomically modern humans, Homo sapiens sapiens, emerged. Since that time, human evolution has been primarily cultural as opposed to biological.

Putting Human Evolution in Perspective

Humans have existed for only a tiny fraction of Earth’s history. Scientists believe Earth itself is approximately 4.55 billion years old. The oldest known fossils are about 3.5 billion years old, although some scientists have discovered evidence that life may have begun nearly 4 billion years ago. Dinosaurs walked Earth between 230 and 65 million years ago. The oldest known humanlike fossil has been dated at 4.4 million years old, although another species, not yet confirmed as a hominid, has been dated at about 6 million years old. As mentioned earlier, scientists estimate that the earliest hominid species diverged from the ape lineage between 5 and 8 million years ago. And yet, the species to which we belong, Homo sapiens sapiens, is only about 40,000 years old.

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The Arrival Of Adam And Eve On Earth

Time, Death, Judgement by George Frederick Watts

The Prophesied Event

The Urantia Book gives the specific date of Adam and Eve’s arrival which differs from the date arrived at by Biblical scholars calculated from the Genesis account. Using the Biblical time line provided by length of life and ancestral lineage many religionists believe the Earth was created and Adam and Eve were placed upon it at approximately 5,000 B.C. The Urantia Book states that the earth attained its approximate present size about one billion years ago and was created when material was drawn off of the sun by the nearby passing of another large star, giving origin to all of the solar system 4.5 billion years ago. It further states that life on Earth began its evolutionary journey 550,000,000 years ago. Human life began approximately one million years ago.

The dematerialized bodies of Adam and Eve arrived at the Garden, from the year 1934, 37,848 years ago. The rematerialization process took ten days and their unconscious slumber continued throughout this period of reconstruction. When the reassembly was completed, they regained consciousness simultaneously, recreated in dual human form for presentation as the world’s new rulers. Adam and Eve stood in their new home and on their new world to all intents and purposes just as they were before submitting to the dematerializing process on Jerusem. (Click to read more 74:0.1)

On a normal planet the arrival of the Material Son would ordinarily herald the approach of a great age of invention, material progress, and intellectual enlightenment. The post-Adamic era is the great scientific age of most worlds, but not so on Earth. Though the planet was peopled by races physically fit, the tribes languished in the depths of savagery and moral stagnation. Adam and Eve rapidly began to feel overwhelmed by their circumstances. (Click to read more 73:1.1; 75:1.1)

The average height of earth’s natives at that time was little more than 5 feet — Adam and Eve were larger and more imposing to the point that the native people were in awe verging on worship of them; they decided that Divinity had descended to Earth in bodily form, that Adam and Eve were in reality gods or else so near so as to be worthy of worship. (Click to read more 74:4.1)

Where did Adam and Eve come from?

M42 GleasonThose who disbelieve the Biblical story of creation have devised numerous alternative outlooks to explain how life originated on earth. One of the currently popular beliefs is that life came to Earth from outer space — that Adam and Eve were science fiction styled astronauts or that they came later to mingle with the primitive peoples already evolving here. Some feel that these ideas effectively discount any spiritual basis for the creation and development of life.
The Urantia Book gives a more expansive explanation that includes not only the concept of evolving planetary life but also an overreaching universal administration comprised of numerous orders of celestial personalties who work to shepherd the material creations toward greater perfection. It indicates that although the universe is filled with intelligent life, physical beings such as we are seldom if ever are allowed to travel between inhabited worlds.Human beings are, on the ladder of spirituality, the lowest order of free will material beings in the universe.
The Material Sons and Daughters, or Adams and Eves, are the highest form of free will material beings in the universe. They inhabit a highly evolved world of their own and have the particular purpose of coming to evolving inhabited worlds to assist with evolutionary progress. They bring advanced knowledge to improve on rudimentary civilization in the fields of art, religion, language, science, commerce, animal husbandry and agriculture.
Even more importantly they bring superior genetics and genetic sciences to improve the biological makeup of the plants, animals, and humans of a given world. They provide an invaluable service to the inhabited worlds in reaching their fullest evolutionary capabilities.All evolving worlds are given the great gift of an Adam and an Eve. They become permanent residents and are the material representatives of God on the evolutionary worlds. They are able to live on indefinitely because of their superior makeup as well as the gift of super-sustenance provided by the “Tree of Life.”
Our world is most unfortunate to have lost our Adam and Eve to the sophistry of rebellion. In order to be transported to the planet of their assignment the Material Sons and Daughters go through a process of dematerialization, transportation to the designated planet, and rematerialization on that planet. A garden home has always been previously prepared for their arrival and subsequently becomes the headquarters of world achievement and culture.  ADAM & EVE (THE TRUE STORY)


 Preview YouTube video The Banned Story of Adam and Eve from the Bible

The Banned Story of Adam and Eve from the Bible
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Theresa DiNallo

When  Theresa DiNallo  was  diagnosed  with  breast  cancer,  her  world  was  turned         upside down.  Like most women who are diagnosed with the deadly illness,  life changes drastically.  According to,  12% of all women will develop breast cancer.  246,660 new cases are expected this year alone. Breast cancer is serious business to those diagnosed with it as well as a profitable business to pharmaceutical companies.

“After completing a mammogram, they called me and put it very delicately, saying they think there is a mass in a certain area,” DiNallo told “That’s when I immediately got scared and I remember being petrified the whole time.”

Theresa was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. Theresa was immediately confronted with all the generic options, such as chemotherapy, she, however, chose to be more forward-thinking and started investigating.  One of her first findings was that poor nutrition and alcohol use highly increased cancer risks. She also noted that fat-free, sugar-free and low-fat diet items were laden with dangerous chemicals. Of course, the medical world gave her the “there is no definite cause” company line.

Medical Oncologist Dr. Maria Espinosa of the Lake Health University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center said there are numerous elements  that  increase  cancer  risks,  including genetics and lifestyle factors. However there is no definite   cause of cancer, she said.

“The most common gene linked to cancer is the BRCA gene,” Espinosa said.

This is common practice when it comes to cancer. Doctors simply give those diagnosed with cancer the company line. It is easier just to say cancer is random or not preventable than it is risk losing the comforts of the financial spoils  that  come  with “treating”  it. Theresa remained vigilant and eventually purchased the book, “Cancer: Step Outside the Box” by Ty Bollinger. Theresa’s breast surgeon, however, was not convinced her book held any legitimacy.

“She said, ‘We have to do the lumpectomy but we don’t know if     it traveled to your lymph nodes until after we do the surgery so we will have to remove a lymph node or two to see if is affected, then more than likely you  will need radiation,  possibly chemo depending on what comes out of  the results,  but at a minimum you will need Tamaxifen and then for prevention, you may want to consider a mastectomy or double mastectomy’,”DiNallo said. “So, my options were to mutilate my body, then poison it.”

After Theresa had read the book, she lectured the breast surgeon.

“It is pitiful what you’re doing to women. Why aren’t you educating  them  on  the  importance of  iodine, selenium, magnesium levels, and their vitamin B levels and cutting         out sugar because sugar is feeding their cancer?”

Theresa next cut out all sugar, dairy, flour, packaged foods and canned foods.                    She began juicing fruits and vegetables. She also avoided animal fats. She also                 took on the help of a homeopathic physician.  She stopped using microwaves.                   She stopped holding cell phones to her ear.  She also said no to going through             airport security metal detectors. She dumped Teflon cooking pans.

The results? Her white and red blood cells were improved drastically. She continues           to see improvements every six months. Theresa’s amazing recovery led her to start a   group called the Cancer Resource Coalition (  Theresa genuinely wants         to help others, not profit off of them.  She posted the following video on her Youtube     page called Rethink Cancer.

Theresa is just one story, there are so many other examples of people beating cancer using alternative therapy. I’m not here to tell you what to do if you are ever diagnosed with such a scary and tragic illness,  I am however telling you that you should do as much reading as possible. Environment stimulants certainly contribute to cancer. Cell phones, microwaves, chemicals in foods, high fructose loads, been linked to cancer through various studies. But pharmaceutical companies block any roads for larger,  more involved studies because that could compromise their position in the chemotherapy vertical. Do your research, folks, the information is out there. You just have to open your minds.

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