Death Begins in the Colon


Written by Holistic Angel 

   The average person uses only 20% of the nutrients in their food!

    If allowed to deteriorate, a failing digestive system, polluted intestinal tract               and diseased colon can cause serious illness. 

   When your digestive system cannot function properly or efficiently, toxins and waste products build up making a perfect breeding ground  for harmful bacteria, sickness, and diseases.  At the same time your body is not receiving the nutrition  it needs to function at its maximum level. It has also been determined  that the proper balance of bacteria in the intestinal tract for optimum health… is at least 80% beneficial bacteria and 20% harmful bacteria, but the typical person is just the opposite, with 80% bad and 20% good bacteria

It’s no wonder that the average person gets sick year after year with the same illnesses to which they should already be immune. In fact, some sources suggest that 70-80% of your immune system is located directly in your gut! Accordingly, it’s vital to ensure that your colon is not only clean and working properly, but that it is “housing” a good amount of the friendly bacteria that help keep your immune system strong.

  Here are a few ways we can help our Colons :)
Inadequate hydration can lead to a build-up of toxins in the body …  As those toxins are accumulating, the risk for constipation, bloating, gas, IBS and fatigue increases. If you’re trying to keep your colon healthy, try to drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water in a day to cleanse your body. 
When you’re trying to keep your colon healthy, exercise is a huge part of the equation.      By increasing your blood flow and circulation through exercise …. your colon (and entire gastrointestinal system) gets more oxygen. This may help ward off colon cancer and other diseases. Your fitness routine doesn’t need to be extreme. Stretching, also doing yoga or walking for 10-15 minutes a day is sufficient to help keep your colon healthy.
Don’t hold it
If you feel a bowel movement coming, head for the bathroom and let it go. If you try to hold it in, built-up fecal matter can release toxins into your body, which has the potential to cause diverticulosis and IBS. Regular bowel movements is one of the ways your colon keeps itself clean and healthy.
Fiber-rich food is a great choice for a healthy colon. Eating a good amount (about 25-35 grams daily) of high-fiber foods like raspberries, bananas, prunes, peas, broccoli, beans, celery  are a great start to cleanse the body. Other fiber-rich whole grains include brown rice. Fiber keeps food waste moving along your digestive track …. which helps your intestines stay squeaky clean and can decrease your risk for diverticular disease.
MaintainA HealthyColonwithProbioticsandFood
There are two easy ways to do this. The first is to take a Probiotic. This is a supplement that is specially designed to introduce more healthy bacteria to your body, which in turn diminishes the ranks of the unhealthy, putting the balance back in a positive state.
A second way to support the friendly bacteria in your colon is to feed them! You do this    by ingesting foods such as whole grains like organic brown rice, organic oatmeal, quinoa, fruits, and vegetables that contain friendly bacteria-feeding fiber. Also by adding sprouts and fermented foods.  Simply improving the friendly-to-unfriendly bacteria ratio in your gut can make substantial differences in your health, including improving digestive health, supporting the immune system, and restoring the friendly bacteria … that may have been reduced by the use of prescription medications such as antibiotics, pain meds, chemo, pesticides’, GMO, & processed foods.
With Love
Angel Howerton

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The Tomaszewsky Story

This is Irene and when we learned of Walter’s diagnosis in November of 2011, we were devastated,  and couldn’t understand why or how this would have happened to us.  How could he have stage 4 mantle cell lymphoma when he went for a physical every year and always had a clean bill of health?

We sought expert opinions from top hospitals and specialists, all of whom recommended a stem cell transplant, with no guarantee of success.  This process,  not only,  involved bringing my husband virtually to the brink of death with no certainty of an outcome,  but also, would have a negative effect on me as his caregiver and spouse. We quickly realized that this was a serious  illness,  but at the time,  were unaware of  the emotional, mental, and physical factors that contributed to the manifestation of the disease.

 Utterly overwhelmed and frightened, we told the doctors that we would take 3 months  to decide.  During that time  we immersed ourselves in research.  Through this research we adopted an alternative protocol where we made significant changes to his diet using alkaline water, also therapeutic essential oils, natural supplements and complementary therapies. We did not only wanted to get rid of cancer but also transform Walters life to create a powerful and lasting life.  With just 5 weeks the indicators and testing methods started registering normal. We were so encouraged with these results we continued with the integrated alternative methods,  and  continued  to see improvement several months afterward.  In eight months time,  the PET scan showed the cancer had not grown… but was dying, and his blood counts were normalizing.

One year out from his diagnosis, we were so blessed and thought that we were home free. We had successfully treated his entire body, but as I also mentioned, we were still unaware of the emotional and mental ramifications.  Walter changed his diet, cleaned his food of toxins and put nothing but organic products into his body. However we did failed to recognize that the great emotional stress he was under was preventing a      full recover.

What I learned through new friends I met and the research I did on different healing modalities was that …. our physical bodies manifest what’s going on at our mental and emotional levels.  In my husband’s case, he was not willing to see the causes of  the pain and anger in his life until his body quite literally forced the issue. As well the cancer was steadily dying  and under control when  he was bitten by a spider and developed a staph infection.

Despite a visit to the hospital after the presentation of the spider bite, he was assured that there were no serious affects that could compromise his bodily systems,  yet he did continue to feel worse every day. Soon enough, he began to lose the peripheral vision in his left eye  and it began to protrude outward,  growing in size and increase in redness. After several ophthalmologists were seen, followed by a cancer specialist, it was finally determined  the cancer had moved behind the eyes.  As his left eye vision … had rapidly deteriorated in just five months from 20/20 to 20/80. The infection had reignited the lymphoma.

 We were at a fork in the road, and faced with a decision. We had done so much work     to get rid of the cancer,  and the natural methods we were using were working,  so we couldn’t  imagine  him taking chemotherapy  and  infusing  his  body  with  poison.  On the other hand,  he was losing his eyesight very fast,  and  we were worried that he would lose his eye totally. While the natural methods were always our first preference, the speed at which the eyesight was going was the  factor that influenced us to accept   the chemo.

   When you open the space  for true healing to occur,  and trust your inner wisdom,       you will find the strength you need to connect with all the right resources and take the right steps.  He was able to realize that despite our misgivings, chemotherapy was the right course of action at this crossroad and accepted it with confidence and support of  his alternative protocol to boost his immune system, it would help. Consequently, after just one chemo session, his eyesight returned to a normal, 20/20…

   The  full chemotherapy protocol — a total of six chemotherapy treatments once every     28 days  for six months – was required, so  he  took  all  six.  Because we had built up his immune system and  fortified his body through natural means, he suffered only minimal intensity of  the resultant  side effects.  He was able to tolerate  and absorb the remainder of the chemo treatments with no long-term damage to his body and no hair loss, while he continued to work 27 hours a week.  Additionally,  no  follow — up pharmaceuticals were necessary  to counteract the chemo.

   Around the same time, Walter acknowledged that there was a  mental and emotional component to his illness and became open and agreeable to investigating and addressing this.  It was then when he stopped completely resisting the investigation of his emotional stressors that his recovery quickly progressed.  After just a few counseling appointments and therapeutic sessions,  he was able to clear the emotional issues that were destroying his life.

    While many possible roads exist on the path of wellness,  knowing your options and following the inner wisdom  that comes  from a higher power are critical to good health.  You’ll know the steps to take if you accept the truth that wellness comes from integrating your body, mind, and spirit.  In order to get well and stay well,  we urge you to consider all your resources.

    For the physical healing,  investigate the entire spectrum of natural possibilities, supplemented  by  conventional medicine  and  chemical interventions  if  absolutely necessary.  At the mental  and  emotional level,  be open  to acknowledging  the toxic situations in your life experience, and take steps to move them or shift your negative thinking around them in order to bring joy and good health back into your life.

   There are many skilled and caring practitioners who can provide you with the tools and techniques you need.  Seek them out  and  work with them,  but remember that you are empowered, the one in control of your own destiny who ultimately drives your own outcome. And above all, remember your divine connection.  ALSO, Like the famous Footprints in the Sand, know that there’s a loving presence in your life to carry you when you lack the strength  to — go — on —  your own,  as you are never alone.

   We have both learned many lessons that we feel blessed to share with you.  I say “we” because as husband and wife,  we traveled the road together,  and this made the journey possible. We also connected with many other people who helped us along the way, many of whom we still are in touch with today.

  We are happy to report: Walter remains cancer free since Aug. of 2013. We built this website to offer you support  for whatever your particular journey is, and to provide you with access to many of the resources we used along the way.  We wish you good health, joy and the blessing of time.

With much love,

Walter and Irene :)

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The Cantin Ketogenic Diet


   Hello Ken,  I was diagnosed with breast cancer and within one week           was rushed into a surgical lumpectomy. Doctors wanted to immediately begin ‘aggressive’ radiation and chemotherapy and this idea frightened   me, I’ve seen many family members and friends … die soon after similar treatments. I thought that if I had to go, I would not be going that way.

   Shortly after my lumpectomy the tumor grew back the size of a small      egg. So I began researching The Ketogenic diet and after modifying it to remove several allergenic  foods,  toxins, while also molding it to mimic immunotherapy,  also the tumor shrunk  to the size of  a chick pea  and      then disappeared!

     I linked type 1 diabetes  and cancer to epilepsy and ketones via  fever.     Then I created my own ketogenic diet that I optimized for health and that mimics immunotherapy to get the best chance at survival.  I demonstrate    in my book: my ketogenic diet works for type 1 diabetes and that ketones alone are not enough for healing.

   I also lay the ground rules and show  a ketogenic diet can be adapted to any lifestyle, including vegan. I am just a regular girl with a very soft spot for sick children and with a very analytical mind … what characterizes me the most is that when I set my mind on doing something,  I don’t give up … until I succeed.

  I love to learn, I am self-motivated  and I cannot help it,  I am a leader.            I am a firm believer that if there is a will there is a way, and if you believe, you can achieve something, you will.”

    My book, The Cantin Ketogenic Diet,  is my diet of  HOPE,  a diet that      comes from my heart, my own research… I live it and I know what it’s like,   I hope it can help you. So please join us on Facebook and become a member of the support group for The Cantin Ketogenic Diet !!!


Elaine Cantin  :)

Published on Jul 13, 2013

I am alive & well from a cancer diagnosis that gave me 3-6 months to live back in 2012. Learn about the major factors that have balanced my body, addressed the underlying problem of my deadly Stage 4 brain cancer, and allowed me to remove all fear from my body and focus on healing via my slogan E-D-S-S-S-S (E=Exercise D=Diet S=Spiritual Guidance S=Stress S=Sleep S=Supplements). I’m alive and well…VERY WELL! :-) Was supposed to live only 3-6 months which was back in February!

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Post-cancer fitness

Cancer Workout Allison Kashon, from Longport, is all smiles before launching the Gilda’s Club Dragon Boat from the John Holland Boathouse in Ventnor City. Photo/Dave Griffin

Brings new life for survivors!!!

LONGPORT, N.J. (AP) – Two years ago, Allison Kashon tried to hit the gym three times     a week. She rode her bike regularly and got her cardio in on treadmills and ellipticals.

All the stuff to keep a body healthy, she says.

But in December of 2013, the Longport resident had to look at her health in a whole new way.

She was diagnosed with stage1B triple negative breast cancer, and underwent a double mastectomy. Hardcore chemotherapy from March to mid-September left her body weak.

“I went in for my surgery, and after that I couldn’t lift my arms,” Kashon, 45, who went through a year of treatments, told The Press of Atlantic City ( ). “With the treatments, the doctors told me I would feel like I got hit by a truck. That’s a gross understatement,” she said.

“I felt like I got hit by a freight train.”

Knowing what cancer might do to the body and mind, Kashon was determined to try to keep in shape.

Before her chemotherapy, she reached out to Gilda’s Club of South Jersey, which recommended yoga classes to keep up her core strength and to better handle stress. Kashon lost her auburn-red hair to chemotherapy, but she didn’t worry about that at Gilda’s Club. She knew the other survivors wouldn’t judge her.

On the days when she couldn’t go to the gym because of her compromised immune system, she followed yoga classes broadcasted on Comcast. She could stretch for 20 minutes, on a good day.

Now, six months after the end of her treatments, she’s strong enough to take on more.

On Sunday, she joined other cancer survivors on the crew of the Gilda’s Club dragon boat in the bay in Ventnor. She had been told that paddling cold help relieve her lymphedema, a type of swelling in her right hand.

She became a Gladiator, the nickname given to the rowers on that particular boat.

For some South Jersey cancer survivors like Kashon, exercise during and after treatments has helped get back the bodies that withered in hospital beds. Many of them find that working out also helps increase their energy and lift their spirits.

However in 2010 the American College of Sports Medicine called for updated exercise recommendations for cancer patients. At the time, some doctors were advising patients    to take it easy and avoid any kind of physical activity. But a study by Macmillan Cancer Support, a charity based in the United Kingdom, revealed that exercise actually helped some cancer patients live longer.

There’s a change that occurs in people who face a potentially fatal disease when they start an exercise regimen said, Carol Michaels founder of the Recovery Fitness exercise program geared toward cancer survivors.

Michaels, based in Short Hills in Essex County, was a personal trainer. When several members of her family were diagnosed with cancer, she developed a program to help  them and the increasing number of clients coming to her for exercise advice.

Figuring out the appropriate workout routine for those going through and those coming out of cancer treatments is a gradual process, she said. Most of it starts with simple breathing exercises and stretches.

“It’s a little frustrating for people who were avid exercisers,” she said. “Even if you walk around the house or down the block, it’s a start. You start slow and you progress slow.”

The American Cancer Society recommends physical activity to fit the needs of each individual patient. Those with weak immune systems shouldn’t work out in a public    place like the gym.

Even people who were not too concerned with fitness before their diagnoses have        found that exercise could be motivational and enjoyable during recovery.

Diana Gonzalez admits she wasn’t the most active kid in her high school, however,  the Pleasantville resident knew she had to change her ways after going through chemotherapy and radiation for cancer in her reproductive system about three years ago.

She started slowly, with light weightlifting at Island Gym & Fitness. Little by little, her strength grew.

“I just felt so deflated, like I couldn’t do anything” during treatments, she said. “I lost myself. I needed to do this for me.”

Eventually, Gonzalez wanted to challenge herself. She moved her talents to Oceanside Wellness & Sport, right on the border of her hometown and Egg Harbor Township. She said she was the first woman to take part in the gym’s Gorilla Extreme class, a conditioning and weight training program.

These days, the 128-pound Gonzalez can dead lift about twice her weight.

“You have the tangible benefits, you start to look good,” she said, laughing in the gym      on a recent Thursday morning. “But working out, it brightens you. It brought passion   back into what I was doing. I was living again.”

Both Gonzalez and Kashon described the fitness communities coming to support them. Gonzalez met the man who would end up becoming her boyfriend — head trainer at Oceanside, Sean Sutton and a woman in her 60s whom she regularly joins for dinner.

For Kashon, the men and women in the Gilda’s Club yoga classes encouraged her to     keep going.

“There is a powerlessness you feel when you are diagnosed. It pervades everything.        And on some levels, exercise for me was a little bit of regaining my own power,”               she said. “I’m not where I was before, but I’m starting to get there.”

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Marked At Birth

There is an old saying, “LIFE is not a matter of holding good cards, however, of playing      a poor hand well.  In today’s world nobody has been dealt a perfect set of circumstances. Especially,  when you consider the intelligence of our world leaders  and  the power play that is going on around us (They neither listens to the other and it seems ridiculous.) :(

Often the secret to gaining control over your own LIFE is learning both to accept those circumstances and to work within the perimeters that they impose. If you reclaim some control of those unfortunate circumstances.  That is good.  One must always remember that changing times usually work out for the best. 

   The Bible promises a time when all people will be able to have a satisfying measure         of control over their LIFE.  For the good of it’s people;  Life will have a fulfilling impact allowing one to live up to the mission GOD intended for you. Uninhibited by frustrating circumstances,  daily pressures and the negative  feelings of  others in Isaiah 65:21,22. The Bible refers to this as “the Real Life in — Timothy 6:19.

 In the winter of 1944 …. stretching into 1945 with the end of World War II still months away.  Millions of  people in German — occupied Netherlands were  forced to go hungry. Upset over a railway strike, the Germans blocked food shipments to the region. Over the course of the proceeding five or six months, thousands died of starvation!! 

   During the worse of this famine, survivors were barely getting by on as few as 400 calories. Most people will start losing weight on four times that amount. It was during the Dutch Hunger Winter period …. which presented a perfect opportunity  for studies  by scientists to determine long term health benefits on unborn children.

  Food stocks in the cities in the western Netherlands rapidly ran out.  The adult rations    in cities such as Amsterdam, dropped to below 1000 kilocalories (4,200 kilojoules) a day by the end of November 1944  and  to 580 kilocalories in the west by the end of  February 1945. Over this Hongerwinter (“Hunger winter”), a number of factors combined to cause starvation of the Dutch people: the winter itself was unusually harsh; and the retreating German army also destroyed docks,  bridges to flood the country  and impede the Allied advance.  As the Netherlands became one of  the main western battlefields,  widespread dislocation,  destruction of  the war ruined much of  its agricultural land  and made the transport of existing food stocks difficult.

The areas affected were home to 4.5 million people. Also Butter had disappeared after October 1944. The supply of vegetable fats dwindled to a minuscule seven-month supply  of 1.3 liters per person. At first 100 grams of cheese were allotted every two weeks; meat coupons became worthless.  The bread ration had already dropped from 2,200 to 1,800 and then to 1,400 grams per week.  Then it fell to 1,000 grams in October,  and by April 1945 to 400 grams a week. Together with one kilogram of potatoes, this then formed the entire weekly ration. The black market increasingly ran out of food as well, and with the gas and electricity and heat turned off, everyone was very cold and very hungry.

A letter of commemoration given to a grocer whose shop served as a Red Cross             check point giving out the “Swedish bread.”

Operation Manna – “Many Thanks” written in tulips, Holland, May 1945.

In search of food, people would walk for tens of kilometers to trade valuables for food at farms. Tulip bulbs and sugarbeets were commonly consumed.  Furniture and houses were dismantled to provide fuel for heating.  From September 1944,  until early 1945 the deaths  of 18,000 Dutch people were attributed to malnutrition as the primary cause and in many more as a contributing factor.

Audrey Hepburn  spent her childhood in the Netherlands  during  the famine and       despite her later wealth she had lifelong negative medical repercussions.  She suffered   from anemia, respiratory illnesses, and edema as a result. Also, her clinical depression later in life has been attributed to malnutrition.

Subsequent academic research on the children whom were also affected in the second trimester of their mother’s pregnancy found an increased incidence of schizophrenia in these children.  Also increased amongst  them were the rates of schizotypal personality  and neurological defects.

  Other studies show that the cause and effect for children born in this time frame       were smaller at birth and stayed that way. For those that were conceived just prior         to the famine it must have looked to their parents as though their babies had gotten        off scot-free.

However,  somehow,  that very early hardship,  experienced early on “programmed”     those children for elevated rates  of many unhealthy conditions  and  chronic diseases,    such as obesity, altered lipid profiles, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, increased stress responses, schizophrenia and addiction.

   The question then becomes, HOW?

   Therefore, in a paper published in the proceedings of the National Academy on Science offered up an important  clue. While the children’s experiences with starvation so early in life had nothing with the genes they carry. However it may have made lasting changes to the way genes function.
   In much the same way when we exercise, it’s also thanks to epigenetic reprogramming that our muscles bulk up, growing  stronger and more resilient. Epigenetics  refers to the molecular processes that leave durable marks on our DNA. While altering the gene’s function independent of the under-lying sequence of events.
   Its the presence or absence of those marks that can affect the level of expression of genes, effectively silencing or activating them. Epigenetics explains how the cells in our bodies – muscle versus skin versus hair all react differently, even though they carry the same DNA.
   In biomedicine, there’s been tremendous focus on genetic mutations. Which brings us back to when the Dutch Hunger Winter ended. In addition to their obvious health problems, those conceived around the time of the famine show a permanent decrease in the chemical methylation of one of the best-studied imprinted gene.
   Known as insulin-like growth factor II (IGF2). The IGF2 gene is known to play a critical role in human growth and development. IF, also for example, the tissue that makes insulin shuts down production…. you will then get sick.  But also, one must remember epigenetics shape our future after birth as well to fit the world that we see.  IF, it’s a bad world you will become hyper-anxious in anticipation of the adversity.
   Meditation is attention training: using simple tools like awareness. We train ourselves to be calmer, more open, and more connected to our experience. You then realize you are the boss of your own thoughts, becoming more patient… You have the ability to bring yourself back into the moment. You start feeling good about yourself.
   As you find peace within …you savior life to the fullest. Meditation doesn’t solve all problems in life — it however, does…. give us a new perspective to view them. Instead of dwelling on a problem. It is intercepted with breath as you’re not running that same loop over and over in your mind. Which creates conflict for each and every cell in your body?
    When your mind begins staying in balance, you also begin reacting differently as you deal skillfully with stressful situations.  The whole point being you have a skill:  your at work, they is an argument and tension fills the room and you don’t have to do anything that looks weird.
    All you have to do is concentrate on your breathing to get calm and centered. Think good thoughts you will find yourself listening for the answers,  you will  find yourself being more centered, grounded and compassionate while de-stressing, thinking more clearly, rising above the situation and reaping its benefits?

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A Faith Story

H o w ~I ~t r e a t e d  ~m y  ~A p p e n d i x ~C a n c e r!!!

This is my story, this is my song,

Praising my Savior, all the day long ~

And I was.  I was learning to praise Jesus through my pain, my weaknesses, my     diagnosis and prognosis. My heart’s desire is that my story will bring praises and          glory to the One who loves me so much and was and is holding me so very closely.       When I first learned of my cancer, I cried to the Lord,  “If you save me, I will tell      anyone you want me to  just how real you are.”   My  hope  is,  that  beyond  this information of healing cancer, that you will see that we all need a Savior and His          name is Jesus Christ.  He is our hope.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you                  and  not to harm you, plans to give a future and a hope.  Jeremiah 29:11


God Created Our Bodies To Heal!!!

A couple significant factual statistics I found (Cancer, Step Outside The Box                        by Ty Bollinger) are these…

…A true cure rate of 90% or more can easily be achieved by cancer patients avoiding orthodox medicine, go with alternative medicine first, and do their homework.

…The true cure rate of orthodox medicine is 3% or less.

So I learned to do my homework.  God led me here, and now I had a lot to learn.  This   was new for me and I was ready.  I am not an expert by any means, I’m far from a doctor, but I have found there is … so much information at our fingertips.  The key is to research outside of the (cancer) box, and to look at things that are completely contrary to what we have known for so long in treating cancers and many other diseases. There are cures, and they the cures are so much easier on the body and more effective than modern medicine.  The resources are endless.

Here are a few things that I have learned….

*1 out of 2 men and one out of 3 women… will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.  This is a staggering statistic, one that we should all be concerned about.              “I knew the rates were high, but I didn’t know they were this high.”   Even if you         don’t have cancer yet,  there are many things you can do to help prevent it  from happening to you or your loved ones.

 *Maintaining a healthy immune system is the key to staying healthy and fighting       cancer  and  all other degenerative disease.  If your immune system is functioning    properly, your body has no other choice but to stay healthy.  That’s  the  way  God            made our bodies.  It’s only when the immune system  is compromised we succumb             to sickness and disease.  —  See More At: sytem-our-first-line-of-defense/#sthash.V6fguIIo.dpufWe build up our immune    system through healthy eating and doing away with stress.  Stress is a killer.

*The average person will get cancer several times in their lifetime and not even know it. Their healthy immune systems  will kick in  and destroy the cancer cells before they take over. When I read this from several different sources, I was amazed! This is why it is so important to work on keeping your immune system healthy,  which is done through an organic plant-food based diet, exercise, sun (vitamin D) and rest, and little or no stress. And most importantly, faith!    

*Diet matters, and more than we could  imagine!  The Standard American Diet (SAD)        is truly sad and getting off of it can be a lifesaver.  It is killing us!  I don’t eat processed foods any longer, and I won’t touch refined sugars. It is my weakness, kind of like an alcoholic…one drink will do you in.  For me,  just a little bit will can lead to more and more, and it is not worth it.  

*Cancer survivors whose diet is heavy in sugars and carbohydrate-rich foods are far     more likely to have a recurrence of the disease ….  than are patients who eat a better     balance of plant foods. (National Cancer Institute)  Which is why I will always eat a mainly plant-food based diet,  and  I am completely satisfied!  I love how I eat now         and I feel great.

*High sugar levels leads to cell proliferation (cancer)…changing diet is one of the       easiest strategies that can potentially save a lot of suffering and money. (Universidad    Rey Juan Carlos)   I grew up eating  sugary cereals  for  breakfast,  cookies at lunch,       and candy every night after dinner.  It is no wonder I have always had a huge sweet tooth!   I can now honestly say, “that sugar does not tempt me in the least anymore.”         I have found healthy alternatives using pure maple syrup, coconut crystals or dates.      I’ll be sure and share my favorite recipes at some point!

*“Chemotherapy and radiation can increase the risk of developing a second cancer by    100 times.”  –  Dr.  Samuel S. Epstein,  Congressional Record,  Sept., 9, 1987  This happened to my dad.  He was cancer free  for 10 years before it came back after having chemotherapy treatments  for his initial colon cancer.  When it came back,  it spread to other organs.  Of course, the treatment was more chemotherapy. He never changed his poor diet.  He died within a few short months.  I knew I could not do this       to my children!  I thank God for showing me a better way, His way. God created our bodies to heal …. when we feed it with proper nutrition,  and  for cancer patients, in heavy doses.

*Research suggests that only five percent of cancers are hereditary. That means the        non-inherited causes of cancer — the lifestyle choices we make,  the foods we eat, and    physical activity levels — have a direct impact on our overall cancer risk. (See more at:  Food and lifestyle matter!

I was learning an abundance of information on cancer, and I continue to.  And I feel greatly compelled to share what I have learned, hoping it will help even just one person. God had been so very good to me to lead me on this path,  and  I believe it  wouldn’t be   right if I kept this to myself!

Let’s face it.  Cancer is a scary thing.  Nobody wants to be told they have cancer.  We usually equate it with death, especially stage 4 cancer.  I know I always have.  Yes, I do have people in my life who have had chemotherapy  and  are living healthy productive lives.  But there are countless others who are not.  Cancer is not something we should   take lightly.  And my heart breaks and goes out to each and every person I know who         is suffering a cancer diagnosis.

Most of us tend to go along with what is familiar, myself included, so for me to go against what I have always known in treating cancer, this was truly an act of God.  I am amazed that I went down this road without hesitation. God had clearly directed each and every step. He taught me how to trust Him.  I had no doubt that God led me specifically in how to treat my cancer. There is so much to read on the internet, it can be quite overwhelming.

Most people would say, myself included is that before I have learned what I do now know, is that nutrition is much too easy,  much to simple, to cure cancer.   However, now I know without    a doubt that God created our bodies to heal.  And we are bombarded with so much in our environment like never before.  Our bodies can take a lot,  but  there  is  a breaking point. And then illnesses of many different kinds can set in, cancer being one of them.

Chances are you are now intrigued and asking, “What did you do?  What was your diet like?”  At first I was so afraid to put anything into my mouth because was learning of GMOs and how they are terrible for us, pesticides—was I ingesting them?, and so much more.  Then God graciously reminded me that He led me here, and He would continue. Don’t be afraid.

Here are a few of my favorite resources:

The Truth About Cancer series convinced me to not do chemotherapy.  You can      find many of the episodes on YouTube. I am forever grateful for this work.  (However,         if you have or are doing chemo, diet still matters and can greatly help you.)

My favorite website for great encouragement and help in finding the correct diet is   I adopted his diet plan  and  was elated to see the    many interviews he has on his website of all sorts of cancer survivors who cured their cancers naturally.  This is a goldmine of information for cancer patients!

I also came across A World Without Cancer on YouTube which describes how B17        attacks and kills cancer cells.  I highly suggest:  any cancer patient watch this.  Also,         we take B17 as prevention for our family members  (in much lower doses than what              I take).  This would become  a  big part of my cancer — killing arsenol.  A wonderful source of information for Vitamin B17         This is  Very encouraging.

By the wonderful grace of God, He led me to a little blog about cancer survivors who  juiced carrots, and lots of them, to cure their cancers.  This is where I decided to juice         5 lbs. of organic carrot juice per day, (and as my skin turned a nice bronze glow!) —

I have had many people ask me, “What did you specifically eat?” (and I do still eat,        just a little more variety now.  In the beginning and for a few months, I kept my diet    quite basic). Here is what I ate:


When I wake up I have a tall glass of water with juice from 1/2 lemon. It helps alkalize    the body.  Juice from 2 1/2 lbs organic carrots,  one  organic  green  apple,  half a lemon  (skin included) and about five celery stalks (I use and Omega Juicer). If I’m still hungry    I have 1/2 cup organic oats cooked with chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, coconut oil (healthy fat) and a dash of maple syrup.  Or a half a sweet potato.


Apples, berries or veggies, nuts, or a piece of Ezekiel sprouted grain bread with         coconut oil (stay away from all dairy)


A large salad…kale, swiss chard, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, bell peppers, sprouts, avocado, walnuts…the more color the better. I make my own dressing with olive oil,    apple cider vinegar,  lemon,  lots of garlic,  turmeric  (a great cancer fighter),  basil,     oregano, salt and pepper. This fills me up for a long time.


Another juice and another salad.

My diet is mostly raw foods, mostly vegetables, some fruit.  I avoid all processed        sugars and processed foods. 

My supplements:

B17 — 500mg am, 500mg pm — (

If you can tolerate the taste of the apricot kernels, this is a great source — (  As a precaution, take on a full stomach.  They are powerful and can cause headaches and nausea.  Start with two per hour and work up to approximately 30 per day.

Medicinal mushrooms — (

Fulvic Acid — (boosts the immune system)

DMSO — It is very affective at targeting the cancer in your body to kill it —

Systemic Enzymes — 3 pills am, 3 pills pm (

Vitamin E Tocotrienols — 3 pills am, 3 pills pm —

Chlorella — 8 pills am, 8 pills pm —

Spirulina — 8 pills am, 8 pills pm —

zinc citrate — (helps with B17 absorption)

Liposomal vitamin C — (my research shows this is excellent for fighting cancer)  —

Vitamin B12 —

I am in no way saying this will work for everyone, but it has worked for me.  I was in    touch with a naturopath who guided me in my supplements and diet. I also added a few supplements by reading what others were taking, a common thread.  I could add more if      it were in my budget, and I have read where cancer patients take less. One of my favorite testimonies is Ruth Heidrich (look for her story on and be amazed!). She changed her diet to a raw food diet and added only B12.

She was stage 4 breast cancer and it had metastasized into her bones.  Forty years later, she is extremely strong and healthy.  She is one of many!

The Verdict Is In….

If you remember from my previous blog posts, I had evident cancer on my liver and diaphragm and spots elsewhere in my abdomen. I started my diet in December 2014.  I had monthly blood tests, all of which were very good, and in April 2015 I had my first CT scan. My cancer on my diaphragm was gone completely!  The liver spot was inconclusive, as from the imaging it looked like it very well could be scar tissue,  and all the other spots were gone!  My oncologist told me, “Your scan looks good!” And every test since then has been in my favor.  I am scheduled to have my next CT scan October 16, and I expect very good results again.

I feel great, I have more energy than I have had in a long time, and I have no doubt that our diet plays a huge roll in healing our bodies. I believe I am eating the way God meant   us to eat — whole, healthy non-toxic foods.  I don’t miss a thing I used to eat.  I thought       I ate ‘healthy’ before, but now I am on a whole new level of eating healthy.

Please don’t think that food has become my god. I have heard that said of people who choose to eat healthy and do away with processed sugary foods.  I think in America we have eaten so poorly for so long we forget what it is…. to eat truly healthy whole foods.         I agree it is very difficult to make this change.  For me,  however,  it is a life and death situation.  I am very aware that my cancer could come back.  I have read many stories        of people who cured their cancer like I have and then they fell back into their old habits, and their cancer returned.  This is enough to keep me on track, and I am more than fine with that. It is not a fear-driven choice, but a life-driven choice.

And it is A Good LIFE, Very Good Indeed!!!  :)

And I personally had to learn to cast all my burdens upon the LORD, for He cares for me.  Stress was my main issue. It no longer holds me captive.  God now carries all my troubles.  He is much more able than me,  I praise His Holy Name Jesus Christ My Savior.

I waited patiently for the LORD;

And He inclined to me, and heard my cry.

He also brought me up out of a horrible pit,

Out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock,

And established my steps.

He has put a new song in my mouth.

Praise to our God;

Many will see it and fear,

and will trust in the LORD.

Psalm 40:1-3



Bernadette Fernandez

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The Secret is Within Yourself


  There are many ways to look at cancer: could it be a chronic microbial imbalance          or  an  over  growth  (dysbiosis) or  candida  anywhere  in  the  digestive  tract ( from  our  mouth  to  our anal canal.)  This can cause immune imbalances that could affect systemic immunity.  In a healthy balance system,  thousands of genetically damaged  cells, which can become cancer cells, are easily destroyed and recycled by immune surveillance. 

 In addition as we age there is often a depletion of beneficial bacteria (especially bifidobacteria)  with a concomitant decrease  in  natural cancer cells.  Therefore,      chronic intracellular inflammation;  low oxygen;  acidosis,  as a result of  toxins,      viruses, radiation, stress, dehydration and excess free radical formation creates            the perfect breeding ground.

   Epigenetics refers to the expression of genes that is due to outside influences or environmental  factors, can also,  create epigenomic signaling  that are damaged. Messages  from the nucleus will either signal the cell to stop  functioning and then           die through apoptosis. Or produce more abnormal cells which may lead to benign           or cancerous tumors.

   If our immune system is chronically overactive, due to intestinal dysbiosis or           obesity ( both which results in increased  inflammatory signals  from cytokines throughout  the body in the presence of cellular toxicity. Thereby, resulting in a decreased cellular function with cellular changes leading to cancer.

   When the gut immune system is out of balance, generally, many aspects of total   systemic immunity will be off balance as well. The HOPE Program: High fiber — balanced soluble/ insoluble,  balanced Omega 3 and 6 essential oils,  balanced         pre & probiotics and balance digestive enzymes are all beneficial.

   HighFiber: Prebiotic soluble fibers plus beneficial bacteria make short chain fatty    acids (SCFA’s).  Most  notably  acetate,  lactate,  propionate  and  butyrate.  Acetate and lactate are used for body fuel, propionate may help control cholesterol.  When Butyrate   are low your cancer is high, butyrate triggers apoptosis in sick colonic cells  (exposed to toxins from fecal matter and microbial pathogens)  when  combined  with  EPA/DHA omega-3s.

     Without healthy levels of intracellular butyrate levels,  the colonocytes may grow uncontrolled, turning into cancerous cells. Both the balance (ratio) and total amounts     of  omega-6  and  omega-3 essential oils  having profound effect on cellular function,     which either results in good health or cancer.

  Omega Oils: In the United States today its believe the current ratios are 12/1 to 20/1, but should be about 4 to 6/1. There is scientific evidence stating this very high imbalance from consuming  to much omega-6  (the oils used in salad dressing,  food additives  and fried cooking), is responsible for many of todays modern illnesses.

   On the other hand,  high normal levels of omega-3s  have been shown to prevent or        be helpful in overcoming cancers of the prostate, colon, breast, pancreas, bile duct and many more. In fact, omega 3s have been shown to induce apoptosis in chemo-resistant pancreatic cancer tissues.

   This is interesting since the mechanism of action for chemotherapy is also to kill   cancer cells by inducing apoptosis.  Omega 3s  have  already  become an adjunvant therapy to chemotherapy. Here is a quote from the British Journal of Cancer, “DHA during chemotherapy was devoid of  adverse side effects  and also has the potential        to specifically chemosensitise tumours.”

 However, we must remember that everything is a question of balance and to much omega-3 has been shown to be immunosuppressive. For example: the Inuit Indians of Canada,  whom have high levels of fish in their diet …. have been shown to have a high incidence of tuberculosis. There are labs that can measure important both ratios in red blood cell membranes.

 Probiotics: Another way to look at the value of probiotics in the prevention of cancer  is to look at the food we eat when it is acted on and transformed by pathogenic bacteria. Normal proteins,  fats and carbohydrates in our daily diet can be converted into toxins, known as carcinogens when acted upon by harmful bacteria.

     These negative biochemical events can be minimized by regular consumption of prebiotics and probiotics from fermented foods along with an 80 to 90 percent plant based diet. This plant based diet is lower in bioavailable iron, and is more supportive      of the lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and beneficial E.coli and S. thermophiles strains as    well as other prebiotics. 

   Enzymes: digestive enzymes (protease,  amylases, and lipases are made, for the    most part, in the pancreas. Their role to digest protein, carbohydrates, and fats as an essential part of digestion in healthy humans.  However,  ones diet, disease, bacterial destruction for treatment and aging,  can significantly decrease output of  pancreatic enzymes. 

   Dysbiosis occurs when too  much partially digested or undigested food reaches the terminal ileum and right colon. Where  it  is  acted  upon  by  bad bacteria producing many carcinogens which has a  far reaching effect that can produce cancer.  Cancer seems, in some cases, to be related to a chronic shortage of pancreatic enzymes.

   There is evidence to support that proteolytic enzymes, either from the pancreas or taken orally, are absorbed systemically,  and  can  decrease  tumor  production  and growth through many mechanisms. Thereby, the use of systemic enzyme therapy in     the treatment of cancer is well supported by experimental and clinical studies. 

  A significant increase in survival rates has been reported in pancreatic cancer   patients  when  given  high  doses of  porcine lyophilized pancreas.  In this study,                81 percent  of  the  patients survived one year,  45  percent  survived  2 years and              36 percent survived into the third year.

  These results are significantly above the 25 percent survival rate at one year and          10 percent survival rate at two years  for all stages of  pancreatic adenocarcinoma reported in the National Cancer Database. Also stress can have a detrimental effect on cancer outcome as well and here is the reason?

    Prolong stress elevates  such  chemicals as cortisol,  which,  in return,  reduces the number of white blood cells and cytokines and hinders the functioning of lymphocytes. When your exposed to stress,  the adrenal glands release  stress hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine.

    These  chemicals  increase heart rate,  blood pressure,  breathing rate;  dilate pupils, slows digestion, shuttles blood away from the digestive tract and to all working muscles, preparing to fight or flight. The hypothalamus, a part of our brain, also at the same time triggers a release of corticosteroids.

  In the short term, these chemicals combat inflammation, promote healing and initiate fat shortage  to your body to  fight off  the threat.  However,  when  this  stress  response doesn’t go away — as it sometimes does not with cancer — it can contribute great cause and effect to poor health.

   When stress persists as it does in most cancer patients, not only, will you feel sadness and depression, but also, physical symptoms such as head aches and other muscle aches and pains. The way you deal with stress…. can also make pain worse…. effect sleep and contribute to fatigue.

   Also the negative emotions that stem from stress can cloud your judgment, preventing you from making sound decisions about your care — and some of the other concerns that stressed you out in the first place.  A  startling 70 percent  of  all survivors report  feeling depressed, a full two years after their final treatment ( this is a fact  1  most get a handle on to heal.)


If you can’t afford to get ALL the supplements mentioned on the link above, just be sure you have Zinc (citrate) AND pancreatic or proteolytic enzymes, AND B15 (a.k.a: DMG) to take WITH the B17. Zinc is the “driver” for the B17, while B17 holds the key to unlock the cancer cell. B15 is like taking oxygen. Cancer can’t live on too much oxygen. Also take the highest dose of DMG recommended on the bottle….  I also studied what these pancreatic enzymes do, but it’s too much to put here. I’ll have to open a new tab for that. Either way, when Doctor Lloyd Schloen tested them with the Laetrile/B17, he had a 100 percent cure rate in his Swiss albino mice!  Zinc,  DMG  and the pancreatic enzymes  can  be  found at your local vitamin store or Whole Foods store.  I have personally consumed laetrile/B17 capsules and never had any ill effects …to bad they can only be found online.

So, here’s the list and dosage amounts that worked for me:

B17: 500mg twice a day.

B15 (DMG): highest dose recommended on the bottle.

Pancreatic Enzymes: take what the bottle recommends (some of my friends got horrible stomach aches from this, so be aware of that for yourself if you take this. When they quit taking these, they were fine).

Zinc Citrate: take one pill at any dose with the B17.

Two years ago,  in the Barron Report it was written  about the value of  antioxidants including berries, in your diet; because of  the benefits of the ellagic acid derived from them.  This  recommendation  was  based  on  work  being done at the Hollings Cancer Institute by Dr. Daniel Nixon,  who had been studying the benefits of  red raspberries   for some 6 years at that time. Since then, two things have changed dramatically.

   Also another affordable one might want to consider is WheatGrass that you can grow in your house all year longWheatgrass is low in calories, containing over 70 minerals and vitamins, hundreds of live enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, and is more than 85% protein by weight. Enjoy it in drinks and energy bars.

   One of the lowest calorie and most nutrient-rich foods in the world,  wheatgrass  has   long been revered for its ability to cleanse the body and stimulate a natural and healthy energy. Wheatgrass was enjoyed  for  beneficial health reasons  in  early  Mesoamerican  and  Egyptian civilizations  over  6,000 years ago.  The king of  the Babylonian  Empire,  known  for  his  strength  and  stamina,  had  a  strict  diet  including wheatgrass.

   Danny McDonald was diagnosed with stage 4 chronic stomach cancer when he          was 74 years old. McDonald was given only a few weeks to live. When McDonald’s doctors told him about the cancer treatments  they had planned for him,  they also admitted that he might not survive them.  Despite  his doctors’ dismay,  McDonald refused his doctors’ cancer regime and decided to use wheatgrass juice as his sole         cure instead.

  He started with a single ounce of wheatgrass every day and eventually upped            that amount sevenfold. McDonald claimed that he stopped feeling pain from his    stomach cancer within a week of drinking the wheatgrass, and then his stomach      cancer disappeared.

   McDonald said: “I know a lot of doctors think wheatgrass doesn’t have the          qualities to kill cancer, but I am living proof that it does. And although many          doctors won’t admit it publicly,  gradually  they are coming round  to see the             benefits of wheatgrass”.

  Research has shown this potent young grass shoot to contain roughly 70 percent chlorophyll, making it exceptionally alkaline, which helps the body eliminate toxins      and maintain a healthy pH balance.

  Also to date, studies have discovered over 200 different chemical constituents in the Barbadensis Miller variety of the Aloe Vera plant. Of the over 200 components identified, ONLY one in particular has proven to heavily boost the immune system,  as well as  fight cancer tumors.  There are over 500 manufacturers of Aloe Vera in this country, however, unfortunately only  3  (last time I checked)  currently  make this very specialized type  of Aloe Juice, whereby they isolate, extract and then concentrate this one ingredient, called mucopolysaccarides.  In this video…. it shows a man whom had full blow AIDS and liver Cancer. The cancer was so advanced that his liver was swollen four times its nomal size with a total of over 20 cancer tumors, one the size of a grapefruit.

  Learn the right balance of foods to maximize your health and energy level through      an anti-inflammatory eating plan. Vicky Newman, MS, RD, will provide practical tips for  controlling  your  weight,  maintaining  bone  strength,  and  reducing  the  risk  of common chronic diseases associated with aging.  Learn  about  foods  that support the body’s immune and detoxification systems, how to maintain a healthy (and happy) :)   gut, and balance your fats to support your health and well-being. 

Welcome to the Eat to Beat Cancer™ Initiative, which has catalyzed a movement to improve health through cancer-fighting foods. Based on the latest medical science, there are practical, healthy, and tasty food choices that can be made by you every day, at every meal, to incorporate cancer-fighting foods into your diet. Our research is showing that certain foods have properties that can starve the microscopic cancers that develop in our bodies all the time. These properties are based on the breakthrough approach of suppressing blood vessels that feed cancers, a process known as angiogenesis.

Physical activity

Should I exercise during cancer treatment and recovery?

Research strongly suggests that exercise is not only safe during cancer treatment, but it can also improve physical functioning and many aspects of quality of life. Moderate exercise has been shown to improve fatigue (extreme tiredness), anxiety, and self-esteem. It also helps heart and blood vessel fitness, muscle strength, and body composition (how much of your body is made up of fat, bone, or muscle).

People getting chemotherapy and radiation who already exercise may need to do so at a lower intensity and build up more slowly than people who are not getting cancer treatment. The main goal should be to stay as active as possible and slowly increase your level of activity over time after treatment.

Are there special precautions survivors should consider?

Certain issues for cancer survivors may prevent or affect their ability to exercise. Some effects of treatment may increase the risk for exercise-related problems. For instance:

  • People with severe anemia (low red blood cell counts) should delay activity until the anemia is better.
  • Those with weak immune systems should avoid public gyms and other public places until their white blood cell counts return to safe levels.
  • People getting radiation should avoid swimming pools because chlorine may irritate the skin at the treatment area.

If you were not active before diagnosis, you should start with low-intensity activities and then slowly increase your activity level. Certain people should use extra caution to reduce their risk of falls and injuries:

  • Older people
  • Those with bone disease (cancer in the bones or thinning bones, such as osteoporosis)
  • People with arthritis
  • Anyone with nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy)

Can regular exercise reduce the risk of cancer coming back?

This has not been looked at for all types of cancer, but there have been studies of survivors of breast, colorectal, prostate, and ovarian cancers. In these studies, people with higher levels of physical activity after diagnosis lived longer and had less chance of the cancer coming back. Still, more studies are needed to see if exercise has a direct effect on cancer growth.

In the meantime, since physical activity is known to prevent heart and blood vessel disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis, cancer survivors should try to have a physically active lifestyle.

Is yoga helpful to cancer survivors?

Most of the studies of yoga in cancer have been in breast cancer patients. They have found that yoga can be helpful in terms of anxiety, depression, distress, and stress. It didn’t seem to be as helpful for more physical outcomes, such as body composition, fitness, and muscle strength.

More research is needed, but to get the most benefit, it may be best to combine yoga with aerobic exercise and resistance (weight) training.

  In summary,  a predominately plant – based alkaline diet plus the HOPE Program, coupled with appropriate detoxification programs, good bowel elimination with colon hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, also high quality sleep  and  supplementation based on genomic testing and diagnostic testing. With moderate exercise, sun gazing and stress reduction with meditation.  Including psycho-emotional-spiritual reconnection — will      be beneficial in both prevention and as adjuvant therapies for cancer.

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Climb Every Mountain


   Hello this is Mallory Davenport and I would like to brief you “why this blog has come about.” In Sept. 2011 I was diagnosed with stage ll Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age    of 25.  I had just gotten married that April to my best friend and soul mate.  :)  My job     as an independent insurance adjuster  was going great,  I was making good money and traveling the U.S. SO Getting diagnosed with cancer was like being blindsided by a truck.
   I decided to do chemo in Fort Worth where I had my house at the time, since Jack and    I hadn’t been married that long and we worked on the road, I hadn’t officially moved into his house…. in Daphne, Al.  So I started chemo in Fort Worth, Texas in November 2011, the standard treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma (ABVD).  SO This is how my experience  began:  While arriving at my first chemo not knowing what in the world was going to happen to me.
   The One thought that still burns in my mind from my first chemo, Is when I went into the chemo room…. and as I picked out the chair…. I would sit in for the next few hours.  Something inside me yelled,   “Your body is too strong for this chemo,  it’s not going to work”. So I pushed that thought away and didn’t think about it again until my first PET scan, when I was told my cancer wasn’t responding like it should.
    I stayed inside for months, my blood counts were always low and I wasn’t allowed to    be around people, due to the risk of getting sick. I spent a lot of time in the bed with bone pain, and body aches. Some days I would go into my closet and cry out to God, “What did   I do?” “Why are you doing this to me?” “Why did you let me meet my soulmate to take it away from me, and are you going to let me die?”  I was also embarrassed that those words came out of my mouth, because it was me a year earlier that asked God to change my path and redirected to a more righteous path.
    Those weak moments where when I would questioned God’s plan — because I didn’t understand why this path… why me, why cancer? That answer came a year or so later, when the pieces started to fall together!!!
  When I went on to complete ABVD chemo in Fort Worth and they did a PET scan to see what was going on. The doctor I had in Fort Worth came in after my PET scan to tell me that my cancer had gotten more aggressive and there was nothing he could do for me, he was sending me to MD Anderson in Houston. After three rounds of in-patient ICE Chemo treatment.
  Having been told I had to go to MD Anderson, my thoughts told me to move to Houston next to MD Anderson for four months while being prepped and sent through a stem cell transplant, this was in July 2012. At this time, I have an idea of natural therapies and had randomly met people that had cured Hodgkins naturally. I wasn’t convinced I could heal anything naturally and continued on with conventional treatment. In October 2012, I was able to go home…. this time….. I would go home to Alabama. This is when I started to wake from my American slumber.
  While waking up from this rude awakening trying to figure out. Why in the world would I think I could be healed by poison being pumped into my body killing my immune system? Because I was told doctors are there to help you and studies have been done to prove the effects of chemo treatment are usually counter active… But it did the opposite for me, it made my cancer worse?
  After the chemo didn’t respond: I had also been told that I would have to wait 2 years for stem cell to see if I was in the clear. 2 years was their magic number…  two whole years is when most people relapsed.  I was never really in remission,   I went back over all my scans they all show activity under the left arm before stem cell and after. See chemo can not kill cancer stem cells, the stem cells protein is too hard to penetrate.
   They kill every other cell making it appear like the cancer is shrinking,  when actually    the cancer stem cells are creating their own food supply and blood line, like a little tumor village (what I like to call it). The immune system can not see or detect these cancer cells, they are rouge and go unnoticed. During the “two years” they had time to grow and build back up their little tumor village under my left arm, it wasn’t a lot of growth but enough to make the MD Anderson team want to poke at it.
  At this point I was sick of being poked, had PTSD everytime I crossed the Texas border headed for MD Anderson. They had drilled into my hip bones six times within a year for bone marrow biopsies. They don’t put you out while their drilling into your bones,  your wide awake and can feel it. All my other biopsy had been taken in 15 mins intervals at the most. I was becoming a pro at this! And this last one was different, I passed out from the pain and threw up…. as this pain was excoriating. As all my cancer buddies kept asking why I had so many bone marrow biopsies.
  I have never had any traces of cancer in my blood or marrow, so I wasn’t really sure why   I had so many. I just did what ever the doctors wanted without questioning anything. I didn’t want to go back after that biopsy and I wouldn’t have gone back but my mom and mother in law knew that my stem cell team wanted to do another biopsy on my tumor (that was barely there), I was weak and gave in.
   May 2014, This was my 3rd biopsy on this one spot, usually I was in and out and awake through the entire procedure. I liked watching the needle go in and puncture the small node, it was fascinating. Fascinating and horrible because I was like an experiment! The node was so small and so hard that the needle couldn’t penetrate it, for 30 minutes they dug around in my under arm trying to chase down a small lymph node not big enough to biopsy.
   From my own vantage point …through the eye of an Alabama hurricane… this is what happens when you penetrate the thick protein of a cancer cell. When the needle is removed it leaves an open hole in the cell wall allowing the cancer to spread. Going through years of chemo and a transplant doesn’t leave much of an immune system to fight off anything. The tumor that I could feel at the time of the biopsy was the size of  two quarters by June 2014. My granddad died of chemo toxicity on June 28th, thats when I kicked it into gear. I blew up on the doctors.
  I knew from my granddad’s experience what had happen was wrong and he was healthy before he started chemo and radiation, he was only in his 70s.  I also remember being in    a room with my Mom, Aunt, and my brother, the doctors came in to explain what would happen next and that he would slowly die. I knew what was going to happen I had went through it with my granddad!!!
   They had blasted him with so much radiation and chemo in such a short time it shut his body down, one organ at a time. My mother and brother had not seen this side of me before, I was always the shy little country girl. That shy girl I once was left that one day, never to return. I left that day and didn’t go back to the hospital, Granddaddy had chemo before he went into cardiac arrest, so I knew that on the third day after his chemo that the organs would shut down because thats when chemo hits the hardest.
  Before I go any further some of you will get upset and think I’m anti-doctor…. blah – blah, I don’t care what other people chose to think and do. That is their choice not mine.     I have friends that did well on chemo and are healthy and happy, and I’m grateful for that. I wish my body could have handle chemo and treatment that way, but not everybody’s body is created the same.
  We have different individually with different blood types, some of us may have weaker immune system than others. Are bodies are all different, thats what makes “studies” “group studies” have no meaning to me. Also the “studies” only follow the patient two years at the most. There is that special number again “two years”! My clinical trail study only went 60 days post transplant, but what about the here and now? The clinical trial failed may also fail after their 60 day window!!!!
  Also do you know how a PET scan works? It uses glucose to feed the active areas of cancer so they can see it on a scan, telling them where the cancer is. They know that cancers lives off sugar, if they didn’t there wouldn’t be a PET scan. Do you know that every body has cancer cells in their bodies thousands each day, our immune systems in their natural healthy state fight them off.
  After all these trials and tribulations of life they had forced me through during this “two years.” I began researching and studying until I couldn’t see straight and knew the path that I wanted to take. I began realizing that every body has cancer cells in their bodies 1000x’s each day and for the most part our immune systems in their natural healthy state fight them off. Its when our bodies get bogged down by life, food, and stress that our bodies immune system… won’t preform like they should. Which gives cancer a wonderful breeding environment to grow and thrive!
  At this point I started wondering why if the  the immune system being so important for our survival.  Why are these doctors so determined to attack and damage it with poison or radiation.  Some people will tell you, they know what they are doing they are killing the cancer with the poison and radiation. So if this is true why are we killing the cancer with the body, but we haven’t even addressed what caused the cancer???
  With all that said I have just written I am faced with fighting Hodgkin’s and I decided after failed conventional treatment that fighting it naturally is my best option. There is no easy cure, it takes a commitment to make a lifestyle change for a healthier mind and body. Every day is a new battle, our bodies are all different, you have to find your own balance and learn your body…. SO  If we create a healthy environment and take the time to work on ourselves it creates a better body to fight off cancer and diseases.

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I am delighted to share with you the inspirational Darryl Anne Mooney, who is currently healing herself from cancer after walking out of hospital…. When she was due to have a double mastectomy and choosing to research a totally natural non invasive route to healing this disease by healing within first.

Darryl now knows cancer was a blessing in disguise as she has healed everything that needed healing in her life

She has set up a charity ‘Orange Awareness Campaign’ to support, inspire and help others with cancer in healing the natural way

My incredible charity! For Women to be given choice in treatment. To heal naturally!       To wear orange! Global multimillion pound charity helping heal women all around the world…. I have a dream …. it will come true  💕

We may have good times and bad times. We may feel up or down. We may get our dream job, loose our job, go on our dream holiday, be made homeless, be surrounded by family, be alone, be abundant, be abused, abuse ourselves, be broken by money, life, love or we may have a baby, get married or separated, or divorced! Feel like a failure! have a loved one die.

Life is not one moment or one emotion! It’s a JOURNEY. Broken up into many many chapters. It’s not about being right or wrong or perfect!

So remember not to get lost somewhere along the way, or sit down for too long at one place or get stuck in it all as that’s not what God intended this to be about.

It’s not about numbing our brain or mind cause we can’t cope or face life! Wake up!    Detox your body mind spirit! Be brave! Get the junk out of your trunk! Kick your ass        out of Shitsville Tennessee. Find heaven on earth! There’s room for everyone!                         The choice is yours!

Do not wait for someone else to rescue you! Do it yourself!

Be in the flow constantly! Most importantly through out the journey always be YOU!         Or remember who you are!!

If you wake up in that place of torment and think..  Holy guacamole!!  Where am I?        What am I doing? How long have I been here? Who the fooooook am I? Sound familiar? Ha ha!

If you do find yourself there! Be gentle with yourself! The most important thing is to love ourselves! Be our best friends.  Laugh  about  everything!!! I have found the humour in my tumour! I celebrate my life no matter what!! Whether you are sick, dying, depressed, stuck in a rut! Don’t wake up each day in anger, resentment, fear. Find love! It’s always there!


I am so blessed to be in the flow of my life my body my mind my spirit! My soul is on purpose and that is my compass that steers me through every storm and dark night that     I have experienced on my journey which is all of the above.

The wonderful thing about life is we are always safe and never alone even though we may think that’s it most certainly is not the case. WE CAN ALWAYS CHANGE HOW WE ARE FEELING AT ANY TIME!!

Trust in life trust in you! Believe in yourself! Believe in God and that all your prayers are answered.  Don’t abandon you!  Don’t slag yourself off  and  put yourself down!  Honour yourself! Say yes! I am amazing!! Say yes I love myself! Say yes I am beautiful! Yes I am successful.

You are stronger than you think!! Try harder! Stop feeling sorry for yourself! Go for Gold! Take responsibility! It’s your life! Your choices! Be amazing you! Dig deep! If you’ve lost it then go find it! It’s ok!

That’s the adventure! That’s life! When I have been lost many many times it has always been Gods gentle voice that calms me while the Angels light up and guide my way. Life is    a miracle! We are all miracles! We are all loved and blessed!

Have FAITH that there is a reason for EVERYTHING! Choose to see it and find it! Don’t leave this wonderful planet without ever truly jumping for joy or joining in!

Don’t sit on the fence or observe everyone else having fun! Or Connecting! dive in! Stop worrying! Feel alive!

Who cares what others think or says! What do you think? How do you feel? Get up on that dance floor and dance like nobody is watching! Feel the wind in your hair and sun in your face!

Don’t listen to fears listen to your heart your soul your inner feelings! Have faith! Wake up and find that joy and gratitude in every moment! We don’t need pills or drink to get us there. Be proud stand tall be raw be authentic!

Happiness comes from within. Have faith that life is beautiful life is kind life is love life     is success life is healthy life is a loving family life is amazing friends and holidays life is compassion life is fun life is peace life is being supported and loved life is helping others making a positive difference life is full of everything you ever dreamed or imagined you just have to open up and receive it!

If you believe it you will achieve it! I believe in it all. I believe we can all do what we would like to. Make today that day you have been putting off!

Make today the day you choose to walk into the garden of change of hope the garden of self love ~ self worth. the garden of Your DREAMS not everyone else’s!! Find your dreams! DREAM BIGGER :)

Where ever you are in your path…remember if you love yourself and you are your best friend then everything is going to be more that just fine it’s going to rock to the very top! Find your peace from your broken pieces of darkness. If you don’t like it then change it!

Do you want to sit in the cold dark basement? Or join me on the top? the penthouse         for cocktails (served by very gorgeous half dressed waiters) and gaze out on my 360* panoramic view to watch the sunset, to celebrate our achievements?

It’s all our beautiful choice. That’s the gift God gave us ALL. Free will and choice!            Use it wisely! See you soon love you All 💕 I LOVE MY LIFE

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He Giveth More Grace

Do not fret— it only causes harm —Psalm 37:8

I have become a huge believer that stress can make us sick.  I know it can cause cancer, and I believe this is what happened to me.  I lived under prolonged stress for several years.  And then I had an extremely stressful  ‘trigger’  that made my cancer grow out of control.  I fully believe this is why my belly grew so quickly in such a short amount of time.  Let me explain.

One year ago yesterday, we received a notice from our landlord that we had to move out    of our rental.  He wanted to move his family into the home.  Moving again, something we had done so much the previous year.  We had six different homes in six months.  This was the most difficult thing I had ever gone through in my entire life,  even harder than being diagnosed with cancer.  Those moves took a physical toll on my body.  I was living in a mix of trusting Jesus, but inside a deep sadness and weariness had manifested itself.  I was not walking in the joy of the Lord.  However,  despite all the negative emotions…. I was going through, God used this most difficult trial to strengthen my faith, to deepen my walk with Him.  It was an extremely trying… but necessary… teaching period in our lives… mine in particular.

We had finally found a house, a place to call home after all those moves, for one year,     and we loved it.   We made it ours, as much ‘ours’ as a rental can be!  We painted the interior, planted flowers and a vegetable garden, made friends with all the neighbors.     Our children had a dog walking business.  It was a wonderful year.  We made a home     for ourselves.  So when we received the notice that we had to move —  my mind also  immediately raced to the thought of moving again, and again, and again. It was all           I focused on, and the memories had come flooding back to my mind.  I can’t do this again!  These feelings were so real, so disturbing to my mind and body.  That I was overwhelmed.  If  you  were  with  me  at  that  moment,  you  would  have  thought somebody had died, I was that traumatized.

Stress, prolonged and extreme stress, causes harm to our bodies Two months after this moment, my belly started to grow at an alarming rate.  Could this be why God tells us not to fret, to not worry, to trust Him, believe Him, and have faith in Him?  He knows the consequences, and He has forewarned us.  We can do everything right — eat nutritious food, exercise, etc. — but we can undo everything ‘good’ if we live stressful lives.  And this was me.  I lived in the fear of the future, which caused great stress on my body.   God tells us to not worry about tomorrow…”Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life…Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  Matthew 26:25,34   I believe if we are seeking God for our lives and He sees something in us that is not of Him, living a way that is contrary to His word, He will bring whatever it is to surface, and sometimes with great trials.  He was doing that to me.  And I love Him for it.

This moving notice was a pivotal point in my relationship with God, in learning to fully trust Him.  The grief I experienced that day was very real, but by the grace of God it was short-lived.  Day to day, God kept reminding us of all He had brought us through, and His presence was very real in our family, and the fear of moving again slowly faded away.

How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings. Psalm 36:7       And we did ~

Before I go back into my cancer journey, I want to share a little bit about how God was showing us how very real He is.  I find it absolutely wonderful when He answers the little prayers,  the  small  desires  of  our  hearts,  or the fleeting thoughts  that  go through our minds.  Over and over He was showing me He was right there with us, that we were in His perfect will and that He was going to direct our steps.  That we didn’t have to worry!  We even became excited for what He was about to do!

The days progressed after we received our notice to move, and we trusted God completely  we were going to be okay.  I love how God gave me this little faith-building nugget because I figured,  if He cares so much for these little details, how much more does. He care for the big ones in our lives?  He cares about it all!

We had two days before we had to move out, and we wanted to be sure to leave the home nice for the family moving in, and the lawn needed mowing. I love mowing the lawn and making the yard look nice.  It was getting late and the sun would not be out much longer.  My intentions were to mow and then weedwack the perimeter of the lawn.  But time was getting short, the sun would be going down.  Would I have enough time?  I really wanted to do it, but I was finding excuses not to weedwack. I thought, “Well, I will see when I finish mowing.”

About five minutes after this thought, I looked up and across the street was a man I had never met before.  He was outside weed wacking  his yard, and he was trying to get my attention, waving his weed wacker at me.  I turned off the lawn mower and walked a little closer.  He asked, “Are you going to weed wack out here (outside the gate)?”.  “Well, yes, I hoped to.” I replied.  “I’ll do it for you!” he shouted.  And away he went without any further conversation!  And it is a big job, a large yard!  I was so very grateful and just full of praise to my Father in heaven  who knows every little and big thing,  and He cares about all the details in our lives.  He sent this stranger to weed wack the yard!  He covered that, and He will cover everything.

I will always remember this story.  I didn’t pray for this.  I didn’t desire it.  It was just simply a fleeting thought about possibly not weedwacking.  And God knew.  Do we have   to worry about anything?   A home?   Food on the table?  Our clothes?   A job?  Cancer?     The answer is no.  Is there pain involved  in this life?  Yes.  We will all have tribulation,  but thankfully, God has overcome it all.  He is able and abundantly faithful.  Oh, how I  love Him!


Bernadette Fernandez :)

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