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Do you know you are a Champion 🙂

     Rise and Shine! How many of us have heard this phrase from our parents when we    were in our younger years? But oh how we have spent our growing years forgetting it.
Now we just rise and hide. Hiding in the shadows of our fears. This is a shame and       should be considered a crime to our human dignity. We avoid taking risks, we avoid speaking our minds, we avoid showing our vulnerability, we avoid showing a love or passion for something and we avoid being seen as a person who doesn‘t know everything.

   A Champion has a sacred agreement within themselves, deep down, that will not allow them to give up on something that they truly feel connected or drawn to. Do you have that agreement with yourself? I love Howard Thurman’s thought on this matter: “The spirit of  a human being is not easily vanquished. It is fragile and tough. You may fail again and again and yet something will not let you give up”. -Howard Thurman

   Do something fun that expands your mind and touches your spirit. Live! Many assume that they can’t enjoy themselves until they get the success they are pursuing. What if you don’t get there? What if time runs out? Would you call yourself a failure then?
   Nonsense! You are already successful if you are in route and pursuit towards something of a worthy cause that you have a deliberate expectation for and are taking action upon. Get that ancient concept out of your mind that you are not a success until you do a, b, or c due to the norm or status quo of what the majority thinks. Believe the Champion in You! -Adrian Starks

   This is called hiding! You may rise but the shine is absent. Champion Up to rise to get your shine on! Don’t be afraid of you, the light you bring. Plato said that “we can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark but the real tragedy of life is when men or women are afraid of the light”. Don’t be afraid. Believe the Champion in You! -Adrian Starks

Don’t pass up on opportunities! We all want it to be the perfect time or the ideal situation. Listen up, it will never be! Things are always changing so if you miss this opportunity,  trust me, there may not and probably will not be another one like that one. There is a saying that one cannot not step in the same river twice. Why? Well that river is constantly flowing and that river believe it or not has moved on although the water may look the same to you. Take on your moment of opportunities and don’t back away from that river. That one step in right then and there could land you upon a golden moment  and a diamond opportunity. Believe the Champion in You! -Adrian Starks

   Life has challenged you, it has taken jabs at you and at times it has blindsided you knocking you down for the count. There is something that keeps you from staying down. What is that? It’s you!! Yes, Champion is flowing through your blood. The sky is not the limit because man has walked on the moon. If you limit your thinking then you limit your achievements. -Adrian Starks
As Maya Angelou would say” you will face many defeats in life but let yourself not be defeated”.

  Surrender. Don’t hold yourself hostage any longer. It’s time to stop beating yourself up with the repetitive internal dialogue of “I’m just not qualified or good enough”. This goes for personal,  business and financial.  You are always qualified.  But the excuses will automatically disqualify you.  We seem to find the excuses for what we can’t do all while losing the reasons to search for what we can do.

We all want a better life, better relationships, more money, to be happier and more options. Nothing wrong with that. But life wants something from you. A different result. How do we get different results? To change whatever we are doing that is not working.  You don’t have to quit. No! But be flexible to adjust and bend with the challenging winds.

Surrender to the powerful you. Doubt is not you. Anger is not you. Pain is not you. Creativity is you. Change is you. Winning is you. Get up! Attempt something from a different perspective. There is nothing holding you back except you. Make a move.    Believe the Champion in You. -Adrian Starks

Get back into the ring of your life because you are the Champion. Take one day and    one jab at a time  and you will find yourself standing victorious no matter what life brings. You are the greatest Champion to ever live.  Keep smiling because you are already winning. “Believe in the Champion in you”. ~Adrian Starks

Change this phrase. “This person makes me happy”. Replace it with “they provide or share more happiness or excitement in my life”. I had to learn this. If someone can make you happy, they can also make you sad, make you angry, make you upset and the list goes on. You are not clay. Don’t let anyone mold or make you into anything you don’t want. Can I get a yes! Appreciate people for what they can provide because provide means you “allow” it into your personal space. You are too much of an extraordinary creation to let someone have complete control of how you feel. Believe the Champion in You!-Adrian Starks

   Instead of being someone’s doormat, become the door! Do not let them walk over your visions and how you feel about yourself and where you are wanting to go. Decide who you open up to and let into your personal space. Stand guard.

Stay strong Champions. Do not let the darkness in this world back you into a corner to be afraid of life. Your light is far more powerful. Stand your ground through the storms of your deepest fears. The human spirit is fragile but also tough. Nothing can take that away.

   This is your life. You only get one to live and there are no refunds. Don’t waste time.
  Everyday is another day to make some key changes that will get you going in a better and a more fitting direction. Your life won’t change overnight. Stay involved and keep your resilience. You don’t get out of life what you have or how fast you think you should get it. You get from it what you are and are willing to give. Stay patient and stay active.  Live it now. Believe the Champion in You. -Adrian Starks
    Don’t waste your time and energy on the things or people that bring you negativity. There are too many positive things out here in the world to experience and very little time to see it all. The clock ticks the same for everyone and plays no favoritism. You can’t rewind it back and you certainly can’t stop it! It’s on you! Time is your investment. Don’t misspend it. Believe the Champion in You. -Adrian Starks
    Have Patience. Every Champion who has accomplished anything greater than the ordinary had to learn how to accept the word of patience. Achieving greater things in your powerful life is not determined by being perfect or having the least amount of mistakes. No it’s about a willingness to keep working towards what you feel you truly want and so rightfully deserve. This gives you your heartbeat! Stay in it to win it. Believe the Champion in You! -Adrian Starks
    There is an ancient story of a deer that rejected and condemned his small legs and irregular shaped hooves. But oh he loved his antlers! They were impressive. When a hunter came for him, the legs and feet that the deer condemned so much, gave him speed to get away only to find himself getting stuck in a bush nearby. His much loved horns trapped him in that bush and he was not able to get away. Be careful not to condemn the very parts of you that can actually set you “free” and away from the crowd. Appreciate all that you have! Life loves variety and there is nothing wrong with you. You were born in a unique way for winning. Believe the Champion in You! -Adrian Starks
    Choose destiny instead of fate. One is based on courage and the other on fear. One is based on reason and the other on excuse. One     is based on getting back up and the other on staying down. One is based on making a choice to live and the other on just hoping not to die. Everyday you awake you must Champion Up to life! Life has no favorites and it will allow you to choose how you live or it will choose for you. What matters is not how long we live but how we choose to live our best lives with each awakening day that life lends to us. Don’t hide your unique gifts any longer. Be more intentional about how you bring out the best parts of you each day. Believe the Champion in You! -Adrian Starks

    You should never let the word “impossible” resonate with you. Don’t even accept it into your treasures of self building vocabulary. It doesn’t belong there because it will only erode your self esteem leading you down the slippery slopes to join those who were unwilling to keep climbing until they make it!   You are always possible.  Don’t shy away from an attempt just because it didn’t work for someone else. Never let anyone casually deny you  of your purpose and ability to do what they were unwilling to do or continue trying until they saw better results. This is your life but you will need to own it and claim your space. Believe the Champion in You! -Adrian Starks

“Put a ding in the Universe”. Powerful phrase spoken by the Champion Steve Jobs. Here is a man who left a legacy by changing the world with the iPhone. No offense to the android users out there. But think about what you could do with a powerful idea or vision that you can throw your whole self into. I am sure you can create a ding out here in the Universe as well. Today there are over 715 million iPhone users because Steve knew a phone could be improved and was willing to do what others said would be impossible.

Steve Jobs did not care about the doubts and opinions from others as he dared to be extra-ordinary. He had a vision and belief in himself. Dare to do the same. Dare to be different. Dare to be misunderstood because you are unwilling to be a chameleon blending in to everyone and everything. Dare to find your passion in something. Dare to pursue it! Each day you have another opportunity to put your own personal ding out here in the world! Everyone wants greatness and there is nothing wrong with that. But to be great you must first seek the truth. What is your truth? Steve knew his. Believe the Champion in You. -Adrian Starks

    Faith is that inner power that we must all draw upon whether we face an opposition or opportunity. It can help us to overcome as well    as help us to accomplish. It’s a powerful gift that we all have inherited and a tool we must use daily. (F)inding (A)nswers (I)n (T)he (H)eart. Martin Luther King Jr. said that “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”. Now that’s power!  Have the courage to listen to yourself. You can do this! Believe the Champion in You! -Adrian Starks
If a Caterpillar could dream of becoming a butterfly then what could you dream of becoming. Dreams are within us but we need to learn to look inside ourselves and believe that there is a gift of beauty to be revealed to the world.
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Mother Earth is a Living Thing

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  This summer was the worst summer for hurricanes since The Summer 0f 1933. Prompting many to flee their homes with disrupted lives.  When You Don’t Love Mother Earth — She Will Fight Back.
AS I had many members in our Facebook group ask me, “do you believe in global warming?”
In the year of 1960, the world population was over 3 billion people.
In 2017, the present world population is close to 7.6 billion people.
With this growth comes more pollution and disease
Positive energy flows so brightly when you drink and eat life giving foods…
SO drink your produce daily and watch your energy shift ☀ 
❤❤❤ L ҉ O ҉ V ҉ E ҉ ❤ ◕‿◕ (¯`´¯)                                                       ✿✿✿
Hello ~ Oh, a Beautiful Day for all ~❤❤❤
`*.¸.*´ ¸.•°*” and Good Morning Friends ◄▬▬█▓▒░ (¯`´¯)
¸.•••´.¸POSITIVE ATTITUDE ¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•… ¤°´`°¤,¸.•*´ ◕‿◕
(¤°´`°¤,¸.•*´ ◕‿◕✿)(¯`*•.¸,¤°´`°¤,¸.•*´¯).˜˜”*°• ~ ◕‿◕ ~*

Never ever will I STOP  Speaking the “TRUTH”

   So with that said and with the natural cooling unit for the equator “Our Rain Forest”         be depleted massively every year. I can see more frequent summers like the one we had this summer.  In the new film called Prosperity,  you can learn the ways in which companies are changing the game in order to change our world. Will “business as usual” take our planet and civilization down the road to complete destruction?
  THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money trail upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future. 
  Spiritual energy is no less real than any other energy, like electricity for example, but is vastly more important. Spiritual energy is prana (also known as “universal life force” or “qi”) carried by pure love.Information in this video is from Christopher Wallis, also known as Hareesh, who was introduced to Indian spirituality at the age of seven and initiated into the practice of yogic meditation at sixteen.
Published on Aug 3, 2017

**Full documentary**
An eye opener journey through the theory of Hassim Haramein and how everything in    the universe is connected to us and vice versa. New sources of free energy for human kind, space travel, gravitational fields.  An unfolding future is upon us. How are we going to deal with it? 

Overview of energy drainers:

1. Exhaustion due to over doing/multi-tasking 2. Disease of the physical body                      3. Excess emotional reactivity 4. Losing contact with Presence through thought or     fantasy  5. Strongly held beliefs or opinions  6. Unclear relationships/and unclear boundaries 7. Unconscious/excessive speech.

The planet Earth is a living, conscious being, like us humans. This means that Mother Earth also has subtle bodies in and around her physical body, as we have.  The Earth       has meridians and nadi’s in and around her body,  which are channels through which      life energy (also called: Prana, Chi, or Ki) flows.

These are not only perceived by psychically gifted people, but they are also measured        as electromagnetic fields with scientific devices,  by Earth energy researchers,  just as      the human subtle energy systems can be measured in a scientific way.

Through the centuries, seeers and channels all over the world have predicted that the Earth would go through tremendously cataclysmic changes in our time, as a release process that would serve her healing.

The Earth will go through changes, but not in a way as dramatic as has been predicted. This is not necessary. Because we, human beings are also very well able to heal her, with our intention, with our thoughts and most of all with our Unconditional Love.

On a subtle energetic level we can greatly influence the Earth in a positive way by pouring our love into the electromagnetic life energy grids of the Earth, that can be visualized as crystalline, geometric patterns of light. This is how many clairvoyants see the grids in and around Earth.

We, humans, also have crystalline, geometric energy field around us which are very similar to those of the Earth and which also have been measured with the Molecular Emission Scanner.

The basic geometry of the Earth’s and our electromagnetic and life energy fields is the sum of the five Platonic Solids : the tetrahedron, the cube, the octahedron, the dodecahedron and the icosahedron known from sacred geometry.

The Earth and we also have three sets of interlocked tetrahedronal fields (three so-called star tetrahedrons) around us, which, when spinning and combined with an ancient, special form of breathing, form the basis of the Earth’s and our vortex-like Light Vehicle which is known as the Mer – Ka – Ba (or Merkabah).

For the Earth these line patterns, that are forming the Platonic Solids, are projected on the Earth’s surface.

Surrounding the Earth in the ionosphere at an altitude of 60 miles (ca. 90 kms) is a similar geometric energy field called the Christ Consciousness Grid, which, like our own Universal Heart Centre, represents our next level of evolution.

Through this we are developing, in fact re-membering, a Light Vehicle which is meant to step up our presently dense material energy and consciousness to a higher reality level, octave or dimension.

Dan Winter points out that the geometry of our DNA molecules (the information storage banks in our cells) is similar to and resonates with the Earth energy grids. Our DNA as well as the Earth’s grids are being activated and are evolving into a twelve-strand pattern.

This process is called Ascension and is part of our spiritual evolution beyond space and time, through the dimensions back to Source. We can consciously connect directly to Source and ground its energy into the Earth.

Healing means working on ourselves and assisting others and the Earth to become whole and fully concious and realized beings. In fact, it is spiritual growth.

Healing of the Earth and ourselves are deeply interwoven. When we heal the Earth we automatically heal ourselves and vise versa.

In meditation, we are connecting our personal grids of Light with the grids of the Earth and of the Universe to strengthen our feeling of cocreatorship, because we are part of the grids of Light.

Further, in the same meditation, we are allow ourselves, to be sent down our root           into the Earth, to the centre of the heart crystal of the Earth.

Inside this crystal there are many chambers. The central chamber, the inner sanctuary, opens up to us, to embrace the Earth and the Earth to embracing us. In one great infinitely big hug- Golden lines of energy of Unconditional Universal Love connect our etheric with the variuous grids of consciousness of Mother Earth.

In the new time, Mother Earth and we- are plugged in again, into these long-forgotten, other levels of consciousness, through the activation of the heart crystal of the Earth, through the photonic belt radiation.

The spiritual worlds that we knew from our ancient scriptures are becoming real and   alive again.

And the Mahatma energy, (a silver-golden beam of Love and Compassion) stream through all our cells and through the spirals of our DNA. It dissolves everything that seemingly blocks us on our way to perfection.

While this purification takes place, the crystalline Light Body of the Earth and ours will become visible. Pure clean energy is coming back to us; it connects our heart and the heart of the Earth with our body on the surface of the planet.

Today, there are many local and world-wide Earth healing and Earth Ascension activation projects. In this project, 6 feet (1.80 m) high brass geometric structures.  Each carrying a large quartz crystal, are placed at certain points of the Earth, on the heart meridian, as the Earthgates, to assist the planet in her healing and Ascension.

The thirteen points of the heart meridian are connected to corresponding (groups of) stars in the sky. The meridian’s induction points communicate with the heart, the inner core of the Earth, which geophysicists have found to be a huge dodecahedron-shaped iron crystal.

The Earthgates remove the energies of human pain and suffering from the Earth, after which these are transmuted into Pure Light by angelic beings in the ionosphere, the atmospheric layer in which the Christ Consciousness Grid is located.

The Earthgates bring the high-frequency energies of Unconditional Love coming from    the stars into the heart of Mother Earth.

From her heart she will raise the frequency of her matter, ascending it into the next dimension. This ascension in fact is a merging of dimensions here and now, it is not     some upward movement.

Everywhere Earth healers are active and are linking worldwide, by allowing this energy completely permeate their being.

Earth Energies and Earth Healing
Dr. Saskia Bosman

Preview  Shocking Evidence Why So Many Hurricanes (2017 – 2018)

Shocking Evidence Why So Many Hurricanes (2017 – 2018)
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Mind 0ver Whassup

Recently during my boycott watching the Neatherthal Football League and watching all that showboating that league portrays after a meaningless quick six.  I spend pretty much every weekend been watching (super dyslexic) hours and hours of “stuff” about quantum, form quantum biology to astro physics …. there are some good ones around  (humans in the universe. So this is my brief history lesson to the NFL Football Players that are recent college dropouts and I feel it right to have more white players playing in the NFL to make it racially right  🙂

If you suppose other human beings “football players” feel the way you do.  I feel, that I   can voice my opinion and a stance to call them out and urge them to stand during our National Anthem for  the LVPD and First Responders that saved lives!!

It’s my opinion today at 57 years old that all a NFL Football Player does is score a meaningless touchdown in a meaningless game for the betterment of what!!!   🙁

I’m seeing a lot of talk about the national anthem and it seems there’s some clarification needed regarding the term  “slave”  during the battle of Baltimore and is not what our nation’s confused football players think.

“SLAVE, noun…

1. A person who is wholly subject to the will of another; one who has no will of his own,  but whose person and services are wholly under the control of another. In the early state  of the world, and to this day among some barbarous nations, * PRISONERS OF WAR * are considered and treated as slaves. The slaves of modern times are also more generally purchased, like horses and oxen”

In the star spangled banner Francis Scott Key was referring to PRISONERS OF WAR.  This was one of the reasons for a battle in the war of 1812.

On September 3, 1814, Francis Scott Key was asked to help secure the release of his friend and slave Dr. William Beanes,  a military doctor who had been captured by British troops and was being held prisoner on British military ships in the Chesapeake Bay. Accompanied by John Stuart Skinner, a prisoner exchange officer, these are the “slaves” Key is referring to …they were Prisoners of war being held captive on the ship.

Key sailed toward the British fleet gathering in the Chesapeake Bay, little knowing that the harbor would become a battleground in a matter of days. Key and Skinner were eventually successful in convincing the British to release the doctor. Unfortunately, during the time that Key, Skinner, and Beane were aboard the ship, they overheard important strategic discussions about an upcoming attack on Fort McHenry and Baltimore. In order to keep this information safe, the British officers sent the Americans back to their vessel with a guard of British troops to prevent them from going ashore. They were not to be released until the attack on Baltimore was over.

Can someone let our nation’s football players know?

I hope this helps clear things up and helps heal some hearts.

United We Stand

Have a listen. Still one of the best. Enjoy!

Preview  Whitney Houston – Star Spangled Banner

Being It is What It Is And That Said:
  Some of these video may not seem totally irrelevant to you
but they give foundational knowledge, suggest watching in order:

Are Space and Time An Illusion? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

The Geometry of Causality | Space Time

The Quantum Experiment that Broke Reality | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

Quantum Biology: An Introduction

Quantum Biology: The Hidden Nature of Nature

Consciousness: Explored and Explained

The Mind After Midnight: Where Do You Go When You Go to Sleep?

Rebooting the Cosmos: Is the Universe the Ultimate Computer?

 You may think that’s almost as silly as watching a chiropractor making adjustments on a turtle: 
But this is a magnet for me lately and I am highly attracted to quantum biology to astro physics!!!

  To quote a stand-up comedian Pete Holmes on laymen explaining Magic acts: “I don’t understand magnets… and I don’t understand this… this is magnets!”The writer watched some Big Bang theory for well-known physics concepts, mashed in some Deepak Chopra, and ensured all the relevant sentences are phrased as questions.

Be warned it is a difficult read, not because of complicated concepts (there are many mentioned, but they are certainly not examined), but because of lack of any cohesive or binding logic between the smattering of phrases.

 Is said when we turn fifty your life you had known turns on you… sports become irrelevant because professional athletes display ignorance by kneeling on the side line during our National Anthem. A sure sign of disrespect for those that have served our country and sacrificed their own life. You also began to realize that Big market teams. . .  can out spend the smaller markets  all for the sake of advertising dollar is such a waste of time.  So what’s the point of building 1.5 billion dollar stadiums better than yours. Yes as we grow older we grow angry because of what we perceived  life to be and       that may indeed be the cause to dis~ease  :'(
What I am learning since NOT watching a bunch of losers play football on a Sunday Afternoon:
People are Awesome when you set your mind to doing something you can do it!
Just five years ago today October 14, 2012, Felix Baumgartner ascended more than 24 miles above Earth’s surface to the edge of space in a stratospheric balloon. Millions across the globe watched as he opened the door of the capsule, stepped off the platform, and broke the speed of sound while free falling safely back to Earth. Felix set three world records that day—and inspired us all to reach beyond the limits    of our own realities, and reimagine our potential to achieve the incredible.

GoPro was honored to be a part of this epic achievement, with seven HERO2 cameras documenting every moment. From the airless freeze of outer space, to the record-breaking free fall and momentous return to ground—see it all through Felix’s eyes as captured by GoPro, and experience this incredible mission like never before. No one gets you closer than this.

Also When I think about the survival mechanism in of all us. I think about how a pet can become lost 30 miles away from its owner but find its way back home through this article.

The Amazing Science Behind Pets That Find Their Way Home

Nov 09, 2015

A pity you can’t ask a dog for the shortest route home when you’re lost—or a cat or a seabird or a tortoise or a dung beetle, for that matter. Because if you could ask any of  them how to get pretty much anywhere, odds are they’d know a lot more than you think.

Animal navigation has long been something of a black box for scientists. The mystery of how nonhumans—without benefit of maps,  language or GPS—manage to find their way from place to place, often over very great distances,  presented itself anew recently when    a dog walked 11 miles from its new home to return to a former foster owner. The feat was especially remarkable because the dog had been taken to its new location by car and had  to find its way back on foot—meaning it hadn’t had a chance to learn the route.

Even more impressive was the 2013 tale of the geolocating cat that had been lost and found its way home after a journey of two months and 200 miles. So how do animals manage such prodigious—and precise—feats of travel?

The kind of natural map any animal follows depends largely on the species. As TIME      has reported,  seabirds are believed to steer mostly by the sun and the stars,  since if the animals are ever going to get lost, it tends to happen when the skies are overcast. The same is true of the unglamorous dung beetle. While naturalists have not extensively tracked the species’ perambulations in the wild, they’ve studied them in—yes—planetariums. As long as the artificial Milky Way was in view, the beetle and its dung ball rolled right along. Throw the switch and change the stars, however, and the little critter was completely flummoxed.

Many more animals navigate via magnetism—orienting themselves along the north-   south lines of Earth’s magnetic fields. In one study of baby sea sea turtles, which typically migrate east after hatching,  changing the orientation  of  magnetic generators around a swimming pool changed the direction in which the hatchlings swam too.  Pigeons were thought to navigate the same way, especially since they have cells in their beaks that are heavy in iron. Later studies, however, found that those cells were related to the immune system, not navigation.

Mammals—and particularly two of the species of mammals that humans love best:       dogs and cats—have a range of ways to get around. Dogs, no surprise, are very big on scent, and that can take them a very long way.

“An eleven-mile distance is actually not terribly long for a dog,” says Bonnie Beaver, the executive director of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists and a professor at Texas A&M University. “If the dog had walked both from and back to his home he’d be following his own scent trail.” In this case, the dog was instead probably following an equally compelling smell: that of its owner, a type of navigation that is entirely possible over long distances as long as the wind is right.

Dogs extend their scent range by moving among overlapping circles of familiar scents—much the way cell phone coverage relies on interconnected footprints from different cell towers. A dog that wanders out of its own immediate range might pick         up the scent of, say, a familiar dog in the next circle.  That might point it to a circle         that contains a familiar person or tree or restaurant trash can, and so on.

Cats, like other animals, might rely more on magnetic fields—a faculty that could turn     out to be quite common in mammals. “There are some studies that show that the ears       of most mammals contain iron, ” Beaver says.  “That may cue them into the magnetic direction in the ground. There’s work showing that cattle, deer and voles tend to orient     in a north-south direction.”

The overall temperament of an animal—or, more broadly, of the species—can play a       role in navigation too. A dog that travels a great distance to get home is likely trying to return to its owner, since the dog-human bond is a powerful one. A cat that travels the same distance is—sorry cat owners—probably just tying to return to its territory.

No matter how well animals navigate, scientists caution against an observation bias       that may make them seem better than they are. A dog or cat that finds its way halfway across the state makes news; the uncounted others that stay lost do not. What’s more, some cases of remarkable returns may turn out to be matters of mistaken identity,     unless there’s a positive way to identify an animal like an implanted microchip that     some owners use along with a collar.

“You hear these stories about a three-legged black cat that came home and jumped into   its favorite chair,” says Beaver. “But it’s real hard to be sure because they’ve been gone a long time and they look scruffy. And heck, that chair would be a comfortable one for any cat.”

Still, we shouldn’t dismiss all the stories out of hand. That cat that traveled 200 miles  in 2013? It did have an implanted microchip. So kudos to at least one kitty—and probably a whole lot more.

Hypothetically speaking:

I found surprising link between quantum objects and socks. Socks can be left, or right. They cannot be partially left, or partially right, but they can be left and right at same time! Trust me, I checked that.

Moreover, when nobody is watching, socks are spreading in the room in wave-like pattern. It demonstrates wave-particle duality of socks. However, if somebody watching, socks are demonstrating particle only behavior. Moreover, they are demonstrating particle only behavior even if somebody will watch them in future!

Socks can be entangled, so if one sock is the right sock, then other one is instantaneously collapses to the left sock via spooky action at distance. This feature of socks can be used  for FTL communication.

I have theory, it’s called «string theory». In this theory, our Universe is made of little strings, which are creating space-time fabric, in which socks are living. In the process       of entanglement, socks are somewhat connected by a string, which allows them to communicate via large distances.

If you follow current research in consciousness studies you’ve probably heard about an extraordinary series of experiments conducted by Dean Radin Ph.D. and his colleagues    at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

These experiments, presented in the video below, suggest that human attention alone    can reliably affect the wave distribution of photons traveling through an array.

Radin and his colleagues used a number of different experimental paradigms to explore the effect in various ways. They found that, even under highly controlled conditions, this strange mind over matter effect persisted.

Perhaps the most interesting finding was that certain individuals proved to be significantly more successful at influencing the photons’ behaviour. Also with the unique factor in these individuals was that almost all of them were highly experienced in either meditation or some kind of attentional training.

Since,  Radin presented these findings at the Science of Consciousness conference they   have gained quite a bit of attention.  They seem to suggest that mind is continuous with   the world in a way that poses a serious challenge to the assumption mind/consciousness   is insignificant to the structure of reality.

The only problem was that the effect had not yet been replicated by independent scientists. That was, until now.

In recently published experiments, conducted by the physicist Gabriel Guerrer Ph.D.        at  the University of São Paulo, the apparent mind over matter effect has been observed once again, and with similarly high statistical significance.

Just as observed previously by Radin and his colleagues, Guerrer also found that participants are able reduce the wave distribution of photons in a double-slit system, simply by directing their attention towards it.

According to Guerrer, this effect points to
“a not yet mapped form of interaction between a conscious agent                  and a physical system”

Read Guerrer’s full published report on these experiments here.

Another concept:

Do you function from your head or your heart? Our head where our belief system lives, is our baby sitter, its job is to protect us from Pain, Fear and Fear of more Pain to come. Our Heart is our living support system, it not only supports our being alive it is also our spiritual connection to our higher self and to conscious awareness. Love is the cohesive force of existence. When we see and function from our head, we do so with judgement which is influenced with doubt, fears and ideas of limitation.
When we function from our hearts, we do so with compassion and appreciation of the spiritual challenge of life as a human. Meditation’s power is a heart expression. When we choose to think, speak, feel and act from our hearts we are functioning in the light. Here is an excerpt from a channeling from the Goddess about our hearts.
The heart center is that which blends your upper chakras and the lower. So the heart center is where you have suddenly infused a lot of the energies of the universe and you’ve merged with the energies of the earth so that you are beginning to transition the energies of the earth with the energies of the universe. Therefore when you are living your life from your heart center the foundation is most often compassion, love, co-creation. It’s less of the competition or that survival instinct that you have with your first chakra and this is the part of the transition into the fifth dimension that is taking place.

>So what do the quantum superpositions add over mapping neural networks and simulating them?

When I read your comment I immediately recalled this article about an experiment       that designed tone discrimination circuits  on  FPGAs  by  stochastic processes (genetic algorithm). The highlight is at the end of thousands of rounds of controlled evolution, the researchers obtained  a circuit that achieved unexpected efficiency  through  mechanisms they initially failed to explain. There were closed circuits within the overall structure which only interacted with the main structure passively. Its design was the product of its unique electro-magnetic environment to the extent that results could not be replicated on another board of the same type.

In other words, a circuit appeared to originate with properties that would not have been arrived at by applying the conventional theory of circuit design.

Considering that organic brains are made up of many trillions of unit neurons, which grow into networks that will be trained by stochastic processes, it makes sense to expect them to exhibit a similar level of exploitation of their environment. If that environment is one in which quantum phenomena can result in real effects on the behavior of the system, why shouldn’t we expect them to be exploited by real brains?
Well, Chalmers is a philosopher, and what philosophy does is it clarifies problems (which   often creates more problems to clarify) rather than solves them. Whatever the exact definition, consciousness is a function of a living brain, a function required for the survival of an individual as a part of a group, and since the environment in which an individual operates is characterized by the high degree of uncerainty as to both its present state and especially its future. 
Making decisions must involve probabilistic methods, and so must learning (because we all learn from our mistakes). The process of learning has a physical manifestation due to changes in the brain, which could be “measured,” and if we assume the primacy of matter over function, we have to expect that the material substrate also must behave probabilistically.  

   So, I agree with you completely that consciousness is a function of a living brain, where “living brain” is the physical substrate. I don’t know if it follows that consciousness has to be probabilistic.

The reason that I brought up Chalmers is that he, and others, will say that physical states    don’t map to subjective consciousness or qualia.  Don’t get me wrong,  I’m much more of a “physicalist” in this regard. I’m not trained and I don’t work in the field, but I can’t help but think that humans overestimate the complexity and capabilities of consciousness.
I think that there is a brain and, like you say, there is some function of          it  that results in consciousness. I think that we end up with a problem         of definitions because the thing that Chalmers et al are describing, I think, doesn’t exist. BUT if we are talking about the thing  Chalmers is talking about, then no…I don’t see a way that you get to qualia and consciousness from protein.

Professor Chalmers Our consciousness is a fundamental aspect of our existence, says philosopher David Chalmers:  

Chalmers believes one possible answer to the hard problem is a view   known as panpsychism. It sounds spiritual, but it isn’t.

According to panpsychism, consciousness may be a fundamental property   of reality in the same way as space and time.
“We’re not going to reduce consciousness to something physical …              it’s a primitive component of the universe,” he said.

“But that frees us up to search for the fundamental principles that        govern it. In physics, we don’t try and explain space and time in             terms of more fundamental things. We just find the laws that govern   them.”

Professor Chalmers retains a love of science, despite the hostility sometimes shown by scientists towards his own discipline. In recent years, theoretical physicists have been especially critical of philosophy. Lawrence Krauss is one. Stephen Hawking is another.

Recently I went to Southern Indiana and watch a Facebook friend perform as she interviewed me as well. So I would like to congrat.  Jessica and Raymond on the Union of Souls today in marriage.

  Also I would like to credit Marv Stark on the final renderings of the videos!!!

Preview Jessica Lynne Performance fb Live @

Quibble Hill Winery.

Duration: 10:07.

Preview Jessica Lynne Interview fb Live 

Duration: 16:19.
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THIS Is My Truth

IF YOU HAVE EARS…Hear. : Where are the people that accused me? The ones who beat me down and bruised me? They hide just out of sight. Can’t face me in the light. They’ll return but I’ll be stronger.  I want to dream again. Take me where I’ve never been. I want to go there.   THIS TIME IM NOT SCARED.    Now I am unbreakable, it’s unmistakable.        No one can touch me. ~Anonymous 🙂

Ann Fonfa, founder Annie Appleseed Project – October 2017

Some folks ask me not to tell people that I am a 24 year+ breast cancer survivor.                    I will celebrate 25 years of survivorship in January 2018.
Oh not that, but the fact that I never took chemo (due to chemical sensitivity),                    or radiation (protecting my heart), or hormonal therapy.
This is MY truth.

I tried many natural methods (all called ‘alternative’), developed 25 tumors                     over 7 years, 14 AFTER a left mastectomy. Told I was stage IV in 1997.
This IS my truth.

I eat only organic, take dietary supplements, am physically active, enjoy life                      and still do a coffee enema daily when home.
This is my TRUTH.

I give people hope, share my optimism, and find small studies (all there is, in      ‘alternative’ medicine) with ways to reduce toxicity of conventional treatments.
THIS is my truth.

The way they show  WHERE on the breast is like a clock.  Noon is at the top,  3:00 at 90 degrees. BUT 2:00 left breast, despite 24 options, is THE spot for 1/2 of All breast cancer. Big deal in my mind and NUTRITIONALLY related to the digestive meridian (per Chinese medicine).  THIS is My Truth!!!

I found a calloused area on my left breast at 2:00. (believe it or not 50% of breast cancer is or was located there; I believe the digestive meridian in Chinese medicine crosses over that spot).  I waited until after my visit to my family doctor in December. In early January  I went to the place I had my first mammogram two years before, to show them – the Strang Cancer Prevention Institute, NYC.  They immediately sent me to a breast surgeon. I knew so little that I thought he WAS my doctor. No biopsy,  no 2ndopinion (which I recommend NOW to everyone).  Surgery was set for four days later which I understood to mean I had terrible cancer.

I went to work that Friday, stayed in bed with my husband on Saturday, telling him all would be well, but lying.  I was not quite 45 years old and knew no one living with cancer.  On Sunday night around 8pm I got a phone call.  A woman said: “I heard you had breast cancer and I wanted to tell you I am a 10-year survivor”.  My world literally changed in that instant.  Even now I feel a chill and the benefit of KNOWING it was possible.

I went to surgery on that Monday, confident of success.  A nurse told me, while I was  semi-alert, that I had a lumpectomy and I was ‘fine now’. I used that as a mantra for years. Just a bit later the surgeon told me he had removed 18 lymph nodes which I say  was done without my express or informed consent,  as he didn’t prepare me ahead of   time, nor discuss the adverse possibilities.  My chest,  back, left forearm and left hand swelled but ‘my’ surgeon NEVER identified Lymphedema so I had NO treatment until        I read in a patient advocacy newsletter about it.

I prepared all my own organic food and got a small refrigerator next to my bed, my mother brought me fresh-squeezed organic carrot juice 2x the day of recovery.  My husband was clever enough to ask if I could leave the next day.  I stayed 2 horrible nights in the hospital – I was at that time extremely Chemically-sensitive and all the hospital odors were torture.  I had a mask with me (as always).

Additionally I never slept after the anesthesia wore off, in fact was awake for about 6 nights. I became 100% organic, bringing food everywhere, even to fancy restaurants       or friends’ houses.  I learned that  3am was the  ‘hour of the liver’  so I awoke each night   and rode my stationary bike for an hour. I took many dietary supplements, chosen from readings I was doing. After all there was not yet an Internet and I am not sure I even had   a computer until 1995.

I visited an oncologist although I felt fairly sure I would not take chemo.  This doctor greeted me with  “we can start chemo next week”  and I said “Doc,  I have a problem”.        He said, without knowing what it was, “It doesn’t matter”.  Of course it mattered to me     as I was then suffering from extreme Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and became ill with headaches, dizziness, falling down, etc. for as many as 3 days a week and had to stay in bed.  He said again that it didn’t matter and I ran away from him.                                      THIS IS MY TRUTH

In late October 1994 I felt a tiny lump in the exact same spot as the first one.  My new surgeon, a woman I chose, told me it was “so granular” it was probably nothing and to  wait for the scheduled February mammogram.  I didn’t know at the time that invasive lobular carcinoma (my original diagnosis) did not show up well on mammograms, but        I had been told often that it most likely would spread to the second breast.

The radiologist suggested I get a biopsy.  The surgical biopsy removed 2 tumors, the           6 mm I found and the 1.5 cm I hadn’t felt underneath. (This was my 2nd lumpectomy although the surgeon wished to remove my breast.  I objected because it was  ‘salvage mastectomy’  and it was automatically done for a recurrence.  I just wanted treatment directed to ME PERSONALLY.   Women were not even told if they had dense breasts      and thus mammograms were useless.

In 1995 I also went to the CHIPSA clinic in Mexico, a Gerson Therapy clinic.  I was somewhat fearful of using so much carrot juice as I had systemic Candida. But within the  2 weeks I stayed there, this problem receded and eventually stopped. My mother was my companion AND  I was quite healthy compared to all the other residents –remember folks went to a Mexican clinic when all conventional treatments failed them.  We walked around a lot during the day and my health remained excellent. I did four coffee enemas daily (nice when someone else makes the coffee and prepares the food), ate well and juiced 13 times   a day (they made that for me).

Yet a scant year later (1996) I developed Paget’s Disease of the Nipple on the right breast.  I was told this was the expected outcome  and that cancer was now in the second breast.      I had an immediate mastectomy as I definitely did not want the many surgeries I already had on the left side, repeated.  I asked my surgeon to “slice and dice it” to let me know what was going on.

She wanted to remove lymph nodes on the right side but since I already had lymphedema (swelling) on the left, I ASBOLUTELY refused.  To this day I am convinced that removing lymph nodes is a HUGE miscalculation.  BTW,  I had no general anesthesia after the 1st lumpectomy, but was awake though all others including the 2 mastectomies a year apart.

When she came in to discuss the results, she said it was ‘lucky’ she had not removed  lymph nodes as there was NO tumor.  Funny thing is that I subsequently found a study suggesting that a lesser type of cancer indicates it is healing itself.  Too late for me, now both breasts were gone. My long cancer journey was not yet over.  In 1997 I developed the first 4 of 14 tumors on the left chest wall.  They were removed and found to be ‘consistent’ with my slow-growing invasive lobular carcinoma.  When the next tumor(s) appeared I decided to try Maitake D-fraction.  This reduced a tumor but more grew (still proof of principle).

Next I tried high dose vitamin A.  I had been meeting with a doctor who did clinical research on this at the Valhalla School of Medicine.   He worked with the famous Dr. Maurice Black (by then deceased).  I also, serendipitously found other sources to read.  This doctor wanted me to give up my protocol and join his study.  But my choices had   kept me alive through a lot so I kept on with my own path. The protocol THAT  I chose  was specific to me, but it was almost entirely guess work.  Still the 4 tumors that I then  had began to reduce within 3 weeks to the day that I took the vit A.   Soon I found a    liquid form which was easy to take and the reduction continued although it never       totally disappeared.

The tumors got smaller and softer but sometimes, especially later in the day, were harder again.  After many months, I had them removed and sent to pathology.  MY Results stated mostly necrotic (dead) tissue, well-differentiated (good) and very high ER and PR receptor counts.  Also supposedly a good outcome.  However now 2 doctors, with no tests what so ever, told me I was stage IV.  I absolutely REFUSED to accept that. An oncologist told me it was very dangerous – I did ask if it was worse than Adriamycin, a toxic chemo drug that can damage the heart – I had done it anyway.  A medical textbook taught me that any harms from vit A could be removed by stopping or lowering the dose, and that in 3 weeks all would be normal again.

Because I had such a good outcome I decided to attend the December 1998 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium to talk to top breast oncologists about this.  At the time and still, we tell those with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, that there is little to be done conventionally (but of course they are highly treated). I thought perhaps vit A might be a useful tool for this group and be able to make them more positive.  There was a drug on the market that offered some ‘element’ of vitamin A called Fenretinide (studies from Italy mostly).  To my surprise all four of the oncologists I spoke with assured me they already knew what vit A could do.  But as we all know doctors have what I call ‘fear of vitamins’  (also no wish to step out of the normal/standard work), so no one was using it.

However at this major conference I met a Chinese Herbalist from NYC. He told me he had met one of my friends and knew about my circumstances (at that point about 24 tumors overall).  He said he thought he could help me.  Well by April 1999 I had developed the 25th tumor and I decided to meet with him.  He wanted me to give up all that I was doing to take his herbal prescription.. Prescriptions in Chinese medicine is ALWAYS personal.

The doctor looks at your tongue (like with acupuncture),   feels your 12 total pulses 6 in each wrist (3 per side). The prescription is usually about 20 herbs.   It is cooked in water  (a lot of water)  and simmered down to 2 cups.  Nowadays,  I know he sends pre-cooked packets directly from the herbal shop he works with. He told me that because China is so polluted, good quality herbs cost 4X what they did when I took them 1999-2001.D to stay that course since it had kept me alive so long.

He has been practicing herbal medicine from his childhood as he is the 4th generation.  See his website

I bought the herbs in Chinatown using the written prescription (in Chinese characters of course) that he gave me.  I cooked them down into a tea, drank it and almost immediately broke out in hives.  They covered my entire body, with raised lesions on my arms and legs.  Uh oh.  Basically petrified, I consulted a dermatologist who gave me a prescription for antihistamines.  If she had offered cancer treatment I think I would have asked more questions.  I did ask her if she wanted to see what a double mastectomy with no reconstruction was like. She said she knew about it.

But that night I awoke with terrible chest pains, a tightening that made it very difficult    for me to breathe.  I sat on my living room couch (so as not to ‘bother’ my husband) and contemplated dying.  But of course, I didn’t.  In the morning I called my good friend who was my acupuncturist and she read from the Physicians’ Desk Reference on the adverse effects.  (You will never hear the term ‘side’ effects from me as that is marketing. I call it Adverse, unwanted or HARMS).  Yes, indeed it included chest tightening so I called the dermatologist.  She said” HOW was I supposed to know”?  And there it is!  Anyway the hives cleared up in 3 days and I noticed that the symptoms of my Chemical Sensitivity   had changed.  The intensity of my reaction had also reduced to what I wrote then was   65% less. I went off all supplements as I tried to assess what was going on.

Eventually I restarted the herbs and got NO new tumors and the monthly prescriptions changed accordingly. I started with an MRI because I wanted proof of this technique. After ten months the Chinese doctor (had a PhD from Harvard as well as life-long training with herbs) told me I was done.  I was afraid to stop and kept on for 4 months until he insisted  I was finished with the treatment.  After I had another MRI, I received a call from the MD reader who wanted to know WHY I had a chest wall MRI. I told her my story, she hung up and called me back over an hour later stating she didn’t see ANYTHING.  But as we all know, you want your doctor to tell you how you are.

So, amazingly on September 12, 2001 in NYC I had the appointment with my breast surgeon (only doctor really following me over the years). I had to walk to the hospital –   no cars, buses, subways or taxis on that day.  When I arrived, I waited an hour for her       to arrive.  She told me …. I was free of cancer and she gave me a diagnosis of NDD No Discernible Disease (not sure if anyone else has ever gotten that one).  I walked out on clouds only to begin crying as I viewed Seventh Avenue and the smoking ruins of the World Trade Center.  About 40 people rushed up to me and all hugging me and telling    me “it would be alright”.  And inside I was screaming “I’m alive, I’m ALIVE”.

By June 1999 I started the website  and that July traveled with a group of women from my SHARE study group, to Montreal, Canada to meet with an alternative researcher.  We had some adventures and came home with some meds.  During that month I developed 6 more tumors – all around the nipple of the left breast and finally had a mastectomy.  But here is the GOOD news –all the subsequent tumors from 2-9 were shown to be growing at a rate SLOWER than normal cells.  Success I thought, but couldn’t get any doctors to agree.  I was basically told that they couldn’t really say how I was doing since I hadn’t followed protocol. I so wanted to be seen as me, an individual, but that seemed impossible.

Now it is almost 25 years later, I turn 70 the month after and life is AMAZING.  I am the founder of an all-volunteer nonprofit Annie Appleseed Project with a website viewed over 13 million times.  I’ve been able to talk to thousands of people and I know  I help others.     I know this and it is part of my personal healing journey……. THIS IS MY TRUTH 🙂

Two of Ann Fonfa favorite interviews is a more mainstream interview from last year
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Climbing to the Peak

Image may contain: sky, tree, mountain, outdoor and nature

Recently I began to perceive “climbing to the peak” differently than I had in the past.

Since 2000 I’ve climbed to the peak of Mt Shasta and Mt Whitney to celebrate surviving the GBM brain tumor. Over the last 17 years I’ve climbed to numerous peaks, like Half Dome at Yosemite, and just about any hill I had the time to ascent. I liked the challenge that came with it, and the determination to finish it.   At a peak I’ve always felt strong,    able to do anything,  reach any goal.

However, this summer things have changed and I was not able to make any climbs. However I’ve had to scramble up things that have been more challenging; often making me feel devastated.

Back in 2000 I began battling a GBM brain tumor located in my left temporal lobe.        This year I’ve been hit by an aPXA brain tumor which has been more struggling for me.

It’s located in my pituitary gland, extending up through the adenohypophysis, infundibular stalk, hypothalamus, and into the floor of the 3rd ventricle. I’ve been            hit hard by many new challenges.

After 4 weeks of radiation this summer my pituitary has been destroyed; consequently it no longer produces the many needed hormones. Unfortunately I’m now taking many new prescriptions. One to keep my thyroid working, another to control my ability to retain liquid in my body, another to keep the swelling down in my brain and body, another to maintain the strength in my bones so they will not break, and last but not least another prescription to preserve my muscles (which is needed to keep my heart beating).

It’s been a serious challenge living with the deficits that come along with both                   the aPXA and the GBM. It’s been completely overwhelming.

Recently, feeling locked in my home; I cried in sadness that I may never climb to a        peak again. It seems like 75% of my muscles have disappeared. I don’t have the strength anymore.

Sitting and looking out a window feeling sorry for myself I thought; “How can I feel alive   if I don’t even have strength to climb to a peak anymore.”

I always try to see the “cup half full”. So I struggled to see my new unwanted life as “half full”. I searched for a new peak I could climb that would make me feel happy and satisfied.

Thankfully I began to see my life from a new perspective, observing “It’s possible to reach a peak even without a mountain, I can just accomplish it in a new way.”  However, I knew this new type of peak would be way harder and take more determination to reach the top of it.

The peak I’m now determined to reach is a feeling of contentment, along with accepting the deficits I now live with, and the reality that I may never climb another mountain.

While climbing to the peak of Mt Shasta and Mt Whitney I learned to never look back because it could take away my determination. Now I know I can’t look back in time, it would lead me to feel that it’s impossible to reach the peak of contentment.

Each step may feel harder and harder, especially while going through treatments like surgery, radiation or chemo; or when a MRI shows bad news. I began struggling with     the thought, “How can I feel content in situations like that!”

I realized that I’d also loose determination if I looked forward anticipating new hard times that will most likely come. My mind cries out, “I don’t want to look back or forward taking away my ability to reach the peak of contentment.” I also realized I can’t continue to think about my deficits if I want to reach the peak of contentment.

Over the years I’ve felt I reached the peak of contentment at times, but that blessing seems to come and go. I want to reach the peak for good, hold tight and never let go regardless of the circumstances.

I’m not completely there yet, but I keep getting closer and closer. I’ve become more determined to reach peace 100% of the time even with the deficits I have. I’ll search and find things that will help me feel joy and content. I know there are things out there for me; I just need to keep my eyes open for them.

I know that holding tight to my Lord Jesus Christ will give me more strength to reach     the peak of contentment and not letting go.

Philippians 4:11 – 13 “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstance. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty.  I have learned the secret        of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living     in plenty or in want. I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”

Preview  “Why climbing a mountain is like fighting brain cancer”

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The Forgiving LIFE

Jacqueline Song

Anger is a negative emotion that can follow frustration, disappointment, and injustice.

It can vary from mild and short-term to intense and long-term. It is the intense and      long-term variety,  what we have called unhealthy anger that concerns us here,        (Enright & Fitzgibbons, 2015).

To begin answering the question concerning the link between anger and cancer, let us  start with a quotation that may be an overstatement  and then let us get more precise. Groer,  Davis,  Droppleman,  Mozingo, and Pierce (2000) made the following general statement: “Extremely low anger scores have been noted in numerous studies of      patients with cancer. Such low scores suggest suppression, repression, or restraint of anger.

There is evidence to show that suppressed anger can be a precursor to the development     of cancer, and also a factor in its progression after diagnosis.” Notice that their conclusion centers on a certain type of anger, that which is not overtly expressed but instead, to use a common expression, is bottled up.

Dreamstime / Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

Source: Dreamstime / Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

Our next question, then, is to look for supporting evidence of this claim of suppressed anger relating to cancer, and we find it in the early study by Greer and Morris (1975).        In a sample of 160 women, they report a statistically-significant relationship between  what they call extreme suppression of anger and breast cancer. Notice the suppression     of the anger is not a normal kind of restraint, but instead is extreme in rarely, if ever,   being vented. This relationship might be caused by the cancer itself in that people get angry because of the diagnosis. Yet, in another early study, Pettingale, Greer, & Tee   (1977) followed 160 women over a two year period prior to a diagnosis of cancer and subsequently after the diagnosis was made.

They found that those with breast cancer (even before the diagnosis was made)               who “habitually suppressed anger” had longitudinal patterns of increased serum Immunoglobulin A levels  (implicated in some autoimmune diseases) compared                 to those who did not suppress their anger.

We need to ask, based on the above, whether it is certain kinds of cancer that are connected with anger or whether we have a general trend. One observation comes from Boerma (2007) as cited in Hendricks, Vore, Aslinia, & Morriss (2013), in which unhealthy anger is implicated in immune system compromise in general: “Anger also causes the release of the stress hormone, cortisol. Release of this hormone gives the body bursts of energy.

However, too much of this hormone can cause a multitude of negative effects on the body. Too much cortisol in the body can cause an imbalance in blood sugar;  it can suppress thyroid function, and decrease bone density.  This hormonal imbalance  also impacts the body’s immune system.  Research shows that chronic-angry people suffer more frequent colds,  flu’s infections,  asthma, skin disease flare-ups and arthritis, as compared to non-chronic-angry people (Boerma, 2007).”

The Anger and Cancer Connection

By Paul Haider

Is There a Connection Between Anger and Cancer?

anger-and-cancer_OMTimes If the immune system  can  be  compromised  in  some  people  who harbor unhealthy anger (intense and over long periods), then there  may be  a more general link between this form of anger and cancers.  Yet, in a large (over 19,000) study over 9 years, there was no connection between reported levels of anger and breast cancer.  There was,  however,  a small and statistically-significant relationship with prostate, lung, and colorectal cancers (White, English, Coates, Lagerlund, Borland, et al., 2007).

We must be cautious with these findings for our purpose here because the anger assessment only concerned whether or not that anger was expressed or not. There was    no measure of the intensity or longevity of the anger.  Their measure of negative affect included different kinds of emotions, not just anger. The association of suppressed anger in particular and prostate cancer is discussed in Penedo, Dahn, Kinsinger, Antoni, Molton, et al. (2006). These researchers report a stronger presence of the natural killer cell cytotoxicity (NKCC) when anger was not suppressed in a sample of 61 men.

To date, there are remarkably few studies of the anger and cancer link. The research to date does suggest a link, particularly with regard to intense and persistent anger that is suppressed. That link to date does not suggest a general association between suppressed anger and all types of cancers, but may be implicated in certain cancers such as breast cancer (although the findings are not consistent), and prostate, lung, and colorectal cancers.

Perhaps it is time for both medicine and psychology to unite in a new angle in the fight against certain cancers by continuing to examine the anger — cancer link. If the findings      as above continue, we need to find ways of reducing anger in particular when it is intense, abiding, and not expressed.  This may be part of a regimen for cancer prevention,  at least for certain kinds of cancers and for people who have a family history of these.

“There’s a huge amount of evidence that anger creates cancer, with many scholarly    articles showing a direct link between anger (especially suppressed anger) and cancer.”

One study showed that those with anger and cancer (and especially suppressed anger)   had a much higher amount of stress… and thus with stress chemicals in their body can lead to physiological changes in the body.

A study at King’s College Hospital in London with cancer patients with suppressed anger showed a distinct correlation between having anger and cancer.

The University of Tennessee showed that suppressed anger was a precursor to developing cancer.

At Yale University, Dr. Bernie Siegel collected 57 very well documented cases of angry people who came down with cancer. And when they decided that anger and depression were not helping anything they became,  loving,  kind , caring and let go of all anger….      thus their cancer started to shrink. – Amazing!

The National Institute of Health said: “Research with animal models suggests      “your body’s neuroendocrine response  (release of hormones into your blood in response to stimulation of your nervous system) can directly alter important processes in cells that help protect against the formation of cancer, such as DNA repair and the regulation of cell growth.”

The California Department of Health Services and NHI showed a fourfold increase in death from cancer for those who suppressed their anger.

Research at Stanford University showed that powerful emotions cause a flood of cortisol  (a stress hormone) that predicted early death in women with breast cancer. The Journal of the American Medical Association said: “A study comparing long-term survivors of breast cancer with those who did not survive,  scientists at John Hopkins University found  that long-term survivors expressed much higher levels of anxiety, hostility and other negative emotions. Patients who were able to express their feelings lived longer than those who had difficulty in doing so.”

Some Solutions to ANGER !!!!

BY Marta Ustyanich
According to research published in the National Forum Journal and Counseling and Addictions. WE experience anger as a secondary emotion
when primary emotions such as fear, disrespect, humiliation, coercion, injustice or betrayal become intense. Anger can affect        a person the same way as drugs and alcohol by preventing logical and rational thinking.
If you find yourself over reacting in situations and taking on it out on others. At the biological level anger triggers a cascade of chemical reactions throughout your nervous system. IT starts with your amygdala, a primitive part of your brain that sounds the alarm throughout   you body. When your amygdala is activated, it prevents you from rationally processing the consequences of your own reactions.
Next, your adrenals start pumping out the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Which spikes your heart rate and increasing blood pressure. Glucose and fatty acids flood our blood stream and muscles and prepares you for action. Finally testosterone production sends your anger into over drive.
As your cheeks flush, you may start to shake, your face contorts into an angry grimace, as your breath quickens and your inner voice deadens. Unfortunately, this all can affect your health:
Anger and Your Heart
Many studies suggest that individuals with a short fuse are more likely  to have coronary heart disease and heart attacks than their more easy- going peers. What’s more: chronically angry people, especially those forced to repress their anger are at a higher risk for stroke, cardiovascular disease and over all poorer health.
As your blood vessels tighten, your blood pressure skyrockets wearing down your arteries over time. Meanwhile, the fatty acids and glucose that get released into your blood stream during a conniption fit of rage. Builds up along the your artery walls clogging and clogging them even further.
 Venting your anger can also have immediate adverse effects. A 2014 review of nine studies that was published in the European Heart Journal suggests that the risk of a heart attack or episode of unstable angina was five times higher two hours before and angry outburst. While the risk of stroke was 4 times higher.
 Researcher estimated that five angry outburst a day would result in 657extra cardiovascular events per year for every 10,,000 adults at higher risk, or 158 events for those at lower risk. Also with one angry outburst month, however, that number dropped to just four extra events a year for every 10,000 adults at high risk and only one in for those at low risk.
Anger and Your Brain
When it comes to your brain, according to research from Calgary’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute. Stress and anger can inhibit the growth of new neurons that communicate with other parts of your body. Some research has also linked low levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin to violent forms of aggression.
In fact, research from the Netherlands conducted on mice suggests that unchecked anger and aggression can reduce the brain’s ability to produce over time and potentially produce violent behavior. “Experiencing anger and depression starts in the brain with a chemical imbalance that leads people to either hold in or lash out their emotions.

Losing your cool at the slightest provocation?

Protect your chill vibe and your physical health with these strategies for constructively dealing with anger, courtesy of psychologist Harriet Lerner, bestselling author of The Dance of Anger: A Woman’s Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships (2005).

1. Speak up when an issue is important to you. While you don’t need to address every irritation or injustice that comes along, if the cost of staying silent is becoming bitter or resentful, it’s best to make your feelings known.

2. Strike when the iron is cold. Avoid speaking up in the heat of the moment when you’re feeling angry and intense. If you feel your temperature rising in the middle of a conversation, try saying, “I need a little time to sort out my thoughts. Let’s set up another time to talk about this.”

3. Take time out to think about the problem and clarify your position. Think clearly about what you want to say, how to say it, and when. Angry confrontations only invite the other person to become defensive and see you as the problem.

4. Don’t use below-the-belt tactics. These include blaming, interpreting, diagnosing, labeling, analyzing, preaching, moralizing, ordering, warning, interrogating, ridiculing, and lecturing.

5. Use “I” language. Say, “I think,” “I feel,” “I fear,” “I want.” A true “I” statement says something about you without criticizing or blaming the other person, and without holding them responsible for your feelings or reactions.

6. Keep it short and kind. It’s powerful to say, “I left our conversation feeling like a smaller person who disappointed you,” and leave it at that. This takes more courage than lecturing or criticizing the person for being insensitive or disrespectful.

7. Appreciate that people are different. If you’re fighting about who’s right or wrong, you may be missing the point. Different perspectives and ways of reacting do not necessarily mean that one person is right and the other wrong. Don’t tell another person what they think or feel, or what they should think or feel.

8. Recognize that each person is responsible for their own actions. Be angry at the right person. Don’t blame your mother-in-law because she’s overbearing and oversteps boundaries, for example. Setting—and maintaining—clear boundaries is your and your husband’s responsibility.

9. Stop trying to convince others that you’re right. If the other person isn’t hearing you, simply say, “Well, it may sound crazy to you, but this is how I feel,” or, “I understand that you disagree, but I guess we see the problem differently.”

10. Never use text or email to express your anger or to process an emotional issue. Confrontational texts or emails will only send a conversation downhill swiftly. No exceptions.

11. Don’t expect change to come about from hit-and-run confrontations. Change occurs slowly in close relationships. If you make even a small change, you will be tested many times to see if you really mean it.

Preview YouTube video Emotions and Cancer

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Teresa’s Story

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The following was posted by Teresa Levi on October 7, 2017:

So with the permission of Kathleen Blake and Teresa from the Gerson Support Group:

                                    I Bring You Teresa’s Story.

Today is the expiration date given to me by my first oncologist 2 years ago. Since I have   no intention of expiring, I thought I would share the good news with you all on this date   in particular.

No More METs! No NED! (No Evidence of Disease)

You know this healing process has it’s ups and downs. With the last 3 weeks being down from dealing with the pre and post hurricane Irma mess and limitations from lack of electricity with difficulty following the gerson therapy it’s nice to have the up side to it.

I had a PET scan done the week before the hurricane and didn’t know the results since my doctor appointments got held back because of no power in our area, so they weren’t open for business.

I started the Gerson Therapy April, 2015 when I found a lump in my breast. I had no insurance at the time so had to wait until August, 2015 when I went back to work as a physical therapist, to see my primary doc.  During the summer:  I started cheating on  gerson, not a good idea.  In September,  I had stage II breast cancer with lumpectomy     and 6 lymph nodes removed. In October, 2015 after having scans done, I had stage IV breast cancer with METs to the bones with 25 lesions found and multiple breaks in the bones. I felt absolutely no symptoms at the time.

I did stop working because I didn’t want to break more bones.

In December, 2015, more scans were done with more lesions found. The oncologists recommended standard American drugs. They also gave me 2 years to live. I didn’t want  to do the drugs. The docs were mad at me because of this, but then they didn’t offer me a cure just an extension of my life. I wanted the cure.

I had stopped cheating and was consistent with the Gerson by this time. At this time because there were more areas of cancer, I looked into getting a gerson practitioner.

I needed someone who had experience healing with nutrition and to follow my case       for the 2 years required. I decided to go to the authorized Gerson clinic in Mexico.

I sent  in my paperwork and it came back that they would only accept me for one          week due to the severity of the disease. It was disappointing, however, at least they        had  accepted me. I went on faith that they would extend it once I got there.

The clinic was closed for the holidays, so in Jan., 2016, my sister and I flew out there.

Once I got there and they saw that I was very active and mobile, they accepted me for         2 weeks. I had been doing the Gerson so long that there was really not much to change.     It was basically review for me with the different instruction classes. Those of you doing       it at home, just keep going, the book explains it all.

Dr. Cervantes, the main physician, is so excellent in his demeanor and treatment for the different patients.  He and I,  decided that since the disease was so aggressive in jumping    to more bones that I needed to do the oncology meds to slow the cancer down so that the Gerson could catch up and heal me, otherwise I would die.  Remember this is incurable and terminal cancer per Western standards of care.

When I came back home, I fractured my back on the plane flight from leaning too far forward so had to wear a brace for several months. I saw a local oncologist and started     the meds of 2 pills ibrance, femara(aromatase inhibitor), and xgeva, a shot, in Feb., 2016.

In March, 2016, a PET scan was done. I now had 31 lesions in 22 different bones – my skull, left arm, left thigh, pelvis, 6 ribs and 14 back bones.

With the gerson, my job was to rest and for one who was very active this has been hard      to do,  but I learned to do it.  My siblings jumped in and helped with cleaning the veggies, helping me shop, and financially supporting me. Very humbling for one very independent, another learning experience in my christian walk.

In Dec., 2016, another PET scan was done. Only 9 months from the last scan and the cancer went down to only 1 lesion and no active cancer in my bones.

Now, 9 months later, Sept., 2017, there are no signs of disease in my bones. I am now healed of the all bone metastasis in all those areas! Also, one of my 3 tumor markers my oncologist monitors is now within normal levels. CE 15-3 from a high 273 in Feb, 2016, now down to 29.6.

At this point, nothing changes because I am still taking the oncology meds. My plan is     get the tumor markers within normal limits for several months and then stop the meds. After that I will need to detox from them, so I don’t know how long this process will take. Dr. C and I are in sync with this plan.

Along with the cancer healing, the Gerson Therapy has helped me move from being       230 lbs down to 170 lbs,  no more migraines,  no type 2 diabetes with an AIC of 5.1, no   more depression and anxiety coming off 2 meds for them. It’s a comprehensive picture     of healing. During this time with a low white blood count and being exposed to people   who had colds or the flu,  I have also not caught any of that during these 19 months of treatment.

Once you understand how the gerson does it’s job then work the gerson and the gerson therapy will work for you. As always, you all are the best group!

Preview  Pt. 1 Sedona 1989 Charlotte Gerson

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Grunewald Bears A Scar,

Grunewald grew up in tiny  Perham in Otter Tail County,  a three-hour drive northwest of Minneapolis. She rode the bench in basketball. Running, even as temperatures dropped to 10 below and ice formed on her lips, was her freedom. 

 “I’ve always loved running and I never want cancer to take that away from me,” Grunewald tells PEOPLE. “Having the opportunity to be a professional runner was something that I never expected.”

Her battle began when she was first diagnosed in 2009 with adenoid cystic carcinoma, a rare form of cancer. Surgery to remove the tumor from her salivary gland was successful, but two years later the cancer reappeared in her thyroid, which was also removed.

For five years she was healthy, living her life, traveling and competing. She finished    fourth  in  the  1500 at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trails and won the 2014        USA Indoor 3,000 meter title.

It was in August 2016, that she discovered her cancer came back for the third time—       but now in her liver.

“That was a huge bummer and it was tough,” says Grunewald, who married her college boyfriend in 2013. “I had a big surgery that removed half of my liver and the tumor.

I couldn’t run for like three or four months.” But as soon as she could, she got back to training until her first scan in March showed   that small tumors had returned.

“I’m running, but not fast because I’m going through chemo,” she says, which she started on June 6. “The most important thing for me has just been trying to stay involved in the sport that I love even though it’s been hard to manage my health issues with running.”

She added: “It’s something that I felt like I really needed to do just to carry on and have something to look forward to.”

When Gabe Grunewald crossed the finish line this past June at the US. Outdoor Championship.

The 31 year old middle distant runner was under going chemotherapy to treat adenoid cystic carcinoma. A rare cancer that had recurred for the fourth time. The National meet fell during an     off week of treatment .

She and her fellow world-class runners walked single file, hair tied in ponytails, to the starting       line of one of track’s premier events. The women were a lithe pack, and it was difficult to pick        out Grunewald. Identified by the purple half-moon scar that stretches across her abdomen.

The runners toed the starting line, the crowd fell silent, a gun sounded and they were off.

Grunewald is not the world’s fastest 1,500-meter runner,  although,  she is competitive     and fierce down the stretch.  And her emotion was greeted down the front stretch by the running community  with enormous cheer  as the other runners circled around her with well wishes.

   That was on June 22, and on July 12 Grunewald announced via Instagram that her body did        not respond to chemotherapy. She explain her next step would be Immunotherapy and would be working with one of the best doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City. However, it wasn’t the devastating update. being dealt a terrible hand once again.

   She deals with her dilemma with optimism, unwavering strength  with an uplifting spirit. She also still runs regularly often after spending hours at the hospital for her transfusion. Gabe reveals     I am in a tough situation — but I want my story to be as positive as it can be. I am not in control of my cancer, but I am in control of my attitude and how I live my life.

   That’s the message she wants to send — our circumstance don’t define us; we can live        our lives  even in the face of a life-disrupting event like a cancer diagnosis. Across her abdomen, Grunewald bears a scar, the aftermath of surgery she had August 2016 to remove a tumor from her liver.

But this 13 inch strike across a her middle is a symbol of what she has been through and how she intends to keep living her life with her passion for running. To receive a serious cancer diagnosis is  to feel an overpowering desire to retreat within and  try to block out the chirpings of your mind. Grunewald made the decision to crawl out.

She talks about her disease in the way of a stream tumbling down a mountain. She has       a website and a Twitter feed, and she encourages supporters to contribute to research on this cancer.

“I’m a young adult with cancer,” Grunewald said. “I don’t always love talking about it.     It’s not a made-for-TV movie. It’s real. It’s scary.”

She gives and she receives, and that helps. “I love when people reach out to me,        because it helps me get out the door.”

“Small-town politics can make team sports a headache,” — “Running is all about you.”

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Fear 0f Reality vs. Illusion

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In the movie “The Longest Ride” Ira explains that love requires sacrifice and it’s true in any successful marriage or relationship. It also could be applied to our country. We have soldiers, sailors and airmen who love our country so much, that they lay down their lives for it. The same goes for police, fire and other first responders.  AS many overpriced and immature NFL Football Players display their ignorance along the side lines in disrespect  of our National Anthem  🙁

We also have ordinary people doing things to show love for our country and for each other in the way they take care of our sick and our poor.  They show their love by feeding, clothing, sheltering and taking care of people too sick to care for themselves .

Love should also require the sacrifice of all our politicians and extreme partisans who  need to understand that getting their own way on everything is not showing love for our country.  It is selfish and self centered as well as it does not respect the dignity and rights of all people to be loved and accepted for who they are and not what others want them to be .

It is not love when people blame all the ills of the world on one party or group instead of seeing that all parties share the responsibility for things that are wrong and equally share responsibility to work together and find solutions.  Hate,  bitterness  and division are not love and they do not solve problems, but only serve to create new ones. There is a saying “Be the change you want to see in the world “.

It is a complete waste of energy to spend time hating others or allowing media or politicians to stoke anger against each other to further an agenda that only serves those who sow those seeds. Both parties are guilty of doing it and anyone who isn’t willing to admit that is not being honest with themselves .

Preview  The.Longest.Ride.2015 Full Film HD ♥

Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, George Tillman Jr.


Our Government provokes Fear. A major contributor to why we never reach our true potential (lack of self-esteem being another).

Fear leaves you frozen in your footsteps and stops you from making moves that were once a part of your gameplan. I’m here to say don’t let fear leave you regretting missed opportunities and also has you feeling like you didn’t chase your dreams.


Fear is so dangerous to live with, life is scary I’m sure you guys know that, but you have to take life by the horns and not let it beat you.  More importantly don’t let fear influence your decisions (unless it’s something like try to fist fight a lion, then in     that case fear take over and don’t freakin’ do it). Lastly don’t create fears that shouldn’t exist. The majority of fears that we harbor have been created by our minds. The mind is     a dangerous place we take things we’ve seen or heard from others and create fear.     We’re stopping ourselves!

So I challenge you guys today, whatever fears you have go against them. Something I’ve heard a couple times is that when you get past your fears that’s where life begins. You can take your fears and stomp them into the ground or be locked in the prison that is fear and be haunted by regrets. The choice is yours fam. Let’s conquer fear and LIVE!


-Peace and God Bless!!!

According to Hinduism , the existential problem at the heart of the human condition is the ignorance of the true nature of reality. This is not to say the world itself is illusionary, only that are understanding of it is. A Hindu parable puts it this way: imagine you wake in the middle of the night to find a poisonous snakes curled at the foot end of your bed. Frozen with fear, you spend the night in terror; praying the snake won’t strike and in doing so kills you.

   AS dawn rises and the sunlight floods your bedroom you realize that the snake, is indeed, the belt you neglected to hang up the night before. Immediately your fear and terror vanishes as you achieve liberation from the illusion of the snake and the fear and terror that the illusion that the terror provoked in you.
  Indeed transcendent experiences like these and insight are always uncomfortable, both in what thy are and in what they imply. Thereby, any effort at knowing, healing or leading that really concerns the person must start with those experiences that affect the human being on the deepest level and allow that to ring out of them.
   Every human being embodies the absolute living within their own spirit, realizing that they have become what they are through the experiences that they have lived. WE all exist limited by the here and now set of circumstances that test are true nature. From childhood on, these circumstance and other people suppresses our true nature.
   Externally, human life is a constant battle between your inner self and outer existence.  WE are all driven by an urge toward the life form embedded in our inner nature. Merely surviving is not enough, we all want to live ourselves out and fulfill ourselves as a definite somebody. It exist in everyone of us, and demonstrates its reality in its uncompromising insistence on being realized and witnessed to in a specific outer form under all circumstances.
   Your outer form is not something we are given, but something we are given to realize.
Its only when we understand what we do and why we do it
we succeed at what we do!!!
It is only by cooperating consciously in the process that we can realize it, and achieve transparency.
SO What do we mean when we speak of a human being’s outer form. What we mean is his or her inner form’s way of being there in the world . This involves both the inner and outer –man or woman — not just the physical body and visible self. But the hole person as the living total of the gestures in which he or she experiences, lives out and embodies in themselves.
  Objective consciousness stresses the visible and tangible “surface appearance” of a human being and so lures us into the static way of seeing. The static way of seeing individuals usually extends beyond the ay the look and includes their true nature.  A person’s true nature and inner form are part of their complete reality. Circumstances and self-assertive instincts can make us “conform” and take on form that are not really ours and contradict true nature’s law.
  Whenever these forms become ingrained, they provoke both mental and physical disorders, for they have somewhere brought the
“wheel of change” to a halt and prevented us from maturing in accordance with our true nature. Whenever they take firm and final hold , these substitute solutions that lead to permanent disorders that we call neuroses.
  To the extent that neurosis results from clinging to existential forms, we are all neurotic. Our actually becoming ill depends on how far true nature’s shaping energy is blocked. This is where the difference between slight and severe neurosis lies. The things that come to light when deep seated neurosis is healed (and often makes neurosis the first step in the great process of changing and maturing.) Tells us about the life form intended for them and provides true everlasting healing.

  Typically people are bodily “right” when they engage the world without tensing.

And accept the world for what it is… why you may ask?

   Because they are transparent to their own true nature. In others they are open to perceive it and capable of witnessing to it calmly, cheerfully and kindly in the world, regardless of circumstances. The process of change that accords with true nature and brings healing affects the body as well.  Your voice becomes more resonant, complexion slightly darker,  the expression in your eyes fuller and deeper    and clearer, the movement of your body more in balanced and in rhythm. With your breathing more relaxed and posture becoming more permeable in which the whole person is correctly balanced.  – Karlfried Durckheim
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Why and How to Let Go of Fear

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The simple step is to understand the basic patterns driving our evolution.

Scientists have known for a long time about the biological imperative, an inherent mechanism that engages the drive to survive. How it’s activated is unclear, but every organism, from a bacterium to the most advanced creature, can read the environment and sense whether its life is in threat or not. If it’s in threat, the system engages the imperative, which activates behaviors that will ensure survival. The immediate imperative for personal survival is to breathe air, drink water, and eat food—all the activities that support life.

When forces outside the body threaten life, the imperative will read the situation and engage life-sustaining behaviors. These functions are not only activated in the brain,       but are also experienced in the gut as a feeling that the situation is in some way life-threatening. I believe that’s what civilization is experiencing right now.

The biological imperative is directing people to discover how to become more secure,      and the fundamental resolution to that quest is to form community. It is important to understand that this drive to be in community is not just an expression of our biological imperative; it is also our evolutionary imperative. Our consciousness is driving us to assemble and survive through the creation and support of a global community.

The evolutionary imperative is simple to understand, and it can be profoundly liberating—a way to transcend fear. Let me explain:

Over 30 years ago, my research as a cell biologist revealed that the genes are not the key    to organismal evolution. Instead, the studies revealed that the cell membrane, the “skin”  of the cell, is the “brain” that controls behavior and gene activity. Protein switches in the membrane respond to environmental signals by translating the information and creating  a life-sustaining biological response.

The relevance of this insight is that these protein switches represent units of “perception,” and the number of perception units in the membrane is directly proportional to the amount of awareness expressed by an organism.

According to this understanding, the nature of “consciousness” can be directly correlated with the number of perception units that can be deployed within what we might call the cell “mem-brain.”

Now, this means there are physical limits to awareness. The first limit is that perceptual protein switches cannot be stacked up in the very thin cell membrane; they can only be distributed in the membrane as a monolayer.

Carrier Of Secrets Credit Andy Kehoe

Carrier of Secrets by Andy Kehoe

Picture an olive sandwich, where the olives represent perception.

Once the surface of the bread is covered with olives, you can’t stack more olives on top.   To add more olives, you need more surface area—a bigger slice of bread.  Evolution of consciousness is directly proportional to the number of protein   “olives”—therefore, evolution is focused on making a bigger slice of bread, increasing the surface area of the cell’s membrane.

Another physical limitation of awareness is reached when a cell maximizes its amount of membrane surface area. For example, the most primitive cells, bacteria, are surrounded by rigid “capsules” (the equivalent of the exoskeleton found in insects, clams, and lobsters). The physical limitation imposed by the exoskeleton limits the amount of membrane a bacterium can possess. Once the maximum amount of membrane was packed into the bacterial capsule, evolution hit a wall. You can’t make a “smarter” bacterium.

But evolution didn’t stop—it changed paradigms. Once you’ve made the smartest bacterium, the next level of evolution is to create a community of bacteria, wherein the bacteria can share their awareness. On the physical plane, bacteria can communicate    with one another through the use of secreted chemical signals (similar to hormones).

Bacteria can also communicate by releasing viruses that contain nucleic acids (DNA or RNA programs)—information that can be picked up and utilized by other members of the bacterial community. In addition, bacteria can communicate by broadcasting vibrational energy fields.

Over time, communities containing a variety of different bacterial species, each with specialized traits, learned to support each other’s lives.

These communities surrounded themselves with a membrane, taking control of the conditions in their shared environment (for example, salt balance, pH control, temperature control, and so forth). In understanding the relevance of community, consider that each bacterium has a membrane awareness of 1X consciousness, but a community of 100 bacteria would have 100X+ amount of consciousness. With greater consciousness, a community of bacteria has a better chance of survival than an individual free-living bacterium. These microbial communities are called bacterial films.

We see a human as a single living organism. In truth, a human is an integrated community of around 50 trillion amoebalike cells. 

With further development, the bacterial film communities became specialized and integrated, a development that led to a new organism, an amoeba. While the amoeba is recognized as a single cell, in truth it is a modified version of a bacterial community. For the next million or so years, the amoeba was able to continually expand its cell membrane surface area to an extent that an amoeba’s awareness is 1,000 times greater than that of a single bacterium.

Then, evolution stopped again because the amount of membrane an amoeba can contain also has a size limitation. The amoeba, which possesses an internal cytoskeleton, is somewhat like a water balloon: You can fill a balloon with a small amount of water and throw it around all day. But if you overfill the balloon, the pressure will cause the balloon to rupture. Similarly, if an amoeba’s membrane-bound mass of cytoplasm becomes too large, the membrane will rupture. The profound point is that an amoeba can only grow to a certain size—and no bigger. You can’t make a “smarter” amoeba.

But evolution didn’t stop here, either. When amoebas maximized their membrane surface area, they came together to form communities of amoebas to share awareness and advance evolution. All the visible plants and animals are actually integrated communities of amoebalike cells. For example, we see a human as a single living organism. In truth, a human is an integrated community of around 50 trillion amoebalike cells.

How the Human Brain Increases Awareness

Like the rigid capsule that limits the “mem-brain” of the bacterium, a mammalian brain is limited by the size of the skull. In more primitive mammals, such as a rat, the brain is a round and smooth vesicle filling         the cranium.

But in human evolution, expanding the human brain’s surface area resulted in folding the brain—the characteristic furrows and ridges.  The more folds     in the brain, the greater the surface area the skull can accommodate—and consequently, the more awareness it manifests.

Inevitably, the human brain could no longer enlarge because it completely filled the skull, and evolution hit another wall. But, of course, it didn’t stop. Once the smartest human was created, the next level of our evolution led humans to form communities to share awareness. First there were clans, then tribes, then states, and then nations as humans assembled into larger communities. When humans were in small, scattered tribes, their shared awareness led them to create simple technologies, such as spears and flint cutting stones.

When human groups grew into massive communities, their shared a wareness led to the creation of computers and rocket ships.

Right now, human civilization is on the verge of creating a new multi-human organism. What we experience as upheaval is leaving behind more primitive versions of human communities to create a new, more inclusive version where each human is a “cell” in the evolving superorganism, humanity.

Chance Meeting Forest Dragons Credit Andy Kehoe

Chance Meeting Forest Dragons by Andy Kehoe

This evolutionary jump is facilitated most recently by the development     of        a global human nervous system—the Internet, a nervous system that can connect 7–8 billion human “cells” into one giant community with shared awareness. The Millennial generation that grew up with the Internet is not a local community, but a global one. The old divisions between humans—not just borders and physical walls, but the psychosocial barriers like sexual orientation, religion, and race—are collapsing.

The next leap of human civilization will be the realization of the United States’ logo: E pluribus unum, “out of many, one.” We are all in this together; we are all cells in the body of an evolving humanity.

In fact, we are now living healthier, happier, more peaceable lives, and for    far longer than ever before in history. The level of violence in the world has rapidly decreased, and yet we are as frightened as ever—perhaps more frightened.

We are becoming more sensitive to our global “autoimmune” disease.          Our increasingly interconnected community is leading us to experience the anguish of every terrorist attack,  every death by famine,  every act of abuse. The deaths of a handful of people can now spark the worldwide outrage that once required thousands or even million of deaths. For our evolution to continue, this self-destruction must cease.

The Elephant in the Room

Five times in the history of Earth, life was thriving,  then some event—an asteroid crashing into the planet or a massive geologic upheaval—upended the environment and anywhere from 70 to 90 percent of all life forms died out. Today, human behavior has precipitated the sixth mass extinction, and we’re losing species faster than previous extinctions. One survey estimates that 62 percent of the animals that were on Earth in 1970 are already gone.

A recent international report predicts that by 2048—just 30 years from now—there will be no fish in the ocean because of human overfishing, destruction of the breeding grounds, and human-derived pollution of the seas. One NASA report predicts that industrial civilization will experience    an irreversible collapse within two to three decades. One way or another, change is happening.

Every citizen and every country is now a player in this process.

For example, thanks to improved technology and increasingly strict regulations, air pollution in California has steadily declined over the             last three decades.

But now it’s rising again because the air pollution of the developing  industrial nations of China and India is being delivered to California                by global airstreams. We are all aboard the same “spaceship.”

Environmental catastrophes in one country inevitably cross geographical barriers and borders. Such problems are global threats, affecting humans everywhere, and they require global solutions.

The fact that our civilization is on the verge of a massive breakdown is the impetus to build a global community on a new and sustainable foundation. This is our next evolutionary step, a participatory evolution wherein all of      us must work together to create a new, sustainable organism.

I’m not saying we’re going to make the evolutionary leap to survive. For example, most history books say that civilization started 5,000 years ago       in the Fertile Crescent between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Recently, however, the remains of an advanced civilization have been discovered at Göbekli Tepe in Turkey—a civilization that ended over 10,000 years ago.

But natural processes did not cover the city; it was manually buried with rocks and dirt. Who were these people, why did they leave, and where did they go? We don’t know. However, by dating the artifacts, scientists have established that they left after the onset of global climate change. When the city existed, the environment provided food to feed a large population. Today, the region is a desert. Apparently, climate change altered the environment to the extent that food was no longer available and the population had to move on. The difference is that we, in the 21st century, don’t have another place to go.

Once the smartest human was created, the next level of our evolution led humans to form communities to share awareness.

What to Do Now

Each of us is living in a field of energy—and each of us contributes to            that energy through our consciousness. Each human is like a tuning fork whose brain is vibrating at a specific frequency.

Therefore, a whole community can vibrate in harmony, as in a community sharing yoga. By definition, the collective community manifests an energy field that is powerful and palpable enough to support the individuals sharing that field. When you experience this energy, it has reassuring and calming effects that will make you want to stay in this field for your safety and security. And increasing the size of the field is clearly the evolutionary path toward a sustainable new humanity.

Fear and fighting and protest cannot build the field.

Preview  Bruce H Lipton – How to Live Heaven on Earth

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