When Good Goes Bad….


Imbalances  of  the  Gut  Flora  in  the  GI Tract….  or Dysbiosis

  Your  Microbiome  May  Hold  Key  Pieces  0f  the  Puzzle                                                          The answer to cancer has always been inside you all along!

Each microbiome is a snowflake   “In an Invisible Worlds”….

Bill Nye the wacky science guy explores the human body from the inside out.               Check your pulse and join him as he explores the real human anatomy!!!! 

Today, the field of oncology is exploring new and diverse ways to fight cancer,             from antibodies to vaccines to cracking the genetic code. All of these biological    elements affect how cancer starts and how doctors can treat it.  But according                  to a review published today in Science,  the bacteria living in and around our            bodies may hold keys to more effective cancer treatment in the near  future.

Human bodies host a staggering number of  bacteria,  living inside and outside our bodies in the intestines or on the skin. In recent years, these communities of bacteria, called microbiomes, have gotten much more attention, linked to many aspects of health.

The microbiome has also been shown to play a role in cancer. Many bacteria have evolved to change the DNA of other cells as a defense mechanism, which can lead to cancer’s onset or its treatment. Some types of bacteria have been shown to cause cancer under certain conditions.

The parts of the body…. where bacteria are most populous….. are particularly hardy,    effective at protecting the bacteria from penetrating the boundary into more sensitive parts of the body where they could cause harm. However, if there’s a breach of normal protections and some of these particular kinds of bacteria get through, they can be carcinogenic.

When good bacteria go bad.

Bacteria can affect cancer in 33 ways: by changing how much human cells reproduce,  by affecting the immune system,  and by influencing cell metabolism.  When in a new environment, bacteria can turn off  our cells’ immune responses, or also turn them on unnecessarily, creating inflammation and autoimmune conditions that break down tissues.

Diets heavy in fiber or fat might change how intestinal bacteria metabolize energy, creating an acid as a byproduct…. that can make colon cancer more likely to happen, though studies so far have come to conflicting conclusions. The tools are getting better. Tumor cells can be genetically sequenced  to  see  if  bacteria have affected them and,          if so, the role that bacteria play in the microbiome.

Oncologists can now engineer bacteria to kickstart  the immune system  to help combat certain kinds of cancer or other cancer-causing bacteria,  or to turn off the genes causing the cells to grow out of control in the first place.  Treatments that can act as heat-seeking missiles, treating only the cancer and not poisoning the entire body, can work better with boosts from the local microbiome.

Now that they understand some of the basic ways in which bacteria can play a role in cancer,  researchers  still  have  a lot of  questions.  They want to know other ways that bacteria might affect cancer, if they can make different types of treatments more or less effective,  if  single microbes can make a difference or  if  they need to be in a particular configuration.

They want to know the role of diet in understanding gastrointestinal cancers like colon cancer,  or why immunotherapy works better in some microbiomes  (like on the skin or in the stomach)  than others  (like the colon),  and why the efficacy of  these treatments vary  from person to person.

Future research… will also look… at how to use bacteria to diagnose cancer and identify those patients most susceptible to side effects and complications. Though the microbiome requires a lot of interdisciplinary research,  says this review,  ridding yourself of toxsick byproducts could hold the important key answers to  fighting and understanding many different types of cancer.

A Weakened Immune System Leads To Cancer… A Strong Immune System Seeks Out And Destroys Cancer Cells.

For most of your life, your immune system successfully fought cancerous cells, killing them as they developed. That’s its job. In fact, the only job Natural Killer cells have is to kill cancer cells and viruses. For cancer to develop, your immune system must either be worn out, ineffective, unable to kill cancer cells as fast as they normally develop, or you must be exposed to a mass of cancer causing toxins, radiation or some such thing, that increase the rate of development of cancer cells to an abnormally high level that your immune system can’t handle.

Either way, it’s vital to strengthen the immune system in your battle against cancer . Especially if you are getting medical treatments that wipe out your immune system.

That’s why we must feed our body what it needs, not the unhealthy junk food and chemicals that are in our fake foods. People will spend $300 on a leather jacket but buy crappy processed food, that are loaded with who knows what that you can’t even pronounce, because it’s cheaper than organic. They spend more on their exterior body than their inner body? Doesn’t make any sense!

Some people say good nutritious organic food is too expensive but what about disease? How expensive is that considering Hospital bills, doctor visits, worthless damaging pharmaceutical drugs, time wasted, feeling like shit? When you change your perspective, considering everything & look at food as healing, preventive medicine, in that aspect it’s very inexpensive.    Thanks  Angel Howerton  &  Cancer Cures From Heaven  :)

IF YOUR BUTYRATE IS LOW YOUR CANCER RISK IS HIGH and THE BEST KNOWN WAY TO OBTAIN BUTYRATE IS THROUGH DIET. There are two main ways…. to get butyrate and other short-chain fatty acids. The first is to eat fiber and let your intestinal bacteria do the rest. Whole plant foods such as sweet potatoes, properly prepared whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruit and nuts are good sources of fiber. The second know way    is Hmm, I wonder where the name BUTYR-ate came from?  Butter perhaps?  Butter is   3-4 percent butyrate, the richest known source.

Changing the mindset of the people is an individual responsibility. Some people may not understand this video and find it in negative manner. But its like “teaching a child to walk while in crawling stage.”     This is in of my own opinion the humanity speech.. :(

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I Wear Blue For Me

   Dawn Eicher

For years, Dawn Eicher was told by doctors, despite obvious symptoms,  that she was too young  to have colon cancer. While pregnant with her 2nd child,  as  her  symptoms worsened.  Her doctors told her  it was pregnancy related, gave her suppositories, and sent her home. It took 10 more months before she  finally received a colonoscopy at which time she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with metastases to her liver.  Dawn  was only 36 years old. 

Faced with a very difficult treatment plan including multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and a temporary ileostomy, Dawn forged ahead.  It has been close to a year since she completed her treatment  and Dawn is NED – No Evidence of Disease. She is now  fighting hard to let people know “You’re Never Too Young”   for  colon  cancer.  She  has  started  a  petition through Change.org  to  force insurance companies  to make colon cancer screening more accessible to younger people.

   There are other tests besides a colonoscopy, but I believe a scope of the  best diagnostic test if  you have any symptoms.  The issue  is some people don’t have symptoms, so they are missed until it’s far too late.  There is a take home kit called Cologuard and its a  fecal blood test that checks  for cancer DNA.  I believe it’s 92% accurate,  so not bad!  Also  insurance  is      just starting to cover it regardless of the age

  If  you and your doc thinks you don’t need a  full colonoscopy, you can      ask for at minimum a rectal exam and/or a tiny scope (that doesn’t hurt      at all)  to take a look around.  That would only catch rectal cancer, but     that is where 70% of all young onset cases at located.

  What I Learned From Dawn Eicher * Be your own advocate! *  Nobody knows your body better than you do.  If  something  isn’t  right,  tell your doctor.  If  your doctor won’t listen,  find  one who will.  * One person can affect change.  * In less than 90 days,  Dawn  was able to get over 70,000 signatures on her petition she’s sending to congress. *I also learned that  Attitude  is  everything!   * Many people would be angry and bitter after experiencing what Dawn went through.  She chooses  to be positive  and channel her energy for change.  

    How you can help make a difference:  Please support the efforts of my friend Dawn Eicher to make it possible  to save your life and many others.  We  have  a ” Health Care” business system that relies on statistical analyses to determine approved insurance expenditures.  Decisions must be based on EACH individual patient,  regardless  of  age.  In the toxic world we live in, children can be at risk as well.

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My Pathway to Wellness

  In the United States I could have went to prison for how I healed  from Lyme disease naturally.  For those that don’t know  Lyme Disease it can       be just as dreadful as cancer.  It’s  a virtual death sentence  and  I really want to share with you  a couple of  things I learned along my pathway         to wellness.

   The  first is a test called a CEDSA.  How  it  works  is very similar  to a lie detector test.  It scans your body or more specifically your Central Nervous System  (either in  person  or  DNA,  with  saliva  and hair samples).  It then produces  a test result  that  shows  what organs  or parts of  your body are failing and then lists why.  From there it suggests the supplements that you need to correct these ailments.  It detects bacteria such as Lyme,  parasites, heavy metals,  cancer (up  to  three years  before  it’s  medically detectible), Thyroid  function,  Adrenal Function, Heart Function, ADD/ADHD, Herpes Virus and almost everything else you can imagine.

  The second thing I learned is there are no conventional cures for Lyme.          So my wonderful doctors who performed the CEDSA test on me and finally determined  I  had  Lyme  recommended  a  True Rife Machine.  I am  in  the process of being a Certified Trainer  and have talked to the owner a number of  times  especially while  trying  to save my dad’s life Funny thing is that before my dad had radiation, in a three week time  framehis  liver  tumor shrank  from 6.2 cm to 4.7 cm.

  Since the doctors  had no explanation they decided the  first measurement was inaccurate.  I obviously believe it was the Rife that produced that result as my dad had purchased one and was using it faithfully. Without a doubt in my mind,  I believe had he done just the True Rife and supplements he would have lived many more years.

     Since  I  have  frequent CEDSA tests  to  determine where I am with my     Lyme and healing the rest of my body.  I am able to  find out things others would never know.  Like the fact I had completely eliminated my Lyme and all co-infections except one using the Rife, but I’ve also been reinfected by a mosquito 2 times since. Once in Tulum Mexico last September and the most recent about six weeks ago in Southern Utah while attending to my mother who was also hospitalized. The test is very affordable, only $150 and is 94% accurate.

   What I have learned from the owner of True Rife, is that of 200+ units he has sold specifically  for cancer patients,  he has had an 80% cure rate.  You won’t find this information published anywhere and to me it feels very much like an underground society.  I’m  fine  with that except  for the  fact so many people have no idea of  this technology  and could benefit so greatly  from it.  You may already know about it,  however,   for  the  common layperson  like myself  here’s how I explain it:

 “Every living organism on the planet has a frequency. All bacteria, virus, cancer, etc.  if you can determine that frequency, you can write a program, or in this case a frequency to destroy it.”

   That’s how it worksThe really amazing thing about True Rife is,  not     only does it come pre-programmed with over 2,000 pre-written programs for everything you could imagine it treating. You also get  free updates for life.  That’s all really amazing,  but the very best part  is that it comes with detox  footbaths called Ion Pro-Waves. Which help detoxify all these dying organisms  from your body so there is nearly zero herx or healing crisis.  

    I’m  of  the opinion  that every household in the country should own one.  They also have really cool things to add on. I have a Silver maker, Ozonated water for complete blood oxygenation,  special bulbs for specific treatments, etc.  Again,  you may not remember, but you did give me amazing advice for my dad.  For  that  I’ll be  forever grateful.  He just chose the wrong path.

Warmest Regards  :)

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Out of the Darkness

When I think of Kenya, I think of the safaris,  the lions,  cheetahs,  zebras,  giraffes,  buffaloes    and poisonous snakes. However, most recently, through a new Facebook friend Ayot Adhiambo, I got to experience a different side of  that wilderness.  Of  how it’s really like,  really living near wild animals.  It is through that experience that you learn great respect  for their habitat and the way the human species should co-exist with wild animals.

What being home early has taught me for fear of reprisal is Ayot’s 10 Life Principles

  1. Always appreciate others when I see something of worth in them. Strive to focus    more on the positive rather than the negative.
  2.  Respecting other people’s way of doing things just as I would want to be respected    for living my life the way I would want to.
  3.  Being trustworthy, dependable in character and honor.
  4. Being true to myself at all times, not trying to be someone else’s perfect.
  5.  Strive to be courteous and speak kind and respectful words that are clearly pronounced to establish a tone that favors comprehension.
  6. Have a genuine interest in others
  7. Being humble and never allowing the spirit of pride to fill my heart.
  8. Being a woman of self-control who shows great ability in controlling every aspect         of my life.
  9.  While being my greatest number one fan ever and having confidence in myself, believing in my abilities always no matter what.
  10.  Don’t underestimate anyone and don’t speak any negativity to anyone, because       there is worth and greatness in each person.

Also, when you live near the wild that live on the slopes of Lukenya Hills of Machakos County     in Kenya; what could be scarier than an outdoor walk alone in the dark, which could potentially   be your last walk alone?  Cancer…. So What?  I am brave  and courageous even more so than       in Kenya where it is caught mostly in late stages. 

It still shouldn’t alter how people should view life or death.  We have our choices  and it’s my belief we should read more and become more aware of the dangers that lurk within our environment and what comes from Out of the Darkness!! From Ayot’s Ten Life Principles,  I have learnt how one can courageously live near the wilderness .

This strong belief that she has also inspires me to stay as far as I can from the dangers of everyday life! She has also inspired me to have unwavering faith should cancer come into my life I will be a survivor through it all.  It’s  through  her nuggets of wisdom,  that I am empowered to overcome whatever life’s obstacles that come my way.

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One Man’s Journey

                      One man’s journey to peace on the Appalachian Trail

Paul Stutzman, a native of Holmes County, was born into an Amish family. His family left the Amish lifestyle soon after he was born, and joined a strict conservative Mennonite Church.

When he was in his mid-50s, after working for 25 years as a restaurant manager,  Paul lost his wife,  Mary,  to  breast cancer. Following that traumatic experience, he sensed a tug on his heart — a call to a challenge, the call to pursue a dream.

After  losing  his  wife  to  cancer  those  molehill of  problems that  folks turned into mountains became more than a desired   to listen to any more.  So when he decided to climb real mountain tops in search of peace,  freedom and meaning of life. The Appalachian Trail became the vehicle that told the story of finding that peace.

With a mixture of  dread and determination,  Paul left his job, traveled       to Georgia — and  at  age  57 — took his  first steps on the 2,176-mile Appalachian Trail. That was in March 2008. What he learned during the next four and a half months changed his life and led to his first book, “Hiking Through.”

Paul had often dreamed of hiking the Appalachian Trail. Hiking through the beauty of nature had always brought him solace; so, after a year of trying to continue his life and work through his grief, he made the decision to quit his job, strap on a backpack, and walk the legendary trail through wilderness from Georgia to Maine.

The journey was more difficult than he had ever imagined. A thru-hiker walks the entire length of the trail in one season. In most years, less than    20 percent of all thru-hikers who begin actually finish. Paul encountered all of the things that drive people off the Trail: loneliness, discouragement, homesickness, physical injuries, exhaustion, extreme weather. He had vaguely expected such trials, but he was ambushed by the ferocity of these hardships.

On an Appalachian Trail hike you discover what the basic necessities are in life — food, clothing and shelter. However, everything you need to survive must be carried on your back.  You soon realize if you are carrying extra baggage not essential to survival it needs to be discarded. I carried a sleeping bag, tent, water purification system, cooking equipment and about five days of food. With water, I was carrying close to 40 pounds.

And there was that lingering question: Am I crazy to give up a good job and do this? What am I doing out here?

Leaving my good job as manager at Dutch Valley Restaurant in Sugarcreek was the hardest choice I’ve made in life. I sometimes wonder if it was the smartest choice, and it certainly wasn’t financially, but I chose living life over money.

God walked with him on the trail, throughout four and a half months, over two thousand miles, through fourteen states. This book is much more than a retelling of the adventure, people, and sights of the Trail. It is the story of God creating a new life for Paul Stutzman.

Hiking Through was written for all of you who have known the sorrow of losing someone dear and for all of you who still have time to cherish the ones you love. It was written for those who question whether God has any hand in our lives, and for those who believe God walks with us every step of our journeys. And, of course, it was written for anyone who dreams of hiking the great Appalachian Trail.

In the summer of 2010, Stutzman again heeded the call for adventure and pedaled his bicycle 5,000 miles across America. That led to his second book, “Biking Through.”

He recently released his first novel entitled, “The Wanderers,” a story about a young Amish boy and a young Amish girl, who undertake a long journey before they finally find home.

In addition to writing, Stutzman currently speaks to groups about his hiking and biking experiences and the lessons learned during these adventures. He can be contacted through his website at www.hikingthrough.com or www.paulstutzman.com.

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Dancing with Cancer

   It was this time nine years ago tonight when my  father was in his final hours of  battling leiomyosarcoma  and vowed to myself  that  before I part this world.  I would create a website that provides a  free access centralized hub of cancer research.  For the life of  me  I couldn’t  figure out  why people had to be treated in the manner in which they are without prior knowledge to up their odds  for survival.

   So  often  with a doctors work load  they are often distracted  and also misleading with not much time to give you the full answers that a patient should be given to know for sure what to expect from a treatment. So last May around my  fathers birthdate  I started our Facebook support group.     I am always honored when a cancer survivor…. would like to share their experience with the visitants of  Solitarius.

This is Nicola Corcoran Experience She Gave Me Permission to Share:

In the early days of our relationship, my husband and I went to salsa classes. He would complain that I was always trying to lead, that I was too rigid! When I relaxed and trusted, it became so much more fun. 

I see cancer as a dance. One that just got a bit more energetic. For the second year in a row, my Minimal Residual Disease test shows elevated cancer cells. 

The day of the test results I shut down. I was upset. Disappointed.  I had tried to sneak back into ‘normal’ society, pretending that I was done with cancer, that my new happy life meant I could have the occasional glass of wine, eat the kids gluten free bread, order cheese in a restaurant, snack on dark chocolate for a treat.

The reality is, that although blissfully contented, cheating with food was never a long-term option.  I believe wholeheartedly in epigenetics.  I know that I still have circulating cancer stem cells. I understand that should I create a  unfriendly environment  for those cells,  they will metastasise. 

   On day two I got my head down. I read. I went back to basics. What was I doing in the early days after diagnosis that kept my results stable? What did I instinctively feel would heal me?

By day three I had a new protocol. One which focuses on healing my gut (leaky gut    being at the core of all auto-immune disease, cancer being one), and on boosting my immune system.  Back to vegan. Gluten, grain, potato and legume free.  Zero sugar.    More green everything. More raw. More sprouted seeds and nuts.

With My  full list of supplements looks like this: medicinal mushrooms, curcumin, ubiquinol vitamin A, probiotics, enzymes, zinc, magnesium, vitamin D3, B patches, iodine, zeolite,  flaxseed oil, bee pollen (the only non-vegan aspect), and Angioblock,    Artemix,  vitamin C, silica,  epsom salt baths,  FIR infrared saunas,  cod liver packs,         DIM, coffee enemas and wheatgrass implants.

The new protocol is pretty intense. There are pills with food, pills without food, pills       with protein. However, I feel great. I feel clear. I feel hopeful and more authentic.

Just Let Go                                      
Let go of how you thought
your life should be                                          Sincerely,  Nicola Corcoran  :)
and embrace the life that
is trying to work its way
into your consciousness.

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” Saving Myself To Save Others”

   Yesterday  when  I  was  out  and  about  I  went  to Lebanon Ohio  and  visited a relative. While having a relaxing conversation before church and a dinner reservation  at the Golden LambWe  went  to St Francis De Sales  for their 5 30 mass.  I  was  so inspired by their Priest sermon.  I thought I would include it in this blog post.  Wearing The Wood  was the title of  this amazing sermon and went something like this.  He stated that last Sunday Night he was amazed at how the Iraq’s Christians are being persecuted by ISIS as they destroy crosses. While making Christians…. live their life like Islamic…  As they tell people… turn Islamic or die without a  choice.

   Why do we live  in such a diabolical world  any more  is  beyond  me.             We are suppose to live a life  where we are  marked by  the cross at birth.   One where we are proud to say, “We Believe in GOD” and it’s a belief  that keeps us tried  and  true  through  the trials  and tribulations of living.  So why in the world today:  does people take such satisfaction  on wearing a University of  Cincinnati,  Dayton or Ohio State T shirt costing $50 bucks. While some people make mockery of those that wear a cross costing only $10 to 15.00 bucks.

  God in your eternal life doesn’t give two hoots about your favorite sports team, who won the day before. But he does care about how you live your life to the extreme.  To gain an ever lasting life  one must walk that straight and    narrow to achieve his expectation set forth upon you ~ your mission of life. Why in todays world do  others  judge others  more harshly than they judge themselves.  And why in todays world… when everything is turning up side     down. So why don’t we… turn back the clock to days gone by. To days gone by when wearing the wood meant something.

    I best get off  that soap box  for now…. because Healing That Part of  the World Today Is An Impossible Task!!  If we all work together we might also accomplish something in Washington D.C.

    Therefore, We all know the importance of Vitamins, however,  what about the Effects of  Mineral Deficiency on the Body.

    Minerals are inorganic substances that are essential for a healthy body,    as they help to create hormones, enzymes,  bones,  tissues,  teeth and  fluids.  So let’s take a closer look …at some important minerals and their effects of deficiency on the body!!

Calcium and vitamin D are essential for maintaining bone density and reducing the risk   of fracture. A deficiency  in calcium can create improper brain function, low bone mineral density,  and  also  muscular symptoms like aches,  pains,  twitching,  spasms and cramps.  In elderly adults, supplementation of calcium and vitamin D can markedly enhance bone density and reduce fracture.  As women are particularly prone to calcium deficiency,  it is important that they have a bone scan by age 60 and also take a daily calcium supplement. While liquid whole food vitamins and minerals are a good holistic source to ensure proper calcium intake and other needed nutrition.

The adult human body contains roughly 25 grams of magnesium, which is important for maintaining energy levels. A deficiency in magnesium also triggers a calcium deficit, which results in low blood potassium levels,  retention  of  sodium,  muscular symptoms  such  as tremors and spasms, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and personality changes.

Potassium  keeps  the muscles  and  nervous system working properly.  Because  of  its alkaline properties,  it helps the body to maintain pH levels and regulates the amount of water in the blood and body tissues.  The most important function of potassium is also in helping to regulate blood pressure.  When the body  fails  to  retain  the necessary amount of required potassium,  deficiency results called hypokalemia, which  can  be  fatal  if  not attended to.  Some symptoms of potassium deficiency are fatigue, muscular weakness, acne, anxiety and memory loss.

Iron-deficiency anemia is caused by a deficit in iron  which  the  body uses to produce hemoglobin,  a substance in the red blood cells  that transports oxygen  from the lungs to body tissues.  When there is a deficit in iron,  the  red  blood  cells  are  fewer  and  smaller  than usual, and anemia results. Iron-deficiency anemia will likely cause fatigue, dizziness, irritability,  headaches,  difficulty concentrating,  a pale appearance,  brittle nails, and also cracked lips. Also supplementing with iron can increase risk for diabetes in women. While the best sources are dietary in the form of clams,  oysters,  beef,  shrimp,  turkey, enriched breakfast cereals, cooked beans, lentils and pumpkin seeds.

Zinc is essential for healthy growth in humans, animals and plants, and also for mental development in children and proper functioning of the immune system. The  risk  of  zinc deficiency  affects one third of the world population  and is the fifth leading risk factor for disease in the developing world.  Symptoms of zinc deficiency can include hair loss, skin lesions, diarrhea, acne and white spots or lines on the fingernails.

Chromium is essential in the use of glucose for energy and for the metabolism of amino acids and fats.  Symptoms of deficiency  include glucose intolerance,  elevated cholesterol and weight loss.  Those over age 55  and  folks who exercise regularly may lose chromium through the urine and will need supplementation.  Some chromium supplements contain yeast, which can interfere with certain prescription drugs and chromium is unsuitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women and for epileptics.

Other trace minerals such as molybdenum,  selenium,  phosphorus,  iodine  and sodium are important for health and well-being. With their deficiencies can cause a host of health problems. A good diet is the foundation of a healthy body,  but to ensure proper nutrition and to stave off symptoms of deficiency, so make sure to take high-quality liquid vitamins and minerals on a daily basis.

Significant correlations  were  found  between  the  ratio  of  people over  90 years old            per 100,000 inhabitants and trace elements, including molybdenum, in soils, drinking water and rice.  Which constitutes key elements  of  their natural environment.  With  the percentage of long-lived people (>80 years old) in Zhongxiang (Hubei province) was also positively linked to the content of molybdenum in their staple food, rice.  Also in these regions, it is likely that combinations of trace elements contribute to optimum health and longevity as opposed to the sole effect of molybdenumhttp://lpi.oregonstate.edu/infocenter/minerals/molybdenum/

The role  selenium plays in combating various forms of degenerative disease has been known for several decades. More recent data  have  intensified scientific interest  in  its  specific anti-cancer mechanisms. Researchers have found that selenium favorably modulates gene expression to suppress a protein involved in tumor onset, growth, and metastasis. But not all “seleniums” are the same.  http://www.lef.org/magazine/2012/ss/Selenium-Protect-Against-Cancer/Page-01

Relative deficiency of phosphorus can be caused by very high calcium intake or by  taking a lot of antacids which can bind phosphorus.  Aluminum,  also magnesium,  and iron   can interfere with phosphorus absorption.  Low vitamin D intake  can also lead to deficient body phosphorus. Symptoms of phosphorus deficiency which may include anorexia, weakness, weight loss, irritability, anxiety, stiff joints, paresthesias, bone pain, and bone fragility. Decreased growth, poor bone and tooth development, and symptoms   of rickets may occur in phosphorus-deficient children. In adults, as mentioned, a low calcium – to – phosphorus ratio is most likely to generate problems.  Osteoporosis (bone resorption) is often brought on by high phosphorus and low calcium intake. Other adult problems include skin disease, tooth decay, and even arthritis.  http://www.healthy.net/Health/Article/Phosphorus/2061/2

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“How To Kill Cancer Cells”.

  MONTREUX, Switzerland,  Natalie Mitchell’s Amazon Best Seller second   book  “How To Kill Cancer Cells”  sets  out  clear  guidelines  for  readers  to  create a bodily environment in which cancer cells cannot thrive.  Everybody has cancer cells and with the medical technology available nowaday doctors can only diagnose cancer when people already have developed BILLIONS of active cancer cells in their body.

While the information is easy to understand, the Author’s clear message         is that as we individuals, can control our susceptibility to Cancer, We can eliminate  Cancer cells,  prevent  and  avoid  the  disease  by  neutralizing, rather than unwittingly nourishing,  the body’s natural Cancer cells  and  their growth.

Natalie Mitchell is an international consulting Nutritionist specializing           in cancer prevention and recovery for her clients.  For over a decade she       has counseled both the healthy  and those with Cancer on how to achieve prevention as well recovery through optimized daily nutrition and diet. 

Natalie Mitchell celebrates  the  success of  “How To Kill Cancer Cells”.  Known  for  her  clear guidelines on how to create a bodily environment,   which prevents cancer cells from thriving,  she  seeks  to give readers the  ability to create for themselves a cancer prevention diet. One that asserts         a bodily environment that can be created through nutrition, which will be  toxic to cancer cells. 

  Her nutritional advice is presented in a way that is easy to understand,        and which allows the reader to choose enjoyable foods to prepare and eat.  Many chapters of  “How to Kill Cancer Cells”  conclude with a list of foods      to avoid  and foods that embrace related to the chapter,  such as the list of “Best Alkalizing Vegetables  with Minerals  and Vitamins content details”         at the end  of the chapter  on  preventative minerals.  The  book  seeks  to   make food planning  and  preparation  for cancer prevention simple  and      easy-to-follow.

Through her years helping cancer patients maintain their strength through diet, Natalie Mitchell has developed knowledge of the food choices which can make the body an uninhabitable place for cancer cells. She demonstrates how to prevent and avoid the disease by controlling and neutralizing,  rather than unwittingly nourishing,  the body’s natural cancer cells and their growth.

 “How To Kill Cancer Cells”  is  all  about  practical  advice. Chapters, which focus  on  things  like  foods  which  cancer  cells  love, acid levels in the body,    and enzymes that kill cancer cells,  hand out specific advice for everyone who wishes to actively make sure their bodies remain cancer-free.  Research from papers,  both mainstream  and  alternative medical sources,  back  the  advice Natalie Mitchell is providing.  While  the  information  is  easy to understand, the Author’s clear message is as individuals, we can control our susceptibility to cancer and eliminate Cancer cells and in our bodies.

“How To Kill Cancer Cells”   is  available  on  Amazon.com

Natalie Mitchell


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   In Sheryl Malin’s essay We Are Not Rag Dolls she states, “Now, if you or someone you know has cancer ~there are options out there. This is the age   of  communication and it is a big world,  look  and see what other countries are doing to manage cancer other than cut, poison and burn. I have studied options for over four years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Check out  my  option  www.thejourneytogoodhealth.com  for  I have learned that managing cancer is a scientific approach and it’s your blueprint that needs to be changed. “

 It is My goal is to make it FDA approved so insurance companies will pay for this type of treatment.  It’s my belief we should have options that can be done without breaking our bank account.  I hear from people all the time to responses to what I am writing. I wish I can do what you did, however, I do not have the money or  if  your option  would be FDA approved…. my damn insurance would cover it?

  Everyone lives in fear of a cancer diagnosis. Aside  from all the pain and stress of the disease itself,  the diagnosis brings with it the horror of  being subjected  to  terrifying surgeries,  radiation,  and chemotherapy…. all of  which can have side effects as bad as or worse than the disease. 

   When Sheryl  was diagnosed with breast cancer, she wasn’t willing             to have her health ruined by US-standard cancer treatments.  Instead,      she and her husband went to the internet.  Armed with their belief  that        the usual prescribed course of  action wasn’t right for Sheryl, they also discovered highly effective alternative treatments being used in Europe    and in Mexico.

  This is the story of  how Sheryl beat cancer without surgery, chemo, or radiation.  Through  her daily journal,  which  she also shares online as a  blog  with readers  who  followed  her  journey of  hope,  Sheryl charts her progress. With information ranging  from types of alternative treatments available to the necessity of lifestyle changes to stay healthy, And Sheryl’s amazing memoir  is  a  radiant beacon of  possibility  for anyone  who has    been diagnosed with cancer.

   Sheryl Malin  has  triumphed  over cancer  without using conventional Western medicine.  Sheryl  and  her story have been  featured on CBS local news,  where  she  shared information  about  her  treatment,  and  how she changed her lifestyle. She is married and has one child. She was a longtime resident of Florida, and now lives in Mexico.




   However, Her message always remains that how you treat your illness should be your choice.  Everyone is unique in their own way , and it’s your right to trust the wisdom of  your body and mind to choose the path that is best  for you.  So Follow Sheryl  on the road to recovery…. and learn about the innovative options available when you start thinking outside the box.

Sheryl’s purpose is:  Please stand up  with  me  and change the thinking of our health industry and help me convince our politicians and physicians that there is a better way to fight cancer without side effects and have immune therapy.  A type of treatment available to all with the insurance paying even some of it.  We need to not be treated like rag dolls,  but as human beings.

Individually we are a drop, but together we are an ocean. The ocean turns into the sea, which surrounds this big world. So let’s begin today and talk about it among our friends. Support this cause and stand up to a better option to destroy cancer.



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Dealing With Healing

I was shocked and devastated when I received a Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis.  After declining chemotherapy and radiation, it occurred to     me,  if  I  had  the power  to create this disease.  Then  I  had  the  power within to resolve it.  That is the way it has always been with me in my personal and business life. 

  One day I decided I was done with it all. I was done with the Life ‘with” cancer and it was time to move into my life “after” cancer. Any evidence      or thoughts,  there of,  to the contrary were also immediately discarded. Because I had a husband whom is my best  friend  and two daughters to    continually live for.   ✦ಌ⊱♡❁ ✲ ❁♡⊰ಌ✦

  As it turned out the “gift of cancer” has been a giant spring board for massive personal development. You have more control over your future than you could ever imagine… is what I realized.  Choose your thoughts        and beliefs wisely…. live with positive vibes … your life depends on it.

   It took a stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis for me to seriously consider     what I was entitled to in my life.  Despite, all the successful experiences        in my business life.  I had  found  the most important aspect of  my life       was learning how to redefine my life so I could go on living.

  After declining conventional treatment: I had to start thinking in order        to stay alive and reclaim my health. Embarking on a journey of personal discovery,  development I slowly but surely unfolded the “gift of cancer.”    In doing so I realized mindset, thoughts and beliefs are important.

   Mindset, thoughts and beliefs Are also often over looked, but a vital tool       to achieving and maintaining good health and wellness. So in 2004 Marika Hamilton  founded Dealing With Healing, an out reach organization that is dedicated to inspire, support and encourage others to live life to it’s  fullest. 

   While offering inspiration and empowerment helping others to decide  what they are Entitled to in their everyday life. Marika  presently  spends time writing, teaching and speaking to various groups across the country. While spreading her message of  “HOPE and Encouragement” to everyone that wants to achieve greater wellness, both physically and emotionally.  You can get in touch with Marika Hamilton on Facebook :)

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