” Saving Myself To Save Others”

   Yesterday  when  I  was  out  and  about  I  went  to Lebanon Ohio  and  visited a relative. While having a relaxing conversation before church and a dinner reservation  at the Golden Lamb. We  went  to St Francis De Sales  for their 5 30 mass.  I  was  so inspired by their Priest sermon.  I thought I would include it in this blog post.  Wearing The Wood  was the title of  this amazing sermon and went something like this.  He stated that last Sunday Night he was amazed at how the Iraq’s Christians are being persecuted by ISIS as they destroy crosses. While making Christians…. live their life like Islamic…  As they tell people… turn Islamic or die without a  choice.

   Why do we live  in such a diabolical world  any more  is  beyond  me.             We are suppose to live a life  where we are  marked by  the cross at birth.   One where we are proud to say, “We Believe in GOD” and it’s a belief  that keeps us tried  and  true  through  the trials  and tribulations of living.  So why in the world today:  does people take such satisfaction  on wearing a University of  Cincinnati,  Dayton or Ohio State T shirt costing $50 bucks. While some people make mockery of those that wear a cross costing only $10 to 15.00 bucks.

  God in your eternal life doesn’t give two hoots about your favorite sports team, who won the day before. But he does care about how you live your life to the extreme.  To gain an ever lasting life  one must walk that straight and    narrow to achieve his expectation set forth of you upon your mission of life. Why in todays world do  others  judge others  more harshly than they judge themselves.  And why in todays world… when everything is turning up side     down. So why don’t we… turn back the clock to days gone by. To days gone by when wearing the wood meant something.

I best get off  that soap box  for now…. because Healing That Part of The World Today Is An Impossible Task!!  If we all work together we might also accomplish something in Washington D.C.

    Therefore, We all know the importance of Vitamins, however,  what about the Effects of  Mineral Deficiency on the Body.

    Minerals are inorganic substances that are essential for a healthy body,    as they help to create hormones, enzymes,  bones,  tissues,  teeth and  fluids.  So let’s take a closer look …at some important minerals and their effects of deficiency on the body!!

Calcium and vitamin D are essential for maintaining bone density and reducing the risk   of fracture. A deficiency  in calcium can create improper brain function, low bone mineral density,  and  also  muscular symptoms like aches,  pains,  twitching,  spasms and cramps.  In elderly adults, supplementation of calcium and vitamin D can markedly enhance bone density and reduce fracture.  As women are particularly prone to calcium deficiency,  it is important that they have a bone scan by age 60 and also take a daily calcium supplement. While liquid whole food vitamins and minerals are a good holistic source to ensure proper calcium intake and other needed nutrition.

The adult human body contains roughly 25 grams of magnesium, which is important for maintaining energy levels. A deficiency in magnesium also triggers a calcium deficit, which results in low blood potassium levels,  retention  of  sodium,  muscular symptoms  such  as tremors and spasms, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and personality changes.

Potassium keeps the muscles and nervous system working properly.  Because of its alkaline properties,  it helps the body to maintain pH levels and regulates the amount of water in the blood and body tissues.  The most important function of potassium is also in helping to regulate blood pressure.  When the body  fails  to  retain  the necessary amount of required potassium,  deficiency results called hypokalemia, which  can  be  fatal  if  not attended to.  Some symptoms of potassium deficiency are fatigue, muscular weakness, acne, anxiety and memory loss.

Iron-deficiency anemia is caused by a deficit in iron  which  the  body uses to produce hemoglobin,  a substance in the red blood cells  that transports oxygen  from the lungs to body tissues.  When there is a deficit in iron,  the  red  blood  cells  are  fewer  and  smaller  than usual, and anemia results. Iron-deficiency anemia will likely cause fatigue, dizziness, irritability,  headaches,  difficulty concentrating,  a pale appearance,  brittle nails, and also cracked lips. Also supplementing with iron can increase risk for diabetes in women. While the best sources are dietary in the form of clams,  oysters,  beef,  shrimp,  turkey, enriched breakfast cereals, cooked beans, lentils and pumpkin seeds.

Zinc is essential for healthy growth in humans, animals and plants, and also for mental development in children and proper functioning of the immune system. The  risk  of  zinc deficiency  affects one third of the world population  and is the fifth leading risk factor for disease in the developing world.  Symptoms of zinc deficiency can include hair loss, skin lesions, diarrhea, acne and white spots or lines on the fingernails.

Chromium is essential in the use of glucose for energy and for the metabolism of amino acids and fats.  Symptoms of deficiency  include glucose intolerance,  elevated cholesterol and weight loss.  Those over age 55  and  folks who exercise regularly may lose chromium through the urine and will need supplementation.  Some chromium supplements contain yeast, which can interfere with certain prescription drugs and chromium is unsuitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women and for epileptics.

Other trace minerals such as molybdenum, selenium, phosphorus, iodine, and sodium are important for health and well-being. With their deficiencies can cause a host of health problems. A good diet is the foundation of a healthy body,  but to ensure proper nutrition and to stave off symptoms of deficiency, so make sure to take high-quality liquid vitamins and minerals on a daily basis.

Significant correlations  were  found  between  the  ratio  of  people over  90 years old            per 100,000 inhabitants and trace elements, including molybdenum, in soils, drinking water and rice.  Which constitutes key elements  of  their natural environment.  With  the percentage of long-lived people (>80 years old) in Zhongxiang (Hubei province) was also positively linked to the content of molybdenum in their staple food, rice.  Also in these regions, it is likely that combinations of trace elements contribute to optimum health and longevity as opposed to the sole effect of molybdenumhttp://lpi.oregonstate.edu/infocenter/minerals/molybdenum/

The role  selenium plays in combating various forms of degenerative disease has been known for several decades. More recent data  have  intensified scientific interest  in  its  specific anti-cancer mechanisms.  Researchers have     found that selenium favorably modulates gene expression to suppress a protein involved in tumor onset, growth, and metastasis. But not all “seleniums” are the same.  http://www.lef.org/magazine/2012/ss/Selenium-Protect-Against-Cancer/Page-01

Relative deficiency of phosphorus can be caused by very high calcium intake or by  taking a lot of antacids which can bind phosphorus.  Aluminum,  also magnesium,  and iron   can interfere with phosphorus absorption.  Low vitamin D intake  can also lead to deficient body phosphorus. Symptoms of phosphorus deficiency which may include anorexia, weakness, weight loss, irritability, anxiety, stiff joints, paresthesias, bone pain, and bone fragility. Decreased growth, poor bone and tooth development, and symptoms   of rickets may occur in phosphorus-deficient children. In adults, as mentioned, a low calcium – to – phosphorus ratio is most likely to generate problems.  Osteoporosis (bone resorption) is often brought on by high phosphorus and low calcium intake. Other adult problems include skin disease, tooth decay, and even arthritis.  http://www.healthy.net/Health/Article/Phosphorus/2061/2




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“How To Kill Cancer Cells”.

  MONTREUX, Switzerland,  Natalie Mitchell’s Amazon Best Seller second   book  “How To Kill Cancer Cells”  sets  out  clear  guidelines  for  readers  to  create a bodily environment in which cancer cells cannot thrive.  Everybody has cancer cells and with the medical technology available nowaday doctors can only diagnose cancer when people already have developed BILLIONS of active cancer cells in their body.

While the information is easy to understand, the Author’s clear message         is that as we individuals, can control our susceptibility to Cancer, We can eliminate  Cancer cells,  prevent  and  avoid  the  disease  by  neutralizing, rather than unwittingly nourishing,  the body’s natural Cancer cells  and  their growth.

Natalie Mitchell is an international consulting Nutritionist specializing           in cancer prevention and recovery for her clients.  For over a decade she       has counseled both the healthy  and those with Cancer on how to achieve prevention as well recovery through optimized daily nutrition and diet. 

Natalie Mitchell celebrates  the  success of  “How To Kill Cancer Cells”.  Known  for  her  clear guidelines on how to create a bodily environment,   which prevents cancer cells from thriving,  she  seeks  to give readers the  ability to create for themselves a cancer prevention diet. One that asserts         a bodily environment that can be created through nutrition, which will be  toxic to cancer cells. 

  Her nutritional advice is presented in a way that is easy to understand,        and which allows the reader to choose enjoyable foods to prepare and eat.  Many chapters of  “How to Kill Cancer Cells”  conclude with a list of foods      to avoid  and foods that embrace related to the chapter,  such as the list of “Best Alkalizing Vegetables  with Minerals  and Vitamins content details”         at the end  of the chapter  on  preventative minerals.  The  book  seeks  to   make food planning  and  preparation  for cancer prevention simple  and      easy-to-follow.

Through her years helping cancer patients maintain their strength through diet, Natalie Mitchell has developed knowledge of the food choices which can make the body an uninhabitable place for cancer cells. She demonstrates how to prevent and avoid the disease by controlling and neutralizing,  rather than unwittingly nourishing,  the body’s natural cancer cells and their growth.

 “How To Kill Cancer Cells”  is  all  about  practical  advice. Chapters, which focus  on  things  like  foods  which  cancer  cells  love, acid levels in the body,    and enzymes that kill cancer cells,  hand out specific advice for everyone who wishes to actively make sure their bodies remain cancer-free.  Research from papers,  both mainstream  and  alternative medical sources,  back  the  advice Natalie Mitchell is providing.  While  the  information  is  easy to understand, the Author’s clear message is as individuals, we can control our susceptibility to cancer and eliminate Cancer cells and in our bodies.

“How To Kill Cancer Cells”   is  available  on  Amazon.com

Natalie Mitchell


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   In Sheryl Malin’s essay We Are Not Rag Dolls she states, “Now, if you or someone you know has cancer ~there are options out there. This is the age   of  communication and it is a big world,  look  and see what other countries are doing to manage cancer other than cut, poison and burn. I have studied options for over four years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Check out  my  option  www.thejourneytogoodhealth.com  for  I have learned that managing cancer is a scientific approach and it’s your blueprint that needs to be changed. “

 It is My goal is to make it FDA approved so insurance companies will pay for this type of treatment.  It’s my belief we should have options that can be done without breaking our bank account.  I hear from people all the time to responses to what I am writing. I wish I can do what you did, however, I do not have the money or  if  your option  would be FDA approved…. my damn insurance would cover it?

  Everyone lives in fear of a cancer diagnosis. Aside  from all the pain and stress of the disease itself,  the diagnosis brings with it the horror of  being subjected  to  terrifying surgeries,  radiation,  and chemotherapy…. all of  which can have side effects as bad as or worse than the disease. 

   When Sheryl  was diagnosed with breast cancer, she wasn’t willing             to have her health ruined by US-standard cancer treatments.  Instead,      she and her husband went to the internet.  Armed with their belief  that        the usual prescribed course of  action wasn’t right for Sheryl, they also discovered highly effective alternative treatments being used in Europe    and in Mexico.

  This is the story of  how Sheryl beat cancer without surgery, chemo, or radiation.  Through  her daily journal,  which  she also shares online as a  blog  with readers  who  followed  her  journey of  hope,  Sheryl charts her progress. With information ranging  from types of alternative treatments available to the necessity of lifestyle changes to stay healthy, And Sheryl’s amazing memoir  is  a  radiant beacon of  possibility  for anyone  who has    been diagnosed with cancer.

   Sheryl Malin  has  triumphed  over cancer  without using conventional Western medicine.  Sheryl  and  her story have been  featured on CBS local news,  where  she  shared information  about  her  treatment,  and  how she changed her lifestyle. She is married and has one child. She was a longtime resident of Florida, and now lives in Mexico.




   However, Her message always remains that how you treat your illness should be your choice.  Everyone is unique in their own way , and it’s your right to trust the wisdom of  your body and mind to choose the path that is best  for you.  So Follow Sheryl  on the road to recovery…. and learn about the innovative options available when you start thinking outside the box.

Sheryl’s purpose is:  Please stand up  with  me  and change the thinking of our health industry and help me convince our politicians and physicians that there is a better way to fight cancer without side effects and have immune therapy.  A type of treatment available to all with the insurance paying even some of it.  We need to not be treated like rag dolls,  but as human beings.

Individually we are a drop, but together we are an ocean. The ocean turns into the sea, which surrounds this big world. So let’s begin today and talk about it among our friends. Support this cause and stand up to a better option to destroy cancer.



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Dealing With Healing

I was shocked and devastated when I received a Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis.  After declining chemotherapy and radiation, it occurred to     me,  if  I  had  the power  to create this disease.  Then  I  had  the  power within to resolve it.  That is the way it has always been with me in my personal and business life. 

  One day I decided I was done with it all. I was done with the Life ‘with” cancer and it was time to move into my life “after” cancer. Any evidence      or thoughts,  there of,  to the contrary were also immediately discarded. Because I had a husband whom is my best  friend  and two daughters to    continually live for.   ✦ಌ⊱♡❁ ✲ ❁♡⊰ಌ✦

  As it turned out the “gift of cancer” has been a giant spring board for massive personal development. You have more control over your future than you could ever imagine… is what I realized.  Choose your thoughts        and beliefs wisely…. live with positive vibes … your life depends on it.

   It took a stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis for me to seriously consider     what I was entitled to in my life.  Despite, all the successful experiences        in my business life.  I had  found  the most important aspect of  my life       was learning how to redefine my life so I could go on living.

  After declining conventional treatment: I had to start thinking in order        to stay alive and reclaim my health. Embarking on a journey of personal discovery,  development I slowly but surely unfolded the “gift of cancer.”    In doing so I realized mindset, thoughts and beliefs are important.

   Mindset, thoughts and beliefs Are also often over looked, but a vital tool       to achieving and maintaining good health and wellness. So in 2004 Marika Hamilton  founded Dealing With Healing, an out reach organization that is dedicated to inspire, support and encourage others to live life to it’s  fullest. 

   While offering inspiration and empowerment helping others to decide  what they are Entitled to in their everyday life. Marika  presently  spends time writing, teaching and speaking to various groups across the country. While spreading her message of  “HOPE and Encouragement” to everyone that wants to achieve greater wellness, both physically and emotionally.  You can get in touch with Marika Hamilton on Facebook :)

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Cracking the CancerCode

Mother-of-two with brain cancer who was given six months to live four years ago is told her nine tumours have VANISHED

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2606567/Mother-two-stricken-brain-cancer-given-six-months-live-nine-tumours-disappear-shes-alive-four-years-later.html#ixzz3UPuBqD7u

A cancer is an uncontrolled proliferation of cells.

  • In some the rate is fast; in others, slow; but in all cancers the cells never stop dividing.
  • This distinguishes cancers — malignant tumors — from benign growths like moles where their cells eventually stop dividing (usually). Benign growths are also different from malignant ones in not producing metastases; that is, seeding new growths elsewhere in the body.
  • Cancers are clones. No matter how many trillions of cells are present in the cancer, they are all descended from a single ancestral cell. Evidence: Although normal tissues of a woman are a mosaic of cells in which one X chromosome or the other has been inactivated [Link], all her tumor cells — even if from multiple sites — have the same X chromosome inactivated.
  • Cancers begin as a primary tumor. Most (maybe all) solid tumors shed cells into the lymph and blood. Most of these lack the potential to develop into tumors. However, some of the shed cells are able to take up residence and establish secondary tumors — metastases — in other locations of the body. These metastases, not the primary tumor, are what usually kills the patient.
  • Cancer cells are usually less differentiated than the normal cells of the tissue where they arose. Many people feel that this reflects a process of dedifferentiation, but I doubt it. Rather, evidence is accumulating that cancers arise in precursor cells — stem cells or “progenitor cells” — of the tissue: cells that are dividing by mitosis producing daughter cells that are not yet fully differentiated (see below).

Cancer is a Genetic Disease

Cancer cells contain many mutated genes, in some cases over 100. Most of these are “passenger” mutations probably having no effect on the malignant process. They are just as likely to be found in healthy cells. However tumor cells also contain a small number (2–8) of mutant genes that are found so frequently in tumors that they are probably responsible for the malignancy. These are called “driver” mutations.

Over 100 driver mutations have been identified. These fall into several categories.

  • Mutations in genes that are involved in cell survival; that is,
    • genes that promote mitosis.The mutated or over-expressed products of these genes, called oncogenes, drive the malignant process stimulating mitosis even though normal growth signals are absent.Example: EGFR, the gene encoding the receptor for epidermal growth factor (EGF) (EGFR is also known as HER1.)Oncogenes act as dominants; that is, only one of the pair need be over-expressed or mutated to predispose the cell to cancer.
      Link to discussion of oncogenes.
    • genes that inhibit the normal death of damaged cells by apoptosis. Mutations in these enable the cell to ignore signals telling it that it is irreparably damaged and should commit suicide.
      Link to apoptosis.
  • Mutations in genes that are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the cell’s genome, e.g., DNA repair genes.Example: the p53 gene product normally senses DNA damage and either halts the cell cycle until it can be repaired or, if the damage is too massive, triggers apoptosis.The normal unmutated version of p53 inhibits malignant transformation and thus is an example of a tumor suppressor gene.Tumor suppressor genes are recessive; that is, either both copies must be mutated for their function to be lost or — more commonly — the healthy copy of the gene has been lost [More].
    Link to discussion of tumor suppressor genes.

    but only 11 somatic mutations in a case of brain cancer in a child.)

    Link to an analysis of the mutations in a lung cancer.
  • Sequencing samples from several areas in a primary tumor, as well as from some of its metastases, reveals a different collection of mutations from sample to sample. This finding is reinforced by the sequencing of the genome of individual cells from a single tumor each of which shows a unique pattern of shared and unique mutations. (The ability to sequence the genome of a single cell reveals that even normal cells in an adult have accumulated a suite of somatic mutations that differs from cell to cell. However, the rate of somatic mutations in these normal cells is only a fourth of that in cancer cells.)

So even though all the malignant cells in a cancer are descended from a single original cell — and thus are members of a single clone — they are no longer genetically-identical. As the tumor develops, its various cells develop a variety of additional mutations, and these give rise to “subclones” of varying degrees of malignancy with varying

  • propensity to metastasize;
  • susceptibility to treatment by anticancer drugs;
  • propensity to relapse after apparently-successful therapy.

These findings should stimulate a reexamination of the use of chemotherapy.

  • While chemotherapy may wipe out dominant subclones in a tumor, there is evidence that is also exerts a selective pressure for the expansion of more malignant, previously-minor, subclones.
  • Most chemotherapeutic agents damage DNA [Link] so while killing off some cells, they will raise the mutation rate in any surviving cells perhaps encouraging the outgrowth of even more malignant subclones.

Evidence: In a group of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, those receiving chemotherapy survived for shorter periods than those that did not.

Cancer Stem Cells:

Stem cells are cells that divide by mitosis to form either

  • two stem cells, thus increasing the size of the stem cell “pool”, or
  • one daughter that goes on to differentiate, and one daughter that retains its stem-cell properties.

There is growing evidence that most of the cells in leukemias, breast, brain, skin, ovarian, and colon cancers are not able to proliferate out-of-control (and to metastasize). Only those members of the clone that retain their stem-cell-like properties (~2.5% of the cells in a tumor of the colon) can do so.

There is a certain logic to this. Most terminally-differentiated cells have limited potential to divide by mitosis and, seldom passing through S phase of the cell cycle, are limited in their ability to accumulate the new mutations that predispose to becoming cancerous. Furthermore, they often have short life spans — being eliminated by apoptosis (e.g., lymphocytes) or being shed from the tissue (e.g., epithelial cells of the colon). The adult stem cell pool, in contrast, is long-lived, and its members have many opportunities to acquire new mutations as they produce differentiating daughters as well as daughters that maintain the stem cell pool.

The Key to Killing Cancer Stem Cells….

Colon cancer:

  • begins with the development of polyps in the epithelium of the colon. Polyps are benign growths.
  • As time passes, the polyps may get bigger.
  • At some point, nests of malignant cells may appear within the polyps
  • If the polyp is not removed, some of these malignant cells will escape from the primary tumor and metastasize throughout the body.

Examination of the cells at the earliest, polyp, stage, reveals that they contain one or two mutations associated with cancer. Frequently these include

  • the deletion of a healthy copy of the APC (adenomatous polyposis coli) gene on chromosome 5 leaving behind a mutant copy of this tumor suppressor geneTwo results:
    1. One of the functions of the APC gene product is to destroy the transcription factor β-catenin thus preventing it from turning on genes that cause the cell to divide [Link]. With no, or a defective, APC protein, the normal brakes on cell division are lifted.
    2. Another function of the APC protein is to help attach the microtubules of the mitotic spindle to the kinetochores of the chromosomes. With no, or a defective, APC product available, chromosomes are lost from the spindle producing aneuploid progeny.
  • a mutant oncogene (often RAS).
  • deletion and/or mutation of the tumor suppressor gene p53

Note that each of the mutations shown probably occurs in one cell of the type affected. This cell then develops into the next stage of the progression. The mutations do not necessarily occur in the order shown, although they often do.

The cells in the later stages of the disease show a wide variety of additional mutations including point mutations, deletions, translocations, and duplications. A handful (2–8) of these are “driver” mutations playing significant roles in the malignancy. The others are probably “passenger” mutations that play no role in the process.

A similar stepwise genetic progression occurs in

It is becoming clear that this is what one should expect. What distinguishes one cancer from another is not the tissue of origin, but the particular accumulation of mutations that drive its growth. Once these are identified, it will eventually be possible to choose chemotherapeutic agents that target the particular pathways in a given cancer — personalized therapy. [Link to an example.]

Cancers become more common as one gets older.

The graph shows the death rate from cancer in the United States as a function of age. The graph can best be explained by the need for an accumulation of several “hits” to genes that control the cell cycle before a cell can become cancerous.

Sequencing of the genomes of a sample of single cells from different parts (including metastases) of a tumor in a single patient reveals in each a suite of mutations some of which are found in all samples, others in some, others in only a single sample. The gene or genes found in all samples represent those that began the malignant process. Estimating the mutation rate in these clones and subclones indicates that these tumors actually got their start 20–30 years before.

The graph also explains why cancer has become such a common cause of death during the twentieth century. It probably has very little to do with exposure to the chemicals of modern living and everything to do with the increased longevity that has been such a remarkable feature of the 20th century. A population whose members increasingly survive accidents and infectious disease is a population increasingly condemned to death from such “organic” diseases as cancer.

Causes of Cancer

Cancers are caused by

  • anything that damages DNA; that is anything that is mutagenic
  • anything that stimulates the rate of mitosis. This is because a cell is most susceptible to mutations when it is replicating its DNA during the S phase of the cell cycle.
    • certain hormones (e.g., hormones that stimulate mitosis in tissues like the breast and the prostate gland)
    • chronic tissue injury (which increases mitosis in the stem cells needed to repair the damage)
    • agents that cause inflammation (which generates DNA-damaging oxidizing agents in the cell)
    • certain other chemicals; some the products of technology [example]
    • certain viruses

    (Considering that from conception to death, an estimated 1016 mitotic cell divisions occur in humans, it is remarkable that cancer is not more common than it is!)

Viruses and Cancer

Many viruses have been studied that reliably cause cancer when laboratory animals are infected with them. What about humans? The evidence obviously is indirect but some likely culprits are:

But note! Clearly viral infection only contributes to the development of cancer.

  • Many people are infected by these viruses and do not develop cancer.
  • When cancers do arise in infected people, they still follow our rule of clonality.       Many cells have been infected, but only one (usually) develops into a tumor.

So again it appears that only if an infected cell is unlucky enough to suffer several other types of damage will it develop into a tumor.

Nevertheless, widespread vaccination against these viruses should not only prevent disease but lower the incidence of the cancers associated with them.

  • A vaccine against hepatitis B is available as are
  • two vaccines (Gardasil® and Cervarix®) against the most dangerous papilloma viruses.

The Hallmarks of Cancer

In the year 2000 Douglas Hanahan and Robert Weinberg published a paper — The Hallmarks of Cancer — outlining 6 characteristics that are acquired as a cell progresses toward becoming a full-blown cancer. In the 4 March 2011 issue of Cell, they add 4 other features.

  1. Uncontrolled proliferation. See above.
  2. Evasion of growth suppressors. Among the many mutations found in cancers, one or more inactivate tumor suppressor genes. [Link to a discussion.]
  3. Resistance to apoptosis (programmed cell death). Link to a discussion.
  4. Develop replicative immortality; i.e., avoid the normal process of cell senescence. Link to a discussion.
  5. Induce angiogenesis; that is, promote the development of a blood supply. Link to a discussion.
  6. Invasion and metastasis — the ability of tumor cells to invade underlying tissue and then to be carried to other parts of the body where secondary tumors develop (metastasis). During this process, the normal adhesion of cells to each other and to the underlying extracellular matrix (ECM) are disrupted.
  7. Genomic instability. Cancer cells develop chromosomal aberrations and many (hundreds) of mutations. Most of the latter are “passenger” mutations, but as many as 10 may be “drivers” of the cancerous transformation.
  8. Inflammation. Tumors are invaded by cells of the immune system, which promote inflammation. One effect of inflammation is the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). These damage DNA and other molecules.
  9. Changed energy metabolism. Even if well-supplied with oxygen, cancer cells get most of their ATP from glycolysis not cellular respiration.
  10. Evade the immune system. This is described in the page Immune Surveillance. Efforts to manipulate the immune system to combat cancer are described in the page Cancer Immunotherapy.

Certain axioms or themes are involved in the healing process:

· We are each powerful, mysterious, complex, multidimensional beings, no matter how frail and dysfunctional the body may be.

· There is a oneness of body, mind and spirit.· Events originate from within. We create our lives. This power is never taken away, though it may be given away temporarily or even permanently.

· Healing has to do with taking full and complete responsibility for all of one’s creations.

· Techniques, methods, and therapies may facilitate healing. However, ultimately, life heals or love heals, not a pill or operation.

· These, however, are needed today if we cannot heal on other levels to the point where medicines, herbs, vitamins and other props or aids are not required. So do not abandon healing modalities such as nutritional balancing sciences.

· Healers, doctors, and therapists are facilitators only.

· Desire, intention, allowing and surrender play critical roles in healing.

· Forgiveness of self and others are important aspects of the healing process.

· Discipline, derived from same root as ‘disciple’, is an important aspect of healing.

Shifting one’s perspective to embrace these axioms of healing is one of the most important activities one can engage in.

Other Pages on Cancer

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I Would Like to Credit This Link For The Info In This Blog Post  :)

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Sunny Disposition

  Hello guys,  My name is Aramkajorndet Athitiya  (Sunny)  from Bangkok, Thailand and I am cancer  survivor,  since last  year  I  was  diagnosed  with LMS  Stage  B  II aggressive without  chemo  or radiotherapy  as  the doctor’ suggested. I respected doctor’s  decision to  submit  to  the  chemo/ radiation combo  but  also  at  the  same  time.  I  knew  this  chemo/radiation  combo  had horrible  side  effects. 

   So I added several natural remedies along with the medical approach.           I  found newer ways  to prevent sarcoma reoccurrence  by taking Cancer Immunotherapy.   It would not be so simple.  The human body’s  first  line      of defense against cancer is the natural killer (NK) cell. NK cells are white blood cells  that  actively  scan  the  body  for  abnormal  cells,  destroying them before they can develop into actual cancers.

   As NK cells patrol the body,  they interact with many types of  cells using their array of activating and inhibiting surface receptors. Most cancer cells engage the NK cell’s activating receptors, which also triggers its natural kill response.  Some cancer cells,  however,  evade destruction  by  engaging  the NK cell’s killer inhibitory receptor (KIR). 

   By  triggering  this “master – off  switch,”  rogue  cancer  cells  can  evade destruction and form tumors that the body’s own NK cell population can no longer defend against.  Tumors  wield  many  defenses  against the immune system’s most powerful cancer – fighting weapon:  T cells that hunt out and eliminate problem cells.  Cancer cells  can  disguise themselves and make it difficult  for T cells to  find them. Tumors  also  fend – off  immune attack by expressing proteins that suppress T cells in the surrounding environment.

  I take daily low dose naltrexone before bed time. In general,  people with diseases  are  partially  or  largely triggered  by a deficiency of endorphins (including cancer and also autoimmune diseases),  or are accelerated by a deficiency  of  endorphins  (such as HIV/AIDS),  restoration  of  the  body’s normal production of endorphins is the major therapeutic action of LDN.

  I have been on an alkaline diet since my diagnosis, no dairy, no red meat, no coffee, no sugar.  As  for my supplements I also take: Vitamin D3, iodine, Probiotics,  Magnesium,  Hemp oil,  Fish oil,  Flax oil & cottage cheese which was instructed  by  the BUDWIG CENTER,  Vitamin C (2000mg),  medicinal mushrooms,  Juices Organic carrots and apples daily.

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The Cancer Within

When you hear the word “cancer,” what comes to mind?

Is it the fear of ever being diagnosed ?  Or of watching the person closest to you get the news? Maybe it’s the triumphant feeling of having battled the disease until it’s finally in remission. Or the fear what we always hear about our medical institutions?

Human Anatomy and MedicineDocumentary!!!

Many people associate cancer with the emotions it evokes: the shock, the sadness, the bravery and the exhilaration. Why does cancer develop  and why it responds to certain treatments and others die are still a mystery. More so we hear about how diet can make   an impact and emotional blockage “conflict in life” can prevent you from being cured?

About 13 million Americans have cancer and more than 1 million are diagnosed every year.

To shed light on the disease, CTCA developed The Anatomy of Cancer, a five-minute video that explains cancer in everyday terms. The goal of the video is to answer the key questions so many people have about cancer.

Introduction to Cancer Biology  ….What is cancer?

TEDx – Dr. Glenn Begley – The Complex Biology of Cancer (Why Haven’t We Cured It?) 

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. In the body, there are trillions of cells with various functions. These cells grow and divide to help the body function properly. Cells die when they become old or damaged, and new cells replace them.

Cancer develops when the body’s normal control mechanism stops working. Old cells do not die and cells grow out of control, forming new, abnormal cells. These extra cells may form a mass of tissue, called a tumor. Some cancers, such as leukemia, do not form tumors.

There are five main categories of cancer:

  • Carcinomas begin in the skin or tissues that line the internal organs.
  • Sarcomas develop in the bone, cartilage, fat, muscle or other connective tissues.
  • Leukemia begins in the blood and bone marrow.
  • Lymphomas start in the immune system.
  • Central nervous system cancers develop in the brain and spinal cord.

Cancer can occur anywhere in the body. In women, breast cancer is most common.  And in men, it’s prostate cancer. Lung cancer and colorectal cancer affect both men and women in high numbers.

Cancer: Incidence and disease burden

Cancer, a condition of abnormal cell growth, is the second most common cause of death in developed countries.  In  the  year  2000,  there were some 6.2 million cancer related deaths, accounting for 12% of all deaths globally. In the same year, ten million new cases  of cancer were diagnosed  (5.3 million in men  and 4.7 million in women).  And Around one third new cancers could be prevented through the modification of lifestyle factors, particularly smoking, diet and alcohol consumption. Cancer treatment could be more effective if cancer was diagnosed earlier – up to a third of cancer related deaths could be prevented through early detection of cancer.

In Australia, cancer is responsible for more than 7% of all illnesses and deaths. In 2001, there were 88,398 new incidents of cancer in Australia (excluding skin cancers, which are much more common) and 33,319 deaths caused by cancer. The most common type of cancers in Australia are cancers of the colon and rectum (bowel), followed by breast cancers, prostate cancer, melanoma and lung cancer.

The cell cycleNormal cell growth in our bodies is carefully regulated so that the number of new cells produced is equal to the number of cells lost naturally through cell death or injury. The body produces new cells in a process known as the cell cycle. Understanding how the cell cycle works can help you understand how tumours form and how cancer treatment works.The cell cycle is a complex sequence of events.  The first stage of the cell cycle is a process known as mitosis, in which the cell nucleus (which contains DNA) divides to form two separate cells. Mitosis (denoted M in the cell cycle) is followed by a gap phase (denoted G1) in which the cell prepares enzymes that will allow its DNA to duplicate. The DNA in the cell then divides in the synthesis phase, denoted (S). During a second gap phase (G2), the cell produces proteins that enable it to undergo the first/final stage, mitosis (M). Immediately following mitosis, most cells leave the cell cycle and become dormant (phase denoted G0). Cells will eventually leave the cycle forever and die, which is known as the process of apoptosis.

At any time, cells may fall into one of 3 categories:

  • Those that are actively dividing;
  • Those that leave the cell cycle after a certain point and are destined to die (apoptosis); or
  • Those that are in a dormant state waiting to re-enter the cycle (the majority of cells at any one time will be in the dormant phase).

Cancer cells

While cancer cells undergo the same cell cycle process as normal cells, they differ from normal cells because:

  • Cancer cells replicate in an uncontrolled manner, meaning that more new cells are produced than die.
  • Cancers cells can survive amongst cells of different types, and can therefore move from one part of the body to another (e.g. the kidney to the pancreas). This is known as metastasis. Healthy cells, by contrast, stick with other like cells (e.g. kidney with kidney cell).  Therefore,   h o w  d o e s  c a n c e r  s p r e a d ?

Tumors form when an excess of cancerous cells build up as a result of the unregulated division of existing cells. Not all tumors are cancerous – those that are localized and cannot move to other sites (i.e. cannot metastasize) are known as benign and are not considered cancers. Malignant tumors, on the other hand, are those that spread, or metastasize,  to distant sites in the body;  these are considered cancerous.

What causes unregulated cell growth?

Some individuals are said to have a genetic predisposition for cancer; they inherit defective genes, which either fail to switch off cell growth, or initiate growth too easily.

However, most cases of cancer are a result of exposure to so-called carcinogenic factors (i.e. things that cause cancer), such as smoking, obesity and alcohol consumption.

Tumor grade

CancerTumors can be classified as either benign (localised and not by definition cancers) or malignant (undergoing metastasis and classified as cancerous). Cancerous tumours generally grow rapidly, while benign tumours tend to grow slowly over time (though this is not always the case). Rapid growth can be very dangerous, as cancerous cells can form large tumours and invade numerous body sites. However, cancer is most easily treated when cells are growing rapidly.

Bottomline:  How Does Cancer Develop in the Human Body!!

And what are the various types that can occur?

What is the true cause and can you beat it naturally!!

And is Emotional Conflict “trauma” often overlooked?

I would like to give credit of this blog post too  :)

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“Nrf2” Serves as a “Master Regulator”

This idea of making antioxidants (naturally within our cells) compared to the standard approach of  “taking antioxidants”  (in the  form of high-dose vitamin supplements)  is  a fundamentally- different approach to protecting the body  from oxidative stress. Want to see how HUGE oxidative stress and cancer is? Go to The National Institute of  Health and search oxidative stress and Cancer….15,556.00 studies.

  At the very center of this important cellular protective pathway is a protein called “Nrf2”  that serves as a  “master regulator”  of  this body’s antioxidant response.  You might think of Nrf2 as a “thermostat” within our cells that senses the level of oxidative stress and other stressors and turns on internal protective mechanisms. 

Soon after Nrf2 was identified (about 20 years ago), a flurry of scientific discoveries began to show how Nrf2 also regulated genes involved in the production of not only a wide range of antioxidant enzymes  (including SOD,  glutathione,  and catalase),  but  also  important anti-inflammatory proteins, and detoxification or ‘‘stress-response’’ genes.

These protective pathways are involved in the seemingly unrelated areas of health from immune function to tissue repair to cognitive function. But they all share in common this Nrf2  “switch”  that enables cells…. to protect themselves from both internal and external environmental challenges.  In effect,  “Nrf2″ activation enables our cells…. to makes their own “medicines” to help us survive – and thrive – in stressful situations.

It is a NRF-2 Activator.  This DNA pathway up and down regulates 500 of the 25,000 genes in our body.  These genes are called  “the survival genes.”   After  120 days,  in this human trial, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) increased by 30 %;  Catalase increased almost 54%.  These indirect antioxidant enzymes  neutralize 1, 000,000 free radicals per second every second.  Oxidative Stress levels  were reduced by an average of 40% in 30 days and up to 70% in 120 days - 100% of the time.

Oxidative Stress is related to over 250 age-related diseases including Cancer.  We are very excited about the opportunity to blog and educate more people with Protandim.  This is a gift and thats how we offer it. Please review the reseach and videos and let me know if you have any questions:

In Wellness,
Rachel Perlman


The National Institute of Health http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=protandim
 a website dedicated to research on Nrf2 activation
the search engine under Google that filters out paid bloggers and advertisers disguised as objective third parties.

“The breast cancer susceptibility gene 1 (BRCA1) has been well established as a tumor suppressor and functions primarily by maintaining genome integrity. Genome stability is compromised when cells are exposed to oxidative stress. Increasing evidence suggests that BRCA1 regulates oxidative stress and this may be another mechanism in preventing carcinogenesis in normal cells. Oxidative stress caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS) is implicated in carcinogenesis and is used strategically to treat human cancer. Thus, it is essential to understand the function of BRCA1 in oxidative stress regulation.”



Nrf2 studies in NEWS:
Biogen drug Tecfidera ( BG-12, Dimethyl furmate)) for people who have MS. The drug cost patients 50,000 a year and there are reported horrible symptoms and even death. When Biogen did the research the only thing that worked better was Protandim at a cost of $40 a month.
Raising Nrf2 has been found to prevent and/or treat a large number of chronic inflammatory diseases in animal models and/or humans including various cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, lung diseases, diseases of toxic liver damage, cancer (prevention), diabetes/metabolic syndrome/obesity,  sepsis, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, HIV/AIDS and epilepsy.

NEW:The American Association of Cancer: Nrf2 and Prostate Cancer: http://www.aacrjournals.org 

More evidence of high oxidative stress levels in children with AUTISM. Johns Hopkins recently did a study on how children with Autism are benefitting from Sulforaphane (Broccoli) CBS News did a report on TV…see study and news story. Protandim study shown to be 7x’s more effective.

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The Angry Elephant

An angry elephant  is sitting on my chest  and when I breathe in the angry elephant      only presses harder. Closing off my air ways while making each breath more difficult than the last.  Removing that elephant off  my chest is all that matters.  I  can’t  worry about the squabbles at my job, credit card bills or the wrinkles into old age. You can’t  talk to others about it for fear they might view you as weak.  (You Have To Clear   The Conflict In Your LIFE.)

Only do you wait until the elephant is stomping do you seek help and become impatient because the doctor can’t  fix it immediately. What  the  angry  elephant  teaches  you… is that you must truly  accept  your  weakness to become strong.  Not only,  do  you  realize that  breathing matters  more  than  others opinions  and to live without shame,  getting plenty of  rest,  don’t  smoke  and  get  plenty of  exercise  are  paramount.  But also,  the understanding with love and that immortality is reserved for people in white robes with wings.  ~~Solitarius.org ~~

“Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. Then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present;  the result being  that he does not      live in the present or the future.  He lives as if he is never going to die,  and then dies  having never really lived.”      ~~ Dalai Lama ~~

Awakening the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection!!!

The new research in mind/body medicine  also  caught my attention.  It amazed me to learn how on a purely organic level there really and truly is no separation between our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical bodies. Add to that mix our spirit, and you’ve got the whole human being, as we were created, before the whole slice and dice process of  separation began.

But here’s the interesting part: because we were trained to view mind/body/spirit separately,  on  an energetic level  these  spheres  had learned to  function separately. Even now,  most  people  in  the  general  population  are  cut — off  from  their bodies, unaware of what’s going on in them. Even those who are relatively awake and aware have this disconnect,  through  no fault  of  their  own. The walls went up hundreds of years ago and our consciousness learned to be divided.  In a warped way,  it became      the norm, though it certainly wasn’t natural or healthy.

As a result  we miss the cues  our bodies give us.  Sometimes  we  sense  these  signals (fatigue, upset stomach, aching back), and often times we are so very split off that we miss these flashing red lightsThis information stays buried and we remain unaware that something is terribly amiss,  until we become seriously ill.  We  develop  diabetes, heart disease,  high blood pressure,  or cancer,  because  we  are  not  receiving  these warning signals, or else we receive them and ignore them.

Or maybe we receive them,  want to do something; yet we just don’t know what to do. This is especially true as much illness is caused by chronic stress, and we may not have the ability to comprehend the underlying thought patterns/beliefs that are causing the stress.  And therefore we don’t know how to change.  This  is  why  I eventually shifted from  focusing  on  health  coaching,  and  Reiki  healing,  to  life coaching. Without an awareness of the thoughts and beliefs that drive our behavior, we cannot change.

So now,  we are moving into a shift in energy  on our planet which is breaking up these old patterns of separating/splitting the mind, the body, the spirit.  They are coming back together. And what this means is that a lot of people are getting ill,  or simply feeling like crap even if they are not ill.  As the three spheres of mind/body/spirit fuse back together, we become highly sensitive to every energetic bump. We feel  fatigued, and not well. This is because for the first time (for many), we are receiving information about what is going on within us, and also in our environment.

Those  of  us  who  are  highly  sensitive  have  always  had  these  pathways  open.            We  feel everything  we don’t handle toxins of  any  sort  well,  whether it’s emotional     toxins,  environmental, or pharmaceutical.  Sometimes we react strongly.  While Our feedback loop is instantaneous: we have a troubling thought, which leads to a painful emotion, and immediately, we feel it in our bodies. This is not fun, but it is teaching us    to live consciously, awake and aware, and to be mindful.

When we don’t have this feedback loop functioning, we have little incentive to clean up our act.  Ever noticed how often the nastiest people  on earth are amazingly healthy and hearty?  They live on and on and on,  and never change their ways.  As we move into the New Earth energy, and become established in this energy, this will no longer be possible. If, for example, someone is behaving heartlessly, their heart is likely to respond in a loud and clear manner.

About the Author

Linda loves her work  as  a  life coach.  In fact,  she  is  quite  passionate  about  guiding       others along their  journey to awaken.  Linda  finds  it a privilege  to  walk  the  path  with another,  and  points out the signposts,  the  choices , the  opportunities,  and the different perspectives that can make the journey vastly more interesting, engaging and meaningful. If you would like to learn more about Linda Lubin’s  work,  please visit her website ===> http://www.enlightened-coaching.com/about-linda-lubin.html

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God is speaking to you — are you listening?

I believe that God speaks to each of us,  if  we are contemplative and open enough to listen. When I was healing from a prognosis of “terminal” cancer in 2010,     I relied on God’s whispers through alpha, journaling and body awareness to guide my way back to health.  So On This Valentine’s Day Open Your Heart & Listen :)

Reading back through my journals from 2010 helps me reflect on where I used to be and where I am now in life.  In The Artist’s Way  author Julia Cameron suggests …. writing 750 words every morning.  At first there was a lot of emotional “dumping” in my morning pages, but eventually jewels of wisdom began to emerge. I would often write letters to God, asking questions and sharing concerns. If I didn’t get an answer right away, I would almost always encounter signs later that day or the next that helped reduce my anxiety and gain clarity and peace about my course of action.

We define alpha (Optimum Health Institute’s style of meditation) as a state somewhere between prayer and meditation,  where you can both talk to and listen to God.  On more than one occasion, God has spoken to me directly in the alpha state. A couple of months after  I  began  practicing  alpha  at  OHI,  God  reassured  me  not  to  spend  any energy worrying about my recovery.   Instead,  I was directed to walk alongside  others on their healing journey, inspiring and encouraging them. The seed was planted for my career at OHI.

OHI transformed me from a powerless victim who had been told by my oncologists I       had a “zero percent chance of survival” to a powerful victor by changing my awareness      of the body’s amazing ability to heal.  Dr. Bruce Lipton says, “The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.” I believe God    has  give n each  of  us  the spiritual gifts of intuition  and  body awareness (what I call body wisdom) to use in our healing.

Peg Harvey  is  the OHI Director of Program Development and Training.  Come meet    her, and hear more inspiring stories. Then experience your own personal transformation   in body, mind and spirit at OHI in San Diego or Austin, Texas.  Our caring team can help you achieve your mental,  physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. Visit our  website  at www.optimumhealth.org,  and call us at  (800) 993-4325  to make your reservation.

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