The City of Bridges

As this trip…  and with my drive… to the airport approaches.  I am overwhelmed with thoughts of what could go wrong. As I wonder if Rosa could be over come from the travel and knowing fate must prevail. I am nervous to say the least!!! But I realize and conceive Rosa will leave here in a few weeks with satisfaction 0f curing her own cancer indeed.

On arrival into Portland  (PDX)  you soon realize  this area is one of a kind even at midnight when the city is a lite. Those houses in the hills and the airport covered with greenery and the scent of Roses.   It’s the Rosa Parks Highway that catches my eye and      I know good fate has a raised.

  On the night I arrived it’s a stay at an airport hotel and with a quick morning  automobile  rental  and breakfast with Jenifer & Mike  for a connection to  discuss          The Science of Cannabis  & Cancer. AS everybody always states, “it’s the THC that promotes apoptosis with an analogical effect and chemistry within the plant.” 

However, it’s also Rosa’s thought that maybe cannabis disrupts the parasympathetic system and fight or flight that promotes repair and recovery within the immune system that makes cannabis a time bomb for cancer to die. With THC being over rated maybe she should consider a higher CBD oil for her healing mission.

It’s the parasympathetic nervous system originating in the brain stem and lower part    of the spinal cord;  opposing the physiological effects of the sympathetic nervous system: which stimulates digestive secretions; slows the heart; constricts the pupils; dilates blood vessels. It’s the parasympathetic nervous system also takes care of the body when at rest. The body responds  to  this  with a chemical reaction — designed also to enable physical activity,  and  that  activity is precisely  what is required  to hit the reset button.  Which activates the parasympathetic nervous system and flushing the waste products of stress. Slowing the flight or fight response and activating the recover and repair mechanism of the immune system…

As I came to Portland to bridge a gap ~ see how Rosa is doing and get her settle into this setting. Marijuana advocates every where believe this often maligned plant can enhance life.  While delivering people  from sickness  and pain I know it has helped Rosa.  Even in todays world scientist don’t understand what is in the plant that makes it work.

But what is known is this: pot dulls pain, aids sleep, stimulates appetite while buffering life’s thumps and shocks. Compounds in this plant helps the body regulates vital function, protects the brain against trauma. Which will boost the immune system while helping the brain reduce memory extinction after castastrophic events. As the weed oil will kick those thoughts out of you head rather quickly like a truth serum!!!

  If cannabis has something to tells us is this. IT IS in 1963,  an organic chemist in Israel named Raphael Mechoulam working at the Weizman Institute of Science outside Tel Aviv peer into the plants chemical composition  and  found tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) another key ingredient in marijuana.  For these even breakthroughs Mechoulam is widely known today for this break through which today is still vastly misunderstood.

   Manual Guzman of the Computence Universite of Madrid in Spain studied cancer for   20 years.  In his studies Guzman  found by giving rats cannabis tumors were eradicated in a third of the rats and reduced in another third.  In His studies also found the cannabinoid anandamide that’s produced by our bodies. Protects our brains from insults with both  physical and emotional trauma.
  Our brains needs to remember experience, however, for our own well being it needs to forget things — horrific things, unnecessary things.  Forgive  and  forget  is the old axiom. For all of Guzman’s work he does not think smoking pot offers up the same medical quality as partaking or vaporizing the oil.

   On day two  —  it’s an intriguing event unfolds with green and blue capsules and a sensitivity to them aggravates the tumor and promotes tumor growth.  It sure pays to know how to listen to your body and is something nobody else can tell you… so listen up and do as your body will tell you to do.

    As Tania along time friend arrives at the airport I am beginning to learn a new as green “vege” juicing was one lesson that I am grateful that I came forward to learn. It’s Memorial Day: with flags blowing gently in the wind. No need for a pacific cup of liquid sunshine as there coffee is referred to. We take the I-5 South to Eugene to check on a new supply.
   This evening Tania talks about a fabulous movie she seen Decoding Annie Parker and the BRCA Gene. This got me thinking is cancer truly genetics or nutritional or whatever it maybe. The next morning sitting at the airport with a clear blue sky  and  the sun shining.    I think how wonderful  a place like Portland  could be for true healing when fate is indeed achieved.         If you find the right strains and dispensary that can help?

National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) is the oldest accredited naturopathic medical college in North America and a leader in natural medicine education.

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Rosa’s Everyday Dilemma

Rosa Parkin

My Good Friend Rosa Parkin is a mother, Cannabis Oil Crusader and an expert in alkaline state  and  alternative healing.  Rosa is in a battle to fight  her fatally aggressive Sarcoma cancer. The size of her tumour has shrunk from 8 cm to 2 cm, but also regrows anytime; the battle is constant, however, she remains strong and in this treatment diary. Rosa lists all the healing supplements having maximised her cannabinoid receptors and the diet she uses.

Rosa’s Protocol – Healing from Stage 4 Uterine Leiomyosarcoma

This document is to share my experience about what is working for me in healing myself from Uterine Cancer, using Cannabis Oil along with a clean alkaline diet, well researched supplements & last but by NO MEANS LEAST emotional clearing work. Hope this helps some of you on your healing journeys.

I had a hysterectomy for “ Fibroids” in 2013, I found out 2 months later that it was cancer. It had soon spread to my lungs and after various surgeries and traditional treatment I have  finally got hold of a good quality 1:1 cannabis oil, and it has stopped me limping in 2 days, after 4 days I felt the tumour shut down. Phew. It’s a work in progress. Here’s what else I’m doing:


First thing, a huge glass of lemon water & 2 of these babies: Betaglucans, a super potent immune booster. (x 2 on an empty stomach).





American Tea

Essiac Tea. From an ancient native Amercian recipe. Tried and tested this one’s been around for a long time. Replaces lost minerals which most cancer patients are deficient in. I drink 1 – 3 cups, sipped, on an empty stomach.






These are the stars of the show!

Liposomal “Can- Help” from Healthy Items, contains: Liposomal Vit C liposomal Curcumin, Resvertarol, Q 10 and B vits. 1 – 3 tsp per day.

Green Tea EGCG. 2 caps 30 mins before dosing with Cannabis Oil to clear CB receptors (which can get blocked so that the cannabinoids cant “sit” on the receptors and do their funky thing.)




Bravo Probiotic is very expensive, but helps the body make its own GCMAF which is what the macrophages use to fight cancer cells. 1 jar per day. As a cheaper alternative “Chuckling Goat” do a good kefir ( type of probiotic ).

I’m thinking of adding powdered colostrum to it as that’s whats in the Bravo. Colostrum is in our mothers milk and is what originally nourished our immune systems as babies.

Bio-care Bio Acidophillus Forte. 2 per day


liposomol vit c


3 grams a day of Liposomal Vit C. It’s meant to be even more effective than IV Vit C. Anti – inflammatory and Anti-Cancer. I take as much as 10g a day if I’m having a flare up. This works very well for me in conjunction with a good quality 1:1 Cannabis Oil. If i had to choose 1 supplement (alongside the Cannabis Oil ) It would be this.

Biocare or Nutri Vit D3. 10 drops per day. I forgot this recently and really noticed the difference and Biocare liquid Zinc 10 drops. My body loves Zinc.


raw reserve


Raw Reserve Berry Flavour

Finally a green powder with all the key grasses and algaes that doesn’t taste like pond water. Update: Its got MACA in so no good for hormone sensitive cancers, like mine, so stopped this one and am taking their neat wheatgrass powder. Great for travelling. Although I travel with a juicer. 1 Tablespoon per day.

Sodium Bicarbonate. 1 Tablespoon per day. The most effective alkaliser in my opinion. Between meals. Not for prolonged periods apparently.



DIM – natural oestrogen – Inhibitor x 2 per day. Without the side effects.

Melatonin – studies show that it stops metastasis, we like that. It balances the pituitary gland. I have had no new metastasis since I’ve been taking this. 20 mg before bed.






Serraenzyme from Silk worms, helps break down the fibrin coating the tumour so the cannabis oil can get in. Bring it on! x 3 250 000IU Per day

Credence Megazyme Forte Proteolytic Enzymes. x 3 per day





400 Mcg per day Selenium is responsible for over 300 cellular activities and its not really in the soil much any more. This is also No1 for Cancer prevention. Get it in you and everyone you love.

Magnesium x 2 250 mg per day. Plus 30 sprays of magnesium OIL on the skin. so relaxing. Mag is key for so many processes in the body and is depleted by stress. GTF Chromium x 2 per day, plus FLORA Silica x 2 per day and Biocare B Vit complex x 1 per day.



Chlorella x 5 tablets a day. Detoxifying, balancing and draws out heavy metals, what’s not to like?

NB At the beginning of my healing journey I did a lot more intensive detoxing, juice fasts, coffee enemas – still do ) Infra red saunas, and supplements like Pectasol. Now I’m clean as a whistle . Perk of having cancer = no cellulite.

14 Mushroom Blend – Immune Support. I use this in cooking, tastes great and its RAW. Raw food contain many times more enzymes than cooked food. And we like enzymes, they help everything to work really well.



Juicing Organic vegetables (not much fruit) detoxes the body and floods it with nutrients. The lack of fibre means the body doesn’t have to work at all to get the nutrients. Our bodies love this.

I drink 1 pint ( 24 oz approx ) a day. But earlier in my journey I was on 2 or 3 pints of veg juice a day. Drink as much as you can, and don’t pre-prepare it or the enzymes die. If you can get a masticating juicer it’s better. If that’s stopping you then just use a centrifugal one.

Just get it in you, lots of it!

It can be hard to get green juice to taste nice. This one does! Add beetroot for the above & fresh tumeric when you can along with LOTS of ginger, these two are massive anti-inflammatories and much more.

Pretty much all veg is good to juice. Try parsley and other herbs too, cleavers from the garden are meant to be amazing for the Lymph (which is responsible for detoxing) and they are super fresh now and free! Broccoli & Kale, cucumber and courgettes are also good and quite juicy/creamy.


Yep that’s right. These are hugely important to DETOXIFY the body. Its not about clearing the colon (although that’s a helpful by-product).

The coffee taken rectally makes the Liver Detox into the bowel so that a huge amount of Toxins are released from the liver. I did 4 rounds of chemo, so this was really important to detox my body. I waited 3 days after each chemo and then did a daily CE. This really helped damage limitation, and the CBD and THC protected my cells against the ravages of the cytotoxins (Chemo).

I stopped chemo after 4 rounds as I felt it was dong more harm than good. But that’s me. Everyone needs to do what feels right for them.

I do a coffee enema EVERY DAY. It’s pretty relaxing as it goes, and not at all as bad as it sounds.

How to:

– Boil 2 pints of water and add 3 – 4 tablespoons of organic coffee. Leave to
simmer for 15 mins and allow to cool to body temperature (finger test).

– Pour the coffee into the enema bucket which you will need to suspend from
a hook. i do it this way.

– Run a bath and get in, pop the enema tube up your backside, let approx pint
of liquid flow in, or until you feel full. Relax and retain the coffee for 15 mins
if you can. You may need to build up to this. When you cant hold it anymore,
go to the loo and say ciao bella to all those toxins!

If you cant hold it very long at all it could be for the following reasons:

– Coffee too hot

– Too much liquid

– Enema bucket too high.

So now your backside is nice and clean and your ready to dose with the star of the show: Cannabis oil – this stuff REALLY kills cancer.

I feel lucky to be part of a new cure for cancer. 10 years ago the picture was very different….

I use the famous Backdoor Method(which i’ll explain in the next instalment), along with diet & the aforementioned emotional clearing techniques, which are really key.

Rosa Happy healing! Allow the wellness in.

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Enjoy Every Sandwich


  It’s My belief is it really right to put n’ expiration date on somebody’s life.     I believe one is better off …. not knowing…. and going on with life believing they have options.  An Ohio Girl Dying Of  Cancer Plays First College Home Basketball Game. While being diagnosed early autumn after suffering from vertigo and dizziness while playing for her high school team. Lauren Hill, a Mount St. Joseph’s College student with a rare form of brain cancer, played her first home basketball game on Saturday December 13 2014.

    Expecting to die  is  never  a bright spot in anybody’s life.  Forever,  Hill gained national attention in early November when she played a Division III basketball game at Xavier University  for Mt St. Joseph and Hiriam College. However,  In early December, The Hill  family  indicated they had signed up for hospice care at their home.  Hill  has  a brain tumor  the  size of  a lemon, and it is growing daily. Is this mindset really what one should take or is the Alternative a different outlook on life.  Lauren gained her wings 4/10/2015.

 Another example of knowing and expecting your dying was on October 30, 2002, after Warren Zevon’s terminal mesothelioma diagnosis.  He was then  featured on The Late Show  with David Letterman as the only guest  for the entire hour. The band played “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” as his introduction. Zevon performed several songs and spoke at length about his illness.  Zevon was a  frequent guest  and occasional substitute bandleader on Letterman’s television shows since Late Night  first aired in 1982. He noted, “I may have made a tactical error in not going to a physician for 20 years”.

    It was during this broadcast  Zevon  first offered his oft-quoted insight      on facing death: “Enjoy every sandwich.” He also took time to thank David Letterman  for his years of support, calling him “the best friend my music’s ever had”.  For his  final song of the evening, and  final public performance, Zevon  performed “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner” at Letterman’s request. In the green room after the show, Zevon presented Letterman with the guitar that he always used on the show, with a single request: “Here, I want you to have this, take good care of it”. 

 Another huge  fan of  Warren Zevons was Dr. Lee Lipsenthal  a profound explorer of self help while helping people heal from their fear of death and embrace  the true joy  of  living the extraordinary journey life has to offer. As Medical Director of the  famed Preventive Medical Institute that helped thousands with disease overcome their fears of pain and death. 

  The power of  his own beliefs  was tested in July 2009,  when Lee himself   was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  As Dr. Lipsenthal and also his wife Kathy navigated his disease and treatment.  Lee discovered he did not  fear death but  felt  fully alive within his own living mortality. Often, terminally ill patients reach a surprising, transforming conclusion — that you have to be ready to die to embrace being alive. “To deny your chance of  dying is to deny life.”  With courage,  candor and his own conviction. It was after this stunning diagnosis of an often fatal cancer. 

  Dr. Lipsenthal embarked on a journey of bravery and self discovery to guide his way through the greatest of  uncertainties.  It  was  also  in  his book  “Enjoy Every Sandwich.”  He allowed us into his darkest days and    the brighter ones as well. To read his book is to step through a door that opens only one way into a larger life. 

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HOPE, LOVE & Cannabis 0IL


    For Ed & Beate Moore there undying loving for one another kept them together  for 34 years was diagnosed with stage four primary liver cancer  in March 2012.  The doctor told us there was not much to be done since the tumor  was  7 inches  covering his lower lobe  and had spread to his lymph nodes.

   Therefore,  we thought the only options left was to go home and call hospice which gave us morphine for pain. Ed hated the morphine which made him vomit and also affected his mind.  After one week  at home we decided to do what we have done for many years,  rely on ourselves.

   In the area we live:  you are allowed to grow our own cannabis and we started making Phoenix Tears.  Soon after Ed was off  the morphine in only one week after taking 1 gram of oil per day.  Thereby,  Later adding  juicing  fresh buds and leaves mixed with veggies. Within a couple of weeks his pain and swollen stomach disappeared and with it came hope and a good quality of life.

   We never saw an ocologist and only have done a blood test after the first diagnose CT scan. His tumor marker went from over 6000 to normal and he is feeling well.  We don’t know how this is going to play out,  but enjoy every day and give thanks. Today he is up to two grams of  phoenix tears now and does not feel stoned.  Not  everyone  could  tolerate such a high dose of  THC, but it works well  for him.

Here’s what Ed is doing:

-Phoenix Tears Cannabis Oil, 4 times daily, ½ gram each dose (
Infrared Sauna, once a day (twice if time), hot tub
-Vit. C 50 to 95 grams intravenously (we did that for 3 month, stopped now)
-Mineral mixture to boost energy (intravenously) once every other week
-Psolinum 7x (3 times a day) holds tumors, homeopathic but need perscription

Waking up
1. Glass of warm water with lemon juice
2. 3 Beta-1, 3-D Glucan (taken on empty stomach)
3. Epsom Salt bath (2cups) for eliminating toxins
4. Elijah tea (2 oz) in morning and before going to bed (we did that for 2 month and
are about to start again.)

Health drink made in blender
1. Moringa Olifera Leaf Powder (tablespoon) tumor shrinking and high in protein
2. Vitamineral Green 1TB
3. Aloe Vera Juice (4 onces)
4. Kefir plain (4 onces)
5. Vitamin D3 drops (4) check for deficiency
6. Maitake Gold 1200 (dropper full)
7. Almond milk (cup)
8. Banana or other fruit
9. Lugol’s Iodine 3% (1 drop)
10. Flax Seed Oil 1TB (Lemon makes it taste much better)

Fresh juices: carrot, green apple, green veggies, turmeric root, ginger, as often as
possible. We are also juicing 2 handfulls of fresh cannabis leaves and buds, once or twice
No sugar, and light on carbs
Probiotics with every meal,

Meals are light, mostly veggies, some protein, all organic and not processed.

Supplements taken during day

1. Green Tea 100mg 2x (Green tea contains polyphenols, powerful antioxidants.)
2. Multivitamin 1 3x
3. Vitamin C-1000 2 3x
4. L-Proline / L-Lysine 1x
5. Pancreatin Enzyme 500mg 2x
6. Liver Support Formula 2x
7. Meriva-SR (Curcumin) 2x
8. Mushroom Immune Defense
9. Vitamin B17 250mg 2x
10. Vitamin D 3000mg
11. CoQ10 100mg 2x
12. Selenium 200mcg 1x
13. Probiotics 2 before or after each meal
14. Omega 3 Fish Oil 3x with meals
15. R-Lipoic Acid 300mg 2x
16. N-A-C 600mg 1 3x (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine)
17. Turmeric Extract 1160mg 3x
18. Milk Thistle (Liver support) 3x
19. Orasal 2 3x (we stopped this)
20. Papaya Leaf Extract 1

Ed also does castor oil packs and charcoal packs alternating for several hours at night.
He feels these have reduced and than eliminated swollen stomach. These are great for
getting the toxins out of his system.

His energy has been great and he is even doing some physical work again. Everyone in our community is watching him and we have been contacted by several cancer patients. Unfortunately most patients even stage 4 ones first try the conventional methods, so by the time they get to alternative protocols their bodies are so depleted that it is hard to turn it around.
I have no idea how this is going to play out, but we sure have had quality time and no pain or discomfort.

I am glad to e-mail anyone interested our regimen and would love to connect with other cancer patients who are trying this.

PS. Hospice just cancelled us, which is the first time they left a liver cancer patient go.

-Beate Moore

Nevada City, CA

I would like to accredit ChrisBeatCancer for this article   :)

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The Irony of Life


In those 403 days from the time my father heard the cancer had to run it’s course     until his passing on 4/03/2006.  Reflecting back onto it today it was an incredible time hardly seemingly like 9 + years ago.  It was hard times filled with severe depression and     a time. I thought for the first time in my life I would never ever see daylight again.

I remember vividly a friends wife at the time telling me in the aftermath of the experience. The time spent until the final tear drop would be a blessing years later looking back at it. It all begin exactly one month prior for me. On March 3rd, 2006 and attended mass in Carey, Ohio at the Shrine for those having lost hope.

I made the 1 hour 45 minute drive there for a solution to the misery…. my misery at the time being severe depression. Little did I know the next morning things would turn worse with a priest being called  into the house for  the Anointing of the Sick.  However, with morning turning into afternoon.  I felt it in my heart I had to GO to Centerville and sitting there on a stool in the middle of a 1/2 price book store a Chinaman approach in my aisle.

March 4th turned out to be a highlight for me during this whole ordeal and changed     my outlook on life forever. That afternoon, Mant from Kettering Ohio explained a lot of   my own perplexity of living going through my head at the time. This stranger whom just happen into my life through chance ….being in the same place in time what’s the chance    of that happening.

He explained a lot  in a very short time  being he was a cancer survivor  himself from  China.  When  he  relocated  to the United States  it  was  like culture shock to him how       we treat cancer here stateside. He stated, “in Western Society when chemotherapy and radiation fails people just give up and die.”  He  also  stated,  “it’s primitive, and a little barbaric to administer chemo without any form of supplementation.”

That was an outsiders first impression how it works here all for the sake of the almighty  dollar.  In Eastern Culture they have many many things that can make it work he stated.    If one thing doesn’t work you try something else….  something else beats  trying nothing  but what you were trying you also know it doesn’t work.

Within Eastern Philosophy:  you start out in increments small dosage for the individual.     While maxing out when you see it not working anymore then dropping back to what was working. Everything in correct dosage equaling maximum strength is how he put it.  It’s that one statement today that still resonates in my head today ”  correct dosage equaling maximum strength.”

That purpose of connecting  wasn’t immediately recognized  or  realized back then.        What Mant explained to me was his Mega Pill Theory,  which was hard for him to put        to words because  of  it’s  complexity  to  understand.  I wouldn’t want to try to change anything either for fear of the back fire effect.

The back fire effect  being that when you try to change the way things are  to what you think  they should be.  Human nature  tries  to prove you wrong  in a condescending way and everything reverts back to the wrong way anyway. The more thing s change tne more they stay the same mindset kinda thing…. know what I mean?

What we talked about that day was how all the organs work in unison and how medicine can throw that action off.  We talked about how the heart supports  the kidneys  and if the kidney doesn’t do it’s thing you have fluid retention. Mant stated, “it’s important and vital to take Hawthorne Berry  to help protect the heart  and cranberries to flush the kidneys to protect both.

With  a little Milk Thistle  thrown  in  to  keep  the  liver  functioning  at 100%.  Because cancer begins and ends in the liver….  and it has to do it’s job and that’s to get toxins out of your system. In his message: we also talked about the importance of Beet Root for iron and keeping your energy levels.

Also  stated,  it’s  important  to keep your blood purified  and  it  was  his opinion many herbs do this. But Red Clover extract does it better then most.  Burdock Root  is  also good but he thought the best way to get burdock root was visiting a Chinese Store and preparing it like you would carrots.  With carrots also being important because beta carotene is good for cancer patients as well.

Mant went on to explain  his very important vitals  for  a strong immune system  being from beta glucans medicinal mushrooms,  vitamin C  and selenium. With selenium being one of the answers I was looking for…. because our all about the money medical system in the United States always stated that my father was deficient in selenium but thought it no big deal while pushing drugs instead.

In some ways the Chinese view money the same way.  Cordyceps Mushrooms are called      caterpillar mushroom. This is because Cordyceps  actually invades the body of the native Himalayan caterpillar and consumes it entirely.  By June,  the caterpillar  is transformed into a mushroom.  Even in July, conditions up in the mountains are harsh.  It can still be freezing, the UV-radiation exposure is significant. When you are picking up mushrooms   at 3 miles above sea level, you have to be accustomed to very thin air to barely survive.

But the income potential is huge. Wild cordyceps sell for as much as $1,500 per pound. Have ever wondered how and where wild Cordyceps Sinensis medicinal mushrooms are harvested, watch this video. You will see how farmers and villagers from 9,000 ft. above the sea level migrate to 13,000 ft. levels in the mountains of Bhutan to find and pick wild Cordyceps.  Finding Cordyceps  for the local people is similar to founding gold  or  oil  in your own backyard!

Mant thought  magnesium  was   another  mineral cancer patients should have checked because most are constipated and medicine depletes the body of this key mineral. Also B12 injections should be considered for energy levels when you’re taking medicine.  Also along with constant monitoring of vitamin D levels… because when you’re sick  you stay in doors more. When your body is insufficient of vitamin D you tend to have more pain.  As his last word for me was to  checkout the book “The Calcium Connection.”

In the end there was a reason why,  this Chinaman whom came into my life Temporarily through Power of Prayer.  And I thought that true reason in hindsight was in all our years of helping one another.  Towards my fathers end being…. I could no longer help him and through that helpless feeling gave me depression.

What Mant taught me  was the purpose of life  and  there has to be an ending to it.         That the human body wears out through all those years of living it up. Therefore, we        best prepares ourselves for old age  by taking better care of ourselves.  Also knowing        for ourselves what is best for ourselves. It’s through this awareness that may prevent    open heart surgery or cancer in the long run and gives us a better life in the end!!!

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The Metaphysical Realm

“Dear Cancer, it’s taken me a lot longer than I would have liked but finally I’ve got rid  of  you.  It’s been a bit of  a roller coaster ride  and at one point     I thought you’d beaten me but winners never quit  and  I’ve whipped your arse. Goodbye, good riddance and don’t come back.”

     Hi you all, just wanted to share with you my good news.  In July 2013,        I was diagnosed with stage 4a cervical cancer. I followed the conventional treatment route because I didn’t really know I had any other choice.  To be fair it served me well but never fully gave me the all clear.  It culminated in October 2014,  when they told me …. it had come back in para-aortic lymph nodes with increased activity in the cervix and they could only further offer palliative care.

   I sought other opinions,  became a member of  the Solitarius Facebook  group and with the help of your articles,  posts  and other peoples stories      & comments. Putting into place certain protocols  and changes in my diet completely which became a commitment. Thereby, January scan showed   no presence in the lymph nodes  and reduced  focus  in the cervix,  Then in April scan was totally normal.  With the only thing  I have done different     is diet  and supplementation.  Without  those  changes  I’m  sure my story would have been different.

So for everybody who is interested this is what I did:

I can’t fail to mention, however, I had 32 fractions external beam radiation, 6 of  brachytherapy  at Mount Vernon Hospital  and  5  concurrent  cisplatin chemotherapy treatments at Churchill Hospital in Oxford near London UK.

  Feeling this natural protocol helped  with  those  conventional treatments.     I  eliminated  any  form of  processed  food  or  meats  and  anything  having sugar in it which included fruit juices. Restricted fruit intake to the morning and ate a minimal amount of high sugar fruits such as pineapple, grapes etc. every morning drink water with 2 teaspoons of organic lemon juice and half teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, supplement with AloeVera juice, vitamin D (I had a test to show I was deficient as all Cancer patients tend to be.)

    While also taking 1000mg vitamin C,  turmeric,  zinc,  pine bark tablets  and omega 3 tablets. I tried to eat apricot kernels disguised in nuts so they were less disgusting. Drank mainly green tea. Tried to eat as little red meat as possible  and  minimised white carbs  (as they are basically  just  sugar). Where possible eating organic vegetables  (again avoiding  too  many  root vegetables as high in sugar,  with the only exception being carrots as pros  out weigh cons there) and whole grains.

  I didn’t cut out dairy completely but cut back.  I had a probiotic to help digest all these changes  and initially used milk thistle as a liver cleanse.        I also cut out alcohol and drank more water which was filtered. I took a nutritional course so I could understand what the changes I was making were doing. I think good nutrition was the key and eating organic.  As I wasn’t too  fussed about organic meat as in UK antibiotic use is strictly regulated and hormones are banned.

 I decided to hedge my bets on good nutrition and boosting my immune system.   Seems like it worked. Oh and lots of fresh air and exercise was    also part of it too.  I also had kinesiology and Bowen treatments to help      my body defend itself. With some long distant healingI know it must    have been radionics. Our genes aren’t what control our health, you do.      Scientists prove DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies!  Thank you all and most of all never give up hope.                                                    My Regards,

Jassy Pyke :)

Knowing how the brain works in health and in disease

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Threshhold of Liability

Cause and Effect Essay

        According to the National Cancer Institute,  there  are  an estimated two hundred      and fifteen cancers in the world. Liz Szabo, a reporter from USA Today, recorded a total   of 18.2 million patients whom have been diagnosed with cancer. Since cancerous patient rates continue to increase,  new studies  have been tested  in order to discover treatment   for cancer.  Two treatments  are responsible  for being most effective  in cancer research   are chemotherapy and stem cells.

The two more recent treatments have provided researchers with a greater understanding of cancer (including the sources) and effective ways to prevent illness.  Even though  both treatments are effective,  they are very complex  and controversial.  Cancer is life altering and people are diagnosed for some type of the disease every day. Since those numbers of cancerous patients are increasing,  the number of people who get treatment increase.

“Today,  about one in every twenty-six Americans have had cancer,”  reported Szabo.  Cancer has become more prevalent in due to unhealthy lifestyles people have.  “Cancer      is a class of diseases in which a group of cells display uncontrollable growth,  invasion         of adjacent tissues, and sometimes metastasis  (spreading  to  other  locations  in  the body)” (Carson-DeWitt).  This  graph  shows  the  projected   increase  for  patients  ever diagnosed with cancer from the year 2005 to 2020.  Cancer has increased over the years due to causes such as genetics, smoking, radiation, viruses, alcohol,  poor diet,  and lack    of physical activity.  Some researchers are worried there won’t be enough doctors for the number of incoming cancer patients. Cancer has taken the lives of many patients starting at 114,186 deaths in 1930  to  556,902 in 2003.  Due to prevention,  early detection,  and improved treatment,  survivor rates  having  increased with the rate of population in that time frame.  Cancer has affected men  and women differently because of different bodily reactions.  Because of this, women tend to have a higher death rate then men.

According  to,  “Breast cancer  is  the leading cancer  for women in           the U.S.  Lung cancer is the second most common form of cancer. Prostate cancer is the leading cancer for men in the U.S.   It  is  followed  by lung cancer.”    The most common cancer between men  and  women is lung cancer:  “The American Cancer Society’s  most recent lung cancer statistics in the United States for 2009 include an estimated 166,900 men and 103,350 women will be diagnosed with lung cancer” (Cancer 101). This is a total of 220,250 people with lung cancer.  The previously mentioned treatments (chemotherapy and stem cells) have helped to treat lung cancer in numerous ways.

Chemotherapy drugs are given intravenously or in conjunction with radiation therapy      or surgery.  Chemotherapy  may  cause  patients  to  vomit,  become nauseated,  lose hair,   and get mouth sores.  Irwin H. Krakoff, an M.D. at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer center discusses the effects on cells:  Unfortunately, though many substances have been found to interfere with the growth of cells, the use in chemotherapy has been limited by the fact…. that such substances…. attack both normal and malignant tissue. But certain chemicals,  when used cautiously, are able to impair the growth of neoplastic cells without irreparable damage to normal cells.

According to an article  weighing the risks and benefits of chemotherapy, the benefits        of chemotherapy are;  “it can reduce the number of cancer cells that spread to other parts of the body, reducing the likelihood that cancer will return and potentially prolonging life.  It can also be used before surgery to shrink larger tumors,  making  less  invasive  surgery possible” (Bonadonna).  An anonymous patient tells about the effect chemotherapy has had on their his with lung cancer:

The chemo has messed with my nervous system and parts of my body feel numb and   other parts burn for no reason. I have 2 or 3 more scheduled chemo treatments, but I’ve been told that my lung cancer is treatable, but not curable and I honestly don’t know if I can spend the rest of my life feeling so miserable. Chemotherapy is like having the flu for 90 percent of your waking hours.  It is like the worst flu imaginable.  My brother sent me an article stating, The word chemotherapy is linked to healing although its origins derive from the deadly mustard gas used in World War II. Today it is used as a powerful tool as part of cancer treatment”. It’s no wonder we get so sick. It’s a poison. But the choice is ours. Living a life of being sick 75 to 90 percent of the time, or not living at all.

About 75 percent of cancer patients use chemotherapy despite the difficult side effects.     In an article  discussing  the  costs of chemotherapy,  Kate Savage,  a chemotherapy expert, states, “the cost of chemotherapy depends on the types of drugs and duration of treatment; it also depends on how often  the  treatment  is given  and  where you are taking it.”  By the end of treatment, chemotherapy could cost  30,000 dollars  or  more.  With the costs of the treatment being so high,  some  patients  often struggle financially  to pay off medical bills.  Although,  chemotherapy has negative side effects and can be  expensive, it continues to be a common way to treat patients.  A newer treatment still getting tested is the use of stem cells on cancerous patients.

Stem cells have the capability of developing into many different cell types in the body during growth.  They can renew themselves  through  cell  division  and become a part of organs or tissues with specific functions.  John Dick first discovered stem cells in certain types of leukemia in 1997.  According to an article written by Nicholas Wade  in the New York Times:  “at  the  heart  of  every  tumor,  some researchers believe, like a handful of aberrant stem cells  that  maintain  the  malignant tissue.  The  article  explains  further, “biologists are not yet sure how cancer stem cells are generated.”

Stem cells are used in bone marrow transplantation and blood stem cell transplants in order to repair stem cells that were destroyed by chemotherapy. Recent research suggests that stem cells can refurbish dead tissue. Stem cells are primarily found in embryonic cells. Scientists are experimenting  the full extent of stem cells and so far,  have  been  successful with their results.  Stem cells are indeed beneficial and with more discoveries made in the future they could be the new treatment towards cancer.

Stem cells are being studied in order to figure out if scientists can transport them to a damaged area  and direct them to grow to new tissue.  Since this is a controversial issue, research is moving slowly.  People want to know more  about  the  use  of  stem cells and what they one day could be capable of,  but  those  questions  cannot be answered before many experiments have been preformed on stem cells.  Hospital staff has become more aware of what stem cells are capable of  and the release of new technology is constantly competed for since they want to treat their own patients to the fullest extent of possibly getting rid of the cancer.

Although stem cells have been proven to be helpful, they also have caused a worldwide controversy.  Thomas F. Lee  from St. Anselm College explained the debate regarding the ethics of destroying human embryos for research. The Department of Health and Human Services banned funding  for research projects in fear  that  they  would be killing human embryos.  In 2006,  Congress passed legislation for funding on all new cells.  Majority of people are beginning to think that the benefits of using stem cells outweigh the negatives in the research.

Cancer has become the second-most killer disease today,  killing  about  seven  to  eight million people every year in the world. It refers to a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth.  There are over 100 different types of cancer,  and each is classified by the type of cell that is initially affected. The disease harms the body when damaged cells divide uncontrollably to form lumps  or  masses of tissue called tumors  (except in the case of leukemia where cancer prohibits normal blood function by this abnormal cell division in the blood stream).

In other words,  cancer is the result  of  cells  that  uncontrollably  grow  and  do not die. They differ from normal cells in the body which follow an orderly path of growth, division, and death.  Cancer also begins to form  when the process of programmed cell death called apoptosis breaks down. Unlike regular cells, cancer cells do not experience programmatic death  and instead continue to grow and divide,  leading to a mass of abnormal cells that grows out of control.

More dangerous or malignant tumours form when two things occur:  one,  a cancerous    cell manages to move throughout the body using the blood or lymph systems, destroying healthy tissue in a process called invasion,  and  second,  that cell manages to divide and grow,  making new blood vessels  to feed  itself  in a process called angiogenesis. When a tumour successfully spreads to other parts of the body and grows,  invading the and also destroying other healthy tissues,  it is said to have metastasized  a serious condition that   is very difficult to treat.

Tumors can grow  and  interfere with  the digestive,  nervous  or  circulatory systems       and they can release hormones that alter body function. Tumours that stay in one spot and  demonstrate limited  growth  are generally considered to be benign.  Cells can also  experience uncontrolled growth  if  there are damages or mutations to DNA,  therefore, damage to the genes involved in cell division. Four key types of gene are responsible for the cell division process:  oncogenes tell cells when to divide,  tumour suppressor genes  tell cells when not to divide, suicide genes control apoptosis and tell the cell to kill itself      if something goes wrong, and DNA-repair genes instruct a cell to repair damaged DNA.

Classes  of  substances  that are directly responsible for damaging DNA promoting or  aiding cancer are carcinogens.  Tobacco, asbestos, arsenic, radiation such as gamma and x-rays, the sun,  and  compounds in car exhaust fumes  are  also examples of carcinogens. When our bodies are exposed to these carcinogens along with other food chemicals in our diet,  free radicals are formed  that try to steal electrons from other molecules in the body.  Theses free radicals damage cells and affect their ability to function normally.

Cancer  can  also  be the result  of a genetic predisposition  that is inherited from family members.  It is possible to be born  with certain genetic mutations or a fault in a gene that makes one statistically  more likely to develop cancer later in life.  Age is an important risk factor for cancer as the number of possible cancer-causing mutations in our DNA increases with age. As we age our bodies can’t absorb vitamins and minerals and we lose capacity to develop ATP which supplies our organs with energy.

Cancer occurs  when  a cell’s gene mutations  make the cell unable  to correct DNA      damage and unable to commit suicide.  Similarly,  cancer is a result of mutations that inhibit oncogene and tumour suppressor gene function, leading to uncontrollable cell growth. When cancer spreads, or metastasizes, additional symptoms can also present themselves in the newly affected area  depending on the location  where it has spread.       If cancer spreads to the brain, patients may experience vertigo, headaches, or seizures. Spreading to the lungs may cause coughing and shortness of breath.  Additionally, the    liver may become enlarged and cause jaundice and bones can become painful, brittle,    and break easily.

As cancer cells use the body’s energy and interfere with normal hormone function,               it is possible to present symptoms such as fever, fatigue, excessive sweating, anemia,      and unexplained weight loss.  Since all these symptoms are common in several other maladies as well, it becomes difficult to detect the disease in the very first diagnosis.

Cancer is classified  into  5 broad groups.  Carcinomas are characterized by cells that    cover internal  and external parts of the body such as lung,  breast,  and  colon cancer. Sarcomas are characterized by cells that are located in bone,  cartilage, fat, connective tissue, muscle, and other supportive tissues. Lymphomas are cancers that begin in the lymph nodes and immune system tissues. Leukaemia is cancer that begins in the bone marrow and often accumulates in the bloodstream.  Adenomas are cancers  that arises     in the thyroid, the pituitary gland, the adrenal gland, and other glandular tissues.

Cancers  that  are  closely  linked  to  certain behaviors  are also the  easiest  to  prevent.      For example,  choosing not to smoke tobacco or drink alcohol significantly lower the risk of several types of cancer most notably lung, throat, mouth, and liver cancer. Skin cancer can be prevented by staying in the shade,  and  protecting  ourselves  with a hat and shirt when in the sun, and using sunscreen. Diet is also an important part of cancer prevention and oncologists recommend diets that are low in fat and rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Hepatitis B vaccines prevent the hepatitis B virus, which can cause liver cancer.

Once a diagnosis is made,  the next step  is to find out how far the cancer has spread and determine the stage of the cancer. The stage determines which choice will be available for treatment  and  informs  prognoses.  There  is  no  single  one  treatment  for  cancer,  and patients  often  receive a combination of many therapies and / or palliative care including surgery,  radiation,  chemotherapy,  immunotherapy,  hormone therapy,  or  gene therapy. In recent time many cancer patients are becoming more engaged in the natural alternative as we hear more and more cancer patients become NED (no evidence disease.)

Measuring a patient’s cancer health literacy before their appointment can improve communication and understanding, which could lead to better

Ben Fuchs talks nutrition and disease …

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When Good Goes Bad….


Imbalances  of  the  Gut  Flora  in  the  GI Tract….  or Dysbiosis

  Your  Microbiome  May  Hold  Key  Pieces  0f  the  Puzzle                                                          The answer to cancer has always been inside you all along!

Each microbiome is a snowflake   “In an Invisible Worlds”….

Bill Nye the wacky science guy explores the human body from the inside out.               Check your pulse and join him as he explores the real human anatomy!!!! 

Today, the field of oncology is exploring new and diverse ways to fight cancer,             from antibodies to vaccines to cracking the genetic code. All of these biological    elements affect how cancer starts and how doctors can treat it.  But according                  to a review published today in Science,  the bacteria living in and around our            bodies may hold keys to more effective cancer treatment in the near  future.

Human bodies host a staggering number of  bacteria,  living inside and outside our bodies in the intestines or on the skin. In recent years, these communities of bacteria, called microbiomes, have gotten much more attention, linked to many aspects of health.

The microbiome has also been shown to play a role in cancer. Many bacteria have evolved to change the DNA of other cells as a defense mechanism, which can lead to cancer’s onset or its treatment. Some types of bacteria have been shown to cause cancer under certain conditions.

The parts of the body…. where bacteria are most populous….. are particularly hardy,    effective at protecting the bacteria from penetrating the boundary into more sensitive parts of the body where they could cause harm. However, if there’s a breach of normal protections and some of these particular kinds of bacteria get through, they can be carcinogenic.

When good bacteria go bad.

Bacteria can affect cancer in 33 ways: by changing how much human cells reproduce,  by affecting the immune system,  and by influencing cell metabolism.  When in a new environment, bacteria can turn off  our cells’ immune responses, or also turn them on unnecessarily, creating inflammation and autoimmune conditions that break down tissues.

Diets heavy in fiber or fat might change how intestinal bacteria metabolize energy, creating an acid as a byproduct…. that can make colon cancer more likely to happen, though studies so far have come to conflicting conclusions. The tools are getting better. Tumor cells can be genetically sequenced  to  see  if  bacteria have affected them and,          if so, the role that bacteria play in the microbiome.

Oncologists can now engineer bacteria to kickstart  the immune system  to help combat certain kinds of cancer or other cancer-causing bacteria,  or to turn off the genes causing the cells to grow out of control in the first place.  Treatments that can act as heat-seeking missiles, treating only the cancer and not poisoning the entire body, can work better with boosts from the local microbiome.

Now that they understand some of the basic ways in which bacteria can play a role in cancer,  researchers  still  have  a lot of  questions.  They want to know other ways that bacteria might affect cancer, if they can make different types of treatments more or less effective,  if  single microbes can make a difference or  if  they need to be in a particular configuration.

They want to know the role of diet in understanding gastrointestinal cancers like colon cancer,  or why immunotherapy works better in some microbiomes  (like on the skin or in the stomach)  than others  (like the colon),  and why the efficacy of  these treatments vary  from person to person.

Future research… will also look… at how to use bacteria to diagnose cancer and identify those patients most susceptible to side effects and complications. Though the microbiome requires a lot of interdisciplinary research,  says this review,  ridding yourself of toxsick byproducts could hold the important key answers to  fighting and understanding many different types of cancer.

A Weakened Immune System Leads To Cancer… A Strong Immune System Seeks Out And Destroys Cancer Cells.

For most of your life, your immune system successfully fought cancerous cells, killing them as they developed. That’s its job. In fact, the only job Natural Killer cells have is to kill cancer cells and viruses. For cancer to develop, your immune system must either be worn out, ineffective, unable to kill cancer cells as fast as they normally develop, or you must be exposed to a mass of cancer causing toxins, radiation or some such thing, that increase the rate of development of cancer cells to an abnormally high level that your immune system can’t handle.

Either way, it’s vital to strengthen the immune system in your battle against cancer . Especially if you are getting medical treatments that wipe out your immune system.

That’s why we must feed our body what it needs, not the unhealthy junk food and chemicals that are in our fake foods. People will spend $300 on a leather jacket but buy crappy processed food, that are loaded with who knows what that you can’t even pronounce, because it’s cheaper than organic. They spend more on their exterior body than their inner body? Doesn’t make any sense!

Some people say good nutritious organic food is too expensive but what about disease? How expensive is that considering Hospital bills, doctor visits, worthless damaging pharmaceutical drugs, time wasted, feeling like shit? When you change your perspective, considering everything & look at food as healing, preventive medicine, in that aspect it’s very inexpensive.    Thanks  Angel Howerton  &  Cancer Cures From Heaven  :)

IF YOUR BUTYRATE IS LOW YOUR CANCER RISK IS HIGH and THE BEST KNOWN WAY TO OBTAIN BUTYRATE IS THROUGH DIET. There are two main ways…. to get butyrate and other short-chain fatty acids. The first is to eat fiber and let your intestinal bacteria do the rest. Whole plant foods such as sweet potatoes, properly prepared whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruit and nuts are good sources of fiber. The second know way    is Hmm, I wonder where the name BUTYR-ate came from?  Butter perhaps?  Butter is   3-4 percent butyrate, the richest known source.

Changing the mindset of the people is an individual responsibility. Some people may not understand this video and find it in negative manner. But its like “teaching a child to walk while in crawling stage.”     This is in of my own opinion the humanity speech.. :(

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I Wear Blue For Me

   Dawn Eicher

For years, Dawn Eicher was told by doctors, despite obvious symptoms,  that she was too young  to have colon cancer. While pregnant with her 2nd child,  as  her  symptoms worsened.  Her doctors told her  it was pregnancy related, gave her suppositories, and sent her home. It took 10 more months before she  finally received a colonoscopy at which time she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with metastases to her liver.  Dawn  was only 36 years old. 

Faced with a very difficult treatment plan including multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and a temporary ileostomy, Dawn forged ahead.  It has been close to a year since she completed her treatment  and Dawn is NED – No Evidence of Disease. She is now  fighting hard to let people know “You’re Never Too Young”   for  colon  cancer.  She  has  started  a  petition through  to  force insurance companies  to make colon cancer screening more accessible to younger people.

   There are other tests besides a colonoscopy, but I believe a scope of the  best diagnostic test if  you have any symptoms.  The issue  is some people don’t have symptoms, so they are missed until it’s far too late.  There is a take home kit called Cologuard and its a  fecal blood test that checks  for cancer DNA.  I believe it’s 92% accurate,  so not bad!  Also  insurance  is      just starting to cover it regardless of the age

  If  you and your doc thinks you don’t need a  full colonoscopy, you can      ask for at minimum a rectal exam and/or a tiny scope (that doesn’t hurt      at all)  to take a look around.  That would only catch rectal cancer, but     that is where 70% of all young onset cases at located.

  What I Learned From Dawn Eicher * Be your own advocate! *  Nobody knows your body better than you do.  If  something  isn’t  right,  tell your doctor.  If  your doctor won’t listen,  find  one who will.  * One person can affect change.  * In less than 90 days,  Dawn  was able to get over 70,000 signatures on her petition she’s sending to congress. *I also learned that  Attitude  is  everything!   * Many people would be angry and bitter after experiencing what Dawn went through.  She chooses  to be positive  and channel her energy for change.  

    How you can help make a difference:  Please support the efforts of my friend Dawn Eicher to make it possible  to save your life and many others.  We  have  a ” Health Care” business system that relies on statistical analyses to determine approved insurance expenditures.  Decisions must be based on EACH individual patient,  regardless  of  age.  In the toxic world we live in, children can be at risk as well.

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My Pathway to Wellness

  In the United States I could have went to prison for how I healed  from Lyme disease naturally.  For those that don’t know  Lyme Disease it can       be just as dreadful as cancer.  It’s  a virtual death sentence  and  I really want to share with you  a couple of  things I learned along my pathway         to wellness.

   The  first is a test called a CEDSA.  How  it  works  is very similar  to a lie detector test.  It scans your body or more specifically your Central Nervous System  (either in  person  or  DNA,  with  saliva  and hair samples).  It then produces  a test result  that  shows  what organs  or parts of  your body are failing and then lists why.  From there it suggests the supplements that you need to correct these ailments.  It detects bacteria such as Lyme,  parasites, heavy metals,  cancer (up  to  three years  before  it’s  medically detectible), Thyroid  function,  Adrenal Function, Heart Function, ADD/ADHD, Herpes Virus and almost everything else you can imagine.

  The second thing I learned is there are no conventional cures for Lyme.          So my wonderful doctors who performed the CEDSA test on me and finally determined  I  had  Lyme  recommended  a  True Rife Machine.  I am  in  the process of being a Certified Trainer  and have talked to the owner a number of  times  especially while  trying  to save my dad’s life Funny thing is that before my dad had radiation, in a three week time  framehis  liver  tumor shrank  from 6.2 cm to 4.7 cm.

  Since the doctors  had no explanation they decided the  first measurement was inaccurate.  I obviously believe it was the Rife that produced that result as my dad had purchased one and was using it faithfully. Without a doubt in my mind,  I believe had he done just the True Rife and supplements he would have lived many more years.

     Since  I  have  frequent CEDSA tests  to  determine where I am with my     Lyme and healing the rest of my body.  I am able to  find out things others would never know.  Like the fact I had completely eliminated my Lyme and all co-infections except one using the Rife, but I’ve also been reinfected by a mosquito 2 times since. Once in Tulum Mexico last September and the most recent about six weeks ago in Southern Utah while attending to my mother who was also hospitalized. The test is very affordable, only $150 and is 94% accurate.

   What I have learned from the owner of True Rife, is that of 200+ units he has sold specifically  for cancer patients,  he has had an 80% cure rate.  You won’t find this information published anywhere and to me it feels very much like an underground society.  I’m  fine  with that except  for the  fact so many people have no idea of  this technology  and could benefit so greatly  from it.  You may already know about it,  however,   for  the  common layperson  like myself  here’s how I explain it:

 “Every living organism on the planet has a frequency. All bacteria, virus, cancer, etc.  if you can determine that frequency, you can write a program, or in this case a frequency to destroy it.”

   That’s how it worksThe really amazing thing about True Rife is,  not     only does it come pre-programmed with over 2,000 pre-written programs for everything you could imagine it treating. You also get  free updates for life.  That’s all really amazing,  but the very best part  is that it comes with detox  footbaths called Ion Pro-Waves. Which help detoxify all these dying organisms  from your body so there is nearly zero herx or healing crisis.  

    I’m  of  the opinion  that every household in the country should own one.  They also have really cool things to add on. I have a Silver maker, Ozonated water for complete blood oxygenation,  special bulbs for specific treatments, etc.  Again,  you may not remember, but you did give me amazing advice for my dad.  For  that  I’ll be  forever grateful.  He just chose the wrong path.

Warmest Regards  :)

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