Jesicha and her HOPE

For Jesicha  Erin  Napolitano her life ( March 13th 1975 — August 20th 2011) was all to short but sweet. Born the second of  eleven siblings. She was a extremely talented, creative, loving, a giving woman.  She  found joy in all things she did and never missed  an opportunity to experience something new. From an early age Jesicha would delight herself and others creating designs or fashions  for her younger siblings.  She was also destine to be a designer,  her eye for design was clearly evident

By Jesicha’s early twenties she was off to NYC,  displaying her fashions at the shows      and selling into fashion boutiques for children. Her talents did not stop at fashion, she designed her own home and found the time to do much of the detail work on the house herself. Her hands never stopped moving, her mind always a whirl. there was always      a dream ready for her to turn it into reality. Her life was full always inspiring herself    to reach the mountain top and she had little room for cancer.

Most clients or associates were surprised to learn Jesicha had battled breast cancer for three years. Never did she wear cancer on her sleeve, but pushed it to the back, in a deep dark corner,  exactly where it need be,  for Jesicha has life to live,  places to go,  things to do and a life to enjoy.  When it came time for cancer,  there  was  just  no – room  for  it. When the chemotherapy  and  radiation began to take a toll on her body,  and  had not accomplished the task of killing the cancer.

Perhaps she would admit that decision was made too late; yet she did trust the doctors     to tell her when chemo was no longer the answer. She was disappointed that she trusted and did not get what she expected; the truth needs be told, early on, in time for a patient  to make their logical decisions.  Therefore,  Jesicha  turned  to  alternative treatments. It was then in a clinic in Mexico that Jesicha decided to organize  Jesicha’s Hope. Which is  appropriately named – for it is Jesicha that is giving hope to others and will continue.

Jesicha never wanted to be known for her cancer; she hated the very thought the cancer was even a part of her. She  was  Jesicha  the  person,  the designer,  lover of animals and children. She was more than anything the sister of ten wonderful loving sibllings and the loving daughter of a mom and dad. However, unless her cancer story is fully told. Others may not fully understand “why”  she created the organization Jesicha’s Hope.

Her  ‘rude’ awakening as she called it came towards the end of her journey; she thought     it was the beginning of a lifetime ahead of her cancer free; her cancer free lifetime wasn’t as long as she envisioned.  At 2:50 am  Saturday August 20th 2011 Jesicha succumbed to liver failure due to chemotherapy poisoning. Her mother, her sister Natasha and brother Ethan were by her side.  At 2:50 am Jesicha let go of her mother’s hand forever.  AS Her dream of Jesicha’s Hope was handed over to her mother,  who carries the same torch for her daughter.

Jesicha’s Hope takes the fear out of going it alone, the Jesicha’s Hope Team supports and listens to those fears.  When you reach Jesicha’s Hope that fearful pain disintegrates when Hope appears,  no longer do you feel desperate, because we are here for you, the confusion is replaced with understanding of your options.  Knowing someone on our team…. will be there when you need them.  When you are at peace with your treatment plan,  with others on your side, truly understanding your situation and emotions, its a life filled with HOPE.

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Spirit of a Woman

This  Lady  is truly Remarkable,  Beautiful,  Loving,  Caring  and Wonderful … meet Shannon Knight.” I know, saying cured is forbidden when it comes to cancer. To some degree  in the medical profession  I understand,  but at the same time  our life depends   on how we think! We need to be careful with our words and own our healing.  As man thinketh so shall it be! I own the healing! We heal our bodies from ailment all the time. Attitude is the driving force behind healing. We cannot ignore this. 

Shannon is a remarkable survivor  and  beat the odds  because she left her country.  She   beat the odds and had victory over stage 3 & 4 breast cancer when she was told she had 3 months to a year to live. She turned down toxic chemotherapy!  She now runs “Angels for Shannon” helping people raise money for the same healthy treatments she used that their insurance will not cover in America.  Shannon  is  inspiring,  a warrior,  happy and always researching!  She is a strong advocate  and there is never a dull moment with this woman. There are wonderful surprises around every corner. She heals from her pains rather than lay down and do nothing.  She now lives life to help others.

I  had  many  surgeries  in those two years  and   I was in a great deal of pain.  I  had  a bilateral  mastectomy,   bilateral  knee  replacements,  then  the  left  knee  had  problems because the replacement was put in crooked,  so the new surgeons tried correcting it with cutting bone and three screws in my tibia. The surgery failed, so a knew knee replacement was put in correctly. Then my gall bladder was removed, a foot surgery prior to finding out about the cancer that had trouble healing.  I had a two inch screw in the top of my foot for almost a year.  So using a wheel chair  was difficult  because of the complications with my surgery from the mastectomy.

The journey was rough, I can still smell the anesthesia and feel all the IV needle pricks  and of course I feel the pain in my bones and my chest.  Which will eventually fade away with time.  I felt the anger well up inside me,  sometimes when I look in the mirror at all   the scars the doctor says will fade away.  They remind me of my battle and the dignity I tried so desperately to hang on to.

I was diagnosed July 19th 2006,  my brother’s birthday  around 6:45 pm as my  world  came  crashing down  around me.  I’ll never forget  the moment I found out.  I looked at the conveniently placed box of tissue and felt like I had to prove I could accept all of this without crying. I just listened without asking questions because I knew if I spoke a single word I would fall to pieces.  I finally excused myself  from the doctor’s office,  went to the restroom,  put my hands on the sink  and looked in the mirror.  And whispered to myself over and over “No, not me, this is not happening.” I couldn’t breathe, I felt tears stinging but would not let them fall.  I just kept looking in the mirror, telling myself,   “Be strong, don’t cry, you can handle this! Just go back into the doctor’s office and be cool, calm and collect.

I was also pleading to God why? Why me, I had already been through so much, did you have to pick me?  I remembered saying to God,  “I am telling you Lord  this one I cannot handle!”  You promised us Lord that you would never give us more than we could handle.  I am not as strong as you must think I am.  How  am  I  going to drive home?  It was close 7 pm  when I returned to the waiting area.  As just I sat there  while  the  doctor  got  some paperwork together for me.  I wasn’t going home yet, he was sending me to another doctor that was waiting for me after hours.  Obviously this was all coordinated  and I appreciated how they handled it actually. But I just couldn’t see how I would be able to get to my next evening appointment safely with this news on my mind.

I realized everyone in the office was gone except  the doctor and nurse. There was only   the light coming from office. It was such an eerie feeling.  As I called my mother in CA to     tell her what happened and to wish my brother a happy birthday.  What an odd thing hit me.  A favorite song of mine and my brother’s Unwell by Matchbox 20  was playing on the intercom. While Seattle’s UW Medical Center recommended three types of chemotherapy. The were going to combine  two drugs for the IV and  the third drug  was going to be a pill.  It took conviction  to stay the course  using unconventional cancer treatments  and refuse chemo and radiation. With the treatment I chose,  I felt healthier while healing from stage III breast cancer.

Who are we if our breasts aren’t perfect or we have too full a bottom or tummy, too many wrinkles,  men worried about balding.  I’m more aware of that type of consciousness in all of us now more than ever. I think it’s great to take care of yourself because it makes us feel confident and when we’re confident,  we can move mountains.  Having balance in the area of being the best in every way is what is key through; mind, body and spirit.

I think our soul becomes more beautiful as more scars collect on the outside. Sometimes our outer beauty can become a distraction from working on the beauty of our soul. I think that if people worked out their souls as much  as they worked out their bodies,  this world would be a better place to live in. I know I’m a little bit of an idealist, but I think a lot of us tend to concentrate on perfecting our physical bodies.

I am a partner in my own success. I am the one with faith, I am the one with the positive attitude because I will not give up. I am the one that will risk and cross that border. I did not rely on a doctor to cure me, I relied on God, doctor and myself. Even then when it is your time to go, it is your time to go. I still believe in healing the body from cancer.

If  it  wasn’t  for  the uncommon generosity  of  everyone whom donated  to Angels for Shannon that helped save my life!  Seriously…. I could not have gotten my treatments in Mexico  without so many people  I have never met.  Faith,  Attitude,  (for lungs nebulizer with molecular silver and peroxide) IV vitamin C,  IV B17,  Ozone therapy,  Dendritic Cell Therapy, Dendritic Cell Cancer Vaccine made with my own blood, Hyperthermia, Enzyme Therapy,  Magnetic Therapy,  Biofeedback,  Nutriceuticals and Live pH Balanced Water.

If I could share advice it would be to please make sure that you have a “round table” of knights, your own noble friends,  people you can trust,  even if it’s just one or two. You’ll make mistakes, believe me you will,  forgive each other. There is power in apologies and forgiveness. Most of all there is healing”  It’s amazing what people will gossip about and     I had friendships that became stronger and some that fell to the wayside by doing things that you would never imagine. I have also seen the worse in people come out even when fighting a terrible disease.

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Joshua’s Journey

   This image is, in the eyes of an unjust and inhumane law an image of a criminal.            I’m not a criminal, nor should I fear becoming one. I am a mother facing every parent’s worst nightmare; the loss of their child.  No parent trying to save their child should live with the fear of losing their child.  “The unnecessary fear” which comes trying to saving him. I am a mother trying to save her son, we are succeeding. And, I am not alone.

In November 2013  we  were  told  our then six year old son Joshua  had only four months to live.  It  is  now  January 2015,  and  Joshua  is very much alive,  healthy and happy. With thanks to an 100% organic nutrient rich and balanced diet,  alkaline water, nutraceuticals, fresh juices, frequency medicine, herbal medicine known as cannabis oil and  an  array of integrative medical approaches  which was overseen  by specialists, we have successfully stopped an AA3 brain tumour from growing.

Joshua had a 4.2cm brain tumour,  known as an AA3  (Anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3), which was caused by a rare cancer known as Constitutional Mis-match Repair Deficiency syndrome, MSH6 (CMMRD).  There is very little known about this cancer,  and even less known about this type of brain tumour caused by this rare genetic mutation. The tumour was found on an MRI scan in March 2013, almost two years ago. The rarity of this cancer has meant that neither chemotherapy nor radiation can, or will cure or save Joshua’s life. In November 2013 we were told to take our son home  and  “decide where we would like his  ‘end of life’  to occur.”

With no conventional treatments  available to cure or save our son,  we knew it was up     to us to do whatever it takes for our son.  Blessings often come in disguise. We did what any parent would do  in our position.  We  did  not  give  up.  Upon hearing of this brain tumour back in March 2013,  we  immediately  implemented  an integrative health  and wellness protocol. Our aim was to strengthen his immune system, reduce inflammation, heal the gastrointestinal tract  and  balance the body’s pH levels,  and of course achieve apoptosis and angiogenesis of the tumour whilst still protecting our sons DNA.

This protocol  has been constructed  with support  and guidance of integrative medical specialists across the planet, and the determination and commitment of two parents who will do whatever it takes to save their child.  We have kept a daily running sheet  of  what our son eats,  his medicines,  his behaviours  and  bodily responses,  which  have  proven invaluable from an observation standpoint.

Never could we have imagined  giving  our  child  cannabis,  let  alone  be  faced  with  a  cancer prognosis of only four months. We flew interstate and spoke with world renowned specialist of brain tumours. We asked him his thoughts about medicinal cannabis oil.  His response gave this herbal medicine the credibility and endorsement it deserved, and gave us the confidence to do all we can to save our son. With No parent should be considered a criminal for trying to save their child,  especially if there are no other treatments available which can offer a cure or save their child’s life.

Cannabis is a natural herbal medicine;  it is not a pharmaceutical drug.  Our son has the right to life.  Also to deny a medicine which is known to cure,  prolong  and improve life is the real crime, and a crime against humanity.  Please  learn  about your endocannabinoid system.  Also,  do some research on pubmed…. about  medicinal cannabis oil,  and watch Run from The Cure on YouTube. Type ‘natural cures for cancer’ into the Internet and you will be inundated with research on the success of cannabis oil.

I  am  advocating  education;  ask questions with an open mind,  seek answers beyond    any bias,  agendas and intentions from those whom you seek truth and knowledge. I am advocating on my sons behalf, for when conventional industrialised medicine failed him, for when conversations based upon fear tried to steal our hope,  for when his right to life was determined by geography,  age  and the yet unknown knowledge of his illness.  I am advocating for OUR right to life.

Natural  medicine,  integrative  medicine,  wholistic  medicine,  herbal  medicines  are     ALL medicine.  I am not opposed to pharmaceuticals, they have their place and value for many health conditions,  but not all.  There is more medicine upon this planet than meet the industrialised interpretations. What is considered alternative in one culture is valued and validated in another. Pharmaceuticals are an industry, an industry which relies upon profit. People must come before profit.  Therefore,  Do whatever it takes.  Never give up. You are the greatest authority over your OWN destiny.       Penelope Schwarz :)

This Video Published 2/21/2014  While Josh is cancer free today!!!

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Cancer – Journey Back to Health

   Within our Facebook group I always get the opportunity to converse with amazing members  and  Fiona Shakeela Burns has twice defied the odds so-called ‘terminal cancer’ without conventional treatment.  Aged 11,  Fiona was diagnosed with leukaemia and sarcoma. Her parents elected to give her the Gerson therapy which led   to her complete recovery. 


I first developed cancer  after starting secondary school.  I’d  been  feeling  pretty  low        in energy for a few months with a persistent sore throat and a strange lump in my thigh muscle.  After repeated visits to the GP,  tests eventually revealed that I had Plasma Cell Leukaemia and Sarcoma of my thigh muscle.  I remember feeling ~ jealous of other kids   who were running around  and having fun.  I spent most of my time lying on the couch, feeling nauseous, light-headed and downcast.  I was even too tired to visit my rabbits at the bottom of the garden.

‘At  Alder Hey Children’s hospital  in  Liverpool,  I had the thigh tumour removed,  tests showed that the cancer had penetrated my bone marrow, so only palliative chemotherapy was offered.  Thankfully, my parents would not accept the doctors’ prognosis and took me to Naturopath Norman Eddie, in Manchester.  He put me on Gerson detoxification system  including huge amounts of freshly pressed juices, coffee enemas, herbs and supplements.

I remembered Mum and Dad telling me that I would get better if I followed the regime.   To further motivate me, they paid me for each juice and enema, as well  the supplements that I had to swallow!  ‘Within six weeks of starting the therapy,  my energy returned and before long, I was doing handstands in the back garden!  My Dad recalls what a joy it was to see his daughter literally coming back to life,  he specifically noticed  that my hair  and my eyes began to shine again.  I continued on the Gerson Therapy for some time,  whilst also being monitored by the hospital.

Within a year,  all my blood tests  were  back to normal, surprised doctors pronounced   that I had gone into remission.  When my parents admitted to the doctors they had not actually been giving me the prescribed  chemotherapy tablets “Spontaneous remission” was written on my notes! Inspired by her own recovery, Fiona also trained as a Medical Herbalist and practised for 20 years before developing cancer for the second time – this time metastasised cervical cancer which had spread to the ovaries and brain.

My first obvious symptoms were shortness of breath and chest- tightness, which occurred suddenly in April 2007.  This turned out to be a pleural effusion (fluid around  the lungs).  I was referred to a chest consultant who investigated over period of months, during which time I became progressively weaker.  Internet research led me back to my GP;  I had also discovered that a pleural effusion could be caused by ovarian cancer.

I requested  an ovarian scan and a CA125 test  (the blood protein that often shows up in ovarian cancer).   To my horror,  the results came back positive and I was hastily referred    to a gynaecologist in Bristol.  He told me that  I had ovarian cancer  and that unless I had   a hysterectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy,  I would be dead within the year. “This was a shocking and lonely time. As a single adult, I had to absorb the full blow of the grim prognosis myself and make my own decisions regarding treatment.”

All  my  instincts  were against this extreme surgery.  According to my consultant, the treatment would give me a 20-30% chance of being alive in five years and a 10% chance  being alive in 10 years.  This statistic was based on the diagnosis being correct which, in fact, it was not:  a second look at my blood tests suggested a further tumour somewhere  perhaps in the stomach, appendix or pancreas.  The hospital refused to scan me as I was not going along with their proposed treatments.

At this point,  I stopped going to the hospital – I had noticed that visits there always left me feeling drained and depressed.  I felt in my heart that if I was to put myself in the NHS’ hands that I would end up dead.  Three months later,  in November  my GP agreed  to  my request for an MRI scan.  That is when the cervical tumour was spotted and a subsequent tissue biopsy revealed this to be the primary tumor.  Despite  the fact  he  was  now  in  his 80’s, my dad remained my rock always supportive.  He  just  said  that he believed I could heal and that I should follow my gut feeling as to what was the right way.

Since my childhood cancer,  he and I had sadly witnessed up close devastating effects that conventional medicine can have.  My beloved sister Caroline had been diagnosed with liver cancer nine years earlier  and  died soon after starting chemotherapy.  My  Mum  also died of cancer, though she had refused chemotherapy and radiotherapy – her death came when she was 79, 15 years after her initial diagnosis.  She had kept her disease at bay using diet, herbs and supplements.

Various doctors of natural medicine  and healers helped in their own ways,  As I couldn’t find one person    whom I trusted to over-see my care.  I kept records of all my tests  and  made it my business to become my own health expert.  I never saw the cancer as my enemy, but rather as a sick part of me that needed my love and support in order to heal.  ‘I have never believed that disease is a random thing.  I began to dig deep in to myself regarding what it was about my life that had caused me to manifest this disease.

I needed to see what it was ~ my body was showing me on a soul level. I had to admit that I had not been prioritising my own health and well-being for quite some time.  I have since come to realise  it seems a common pattern for people who get cancer to take care of others’ needs before their own.  I learned cancer can only grow when certain conditions in the body are present ie:  high acidity, chronic inflammation, low oxygen…

I knew that unless  I changed these conditions  that  the cancer would continue to grow.     I learned to treat my energy  as  though  it was the most precious thing on earth.  After all, I needed all of it for my healing.  ‘I recognized  that I was carrying a lot of unresolved grief regarding the deaths of my sister  and  mum  whom I desperately missed,  and there were unresolved emotional issues still affecting me from past relationships.

My  work  was  to release these emotions  which included leftover life disappointments, resentments, anger, sadness and bitterness.  To start with, I didn’t know how I was going to do this, but I trusted that I would find the answers.  This was the pattern for my whole healing journey:   I could not see the whole path to wellness,  only  where  to put my foot down next.  I held the image of myself as happy and well.

‘I began to consider  the other options – getting well quickly.  I knew that this was what      I really wanted and  maybe I had not allowed myself to heal yet, as I did not truly believe  it was possible.  With that clarity,  life  just seemed  to open up  in  front of me:  two close friends contacted me within days, both asking if I had heard about Bruce Lipton.  He is a cellular biologist  who made the discovery  that DNA expression  could change according to the thoughts that we think.

His ground-breaking research  was beginning to rock medical thinking  and he was also recommending a process called PSYCH-K which could actually change our sub-conscious beliefs. I began working with Mary Trenfield who was teaching and facilitating sessions in PK  and felt as though I was being completely rewired for health!  I started to get inspired about the herbs I should be taking.  I read about  and  began working with a combination that I hadn’t tried before — Chapparal,  Red Clover  and Goldenseal.  I also did a powerful breath workshop – at times I felt as though I could actually feel tumours popping!

Within only eight weeks of discovering PK,  a scan revealed that my brain tumours had almost gone – by June 2008,  just 10 months after my initial diagnosis, my brain,  cervix and ovaries were free of cancer.  My Bristol gynaecologist decided that I must have had a very powerful and delayed reaction to the IPT!  I would not wish this disease on my worst enemy,  I know that cancer has given me so much.  It has been such a strong teacher for me and enabled me to know myself in a way I could never have done without it.

I have been shown  what is important  and  what is not important in life.  I understand   that I do not have to prove that I am worthy, or justify my existence.  I have been shown that I am the creator of my own reality and discovered for myself that the only thing that really matters at the end of the day is love. Both my cancer experiences has helped me to reconnect to the magic of life – I cannot take life for granted ever again.  I call cancer the disease of transformation.      Fiona Shakeela Burns  :)

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The Southwest Tour of Healing

   Some practitioners of alternative medicine treat cancer using unproven and unapproved therapies – especially those who market their treatment as a “cure”  – have moved just across the Mexican border – where they are still able to attract US patients.  Although  there  are  certainly  many  legitimate cancer treatment centers in Mexico,  many  of  these  “border clinics”  offer treatments that are unproven or simply don’t work.

   Some also have offices in San Diego or other U.S. towns near the Mexican border. As these offices are used as contact points to  find U.S. patients, who are then referred to the actual clinics in Mexico. Specific information can be difficult to obtain because of secrecy requirements: in some cases the clinics are operating illegally in Mexico — and are subject to closure –  by Mexican authorities if  they are caught.

  One estimate is that there are about 35 to 50 alternative medicine clinics and  hospitals  in Mexican border towns,  especially Tijuana.  Investigative news reporters offer some accounts of what the clinics do, but getting good information on their actual practices can be difficult. Before entering some of these clinics, patients are reportedly required to sign agreements stating that they will not to talk to the press.

   Oftentimes,  reporters,  investigators,  and  other  outside observers are  not allowed in. Despite these secrecy requirements, some family members have come forward to place complaints that their loved ones got worse or died shortly upon returning home,  often after being told they were cured. Families have also told tragic stories of  their loved one whose cancer was detected early enough to be treated effectively,  but instead sought care in these border clinics.

   By the time many of these people learned their cancer had progressed during alternative treatment,  it was too late  for conventional treatment that could have cured them. However, in past events  for people like other cases,  for instance,  Steve Jobs whom seek every avenue conventionally, some estimates state alternative medicine kept him alive longer than the norm with his type of  cancer.

This is a must read to spell out the truth and the road to healing and curing not being hoodwinked. The following letter was inspired by the tragic death of Steve Jobs to cancer. The war on conventional cancer treatments is a failure.  This  letter  explains  the  reasons why this is so.  It also explains why the incidence of cancer is far greater today than at any time in human history, and tells what must be done if the war on cancer is truly to be won, including what factors—too often ignored by conventional oncologists—must be addressed       Thanks Sharika M.

   Given Steve Jobs condition:  being late stage  when he started seeking alternative treatment. Most people are overwhelmed do I seek treatment     in Mexico, Germany and is the grass any greener. Once I raise the money    to go there given most insurance policies won’t cover the cost.  Therefore,      a rises my interest in the State of Arizona and the various treatments that can be  found there.    Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine       

   When in ARIZONA:  one should always be made aware  the majesty in Sedona. The four best known Sedona spiritual vortexes are Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon. Each of the vortexes are   well- documented and publicized. In 1980, a local Sedona medium named Page Bryant acknowledged  and named some of  these vortexes,  causing   them to gain in popularity as places  for spiritual awakening. When you start to research  what  Arizona  has to offer  –  don’t  forget  to  GOOGLE Arizona Cancer Clinic and the various alternative clinics sprouting up in that state before it’s to late.    Thanks  Star Stepping!!!   :)

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Standard Protocol

   In our Facebook group of  over 2100 members in 2014 we had an      amazing year building  from scratch.  Some of  the experiences were    horrible while others honorable and positive.  The group has grown               to something short of amazing within itself.

   Having  learned a lot in a short time many beat cancer removing              fear, doubt while staying positive. With Gerson Therapy and also the Budwig Protocols and their modified version becoming a silver bullet            as well  (never self  medicate when it comes to cannabis oil.)  Do your research and  find a cannabis care giver in a legal state with a proven    track record.  It’s important remember to detox during cannabis oil?

    With  juicing between  40  to  6o ounces @ day remaining popular             and helps a pH Balance alkaline state. Baking soda and molasses may         be over rated.  Some of  the more popular supplements one should also research  are  Aloe Vera JuiceEssiac Tea,  TurmericBentonite Clay, Modified  Citrus  Pectin,   Beta GlucansHemp Seed Hearts,  CanGest,       Black Seed OilDiatomaceous EarthSelenium/Chromium and Silica.         add  Apricot Seeds/Maca Root!  With the proceeding 40 blogs equally important          you will learn more about these supplements and more by scrolling  forward….

  With differences in supplement brands…. its important to research         them while  avoiding certain  fillers  like  magnesium stearate.  While     some people think supplements are important. Others believe its more important to reprogram  your mind  to eat anti cancer  fighting  foods.        We must know why we get sick  and this leads to ever lasting healing?            SO “If ”  You  Think  it will  and  it  probably  will  happen  to  you don’t        get interwoven it bad thought!!!            S U P E R ~ F O O D S !!!

   TO UNDERSTAND THIS IS TO UNDERSTAND ENERGY BODY FLOW:        Let me explain the science, and then I’ll get back to you in plain English.    The Krebs cycle  is  a  sequence of  chemical reactions  that  continues  to oxidize the glucose  that was initiated during glycolysis.  Remember the  acA?  It enters the Krebs cycle,  is broken down in to carbon dioxide and hydrogen,  “poof”  two  more ATP molecules are  formed. Beta oxidative, electron transport system, energy systems, oxidative, glycolytic.

   Here  is  the  problem:  the hydrogen produced in the Kreb’s cycle and   during glycolysis causes the muscle to become too acidic if  not tended to.    To alleviate this, hydrogen combines with the enzymes NAD and FAD and    is sent to the electron transport chain.  Through more chemical reactions     in the electron transport chain, hydrogen combines with oxygen, water is produced, and acidity is prevented. Notice this takes time due to the need    of oxygen,  which is why the oxidative energy takes a while and intensity     of  effort declines (i.e., all-out sprinting becomes slow jogging/walking).

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Alternative Thinker

What Really Causes Cancer?

Did you know it is not necessary to kill cancer cells because cancer cells can be reverted into healthy cells?  You probably think  this is impossible because cancer is caused by DNA damage.  Nope. DNA damage cannot occur until after the cell is already cancerous. When you consider That a 90% cure rate treatments,  for example,  can target cancer cells (to kill them or revert them into normal cells)  and thereby,  they can be given in very high doses because they do no harm to healthy cells even in high doses. Chemotherapy and radiation must be given in very low doses. Because they do not target cancer cells and thus they kill and damage many healthy cells. This could be reason why orthodox medicine (which uses chemotherapy) only has a 3% overall cure rate.


Let us start with three facts about cancer you have probably never heard before:

  1. Cancer cells can be reverted into normal cells (more than 20 treatments which do this are described on this website),
  2. Depending on the treatment that is chosen, 5-year survival rates (i.e. “cure rates”) for the same kind of cancer can range from 3% to 90% (almost all patients use the 3% cure rate treatments because they don’t know about the 90% cure rate treatments),
  3. Inexpensive, safe and gentle cancer treatments (with 90% cure rates) have existed     for decades, but very, very few people know these treatments even exist. Finding a   play list can be very beneficial !

Oncology Cure Rates

If you studied the charts,  the 5-year cure rate in America is 2.1%.  In other words,             five years after diagnosis,  97.9% of the cancer patients treated with traditional cancer treatments, meaning those who trust the media and pharmaceutical industry, are dead.

So what are the cancer treatments with 90% cure rates that the media is hiding? I will give you one quick example.

The late Dr. William D. Kelley, a dentist turned cancer researcher, treated over 33,000 cancer patients. Among those who went to him first, his 5-year cure rate was 90%.

Why hasn’t the media glorified Dr. Kelley? The reason is that Dr. Kelley used products that cannot be patented.

What did Dr. Kelley use?   He used treatments designed by God.  God doesnt have        a PhD,  but God designed the DNA for every species of plant  and animal on this planet, including human DNA. By comparison, many scientists, who have lots and lots of PhDs, have studied DNA since 1953  and  they still don’t have a clue what 97% of human DNA     is used for.  Asking a scientist to design human DNA  from scratch would be like asking       a mouse to design a jet engine or like asking a horse to pass an advanced calculus exam.

God put cancer treatments into Mother Nature for freedom for His children. In other words, Dr. Kelley used natural products from Mother Nature. They are frequently called “natural cancer treatments” or “alternative cancer treatments” because they don’t involve highly profitable patented drugs. This is where the 90% cure rate cancer treatments come from.

A Key Question

It is important for me to answer this question: “Will everyone who uses natural cancer treatments have a 90% chance of surviving their cancer?”

The actual chance of survival will depend on several factors:

1) How many, what kind, and for how long, has the patient used orthodox cancer treatments,
2) How long has it been since their orthodox cancer treatments were completed,
3) What kind of cancer does the patient have?

In a nutshell, in what condition is the cancer patient when they begin their natural cancer treatment? The expected cure rate can range from 10% to 90% depending on their initial condition.  And it can become vast trying to find a list of supplements that work best for various cancer types?  With much confusion in the market place !!!

The 90% cure rate is based on newly diagnosed cancer patients who have not had any orthodox cancer treatments. Also expected cure rates can drop to as low as 10% for cancer patients who have had “significant orthodox cancer treatments.” While having lost a lot of time because they didn’t know about natural cancer treatments and they have a very nasty type of cancer, such as brain stem cancer.  In short,  the expected cure rate depends on the condition of the patient, at the time, they began the treatment and the type of cancer they have.

Another key factor to survival is picking the best natural cancer treatment for their situation from your heart through research.  That is what this website is all about  :)

Global  and  personal approaches to cancer prevention and treatment,  based on the    known science, discussed by Laura Rozek, Ph.D., assistant professor of environmental health sciences at University of Michigan School of Public Health.  She’s a specialist in population based-studies focusing on the epigenetic,  environmental  and  genetic risk factors that contribute to the development of human cancer.

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Collective Spirit

    WHY NAME A WEBSITE SOLITARIUS.ORG IS WHAT I HEAR OFTEN.     The reason is my father played the card game Solitaire often and keeping him at peace during his time of terminal illness. Watching this…. I always thought…. wouldn’t it be awesome to have a website where you could play through the hand and end up with the four aces (Answers to Cancer.) Also what  Solitarius  means to me …. is a one man’s mission…. to group all the information  and  people together providing  a support group  for those in need.  With some experts being lead to believe cancer originates  from the Solitary Nucleus in your brain…. where human functioning forms…. it is relevant information 

Doctors are very vague on this question because if they told you ( assuming they knew ) you would never accept their treatments which rather than deal with cause actually make it a lot worse.
There are only two reasons you have cancer and they boil down to
1. You have been poisoned.
2. You are deficient in the nutrition required by the body to fight back….
That’s it, not very complicated. As a result of the above two things you have become acidic and low in oxygen and your immune system has become compromised by being over worked ( toxins ) and under armed ( nutrients )
So to address cause you need to help your body remove toxins and give it all the nutrients it requires. All natural protocols seek to do this although some also use things to directly kill cancer such as Black Salve, Frankincense etc.
Stress plays a part because it both reduces the bodies ability to absorb nutrition and literally poisons the body with negative energies.
So hope that helps some people to make it as simple as possible because Doctors like to make it as complicated as possible as that way you need to rely on them. ~ Ethan Leeds ~

    When I began this odyssey of the mind in 2006 little did I know what I would learn. Starting out with the Hope  from a  prayer with a challenge to    meet  reach a goal.  That being…. building a centralized database of cancer research and the group page of cancer patient support.  Neither was simple while neither was impossible either.  Within the last six months through its trails  and the tribulations the Facebook group having grown to over 2000 members and continues to trend in  a  positive manner determining simple ways to prevent cancer. 

   While cancer research can be extremely perplexing sometimes confusing. What this group does so well…. through their own experiences is to help one another share information and links to website generously. The information on the internet can be baffling  with  arguments  both  ways  for and against. For instance some might say the Alkaline/Acidosis  Chart really isn’t all that important. While cancer survivors will tell you what you should/ shouldn’t consume when you have cancer.

Balance, Build and Strengthen Your Body… It Is Important To Keep Our Body’s pH Alkaline.

Scientific Study Has Proven If Our pH Is Overly Acidic, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, And Even Cancer Cells Can Grow Faster.

Synergy’s Liquid Chlorophyll has powerful alkaline properties that help raise your body’s pH balance.  While  the 1915 Nobel Prize in Chemistry  was awarded to  German chemist,  Richard Willstatter,  for  his  studies  on Chlorophyll.

Keep your body alkaline and promote good health with Synergy’s Liquid Chlorophyll. Just two teaspoons of Liquid Chlorophyll is equal to over two pounds of green leafy vegetables  (in its ability to help aide the body’s pH balance to remain neutral)….

   One of  the main attributes along with all the hardship “grumbling that goes along with a group effort.” I get to talk one on one with members with diverse background inbox on Facebook.  With a recent conversation with a Cancer Coach  from  NYC Elyn Jacobswith our talked centered around the perfect attitude to heal, while considering the emotional aspect. Healing the conflict in your life first with what I feel should be deep breathing exercises, self guided meditation and energy work.

   With some members highly recommending Cellect Powder (with apricot kernels  and  the Budwig Protocol/ Modified Citrus Pectin.  While including green vegetable juicing…. we discuss the importance of chlorophyll and the most affordable juicers you may want to buy for your money. Occasionally we step out in the realm of controversy.  And Talk about  Cannabis Oil  and how it works for those that do the research and Protandim being as equally as controversial.

     Lately our chats having being centered around supplements and herbs that may be best for you. The members of our group have been a blessing in disguise for me with input into my mission  and I would like to  Thank  each and everyone that contributes information  to the threads of our group.  As we determine the different aspects of healing …. for instance:  is exercise a viable options that provides energy and the many aspects we talk about on   a daily basis.

Teal Swan has many videos that can be of benefit to many. In this video she describes the use of visualizations and certain emotional feelings that when done can change you.  If you set aside a little “therapy time” each day and practice feeling and visualizing certain things that you want to feel,  to replace unwanted emotions,  it will work.  This is true for abilities as well. You can bring them out thru seeing, feeling,  and visualizing them.  You need to be like a pit-bull wit…h these practices. See and visualize how you would like to be, especially as you are going to sleep,  when you wake up during the night,  and right before you get up in the morning. It will work, but you need to work at this, know in your heart that it is true. See it, feel it, and visualize yourself as such. This works on just about anything. What your mind and heart can see and feel, and what it also knows and believes.  It has no choice but to achieve.  Know this as it is true.  Use your mind  and  your own heart to your advantage. Make them work for you,  but you have to burn this image into your mind and that feeling into your heart for it to work.  As I try to give you all the tools that you need to help out in many ways, but ultimately it is you that will bring about your own success of lack there of. You are the one that makes things happen. Don’t wait for a miracle to happen because you are the living embodiment of that miracle already. As You also have the ability to make the changes you want to see and experience. “Be” the change that you want to see in the world.
Audie Herron

Here are 5 ways to detox and clean out your system this weekend so you can get back on track:

1. Drink plenty of… water…especially between meals. This will help flush your system and help the detoxification process progress.
2. Exercise more. Move throughout the day and schedule some intense workouts over the next few days to help metabolize excess calories and try to prevent them from taking up residence in your fat cells.
3. Eat as clean as possible. Plenty of fresh, raw veggies and fruits, cooked veggies, legumes, and whole grains so the fiber can help expedite travel throughout your digestive tract and help get rid of any toxins from the less-than-idea foods you may have indulged in.
4. Don’t be hard on yourself and enjoy the fun of the festivities. Stressing out is counterproductive and won’t help your body. This is the time of year built in for indulgences, so be kind and loving to yourself.
5. Avoid the “well, I already ruined my eating, I may as well keep eating junk food” mentality. One meal is one meal. Don’t turn it into a week or a month throughout the holidays as that will promote bad habits that you will need to work harder to ameliorate in the long run.

—>Tips for A Healthy Holiday Season:
—>Hydrating Properly:
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—>Move More:
—>Vegetarian Times‘ Weekend Detox:
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—>Reluctantly Healthy Green Smoothie that fires up your metabolism:

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My Forty Year Lung Cancer Journey

Within our Facebook group page we have many cancer survivors that are equally impressive.  However,  Carl O. Helvie’s  Journey with lung cancer makes him one of the longest lived  in the United States.  I  would  like  to Thank… Carl for his contribution to  and  also  say  you  can  also contact him on Facebook or listen to him through his radio talk show.

Carl states in this blog that he wrote, “It doesn’t seem possible that it has been 40 years.” Since I started my cancer journey…. that strengthened my love for/ faith in GOD  and all others  in my life.  In July of 1974,  I awoke from a dream that told me to go for a chest x-ray. I did not find this unusual because GOD has often spoken with me through dreams.

    So I made an appointment with my doctor for an x-ray referral as required by my insurance and when asked “why I wanted to do an x-ray.” I only told the doctor that I did.  Knowing he would not understand what “devine intervention”  through dreams was.   When the radiologist found a spot on my lung that had not been there previously.
   My doctor schedule a biopsy that came back positive for lung cancer. Then the surgeon and also my primary doctor visited me and told me, “you  need  immediate  surgery  and chemotherapy Carl.” I then asked for the pros and cons of their therapy and told them I would go home and pray for my situation.
   Through power of prayer: I knew I would make a rational decision about what I should do. The doctor told me without their therapies I would be dead in six months. As I reinforced it was my own decision about the type of care I would receive. They re-emphasized that you would be dead in six months with a sense of urgency obtaining their treatment.
    After talking with my doctor and surgeon, I met with a friend Ursula. Whom was in my “Search for GOD Group. As we  agreed to pray for guidance while watching for dreams for answers. Ursula then gave me the name of a doctor 100 miles away who used Alternative Treatments for cancer and several names of his former patients to talk too.
    In addition, she suggested having a reading with a psychic she considered one of the best in the country. Because I had nothing to lose and everything to gain…. so I agreed.        I decided against surgery based upon my dreams, the psychic reading and consultation with the alternative physician who had previously carried out successful treatments and research with vitamin B17 (Laetrile) at The National Cancer Institute.
     Until the Drug Companies and FDA closed the group down. He then continued providing treatment “under the table” in his office.   AS I was asked to sign a statement that I would NOT report him. Unfortunately, within a few years this brave doctor was called before the medical board who took his license to practice medicine. While Dr. R prescribed 2,000 mg of Laetrile and up to 25 apricot kernels daily.
   Currently, Dr. Contreras recommends 3,000 mg of Laetrile daily for the first 21 days.     As many don’t believe the kernels today are as effective because of soil depletion. Many also prefer IV Laetrile initially because it can be made more potent. While some people will try and discourage Laetrile saying, “it will ill you or send you to the emergency unit because it contains cyanide.

       What they fail to add is and the cyanide in Laetrile requires enzymes to activate it and that cancer cells have enzymes that normal cells DO NOT,  and that’s significant in killing cancer cells. While pancreatic enzymes are required to soften the cancer cells surface and make the laetrile more effective.  Many consuming a Standard American  (SAD)  Diet  are deficient in pancreatic enzymes.  Zinc was also important to carry the laetrile into the cancer site.

   Other vitamins, minerals and supplements were prescribed and one was especially interesting. Because in the past six months I have read research that confirmed what my doctor told me 40 years ago. Dr. R prescribed therapeutic doses of vitamin A starting at 300,000 iu daily followed by 100,000 iu and then 50,000 for 1 year. As readers know the recommended dose of this fat soluble vitamin is 5,000 iu daily.
   It there is excess of this fat soluble vitamin it can be stored in body fat, unlike water soluble vitamins that are excreted. This concern me but Dr. R told me he would give  me a high dose vitamin E (another fat soluble vitamin) that can deal with the toxicity. And I had NO side effects. His rationale for this part of the treatment was that the therapeutic doses of vitamin A would prevent normal cells from converting to cancer cells.
    And you guessed it right. Within the last six months…. I reviewed research where scientist put Vitamin A in pancreatic cancer cells, normal cells and pre-cancerous cells.         In this research, Vitamin A had no effect in cancer or normal cells; but reverted pre-cancerous cells to normal cells. This reinforced what my doctor told me 40 years ago.
    Dr. R also prescribed a diet that was similar to a current vegan diet that included 75% percent fruit and vegetables with some cooked ones, grains and nuts. With no animal protein, including cheese, milk, meat, fish or peanuts and simple carbohydrates. AS a nurse with education and experience in public health.  I  had  learned  that  there  are  multiple factors in disease and health… rather than a cause and effect relationship.
   So  it seemed to me there should be multiple intervention for an effective outcome. Thereby, I added a variety of spiritual and also mental interventions to the physical interventions prescribed by my alternative doctor. The interventions including prayer,  meditation,  visualization,  affirmation,  serving others,  practicing patience, faith and other spiritual attributes.
    My alternative physician did not ask me to return… so I went to my primary doctor for follow up. Every three months I went for x-rays to measure my progress. However, never did tell him about my treatments. He thought we were in a wait and see mode. After two years the spot was gone and he said he guessed he made the wrong diagnosis.
    However, my friend who was Professor of Medicine at Duke University when I was previously in faculty there. When he asked for and reviewed the lab, x-rays and other tests that I provided and concluded that it had definitely been lung cancer. Though out the years I have continued to follow a regime similar to what I followed during that period and there has been “NO Recurrences” over the past 38 years.
   In addition at age 82, I have no known chronic illnesses or prescribe medications  (the average  for  a  75 year old is        3 chronic illnesses and 5 prescribed medication.) Until recently when I was diagnosed with a heart condition that I am treating holistically and naturally.   I still look to GOD,  including angels and naturopathic doctors with alternative treatments for answers.
   I also continue to believe spiritual and mental intervention are important in cancer and other health related treatments compared to physical intervention.  Also  I  have  recently  been approved for a 501c Tax Exemption  to  establish  the Carl O Helvie Holistic Cancer Foundation. Where we plan to focus on education, research and service for those wishing holistic cancer treatment.

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Healthy on a Budget

   In todays fast paced world and skyrocketing cancer rates be caused           by a combination of  high stress  and  anxiety,  eating on the run while  working long hours.  For  some  maybe  not  yet,  for others  it leads  to adrenal  fatigue. Which is a condition when the body’s adrenal glands become over worked.  While impacting everything  from your energy            to mood swings and alertness.  Navarro Medical Clinical Test for Cancer!

    As you get caught  in this life style  and  start  worrying and searching                the plethora of  supplements your life becomes even more complicated.      The adrenals  can  put  extra stress  on  the immune system to  function properly. This  can  complicate  the immune system’s response to  fight  everyday stressors:  allergens,  bacteria,  toxins  and  viruses that will typically stimulate an immune response.

    Many  of  the  most  important  immune  tonics  are  adaptogenic             (they help the body adapt  to  the  many  physical  and  psychological barriers, stressors and changes that occur over time. In the practical             sense, they have an effect of  either stimulating or inhibiting immune responses according to what the body needs.

   In this regard, the very action of immune modulations is amazing.            For example:  when exposed  to inflammatory mediators  such as the allergens from food or pollen. The body can initiate an inflammatory response to deal with the allergen, thereby, adaptogens can also help   facilitate  the removal of  this  allergen  while  initiating an extremely        anti inflammatory response.

    In those cases of  the exposure to viruses and bacteria, the body               can respond with a rapid deployment of the immune cells to kill off                or incapacitate these pathogens.  Immune modulators can increase              the body’s own ability to effectively respond to the pathogen. Many    immune modulators  also  enhance  what  is  called,  “host immune surveillance.” 

    This is part of  the immune system patrolling the body looking  for   potential pathogens as well as abnormal cells, such as cancerous cells. When host immunity is robust,  the body  is  more adept at responding       to both pathogens  and  potentially abberant cells.  Thereby,  immune  modulators have a beneficial role to play in both maintaining extreme    good health and promoting longevity.

  Furthermore, as we take a look at the importance of strong immune systems to counter the stressors.  We must also  first take a look at the immune modulators that are in the market ~ that are most affective at         an affordable price. That reduces the risk of the life threatening nature         of cancer.

This is my Top Twenty Holy Grail of  Cancer Fighters:

1. Green Vege Juicing  2. Aloe Vera Juice  3. Astragalus  4. Milk Thistle           5. Mushroom Complex (Beta Glucans)   6. Chlorella or Wheatgrass  7. IP6    8.  Selenium  &  Silica   9.  Powdered Zeolite  10.  Essiac Tea   11.  Beet Root   12.  Modified Citrus Pectin   13.  Vitamin D3   14.  Probiotics  (Sauerkraut)    15. Turmeric /Curcumin 16. Freeze Dried Black Raspberry   17. Himalayan Salt   18.  Liposomal Vitamin C  19. Unsulphured Molasses  &  Baking Soda and  20.  Burdock,  Red Clover and Black Cumin Seed Oil       :)

Research these supplements yourself from the heart I can’t tell you !?!

Also from my Good Friend Angel Howerton had this statement:

Seems every week someone ask. 

“Angel What Can I Do, I Have No Money”

Or there Telling Me “I can’t get supplements in my country”

 I first share with them my 12-step program to Optimal Health
  ❤️  “9 Of My Steps Are Totally FREE”
The Herbal Dozen:
Herb Supplements, Spices, Grow your own Herbs, & Food
Herbs: Burdock, Red Clover, Oregano, Thyme, Basel, Rosemary, Dandelion, Black Walnut, Milk Thistle, Slippery Elm, Turmeric, Pau De’ Arco, Cats Claw
Spices: Garlic, Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Rosemary, Clove, Cinnamon, Cayenne, Sage, Onion, Parsley, Cilantro
Grow Your Own Herbs: Aloe, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Sage, Dandelion, Chamomile, Lavender, Chives, Lemongrass, Peppermint
Foods: Garlic, Onions, Cilantro, Sauerkraut, Kale, Beets, Spinach, Berries, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Grow your Own Wheat Grass,
 Grow your own Sprouts

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