The Changing Season:

In oncology, the Warburg effect is the observation that most cancer cells predominantly produce energy  by  a  high rate of glycolysis  followed  by  lactic acid fermentation in the cytosol,  rather  than  by  a comparatively low rate of glycolysis  followed by oxidation  of pyruvate in the mitochondria as in most normal cells.  The latter process is aerobic (uses oxygen). Malignant, rapidly growing tumor cells typically have glycolytic rates up to 200 times higher than those of their normal tissues of origin; this may occur even if oxygen is plentiful.

Otto Warburg postulated this change in metabolism the fundamental cause of cancer, a claim now known as the Warburg hypothesis. Today, mutations in oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes are thought to be responsible for malignant transformation, and the Warburg effect is considered to be a result of these mutations rather than a cause.

   The Warburg effect  may  simply  be  a consequence of damage to the mitochondria in cancer, or an adaptation to low-oxygen environments within tumors, or a result of cancer genes shutting down  the mitochondria.  Because they are involved in the cell’s apoptosis program which would otherwise kill cancerous cells.  It  may  also  be an effect associated with cell proliferation.  Since glycolysis provides  most  of the building blocks required for cell proliferation, cancer cells (and normal proliferating cells) have been proposed to need to activate glycolysis, despite the presence of oxygen, to proliferate.

Evidence attributes some of the high aerobic glycolytic rates to an overexpressed form      of mitochondrially  bound hexokinase  responsible for driving the high glycolytic activity.  In kidney cancer,  this effect could be due to the presence of mutations in the Von Hippel–Lindau tumor suppressor gene upregulating glycolytic enzymes, including the M2 splice isoform of pyruvate kinase.]

In March 2008, Lewis C. Cantley and colleagues announced that the tumor M2-PK, a form of the pyruvate kinaseenzyme, gives rise to the Warburg effect. Tumor M2-PK is produced in all rapidly dividing cells, and is responsible for enabling cancer cells to consume glucose at an accelerated rate;  on  forcing  the  cells to switch to pyruvate kinase’s alternative form by inhibiting the production of tumor M2-PK,  their  growth  was  curbed.  The researchers acknowledged  the  fact  that  the exact chemistry of glucose metabolism  was likely to vary across different forms of cancer.  However,  PKM2 was identified  in  all of the cancer cells they had tested.  This enzyme form  is  not  usually  found  in  healthy tissue,  though  it  is apparently necessary when cells need to multiply quickly, e.g. in the healing of wounds or hematopoiesis.

I highly recommend a visit to the Millersburg – Berlin/ Charm area in OHIO.  With  the rolling hills and  breath taking scene vista this  would be a perfect location for a sleigh ride. This past weekend I drove over from my home in Western Ohio …. to witness a Facebook friends fathers miraculous recovery from chemotherapy to visit with the Amish Healer Jacob.

  Since their settlement in the early 1800s …. the Amish have contributed to an unique economy. And in Jacobs 76 years he has witness a community change from 90% farming to a modern change of less than 10 percent today. With it he is witnessing greater illness and rising cancer rates from 40% of that of the rest of the State of OHIO.
   Todays Amish Life is based upon construction crews, shops and stores and other diversity that keeps Amish Life close to home. Also sustaining Amish Life is becoming more of challenge in America when the Big Plan in Government is to allow family values to wither behind. With increase pressures and stress nobody knows what the future holds.
To some is dysfunction in family life: for the Amish its puzzling they, have not only, survive, but also thrive through the malaise   of the rest of the United State Economy. Through strong family, they still eat together at one table and the fact that Amish populations double every 20 years with on average seven children.
   However, as the market forces people to change what they believe in. And as the interact with the tempting culture of modern life (both good and bad aspect.) With fast food joints showing up in their culture I believe you will soon see a spike in the cancer rates of the Amish Life style and communities.
    So this past weekend I came to Holmes County … to shake hands with a Facebook       friend Lynsi’s father John and wife Joyce and a cousin Kathleen (whom being a 8 year glioblastoma mutliforme survivor of the brain …it made for an incredible day. Also for John being treated at The Family Health Center @ Cleveland Clinic in Wooster he has made a remarkable recovery through lifestyle change.
    With the initiative of this trip to visit with “Jacob the Amish Healer”  getting a different outlook on how cancer might be address. My first question being … what herbs would you suggest for cancer. To my surprised his reaction was cancer is about more than just herbs …. one must understand the work of Warburg, John Beard and William Kelley he stated :)
    As we sit their in his cellular office we sit and talked about his view of Warburg and his theory of Oxygen respiration, carbon dioxide being expelled that create energy for cells. And when one doesn’t get the oxygen through vigorous activity how carbon dioxide can create lactic acid in the body. Which creates less trypsin enzymes and becomes the perfect breeding ground for cancer.
   Hypercarbia or hypercapnia is the condition that occurs when carbon dioxide is retained in the lungs. As carbon dioxide accumulates in the lungs, it does not allow for the effective exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen. As a result, carbon dioxide accumulates in the bloodstream. If the problem is not corrected, the blood eventually becomes acidic, a condition known as respiratory acidosis. The acidity causes oxygen molecules to drop out of the bloodstream too quickly. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, this combination of high carbon dioxide levels and low oxygen levels creates a harsh body environment and places stress on the cells, tissues and organs. ~Stress can trip up trypsin – along with a faulty diet. ~
    Jacob also told all one has to do is think back to 1902, when Dr. John Beard theorized that malignant cells are false placentas and that substances secreted by the pancreas would inhibit their growth of cancer before they develop. With increase carbon dioxide in the blood this critical enzyme becomes missing in most cancer patients.
   What Beard proved way back then was correcting this critical enzymatic activity was    key to curing 100% of all cancers.   Also  that  in  1906,  what Dr. Beard claimed was that pancreatic proteolytic enzymes represents the body’s main defense  against  cancer.  He      also stated these pancreatic enzymes … travel to a tumor and will only digest the cancer itself. In a sense not harming the host (the person’s body) in which the cancer represents itself.
   What Dr. Beard explained  back then was that the secret to how enzymes work is distinguishing between the good healthy cells and the bad cancerous “tumor cells.” What trypsin can do … is breakdown the right handed protein cancerous cells while living the left handed protein healthy living cells intact.
  Therefore, the tumor creates a tumor made up of enzymes called malignins which is a mirror image of trypsin. Trypsin will only digest  the protein of the tumor and what Beard believed back in the early 1900s… was that it had to be injected  to prevent destruction by the hydrochloric acid in our stomach lining. However, recent evidence demonstrates that orally ingested enzymes are acid stable.
   Thereby, stays intact into the small intestine and being readily absorbed  through the intestinal mucosa into the blood stream as part of the enterpancreatic recycling process.  Also in 1963, a dentist William Kelley … was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (which is almost always deadly).  Kelley rediscovered the connection between pancreatic enzymes and cancer remission.
    What Kelley recommends is high amounts of pancreatic enzymes (45,000mg orally). This formula includes starch based enzymes,  which Kelley also states is important. The formula Kelley stands behind cost roughly $2,000 monthly. Unfortunately. the larger the mass –which quickly dissolves from oral induced — enzyme therapy.
   The harder it is for the liver/ kidney to rid the body of these toxins.  As a result,  many cancer patients taking enzymes die  from  toxemia …. as the tumor is digested. Various methods for detoxing the liver are known, with the coffee enema being preferred.     Toxemia is the primary reason to have malignant tumors removed surgically.
Other Research to Consider:
   The University of Michigan has recently proclaimed that current chemotherapy targets the wrong cells. This Ann Harbor research study discovered that not all cancerous cells in a tumor are equally malignant. Only a tiny minority of tumor cells are actually capable of inducing new cancers and that the rest are relatively harmless.
   “These tumor-inducing cells have many of the properties of stem cells,” said Michael F. Clarke, MD., a professor of internal medicine, whom also directed the study. They make copies of themselves — a process called cell self — renewal – and produce all the other  kinds of cells in the original tumor.”
     The laetrile clinics in Mexico claim they have a “100%” cure rate for cancer.  And they      do a post disclaimer stating, “that 100% cure rate applies only if the patient has not under gone  “chemotherapy”  or  “radiation”  and only in those patients that take the pancreatic enzymes.
    Another important discovery is that trypsin’s digestive enzyme action is activated by the high pH (alkaline) environment in the small intestine. This finding may help explain the effectiveness of the increasingly popular high-pH cesium treatment for cancer.  There are theoretical reasons and experimental findings suggesting.
   Fast growing cancers can be completely resolved by using 6 grams cesium chloride salt for 30- days. Keith Brewer Ph.D. mentions that by raising pH of the cancer cell to 8.0 (highly aklaine). A pH required to activate trypsins digestive enzyme activity works much like enzymes but a far less expensive approach.
    While it is unknown whether or not the cesium protocol works in complete absence of trypsin in the blood. It is logical to assume that less pancreatic enzymes would be required in conjunction with cesium treatment for cancer. Perhaps 4,500 mg of pancreatic enzymes with trypsin would suffice … along with 6,000 mg of cesium chloride daily, rather than the 45,000 mg that Kelley and Gonzalez recommends. With Experimental science will someday provide the answer.
    Another intriguing possibility: if heavy metal mercury building up in the pancreas was the root cause of the enzyme secretion problem. Large amounts of vitamin C might cure a cancer (cause remission) by ridding the pancreas of mercury. Also if CoQ10 deficiency was the reason the pancreas was malfunctioning. Then supplementing CoQ10 may restart the production of trypsin, et cetera. Beards theory shows why some treatments work for some not others !!!!
   There are sound reason to add 400mg of highly absorbable CoQ10 to any cancer protocol. This dosage has initiated complete tumor regression in breast cancer patients — during clinical studies. Since the pancreas has a high concentration of CoQ10, it may be that restoring CoQ10 levels improves pancreas function.
The Basic Recommendation for Controlling Cancer is:
     1. Have surgery to remove as much of the tumor mass as possible.
     3. Purchase pancreatic enzymes (The Dr. Max Wolf oncologic formula Wobenzyme.)
       The formula must contain both trypsin and chymotrypsin. Start with 400 mg daily and
       slowly increase until effective !!
     4. Follow the Brewer Cesium Protocol (including laetrile — apricot seeds for 30 days.
       One seed for 10 pounds of body weight.
     5. Add a good mineral / multi-vitamin to cover all possible nutritional needs.
     6. Supplement vitamin D and vitamin K (both have shown anti- cancer properties.
     7. Avoid refined carbohydrates especially sugar that feeds cancer.

     8. Avoid supplemental calcium (calcium can spread cancer)

       Take supplemental magnesium/potassium if needed.
     9. Eat protein every other day to rest the pancreas.
    10.  Eat Vegetables and fruit (berries). Avoid grains which include gluten.
 ****  Other orthomolecular substance include:
                                 – ginger  – lycopene   – alpha lipoic acid
       If these substances are effective they will restore pancreatic function…
             or help inhibit the growth of the tumor and spread of cancer !!!!!!

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The Art of The Win

 “”YOUR MIND Is VERY POWERFUL “” WINNING is about Self  Regulating!!!””
Although five functions play a vital role, we can …. without hesitation state that           how you think and feel overrides the other four.

When we see the many centenarians who had less than favorable diets, smoked and    drank until they were well over 100, we are reminded that our perspective on life and  what we feel overrides any other external element.

    We have all heard of Ronda Rousey,  pound  for  pound the best  fighter in the world. Beloved and the ultimate underdog — with the toughness, heart and epic back story that has turned her into a symbol of strength. After a traumatic birth deprived her of oxygen and caused brain damage. She also suffered from a speech impediment so severe …. she could not form a coherent sentence until she was 6 years old.

Until  this  past  Saturday:  all  Ronda ever did was win ~ win ~ win.   In this fight with     Holly Holm, a 34 year old from Albuquerque, New Mexico, not only, beat Ronda, but also, delivered several blows to her head  in  TKO fashion.  As Holly jumped …. around the ring Rousey laid on the canvas … amid the roar of a stunned crowd.  Ronda was transported to the hospital to receive treatment for a concussion and facial cuts. With Ronda’s heart I am sure she will bounce back like she always has!!!

  But she fought through that Hell and develop an instinct to survive. That kind of grit comes from her mother. Ann Maria De Mars, a world judo champion turned psychology professor. As an adult at one point she was at one point so broke she slept in her car. Picking herself up to win bronze in Judo in The Beijing Olympics in 2008. While becoming one of the highest – paid fighters in sports.
   Ronda has the tenacity and will to win that comes from the heart. Ronda wants her     name mentioned along side Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson, And doesn’t want the word  woman to be in front of the word champion” I can see    how her physical strength is empowered by her mental strength because she fearlessly speaks her mind.
   This is the type of toughness it takes to win any fight, however this blog isn’t about Ronda Rousey. This blog post is about Metabolic Reactions and counter productive effect anabolic  (building up of tissue) and catabolic response (break down of tissue) which forms proper metabolism. Metabolism is regulated by the endocrine system (think hormones.)
   The endocrine gland operates like a well — managed ball team with each player a star     at their own position. It is comprised of the pancreas, pineal gland, thymus, thyroid, pituitary, hypothalamus, adrenals, testes and ovaries. These glands release an array of hormones, chemical messengers that deliver instructions to glands to perform various functions.
   Metabolic reactions include a vast number of bodily functions such as energy expenditure,  cellular repair,  mineral regulation,  reducing inflammation , digestion,  immune system,  reproduction and function of organs working in unison. The human body is magnificently designed to maintain balance between catabolic and anabolic metabolism.
   If this balance becomes unstable (such as from stress or disruptive sleep patterns), metabolic disturbance can occur. Our bodies have astonishing abilities to repair and regenerate. To tap into this power, the goal is to reduce the aging catabolic damage and restore the youthful anabolic repair!!!!!
   Optimum nutrition starts with eating four or five meals each day that supply our bodies with sufficient nutrients to maintain a balanced anabolic and catabolic metabolism. Each meal should consist of 30 percent protein; 50 percent high- fiber, low -glycemic carbohydrates and 20 percent fat.
  The macronutrients of protein, carbohydrates and good fat provide the cells with micronutrients vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. These micronutrients are essential for every facet of cellular metabolism. A popular theory of metabolic decline states that micronutrients deficiencies, through oxidation, damage the mitochondria in your cells.
  Mitochondria are a cells energy storehouses, creating energy for metabolic reactions.      As this energy is also released, reactive oxygen  and  free radicals attempt to damage the mitochondria DNA. The human body has sophisticated defense mechanisms to minimize the damage If micronutrient deficiencies occur, these defense mechanisms diminish and catabolic metabolism increases.
    As we age: metabolic disturbances occur and anabolic —  catabolic balance can be nutritionally influenced. So what can one do nutritionally to keep your metabolism youthful.
   Step One:  Cycle calories through reduced calories through carbohydrates for a few days (by 250 – 500 under metabolic expenditure.)   The theory here is when carbohydrates are depleted for a few days this triggers fatty acids in fat cells to be released into the blood and then converted into energy for muscles. Unfortunately, this depletes glycogen (glucose and water) in the muscle. If the glycogen isn’t replenished , it will cause loss of muscle tissue and shift metabolism catabolically.  This is why you add carbs back on the third day!!!
   Step Two: Eat slowly….  digestion begins in the mouth, continues in the stomach and     is completed in the intestinal tract. Eating slowly and chewing slowly allows protein to be metabolized into amino acids, carbohydrates into glucose and fats into fatty acids. While stomach acids and both pancreatic and intestinal enzymes complete this process. Once the nutrients are small enough to pass through intestinal walls. A series of hormonal responses starts the anabolic process which delivers nourishment to the cells.
   When nutrients from the digested food cant get into the blood stream and are compromised with impacted fecal matter and mucus. The metabolism swings catabolically because of poor intestinal health. A nutritional lifestyle, where the foundation is built on whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables that provides adequate amounts (30-40 grams) of both soluble and insoluble fiber.
   Insoluble fiber is vital in formation of stools and lessens the time it takes for waste to be eliminated from our digestive system. Insoluble fiber prevent build up of mucus and fecal material on intestinal walls. Which can lead to poor absorption of nutrients into the body and can lead to deficiencies such as anemia and brittle bones.
   Step Three: One of the most misunderstood factors in our metabolism is the state of our blood sugar. Normal blood sugar levels should be in the range of 70 – 110 mg/dl, with ideal levels being around 90 mg/dl. Your blood sugar levels throughout the day are equally important, especially 1-3 hours after you eat. When blood levels raise after you eat the pancreas produces insulin, which goes into the blood to bring sugar down.  This is an anabolic process and when the blood sugar gradually declines, the pancreas produces glucagon. Which retrieves sugar back from the cells to reenter the blood which is a catabolic process.
   Maintaining this delicate balance of a slow rise and gradual decline is essential to the condition of your metabolism. Glycation occurs when the body has high levels of blood sugar. Some of this glucose binds to hemoglobin and this substance is called glycosylated hemoglobin. Which can disable the proteins, rendering them less capable of carrying out their many essential metabolic functions through out the body.
Sugar Feeds Cancer or does it?  Your lifestyle can affect how well your immune system can protect you from … Eating or drinking too much sugar curbs immune system cells that attack bacteria. Eating or drinking 100 grams (8 tbsp.) of sugar, the equivalent of two- and-a-half 12-ounce cans of soda, can reduce the ability of white blood cells to kill germs by 40 percent. The immune-suppressing effect of sugar starts less than thirty minutes after ingestion and may last for five hours. But your body needs some to help maintain the balance between catabolic and anabolic metabolism.
   Step Four: Boosting your immune system is all about decreasing the burden we put    on our immune system through keeping the body chemical burden light. So the immune system isn’t over loaded … trying to break down so many synthetic additives and other unnatural particles. Eating whole some foods with plenty of phytonutrients which helps aid the immune system by boosting cytokines and natural killer cell activity.
   Phytonutrients also contain a wealth of anti oxidants which helps neutralize free radicals before they can damage our tissues — displacing the need for an immune response.
   Step Five: Lowering stress increase immune function. Exercise is important, as muscle flex,  they pump lymphatic vessels which circulate T — cells and B — cells throughout our system. Another strategy is to increase probiotics and reduce antibiotics which wipe out the  “good” as well as the “bad” flora in our body’s natural antibiotic system. And include immune boosting botanicals — such as — garlic,  cayenne,  parsley,  turmeric,  astragalus, schisandra, ginger and medicinal mushrooms (chaga,  shittake,  reishi,  maitake  and  cordyceps.) et.. cetera>

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Cancer & Emotional Link



If the contention that emotions contribute to cancer formation is to gain acceptance outside the field  of  traditional Chinese medical practitioners,  finding  a  biological mechanism of action — could be measured in the short-term would be an important contribution. For example,  if during a period of emotional stress there also occurs a biochemical  or  physiological change that is understood to contribute to oncogenesis (cancer formation), then one could reasonably contend that emotions may be causing       or working with other factors to cause some cases of cancer.

The traditional Chinese medical view of cancer etiology holds that there are several possible contributing factors,  and that one of the principal causes is internal factors, namely emotions  (Also see:  Oriental perspectives on cancer  and its treatment,  and Emotions and health). For example, Sun Binyan writes in his book Cancer Treatment    and Prevention !!!

According to our understanding of the tumor patient, most have suppression of the emotions. They tend to hold in their anger. A…lthough some patients have good results after treatment,  emotional stimulation may cause them to decline again  and  then  the previous treatment would have been in vain.  Some people  have a severe phobia  about cancer. Before they know the real disease, they have a lot of suspicion. Once they know they have the cancer, their whole spirit breaks down. This kind of spiritual state is very  bad for the treatment.

One of the biological mysteries that has faced researchers in recent years is also the relationship of estrogen to breast cancer (see: Estrogen dependent tumors and herbs).  For years,  concerns have been raised  about  giving estrogen in hormone replacement therapy to women who were considered at risk for breast cancer due to familial history (genetic background). In fact, the familial history of breast cancer is a contraindication     to using hormone replacement therapy after menopause. Based on a variety of research findings,  it appeared as if estrogen,  whether produced by the body  or  given  as  a  pill,   might cause the cancer, which seems peculiar, in that it is a normal component of the body.

Recent findings shed light on how estrogen is involved in oncogenesis and provides a model for a possible role of emotions (this model is highly speculative at this time, and      is only used as an illustration). Estrogen is converted into different metabolites prior to elimination. There are two major metabolites-products of enzymes acting on estrogen-  one of which can get to the DNA and actually induce cancer, and another which may help prevent cancer   One might say that there are “good” and “bad” estrogen metabolites.   It   is a situation that is reminiscent of the “good” and “bad” cholesterol in relation to heart disease.  With cholesterol,  it  is  actually  the  carrier molecules  that are different:  high density lipoproteins (HDL) and low density lipoproteins (LDL). HDL helps to prevent heart disease, while LDL contributes to it, because they have differing roles in transport and deposition of the cholesterol.

Researchers have found that exercise, which is a normal healthy activity, increases the HDL and decreases the LDL, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. What if emotions, perhaps certain types of emotions  (anxiety,  depression)  stimulate the enzymes directing more of the estrogen to the  “bad”  type of metabolite,  rather than the  “good”  one?  This would result in increased cancer risk;  the  risk  would  be  substantially  increased  if  the estrogen levels  were  unusually high  (as  when  giving  hormone  replacement  therapy),    since there would be much more estrogen to be converted to the carcinogenic form.

Differences in metabolism of substances have been proposed as a basis for why some individuals develop cancer.  Also In the book How to Discover Cancer Through Self-Examination, an example is given:

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon is a very strong chemical carcinogen; but when it     enters the human body, it will only cause cancer when functioning in the cell through the transformation of polycyclic aromatic kinase.  If the content of kinase in the human body  is high, it is easy to engender cancer when in contact with the chemical substance; to the contrary, the probability of cancer incidence is lower if the content of kinase is low, even   if the person contacts the chemical.

Potential contributors to the level of enzymes (both those that transform chemicals into carcinogens and those that transform carcinogens into non-carcinogens)  include genetic background,  stimulation of the enzymes by other chemicals (e.g., alcohol and some other substances stimulate the liver to produce a large group of enzymes in substantial amount), nutritional status  (some enzymes are affected by trace elements  and  vitamins that act as coenzymes), tissue injury (liver damage may affect enzyme production), and other factors. It is possible that stress hormones released in response to emotional changes can affect the levels of enzymes.

Certainly, the levels of the estrogens themselves vary markedly among individuals. In a study of estriol, estrone, and estradiol at days 10-14 of the menstrual cycle in women with regular menstrual cycles,  it was found that estradiol levels were as – low – as  11-31 pg/ml (picograms per milliliter) in women with low levels but as high as 157-189 pg/ml in those with high levels (16). Since estradiol is currently considered a major hormonal contributor to breast cancer risk, this marked variation shows that the factors (as yet unidentified) that influence the hormone levels can have a substantial impact.

At this time, there is no direct evidence that emotions cause such a shift in estrogen metabolism that might lead to higher risk of cancers, such as breast cancer. But, there is no question that emotions can impact the physiological functions, and this model is just one example of how they might translate into a higher cancer risk that could be detected by a properly designed study.


The Chinese physicians who comment about the role of emotions in cancer formation point  to  the fact  that the internal viscera become weakened,  increasing the opportunity  for pathologies of all types, including cancer. Western research has already supported the idea that depression can impair immune system functions (perhaps indirectly, such as by repeatedly impairing a good night of sleep,  with sleep contributing to maintenance of the immune system). It has been shown that tumor-relevant lymphocyte subpopulations, such as natural killer cells  (NK cells; these can directly attack cancer cells),  have receptors for various neuropeptides, including those released during stress.

This finding indicates how NK cell activity could be modulated  by  a  person’s emotional responses.  The level of NK cell activity has been found  to be a reasonably good predictor  of  breast cancer outcome;  further, a portion of the loss of this activity in cancer patients  shown to correlate with psycho — social measures such as patient  adjustment”  (avoiding showing distress at the cancer diagnosis/treatment), lack of social support, and symptoms of fatigue/depression.

Along these lines, the immune system may regulate the activities of enzymes, such as aromatase,  that converts estrogens  to  estradiol in breast tissue.  Cytokine changes  (as  occur with infection and inflammation) have been observed in cases of major depression, and have been suggested to be a potential cause of depression.  In fact,  also  some  anti – depressant  drugs  are  tumor  necrosis  factor  (TNF)  inhibitors;  this  being  one  of  the cytokines that causes considerable adverse effects in cancer patients and those with life-threatening infections,  such as HIV.  It  is  also  possible  that  depression,  and  other emotional disorders, will affect the cytokines.

In  the  book  Why We Get Sick,  which is based  on  the premise that most of our body (and mental) functions have been determined by evolutionary factors, the author explains how a potentially helpful feeling (anxiety) can have harmful physiological effects:

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Jessica Langel


I am a 21 year old ovarian cancer survivor, who chose to heal via holistic methods despite the odds against me. In just seven short weeks,  my body transformed and the cancer was completely gone. My blog was created to share my journey as a source of inspiration for those who  feel lost  and defeated in the  face of a diagnosis.  However,      the content is not only for those fighting the battle,  however,   for anyone who desires      to improve their spiritual, mental, or physical health. Thank you for joining me on this beautiful journey through life!

   My  journey  began  at  20  years  old,  as  I  was  unexpectedly  diagnosed  with  a    tremendously rare  and  highly aggressive form  of  grade-3 germ cell  ovarian cancer.        Prior to my diagnosis, I had been struggling with chronic urinary tract infections (11 in      8 months to be exact), kidney stones, and abdominal bloating/pain.  Most of my breaks during my sophomore and junior year in college were spent in the operating room, in attempt to fix all of these ailments.  In between the scans and testing procedures, my urologist discovered what appeared to be one benign dermoid ovarian cyst. From there,     I was referred  to  a gynecologist  to get everything checked out  after the urology issues    were handled. What we found is that one cyst quickly grew to three cysts.

However,  I was reassured that these dermoid cysts are very common and harmless in  girls my age.  Five months later, it was time for my next ultrasound.  I was devastated to discover  the dermoids  had grown quite a bit larger  and would need removal to prevent twisting and rupturing, which can be life threatening. My gynecologic “team” agreed that  it would be reasonable to wait until Christmas break to do the operation, giving me time    to complete the semester as well as time to recover post-op.

With this agreement,  it required me to go to the hospital each month for ultrasounds        to make sure the dermoids were not growing too large to the point of needing emergency surgery.  Each month,  the larger they grew,  and the more serious the conversations got.  However,  the conversations  NEVER  revolved around malignancy,  but around loss of fertility and hormone function at my age.  I signed waivers for consent to allow removal   of my ovaries if they got into the surgery and needed to do so in order to retrieve the dermoids.

Being only 20, this really messed with my head and my heart. Over the course of the semester,  I made peace with the situation  and  also  placed  my fertility in God’s hands. Ironically,  in my anatomy course,  we were assigned a semester  long research project of  our choice.  Of course,  I chose dermoid ovarian cysts for mine. After studying  pros/cons  of laporoscopic (four small incisions) vs laparatomy (open surgery), I opted for the crazier of the two. By choosing this, I knew that I would have a cesarian section-like cut as well as longer recovery time and more bleeding. But I truly believed that God instilled something within me that told me it was the right thing to do.

The day I had been waiting for all semester quickly approached. December 12th I went      in for a standard bilateral ovarian cystectomy.  I was pretty use to surgeries by this point, but had serious fear of waking up from the operation without my ovaries. That afternoon, the anesthesia wore off and I remember waking up to my lovely surgeons face, telling me everything went GREAT and much better than expected. She continued to share that the surgical team was able to save some of each ovary and the (baked potato-sized) dermoids were completely removed. This amazing news made the pain a lot more bearable.

I spent the next four days in the hospital gaining strength back. Once I was dismissed,    my parents and I went to a local hotel, as we were five hours from home (and there was   no way  I was riding in a car for that long,  I could barely tolerate  being in a wheel chair around the hospital). I ended up getting very sick post-op with a candidiasis infection of the mouth called  “Thrush,”  as well as 30+ canker sores lining my throat.  My weakness grew quickly, as I was not able to eat much, nor stomach the pain medications prescribed.

A few days later we made the trek home. What was suppose to be a five hour trip turned into a seven hour travel of misery.  Being  the  optimist  I am,  I kept telling myself  “it can only go up from here.” Buuuuut that little game didn’t last too long before another obstacle was placed in my hands.  When we finally got home and settled in,  I went to the bathroom before lying down to discover that I was urinating blood.  I also brushed it off as probably something that typically happens post-op and kept it to myself.

However, the bleeding continued for 36 hours and by that point, I had nothing left in me. The minute amount of strength and energy I had left was diminished.  I felt limp and gray. By that point, I knew I had to quit lying to myself that everything was okay – I knew it was far from it. I contacted my surgeon and she  (being five hours away)  requested  I go to the ER immediately. The emergency room staff  ruled  the  bleeding  as result  from passing a kidney stone. Though I wanted to believe that’s all it was, I knew in my heart that it wasn’t the case. I had passed kidney stones before, and this was much different. They sent me home with some different medications to take, but the bleeding didn’t stop.

It was December 19th, seven days post – op.  It started off like the days prior,  thrush medication, any sort of liquid I could stomach, and also lying on the couch. Most of the morning was spent in pain, but I was still playing the “it can only get better, right?” game. Little did I know,  it was about to get a whole lot worse.  I was waiting to hear back from   my surgeon to see what she had to say about the fact that I was still urinating blood. I did anything I could think of to lift my spirits. Jeremy came over to watch Christmas movies with me to make it feel more like the Holidays. I had fallen asleep peacefully, so he left to go get some stuff done while I rested. It was one of those naps where you fall asleep to a bright sky and wake up to it being gray and getting dark. You know, the ones where you’re totally disoriented with what time it is or where you are? Yeah, one of those.

I woke up  to  a  voicemail  on my phone  from an unknown number.  I gave it a listen          and discovered  it  was my surgeon calling from her cell phone. “Oh nice”  I also thought,     “She’s probably just giving this to me so I can stop bugging everyone at the nurses station in the hospital.  What  a  sweetheart.”  So  I  gave her a call back.  I  was  walking into the kitchen to turn some lights on and get a glass of water when she answered. “Hey!” I said, “Sorry I missed your call I was finally able to nap and apparently fell asleep pretty hard.”   I was waiting for her to ask if I was still bleeding or how things were going.  But instead she asked me if I was home.

“Yep!” I said. She proceeded to keep expressing how sorry she was that she is so far away. (Again, I’m thinking she feels bad I’m having complications that she can’t help with). Then my surgeon told me that they had gotten the pathology report back.  I don’t know why… I was so utterly oblivious,  but  I still thought  the sadness  in her voice was about either the blood or possibly something affecting my fertility. She just kept apologizing and I just kept saying “it’s okay!”

It got to the point where she had to blatantly spell it out: “They reviewed the report multiple times,  as  they  were extremely shocked  to find an unexpected malignancy in       the teratoma we removed.”  She went on and on,  but that is all that I heard.  My hands involuntarily shook so vigorously I couldn’t even hold the phone up to my ear. I just kept repeating “okay..” “okay..” “okay..” as I tried to hold back the tears and hold my life together for a few more seconds before it completely fell apart.

My attempt to hang up the phone failed miserably,  as  my  fingers  couldn’t find their      way to the red “End” button due to the haziness, as my eyes swelled up with tears. I then started to repeat “I have to go” over and over. My surgeon wanted to further explain what they found and what my next steps were but I could not bare to hear any more. No one was around. The lights were still off, and the sky was only growing darker. I found my way to a corner in the bathroom without even realizing what I was doing. My inner child curled into the fetal position, as if that would bring me back to innocence and purity and out of the nightmare I was just brought into.

The first person I called was Jeremy…. There wasn’t any answer so I called back again     and again. When that attempt failed, I called my dad. The worst part about the situation   at this point was that I had to be the one to tell the people I love. How I was going to find the words was beyond me, but I made the call anyway because I couldn’t stand to be alone. I needed someone around to convince me it wasn’t just a bad dream.  My dad answered.    I couldn’t breathe, let alone speak. He demanded to know what was wrong and for the 30 seconds following his question I refused to say a word, until it came out like word vomit,

“I (deep breath to gain composure) Have (another deep breath) Can-cer.”

On the other end I heard the devastation and disbelief when he replied  “What did          you just say..?” So I repeated myself,  this time much clearer, “I. Have. Can – Cer.”  All        my dad said after that was “I will be right there.” I don’t know if he flew home or if God transported him by the speed of light, but it felt like two seconds between hanging up the phone and seeing that kitchen door fly open to reveal a figure standing there, looking like   a puddle of tears and sorrow. Before I knew it, we were both lying on the dark bathroom floor.  The sky was completely dark,  and the only thing  I felt was my tears meet his gray sweatshirt as his arms were wrapped around me.

That is when I knew.  I knew that this   was something only God could heal.   My own  father, the man I’ve looked to my whole life as the one in charge, the one who fixes things, was now on the bathroom floor, also in the fetal position, praying out loud, “God wash this heartache away from us.” I had never seen him so vulnerable, nor also so broken. Even his strong and loving arms couldn’t make me feel safe.  That is when I turned to a rock much higher than any human hands.

By that evening, my family and I were all gathered around my kitchen table. They had traveled home, not for Christmas, not for any holiday party. We were brought together by devastation and heartache. In that moment, no words could express the fear we all felt of the indefinite road ahead.

The days following my diagnosis had plenty of dark moments. Christmas Eve morning  was spent going to my first oncology appointment with my family.  We had no idea what  we were going into or what my prognosis would be. It was not surprised that it was only      the first of many appointments scheduled  in order  to explore  all  the angles,  opinions,   and options.  However,  no matter how far I had traveled  or how many gynecologists I saw, nothing felt right. Before I knew it, I was faced with two battles: placing my fertility on the line AND cancer.

From that point on, I was in and out of fertility appointments being asked to plan for      my future on the spot – if I was lucky enough to still have one.  In between every thing,         I tried to learn about my diagnosis. I prayed to God for the guidance and the strength it would take to follow out His plan for my life, rather than my own.

It all started with a book called Cancer Killers by Dr. Charles Majores, which was recommended by a  family  friend whom experienced healing alternatively  from cancer as well.  From page one,  I was hooked.  I  also finished the entire book in one day (which is a record for me)  and  began researching like a mad woman. My days were completely consumed with cancer.  Do I follow protocol? Do I try chemo first? Surgery first? Do I try chemo AND nutritional methods? Do I try nutritional methods only?  And   I didn’t know  what I was going to do,  but  I  knew  that freezing eggs,  a partial hysterectomy,  and  extremely  intense chemotherapy regimen were not my first (nor my only) option even though I was given that impression.

The further I explored, the more Alternative or Integrative Cancer Centers and therapies    I came across.  Being slightly OCD,  I made many spreadsheets, color-coating pro vs con’s  of each holistic center.  I made numerous phone calls,  speaking with nurses  and  doctors, discussing what they could offer.

One center specifically stuck out to me, as my phone call with them gave me my first    giant ray of hope since I was diagnosed. Dr. Murphy at an Oasis of Healing was the first doctor to speak to me as if I would be able to fight this and keep my health,  youth,  and fertility. He made me feel supported no matter what my decision would be and hopeful that we could beat this – together.

Before I knew it, my family and I were around the table, discussing how we were going     to make it work.  That is where the blog originated,  as a means to both make alternative treatment possible  (as it is not covered by insurance)  and  also to share my journey with others. To inspire cancer patients to advocate for themselves, however they choose to heal.

Everything about Jessica Langel’s treatment …. is well explained in the following videos. However, simply put, she adopted a raw-vegan diet and consumed green juices, abundant in live healing enzymes. Besides the nutritional perspective, she received many therapies, such as blood ozone therapy, high-dose vitamin C infusions, infrared sauna, myofascial release, colon hydrotherapy, insulin potentiated chemotherapy, B-17 injections, lymphatic drainage therapy, and coffee enemas.

Shockingly, after only seven weeks, Jessica was completely free of cancer!  :)  💕

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Natural Hormone Balance

Action Steps for Your Natural Hormone Balance

There are a number of key lifestyle initiatives we can follow to keep our hormones balanced and estrogen dominance at bay:
•Determine your symptoms of imbalance
•Find a bioidentical-friendly provider to work with
•Test your hormones to confirm symptoms and detect existing imbalance
•If you need to supplement hormone, consider bioidentical versions identical to those made naturally in the body
•Never use estrogen by itself—even after a hysterectomy; balance it with progesterone (bioidentical) the body’s accustomed way
•Eat hormone-free organic foods to avoid intake of growth hormones used in factory meat and dairy products
•Include phytonutrients and flax seed, fiber, and cruciferous vegetables in your daily diet to assist proper hormone metabolism and help your body clear itself of xenoestrogens
•Take hi-quality multi-vitamins that include the antioxidants A, B-complex, C, D and E, and key minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium
•Reduce excess caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, and other stimulants that stress the adrenals
•“Go green” and banish xenoestrogens in pesticides, nail polish, hygiene, household cleaners, etc.
•Maintain an ideal weight to reduce insulin resistance and overproduction of estrogen in fat cells
•Boost hormones naturally with strength training or weight-bearing exercise
•Minimize needless stressors and do yoga, meditation or deep breathing to de-stress
•Exercise your creative juices: sing, paint, write, bead, play
•Get enough sleep—take cat naps to catch up!
•Make time for the people you love
•Hold on to your sense of humor!

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Dr. Lorraine Day

Dr. Day lists a dozen steps to prevent or treat cancer, based on proactive, all-natural   vegan diet, nutrition, lifestyle and common sense:

DRINK WATER!  The body….  needs water to transport nutrients to healthy cells and to excrete toxins. There should be a minimum of 10-12 glasses per day. We lose 10 glasses of water from our body every day, just by living – it is imperative to replace the water losses.

Proper nutrition – explains what the patient should and should not eat. A vegan diet of fruit,  grains and vegetables in their most natural state is recommended – 75% is eaten     raw – and excludes all meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs, sugar and refined foods.

When Day was sick, in addition to her vegan vegetarian diet of 3 meals a day, she drank    8 glasses of freshly made carrot juice, 4 glasses of fresh green leafy vegetable juice and       1 glass of fresh orange juice.

Elimination of stimulants includes sugar, tobacco, alcohol, street drugs, medications, monosodium glutamate, aspartame and other sugar substitutes, and caffeine (which dehydrates the body).

Exercise – we must do exercise that is enjoyable.

Sunlight exposure – we need sunlight in order to boost our immune system. An hour a    day is recommended, preferably in the early morning. Proper nutrition will protect also  against skin cancer from solar radiation, and sunlight is claimed to actually decrease the size of internal cancer tumors.

Temperance – Avoid unhealthy habits.

Fresh air – we need a fresh air environment because cancer grows faster when a person breathes re-circulated indoor air.

Proper rest at proper time – we have to rest at a proper time as this is when our immune systems are most active.

Stress relief – we require time to relax, especially after stressful work.

Attitude of gratitude – thinking positively and being happy makes healing more effective.

Spiritual benevolence – do what is good and right not only to yourselves but to others.

The first step in wellness is to realize that all animal based foods (including meat, diary, fish and seafood) promote cancer. So do refined and processed foods, especially high sugar foods. Dr. Day noted that sunlight does not cause skin cancer and that in 1900, people spent 75% of their time outdoors and nobody got skin cancer.

The answer lies in diet, nutrition and lifestyle, which is especially important in light of our changing and ever less healthy environment. Dr. Day is a vegan and does not eat processed foods. During her cancer treatment, she refused radiation, chemotherapy and mastectomy. She worked on her attitude, got more sunlight and exercise and lowered her stress level and blood pressure.

She also drank more water since you lose ten glasses of water a day just by standing around. Caffeine makes this much worse as do many medications. Energy drinks are especially bad.

Regarding exercise, you can reduce your risk of breast cancer 66% by exercising 4 hours  per  week.  Among many benefits,  exercise improves waste elimination and stimulated peristalsis in the colon. It also improves circulation.

Dr. Day is now cancer free.

THE RUSSELL SCOTT SHOW —  Dr.  Lorraine Day  is an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon  and  best selling author.  She spent      15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of  the Department of Orthopedics. She was also ….  Chief of  Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and is generally recognized world-wide as an AIDS expert.
In this interview: What is cancer? The true origin of AIDS and the secret to a healthy life

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What is Faith?

Faith is information (instructions) we get from God for us to act upon.

How Faith Works declares that this information shows us in advance what God will do about a given issue before He does it. This information also shows us in advance what our part is this future activity of God.  In other words, in  How Faith Works,  God not only shows us in advance what He is about to do, He shows us in advance what He wants us to do with Him in this given future activity.  This information is what the Bible says is faith. All this and more in How Faith Works.

In How Faith Works,  we take the case of Noah as an example.  God also showed Noah in advance everything about the Flood and its consequences. He also showed him in advance what his part was in this future undertaking. He showed him that He wanted him to build an ark  and what kind of wood to use.  He also showed him how high,  how long  and  how wide to build it. He showed Noah in advance about the animals etc., etc., etc.. This advance information is what the Bible calls “faith.”

This is just some of what you learn in How  Faith Works.

Just about all the faith teaching, religious faith teaching, word of faith teaching, Christian faith teaching, faith and works teaching and faith in God teachings and movements fail to see this. They fail to see that faith is advance information.  Faith is information God gives us to walk out or act upon. Faith enables us to know in advance. All this and more in How Faith Works.

What is the difference in Faith and Believe?

“Faith” is information. Information is a “noun.” Faith is a noun tells us what we have. Believe, on the other hand, is a verb. Believe is what we do. Believe is acting upon our faith or our advance information. Please note the following statement extremely well!

In How Faith Works,  you learn that “believe,”  in the Bible,  does  not  reside  between        our ears. Believe is not just agreeing mentally with what God said in a scripture. Believe,  in the Bible sense,  is acting out….  what is contained in the “if” part of our advance faith information.  To put it differently,  Noah acted out his part  (building the ark etc.) of the advance faith information God gave him.  (As we have seen already, this advance info is what the Bible refers to as faith.)

Finally, most of the faith teachings, religious faith teachings, word of faith teachings, Christian faith teachings,  faith and works teachings and faith in God teaching is about Faith healing isn’t about finding the next best thing…  its the belief in what your doing    will work.  Trusting in GOD is one’s positive characteristics of self- +‎ belief  !!!!!

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Faith Healing

The only science to Faith Healing … its not science … it’s belief !!

Faith healing is the ritualistic practice of prayer and gestures (such as laying on of hands)  that  are claimed to elicit divine intervention  in spiritual and physical healing, especially  the Christian practice.  Believers will assert  that the healing of  disease and disability can be brought about by religious  faith through prayer and/or other rituals that, according to adherents, stimulate a divine presence and power.  Belief  in divine intervention is derived from religious belief.

Claims that prayer,  divine intervention,  or the ministrations of an individual healer    can cure illness have been popular throughout history.  There  have  been  claims  that faith  can  cure blindness,  deafness,  cancer,  AIDS,  developmental disorders,  anemia, arthritis,  corns,  defective speech,  multiple sclerosis,  skin rashes, total body paralysis,  and various injuries.  Miraculous recoveries  have been attributed  to many techniques commonly classified as faith healing.  It can involve prayer, a visit to a religious shrine, or simply a strong belief in a supreme being.

Many people interpret the Bible,  especially  the New Testament,  as  teaching belief  in,   and the practice of, faith healing.  According to Newsweek poll, 72 percent of Americans say they believe  that praying to God can cure someone,  even if  science says  the person doesn’t  stand a chance.  Unlike  faith  healing,  advocates  of  spiritual healing  make  no attempt to seek divine intervention,  instead  believing  in  divine energy.  The  increased interest in alternative medicine at the end of the 20th century has given rise to a parallel interest among sociologists in the relationship of religion to health.

Faith healing can be classified as a spiritual, supernatural,[6] or paranormal event,    and, in some cases,  belief  in  faith healing can be classified as magical thinking. The American Cancer Society states, “available scientific evidence does not support claims that faith healing  can actually cure physical ailments.”… “Death, disability, and other unwanted outcomes have occurred when  faith healing was elected instead of medical care for serious injuries or illnesses.”  When  parents  use  faith healing  in the place of medical care, some children have died that otherwise would have been expected to live. Similar results are found in adults.

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Attitudinal Healing

Lifelines To Cancer Survival!!!

Hello Ken:

    It was February 2003  ( Six months into my diagnosis )  and  I was at MD Anderson Cancer Center, sicker than a dog and frightened out of my mind. This was my 6th center I had visited in a month and a half.  I was exhausted,  short of breath and running out of hope.

   Looking back, I still remember a phone call from my mentor, Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, in the…. midst of  my turmoil,  he said  ” Mark,  as long as you are still breathing,  I want you to remember God’s purpose for you. Start reaching out to people he said.  Pick up the phone and start calling other patients and acquaintences whom are in a similar position. They need you.”

   That phone call was a game-changer for me. It got my mind off myself.                               I have followed his advice since and it has made all the difference.

   Dr. Jerry Jampolsky is a renowned child psychiatrist, author, and the founder of Attitudinal Healing.  His wife Dr. Diane Cirincione is the head of Attitudinal Healing International.  After decades of  building AH. centers  all over the world,  today-they are still at it, writing, traveling and spreading hope wherever they go. Their message of love and self healing has helped countless cancer patients like myself, stay alive.  I am deeply grateful for their love, grace and selflessness over the years.

In his second book ” Teach Only Love ” he states:

   I believe that there is another way of looking at life that makes it possible for us to  walk through this world in love, peace, and without fear.  This other way requires no external battles, but only that we heal ourselves. It is a process that I call “attitudinal healing’ because it is an internal and primarily mental process.

    The mind can be retrained. Within this fact lies our freedom. No matter how often     we have misused it, the mind can be utilized in a way that is so positive that at  first it      is beyond anything we can imagine.

  This process of attitudinal healing has been a critical lifeline in my survival. Moreover,  I have talked with many of Dr. Jampolsky’s patients who were given no hope of survival. ( they are my teachers.)  I was impressed that many of them, including myself, were still alive using these concepts.  We are all testimonies … to the concept nothing is impossible, if we give ourselves and our lives over to God.


Mark Roby :)

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Elyn’s Potions and Motions

Hello I am Elyn Jacobs and I am about:

Healing Cancer Naturally: , ,  ,  ,  Also  , , , ,  

In Cancer, Energy Healers, Healing Cancer Naturally on October 16, 2015 at 8:42 amWorking at my desk, I suddenly get the urge to feel under my arm—the lump. Distinct and concerning, I have my husband feel it too. Round two begins, September, 2014.

While my first instinct was to decline the biopsy, I decided that maybe I did need to know, that maybe it would help me to know how aggressive I needed to be in resolving the ‘situation’. Plus, without the biopsy, I am told, there was no way to know if this was a new cancer or recurrence (new cancer at stage one vs recurrence at stage three–but as it turns out, the biopsy was inconclusive) I was also inclined to decline the surgery, knowing this was not a good option (note to self—go with your gut in the future, it is smarter than the brain).

My surgeon agreed that opting out was a very good option. While it does seem like common sense that the removal of cancerous lymph nodes would improve survival rates, the evidence shows this is not the case and it causes far too much harm, further damaging an already sluggish lymphatic system—which can lead to lymphedema and more cancer. But then in further discussions, he said he could just remove that tiny spot, no need to put me to sleep, and that perhaps removal would help me sleep as I am the type of person who will remain awake, thinking, and thinking.

As a family, we had much on our plate, so heading off to Germany or Mexico right then didn’t seem to be the best option (albeit a good one); we considered holding off until February when the timing was better. Then for some bizarre reason (okay, I started to doubt my healing plan). I decided I would have the surgery (big mistake). To make a long story short, in November my surgeon removed ten nodes (note to all, never trust a surgeon, even a really good one!); five had cancer. Plus, I didn’t get much useful information from the pathology report, only that I was now stage three.

My well-meaning oncologist recommended chemo; my well-intentioned radiologist recommended radiation. I declined both.

Come January, I went for a follow-up sonogram, expecting to get the all-clear.  Unfortunately, the radiologist found two more suspicious nodes nearby the excision. I declined the biopsy. I continued with my protocol and retested in April. The two nodes remained suspicious, but had not grown; an additional one was found. I declined the biopsy.

October 2015

Woo hoo! Sonogram shows that all nodes in the armpit are now clear! It seems my protocol is working.

I am incredibly grateful to all of my doctors and healers who while might not always agree with my choices, understand and support them. I will cherish the look on my radiologist’s face when she said, “Elyn, I was worried as you declined all recommendations, but whatever you are doing, keep doing it, it’s amazing!”

Elyn’s Motions and Potions

The Motions

For the 7 years since my original diagnosis I researched everything about cancer—why it develops and how to reduce risk. I juiced and ate to beat cancer. Under the guidance of my oncologist, I took copious amounts of targeted supplements.

My oncologist also said I needed to reduce my stress—he said my life would depend on it. He said likely something happened to me when I was five years old that was driving my cancer. When I went for some coaching training, I learned even more about how powerful the mind is, including the damage past emotional traumas can inflict on the body. At the time I couldn’t get myself to meditate or do yoga (which for the most part does not agree with my body), but I forgave all that have caused me stress and trauma. Little did I know that my subconscious was not onboard, that forgiveness only goes so far.

Needless to say, in September 2014, it all changed. I now fully realized that the root cause of my cancer was indeed emotional and I needed help.

Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German physician and scientist, has studied and written much on how unresolved psycho-emotional trauma causes cancer. He believes that cancer occurs when the individual suppresses for long periods toxic negative emotions (primarily anger, hate, resentment and grief). This creates cell changes within the body leading to cancer. Other researchers have come up with similar theories supporting the idea that past traumas, including those of our ancestors, affect gene expression just like environmental factors, and leave molecular scars leading to cancer.

I wish I had knowns that beyond the field of white coats, is a world of healers, who for centuries before modern medicine, were the true healers—people who can heal these scars.

The Power of Healers

That September, I met a Ki-Energy Healer at a conference. He told me I was absorbing too much negative energy from others and that he could heal me of the cancer. I liked him, but he was only available locally one day a week; healing required three.  I met another healer, he said the same thing. I had so much confidence in Ki healing, and after each session, the lump would shrink; but then the darn thing kept growing back. I lost confidence, but perhaps I should have stuck with it. Thinking back, I knew I could not manage the travel, so perhaps that was not meant to be my plan.

I also tried BioEnergetic Healing with Zev Koleman.  I found this fascinating, but I did not notice a change. I did some EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Dr Thelma Jones, and found that very helpful in removing cancer-causing emotions.  I worked with a psychotherapist, Dr Peter Resnik, for many months as we chopped through toxic emotions and through visualization and dream-analysis, worked on healing. I practiced yoga with a friend, who turned me on to Yoga Nidra (a form of meditation and guided relaxation). Sometimes we have to try many healing modalities before we find the right one for us.  I credit all of these amazing people for contributions made to my wellness and will keep up with the techniques I learned.

When I tried Reiki, it was love at first touch.  My Reiki Master, Brian Brunius, is nothing short of amazing.  My stress melted away as I melted into the table. I also stumbled across Holly Hallowell, another great healer who with her Emotion Code and Anahata expertise, helped me to remove ties to emotional traumas that were contributing to pain, and likely my cancer as well. (Anahata Codes are assisting frequencies which add the perfect blend of vibrations needed to unblock, release and elevate energy to a place of perfection.) I also came across April Fontana (note to all, nothing happens by chance—always for a reason). April is an amazing clairvoyant psychic healer (The Oracle Method), and she has fixed my mind, body and soul.  She has cleared my mind so I can think, opened my crown so I can sleep, and fixed so many physical issues I can’t count them all—but for example, this summer when I struggled with bouts of intense stomach pain and could not eat for weeks at a time, and my doctors could not find reason nor remedy, April repaired my raw stomach; problem solved. April also recommended I wear crystal bracelets to protect myself from negative energy, radiation from technical devices and more. While all of my ‘motions’ were very helpful and clearly played a role in my healing, I knew I had to narrow down my team of healers. Brian, Holly and April are clearly my ‘A’ team–I don’t know what I would do without them.

Here’s the recap of the Motions that helped me heal: (stay tuned for Part II, Potions)

Energy Healing (The Oracle Method, Emotion Code,Ki, and BioEnergetic)
Psychotherapy, visualization
EFT tapping
Crystal healing bracelets  bracelets
Oil pulling to remove oral toxins and bacteria
Yoga, meditation
Frankincense oil, applied to under my armpit and on the souls of my feet  (more            about this in Potions as I firmly believe this made a huge difference in my healing)
Making Elyn a priority, spending more time with friends, and having more fun!
Remember, something works for everyone, but everything does not work for everyone….    I share with you my story to give you confidence that there are many ways to heal from cancer–and to heal the reasons for that cancer.

I am incredibly grateful to all of my doctors and healers who while might not always agree with my choices, understand and support them. I will forever cherish the look on my radiologist’s face when she said, “Elyn, I was worried as you declined all recommendations, but whatever you are doing, keep doing it, it’s amazing!”

What do I do now?  I will never let my guard down; I will continue with my protocol for the rest of life, likely with a few tweaks along the way. I know I still have much to do, but I will have more fun; I will laugh more and wear bright clothing (as suggested by team member Dr Resnik). I have forgiven myself (and my surgeon) for the choices made. I will continue to nourish my soul and not allow others to interfere with my happiness. I will never forget the importance of having a “Plan B”. While I hope I never need it, I know that it is important to have that in my pocket.

Life is good.

For more information about healers, including links to mine, please visit Alternative and Complementary Therapies


~~If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any~~
Elyn Jacobs is a breast cancer survivor, professional cancer strategist, speaker, and the Executive Director for the Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation. Elyn empowers women to choose the path for treatment that best fits their own individual needs. She is passionate about helping others move forward into a life of health and well-being. Elyn has been featured on CNN Money, Talk About Health, and Breast Cancer Answers, is a contributor to The Truth About Cancer, and has written for the Pink Paper, Breast Cancer Wellness, Integrative Oncology Essentials, Surviving Beautifully, Body Local and more; she authored the Options for Life column for the Natural Healing-Natural Wellness Magazine. Elyn hosts the Survive and Live Well Radio Show on the Cancer Support Network. She is on the Medical Advisory Board for BeatCancer.Org and is on the Advisory Board to the Radical Remission Project. Elyn lives in New York with her husband and two young boys. about/

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