The Answers To Cancer

    As Americans we should never strive to get rich over other Americans misfortune,  being  what  Big Pharma  is  today  and  the exuberate prices they  charge.  While  wanting  the  normal  “working class individual”  to   pay even more, which erodes whatever is left of the middle class. Handed    to me through power of  prayer  from  The  Basilica  and  National Shrine      of  Our Lady of  Consolation in Carey,  OHIO

    This website will provide Answers to Cancer as the  future health care   whoa’s, cancer treatment turns home remedy  for the mass already filing bankruptcy  because of  health  issues.  With  medical  professionals  and  politicians,  in Washington, not caring if  we starve as long as they don’t. While getting upset  with others whom speak out against the system.  It’s        a true tradegy  within itself while “we”  Americans  sit  and watch idly as     our family, friends and neighbors come down with this dreadful disease.

   While not  fully understanding  the alternatives  available  to us because           of  the  hush  ~  hush politics behind the game.  Let’s take the true story of  Bill Fowler (which  I didn’t  find proof  of  on the internet),  in the summer     of  1980 had the best day of  his life being handed the Olympic Gold Medal for cycling. While his worse day of  his life  came  20 years later  when  he was handed a MRI showing an aggressive tumor  frontal lobe of his brain.

   Given  just 6 months to live…. he endured agonizing rounds of  chemo, scorching radiation and had a golf  ball sized chunk of his brain removed through surgery. But even after all that conventional therapy, the cancer came roaring back with a venegence.  While  his  doctor  simply  threw  in the towel and told Bill he’d be dead in 3 months,  Bill battled through with     the Olympian spirit he grew accustom to seeking alternative treatment?

    I thought “we” boycotted the Olympics in 1980 and still wondering the validity  of  this  story      Bill Fowler  found  the Halo Cure  which  the story also states,  used  an  at  home  treatment  free  of   the  pain,  fatigue  and  nausea  associated  with  chemotherapy  and  radiation. While spending as much time at home with his  family  and  friends as he liked,  and  after  just  6 months  Bill’s  tumor shrank to half  the original size and 12 months later … it  just disappeared.

    The story goes on to state,  today Bills’ Cancer Free working with  future cyclists and describes himself  the happiest guy on earth.  Although  through the power of  the  internet  I  didn’t  find  any  information  to collaborate this story. Through the email I received, Dr. Fred Pescatore M.D.  name was part of  the article and might be a good starting point  for additional information concerning this treatment.

  Dr. Fred Pescatore with impressive credentials, while having authored the book: The Hampton Diet  would be a good source  for information.  My point being no matter  what you read,  also double check the source  and  from  the whole Host of Doctors you will find as you scroll down blog roll  from within this  website…. gain  a consensus  of  opinions  from those both conventional and holistic  for treatment options.

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2 Responses to The Answers To Cancer

  1. Alex says:

    The Cyclist you’re referring to was not an American cyclist. Other countries enter the Olympics as well. His name was changed in the video you’re referring to for privacy purposes.

    All info on the treatment you refer to are provided in free reports offered in the video.


    • Joyce says:

      It’s not totally FREE. You have to buy the Franklin Codex book and his newsletter to get he cancer curing information. Then once they get your email address you are inundated with constant emails to purchase more and more information from their publisher/promoter.

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