Nothing Positive Comes From Negativity

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An Alkaline State of  Mind is All About Attitude!!!

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.                  ~Margaret Mead

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Cancer Survivors (Finalized.)

“Heal and transform the soul first, than healing and transformation of every aspect             of your life will follow!”          ~Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha~

As you scroll through the first 50 blogs in this website you come to look at and                  old problem in a new way.

Given the vast size of the Universe all problems are small. Take a look around you someone always has it worse off.  A shallow outlook may have gave you cancer and              a shallow outlook will make it tougher for you to heal.   Don’t be offended by that  comment this blog explains what I mean.

Our brains struggle to comprehend how big the universe is because everything here on Earth, and even the Earth itself, is very small when compared to the immense scale of the universe.

So let’s think about it a different way, using something we see and interact with every day… .

While we imagine light to be instantaneous, photons of light actually take time to travel from one side of the room to the other.

In the time it took you to read this far, a photon of light leaving the Sun has travelled about 10 million kilometres – equivalent to travelling around the Earth 250 times.

Light that leaves our second nearest star, Proxima Centauri, takes just over four years to reach Earth and so we can define it as four light years away.

As such, if you were to look at Proxima Centauri, you would not be seeing the star as it is right now, but how it ‘was’ 4 years ago!

We see all things in the universe as they were in the past, whether they’re on the other side of the room or the other side of the galaxy.

To take this concept further, the nearest large galaxy to us is Andromeda which is so big and close that you can see it in the night sky with your .

What you’re really seeing is 1,000’s of billions of stars in a configuration similar to our Milky Way.  However,  all of those stars are about 2.5 million light years away,  which means you’re seeing Andromeda as it was 2.5 million years ago.

Read more at:  

The whole universe is littered with galaxies just like the Milky Way and Andromeda,      and using our most powerful telescopes we can see light from galaxies that has taken  more than 13 billion years to reach us!

Since a photon of light left one of these galaxies, life sparked into existence and evolved. Dinosaurs ruled the Earth.  Humans THEN appeared, developed tools, art, science and technology, built the Hubble Space Telescope, put it into orbit and finally stopped that poor photon on its 13 billion year journey!

The universe is about 13.8 billion years old, so any light we see has to have been travelling for 13.8 billion years or less – we call this the ‘observable universe’.

However, the distance to the edge of the observable universe is about 46 billion light years because the universe is expanding all of the time.

Imagine that a photon of light is emitted from a point on the edge of our .

While that has been travelling through space, the universe has expanded. We have moved away from the point where the light was emitted, and it has moved away from us!

Though the light might have only travelled for 13.8 billion years, the distance from us to the point it came from is, at present, 46 billion light years!

So how big is our ? Well we don’t really know, but it’s big. So big that even light hasn’t had time to cross it in nearly 14 billion years! And it’s still getting bigger all of the .

Preview How big is the Universe? “HD” – Cosmic Wakening


Explore further: How far back are we looking in time?

Never look back on past mistakes or experiences the universe expands and moves forward so don’t roll against the tide… we are hard wired to move ahead with excitement in motion.

I know two members of our Facebook group whom had tumors shrink through new found HOPE and excitement of finding better options to their dis~ease 🙂  As I  have also known cancer to spread through financial stressors 🙁

Do you want to learn a gentle, chakra-based healing method that will help you?

One great option is Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT).

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If you were to grab the probes on a multimeter on the DC voltage setting, there always appears some reading of some number of millivolts. I just tried this and got a relatively stable reading of about 96mV.  I realize this is very little,  barely a hundredth of a volt,       but is my body actually generating this power? Is current actually flowing?

First of all, you seem to be confusing voltage with current. Voltage is the measurement of the difference of the electric potential strength at two different locations, which is directly related to the electric field strength. Current is the movement of electrical charge from one place to the next. Although a voltage can drive a current, you can have a voltage without a current if there is no conductive path along which the current can flow.

My point is that even though your two hands are normally at different voltages, this does not imply that electrical current is continuously flowing through the air from one hand to the other, nor does it imply  “our” body is continuously “generating power” or consuming energy in order to maintain this voltage beyond the energy needed to internally run your body.

A voltmeter used correctly measures voltage, not current. Yes, a small amount of current must flow through a traditional voltmeter in order for it to work, but this does not mean that the number displayed on a voltmeter in anyway indicates that current flows through the air between the two locations when the voltmeter is removed.

In summary, yes, your hands naturally have a very small electrical potential difference,  but the air is a good insulator at low voltages,  so effectively zero current flows through    the air between your hands  (a minuscule electrical current does flow through the air all  the time due to the ionization of air by background radiation, but that is a different topic).

Note that different points on your body naturally have different voltages, and this voltage changes in cycles because of the electrical activity of your heart as it beats.

A medical electrocardiogram (EKG) consists of placing electrodes at various points on your body and measuring the voltage at those points in order to asses the electrical activity of your heart.

People were talking about resonant frequencies for body parts and/or the entire body    and someone was looking for a chart, not sure if this is the one from NASA which they   had mentioned but it appears to follow the numbers I am seeing in various research             I can find out there .


The Effects Of Negative Emotions On Our Health 🙁

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