MY Journey From Within

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MY Journey began February 24 2005 when I came home from work and received the news that I didn’t want to hear. MY father went to OHIO State James Arthur Cancer Center that afternoon  and they told him the cancer would have to run it’s course.

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All thoughts that could possibly run through your head did so at that very                  moment for me.  My LIFE Stopped AS did all time & thought!!!

The Frazee triplets — Megan,  Molly  and Moriah,  were the keys to the success of 23-1 Xenia Christian. Marion will need to contain the trio to keep their chances for a second state title in three seasons alive when the teams play tonight at Vandalia-Butler High School

MY plans for the evening …. were to go watch the Frazee Triplets play my High School  alma mater at the regional finals in Vandalia.  Thereby,  I went to the game and after the game couldn’t remember a single play.  HOWEVER,  Vaguely could remember watching the  triplets bona`fide unity  on the court.  To this day I remember those thoughts racing through my head as I tried to enjoy the game. How can this country that can send men to the moon. WITH THE first astronaut being Neil Armstrong born only 50 miles down the road but not have a cure for Leimyosarcoma.

True Story: During the 14 months … I watched as my father for the first time in his life       win Solitaire Game by walking through the hand with the 4 aces remaining in his hand     14 times. Ohio State said a year and my father he lasted 14 months. In his time with US    he was a 3 time cancer survivor for 14 years.

IS this all coincidence: I believe when your time is up it’s up But  To this day I still wish that I had researched cancer then …. like I do today. I felt so guilty at times it could have made all the difference in the world. However, through the years since. I came to realize Life Does Have an Expiration Date But No Dumbass Doctor Has The Right To Tell You “The Cancer Must Run It’s Course.”

While my father brutally went through a few rounds of chemotherapy before he quit      that barbaric approach without supplementation for his survival.  I started to make frequent visits to mass  at the National Shrine  and  Carey Ohio  for a peace of mind.       As my father became gravely ill… February of 2006. I prayed more and more for the  answer to his cancer.        AND WHAT I LEARNED BACK THEN!!!!

Nothing Positive Comes From Negativity

When our neighbor at the time brought to our door information about Aloe Vera             and cancer. When my father heard of this he wanted to know more about this and              as we listen to the CD learned that most of the Research was taking place in Texas.

I discovered through research about Aloe Vera and Frankincense as my nephews and nieces began tutoring my how to use computers and the internet. Yep …at that time…         I was 45 years old and they heckled me about being no smarter than a second grader         ( I was computer illiterate.)


Shortly before my father passed away while down at Half Price Books in Centerville Ohio.    I was sitting on a stool in the Health Book section  a Chinaman from Kettering  “Mant Prowg”  come running up to me  and out of the blue asked,  “what I wanted to    know that he was researching Cancer for 7 1/2 years as I was floored at the time of his dedication.”

In our conversations what Mant provided me was foundation what I believe is the          best method of battling cancer.  As Everyday …. of my Life our “cancer cluster” small     town cemetery becomes a reminded of that. Most are treated conventionally in OHIO. Eating and drinking what they like and doing chemotherapy and radiation before they pass without blood testing, detoxification and supplementation

As more visions and people came into my life there was always someone else that      helped me achieved the next step. I can remember what our group was like when              we first started it and what it has become. Our Initial Talk was chatting herbs.

As my understanding completely changed when I had a chance to chat with Jake The Amish Healer in Holmes County.  When I asked about herbs & cancer he scoffed it off    and told me that only a few herbs work for cancer. Healing cancer requires a complete cleanse of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Within this my 11 year journey my high and low point was one in the same.

Rosa Parkin when she entered our group was unable to walk do to a 4cm polyp in            her uterus.  With renewed Hope through learning about new options and support         from others.  An eight months later she flew from the UK to Portland Oregon and             we met for Memorial Day Weekend 2015.

I remember our Saturday stroll through the streets of Portland Oregon shopping for a juicer. Within that stroll: I received a first hand experience of Rosa’s unique personality and thoughts about the hand that was dealt her. Rosa was one that performed magic all over the world … as she made a spoon disappear while in a restaurant wondering why cancer wasn’t as easy to make disappear.

Only with her return to the UK with stress and the fears of losing her battle and                  12 year old son Manu. Rosa lost her battle September 21st 2015.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) was pioneered by Dr Aaron T Beck in the 1960s, while he was a psychiatrist  at the University of Pennsylvania.  After his research showed that psychoanalysis did little to help patients with depression, Then Beck tested a different approach. Today, CBT is most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, but can be useful for other health problems.

Individuals with cancer often have many fears and misconceptions about the disease, its outcome,  its treatments, and their own ability to cope.  Cognitive behavioral approaches can help patients to identify negative beliefs …. that may hinder their ability to accept the diagnosis and cope with the disease. Once dysfunctional beliefs are identified, individuals can challenge these negative thoughts, develop more rational responses, and think more positively, particularly regarding their role in adjusting to the disease.

The ability to examine negative thoughts objectively and to replace them with more positive, adaptive thoughts greatly enhances quality of life. Cognitive therapies are also used to help individuals who are terminally ill to accept or reduce their fear of death and dying. Other cognitive strategies involve imagery in conjunction with relaxation training.

Group Support

The role of group support therapy in facilitating adjustment to cancer is clearly upheld. There are many support groups for cancer patients and/or their families offered through the  American Cancer Society,  local  hospitals,  cancer  treatment  agencies,  and mental health agencies. Group also allow individuals to feel a sense of community and to realize that they are not alone in having cancer. In addition, group settings allow for individuals to be exposed to positive role models who have successfully dealt with the disease.

For more information or to find a therapist:

Please feel free to photocopy or reproduce this fact sheet, noting that this fact sheet was writen and produced by ABCT. You may also link directly to our site and/or to the page from which you took this fact sheet

Every day in Australia 360 people learn they have cancer. It goes without saying it’s a   very stressful time. Stress as a cause of cancer has not been convincingly proven but recently researchers have been looking at how stress drives the spread of an existing cancer from the original tumour. They’ve identified pathways caused by stress that facilitate the spread of breast cancer cells around the body. What’s more remarkable,      the researchers may have found a way to prevent it.                                                               Guest reporter, oncologist Dr Ranjana Srivastava investigates.

Preview YouTube video STRESS AND CANCER

SO What magic can we become, right now to be the energy of what you are creating?           Be only that!

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You have to grow from the inside out.

None can teach you, none can make you spiritual.

There is no other teacher but your own soul.

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There is a time for every season. When your season is up it’s time to move on!

Love can do powerful things. Here are ten ideas:

1.)  Get with some people you love and hug them, and cry with them, and let them          love you back.

2.)  Drink water, eat well, move your butt, get some sleep—take care of you.

3.)  Have some honest conversations—with folk who think like you AND with your family member who voted for Trump. Ask them about their dreams and listen carefully. This is where our revolution will need to find traction.

4.)  Imagine that you are building a bridge. With whom do you need to build it? Bridges are desperately needed right now! One way to start building that bridge is to pray.

5.)  Whatever your spiritual practices are, practice them. I am praying for you right now, and I am going to sing in a minute, just to keep it flowing.

6.)  Go see the movie Everything, Everything. It will help you cry some of the tears         that are inside you. They need to flow.

7.)  Create time for singing and loving and reflection and emergency hugs.

8.)  Take time for worship, lament, sing, and pray. Have a conversation with yourself about your feelings and how you can be used by God to make our nation a more perfect union.

9.)   Fierce music will create beauty from the places our world feels broken & work for freedom for all.

10.)  Remember that you were created in love, by a God of love. Remember that you ARE love and know that we can–with our love–make it better place.

This is a hot-mess time,  friends,  a time for which love is the only antidote.  Now more   than ever, love is the only way forward. SO Love Your Life, Love those within the friendly confines of your life and have some fun!!!

Lament is a faithful practice. Lament looks at a broken world and says it ought not be so. Lament demands something more than quotidian injustice. Lament rages. Lament shames. Lament mourns. Lament is a faithful practice.

Anger is a faithful practice. Anger that reflects God’s righteousness is necessary in a world so full of oppression. The temptation, of course, is that our anger reflects our fears, not God’s righteousness. This is why we need each other as the Spirit speaks within, with, and through us as we discern God’s future. Anger is a faithful practice.

Hope is a faithful practice. Hope eschews naivete. Hope rejects facile happiness.        Hope is not just a bandage. Hope is radical, fierce and hard. Hope is a faithful practice.

Listening is a faithful practice. Listening requires us to center on someone’s else story, someone else’s pain. Listening, real listening, faithful listening is dangerous because it is transformative. It can change you because the story of another just might change the way you see the world. Listening is a faithful practice.

Lament with those who lament. Rage with those who rage. Hope with those who hope. But most of all,  listen.  Listen. LISTEN.  Listen to the pain and fear our neighbors of color are feeling. Listen to the hopelessness of the bullied and the rejected. Listen to the anguish of our LBGTQ kin, for they also know the bitterness of isolation. Listen to the believer, the doubter who calls out to God, “Help my unbelief.” Listen because we never want to in this place again. Listen because tomorrow we must rise as Jesus himself rose from the depths of death.

SO What did I discover about myself: what I have learned through the trial and tribulations of this time frame within my life is that true healing comes from a stern self belief in ones own instincts. Listen to your inner voice it won’t misguide you. If you talk    to 100 different people you will only learn 100 different ways. And What I have learned from Alyssia Sadé Jack Kungel  Paula Doyle-Weigel  Elyn Jacobs  Carl O. Helvie and so many others is priceless.

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   Therefore the first fifty blog post in the website displays those truths that I know them   to be.  This blog will Always  be Free Access because I believe those with cancer SHOULD  NOT have to pay for the right to know the best options. With the high cost of doctor visits  today and the cancer patient leaving that visit not sure.  The support that we can find through social media is vital !!! 

Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less travelled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching.  March to the beat of your own drummer.  And  stubbornly refuse to fit lose.”

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with lyrics Martina McBride.

I’m Gonna Love You Through It with lyrics Martina McBride.

 You Through It with lyrics Martina McBride.

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