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In the movie “The Longest Ride” Ira explains that love requires sacrifice and it’s true in any successful marriage or relationship. It also could be applied to our country. We have soldiers, sailors and airmen who love our country so much, that they lay down their lives for it. The same goes for police, fire and other first responders.  AS many overpriced and immature NFL Football Players display their ignorance along the side lines in disrespect  of our National Anthem  🙁

We also have ordinary people doing things to show love for our country and for each other in the way they take care of our sick and our poor.  They show their love by feeding, clothing, sheltering and taking care of people too sick to care for themselves .

Love should also require the sacrifice of all our politicians and extreme partisans who  need to understand that getting their own way on everything is not showing love for our country.  It is selfish and self centered as well as it does not respect the dignity and rights of all people to be loved and accepted for who they are and not what others want them to be .

It is not love when people blame all the ills of the world on one party or group instead of seeing that all parties share the responsibility for things that are wrong and equally share responsibility to work together and find solutions.  Hate,  bitterness  and division are not love and they do not solve problems, but only serve to create new ones. There is a saying “Be the change you want to see in the world “.

It is a complete waste of energy to spend time hating others or allowing media or politicians to stoke anger against each other to further an agenda that only serves those who sow those seeds. Both parties are guilty of doing it and anyone who isn’t willing to admit that is not being honest with themselves .

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Our Government provokes Fear. A major contributor to why we never reach our true potential (lack of self-esteem being another).

Fear leaves you frozen in your footsteps and stops you from making moves that were once a part of your gameplan. I’m here to say don’t let fear leave you regretting missed opportunities and also has you feeling like you didn’t chase your dreams.


Fear is so dangerous to live with, life is scary I’m sure you guys know that, but you have to take life by the horns and not let it beat you.  More importantly don’t let fear influence your decisions (unless it’s something like try to fist fight a lion, then in     that case fear take over and don’t freakin’ do it). Lastly don’t create fears that shouldn’t exist. The majority of fears that we harbor have been created by our minds. The mind is     a dangerous place we take things we’ve seen or heard from others and create fear.     We’re stopping ourselves!

So I challenge you guys today, whatever fears you have go against them. Something I’ve heard a couple times is that when you get past your fears that’s where life begins. You can take your fears and stomp them into the ground or be locked in the prison that is fear and be haunted by regrets. The choice is yours fam. Let’s conquer fear and LIVE!


-Peace and God Bless!!!

According to Hinduism , the existential problem at the heart of the human condition is the ignorance of the true nature of reality. This is not to say the world itself is illusionary, only that are understanding of it is. A Hindu parable puts it this way: imagine you wake in the middle of the night to find a poisonous snakes curled at the foot end of your bed. Frozen with fear, you spend the night in terror; praying the snake won’t strike and in doing so kills you.

   AS dawn rises and the sunlight floods your bedroom you realize that the snake, is indeed, the belt you neglected to hang up the night before. Immediately your fear and terror vanishes as you achieve liberation from the illusion of the snake and the fear and terror that the illusion that the terror provoked in you.
  Indeed transcendent experiences like these and insight are always uncomfortable, both in what thy are and in what they imply. Thereby, any effort at knowing, healing or leading that really concerns the person must start with those experiences that affect the human being on the deepest level and allow that to ring out of them.
   Every human being embodies the absolute living within their own spirit, realizing that they have become what they are through the experiences that they have lived. WE all exist limited by the here and now set of circumstances that test are true nature. From childhood on, these circumstance and other people suppresses our true nature.
   Externally, human life is a constant battle between your inner self and outer existence.  WE are all driven by an urge toward the life form embedded in our inner nature. Merely surviving is not enough, we all want to live ourselves out and fulfill ourselves as a definite somebody. It exist in everyone of us, and demonstrates its reality in its uncompromising insistence on being realized and witnessed to in a specific outer form under all circumstances.
   Your outer form is not something we are given, but something we are given to realize.
Its only when we understand what we do and why we do it
we succeed at what we do!!!
It is only by cooperating consciously in the process that we can realize it, and achieve transparency.
SO What do we mean when we speak of a human being’s outer form. What we mean is his or her inner form’s way of being there in the world . This involves both the inner and outer –man or woman — not just the physical body and visible self. But the hole person as the living total of the gestures in which he or she experiences, lives out and embodies in themselves.
  Objective consciousness stresses the visible and tangible “surface appearance” of a human being and so lures us into the static way of seeing. The static way of seeing individuals usually extends beyond the ay the look and includes their true nature.  A person’s true nature and inner form are part of their complete reality. Circumstances and self-assertive instincts can make us “conform” and take on form that are not really ours and contradict true nature’s law.
  Whenever these forms become ingrained, they provoke both mental and physical disorders, for they have somewhere brought the
“wheel of change” to a halt and prevented us from maturing in accordance with our true nature. Whenever they take firm and final hold , these substitute solutions that lead to permanent disorders that we call neuroses.
  To the extent that neurosis results from clinging to existential forms, we are all neurotic. Our actually becoming ill depends on how far true nature’s shaping energy is blocked. This is where the difference between slight and severe neurosis lies. The things that come to light when deep seated neurosis is healed (and often makes neurosis the first step in the great process of changing and maturing.) Tells us about the life form intended for them and provides true everlasting healing.

  Typically people are bodily “right” when they engage the world without tensing.

And accept the world for what it is… why you may ask?

   Because they are transparent to their own true nature. In others they are open to perceive it and capable of witnessing to it calmly, cheerfully and kindly in the world, regardless of circumstances. The process of change that accords with true nature and brings healing affects the body as well.  Your voice becomes more resonant, complexion slightly darker,  the expression in your eyes fuller and deeper    and clearer, the movement of your body more in balanced and in rhythm. With your breathing more relaxed and posture becoming more permeable in which the whole person is correctly balanced.  – Karlfried Durckheim
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