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The following was posted by Teresa Levi on October 7, 2017:

So with the permission of Kathleen Blake and Teresa from the Gerson Support Group:

                                    I Bring You Teresa’s Story.

Today is the expiration date given to me by my first oncologist 2 years ago. Since I have   no intention of expiring, I thought I would share the good news with you all on this date   in particular.

No More METs! No NED! (No Evidence of Disease)

You know this healing process has it’s ups and downs. With the last 3 weeks being down from dealing with the pre and post hurricane Irma mess and limitations from lack of electricity with difficulty following the gerson therapy it’s nice to have the up side to it.

I had a PET scan done the week before the hurricane and didn’t know the results since my doctor appointments got held back because of no power in our area, so they weren’t open for business.

I started the Gerson Therapy April, 2015 when I found a lump in my breast. I had no insurance at the time so had to wait until August, 2015 when I went back to work as a physical therapist, to see my primary doc.  During the summer:  I started cheating on  gerson, not a good idea.  In September,  I had stage II breast cancer with lumpectomy     and 6 lymph nodes removed. In October, 2015 after having scans done, I had stage IV breast cancer with METs to the bones with 25 lesions found and multiple breaks in the bones. I felt absolutely no symptoms at the time.

I did stop working because I didn’t want to break more bones.

In December, 2015, more scans were done with more lesions found. The oncologists recommended standard American drugs. They also gave me 2 years to live. I didn’t want  to do the drugs. The docs were mad at me because of this, but then they didn’t offer me a cure just an extension of my life. I wanted the cure.

I had stopped cheating and was consistent with the Gerson by this time. At this time because there were more areas of cancer, I looked into getting a gerson practitioner.

I needed someone who had experience healing with nutrition and to follow my case       for the 2 years required. I decided to go to the authorized Gerson clinic in Mexico.

I sent  in my paperwork and it came back that they would only accept me for one          week due to the severity of the disease. It was disappointing, however, at least they        had  accepted me. I went on faith that they would extend it once I got there.

The clinic was closed for the holidays, so in Jan., 2016, my sister and I flew out there.

Once I got there and they saw that I was very active and mobile, they accepted me for         2 weeks. I had been doing the Gerson so long that there was really not much to change.     It was basically review for me with the different instruction classes. Those of you doing       it at home, just keep going, the book explains it all.

Dr. Cervantes, the main physician, is so excellent in his demeanor and treatment for the different patients.  He and I,  decided that since the disease was so aggressive in jumping    to more bones that I needed to do the oncology meds to slow the cancer down so that the Gerson could catch up and heal me, otherwise I would die.  Remember this is incurable and terminal cancer per Western standards of care.

When I came back home, I fractured my back on the plane flight from leaning too far forward so had to wear a brace for several months. I saw a local oncologist and started     the meds of 2 pills ibrance, femara(aromatase inhibitor), and xgeva, a shot, in Feb., 2016.

In March, 2016, a PET scan was done. I now had 31 lesions in 22 different bones – my skull, left arm, left thigh, pelvis, 6 ribs and 14 back bones.

With the gerson, my job was to rest and for one who was very active this has been hard      to do,  but I learned to do it.  My siblings jumped in and helped with cleaning the veggies, helping me shop, and financially supporting me. Very humbling for one very independent, another learning experience in my christian walk.

In Dec., 2016, another PET scan was done. Only 9 months from the last scan and the cancer went down to only 1 lesion and no active cancer in my bones.

Now, 9 months later, Sept., 2017, there are no signs of disease in my bones. I am now healed of the all bone metastasis in all those areas! Also, one of my 3 tumor markers my oncologist monitors is now within normal levels. CE 15-3 from a high 273 in Feb, 2016, now down to 29.6.

At this point, nothing changes because I am still taking the oncology meds. My plan is     get the tumor markers within normal limits for several months and then stop the meds. After that I will need to detox from them, so I don’t know how long this process will take. Dr. C and I are in sync with this plan.

Along with the cancer healing, the Gerson Therapy has helped me move from being       230 lbs down to 170 lbs,  no more migraines,  no type 2 diabetes with an AIC of 5.1, no   more depression and anxiety coming off 2 meds for them. It’s a comprehensive picture     of healing. During this time with a low white blood count and being exposed to people   who had colds or the flu,  I have also not caught any of that during these 19 months of treatment.

Once you understand how the gerson does it’s job then work the gerson and the gerson therapy will work for you. As always, you all are the best group!

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