Alzheimer’s Disease

   As we age our bodily systems begins to go haywire  and  vitamin D                   is one deficiency that is common in elderly people. Because as the skin       ages  it  has  a reduced capacity  to  synthesize it  and  as you get older         you become  less apt to get out  in the sun exposure which is necessary          for the synthesis of the vital vitamin.  If you have a relative with early     signs of dementia you should always request a simple blood test level         for vitamin D  and  Zinc levels  (A Welsh Alternative.)

   Although  when your talking hereditary  the ApoE  gene,  short  for Apoliprotein E  which  provides  instructions  for  making  the  protein (responsible  for transporting cholesterol  through  the blood stream.)   There  are  three  different  versions  of  genes  ApoE2,  E3  &  E4  or  in combination.  Therefore,  having two copies of  ApoE2  increases your        risk of  premature vascular disease  or  two copies  ApoE4  Alzheimer,      with  62%  carrying the  ApoE3  genotype  with  a  risk  of  neither.

   Always  remember also  that  as  you age  there is  “no”  substitute for                a  healthy diet  and  regular exerciseIt’s  important  to eat good sources          of B vitamins, food rich in vitamin C and Vitamin E  that adds protection    from  free  radical  damage.  Latest  discovery  in  this  area  indicates that    free radicals generated…. by compounds isolated from Alzheimer’s brain tissue can even damage parts of brain cells called acetlycholine receptors which are needed for receiving memory signals. Human Nervous System!!!   Daniel Tammet: The Boy With The Incredible Mind?   Kim Peek Murray, Utah…

   In  addition,  brain  cell  culture  studies  show  vitamin E  can protect   against damage caused by amyloid proteins that accumulate abnormally    in the brains of  Alzheimer’s patients.  It’s important to note that currrent vitamin E supplements  contain  alpha tocopherol,  therefore,  a good diet    is essential to obtain gamma tocopherol.   study-holds-promise-for-new-alzheimers-treatment/

   Keeping physically active:  there  exist  a  connection  between  good   cardiorespiratory fitness and preservation of the hippocampus region in   the brain  that’s  important in memory  and  spatial navigation.  It is also one  of  the  first  brain  regions  to  suffer Alzheimer related damage. Also increased levels of social interaction and cognitive stimulation have been shown to be beneficial to overall cognitive levels through reducing stress levels in your everyday life.

   Mentally stimulating activities helps maintain and strengthens the link amongst brain cells, as well as brain cells themselves thereby contributing    to the creation of new nerve cells. Also Staying cognitively active over your lifetime may reduce the risk  of  Alzheimer  by preventing he accumulation of  Alzheimers  related  pathology  says  Susan Landau,  a  scientist  at  the Helen Willis Neuroscience Institute at University of Cal Berkeley. 

   Several  “NEW”  studies show that treating hypertension can reduce one     risk  for developing Alzheimer’s disease  as well as  other  forms of cognitive impairment. While hypertension is not believed to be a cause of Alzheimer’s it can be considered  a risk  factor.  It  is  thought to be partially responsible for  the  subcortical  white  matter  lesions  and  a  dysfunction  of  the blood  brain  barrier  commonly  found in Alzheimer’s diseased patients.

   Furthermore, several other studies have begun to investigate which anti – hypertensive medications have the greatest impact upon reducing cognitive impairment.  One  study  showed  that  centrally  acting ACE inhibitors have the  largest  impact  on  improving  cognition  in  patients  with  early  stage cognitive impairment.  ACE inhibitors helps  remove  amyloid plaque   from brain tissue and thus  frees it  of  it’s amyloid burden.

    When  you  piece  “the  puzzle  together  the  big picture  gets  brighter.      While  for instance in Alzheimer patients the brain has “gray matter” that consist of  neurons  (nerve cells),  while  the white matter  consist of  nerve fibers,  as well as,  glial cells  which support the neurons.  When  you  take into  account “white matter disease”   is damage done  to the white matter    by damaged blood vessels.

    Apart  from  instances  of  high  blood  pressure,  high  cholesterol and smoking being the biggest  factors in ischemic white matter disease of  the brain.  Improving these  factors can reduce the risk of  vascular dementia.  Which is similar  to Alzheimer,  whereas,  dementia  tends to be stable  for      a while then suddenly gets worse, Alzheimer disease progress slowly with this being a surprising method of  testing yourself cheaply.

    Also remember:  that  Lewy body dementia  is  the second  most  common type 0f dementia after Alzheimer. It’s always important to make a diagnosis 0f  LBD rather than Alzheimer’s because the treatments are different.  Many medicines  used with success in Alzheimer disease are useless or will worsen LBD.   So  it’s  important  to  get  the right diagnosis, treatment  with  neither showing  up  in  a  CT scan  or  MRI  and  can be a struggle  finding  the  right  diagnosis/medicine.  For helpful information     

    While  other  popular  neurodegenerative  disorders…. are Epilepsy Huntington, Lou Gehrig’s (A.L.S.) , Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease   with  symptoms  including differences in speech patterns, loss of  balance    and  coordination, numbness or weakness in single a extremity,  memory loss,  difficulty  in  moving  or swallowing,  tremors,  rigid muscles.  With    one  of  the  best  treatment  centers    (Cushing Neuroscience Institutes)     and  Can Stress Actually Kill You!

      Courtney Galiano  whom at  25 years old  and  dancing  since  she  was   three years old.  Developed  an  electricity  feeling  all  the way down to her toes, therefore, being diagnosed with multi sclerosis. Which is a potentially debilitating disease which the body’s immune system attacks the protective myelin  sheath  that  covers  the  nerve  tissue  in  the  brain.  Whereas,  this damage interferes  with communication  between  your  brain,  spinal cord and other parts of  your body.  Checkout   for additional information….   

    Also  April 2011,  Coach Pat Summitt  of  The Lady Vols basketball team,   in Knoxville Tennessee was diagnosed with early onset dementia. Starting her career  in  1974,  at  the  age  of  22…  she  developed  quite  a  reputation    in  her 38  years as head coach  winning Eight  8  National Championships.  Summitt determination remains with a mantra:  keep  fighting, keep living &  keep  making  the  most  of  everyday. Now  –  A  –  day’s  she’s  making  an impact with the challenges  of  A.D. says,  Dr. Ronald Petersen, the Director  of  Alzheimer’s  Disease  Research  Center  at  the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota  by launching The Pat Summitt Foundation.

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