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  When you hear the word chemo, what are the first side effects that come    to mind?  The most commonly known ones  are hair loss  and nausea with vomiting. But are these all of the side effects of chemotherapy?  Not at all! Anyone  that has personally gone through it,  along with the caregivers, know first-hand the nastiness and depth of chemo side effects.

  Chemotherapy – Wikipedia:   chemotherapy techniques have                wide range of  side effects depending on the type of medicine …

   Question #1 What Does Chemotherapy  Feel Like?

    Answer: When  I  walked  out of  Kroger  today  I  picked  up a copy of “delicious living,”  while  flipping through the pages of  this magazine on page 25 an article titled  Look Lively graced the page. About  fatigue and how to get  your energy level back  and immediately the thought crossed   my  mind.  This  advice would  help  chemotherapy  patients  with clever comments  from Jack Challem author of  the book:  NO MORE FATIGUE.

     Virtually  all  chemotherapeutic  regimens  causes  various  stages  of       side effects and depression of  the immune system, often paralyzing bone marrow.  Which  leads  to decrease white blood cells,  red blood cells  and platelets due to immune suppression, typhlitis an intestinal infection can produce nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, distended abdomen,     pain or tenderness, chills and  fever with anemia resulting in bruises and bleeding, dry mouth (ulcers) or thrush throatWith mouth moisturizing products  from Biotene aiding the cancer patient.

   Question #2 Can Natural Supplements… Relieve Side Effects ??                   and what about Non Toxic Therapies!!!      And Exercise!!!                                     What  Are  The  Side  Effects  0f  C h e m o t h e r a p y!!!!    Part V.

   Answer:  Through the power of the internet… lotz on the world wide web supports the conclusion. My own thought is find a Great Osteopathic Doctor through either… two great websites:  American Osteopathic Association  or American Academy of Anti – Aging. Also never agree to chemotherpy unless the Oncologist is talking Natural & Nutritional Supplementation, while also Customizing a Chemotherapy Course that works for you (building up to the ideal amount… why take more if  your cancer dies on less) and additionally consider chemo – sensitivity testing  (which  finds  the  best combination of  chemotherapeutic regimen.)      See Dr. Robert Nagourney’s  video!!! 

   Question #3  with 6,000  first time users everyday ~ 15 million Americans smoking  marijuana  daily  is medicinal marijuana permissible  alternative treatment  for the side effects of chemotherapy/As air pollution is known to cause cancer why not legalize medicinal marijuana  for it’s health benefit?

   Answers: Melissa Etheridge the singer after being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in October 2004 said, it helped her cope with the adverse effect without  the  high   and  a  chance to  be  normal  again  advocates  it’s  usage. As well Cheryl Shuman describe herself  as “basically a vegetable”  while she was being treated with  27  pharmaceutical drugs and a morphine pump and after 90 days of  using cannabis oil and juice was not only walking alone but also back to work  full time.  Arlene Williams says it aides cancer as well!

   When  20 year old Emily Sander…. talks  about  the  benefit of  medicinal marijuana  as  part  of  her  lymphoma treatment.  Whom had nausea issues from taking more than seven different pain medications as part  of  her daily chemotherapy regimen including taking vicodin and oxycontin.  A non  drug user her entire life as she turned  to medicinal marijuana  to counter nausea, headaches  from chemotherapy and it worked. If  John Pardee has it his way Ohio  in  2014,  will  become the 21st state to legalize it’s usage  for medicinal purposes as he knows  full well the benefits.

     Miracle fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum), which grows on a small emerald tree,      is a red berry native to … Chemotherapy made their taste buds give out. … “When I tried the miracle fruit before my meal,  my life changed,”  said Faison-Finch,  who was being treated for cervical cancer.

      Beta glucans: consequently lower dosages of drugs are used which comprise the curative effect of chemotherapy…

      Probiotics: although the bacteria in probiotics are not infectious,                if the immune system is compromised they do come with a risk

     Medicinal Mushroom: can help people suffering from cancer reduce chemotherapy side effects and help fight cancer naturally

    Milk Thistle: your first goal should be to protect the liver against                the toxicity chemotherapy agents deliver to it…

    Coffee Enemas: causes the liver to dump toxins, stimulate toxic bile           out of the liver and promote glutathione production…

     Turmeric: yes we’re on your spice rack for this one which increases          the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy, thereby,  allowing for    lower dosages administered…

    Magnesium: when you have low levels and are deficient nothing works right… it’s characterized by a loss of appetite,  nausea,  vomiting,  and also,  muscle weakness… sounds familar to all chemo patients…

    CoenzymeQ10: can offer  critical support while improving the tolerability of chemotherapy,  lessening it’s adverse impact on immune fuctions  and  in some instances protection of the heart…

    Question #4  What is the best way  to  regain a  full head of  hair back? Patricia R. Wheeler… states  New Nordic Hair Volumeyour scalp might    be sore the third day but this product works best… made 0f  apple extract.

Question #5  Which Foods Are Best To Avoid During Chemo? Find out which foods to avoid during chemo, which foods to eat durning chemo and how certain supplements can ease chemo side effects.


    Cancer Treatment Centers: constantly think “outside the box” while trying different approaches (nutritionally,  naturopathic,  mind & body,  and  also performing tumor molecular profiling.)

    National Cancer Institute: chemotherapy fact sheet with clear medical  advice about managing chemotherapy side effects…

    American Cancer Society: Chemotherapy Principles… in depth discussion including information on the different types of chemotherapy drugs… What causes side effects?   Cancer cells grow rapidly, however, some normal cells grow quickly while chemo effects those too…

    Mayo Chemotherapy side effects may include an increase risk of heart disease especially cardiomyopathy in previous heart patients…

    Stanford Medicine: Some patients are mislead thinking Hyperthermia Treatments are only administered in Germany… Oncologist and experienced patients have an open invite to comment and answer frequent ask questions… Scott Hamilton’s website detailing the latest information about chemotherapy to patients and their families… Chemotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to destroy cancer cells… Newer treatments and supportive care have been at the forefront of vast improvements in the management of symptoms… Damage to blood cells can lead to side effects, such as,  anemia, fatique, infections  and  mouth sores…

     Caring4Cancer: There are over 50 chemodrugs being used the following table gives various names with side effects associated with them… Different drugs cause different side effects and each person experiences chemotherapy in their own unique way…

Cancer Treatment Centers of America    Speak up: The chemotherapy patient’s first step toward finding relief from treatment-related nerve damage

     Medical News Today: Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to treat disease and this website has some of the most frequent ask questions… Effective communication with your doctors… it’s a    two – way street…  make sure you’re asking effective questions… Chemotherapy drugs expand the realm of HOPE cancer patients have when faced with this life threatening illness…

     Weisenthal Cancer Group: Having become apparent to some physicians and researchers worldwide… cancer treatments must be more personalized.

     Rational Therapeutics: A pioneering cancer research laboratory that   specializes in Ex-Viro Analysis – Programmed Cell Death  (EVA – PCD.)

    Century Wellness Clinic: Dr. James Forsythe introduces options, HOPE, healing and recovery in treating cancer while integrating conventional & complementary treatments… Cancer w/chemo: How is chemotherapy given or administered and it’s most common side effects… Medicine: Although chemotherapy aims to destroy cancer cells and stop them from multiplying it can damage healthy cells…

    Chemotherapy Advisor: A  full list of  cancer treatments  and concise drug information  at  your  finger tips… if  your going through chemo ~ white blood cells  (W.B.C.)  drop to their lowest  7 to 14 days  following treatment…

     King Hussein Cancer Center: Provides state of the art comprehensive treatment and awareness information to the people of Jordan.  A naturopathic protocol in combination with allopathic diagnostic treatment options (for reference purpose only) …

   Natural Chemotherapy turns healthy cells into WNT16B factories which churn out this activator chemical…

   Natural Chemotherapy backfires – causes healthy cells to feed growth of cancer tumors…


   National Cancer Institute: Information about what to expect during chemotherapy and what… your doctor, nurse or social worker might NOT know about support groups.

   National Cancer Institute: Types of treatments and information on chemotherapy, radiation therapy and targeted therapy amongst others. How to cope with High – Dose Chemo and Radiation Therapy.

   Chemotherapy Support Groups: This website offers up a great outlet of information for various forms of support for those about to go through chemo. 

    Daily Strength Support Groups: Meet over 183 friendly and supportive people sharing their experiences with others about chemotherapy.

    MD Junction: This group is a community of patients with forums, articles, diaries with videos and so much more.

    Chemo Angels: Volunteer support group for under going chemotherapy with links, news and patient information.

      ImermanAngels: Carefully matches patients for free flights to their destination of choice through corporate jets…a  fabulous program. Is a comprehensive website chalked full of information for the cancer patient and “IF” you can’t find it here… it’s probably NOWHERE> 

     Cancer Support Community: CSC offers New Discoveries on the latest cancer therapies and treatment in oncology as well as psychosocial care.

    National Family Caregivers Association: Offers a virtual library of information and educational campaign to Tips & Tools for family caregivers.

    National Comprehensive Cancer Network: This website offers guidelines to educational  events,  programs and clinical resources.

    Clinic Trials @ N.C.I. This resource will give you the knowledge gained about the clinical trials that are out there in the country.

    Financial Guidance @ A.C.S. Search for “Financial Guidance for Cancer Survivors   and Their Families: In Treatment!!!”

    Patient Advocate Foundation: provides patients with arbitration, mediation and negotiation to settle issues related to their illness.


     Dr. David Cathcart talks about Chemotherapy Treatments & Side Effects                       in this informative 25 video series.

     Dr. David Cathcart talks about Vitamin & Minerals supplements                                   that may help during the course of  chemotherapy treatments.

     In this Mid – West Cancer Centre: Guide to Chemotherapy which  is very informative detailing the cytotoxic and antibodies drugs given based on individual needs.

     Peter Clark, Consultant Oncologist: Explains in this informative videos the chemotherapy process and some patients talk about their own experiences.

      City of Hope Video Series:Cancer patients learn how to deal with the           various  side effects of chemotherapy and a whole lot more.

     Slaying the Beast: Angela Abbott discusses some of the lesser known                           side effects of chemotherapy and tells how she deals with them.

     Dr. Robert Smith: Talks being “immunized” during flu season for the caregiver     because the cancer patient has a compromised immune system.

     Dr. Peter Glidden: Talks about the incredibly “low success rate” of chemotherapy       as a cancer treatment   (see Dr. Robert Nagourney ABOVE.)

      Bert Seelman & Lynn Gray: Discusses curing cancer without chemotherapy,               what she learned about cancer and Chemo without supplementation is Crude!

      Ann Boroch, C.N.C., Naturopath: Shares information what she thinks about the supplements will need in today’s diet and I think may in deed help cancer patients.

Cold caps for Chemotherapy????    Braid My Hair!!!!


       From Suzanne Somer’s Blog: In Germany Chemosensitivity tests are rountinely conducted in order to determined which type of chemo should be utilized for a specific patient. In this video Dr. James Forsythe explains the givens, “that in both Germany   and Greece, specialists begin harvesting the cancer cells out of the patients blood.

       They then break down the cells genetically in order to discover which markers are compatiable with treatment of the specific tumor in that person. From these test, they can tell whuch drugs would be “most effective” and NOT harmful,  for this particular cancer patient.

        Dr. James Forsythe illustrates the impact of this testing by sharing one of his patients stories, “I had a patient from Sacramento. California whom had been on a heavy-duty chemo protocol…. called FOL-FOX  (containing oxaliplation, 5-FU, and Avastin.)   We found out through German Chemosensitivity Testing that two out of    three  of those drugs were completely ineffective.

Important Note:  You may recall  the story in early October of  the young 10 year         old Sarah Hershberger.  Whose parents belong to the insecular Amish group in Ohio   and  her  parents  made the decision  to  suspend chemotherapy treatments.  As  the hospital sought custody of the child in an attempt to  force the child to continue their treatment protocol or she would die. The Hershberger’s went out of  country and it’s  now being reported that Sarah has made a  full recovery and is cancer  free.





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