Childhood Cancer

   In adults, cancer sometimes refered to as  “acquired”  because they’re caused  from environmental exposures  to  cells over time.  The  cells  that becomes cancerous  are  usually   “epithelial”  cell,  which are cells lining   the  body cavity  and  cover  the  body surface.  Childhood  cancers  often  occur or begin in the stem cells,  which might explain  “why”  in adults it takes longer durations over years of exposures for cancer to occur.

    Stem cells  are  delicate  cells  capable  of   producing  other  types  of  specialized cells  that  the  body needs.  This  process  is  not  perfect  and errors sometimes occur,  especially when the cells are growing quickly. Some children  inherit  DNA  changes  (mutations)  from  a  parent  that increases their risk of cancer.    Shortage of Pediatric Cancer Drugs?

    However,  most cancers  are not  caused  by  inherited DNA mutations, thereby,  resulting  from DNA changes  that happen early  in  the childs life sometimes before birth. Everytime a cell prepares to divide into 2 new cells it must copy it’s DNA. Thereby a sporadic (occurs by chance) cell change or mutation is usually what causes childhood cancer.

    The vast majority of childhood cancers are not known, although some may have outside causes  that  have not yet  been determined.  Because it’s impossible to track what happen  (maybe  being  push  in  a  bady carriage near a cars exhaust pipe) during the events leading to the event. Therefore the only possible explanation  is  that  it  has  to  be  a random  “Act of God” that sometimes something happens inside the cell.

    Numbers of studies are examining suspected or possible risk factors for childhood  cancers.  Including  early – life exposures  to  infectious agents, parent,  fetal  or  childhood  exposures  to  environmental  toxins,  such as pesticides,  solvents  or  other  household  chemicals, as  well  as  parental occupational  exposure to asbestos,  radiation  and  chemicals; or maybe  parental  medical conditions during pregnancy or before conception.

    Researchers….  are also…. studying the risk associated with maternal exposures to oral contraceptives,   fertility  drugs  and  other  medications, familial and genetic susceptibility and risk associated with the exposure to human immuno deficiency virus (HIV)  parasites  and  bacteria  from NOT  sterilzing the babies bottle before  feeding.  

    Scientist believe  it  is  in  the  interaction of many factors together that produces cancer and those factors involved could be environmental as well constitutional  characteristic  in  the  genetics  of  the  individual. Diagnosis, treatment and  prognosis  for childhood cancer  are different than for adult cancers and should be treated as such. What Causes Childhood Leukemia?

   The main differences are the survival rates  and  the causes of the cancer.   The survival rate  for childhood cancer  is about  72 percent,  mean while in the adult cancer survival rate  is 60 percent.  This rate difference is thought to be because  childhood cancer  is  more  responsive  to therapy.  While  the child can also tolerate more agressive therapy, and therefore, the prognosis is better. Whereas,  using unorthodox medicine  Emily  “Emma”  Whitehead who  is six years old  was cured of  Leukemia  with  a daring  new procedure by  Dr.  Carl June  and Dr.  David Porter at the University of  Pennsylvania. video-hiv-used-cured-dying-6-year-old-cancer-patient/482505

     Notes From Heaven:  of  all  the  heart  felt  stories  I  have  included  this website,  Elena Desserich  from  Cincinnati, Ohio  has  to  be  one of  the most  heart wretching.  In 2007,  being  diagnosed  with  inoperable  brain  cancer, she  was  given  only  135 days  to  live.  While ending up  living  255 days and passing  in  August  of  that  year.  Than  after her  death  her  parents  ended  up  finding  a very impressive collection of  drawings  she left behind. Which  they  published a bookNotes Left Behind”  of  inspiration  and  also started The  Cure  Starts  Now  Foundation  to  find  a  cure  for  Brainstem  Glioma  in Elena’s honors.

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    Cncinnati Children’s Hospital: one of the best pediatric cancer centers       in the country.     A success story right here in the  “Buckeye State.”  

    Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation: is a non profit dedicated to serving the needs of families with children with brain tumors….

    National Children’s Leukemia Foundation: providing educational material in the battle against leukemia in children….

    WestChester Medical Center: the cancer center has one of the most      active bone marrow transplant  and  delayed intensification  chemo  programs for children in the nation.

    Childhood Cancer Statistics: each year in the United States there are approximately  12,400 children  between birth and 19 years of age that      are diagnosed with cancer….

     National Foundation for Cancer Research: childhood cancer detection chart…. cancer type overview…. sign and symptoms….

     Nationwide Children’s: mission to expand the understanding of the pathogensis of childhood cancer…. symptoms of childhood cancer depends on the type        of cancer the child has and there are no obvious or simple signs…. since most symptoms of cancer can also            attributed to other conditions…. be child cancer aware…. most patients go through periods of extreme  fatique as the body expends extra energy healing….

    Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital: a member of Spectrum Health based specialty pedriatric medical and surgical center for children…. once cancer has been diagnosed it’s important for parents to seek help from specialized oncologist….|Leukemia: cancers of the white blood cells                        (also called leukocytes or WBC’s).

    Alex’s Lemonade Stand: raises money to fight childhood cancer       includes history of the little girl whom began the effort….

    The Dragonfly Foundation: bringing comfort  and  joy to kids and        young adults with cancer and blood disease….

    Cincinnati Dreams Come True: serves children under the age of 18           living within a 100 mile radius of Cincinnati….

    ImermanAngels: One – on – One Cancer Support carefully matching pairs      touched by cancer with someone who has fought and survived….

    Coins 4 it’s highly unlikely your child will develope cancer, however, as a parent you must know the symptoms….

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  2. Shapoval says:

    Childhood (pediatric) cancers are caused by iron-related genes (genes involved in iron metabolism) and iron-related events (when excessive iron accumulates within cellular organelles due to carcinogenic lifestyle events). Childhood and adult cancers are always the result of inherited-acquired local iron overload. Cancers always affect iron-overloaded body sites. Some infants, children, teens and young adults are born with iron-defective gene/genes that they inherited from their mother or father. Normal cells become cancerous cells because cellular iron overload affects DNA and chromosomes, mitochondria and lysosomes. Cancerous cells are iron-rich or iron-saturated or iron-overloaded cells.

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