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At the young age of 43 years old, Shannon Oldenburgh was diagnosed with a stage 3, highly invasive triple negative breast cancer that had already hit eight axillary lymph nodes and one sentinel lymph node. There were two cancer tumors found in her breast, one being 4.5 x 4.5 cm in size and another one directly behind it being 3.8 cm in diameter. There was also cancer found in the bone of her hip. This is a triple-negative, highly aggressive form of cancer that doubled in size in a mere ten days. Doctors have told us that there is a 5% success rate that patients live five years longer and a 4% rate of living ten years longer and that there’s nothing we can do. This is the worst case scenario all around.
– God bless you both with peace & strength. ūüėá

What is a triple-negative breast cancer?

In contrast to the controversy regarding the definition of basal-like breast cancers, there¬† ¬†is uniform agreement that triple-negative cancers are defined as tumors that lack ER, PR, and HER2 expression.¬† These tumors account for 10‚Äď17 ¬†percent of all breast carcinomas, depending on the thresholds used to define ER and PR positivity and the methods used for HER2 assessment. Future studies are likely to produce slightly different prevalence rates for triple-negative breast cancers given the change in the definition of HER2 and hormone receptor positivity according to the ASCO/CAP guidelines.

The main characteristics of triple-negative cancers that have emerged from the literature illustrate their similarities to basal-like cancers, including the fact that they more frequently affect younger patients (<50 years), are more prevalent in African-American women, often present as interval cancers, and are significantly more aggressive than tumors of other molecular subtypes. This aggressiveness is best exemplified by the fact that the peak risk of recurrence is between the first and third years and the majority of deaths occur in the first 5 years following therapy. Patients with triple-negative cancers, similar to those with basal-like cancers, have a significantly shorter survival following the first metastatic event when compared with those with non-basal-like/non-triple-negative controls.

Alas, upon finding out the severity of this situation the family jumped into action to find our own ways to combat this. Leading the charge was husband David Oldenburgh O.D. a Parma, Ohio native , is a graduate of the Ohio State University with a B.S. in the field of Microbiology. He received his Doctor of Optometry degree from the Illinois College of Optometry in 1992, where he was a member of the Beta Sigma Kappa Honor Society and received the ASCO Student Endowment Award. He completed an externship as a civilian optometrist at Fort Sheridan Army Hospital in Illinois. Dr. Oldenburgh specializes in the field of pre and post surgical management of refractive surgery patients. His focus is on the treatment of ocular disease, dry eye, glaucoma, and ocular emergencies. He has treated over 10,000 post refractive patients.

 Dr.  Oldenburgh also performs routine and contact lens eye examinations Dr. Oldenburgh is board licensed in the treatment of eye disease and has completed numerous continuing medical education courses in retina, cornea, Dry Eye Syndrome, and laser vision surgical correction. He has served as a clinical research investigator for many FDA studies, including LASIK and Phakic Refractive Lenses. Dr. Oldenburgh has presented lectures on these topics at several continuing medical education seminars. He currently resides in Bay Village with his family.   http://www.droldenburgh.com/our-practice.html
 Being a research professional Dr. Oldenburg immediately switched Shannon diet to organic, alkalizing foods with absolutely no sugar. We started adding in all-natural and organic supplements to boost her immune system both orally and intravenously. They started flying Shannon  to Pheonix in order to have her blood oxygenated and immune system boosted at the only place in the world we could find that can do it at this level. She would travel back and forth from Phoenix, AZ to Cleveland, OH every week.

Recap: When Dr. Dave Oldenburg discovered that his wife Shannon had Stage 3, highly invasive breast cancer he went into research mode. Traditional chemotherapy and radiation that is commonly used in the US would not be work for Shannon and he was determined to find an effective alternative.¬† Beginning the battle in Phoenix….. later Dr. Dave’s¬†wife‚Äôs cancer was later upgraded to stage 4, and they decided that the Gerson Cancer Treatment and the Gerson diet was the best fit for a prolonged, cancer free life.

In the video below Dr. Dave and Shannon shares their experience from when they first started researching through the 21 days of treatment. Also Shannon shares here fear of traveling to Mexico and how quickly the fear turned to peace. She discusses her experience of the staff, and her desire to return to CHIPSA to volunteer with the newer patients
‚ÄúI love the fact‚Ķ they treat you like human beings; not just a number. The nurses, everybody, the cooks treat you like family and care about you. They genuinely care about you and being a doctor, Dave weighs in on the medical aspects of her treatment. ‚ÄúThe greatest value I have seen here, is every patient being treated for what is in their best interest and not the best interest of the institution. The doctors change up the therapies and protocols daily to suit the patient‚Äôs needs.‚ÄĚ
He continues by discussing the positive impact of the family atmosphere of CHIPSA, and how the encouraging environment promotes healing. He discusses how they receive cooking classes from the CHIPSA chef which allows them to make the Gerson Cancer Treatment diet a new lifestyle. He shares the joy of witnessing a patient enter the Cancer Treatment Center in a wheelchair, and a short time later that same patient was walking up and down stairs.
Watch the video and hear for yourself how the innovative cancer treatments at CHIPSA Hospital are changing lives.
Recap: before beginning these treatments Shannon was suffering from stage four, triple negative, invasive breast cancer that doubled in size in merely ten days. She was having shooting pains down her leg that at points left her debilitated. She was also fatigued and a victim of her thyroid. It was a mess.¬†Two weeks into her diet change and these all-natural intravenous treatments,¬†they went for a pet scan to check her progress.Results: the 4.5 x 4.5 cm tumor shrunk to 3.2 x 2.2 cm and the 3.8 cm had shrunk to a 1 cm inactive nodule. The pain in her leg completely went away and now the cancer in her hip hardly even registers as a threat. This is only two weeks!¬†Two more weeks go by with this treatment and diet and my mom has more energy than we’ve ever seen before. She is vibrant and is enjoying life. She doesn’t get sick, her allergies haven’t messed with her and her thyroid seems to have calmed down.¬†The difference between modern medicine and what they we do in Phoenix¬†is dig to not just find out WHAT you have but also WHY you have it as well
They¬†research HOW to kill it and make sure it never comes back. With Shannon’s case, they learn she¬†went through a traumatic moment just a year before her diagnosis when my brother, Brian overdosed on anti-depressant medication and passed away. The stress from dealing with this loss caused Shannon’s immune system to weaken giving room for cancer to grow in its natural acidic habitat. This mixed with some poor diet choices leading in a rise of sugar intake (cancer’s favorite food) created the perfect place for an aggressive cancer to grow and flourish.
Now that they¬†know the root cause¬†they know can learn how we can fix it. Boost the immune system and alkalize the body…. Naturally. That’s what we believe in and where our results are. http://www.solitarius.org/2014/06/21/true-account/

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U.S. Doctor and Wife Choose CHIPSA For Cancer Treatment

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