Cellular Nutrition:  In order  for all your cells  to  function  optimally,       they must be able to absorb the nutrients you consume.  Starting  in  the digestive tract,  you need both balanced nutrition  and  receptive cells  to accomplish this  feat. When either or both of these systems  are impaired memory, clear thinking, problem solving and even mood can be affected.

   Eating healthy  foods on a daily basis  has been  found  to  help people    with Fibromyalgia and other disorders like it. Fibromyalgia can be quite debilitating, sucking the life out of you,  as well as, your zest  for life. Alot     of energy is used just dealing with the discomfort of everyday movement and the ever present fatique.     (Boston Childrens Hospital)

    Interestingly  research  has  found  people  with  Fibromyaglia have mitochondrial dysfunction.  This being the inner section of  the cell that produces  energy.  This  is  the cells  inner – self  and  it’s necessary  for a  Fibromyalgia sufferers…. to  have a high level  of  nutrients  to  improve mitochrondria function in order to assist with the production of energy. 

   Remember  a  healthy nutritious diet  means  one  low in  fat,  sugary      items, processed foods, healthy proteins and carbohydrates, with plenty     of  fruits  and  vegetables  as  well  as  adequate  intakes  of  water. While sustaining from cigarettes and only consuming moderate alcohol,  with  also a daily exercise regime  of  1/2 hour  of  strenous exercise.

    According  to an article posted in  WebMD,  they  found  a  few  foods       that  seem  to  sometimes  cause  problems  with  people  suffering  from Fibromyaglia.  Try  an  elimination  diet  for  these  “trigger foods”  on a rotating  basis  to  see  which  food maybe the cause.  Aspartame, Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup,  Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)  thats found       in  flavored  chips, sauces/gravies,  pre packagng  foods,  gluten,  dairy, night shade plants  and  some processed  foods.

What  your  body  needs  is  Healthy Nutrition  at  Herbalife  this  is         called cellular nutrition. With a right blend of carbohydrates,  protein,   and fat; which is approximately 30% of  calories  from  protein,  25% of  calories from good fat  and  45% calories from carbohydrates.  Colorful fruits and vegetables with the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

The body needs cellular nutrition!  

   We  don’t  claim  to  cure  anything….  but  when  your  body  gets  good  nutrition things heal. I have a client whom has suffered with fibromyaglia for  15  years  and  with  good  nutrition  her  symptoms  have  disappeared.  If  you are interested in letting  food be your medicine please give me a call 513 – 518 – 6776  or  visit my website  for more information.

Michelle Schooley: Herbalife Representative           7Things You Should Avoid..??

    The similarities  and  differences  between   fibromyalgia (nerves)  and polymyalgia (muscle) and various types of arthritis are indistinguishable. However,  these  illnesses  share  common  symptoms,  such  as  joint  pain, fatigue and  flu like symptoms. It’s not unusual  for FM to occur with other disorders  like ~ Rheumatoid  0r Osteoarthritis,  lupus,  multi sclerosis etc. what can begin as RA can turn into FM and  the solutions don’t work .

     FM ~ causes our bodies to become overly sensitive,  for  instance  when the average person  stubs a toe,  the  pain last a  few minutes  and begins to subside.  However,  when  a  fibromyalgia patient  stubs a toe,  initial  pain   is in the toe  than a hour later it’s in the  foot  and hours later  it’s in the leg. What  fibromyalgia patients realize  are the coping skills are different and what works  for arthritis doesn’t work  for them.   A N e w T r e a t m e n t!

  Therefore  some of  the best coping tips are to keep moving, but not over   doing it. Because becoming exhausted increases pain, 0nce the pain starts it’s tough to control  and even with some of the topical crème may not help (Absorbine Jr  0r Ultra Strength BenGay is rendered helpless.)  Also listen  to your body and what it’s crying  for and also  figure out how to minimize stressors.  As  stress  can  increase pain  and  also  staying  away  from  the night shade vegetables that can make you hurt.

    With  another  unorthodox  method  not accepted nor  fully understood       by western medicine  with experts never having  under gone  acupuncture, that complication such as  fainting  and dizziness being associated with the sham practice …it’s hardly warrants consideration. I have talked to people that said never knock something you haven’t tried  for yourself.  According to acupuncture critics the dangerous mumbo jumbo that goes with it,  isn’t worth the placebo effect you gain  from neuroscience.

   Practitioners claim  by inserting  fine needles into  360+ specific pressure points in the human body, that it can unblock area’s affecting the meridians (channels of  energy)  that run up  and down the body, thereby,  healing  the injury  or  what  ails  them. Dr.  Andrew Vickersan  expert  in  biostatistics and research methods at Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center in NYC.

    Found when they analyzed the results of  29 high quality trials involving 17,922  people  having  different sorts of  chronic pain – arthritis, back, neck, headache  and shoulder pain,  and already was being treated by their doctor with  the acupuncture  being an added treatment.  At  the  start  of  the  study and  being ask the level of  pain  – most responded  with a 60/100 reply, than after acupuncture most responded  with an average  35 rating  with  a  sham acupuncturist  and  30 with a traditional acupuncturist.

   Also Vitaly Napadow,  professor of  radiology at Harvard Medical School, whom has run a number of studies on the way the brain changes in response to  acupuncture. Went  onto  report  his  findings  that  sham  and traditional acupuncture affect different areas of  the brain.  With  the  latter stimulating pathways  involved with providing endorphins (natural painkillers.)

   Areas of the human brain that process pain are stimulated by traditional acupuncture,  not by sham  and a lot  has been given  to the consideration of the point you access  and  depth of  the needle. With  the  risk  of  puncturing the  lung a probability and anyone trained should have the absolute skillset from the best Society of Acupuncturist to guard against this risk. Therefore do your research before determining which acupuncturist you want to see.

   With  11 to 18 triggering points,  anxiety,  apathetic manner and  feeling  the blues,  tender muscles and  joint aches,  fatigue  from  trouble  sleeping and  cloudy thinking  from  brain  fog.  Fibromyalgia  can be tough to deal with when gone misdiagnosed.  While  Sue Ingebretson,  a Holistic Doctor and author of  FibroWHYalgia, thinks factors such as nutritional deficits, food allergies and thyroid issues can play a role. 

   Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum M.D.,  author  The Fatigue & Fibromyalgia Solution attributes symptoms to chronic stress and Dr. R. Paul St. Amand, author of What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Fibromyaglia,  believes  a build up   of  phosphates (bone strengthening minerals is to blame.) He also sees that in 100 percent of  his patients their is a pain or spasm in the left thigh.

   Dr. St. Amand’s reports that  his Guiafenestein Protocol,  brings relief  to  up  to  91  percent of  the  fibromyalgia  suffers  he  treat.  Involving  talking 300mg of extended – release Mucinex twice daily for a week (he suggest that splitting a  600 mg pill) under a doctor’s care is the way to go.  If symptoms intensified in the  first week, that’s a sign that guiafenestein is working and continuing with that dose should bring relief.

   If  symptom’s  don’t  worsen  (a sign that phosphates  are being released)   the  dosage  should  be increased  by 300 mg  daily  to  up  to 1,800 mg a day. But NOTE:  on this plan,  it’s key to avoid personal care products containing salicylates which block guiafenesin’s action. For a list of products and more details on the protocol log on to     

   Also other tips off  this plan:  Ingebretson says,  experts suggest including Vitamin D  2000 IU daily, magnesium (320 mg daily), Fish Oil 1000 to 2000 milligrams daily  and CoQ10 (up to 100 mg daily.)  Another Option  research from  Dr.  Teitelbaum  finds  taking  5 grams of  D-Ribose  three  times a day revs pep  by 61 percent  plus ease pain.  His  choice  is  Corvalen Ribose  from  

what  your  doctor  won’t  tell  you  about  fibromyalgia  video  series


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