Auto Immune Disease

  With  an  over abundance of  auto immune disease  being  prevalent in today’s  society.  It’s no wonder  we have grown  into a sick society.  Auto – immune diseases arises  from  an abnormal immune response of  the  body against substances and tissues that are normally present in the body. This may be restricted to certain organs or particular tissues.

   The treatment  for auto immune diseases  are  typically  with immune – suppression medication decreasing the immune response. Diet wise when    it comes  to any – and – all  auto immune disorders.  It’s  important  to  also incorporate good  fat into your diet.  While  listening  to  your  body…. how you  feel when you consume the  food.

    Food borne disease is a preventable public health challenge causing an estimated  48 million illnesses – 3000 deaths each year in the United States.  The onset of symptoms may occur within minutes to weeks often presenting itself as flu – like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea  or  fever.  Because the symptoms are flu – like, many people may not recognize that the illness is caused by harmful bacteria because of  pathogens in  food.

   Some of  the popular  food borne illnesses  are  Listeria,  E ColiH Pylori, SalmonellaStaph  Bacteria,  MRSA,  Hepatitis A,  and traveler’s  diarrhea: which isn’t  to mention Celiac Disease,  Diverticulitis  and  Ulcerative Colitis from  some  of  the  types  of  food  allergies  you  may have. Microorganisms may be  present  in  food  products  when  you  purchase them,  for example; plastic wrapped boneless chicken, and  ground meat  were once part of live chicken or cattle.     Gluten is a problem for some people!!!

  Raw meatpoultryseafood  and  eggs  are  not  sterile,  neither  is  fresh  produce such as lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts and melons.  Everyone is at risk for getting  food borne illnesses.  However,  those at greater risk are infants, younger children,  pregnant women  and their unborn bablies,  older adults and people with weakened immune systems  (such as those with HIV/Aids, cancer,  diabetes,  kidney disease  and  transplant patients.)   Some  people may  become  at risk after ingesting  only  a few harmful bacteria,  however, others may remain symptom free after ingesting thousands.

While  the  immune system abnormalities  have  been reported in children with autistic disorder, there is little consensus regarding the nature of these differences which include both enhanced autoimmunity  and reduced immune function.  In this review,  we discuss also current findings with respect to immune function  and  the spectrum of autoimmune phenomena described in children with ASD.

A study released March 26, 2014  in  the New England Journal of Medicine  found that evidence of autism.  Maybe related to clusters of abnormal cells in areas of the brain that  controls social,  emotional  and communication functions.  As  these findings suggest the disorder may start in the womb (genetic mutations have been identified as a risk factor.)

That said,  Autism has climbed nearly  30% between 2008  and 2010.  Having doubled since the turn of the century. This condition according to a study from the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Also shows Autism affects one in every 68 —    8 year olds (starting between the age of 2 and 3.) Up from one in every 88 just two years ago.

Many  experts  believe  that  the rise is largely due to better awareness and diagnosis. Rather than a true increase in the  number of children with the condition. While being college educated  are more likely  to have an autistic child.  It’s also possible a parent is more likely to have the chance of autism increase with the age of parents at conception.

Autism  has  been  shown…. to cluster in urban neighborhoods of high socioeconomic    status.  One study from California found an increased risk of autism in 10 cluster areas. Predominantly in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Joaquin Valley area.  Also recent research looking at county rates of the disorder… found that evidence of environmental exposures to toxins like pesticides.  Which is causing the bee kill  and can contribute to autism.

When  you  raise a child in a more fluent neighborhood  the aim is to look for possible evidence of localized sources of exposure of toxins…. in the home  (radon gas,  mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls.)  While mothers of autistic children  are twice as likely to use pet flea shampoos another study found a link between autism and phthalates. Which are used in vinyl and cosmetics.

In 1977,  Dr.  Jonas Salk  (inventor the Salk Polio vaccine)  testified  with other scientist that 87%  of the polio cases which occurred in the United States.  Since 1970 were the by- product  of the polio vaccine.  The Sabin Polio vaccine  (OPV)  is the only known cause of  polio in the U.S. today. With many vaccinations failing to achieve their intended purpose. The American Journal of Epidemiology  shows  children die at a rate 8 times greater than normal within three days after getting a DPT vaccination.

A preliminary study  by  the Center for Disease Control  (CDC) found children receiving the N1B vaccine.  Were found to be  5 times  more likely to contract the disease than kids who had not received the vaccines.  With extreme pressures  placed upon parents for not signing permission and accepting responsibility for the 50 vaccinations before age 18.

Why  in  Heavens:  with  the  trade  off  not  being  worth  the risk including horrible   complications and sometimes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. While some vaccines are known to have caused childhood cancer leukemia,  onset of diabetes, brain damage  and autism.  Autism is a neurological disorder involving impaired social and communication skills and development.

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