Healing Within Yourself

   I was talking to a  facebook  friend:  Pamela Johnson you know who     you are.  I always respect your openminded opinions about the universe        in which  we  live.  Within  this visit we talked about the bodily  functions  through harmonious balance  and  integrative functions.  With Pamela’s suggestion, that  I  should  include… a  blog post  that’s about good health  depending  on  three  inter – connected  factors  providing information to heal within.

            1. The body’s structural systems: including the muscles, bones,              ligaments, nerves, blood vessels and the fuctioning organs…

            2. The body’s biochemical processes: involving absorption, utilization of nutrients and elimination of waste…

            3. The body’s conscious state: that comprises your mental,      emotional and spiritual dimension that’s deep within…

   When your in a state of good health, a cut, bruise or bone heals quite  rapidly without complication or infection.  If  your exposed  to  infection     our immune system deals with it.  The  body  has  a natural tendency  to    seek good health while healing and repairing itself.  Symptoms of  other  more major illness are met for us to recognise something just isn’t right and  to do something about it.

   Treating  these symptoms  sometimes with drugs  will exacerbate the situation making matters worse.  While covering up the problem doesn’t make it right… it’s only when we find the real reason we can change it to create good health.  Even very serious diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes can be completely healed.

   When  a  person  is  willing  to take resposibility  for their health and  practice  the  good  lifestyle  habits  that  will support  the body  to be able       to  heal  itself.   With  one  of  the  most  important  habits  being  taking  in   optimum nutrition.  Your  body  was  created  to  heal  itself  and nutrition  is  the  underlining support system  to  carry out these mission.

   When you get a steady diet  of  super charged enzymes, vitamins and minerals  your  body  craves  to  do  it’s  healing  and  regenerating work. Cooking  for the most part  destroys  the enzymes  and  compromises  the   vitamins and minerals your body needs to heal.  The foods and liquid we consume, along with air we breathe having a  fundamental effect on our  well being should be recognised.

    A  healthy  diet  of  fruits, vegetables,  whole grains, seeds  and  nuts.      Along with sea vegetables can supply us with all the essential nutrients     our bodies require  for optimum efficiency,  energy  and  freedom  from disease.  Some merit can be given  to acupuncturemassagefeng shui,       Qi gongexercise and meditation which keeps the lympathic system  in         check. However when we  follow Hippocrates suggestion, to let  food be      are medicine  and  medicine  be  our  food.  This allows  us  to invest in a healthy  future and prevent chronic disease.

Beverly Hills Cancer Center

         GodsWay Nutrition.com

   Chronic Stress  also takes  it’s  toll  on  your  health  and well being,                  for as when your stressed breathing becomes more shallow and rapid.      The key is to be in tune  with how you react  to difficult situations  and        not over use your body’s  fight  or  flight response.  Even imagining the   act of slowly inhaling and exhaling is enough to help most people  feel     calmer.

  Nearly one – third of  Americans report stress and 40 percent having experienced  work  related  illness  caused  by  stress.  Physical activity provides and ideal outlet  for getting rid of  negativity that would other   wise turn inward.  Reactions  to stress vary,  therefore,  those  that  get agitated or angry should  consider a more intense  from of  activity.

    While research indicates exercise changes the body chemistry and       won’t allow  the stress to turn inward.  Another  great  therapy  is  also        pin pointing  the stressors,  by  writing your thoughts  in a  journal while making those events clearer….  forcing  you  to think logical instead of emotionally.  Hypoxic  stress  or oxidative  stress  can  also affect  your hyaluronan levels in your body increasing your risk  for cancer.

   Crocodiles in the swamp or mole rats under ground not gaining any        types infections or cancers, because of  their high levels of  hyaluronan, therefore,  scientist  believe  that  inconsistent  levels  increase your risk        for cancer and other auto immune diseases. While auto immune disease affects 50 million Americans the immune system is an amazing network        of  cells, molecules and organs  working 24 hours @ 365 days a year.

  Sometimes this magnificent system malfunctions and makes mistakes while attacking the cells  meant to protect it.  Which leads to a variety of      auto immune disease (80 to 100 known types) with celiac disease, lupus,   Type I diabetes,  multiple sclerosis,  rheumatoid arthritis,  psoriasis and    sjogrens’s  syndrome  and  graves  &  Hashimoto’s  disease  amongst  the more popular.  For  more  information:  visit the American Autoimmune Association website  www.aarda.org


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  1. Pamela Johnson says:

    Awesome Ken! Thank you for spreading the information! I want to make you aware of a serious problem, in the United States especially. Much of the food supply has been compromised. For instance, GMO’s (genetically modified food/vegetables) have lost most of their nutritional value; it is important to eat organic without pesticides; meat has been infused with harmful hormones; and dairy farmers may use practices/machines that create bacteria problems in products. So it is important to buy natural, local and organic food. Again, lots of info here that you can research. Thank you so much for BEing! Lots of Love and Light,

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