Medicinal “cannabis” OIL

  Combined with the trials and tribulations of  having cancer is the  fear factor of  knowing that it can take your life.  While most cancer patients knows of others that walked before. That had issues from the side effects      of  chemotherapy  and radiation.  Most are nervous about their outcome       and often resort to the alternative approach.

50-Year-Old Man Cures Lung Cancer With Cannabis Oil, Stuns CBS News                       (Notice:  Darren is using Everclear.)   🙂

When 50 year old Darren Miller was diagnosed with “incurable inoperable” lung cancer, he started utilizing cannabis oil together with his chemotherapy treatment.

Darren was diagnosed with “incurable inoperable” lung and pericardial heart sac cancer, and was given only about a year to live. Doctors told him that he could extend his life expectancy by undergoing chemotherapy.

We all know that lung cancer has one of the lowest survival rates. Patients diagnosed with Stage IA non-small cell lung cancer have less than 50% chances to survive and they drop rate as the cancer progresses. For a Stage IV patient, the likelihood of recovery is 1%.

Knowing this, Darren decided to supplement his chemotherapy treatments with cannabis oil. And this wasn’t only to extend his lifespan, but to actually completely treat the disease and save his life.

In order to qualify for medical assistance, his wife quit her job and they moved to California where he can utilize the oil legally.

After only seven months, Darren became cancer free with hospital documents as a proof.

“Today, which is seven months later, they tell me I am completely cancer-free – not remission. I’ve cured my cancer. Now, am I giving credit to the cannabis oil? Absolutely. Am I giving credit to chemo? I would have to say yes, too. I did both,” stated Darren for an affiliate of CBS News.

After winning the fight, his wife and he moved back to Illinois, where he now runs a “compassionate cannabis” program to help others who are struggling like he did.

“What we’re doing is we’re just making small amounts to keep it around and educating others on how to do this,” he said. “Because if you have access to any kind of cannabis,        I can give you links on my site to show you how to do this in your own kitchen and save your life.”

Darren’s case is only one of the thousands of others who can give total credit to cannabis oil for curing their cancer.

Cannabis Oil  a highly effective cancer therapy,  however,  for most learning through the trials and tribulations.  It’s often learn from your mistakes and if it doesn’t work explore something else.  Wasted time,  expense with tid bits of the science behind the oil and not knowing the key to success.  How cannabinoids connects with receptors  and knowing it locks into cancer receptors and causes those cells to create ceramide.

Therefore,  people  must realize  others  react  to cannabis differently,  depending upon chemical makeup, tolerance levels and weight. It’s not one strain fits all approach. While Pauls Purple  &  Big Bud works for one,  the Harlequin in Sin City , Pink  or  Purple Kush might work better for some one else.  One must also consider there is more to it that just 60 grams in 90 days. You also have to purge the poisons that the cancer and cannabis oil creates. iNVESTIGATE: Finding a good 1:1 RATIO WITH CBD CONTROLLING THE HIGH!!!

It’s important to know the colour shouldn’t be  “greenish”  or  “blacken”  when spread thin.. it should be a golden colour. Green is to much chlorophyll which makes you sick   and means it wasn’t decarbed properly. Black means its just bad.   The best oil is food    grade alcohol extracted  and it has a good taste,  smells  like  the plant variety  and not burnt weed. In another word gives you a good vibration. Other things… people should consider is Milk Thistle and Essiac Tea will help purge the poisons.

The  oil  is  thick,  you start with a dose about the size of a grain of rice or quite possibly a 1/2 grain depending on you tolerance  level. While some cancer patients will never be able to pass a rice grain size.  Still others  can build gradually to even more. With a high lasting between 6 – 8 hours… it can be virtually impossible for some to get a full grain in 24 hours (a rice grain isn’t even 0.1 mL – 1mL is approximately a grain.) While building  to 1 gram a day can be a mystery to some….

Within  Alyssia Sade’  Book “Taking Control.”  I learned  coming  off  1 gram a day slowly    as you build up and remaining on a small maintenance dose can be equally as tough.  Her husband Perry has some pretty nasty withdrawal symptoms. Owning to the Fact: nowhere was there any advice for them coming off the medicine at 1 gram a day  and  back to a rice grain for maintenance.  In the aftermath Alyssia wrote,  I suppose it was common sense.

But your mind  is  concentrated  on just getting  the 60 grams  you  need  in  the 3 month time frame. You forget about lessening the dosage until you see the withdrawal symptoms (confusion,  anxiety, paranoia, sleeplessness, lack of confidence, feeling of depression and also hopefulness which wasn’t nice to experience or witness.  Also if during the procedure your witnessing THC anxietyCiticoline has been shown to reduce psychoactive effects of THC when given (250 – 500 mg 30 minutes before dosing.) While 1000 mg of magnesium makes this high more pleasant if one has concerns with estrogen driven cancers.

Originally,  Citicoline  was discovered to reduce the psychoactive effects of  THC by Janet Sweeney Ph.D.,  cutting  the  high  to a more manageable level.  Also what one may want to consider when cannabis is combined with the Budwig Protocol (cottage cheese, flax oil and a  dollop of lectin.)  It greatly amplifies  the effects  of  cannabis oil on malignancies.  While other studies suggest raw Onions  and Garlic makes THC more powerful  and Applewise by Life Extension  improving the ability of the cannabinoids to connect with the CB1 and CB2 receptor sites.

While  supplementing with Folotyn,  Avastin,  1000mg of magnesium  or citicoline. While helping with the side effects.  Another side of  bad medicinal oil  is sometimes it hit hards, sometimes it hits really quick with different effects. Good oil always feels exactly the same everytime while using carriers oils like coconut oil or honey. Other  ways you may want to consider using cannabis oil to cut down on the high is through Magic Butter, The Volcano vaporizer or by suppository.

Remember  this  in  a world today  where stress  and pressures are enormous learning to control that stress is key.  People drink widely, eat poorly, consume anti acids, heart meds and Prozac in record amounts. Therefore spending thousands to findout that some Tai Chi Instructors  perform empty form without Gong Fu.  The same can be said  of medicinal oil, one should always find a credible supplier that lab test and blend several strains according to cancer types. Therefore, anyone considering cannabis oil should seek proven counseling and product.

The Best Summation:  Although, contradictions abound some cancer patients will tell you colour has nothing to do with it.  AS long as you have a qualified cannabis practitioner that lab test the oil for proper ratios according to the type of cancer you have.  And knows when you start with THC, it opens the receptors located in the brain, liver, pancreas and all other organs… its important that they know the little things.

For example:  By giving higher  THC  first it can stimulate  and wake up the CB1 and CB2 receptors – so they can absorb the medicine more readily. Sometimes it’s best to start with a 1.5:1 45% THC and 25% CBD.  Then when the receptors open cut it back to 2:1 50% CBD and 25% THC to cut the high down. One of the biggest reason most people get off cannabis oil is because of the “Zombie State” it puts you under.

Other ways of cutting back on a high from THC  is  by  Decarboxylating it in coconut oil. Some say,  curcuminasparagus  and astragulus  helps with the side effects and prevents the cancer from metastisising. While citicoline and 1000 mg of magnesium also helps the THC high. If you still feel your having a negative reaction … some say raw juicing (THCa) works and other say the weed has to be heated to release that anti cancer properties.

After all this if your still feeling a negative reaction and need to relieve your discomfort:

* Take a Hot Bath  * Drink a small amount of Pink Himalayan Salt Mixed in a glass of water   * Drink Juice with lots of vitamin C  * A Good Meals Always Helps to Calm You         * Do A lot of Small Amounts over 24 Hours  * Take Valerian Root  (or Xanax when your anxiety levels get out of control) * Choose to take it before bedtime/seriously sleep it off. Just Go Lay down… You will feel better in the morning…

Beware of Synthetic Marijuana

As recently reported by Forbes,  “the demand  for  a  ‘legal high’  has  been so great in      recent history that it’s set the stage for the synthetic market to take off.”  Unfortunately, the synthetic version of marijuana is nothing like its natural counterpart, and aside from offering no medicinal properties can be deadly. Whereas a person using marijuana tends to be “interactive, mellow, and funny,” people using synthetic marijuana tend to be “angry, sweaty, and agitated.”

With synthetic marijuana, there is no end to the potentially deadly combinations of laboratory-fabricated chemicals. Various versions are being imported, mostly from Asia, under the guise of potpourri, herbal incense, and even “plant food.” The rate at which poisonings are escalating argues in favor of the legalization of marijuana. Unlike natural marijuana, synthetic marijuana can cause a number of severe symptoms, including:





Chest pain

Cardiac problems


Kidney problems

Acute psychosis

Brain damage



According to a Time Magazine feature, synthetic marijuana is now the second most popular drug among teens and young adults, behind pot itself. Most people don’t realize how dangerous synthetic marijuana can be. The synthetic powder is mixed in a lab and shipped to the US, where retailers spray it onto a leaf—often an herb or a spice—that can be smoked, just like pot. It binds to cannabis receptors in your body up to 1,000 times more strongly than real marijuana, as well as producing gripping effects on serotonin and other receptors in your brain. You can’t overdose on real pot, but you CAN overdose on synthetic versions—and it doesn’t take very much.

Earlier this year, more than 100 people were treated in Louisiana emergency rooms after smoking synthetic cannabis products, many suffering life-threatening reactions—so many that the state of Louisiana recently banned the sale and use of eight of them.Colorado has experienced a similar escalation in ER visits. There are several reasons why synthetic marijuana is far more dangerous than the natural plant, which were recently summed up by Forbes

“In Cannabis oil news:  Rick Simpson Naphtha OIL: Lab testing results  shows  carcinogens  are left behind in the produced oil made with Naptha as a solvent. This          is heavily promoted by Rick Simpson. This provides proof and verifies Naptha….. is         not a desired solvent to make the oil.  This methods does pull our more THC because          it is selective on  the Cannabinoids it pulls out.  Being “selective Naptha” … will have     more concentration of those Cannabinoids for clear reasons. Are they worth the risk? “Specifically the preparation method described by Rick Simpson has attracted quite a following of self-medicating patients. This method favours the use of naphtha as solvent for cannabinoid extraction, without specifying issues regarding quality or safety. According to the Simpson website: “All these solvents […] are poisonous in nature, but if you follow these instructions solvent residue in the finished oil is not a concern. […] Even if there was a trace amount of solvent residue remaining, the oil itself would act upon it to neutralize any harmful poisonous effect.”   In other words,  the curative properties are considered to be strong enough …….. to counteract … any and all potential negative effects caused by residual solvents.  Chemical analysis  of  our  laboratory samples,  as  well  as  a sample obtained from a patient, showed that the heavy fractionb (components with high boiling point) of naphtha solvent indeed remains in the extract despite the recommended evaporation step.” — via Bayarea Alternatives.

— Bayarea, Bedrocan did not use the right solvent (not the one we recommend) and you jumped on it. “Naphtha (light hydrotreated petroleum distillate; Coleman® fuel) was purchased
from the Coleman Company (Wichita, USA).”

We do not recommend kerosene or Coleman fuel because it contains impurities and rust inhibitors etc. Pure light aliphatic naphtha (petrol or benzine used for industrial purposes in Europe) with a boiling point around 80-100°C leaves no residue one would have to be concerned about when the oil is produced properly.

Scientists from Bedrocan owe us a big apology. Do you really want medicine from a company that does not know the difference between kerosene and light aliphatic naphtha? We were with their representative in Slovenia, he could have asked but apparently he was too proud to ask and here is the result.

And this is a company that wants to supply medical cannabis worldwide and they pretend to be the biggest experts in the field. What else do they not know if they are able to produce a flawed report like this one? I will never believe anything they will publish, they don’t know what they are doing. And I will never ever buy anything from them.

This is truly disgusting what they did, and they either did it on purpose or out of ignorance and I don’t know which is worse.

“The correct naphtha is NOT sold in the U.S.A. Not at Tractor Supply or Home Depot or Lowes or even Sherwin Williams. It’s still sold in Canada though. I have a friend that does distill it to 100°F and saves what solvent does come off, to use for making oil.” Steve Csicsek

“If you live in the USA then you won’t be getting the right Naphtha, all naphtha made in the USA can not be trusted because of the loose regulation on ingredients in this type of solvent. You will never get pure naphtha in the USA, even the vm&p can be completely inconsistent from one bottle to the next and isn’t even advertised as pure. In Canada they make pure naphtha and it is the best solvent to use compared to ISO or Grain alcohol, don’t make a huge mistake and waste meds or even worse make yourself or someone else even more sick by using the wrong solvent. Be warned the naphtha in the USA will even make an oil that looks completely as it should but will make you very sick.” Chase Abanatha

— The fact that pure aliphatic naphtha does not seem to be sold in the USA does not mean that pure aliphatic naphtha with CAS number 64742-49-0 and a boiling point around 60-80°C does not exist or that it does not produce a better oil than most other solvents, when used properly. If you cannot get pure light naphtha, 99% or even better 99.9% isopropyl alcohol would be our second choice.

But I would still not give up – light naphtha or similar solvents are used to extract oils from plants, so I would check with vegetable oil producers and see what they use. Where I live in Europe, I can buy the solvent in practically every hardware or paint store, it is one of the most common technical liquids  I remember from my childhood,  we used it to degrease bicycle chains etc.,  practically  everyone  had a bottle of it at home.  So this whole never ending debate about solvents seems a bit ridiculous to me. When you use the right light naphtha, there is no solvent residue one would have to be concerned about, maybe a few ppm, just like in most cheap vegetable oils that are often produced with almost exactly the same solvent as what we recommend.  `Anonymous Source…

Rick Simpson tells people to use these solvents”:







How To Make Cannabis Oil In Your Kitchen With One Ounce Of Cannabis

This video on how to make Cannabis Oil with as little as one ounce of cannabis has been produced by Dr Tamara Hunt, now a member of our group. Although the name of the video is “How To Make A Small Batch Of Rick Simpson Oil” the actual Cannabis Oil is not Rick Simpson Oil, nor his method. Everclear, or grain alcohol, is the solvent of choice.

This is a very educational and well produced video by Dr Tamara, we appreciate her sharing it with the world!


Preview YouTube video How to Make a Small Batch of Rick Simpson Oil

How to Make a Small Batch of Rick Simpson Oil
 In his medical practice, Dr. Frankel treats a wide variety of patients with medical cannabis, which has become his specialty. Despite the many claims of cannabis performing miracles, he’s reluctant  to  think  of  it  as a cure for anything.  Occasionally,  however,  patients  will experience very dramatic results.  For example,  he has seen tumors  virtually disappear in some patients using no other therapy except taking 40 to 60 milligrams of cannabinoids a day.  The most common thing he sees in cancer patients,  however,  are tumors shrinking,  or a metastasis disappearing.  Sometimes tumors will shrink  or vanish,  only to reemerge    in other areas, months later.

Dr. Allan I. Frankel established GreenBridge Medical Services, Inc. in 2007 to provide the highest quality medical treatment to patients suffering from multiple chronic and serious medical conditions. He is an experienced internal medical practitioner with extensive knowledge of, and experience in, treatment involving traditional medications and dosed medical cannabis. This enables Dr. Frankel to provide a perspective to medical treatment unmatched by other practitioners.

Dr. Allan Frankel is an internal medical doctor and one of the world’s leading authorities on dosed cannabis medicine. With over thirty five years experience in Internal Medicine, Dr. Frankel applies his knowledge of all aspects of the cannabis plant and its therapeutic value to the treatment of multiple serious medical conditions.

TO FIND A QUALIFIED CLINIC With QUALITY OIL CONTACT:                                          The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation – 1-800-723-0188

Marelyn Shapiro says:

Hello,  The standard  of  care  has changed for dosing.  Also,  there  is  other  outdated information . No one needs to be working up the dose.  Nor do patients need to tolerate unpleasant high..It has been proven that there’s a huge difference in bioavailability when the doses is administered rectally as opposed to orally.  Anal.administration, patient gets 60% bioavailability.  Particularly with coconut oil 1 tablespoon taken I half an hour prior  to dose plus with cannabis oil mixed with coconut oil within the syringe.  Bioavailability  for oral dosing is 2 to 12%.  Second:  The current consensus  is  that  one gram of an high   THC strain is required for healing cancer.  Not 1:1 Ratio of cbd:thc.  Estrogen dependent cancers there’s a difference and higher CBD is require.. the posterior is superior and that  is becoming common practice now on most of the discussion sites.

  When I think  “Mega Pill,”  my  feeling is limiting the amount of sugar,         fats and salt in my diet. While replacing those bodily hazards with great nutritious whole raw  foods.  When you look at the  facts and the adverse effects that sugarfat (bad carbohydrates)  and  salt plays in your body.  This effect can and could be just as bad as stress  and  can create chronic inflammation.

    Therefore the time honored chronic disease  fighting diet meticiously     keeps salt,  sugar and saturated  fats low and eliminates allergenic  foods. Dietary supplementation minimally requires vitamin supplements, along with  thiol anti0xidants,  anti-inflammatory omega – 3  fatty acids   and adaptogenic phytonutrients…. better known as medicinal mushrooms.

   One  must  consider also  the  beneficial aspects  of  vitamins & minerals,   amino acids, omega – 3’s… et cetera.  Always considering we must consider that  eating clean has health benefits.  With the ability to,  not only,  eating daily  vitamin  intakes,  but also,  trace minerals.  While  also knowing  the importance of magnesiumseleniumchromium, folic acid amongst others and the effects they have on the human body.

  Knowing the importance of  food enzymes is vital:  the enzyme  pepsin  is used  for pre – digesting protein in the stomach. Whereas betaine HCI helps create an acidic environment to facilitate the activity of pepsin. After which reaching the small intestine.  Also the enzyme pancreatin further digest the protein, carbohydrates, and fats in the small intestine. This is Top Secret!

  Pancreatin  also  helps  to support the pancreas….  while  alpha amylase digest  starches,  bile  salts  make  fats  soluble;  while  preparing  them  for further digestion by lipase.  The enzymes bromelain  and  papain aid in the digestion of  protein.  Enzymes  offers  other  health related benefits as well, including relaxing smooth muscles,  supporting joints,  arterial health  and supporting immune activation and maybe treating cancer.

   Before  believing  in any such thing like the Mega Pill Theory always get professional advice  from such people of  the ilk Mr. Robert Scott Bell whom while  growing up…. with  a  host of  chronic diseases  from gastrointestinal  issues to allergies and joint pain.  Decided  becoming a Homeopathic doctor after  countless pharmaceutical drugs  provided  little  or no benefit.  Today   he  is  the Host of  The Robert Scott Bell Show everyday  from  noon  to 2 pm   on the Natural News Radio Network

One of the most respected people on Facebook is Jack Kungel:

Jack States:

Well here is my story excuse the mistakes
I had 8 surgeries
I have bilateral carpel tunnel, Bilateral ulner nerve entrapment, 2 torn rotator cuffs, 2 torn bicep tendons, Torn cartilidge the meniscus tendon and the cruciate ligament in my right knee and a hernia.This happened when some steel was falling and i caught it to keep my feet from being crushed.So for the next 20 years i threw up 2 to 3 times a day from the medication. I lost my teeth because, the stomach acid ate them.I have 4 permanately damaged ribs from puking and permanent nerve damage in my upper girdle and the hernia from puking ( always feels like someone stabbing with a knife all the time) I had 543 visits to therapy and about 40 cortizone injections into my shoulders to keep my arms mobile and they were not suceessful.I had my right knee scoped 16 times.
I was at deaths door from pHARMaceutical toxicity from the drugs they had me on.My body was in convulsions from reaction,s from everthing.So i did some research and found cannabis.I have stopped every single medication i was on and just INGEST CANNABIS 3 grams everyday in capsules ground up and 3 cookies.My life has done a complete turn around from ingesting cannabisI was on this medication since 1991 when i got injured at work.
120mg oxcycontin
30mg morphine
30mg toradol
4 tylenol #4
150 mg amitriptaline
200 mg celebrex
2000 mg metphormin
15 mg lipator
15 mg clonazapane
15 avianda
4mg coversyle
8 mg coversyle
20 mg Zantac was for acid reflux from the medication.Since i began ingesting this plant 5 years ago just for pain , these were the side effect of cannabis1/ my pain went from a 9.5 every day to a 32/ I stopped throwing up after 20 years in the same day! and have not gotten sick since3/ I could sleep for the first time in 20 years the feeling that my arms have been ripped off relieved (MY GOD THIS WAS UNBELIEVABLE)4/ I couldn,t lift my arms over my head .It is ununcomfortable but i can do it5/ I had a gradual weight loss in 3 years of 46 lbs6/ It lowered my blood sugar to normal range7/ i have not had a cold or flu in 3years ( no flu shot)8/ The fisher cracks in my feet that would bleed and need medical attention went away they are soft !9/ The moles and warts and skin tags are falling off my skin10/ The diabetic nerve pain goneBecause of my back pain I have had for the last six years.I was told it was a pulled muscle i was getting old… by the doctor… i had my wife standing on lower back massaging it…. when she lost her balance fell on me and i broke 2 of my ribs and cracked 2 ….son of a bitch…Well 3 weeks later i started passing blood like i slashed my wrist…. I though it might be from the fall…. but nope it was Bladder cancer… ( the back pain was the cancer because when it was gone so was the back pain) Made it pretty tough can,t breath can,t do anything can,t even move… with the broken ribs
Adenocarcinoma of the bladder These tumors arise in patients who have a long history of cystitis; glandular cystitis frequently is associated with this lesion these tumors resemble colonic carcinoma, and most have invaded into muscle at the time of initial diagnosis. These tumors frequently produce mucin, with the signet cell variant being rare and particularly aggressive. Primary adenocarcinoma of the bladder is treatable and potentially curable with radical cystectomy or pelvic exenteration. Urachal adenocarcinomas
(BEST EXPLANATION I COULD FIND)This type of cancer travel,s with the blood. I had my first surgery in Febuary of 2011.They removed a large tumor and these bleeding lesion from the bladder walls.I was told then the bladder needed to be removed IT IS TERMINAL !!.My prostate was also involved and had the Turp procedure .They gave me 6 B.C.G treatment (Bacillus Calmette–Guérin) which is Turberculosis virus to induce an immune system attack on the bladder to fluff all it,s cell.I had a reaction to the B.C.G and got acid burns My body was acidic and the reaction was a rash all over my body that i had for over 2 yrs.I could not go out in the sun or if i sweat it got worse.
I started on the oil , made butter, ate it, baked with it and got as much cannabis it into me as i could and then stopped…..But the cancer came back!!!!!!. Carcinoma In situ That,s when i learned how ACIDIC i was.So i checked my PH level and i was at 3.5 I CALL IT THE DEAD ZONE… Cancer loves this environment.So i started with the( BAKING SODA AND MOLASSES CANCER PROTOCOL).This helped to raise my PH.,but i needed more to give my body the food it needed to fight this cancer.So i started to make this smoothie.Everything in it is to make you alkaline and has brought my PH level to 8.5 to 9. and will do this in a week or so . I stopped all sugar intake because CANCER FEEDS ON SUGAR !!!!!!!!! A cancer cell developes insulin receptors…. it is designed to feed on sugar…. The body knows the cell has gone rogue and has instructed it to grow cannabanoid receptors…. So cannabanoids cause apoptosis of the cell……. pretty cool….I use a grain alcohol purple kush strain .. I do a 2 hr boil with material … keeping material covered in alcohol… then let soak in cool dark place for 3 weeks.. stirring 3 x a day….then I strain and evaporate… this gives everything the plant has to offer and increase your yield by 30% ++… this is called FECO … Full Extract Cannabis oil… now we have all the terpenes the plant has to offer… instead of the average 50 gram yeild from a 1 lb now i get 70 to 90 grams depending on starting materialI did a complete Methionine restriction—best achieved through a plant-based diet—may prove to have a major impact on patients with cancer because unlike normal tissues, many human tumors require the amino acid methionine to grow. tsp sunflower seeds
1 tsp pumkin seed
12 almonds
2 brazil nuts
4 walnut halves
2 tblspn hemp hearts
1 tsp flax seed
( grind first then add to mixture)I USE THE NUTRA BULLET AND WORKS AWESOME !!!!!!!Spincach
1 brussell sprout
3 sprig asparagus
2 radishes
swiss char1 slice fresh pineapple
1/2 lemon peel and all
2 strawberries
4 blackberry
1/4 cup blue berries
3 chunk watermelon
4 chunk cantalope
1 kiwithen add a cup coconut water you can add what ever liquid you prefer as long as it is healthyAlso in a 1 to 1 ratio i put into # 0 capsules (mix it all together) and i take 4 capsules which equals is 1 gram (I JUST MIX IT IN MY SMOOTHIE NOW)
This is for the blood and overall excellent health
Saigon cinnamon
apple fiber
turmericI used cannabis oil and coconut oil suppositories (10ml cannabis oil +30ml coconut oil)= 30…. 1/3 gram suppositories
ESSIAC TEA…. 4 oz everyday
I also took 3 teaspoon COCOCNUT OIL everyday
1 teaspoon COLD PRESS HEMP OIL and 2 drops Vitamin D3 everyday
So i did a complete life style change .I changed my eating habits and what i drink.
I became very aware of what i was putting in my body
So in a 26 month period i had consumed
65….. 10 gram syringes of oil…. ( 35 of them made from #1 flower…. and 30 made from bud trim)
I ate 3 grams of decarbed cannabis every day.
i vaporized all day long i became SATURATED (it is very difficult for me to get high)…. THE HIGH WILL PASS !!
If it needed butter i put cannabis butter. I baked cookies I used it every way possible.
Then i worked on getting ALKALINE which is VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Everyday I was feeling better,,,,,,My rash cleared up in 2 weeks and i was on the road to recovery……Also the BIGGEST thing is POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!!
I am 62 years old and have not been this healthy in my life….THERE IS NO SIXTY DAY OR NINETY SET OF RULES…… IT TAKES HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES YOU DID NOT GET SICK OVER NIGHTWhen i got injured in 1991… I didn’t want to become a drugged out drunken cripple so I choose to spend my time learning instruments….So thats what makes me happy I like to lighten the spirit occasionally as well. Yes is part of healing being in good spirits.For sure … good spirits makes us all feel better. We gravitate to those that makes us Laugh…Yes there is nothing better than laughter… people glow when they laugh they light up like a light bulb…laughter is best medicine at times too.
So i hope this helps in making a decision as to how to help treat yourself…..I am cancer free for 2 1/12 yrs now and counting…  Jack Kungel


2 Responses to Medicinal “cannabis” OIL

  1. Marelyn Shapiro says:

    Hello, The standard of care has changed for dosing. Also there is other outdated information . No one needs to be working up the dose. Nor do patients need to tolerate unpleasant high..It has been proven that there’s a huge difference in bioavailability when the doses is administered rectally as opposed to orally. Anal.administration, patient gets 60% bioavailability. Particularly with coconut oil 1 tablespoon taken I half an hour prior to dose plus with cannabis oil mixed with coconut oil within the syringe. Bioavailability for oral dosing is 2 to 12%. Second: The current consensus is that one gram of anhigh THC strain is required for healing cancer. Not 1:1 Ratio of cbd:thc. estrogen dependent cancers there’s a difference and higher CBD is require.. the posterior is superior and that is becoming common practice now on most of the discussion sites.

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