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    Learning to monitor your time better,  knowing that illness occurs         when you’re trying to do it all yourself.  Therefore,  working to create   harmony in life is important.  When it comes to cancer…with so many   cancer protocols…. much of  the success  depends  on proper execution          of  the protocol.

  There are… 2 significant issues confronting the Natural Health Field   today.  One being…. there  is a lot of  snake oil  out there  and desperate  individuals  wanting  to believe  so  badly  it’s a miracle cure. That they         very rarely do their due diligence to make certain that their therapy at    least has a chance of  performing in a beneficial manner.

  With  the second being  when  you  go against  the standard protocol           for therapy,  you have negative results. Thereby, when someone post a negative result; it can be detrimental to the Natural Health Industry in    that when someone post  that experience.  Without qualifying  they did      not follow the correct protocol. It deters others  from using what could          be a viable therapy  for them.

   Therefore  it is my opinion  that  your  choices  should be thoroughly researched making sure your getting proper instruction of  your choice alternative.  With many Naturopathic Physicians N.Ds. out there today make  sure  you  have  one  in your corner.  Their  is  a  fine line  between success and failure… just make sure you have all the literature research     and it’s tailor made  for you.

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