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  While it’s impossible to reduce your chances of developing any one of the major types   of cancer.  However,  it can be possible to decrease your chances by reducing your risk  factors.  According  to  the American Cancer Society consuming a nutritious diet that’s rich  in  whole grains,  fruits and vegetables,  vitamins and minerals  while minimizing your consumption  of  saturated and  trans  fats.  Another  method  is  regular  exercise  performing  at  least  30 minutes of moderate intensity exercises at least five times per week.       The Chiropractic Cancer Foundatiom for Children

    In  this  top tag  what  I want  to  accomplish is to  bring  forth  the  best websites for the prevention of the 10 major types of cancer. Therefore in my future blog post which will deal with prevention of cancer I have a place to come for information without having to search all the irrevelant resources that are on the internet.  When  you  take  your  favorite websites  and  put them in close quarters…. it’s amazing how quickly those answers to cancer that you are looking for come forth.

Bladder Cancer

 Advanced Natural Medicine: with more then 60,000 new cases                          of bladder cancer diagnosed each year men have a two to three                 times higher risk than women….|Bladder Cancer: while smoking is the number one risk factor    for bladdercancer keeping well hydrated helps flush toxic substances….

 Bladder Cancer Prevention & Risk Factors: read about bladder cancer diagnosis and treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center….

Bone Cancer|Bone Cancer Prevention: when discussing prevention techniques understand it is not possible to wholly eliminate all risk  factors….|bone cancer prevention: is possible if enough care                       is taken in your diet, physical activity as well as lifestyle….|bone cancer: if a patient has a known risk factor careful screening helps detect and treat bone cnacer in it’s early stages….

Brain Cancer|Brain Cancer Prevention: tumors can originate  the brain or travel to the brain from other parts of the body….

 BrainHealthand Puzzles: brain cancer is terribly frightening…. with cure rates very low with only 5 in a thousand diagnosed beating the disease…. brain tumors make up about 1 percent (13,000) of all cancers yearly and casue roughly 2.5% of all cancer deaths….

Breast Cancer|10 steps to prevention: learn 10 easy steps        you can take to significantly reduce your risk…. we all know that breast cancer is caused by a collection of influences and not any one factor…. learn these breast cancer risks factors so you can learn how to prevent breast cancer….

Colorectal Cancer Colorectal cancer research, early detection,     education and risk factors….|what you can do: follow these twelve colorectal cancer preventing habits will go along way…. is comprised of gastroenterologists, surgeons, primary care physicians, oncologists & anstheiologists….

Gynecological Cancer

 Centers of Disease Control & Prevention: five main types of cancer     affecting woman …cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal and vulvar….

 WordsOnCancer|Gynecologic Cancer Prevention:woman are capable              of some amazing things including staying one step ahead….

 CapitalWomen’sCare:while there is no guaranteeed way to prevent            these types of cancers women can reduce their risk….

Leukemia & Lymphoma blood cancer preventive measures one                can grasp to lower their chances of suffering from this disease….

 Vitamin D & Cancer Prevention: Hydroxy 25 levels should be in                        the high 40’s (on average eople have levels half that.) cancer prevention  should  measure oxygen levels,             pH balance, pancreatic enzymes and vitamin & mineral deficiencies…

Pancreatic & Prostate pancreatic cancer causes the same deaths each year (30,000) over six times more cases of prostate cancer is diagnosed…. it’s estimated 35 percent of cancers are related to carinogens and antioxidants help prevent carcinogenesis…. information about the prevention of cancer and            the science of screening over the past several decades….

Sarcomas & Carcinomas|Sarcoma Cancer Prevention: are rare types of cancers affecting fats, muscles, arms, legs and blood vessels et cetera….  you are at an increase risk for these types of cancer because of previous radiation therapy….

 Joan Karnell Cancer Center: being exposed to certain chemicals like          vinyl chloride and herbicides and pesticides in your work environ….

Thyroid Cancer you’re at an increase rish with excessive Xray    exposure and diets devoided of iodine…. prevention of thyroid cancer includes vaccinations    and avoiding contagions and infections….|prevention: everything causes cancer according to experts, however, it’s important to avoid the popular known carcinogens….

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