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             What Really Is Obama Care?   Does Anybody Know!!!!

                            Health Reform….  how does it work explained???

     Plan Spends Alot & Covers Alot….        Health Reform Hits Main Street….

     The Impact of OBAMACARE….             Everything Including the Kitchen Sink….

     OBAMACARE Pros & Cons….                Canada Choose Personalized Care….

     Compare U.S. versus Canada…             26 Facts and Figures….                             Obamacare Survival Guide

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How Obamacare Affects You???

    A Great Cure  for  America’s Health Care  whoa’s:  is  regulating  the  amount                   Big Pharma spends on marketing and promoting ( for every dollar they spend on    “basic research” they put $19 toward the deadly-epidemic of  needing pain killers            & anti depressants.) With a record $4.02 Billion drug prescriptions written in the  United States; up from $3.99 Billion the year before according to the Journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience.  http://www.drug war  and  recreational  safety/overdose/facts.html

    Antidepressants  such as Zoloft  and Celexa  were the most prescribed in 2011,         with  264 million class of  drugs  and  another 131 million prescription written  for generic viodin.  In 2010, 38,329 people died of  drug overdose in the United States        and  prescription drugs accounting  for 60 percent of  those deaths.  With  30,006       being unintentional,  by comparsion traffic accidents were responsible  for 33,687     deaths,  guns killed 31,672 people  and 26,852 died as a result of  falling  in  2010.

When You Don’t Remember History ….You’re Doom To Repeat IT?

In past time.. the fall of the roman empire was brought on by a decline of  loyalty                   to the Roman Government,  as a result  of an influx  of  Germanic Mercenaries  into              it’s ranks of legions  Therefore,  a decline  in agriculture occurred  as land  was  also withdrawn from cultivation due to high taxation on marginal land from a shrinking          tax base,  huge military budget  and barbarian invasion….

When the roman empire fail it was because they did themselves in,  other examples           of Hyper inflation that could occur  in the United StatesWeimar Germany 1922 – 23 which brought on  massive deflation  created by a government austerity program  and depression (seeing prices double every 3 days and 17 hours.) While an introduction of Hilters  tyrannical ways as Germans blindly follow along….

Other examples:  Budapest,  Hungary 1945 – 46,  this event  seen prices double every 15 hours  (while even today it repeated itself as Hungary is running out of money.) Also fast forward  to 1992 – 94  Yugoslavia  where  prices double  every  34 hours  and  Zimbabwe  2007 – 08  prices  doubled  every 25 hours.  While  in  Bulgaria 1996 – 97  (all reflections what  United States  may  face  when  the  State of  Hyper – Inflation  finds  it’s  way  here unless Government  gets its priorities straight  and ship in order!!!!


Wounded Warrior Project:  provides the programs  and  services to severely                 injured service members.  During the time between active duty ~ civilian life                 with  85%  of  the  proceeds  going to the cause….

     The American Cancer Society’s  Cancer Prevention Study – 3  (CPS – III)  will               enroll a diverse population of up to a half million people across the United States          and  Puerto Rico.  The  opportunity  to enroll  is October 2013.  These researchers           will use the data  from CPS – 3  to  build on evidence  from a series of  ACS studies             that began in the 1950’s.   The Hammond – Horn Study and previous CPS -I  & II         have played  a major role  in  understanding cancer prevention  and  risk,  while            also contributing significantly to the scientific basis  and  development of  public      health guidelines and recommendations.
                     The Dirty Dozen Food Substances In Our Diets:

                       Heterocyclic Amines                Monosodium Glutamate

                              Aspartame                         High Fructose Corn Syrup

                           Agave Nectar                         Artifical Food Coloring

                           BHA & BHT                     Sodium Nitrate & Sodium Nitrite

                    Potasssium Bromate            Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH)

                    Refined Vegetable Oil                     Dietary Fat Imblances

5 Signs You’ll Get Cancer              Seven Ways to Prevent Cancer

                    Going To Germany….Maybe A Myth Anymore!!!!!!

Angels Amongst US!!!!!

    New reports  from  Eurocaresuggest cancer care in Europe  is  improving      and  that  gaps  between the countries  are  narrowing.  However,  comparsion  with United States statistics suggest cancer survival in Europe still lingers behind The US.    With age adjusted  5 -year survival rates  for  all cancers combined  was  47.3% men    and  55.8% women which is significantly lower than the estimates of 66.3%  for men    and 62.9% women in the United States     (Cancer Survivor Networks.)

     Hyperthermia Therapy is a treatment that is becoming more and more localized     and accessible in the United States. Believe me when I tell you…. so going to Germany  for  the  latest  and  most  advanced  technology  maybe  outdated  in  modern  time.    Here  in  the United States…. more and more  options  are becoming available  to the cancer  patient  and  you might be surprised which Institution  are  offering  up  the alternatives   Stanford Cancer Institute…. 

     Hyperthermia Therapy is a type of medical treatment in which the  cancer tissue is exposed  to  temperatures  above  50 degrees celcius  or  122 degrees fahrenheit.   While  inserting a metal tube directly into the tumor and heating the tip until the tissue is killed. Tumor cells,  with  a  disorganized  and  compact vascular structure,  they  have  difficulty dissipating heat, therefore, Hyperthermia Therapy may cause cancerous cells to undergo apoptosis.

Another Euro-Treatment You Can Stay in the United States for Today???????

Insulin Potentiation Therapy  is an alternative cancer treatment using insulin that is admininstered low-dose chemotherapy. Being developed by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia M.D. back in 1930 as a targeted therapy…. for chronic degenerative disease and various types of cancers. The proponent of (IPT) having three significant actions upon cancer cells,  as well as dropping blood sugar levels, thereby, the energy source of cancer.

Low blood glucose  (below 60mg/d)  also  stimulates  secretion  of  growth  hormones,       it  is  presumed, which  helps  to  strenthen  the  immune  system  and insulin biologically differentiates cancer cells  from  normal cells  based  upon  insulin  receptor concentration.  The  body’s  own  hormone  insulin  is  produced  in  the  pancreas’  and  is  responsible for transporting nutrients from the blood into the cells.

Insulin docks in normal cells opens so that nutrients can enter into them and one of         the chief differences between normal cells  and  cancer cells….  is  that  cancer  cells  have considerably more insulin receptors,  i. e.  docking  points  for  insulin  than  normal cells.  The growth of cancer is abnormally rapid, there sole purpose being to spread devastation, therefore it has a voracious appetite compared to normal cells.

Breast cancer cells, for example, have six times more insulin receptors and ten times  more  IGF  receptors per cell than normal cells.  As  an added  BOOST  insulin  is  able to react with it’s own receptors  and  is also able to cross – react with  and  activate  the IGF receptors on cancer cells. This means that insulin will affect cancer cells  “sixteen times”   as strongly as it affects normal tissues.

Something else to take into consideration is that  “ligand effects”  is  a  function  of   receptor concentration. In a particular tissue, the more receptors there are for a certain  ligand, such as insulin, the greater the effect of that ligand on that tissue.  By activating   the  insulin and  IGF  receptors  on  cancer cells  through  the  administration of insulin  during  IPT Treatment.  Combined with the biological differences of cancer cells…. with higher  reception  of  insulin  and  the  voracious  appetite  compared  to  normal  cells  makes cancer cells more receptive to chemotherapy during IPT.

The Stopped Clock Approach to Donating?????

Breast Cancer Societyreceiving a solicitation phone call, or more correctly from phone banks they use for solicit donations.  May  NOT  be  the way to go…. they have  a decent script, are concise and designed to inspire emotion.  So  always  be  skeptical  of  donating  to   charities through these phone banks because the cost of those fund raising programs are top loaded.

Support Groups For Those Without Healthcare !!!!

   Livestrong Cancer Navigation Center: located in East Austin,  Texas,          providing a range of free services for anyone affected by cancer….

Cancer Survivor Network| A.C.S. this website has cancer information,          community resources, support programs, and clinical trials finder….

   Global Health Care Alliance: as you navigate the ever-changing health care landscape, you can increase treatment operations, maximize reimbursement….

   Patient Advocate Foundation: provides patient services with arbitration, mediation and negotiation to settle health care issues, medical debt and job retention….

The Importance Of Magnesium…. or TM

Some cancer treatments require that you avoid foods that contain alot of copper and the most common type of medication like that is tetrathiomolydate or TM. One such treatment for cancer is  William Peeples Protocol, within the book  From Incurable To Incredible  by  Tami Boehmer this treatment helped Yvonne Cooper  with Leiomyosarcoma.  By  keeping    cancer patients copper  and  estrogen in check.  While  including  an  angiogenesis cocktail inhibitor  in the protocol it can at times be an alternative treatment when all else fails.

Paying It Forward

Is about fostering an environment that is infectious, living right, feeling good and being happy with yourself.  An infectious state of mind is when you leave the house happy you make those around you happy and feeling good about themselves.  It all begins and ends with you and connecting in a humanistic way, therefore, health is happiness and a gift of possibilities. We all heard of Jayden Lamb of Midland Michigan whom died and a couple days later, whom parents bought the people behind them a cup of coffee which starting a national trend. That’s the infectious attitude it takes to change the world around you.

Keep On Trucking Jayden Lamb

A Tradegy That Happen

In 1953,  the Military tested 11 atomic bombs  at The Yucca Flats Nevada Testing Ground which result in immense clouds of fallout floating downwind and most of this deadly dust funneled into Snow Canyon Utah.  Where  in  1955,  “The Conqueror”  was filmed starring John Wayne,  Susan Hayward  and  Agnes Moorehead,  thereby,  of  the  220   people who  worked on the movie;  91 contracted cancer  and 46 died of the disease.

The actors and crew was exposed to the stuff for 13 weeks, no doubt inhaling fair amounts in the process.  While  Howard Hughes,  the movie mogul  who  financed  the  movie  later shipped 60 tons of hot dirt  to Hollywood use on asset for retakes made thing worse. While in his later years,  felt quilty for various reasons with drew the movie from circulation  and during his last paranoid year watched replays nightly.

Experts later said, that of a group that size under ordinary circumstances only 30 people should have gotten cancer. Even thirty years later half the residents of St George Utah had contracted cancer.  Also of that crew John Wayne, Susan Hayward, Agnes Moorehead and Pedro Armendariz whom developed kidney cancer only four years later. Shot himself when he learned that his condition was terminal.     Present Day Nevada Cancer Rates?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Jennifer Brea at 31 years old,  on medical leave from Harvard University;  being disabled    with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Which is the most prevalent and devastating disease that your doctor  may never heard of…. better  know  as  chronic fatigue syndrome  here  in  the U.S. Jennifer  can’t  leave  her  house  unattended…. while  living  her  life  in  a wheel chair in Princeton N.J., using her strength to create a documentary “Canary in a Coal Mine” that chronicles the lives of others living with M.E.

Immunocal: If It Sounds to Good To Be True?  Is  Immunocal  The  Real Deal!!!

Native American Cancer Rates Twice The Norm!

With cancer rates twice the norm of  other groups in The United States.  The American Indians live in communities that are in many ways substandard, culturally, economically and  physically isolated  from the type of health care  that many of us  take for granted…. reflecting disparities… in cancer care and outcome that can occur within these American Indian Communities.  With living conditions you see at the Hualapai Indian Reservation in Arizona  just south of the Grand Canyon  and Oglala Lakota @ Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota you can envision why?    Native Healers!!!


S P I C E   ~  U P  ~  Y O U R  ~  L I F E!!!!

In the book  of  Isaiah in the Old Testament…. where  the  prophet  Mohammed  states,      “Hold onto the use of Black Seed  for it indeed has a remedy for everything except death.” While this first written reference  to Black Seed  may not be entirely factual…. it’s  not  far from the truth  as you might imagine.  Dr. Baharat B. Aggarwal  currently  a  Professor  of Reasearch  at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.  Doesn’t dispel the use of Black Seed Oil and other spices in cancer treatment in his book: Healing Spices.

Modern Medicine  should  confirm  the  health  benefits  of  Black  Seed  Oil  Healing         (for  the  seeds  contain  more  than 100 compounds  and  some have been identified.) Studies  reveal that some  of these compounds  have  disease  fighting  abilities. Which  include boosting the production of bone marrow, natural interferon  (an anti – cancer compound) and immune cells that boost the immune system.


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