This journey started mid day  for me on October 4, 2014  when Rosa introduced herself     to me inbox with a question about my  favorite herb Aloe Vera.  As we began chatting it nearly felt I knew Rosa immediately with her effervescence.  She probably obtain within her Studies of New Magic at CNAC Magie Nouvelle, Centre National Arts du Cirque and working all over Europe as a Magicienne.

Suddenly this Little 5’0″maybe 90 pounds Whirlwind was teaching more about the same cancer that took my father in 2006… Leiomyosarcoma with websites. While feeling in the details about the Bill Peeples Protocol then any one person could possibly known ?

  I quickly learned also Rosa was Juicing,  coffee enemas,  alkaline diet with tons of supplements, infared saunas, acupuncture, emotional release work,  lots of joy and “Lindy Hopping”  when she could,  staying present and positive.   Just having successful laser lung surgery in Germany on my mets in lung 2, ITS all outta there now. Healing well. She also had 6 rounds of Doxyrobucin which I fasted 2 days before Dr. Callebout my ND did my program.  Got 60% shrinkage. With Good blood counts.
AHCC Kinoko Gold (YHB): 2-2-2
Green tea 750 mg (YHB): 2-2-2
Vit D3 5000 IU ( YHB): 1-0-1
Mega Zyme forte plus (YHB): 3 , 1/2 h before and 2 h after 3 meals with
1 teasp liposomal Vit C(YHB) each time (6 teasp/day)
Chymoplex (NC): 1 , 1/2 h before and 2 h after 3 meals
Pancreas Pork Glandular (NL): 10 , 1/2 h before and 2 h after 3 meals
Okra-pepsin (NC): 1-1-1 ??? ACID REFLUX
Alk-Align (YHB): 0-0-3
Orasal (YHB): 2, 1/2 h before meals 250$!!!
Carnosine Komplex (see suppliersheets): 6-0-6 Stomach
Flavone Komplex (see supplier sheets): 2-0-2
Artemesinin 200 mg (YHB): 1 before bedtime
Tagamet 200 mg (chemist): 1-0-1
Vermox 100 mg (chemist): 0-0-1
Minocycline 100 mg(chemist): 1-0-0
Therbiotic (YHB):1-0-1Life One (YHB): 30 ml-0 -30 ml ( in water )
Volcomin forte (SR)( contains fulvic acid): 30 ml ??/ CADMUM? LEAD ?
Poly MVA ( 2 teasp -2 teasp- 2 teasp
Liposomal Curcumin (YHB): 2-2-2 ( teaspoons)
Haelan 951 ( 1-1-1 (TABLESPOONS) SOY???
Super B liquid complex (SR): 2 teasp- 0-2 teaspoons
All the liquids together in glass of waterGoleic ( 1 ml under tongue , everyday , hold for 3min , then swallow, before bedtime
That is lengthy ?
Rosa went on to tell me she was about to start radio on a small tumor in my pelvis . Have seen your links and ordered some Aloe Vera Natural Sunshine right away! I Am also on medicinal mushrooms and OBTAIN lots a love from my Family and friends. Always about synchronicity Rosa stated my Sarcoma team at the Marsden in London aren’t super positive either. But I am and that’s what counts!
There are quite a few NED LMSers in the states on their FB support page, but its pretty scary reading all the other posts of chemo to radio to surgery with no immune sport or detoxing or treating the cause in between. I love radical remission by Kelly Turner !!!! Between the two of us we will Slay The Dragon Swords of healing light at the ready! Make peace with the beast…. You are my answered prayer….
 I know Jess Ainscough the wellness warrior whom has an Fb page. She’s a pretty high profile Aussie Gerson babe who’s treating her very aggressive sarcoma naturally. She’s taking a break from blogging for a bit as her disease has gone into an agressive phase but I reckon she’ll get a handle on it. She did 2 years on the gerson, strictly so hats off to her!
    Hey Ken , I just started cannabis oil  It’s made from a high quality Indica skunk I don’t know the exact strain. The next batch is going to be made especially for me by experienced people using Rick simpsons method with a rice cooker. I’ve re discovered what it’s like to be stoned! IT chill out my triple warmer meridian from going into fight or flight all the time.      (Don’t Do Rick Simpson’s Naphtha ~ Do Food Grain Solvent!!)
    After a few weeks Rosa got back with this message:  this is the strain: With a cheese aroma and a floral, fruity taste, “Cheese “is known as one of the most potent strains due to its smell and THC content of up to 20%. This mostly indica strain gives off a very potent smell. It has medium-sized leaves ranging in various shades of green and takes approximately 8-10 weeks to flower.
   With its lineage of Master Kush and Super Skunk, this strain was developed by Royal Dutch Genetics and originally bred in the UK. It is often considered to be one of the best all-around strains.
     As we talked on chats they are Cool, well its certainly good vibes! I’ve been doing guided mediations to support the immune system whilst on it in my FAR sauna. Ken I found this info: of a  women who have problems with cervical cancer and other diseases of the ovaries, uterus, and vagina. I also suggest alternating between two different kinds of natural suppositories. One is just a simple insertion of a garlic clove. The other is an herbal suppository you can make at home.
   After 10 minutes with the garlic pessary in, the tumor stopped throbbing. Formula for vaginal suppositories: Generally, we use this formula for vaginal infections, but it can be used all the way up to cancer of the cervix, endometrial cancer or whatever. You can customize it to your needs. In other words, if you have cancer, add poke root to the suppository. If not, you can skip it. Here is what you will need:
• 16 ounce jar of Coconut oil • 2 ounce bottle of Tea tree oil • 2 ounces Goldenseal root finely powdered • 2 ounces Yellow dock root finely powdered Optional: • Poke root • Cayenne pepper • Garlic In a bowl mix 2 heaping tablespoons of finely powdered yellow dock and 2 heaping tablespoons of finely powdered goldenseal.
  Finely is a key word, because if you have rough herbs in there, it may be abrasive. Add 4‐6 droppers full of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a multi‐spectrum antibiotic,  and anti‐fungal.  It’s also an Australian shrub in oil form….  that is available commercially. Put the jar of coconut oil in a pot of warm water. Coconut oil at room temperature is solid, but when you warm it up, it becomes liquid.
 Add enough coconut oil to the powdered herbs to create a dry pie‐dough consistency. If it’s too wet, when you go to make suppositories, they will lose their shape and turn into pancakes. The key is to make the pie dough have a dry consistency and if you make it too wet, which everybody invariably does, just add more goldenseal and yellow dock.  And if it’s too dry, add more coconut oil. Just keep playing with it back and forth until you get a dry pie dough consistency.
Form the dry, herbal pie dough into 12 large or 24 medium suppositories.  Place on a glass plate and put them in the freezer. If you have cancer you can use equal parts poke root powder,  yellow dock and goldenseal powder.  If you are using fresh poke root you have to be really careful.
  You grate it through a kitchen grater. The poke root will be wet after being grated and will have a lot of acid in it and   will burn you. Dry the grated poke root in a dry area or a dehydrator. Most people will sell it in a powder form and the powder is the least active, but also the least acid or burning.
Do you know about the low body temperature link ? Mine is always low!!!!  Some say cancer is fungus and when you have a fungal infection that fungus robs you of body temp. Aloe Vera Juice is anti fungal,viral and bacterial ….  Am on Aloe vera and probiotics and oregano complex which is an anti fungal. All good for fungus!!!
One complication Rosa always feared most was increasing size of her tumor while using a strain of oil that was approx THC: 17.27% CBD: < 0.05% CBN: 0.57% Should i be aiming for a higher dose of CBD? who can i ask? This is when we talked a trip to Oregon.
From radiotherapy Rosa high levels of cadmium poisoning ….Radiotherapy aims for cancer cells and leaves healthy cells alone. Bad news today. The tumour in the abdomen has gone from 1.5cm to 8cm and the tube connecting my kidney is involved . Also a spot come back on my right lung… Gutted. They plan a new chemo , Gem Tax, then radio if that works… However Phoenix tears and chemo together is meant to be amazing .
 Ken I’ve just had round three of gem/tax with no sideffects except some very mild fatigue. The anti — sickness pills they have stayed in the box! Good ole Cannabis oil.  I have major shrinkage too…  I told my new consultant whose young and progressive. He went away and did some research and is right behind me on my combo of oil and chemo! check this out;       
Think im Gonna up the juicing and do IV vitamin C and GcMAf whilst waiting for chemo to start in 3 weeks or so.

There’s a clinic in Switzerland where they inject the GCMAF into the tumor
Yay am doing great thanks Ken . its shrinking ! Just had an interesting meeting with someone who can supply cheap Rife machines run from a pc. They are also into fulvic acid minerals for nutrition and hydrogen peroxide for oxygenation . Do you know anything about fulvic minerals and what do you think of Rife?  Just changed ND to this amazing woman Fiona Burns, check out her story :
I think you just supplied me with an idea “Alterative Thinker,” Mindset of a cancer survivor !!!  Totally! The mind is so key in this. As Kelly Turners research revealed, Radical remission survivors ALL reported that it was not the Physical alone that healed them. The Abraham Hicks video I posted touches on this too. Changing our vibration is so key, and   The Hicks Approach make this feel so easy!

Always Tinkering Rosa Always Stuck to Rosa’s Protocol

Coffee enema 1st thing

1 litre of veg juice per day

Epsom salts bath and body brushing daily. 1g of cannabis oil blended with 25 ml of hemp oil, rectally in x2 doses, and a little orally at night to facilitate 13 hour sleeps!
liposomal vit c x 2g per day, liposomal curcumin x1 tsp per day, megazyme forte ( pancreatic 7 other enzymes ) x 3 3 times a day bewteen meals , selenium, b vits, magnesium spray , very good, ( amazing for detoxing directly from the tissues) zeolite for chelation, beta glucans, aloe vera 3oz in my juice, dim, myomin, fulvic minerals, Bravo probiotic made fromcolostrum and mega probiotics , from www. people but much cheaper, encourages the body to make GCmaf, this stuff gives great immune support.
Supplements contunued: Lugols iodine, milk thistle if liverish, astragalus and melatonin before bed. I stopped taking the melatonin foolishly for 6 weeks as i ran out. and i got a new tiiny lung met. First new metastesis in a year, and that was the only thing that changed… there are studies that show its efficacy in stopping mets ; )
Herbs: Im taking goldenseal, chaparral and red clover in suppositaries and rectally and drinking it ( so digusting the taste! ) on fionas recommendation. Fiona  reccomended a new ND called Dr Sharma to help me chelate the cadmuim thats in my blood
1 – 2 3 times a week. She said every day but i havent managed it. Theyre kind of packs , made from mixing 20g of each herb into a paste and sweing into little muslin “tampons” ! we do what we can ; )  Dr Sharma has a chemo protocol on his website which i felt was really generous of him. I see him tmrw, will let you know…
I am also really enjoying my journey wierdly! Im disovering so much about my body and experimenting on myself.
While most survivors are glad of the experience in the end!!!
i am also really enjoying my journey wierdly! Im disovering so much about my body and experimenting on myself.  Vibrational: listening to lots of Abraham hicks to raise my vibration and fell more joyous, i love it   Also belleruth naparstek guided meditation to fight cancer, and another to support the immune system.  20 mins mediation a day.      Dancing the lindy hop which I love  💕
Hi Ken, Ive been better. Still trying to get this flare up under control. it grew 2cm in a week! The right oil is working but its taking crazy doses 2grams a day!!!  Thats $180 per day…. They have offered me radiotherapy…. they get good results with this on LMS at the Marsden. The oils meant to protect the healthy cells. `i think im gonna go for it, but i could lose   a kidney…
It was raging and i got on the 1:1 oil , which is half thc half cbd made from charlottes web and lemon haze. it even stops the dragon in its tracks… when you have a hormonal driven cancer always do a less THC oil (1:1 ratio works best.)
Hey Ken, I’ve had a meeting with the radiologist today and I stand to lose my left kidney with the treatment that may only stun it for 3 – 12 months but could give longer term control, no promises. So I’ve been thinking of coming out to Oregon earlier than fall like on the 18th |May for 2 weeks.
ive spoken to Stoney Girl gardens, but im scared to go be in a motel in portland on my own and really stoned. I had a friend who could come over from Toronto to be with me in the fall, but this is really short notice for anyone!  I’ve got such a good feeling about this. The path has been lighting up in front of me. PLEASE comeout and fill in a gap 🙂
My protocol, some changes I can send you the latest one by mail. Im really happy with my supplements now and i have so much energy. My skin looks really glowing two, no -one can tell im sick. I’m working a lot on the emotional side and looking at Meta medecine or german new medicine.
Maybe its taking the scenic route and smelling the flowers en route ! Today I was injected with radioactive liquid for a renal scan. But I don’t want to lose my kidney. im so glad im coming to Oregon to do this instead!
May 15th, 6:13pm

Totally! with a few hiccups though, just got this through from the docs : Your records are ok for the OMMP.

But the state requires a us government ID. Please see below

I called the OMMP ; 971.673.1234

They stated has to be us government ID, Not a foreign passport or ID? Do you have something like this?

Portland Alternative Clinic Inc.

Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP)
The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program is a State registry program within the Public Health Division, Oregon Health Authority. Our role is to administer the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act as approved by the voters of the State in November 1998.

I dont have a US governement ID card, how could I? In the end this hiccup didn’t stop our Rosa from achieving her planned trip to Oregon. With her answered prayer of meeting and talking about our cancer beliefs??
Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP)
The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program is a State registry program within the Public Health Division, Oregon Health Authority. Our role is to administer the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act as approved by the voters of the State in November 1998.

 RIP ~  My Darling Friend Rosa Parkin ~ RIP

2 Responses to ROSA PARKIN

  1. di says:

    I know all of you believed that you were working to slay my Rosa’s dragon and the belief in the protocol gave her hope.
    But it also cost her £0000s and means that her son is left with no money. It also turned her back on the extra two chemo therapies that did shrink and slow the diseases. It gave her body the strain of the trip to Oregon and the constant (never solved) worry about getting the right oil. In her last months, instead of focusing on pleasure (apart from her garden and lindy hopping) she worried about getting the next supplement or treatment. So I urge caution in following your advice.

    • Ken says:

      Diana; Rosa constantly lived in a dilemma the last few months. When she would get quality oil her tumor shrank and when she got a shipment of oil from the same oiler in the U.K. of inferior quality that the tumor grew she thought. And It was that issue that caused her to go to Oregon. When I was with Rosa in Portland she loved the city and said United States was a place she always wanted to come to. The oil helped her with the side effects of chemotherapy though. Rosa thought without the oil the chemo wouldn’t have been as effective.

      She always put this unselfish fact first if she could help others through her own experiences…. that what she was trying to do would be beneficial. My grief for Rosa is still apparent as well. My wish was she would have became cancer free as we talked in Oregon about a Cancer Free trip back to Oregon at Halloween. I wish that had happen as well and I would have asked Rosa to marry me …. because I knew when I left Oregon we were soul mates. The Dragon got me a second time in 2006 I lost my father to the dragon. My fight continues…. to find an answer to this dreadful cancer and when our group is cancer free. That groups name will be named Rosas Corner …. which is a group already on Facebook …. in honor of Rosa Parkin my true love <3 Ken

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