Mammograms vs. Thermograms

   When  it  comes to breast cancer examines  are mammograms really the    way to go?  DO they really save lives  or  cause unnecessary surgery.  When you have  a BRCA vulernability,  hereditary weakness,  or  your DNA is very fragile and can’t repair breast tissue.  Is it really wise to have mammograms every year.With the risk of radiation accumulation damaging chromosomes turning into cancer   (Dr. Vikki  Petersen.)

   Therefore when you have normal DNA…. it can repair 95% of the damage from  radiation.  Whereas  when  you have  a BRCA vulnerability  your  DNA may only repair 85% of the damage leaving you with 15% of the damage.You can decipher that radiation from mammograms yearly has an accumulative factor that can induce cancer.  When  you  consider  that  five  mammograms over 5 years increase your risk for cancer 250% is it really worth that risk.

    Also some doctors state what mamograms do in some instances is pick up on all cancer. Maybe in some instances…. it may pick up on the type that can remain benign for years…. Ductal Carcinoma Insitu which rarely developes  into full blown cancer. Being the average person…. has only a .8% chance of having breast cancer and with that 99.2% passing grade.  Is it really worth  a mammogram that has a  90%  chance of  a  false positive.

   Therefore “safer alternatives”  should be consider  and  those alternatives  being Thermograms, UltraSoundsMRI’s after a self examination ( feel  for  a lump) has been administered. Another avenue one might want to consider  first  is  the  C-Reactive protein  test  which  determines  your inflammation levels  in  your  body.  Always  remember  that  a mammogram  only detects cancer in 4 out of 1000 people that have them and always keep your options open before going full steam ahead.

Dr. Richard Gerhauser

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  1. Kim Buchholtz says:

    I told my doctor. I didn’t want a mammogram .I’ve had one every year .because of cancer of the cervix .She insisted that I get one .I asked for a blood test she refused this to.I wanted to get a thermogram not sure what its called. She refused again.What is a safer test cancer runs in my family ? I’m on Medicare .I also asked to get hormone test done on me and my husband. So we are taking hormone supplements from life extension It would help for the cost of the test.Just trying to get healthy !!!!

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