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      These are the most interesting websites…. I’ve happen stance across  for Stem Cell Research & Cancer.  Questions have arrived of my knowledge of stem research and  I can tell you this. I really haven’t put much thought into it besides including this top tag as part of the website. Someone might be  interested  in  going through this  information,  however,  I’m really not that all excited about it  [This Is My Basic Knowledge 0f  Stem Cells.]

    My knowledge of  stem cell research is basic and what I do know is that   as  far  back  as  1856, Rudolph Virchow (1821 – 1902) indentified  a  Triad    of  Thrombosis.  When  a  patient  developed  disseminated  intravascular coagulation (DIC) as a result of  major trauma and large amounts of both clotting and  fibrin  (thining)  contents being released.  As  early  as  1862, Virchow discovered that the germ cell tumor teratocarcinoma is made up    of embryonic pluripotent stem cells.

   Thereby in 1970, Dr LeRoy Stevens derived embryonal carcinoma cells   from teratocarcinomas.  Which is a spontaneous tumor of germ cells that resembles a development of cells that have gone awry. This  tumor  may contain several types of epithelia,  areas of bone,  cartilage,  muscle,  fat,  hair, yolk sac and placenta. Therefore, injecting human neural stem cells that  migrated  the  cancerous tumor  and  produced cytosine deaminase,   an enzyme that converts a non toxic drug into a chemotherapeutic drug.

   Stem Cell  of  America:  fetal stem cell treatment heightens                               the body’s ability to stave of cancer….

   American Cancer Society: stem cell transplant …peripheral blood,           bone marrow and cord blood transplant….

   Stem Cell Information: The National Institute of Health resource                 for stem cell research…

   Cancer Treatment Centers of  America: provides advance stem cell transplantation for hematologic cancers….

   Cardiff  University:  a new approach to cancer while improving our understanding of the role of cancer stem cells….

   Stanford Cancer Institute: were the first to discover and isolate           human leukemia and breast cancer stem cells….

   Stanford School of  Medicine: Institute for stem cell biology and regenerative medicine….

   University of Michigan: Comprehensive Cancer Center with on going    stem cell research on all of the common types of cancer….

   The Ludwig Center  for Cancer Stem Cell Research and Medicine at Stanford University is dedicated to investigating cancer….

    Stem Cells Boost Brain Tumor Treatment: patients with brain cancer    face devastating side effects… that’s where stem cell comes in….

   Cancer Stem Cells Hint at Cure: researchers have discovered cells that continually replenish leukemia tumors…

   The Main Purpose of Stem Cells: is to make it possible for patients to recieve very high doses of chemo and/or radiation….

    Stem Cell Cures Cancer: Sorrell Mason, a toddler from Great Wratting      in Suffolk, UK cured of a rare form of cancer….

   Wittgenstein Lecture: a deadly alliance…. stem cell and cancer….

    Medical Xpress: thioridazine kills cancer stem cells in humans               while avoiding the toxic side effects….

    Learn – Genetics @ University of  Utah: stem cells from the blood stream and umbilical cord have been used to treat cancer….

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Other Videos in the Library:

    Cancer  Stem  Cells  and  it’s  Malignant  Progression….

    Stem Cell Therapy Success: Dr. Ben Earling treating a 9.5 year old                 german shepherd using regenerative stem cell therapy….

    Stem Cell Biology 101: when ethics are involved interest goes up, it’s  about Evolution versus Apologia… faith, reason, morality, science and politics….

    Stem Cells: Seeds of Hope: despite enormous strides forward…. dozens of      dieases and other medical conditions remain incurable….

    Stem Cells: The Brains Beginnings: understanding how the brain works             for the first time is a scientifically achievable accomplishment….

   Cutting Edge Technology: there is high hopes that technology will revolutionize heart health and aide in rejuvenizing itself….

    Stem Cell Treatment  for Diabetes: Dr. Qiong Zhang at Beijing Tiantin Puhua Hospital regarding implantation of stem cells….

     Stem Cells, Growing New Parts: Dr. Jason Pomerantz and mahish Mankani discuss the use of stem cells to ptimize tissue repair and correct deformities….

    Immune System – Fighting Infection: this animation shows how clonal selection works during staph throat bacteria….

    Stem Cell Animation… what is stem cells?

    What Are Stem Cells: the difference between embyonic and adult stem cells.

    What are stem cells?  How can they be used for medical benefit?

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